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  1. Journeya, Nahjo Preistess, 90e starting bid [SOLD]

    Account has been sold to private offer. thanks for the interest.
  2. Up for auction, Journeya Builder of bridges and deeds (claim all the fame as your own and denounce those who may know better) Priestess of Nahjo, Path of Love, 41 titles, Not premmed up Current location: NE Independence, F22 Includes all gear, inventory in various states of decay, and a Caravel 1s on account Contents of inventory (cont) Mid level leather armor and a decent Huge Axe Will include a lovely green horseless cart and shiny Caravel cart content: Caravel content: achievements: Personal goal: Auction details: Starting bid: 90€ Reserve: none payment: Confirmed paypal i do not accept bids from newly created account with no previous posts (unless you have a good vouch)
  3. WTS 1g 3s; 1e/1s [SOLD]

    silver has been sold. good buyer ++ Thank you
  4. WTS 1g 3s; 1e/1s [SOLD]

    WTS 1 gold 3 silver, 1 euro/1 silver verified paypal only please.
  5. If someone could price check Journeya, I'd be much obliged. As stated already, Najho priest, Path of Love, comes with gear that's slowly rotting away as well as a caravel. Niarja skill compare
  6. Account Seancarl - Account Sold!

    Reserve not met. Feels bad man
  7. Account Seancarl - Account Sold!

    Up for auction, Seancarl. I'm the original owner and the account has no warnings or negative reputation Highlights: No skill loss on death Decent gathering skills (70+) Hot Bod (50+ body strength) Niarja link: Currently located in NE Indy (F22) Meditation path: Path of Knowledge Personal Goal page Will include the following inventory Start Bid: 80s Min. Increments: 5s Reserve: Hidden Sniper Protection: 4 hour
  8. Hotas Statue, Stag - Sold

    Stag was sold. thanks for your interest.
  9. Hotas Statue, Lady of the Lake; SOLD

    It has been sold. Thanks for your interest
  10. 90ql enchanted long bow - 4s; sold

    Has been sold
  11. 90ql enchanted long bow - 4s; sold

    Shoot, didn't remember that it wont fit into a mailbox. I don't have a runed mailbox nor access to runes to make one. If you wanted to pickup, I'm on Indy, F22
  12. Hotas Statue, Stag - Sold

    up Make an offer
  13. Hotas Statue, Lady of the Lake; SOLD

    Bump, Price dropped to 18s (sale pending)
  14. 90ql enchanted long bow - 4s; sold

    Bump, taking offers
  15. WTS Goblin Leader Skull

    Bump. Taking offers