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  1. Updated the roads around my deeds north of Mercury Lake.
  2. Great service and I am back for more Can I get the following COD to hulkmccracken please:- 6ql meditation rug, cotton - 84coc // 45c 8ql meditation rug, cotton - 84coc // 45c 8ql meditation rug, cotton - 85coc // 60c 7ql meditation rug, cotton - 86coc // 60c
  3. Can i get the following items sent to Hulkmccracken COD please? Saw (Iron) 70 QL - BoTD 88 --- 80c Saw (Iron) 70 QL - BoTD 79 --- 50c
  4. Can I get the following items COD to Hulkmccracken:- ~3ql meditation rug, cotton CoC84 - 1.74 silver 11.21QL meditation rug, cotton CoC81 - 1.41 silver 5.37QL meditation rug, cotton CoC82 - 1.52 silver 39.14QL rope tool, oak CoC78 - 1.15 silver
  5. Can I get the spindle COD please:- 71ql spindle, oakenwood - 81woa 93coc // 95c
  6. Hey MacOofer can i get the follow CoD please and thank you:- Bee Smoker, 70QL Mooring Anchor Tackle Box, Iron 70+QL Dioptra, Bronze 70ql Rangepole, 70ql
  7. Test Meal: Milling Affinity Needed: Carpentry, Fine Carpentry
  8. Great service and highly recommend Honeywood for all your needs
  9. With the various farmers on the server all having some fun growing lots of weeds the timer has been changed in line with the 2x faster timers and skill gains set. We now have 2x Faster Farming over the default of the Wurm Online settings. This means there are now 10 hours between farming stages instead of the Wurm Unlimited default of 1 hour which was way too fast. Now you can grow your weeds in around 60-70 hours