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  1. Wts Cog on indie, pickup only, includes lock, anchor, and key, 10s pm me for details also: selling rafts 10c each, for every 10 rafts you buy get five free ^.^
  2. Milone Trading We buy and sell anything and in some cases are willing to trade items for items, we deliver all out items to the nearest costal town to you free of charge (Indi only, cross server deliveries cost 1s per server crossed) We specialise in bulk orders of building materials like bricks, shards, iron, nails, planks etc. Contact me here on the forums with your orders -TsubasaLegend CEO of Milone Trading Company.
  3. I agree, the town I live in most of the residents rely on the roads to get to fm, the trolls up there have been penned in this most of the villagers have been neglecting their combat skills, hopefully they will be more careful and level up now
  4. I have a lot of ideas for ships, tell me what you think: We should be able to move around in the ship instead of just being fixed in place behind the helm or standing as crew, you should also be able to use a gangplank to load carts catapults and another addition idea cannons, it would also be cool if the ship hand multiple floors where you can have deck, bedrooms etc and cargo hold, there should also be ship v ship combat but requires at least two crew including the commander, these are just a few but the only decent ones.
  5. Boat is no longer for sale
  6. I'll do any work that I can, I may be a freebie but I take pride in my wurm work, I've recently capped both my body strength and carpeting skills, some services I offer are carts to order, deliveries (cross server is expensive though as it's a real pain and being a freebie takes a long long time) Transport along the coast, house building, mining woodcutting, furnishing houses even running up to the local market to pick things up for an employer, like I said I'll do anything
  7. My name is TsubasaLegend and I'm looking for any work that pays well, work between freedom docks and Halcyon and between freedom market and liberty metal works ill do for less, my doesn't have to be coins but that is preferred, the payment must be in copper or equivalent to copper coins in goods that can re-sold, I do almost any work from digging and house building to crafting and mining, I look forward to hearing from anyone looking for my services. -TsubasaLegend-
  8. Looking for well paid work in the freedom independence server

    1. Aetherwalker


      Isn't *everyone* looking for well paid work? Sometimes you just gotta take what you can get :)