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  1. Can i get 16ql carving knife, steel - 92coc // 80c COD to Hulkmccracken please?
  2. Can i get a 90ql clay shaper, 90ql spatula, 90ql fruit press please COD to Hulkmccracken
  3. Can I get the Rare pick COD to Hulkmccracken if you still have it?
  4. Rare 90.06ql Steel Butchering knife BotD 103 +10% Quality rune 8.5s COD to Hulkmccracken please (if you still have it)
  5. Can I get Rare 90.09ql Steel Butchering knife BotD 98 +10% Quality rune 7s COD to Hulkmccracken Please
  6. Can I get the following items COD to Hulkmccracken please:- 22ql ropetool, oakenwood - 80coc // 45c 55ql ropetool, oakenwood - 88coc // 60c
  7. Rare 90.26ql Steel Pickaxe BotD 97 +10%ql rune 8s COD to Hulkmccracken pls
  8. 6s for the pick and cod to hulkmccracken if accepted
  9. Updated the roads around my deeds north of Mercury Lake.
  10. Great service and I am back for more Can I get the following COD to hulkmccracken please:- 6ql meditation rug, cotton - 84coc // 45c 8ql meditation rug, cotton - 84coc // 45c 8ql meditation rug, cotton - 85coc // 60c 7ql meditation rug, cotton - 86coc // 60c
  11. Can i get the following items sent to Hulkmccracken COD please? Saw (Iron) 70 QL - BoTD 88 --- 80c Saw (Iron) 70 QL - BoTD 79 --- 50c
  12. Can I get the following items COD to Hulkmccracken:- ~3ql meditation rug, cotton CoC84 - 1.74 silver 11.21QL meditation rug, cotton CoC81 - 1.41 silver 5.37QL meditation rug, cotton CoC82 - 1.52 silver 39.14QL rope tool, oak CoC78 - 1.15 silver