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  1. Looking for someone on exodus to re-imp my drake hide set. I wanna have it imp to 85 or higher if possible. Right the pieces are somewhere between 65 and 79. Im paying very well of course... Plz contact me ingame (Usgary) or via pm here thx
  2. So now if just painted one of my houses, as i arrived at the top i had to realise that i cant paint the parapets. Does look a bit odd now, with red walls and "plain" parapets. Same goes for the roofs, at least the wooden beams should be paintable.
  3. Hatchet 80ql woa52 coc 58 - 1.8s Ropetool 66ql woa67 coc62 - 1.85s Plz mail to Usgary Thx
  4. As the topic says wanna buy some animals to get my farm going. Im located at Exodus x6 y11, would either pay for delivery or pick them up if it is within 30 mins travel distance (horseback...). Contact either Usgary ingame or with pm here.
  5. Tower guards with names would be nice (but plz with some sort of profanity and 1337 sp34k filter)
  6. I like to order a ql80 toolbelt, plz mail to Usgary Thx nvm, order withdrawn
  7. Strike And only 1 s more than i´ve offered as buyout
  8. ..only few days to see the link to this post in GL...
  9. 4 hours 20 min to go... gonna bid later