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  1. Garrasion's Workshop

    Welcome to Garrasion's Workshop I currently have affordable chain armor sets of 50ql currently being sold in Tap Dance Market at the Whisky Lamp Merchant house. Feel free to pm me in forum or ingame for any comments or concerns.
  2. Jack Of All Trades (Almost Everything Shop)

    Thanks, the order is received.
  3. Fathertimes Goods

    hi can i send you a pendulum for a litd enchant?
  4. I am looking for a 50ql+ lurker in the deep pendulum. Post offers or pm me in game or on forums. Will COD and am on celebration server.
  5. Running wurm on my laptop before the update had not problems but after this update i have been having problems with the game. My laptop has a intel hd graphics card and the video drivers are up to date and my java is up to date. i also tried deleting the wurm folder and download a new copy on to the laptop and it seemed to run smoothly but the graphic textures are wrong. I tried switching glsl off and the graphic problem is fixed but the client crashes a few seconds after loading up. Here is a screenshot of what is going on.
  6. Selling 25S

    You can get 1g for 80euros...
  7. New To Celeb.

    Whisky lamp is taking new commers it is a short boat ride south west from tap dance if you are interested pm me on forum or in game. Ign:garrasion
  8. Wtb: 1K Cotton

    close please found a seller.
  9. Wtb: 1K Cotton

    wtb: 1k cotton for 1s shipped to whisky lamp in celebration pm me or post name and delivery fee.
  10. Sold!

    ill buy corbita for 5s ill come pick it up right away.
  11. Celebration Map

    You can remove Aegis from the map since it has disbanded now and over taken by newbies.
  12. South East Canal Ideas [Please Close]

    Aniceset has nothing to do with planning the canal i was the one who actually took action into creating the canal and the others who have help took the time out of their hands to quicken my efforts in the process.
  13. South East Canal Ideas [Please Close]

    right at the doorstep of my farm house on the west side of the deed theres a perfect and wide enough area to make the canal.