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  1. No palm trees perluheese but more tree varieties (I know we had more once, that was a fine update iirc, just more again thx) 2nd thoughts, although the tree update path has been trodden before so should be easy to replicate, it also means more wood types etc which seems like a more or less unwanted thing now. Plenty of these ideas are cool though so a generic +1
  2. I'd like to see these if just for the interkingdom highwayman scenarios. It can be a good way forwards for the game to have them, 4 horses with the mentioned speed ans perhaps damage buffs. Not too fast but able to maintain high speed due to the light nature of the cargo. IDK what sort of carriages were around in early medieval times though, would hate to see a Victorian one in there just to have something lol Google has a few nice images of medieval carriages but there was no suspension back then so they look like the wagons we have. Maybe a reskin then.
  3. Well I think the OP has some good points. It would be good for the game if AH got some love in the form of a smallish rework and update. Bales might be part of that if any dev can see better ways of making it interesting. Perhaps not bales for bales sake but as part of something better, +1
  4. A few things like this Wurm is slow to put right. Bout time tho, bout time. +1
  5. "roughly 125-130 unique outfits" I'm glad to hear this but how is that possible? Guess I've missed a few updates if there are indeed that many possibilities. Good work cataloguing them too.
  6. So a setting in configurations could turn this off, absolutely +1. Shame it causes so much stress to you.
  7. +1 pvp reasons indeed but that should be overcome with balance somehow. Make unis comparable in combat cause they're just slain for the horn atm. Also other reasons to take the time to keep and ride them would be nice, it is a fantasy world.
  8. sb as an ingredient I do like the sound of, no reason not to have that lol
  9. I'd rather see momentum take you further based on speed or something more realistic than what we have at least. Sadly I think Wurm has it's happy spot with horses on slopes and it will take a 'better' bit of coding to change it. Oh how sweet to see a horse start scrabbling for ground after 2 slope tiles and just about gain ground or jump down a slope to slide and jump again instead of stop dead. Much more dangerous play there but I'd love it if these dynamics were fixed I'm sure. Which dev would take this on and am I even right or do we have the best option now?
  10. I love the sentiment behind this but there are countless other pets in Wurm to be had. Sadly as in life, we outlive our pets usually and pet death is just something that teaches the young how to grieve. Now, if there was a qualifier for this such as an ability of high taming skill, I'd give it a +1 because most skills could use further development. I wouldn't hold your breath for this but I must admit it hits the spot when it comes to cutesy additions. Not quite a +1 here.
  11. Just a comment about the great chat functions and tabs in Wurm, you don't get many complaints about those. I always liked the idea of having my social network in a game so maybe there are improvements to be looked at there but thanks for the current state of the comms. They should've kept the VOIP in though and progressed it a bit.
  12. +1 I'd have thought they'd have put rarer flowers in already. If only they could code something simple yet fun for this even if it's just that rare examples are ingame and no fancy stuff, just as good. Of course there's the almost mythological white dotted flowers which I can't say I've seen so perhaps more pickable examples of the same rarity or a bit more common. I would love to see a bluebell woods though, not to mention variety like your OP suggested. I think the dev time would be well placed on upping the variety on flowers and other things. I remember suggesting glades once, where gaps in the trees triggered alternate growth of new types of flora. Still liking that one.
  13. In further reply to the above, I really like this concept. Imagine a heaving Epic full of these f2ps and still putting mucho silver in to the game. Many, in the thousands probably would be turned on to the slower more stable pay to play game aspects, either moving or playing both clusters. Wurm completely "saved", thriving and especially Epic which would be even more of a blast than before (excepting lag issus). Then you'll have the return of the now high skilled too, we who care and obviously that'd be enjoyable. I built it once there, a mighty citadel to house 100+ fighters but they did not come. I'd redo it if there was any hope of a thriving Epic. Amen. Were they right to sell their characters when Epic was still viable? I used to think not but I'm sitting on that one, hopefully if CC wants to do something easy and drastically different there are worse ideas. GV was free and pretty fun too. Epic as f2p full skills man, anyone else see this as viable?
  14. Was your grandfather still around then Hordern? I can imagine him narrating that lol. The Golden Age of Wild and you were about the same skill as me going from this but I was JK. Wow I miss those days. At least Chaos is still there though in some form.
  15. I think it was more just "Your horses are gone! April fool!" but what do I know, I haven't seen the content. Wurm is well renowned for uproarious updats so on that scale it's been a successful little joke perhaps.
  16. can close

    Royal letter opener Shameless swinger Crusader seems about the best I think if you want to get it over with.
  17. "greenish Worg, Mr Ayes! Those things never travel alone..". At this the few JK shared steely glances and the half beaten BL battered their shields and shrieked as a champion troll loomed through the trees further in.
  18. ".. not ..soon.." mutters Ayes with the concentrated strain of drawing his longbow.