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  1. Hi there guys. There is alot of things in this world I don't understand, some of them is in wurm, like why there need to be 3 PVP closters? Becuse we are that many players that is needed? But other then that, it will be nice if we can split the chat up between GL Epic and Northren up, the help sure keep that in one, but the other one, players can use that to try for find deeds and sp one, and the to worlds has nothing to do with each other, Northren PVP has more in commen with the PVE servers in there closter then it has with Epic.
  2. I know all say Epic is dead, and yes for sure Epic have had there down time. Serenity is not deed! I became active again, went from freedom, tog the portal to Epic, and with in logn I fund a active deed to be a member of. Fund out there is now a new kingdom leader, he seems like a good man, and there is more active deeds. SB even have a new player deed again, and I see things starting to be build again. Yes we are not many Epic players, I don't know about the other kingdoms, but JK is for sure not dead, and I love to be back home on Epic. Sure is will be nice if there was a working market and so on, there is not at this moment, but I hope for the best, and hope more players will join the Epic lands. Why be limited to one small map, when you can have hole Epic to play on? So are you a comming back to wurn or a new player, think about if the Epic servers can be somthing for you? We have a kingdom discord, and our allince chat is normaly active in the active houers of the day. Epic is not deed, we are here, and we love to be back home!
  3. I like the idea of third porson, a thing I have missed in wurm for many years, like jump I like to be able to jump as well, over low fences and so on. The combat in this game is rely simple, and do not make any difference what so ever if you have third porson, with zooming out, well let us see how far we can zoom out, and when it comes to realistic, the real world we don't have tunnel sight, make a friend hold hes hands 2 meters in front of you, then let him walk to the side, and then tell when you cant see hes hands no more. We are actually able to look backwards, or well from the sides behind us. Af effecked a lot of game develperes have ben trying to get in to the game, but realy only is possible with third porson, or to day with VR in Wurm, I wud think that wud be cool XD
  4. I have talked to a player from Ele, we are going to make weapons and armor for players on both Ele and JKH, so he can get armor and weapons when he takes the portal, and the other way around, but as we are between 3 to 6 players at JK in total, we need more players, it is hard to try to get the other kingdoms over to help, again because of the borders a closed, but what we would be able to do, is that they can take the portal to there home server, and then we can take the ship from there, or they can join JK temporary and take the portal. I was as well asking the freedom players, if they would like to come over, we have made a JK discord as well, where we try to get the JK players in, to later on try to set up some events.
  5. I am a returned Epic player, and I am sad to see Epic abandoned as it is. Tho I am back at Ser, and I am rebuilding. I have plans on taking down dirt walls, make new roads and so on, to make the server more appealing for new players there maybe will join, or old players there maybe miss Epic. Tho there is one thing I like to do, that I cant do alone, that is taking the epic creatures down, like the black dragon, or the damn cyclops there is running around. There for I was thinking, if there is some out there, there like the idea, to come to Ser/JKH to take down the creatures? I know a lot say that Epic is a lost case, no one is there, but if we all git when we see Epic or go to freedom, then the server will for ever be empty, if some of us, start to stay, then there will only be more and more 😃
  6. Wurm PVP is not over, I am on Epic, and play nearly every day. I see others there two, not many no, but we are some, and we will like more come back. There is different PVP players out there, why and how do I PVP, I always play pvp, it add more to a game, things fell they can contentious for a bit longer, on pve, there is over populated, not with players but with deeds, no one rely play to gather, it is nearly only one mad deeds, and they are so damn big. PVP is more a team style thing, you need other players, to gather you are strong, alone you will fall. I don't play PVP to hunt and kill other players, I don't think that is fun at all, pvp just for pvp naaa, I don't want to be a ###### to others, even if they are in a other kingdom, hell bag in the day, I traded with the other kingdoms, I don't care. But freedom is all ready just a single player game where you show your stof to others, that is the main reason I am on Epic, and I hope more is going to follow, and I will hate to see Epic become a single player game as well.
  7. You don't have to be a priest to be on PVP, priests are needed for pvp sure ting. No one say you need to charters, you can chose like I do to play with players there is priests, and they can chose to play with some one there is not like me. It is up to everyone them self, if they want to make a alt cheater to have a priest as well. But to run in a world where all is priests arh. Then will be my end day for wurm 😃 WU is a good place to be if you like it all to be handed to you, I like a game there bit a little back 😃
  8. I don't like the idea. I like the priest is there on side of things, I like team playing, a mmo is not meant to be played alone. On my deed I have two different priests, and we work as a team, they don't have a alt account or something, so I help them with the tings they cant do. I know Freedom is most single player in a MMO world, but that is why I am on Epic, because I like to play with others hehe. So yar sure, I see the idea in it for them there just want to do it all by them self, as there is players there do, as they make alt's but seen in the eyes of the mmo or Epic player then no. As long as it dos not come to Epic I don't care hehe 😃
  9. That wud be sad, more when you know, to open the borders to Ele, relay do not take a long time to do, and if it can help Epic to get more players bag, as then maybe things can start to happen again, at Epic if the different kingdoms start work together for the epic creatures.
  10. It is quit sad, that it is so hard to become a priest now on Epic, but I think as well it is sad you split up the players on Epic in two groups when the player ###### is so low. This test will be better to do with Chaos on Freedom, then on Epic, as Chaos is kind of it's own thing anyway. Just my opinion. Cud be nice that I will be able to trade with my kingdom on Ele and even the other kingdoms as well, or the other kingdom players was able to come over and help kill the Epic creatures as we are not that many players, so we kind of need all man to do it. So this wall here, kind of take a lot from us.
  11. Hi all. I am a new deed owner on Epic Serenity server, home to kingdom of Jenn-Kellon. I am a old player returning to the game, and I am sad to see JK-H has fallen so much apart, and I like to try to help it up again. We are getting more and more players here at JK, and it is great to see. I am just next to Strongbox, and welcome returning players, new players to join the deed, helping new players to get started, help old players to get bag up on there feet. Then when they have what they need, they can stay on the deed if they like, or go out to the world and try to make a deed for them self. There is no demands to join the deed. We will not make you do stof for us, or anything, you can help if you like, or just go out and do your own stof. Only demand we have is, you are good to others on the server, be helpful, and have fun. If you like to join, then I am Trygve, on discord I am Beafush#1757 Hope to see you in game, Epic will be great again, just whit and see
  12. Hi. I have come back to the game, after quit some years brake, after it all broke down with the release of WU. I am a proud Epic player, and I am sad to see it all abandoned, more sad to be back at JKH and see all the great deeds gone. But I am back at JKH and I got my self some new players with me, and over the last weak, I see more and more players here, and it is great some old ones, some new ones, and us there stay, try to convince them there come back, and want to go to freedom to stay. But I have some players there like to become priests, and as no one online have the different religions, we need to go to Ele to get to the alter, but we can not go there by ship, we need to portal over there, and we can't bring our stof as tolls weapons and so on, so it is nearly impossible to get to the alter on foot. So now we are forced to find things on the ground to get basic tools, to then be able to make at least a robe, so we can get horses to get to the alter. I don't understand why it is needed to close Ele from the rest of Epic, we have some JK players here at Ele as well, that us on JKH wud like to help out, maybe trad with, but we cant. I'm begging you, open op Ele for us again, so one, the new players can get to the alter, and we can start op on the home servers again, and so we can help our kingdom players across the water. Greetings. (Ingame name (Trygve)
  13. Before in time yar, did not really matter, you was able to skill up with meals. You can't no longer, you need to make food there is with in your skill, you can make the food, but the food it self will be rally bad if you don't do it right. By add more ingredients to the food, you will make the it more difficult to make, so let us say you have 10 in HFC, will say difficulty 20, but a meat and pumpkin only have 15 in difficulty, then you add corn, and now it is 20 in difficulty. But yes bag in the day, I was skilling my HFC with making meat+pumpkin+corn, in a pan, but you can not do that no more, that will be difficulty 45 or something like that, will say you need a skill of 35 in HFC.