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  1. I will definitely be there again. I had a blast helping out last year and I would like to help with Blacksmithing again this year.
  2. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I will see to it that the pottery fence pages are fixed.
  3. That's right! I now have dirt for sale! PM me for details!
  4. Reserved
  5. Welcome to Kyoko's Fine Emporium of Mostly-New Stuff Hello, young man (or woman). You look like you could use some of my mostly-new items! ...what's that you say, Wolfey? These items aren't new? I didn't say they were new. I said they were mostly new. In the world of sales, you got to learn to accentuate the positive. ..."In other words, lie"? I didn't say that, Wolfey! You want to blow this sale for me? Just you listen and keep your mouth shut. Don't you worry about Wolfey over there, he's just trying to critique my amazing selling skills. As I was saying, I have the finest selection of mostly new items in the land of Wurm. What can I sell you? Here is my current inventory: 1 unfinished rare open fireplace - 4.5s 1 ruby 22.48 QL - 22c 1 emerald 45.16 QL - 45c 1 emerald 54.59 QL - 54c NEW! I now have large and small crates full of dirt for sale! PM me if interested! And be sure to check back; I may have more items for sale later! ***the "sales pitch" is mostly quoted from a certain old Sierra Online game and is not in any way challenging any copyrights. If Sierra still exists in any form, please don't sue me. Thank you***
  6. Done, thank you for catching that, Krets!
  7. No worries, it's an easy mistake to make. I'm glad it's working now for you.
  8. Add a space between the javaws and -viewer
  9. As I discovered when I played on Wyvern, which was one of the oldest WU servers around and sported a fair population of people. Granted, after it disappeared for a few weeks, someone else picked the server up where it left off, calling it Wyvern Reborn. But WU is not the same as WO. It doesn't have the same community that I've come to love about WO. I remember the nail in the coffin on why I decided to leave Wyvern and WU altogether and return to WO was I recommended to the chat there about having an impalong like they have here on WO and they looked at me like I had two heads. The idea that any fool would give away free tool upgrades was an insane notion to them and they blew me off... so I gave up and returned to WO, and never doubted my decision. We have an amazing community here and I love you all. TL;DL, Wurm Online has a better and more friendly community than Wurm Unlimited (in my humble opinion)... and we aren't going anywhere anytime soon.
  10. No, no, I'm not bashing it at all. In fact, far from it. I think it's a really nice song. But I could imagine you'd have that one guy in your village that every 5 minutes would play it over and over again. I think I would want to reach out and strangle him.
  11. Yeah, that is very cool, but would get old really fast.
  12. Thank you guys for all your hard work! It is most appreciated.
  13. Hello all you wonderful Wurmians! I'm looking to sell a rare open fireplace that is currently unfinished and can be mailed but I can also finish it if desired and then shipped or picked up from Xanadu. Asking price is 5 silver. PM me in forums if interested.
  14. That's a relief. I've always hated how big the olive trees were. I never wanted them anywhere near my deed. Maybe now, I'll be able to tolerate them.