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  1. Indeed Hobbe, seems like a silly new system but apparently that's how Rolf likes to roll!
  2. Updated with pictures of the deed and of all the inventory, tools, weapons and other things this deal comes with. =)
  3. An offer of 400 Euro has been made and under consideration, thank you to everyone for offering so quickly! =)
  4. Hello everyone, This is a high skilled account which is going up for sale and comes with several great additions; * A lot of high quality, enchanted and also rare tools and items. * Two HOTA Statues, one dragon and one pink demon. * A deed that has several houses and villagers, it has all resources locally plus a large flat usable area. and about half a year upkeep. Location is Sutherland Shire (27x 32y) Near the howl, North West. * A mine with a transmuted vein of every metal type in a row. * Two traders. * Four merchants with a lot of stock (see images). * Massive collection of weapons, most types some enchanted even LT (see images). * A rare forge at 95 quality. * A Knarr with many rafts. * Many animals, chickens, all unicorn colours, 5 speed horses etcetera. * A horse with gear of high quality and enchanted horse shoes (many 100 woa casts) which does up to 38 km/h. * Many other things to count, suffice it to say a lot of stuff! Everything you need to use the account and to enjoy the game on a big spot with all metals and resources locally. Images; * The deed and animals from above: * Inventory shot one: * Inventory shot two: * Massive weapon collection: * Merchant stock, first four belong to this account (LT Deadly weapons, Enchanted weapons, Enchanted Blacksmith and Enchanted Carpenter): If you have any questions or offers feel free to contact me via PM as it will email me. Thank you all for your time. =) Current offer: 500 Euro (Private bidder) Skills dumped at 17/01/2014 ----- Religion: 0.0 Alignment: 98.04219 Faith: 4.7190666 Favor: 4.7190666 Skills: 0.0 Paving: 43.947712 Tracking: 9.015287 Milling: 1.4721305 Coal-making: 28.510084 Prospecting: 60.095303 Polearms: 1.0655422 Staff: 1.1580627 Religion: 4.275882 Prayer: 9.837897 Exorcism: 1.0 Clubs: 2.622457 Huge club: 4.3958073 Healing: 14.419608 First aid: 29.300253 Archery: 1.0 Long bow: 1.0 War machines: 1.2822167 Catapults: 1.3763354 Thievery: 1.0751866 Traps: 1.0 Lock picking: 1.1784006 Climbing: 18.624466 Shields: 4.4109545 Large metal shield: 10.464506 Axes: 38.582134 Huge axe: 11.050668 Hatchet: 50.957047 Swords: 24.316416 Two handed sword: 47.7234 Shortsword: 1.3730135 Longsword: 24.696514 Knives: 31.097866 Butchering knife: 33.935413 Carving knife: 55.77563 Woodcutting: 72.617294 Mauls: 24.783358 Small maul: 43.684616 Large maul: 15.310623 Carpentry: 93.82 Fine carpentry: 81.41655 Ship building: 43.316998 * Fletching: 10.612159 Bowyery: 21.063904 Nature: 22.111029 Gardening: 21.737204 Fishing: 35.163223 Papyrusmaking: 1.8496927 Animal husbandry: 11.517326 Meditating: 20.476933 Milking: 1.5997716 Farming: 21.850857 Forestry: 17.514877 Botanizing: 11.989209 Animal taming: 8.710764 Foraging: 12.104156 Cooking: 13.82964 Hot food cooking: 18.515305 Baking: 1.3356885 Beverages: 2.67602 Butchering: 29.459646 Fighting: 72.046585 Shield bashing: 2.3391922 Taunting: 2.6229353 Normal fighting: 47.481277 Defensive fighting: 6.177503 Aggressive fighting: 30.945023 Weaponless fighting: 3.2995908 Toys: 2.415941 Puppeteering: 4.995863 Yoyo: 3.440644 Alchemy: 15.784819 Natural substances: 35.455143 Miscellaneous items: 78.51755 Stone chisel: 56.137627 Hammer: 86.22758 Sickle: 18.208662 Scythe: 3.8103435 Repairing: 68.52959 Saw: 25.905386 Pickaxe: 93.26223 Rake: 13.720259 Shovel: 78.28765 Pottery: 31.90961 Firemaking: 27.186388 Digging: 92.61287 Mining: 91.42495 Smithing: 82.83082 Metallurgy: 39.788044 Jewelry smithing: 52.516884 Locksmithing: 53.57715 Blacksmithing: 98.55662 Armour smithing: 9.167514 Shield smithing: 26.649714 Chain armour smithing: 9.641796 Plate armour smithing: 4.0413003 Weapon smithing: 77.4958 Blades smithing: 70.058136 Weapon heads smithing: 62.040543 Ropemaking: 22.920195 Masonry: 82.57552 Stone cutting: 50.086975 Tailoring: 27.492695 Leatherworking: 63.194427 Cloth tailoring: 26.64573 Characteristics: 0.0 Soul: 28.738438 Soul strength: 34.435204 Soul depth: 22.138186 Mind: 39.401207 Mind speed: 22.598824 Mind logic: 49.144863 Body: 56.488743 Body stamina: 40.040314 Body strength: 52.305077 Body control: 42.35054
  5. Hehe, how many of the 400 do you have left? You should cash in! =D
  6. They were going for 70e on another thread but that's closed now. =)
  7. Hey the reply thing works for once. That's nice of you opinion, somehow I don't think 8 Euro is worth anywhere near the time taken to create this beautiful account. Perhaps for you but in that case I don't see what the purpose to your post was. Though you are welcome to yours it just wrong to me, seems to not take into account that the time spent to make the account is often worth a lot more to people than just 8 euro. =D It most likely does have premium though since it is running a deed, but it does not seem as though you are interested rather than arbitrarily giving your opinion of a price check. This is a for sale not price check, feel free to offer though. =)
  8. He is located on Independence, just near Freedom Markets.
  9. Hello Sizewell. =) I hope all is well with you! It is no pain at all, I am just not so great with timezones. =) I agree and think that 5pm EST does sound like much more of a suitable time and covering the biggest area possible would be ideal. =) I believe the spell should affect everyone, online or not, but Rolf apparently does not see it that way.=( The Rite of Spring was cast yesterday anyhow by a bunch of impatient people hehe. =) I apologies for them, I think they are probably busy worrying about themselves and their skills. xD It is not a big deal though it is just a spell, in a game, that is played for fun, I only come here to let people know about the cast as I think most would have enjoyed. I hope we can all enjoy it togeather next time! =) Everyone reading this, have a fantastic day or night! =) ~Boston.