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  1. Bumping this thread again, yet another update and still missing titles for these skills.
  2. Map dumps 2020!

    January 27th. Would love a more recent dump of Celebration to have it on the map.
  3. Disappointing, but it was worth a shot. If you're not looking to give Magranon any sort of useful spell that isn't 100% mining related then there really isn't much reason to grind channeling still. So far it seems to be going towards three priests with spells people want and then that other one you throw 5s at when you have a mining project.
  4. Without going over the cap from skill this seems fairly worthless, but not a bad idea. Would be decent if it were to allow 100% or near 100%. This is something I have wanted for years but if there isn't a chance to remove the whole vein in one cast then this could possibly be a nerf for those with high enough channeling on the higher quantity veins. How about a spell that is basically the opposite of Wind of Ages that makes all your action times longer for those that prefer to grind that way. Would lower the need to do silly things like grind while having large wounds.
  5. Bump, still no titles for these skills.
  6. Bump [23:22:53] Soul depth increased by 0.000076 to 90.000008 Been working towards this for a while and was thinking 'Runemaster' would be a nice title for 90 Soul Depth.
  7. Requiring global spell casts in the journal in any form is a bit silly, unless it could be changed to doing your prayer on the server it was cast within the 24 hour window. As mentioned above Libila template priests can't cast on Freedom so that severely limits how many can finish the journal since it requires a pvp server. Rituals were changed so people sniping them at odd hours is less of a big deal and then this gets added so the sniping problem is back. Can't want to see how mad people get when someone who has already casts a ritual spell casts another one essentially stealing a goal from someone else.
  8. I just double checked my logs to make sure, Mag was definitely able to use beams.
  9. I noticed Libila doesn't have strongwall on the PvE server, is this intended?
  10. While I admit I haven't hunted traitors on the larger servers I have found 46 of them in the last year on the 8x8km servers. I am no stranger to pendulum spamming. Sure some can take a few hours, but most were found within 30min of them spawning. Making them wander like avatars would be awful, currently traitors don't move very far from where they spawn so you really only have to search an area once. This would not be the case if they move 5 locals away in a short period of time.
  11. -1 Traitors are easy enough to find with a pendulum
  12. WTS Random items

    1.5s for the picnic basket? CoD to Figs if accepted