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  1. Thank you very much for the well crafted baking stones I can already smell the pizza!
  2. The same seem to apply for stills - Supreme Strange Bone (and probably all the other ones) cannot be currently used on stills.
  3. +1 Of course Log cabins, deep in the woods, with bears and wolves roaming around, something that would surely fit in Wurm!
  4. So kind of you two to make yet another public slaying. Thank you! I will try to attend just with my main toon (Pangaron) and fight.
  5. Red Dragon

    After 9 years of playing Wurm, this was my first dragon event. Thank you very much for making it public Also very nice to see so many people from Wurm, some friends and familiar names from other islands even!
  6. Yes, nothing is really random, it is just a code and timing of CPU in other cases. But that is not what I wanted to address as the issue. Nor I am here to reverse engineer the game, that is not something I find fun. I just want a decent and fair starting point for people and more of possibilities to choose. Not in a permanent way unless there is another choice. What I meant is that you cannot choose, nor influence or change the initial setting of them. Or at least I am not aware of such possibility. I have four characters and each of them have different ones from each meal or drink than I have. So basically, someone can get the options they like right away and drink vodka and moonshine for desired results. Someone less lucky gets puppeteering and has to look elsewhere. Or maybe they want puppeteering the whole time, just could not find it. It is simply not fair to and requirements for dragon meat are even less fair in this case. We all got the same characters except for affinities, we can choose names, appearance, we can decide what we want to specialise in. But affinities are just an unknown that is added to you at the beginning. Even the core affinities, unless you start with PvP are practically fixed for you. Is that really fair? How? My character is 8 years old. If I were to create one today, I could re-roll non-premiums until I got te one I wanted. This system is not clean, nor it is fair. "Randomness" or lets say dictated unknown is nice, but not in something so permanent as this. The benefit you are talking about is a a benefit only for those, who do not get decent start in the first place. Do you want to make dragon meat really special? Make it so it makes the meal (or even special food type) special in some other way, than just by pushing your "affinity card" X levels forward. Having rare tools or appliances more influence over something like this adds more meaning to the rarity as well as it smooths the current problems in the system. It is not a fix, but removing that option will make the whole system even less fair than it is now. Please also note, that I do not have much of a problem with meals and such, where you can influence the outcome in many ways (herbs, additional ingredient, meat variance...). What I see as the main issue is the brewing (as well as some specific food) and lack of variance, especially in distillates. There are some, that cannot be changed or varied in any way, such as vodka or moonshine, except for rarity of the appliance. Again, what I desire is to have more choice and not to get stucked with something, that I was not able to predict or choose and that can be, to some extent bypassed by re-rolling. Taste can and usually does change during lifetime a lot. Although I have to admit, I still hate olives, no matter how or where you cook them. But that would be an opposite of any affinity.
  7. I think, that under the current circumstances, the rarity should matter as it provides more variability. Although I really like the new cooking system overall (especially the brewing/distilling part), I feel that cooking affinities in general will need a rework sooner or later. It is kind of one time lottery and although there is no problem with things like meals, as there is huge variability to get the affix you want, the same does not apply for drinks. I am either lucky the get nice affixes from, for example moonshine, or I have bad luck and I get puppeteering or balistaes. In order to remove the rarity difference (in changing the affinities), I think we should be provided with more variability to each food and drink. Or some option to re-roll the affinities (and not just once). I really dislike the idea to be left with random roll on something that can partially define your character. As a brewer, I would like to have better connection with drinks I make and although I have many ideas for new ones (is there absinth already? :P, please we really need that one, as well as absinth fountains, spoons and all that ritual - just better laudanum out of it, but then again, we do not have poppy yet, do we?), I would really appreciate a possibility to like the current ones more. I used the Fix Affinities option, because my previous ones were absolutely terrible, especially affinities granted by alcohol. So I had little to loose. Still, I was disappointed to hear that rarity affect were to be removed. I was glad when I found out that that change was not made, not yet at least. Please, if possible, do not make the change, until the current system is more fair and people have more freedom in making the character they want. With more options to modify each drink and food to provide different affinities, or when there is a option to change the current ones (and not just in "one time" manner), I would not have a problem with rarity not having the effect on them, but right now, it would make the whole system more unfair in my opinion.
  8. I can confirm the same issue on unstable client (latest version). Some walls tend to turn invisible, when riding on a horse or in cart (they will not show even after I dismount, disembark). Their silhouette is mostly visible when hovering with cursor over the place where they are supposed to be. Only re-log will makes them visible again. Some walls gets never invisible, and some are always invisible after mounting a horse. Edit: Made a few more tests. The issue seems to be somehow connected to mounting, embarking, but it does not happen right away after doing so. I tried to embark a cart and ride in a cave and back out and there was no problem. Then I rode a bit around my cave tunnels, to the other entrance and back and when I returned, the walls disappeared again. So far, I never had this issue without mounting or embarking first and riding around a bit. I have never seen the walls turn invisible before my eyes, but always after some riding around and getting back. Aside from some walls getting always invisible and some never, there are some that have a random tendencies, but that would required a long testing :/ Also, this issue affects even basic walls of a structure for me (I do not have a second floor yet).
  9. Awesome to see new things for us cave dwellers! I hope the graphical glitches (walls disappearing, or walls clipping in and out while being placed near a rock wall) will be fixed too. I have a few questions regarding affinities. What is the new system actually going to be like? Any chances to see a system where affinities might be variable under some situations? Also, why to remove the fact that rarity can affect the affinity? I think that rare items should have an actual effect, especially when used in complex situations. And changing affinities of the product seemed like a nice and interesting effect. I also think that having any rare items useful in some specific way would be nice (generic effects or plain sacrificing seems boring, sorry to say that). I know I can stay with the old system (even-though I do not know how the new one works, sorry if I missed that in the text), but it seems like a bit like fixing a system with removing some nice features (unless the new system is awesome and I am missing that). Anyway, I thank you for all your work and I hope you will make Wurm even more fun to play for all of us
  10. I am almost for anything that can increase numbers of poultry in Wurm. +1
  11. I would rather see a nice possibility to quickly cool things down. A bucket or a barrel of water (even a tub) for metal and a window parapet for a cake or food in general Poetic is not it? Come on! Lets be poetic!
  12. I think, that in reality, heating a food (especially meat) over and over again does quite the opposite as after heating, the structure is changed or completely destroyed, making it much more vulnerable to decay. Just a thing I heard, that seemed quite logical. Anyway, in theory, a silver dust might help against bacteria. But some compounds of silver might be poisonous. And then again, Wurm is a "magical" world, so non if this might be relevant. What I think is, that the seas (oceans) should be salty (gods crying huh?) and there should be a possibility to get salt from it. Involving a skill, some tools and patience. It would also be a nice to give the "taste" ability some deeper meaning and get fresh water more "valuable". Also giving space to brewing some beer, which used to be a great solution to "dirty water" problems. And also increasing mood and aggressivity sometimes. Self-pity and headache later.