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  1. Revenant - Modded PvE/PvP (3x Action, New Skillgain)

    Since it came to the attention on this thread, the issue of people having insanely powerful enchants has not been fixed, only a patch to stop more people doing it. Now there are those of us with normal capped enchants trying to compete with skill leaderboards only to find out we can't because those competing against us are still using god-tier items we effectively can never again obtain, because the exploit has never been retroactively resolved in any form. We've been told this would be fixed for 1.9, but months have passed since then. It's not admin's fault 1.9 is slow, but it is Sindusk's server that has had these exploits keep being effective for months on-end now. I think I've put my last 150 hours into purely farming to try and slowly work up to 100 farming, and I discover at the last hurdle that the one person competing with me is just gaining skill 4 times better than me, with the only real options for beating me in sheer skillgain per action being these enchants as otherwise we'd be on-par with one-another in all other means of improving skillgain now. We have leaderboards on Revenant which adds an aura of competition, but in reality it has become a way to look at how people who did the now-gone quiver-enchant exploit are outpacing you so aggressively you couldn't win if you pulled all-nighters. Ironically this exploit was patched out completely for our PvP map, capping enchants effective power immediately until a proper fix could be devised. But that was the new PvP'ers that got listened to. The rest of us on PvE? Nah, we just get this massive imbalance. I cannot recommend this server anymore. This is hardly the first big exploit, previous big exploits haven't been fixed either. Now It's too unbalanced and fixes for critical issues come in piecemeal on a good quarter of the year. If you join with the upcoming 1.9, you're going to find yourself in a community that is split between those who did exploits, and those who didn't. There have been 3 critical major exploits on this server, only one was ever retroactively fixed to stop people benefiting from it.
  2. Wurm Pixelart V2

  3. Revenant - Modded PvE/PvP (3x Action, New Skillgain)

    I think the problem, at least to me, isn't whether or not we can be OP with crystals, but that Enchanting is basically useless for competing with that one strategy of upscaling our stats. Given the insane investment channeling requires due to not getting many of the usual skillgain buffs of other skill-grinds, it just feels wrong that it ends up being the ineffective option. As for power-creep solutions, we've seen how that pans out in MMORPGs, players will just clear all that content with their relatively-still-good gear from the previous power-creep cycle and then instantly demand more. The veteran players are already forking out 5s all the way up to 60s on deeds monthly, there are entire systems going to become negligible if there's more upscale.
  4. Wurm Pixelart V2

    A piece of artwork at a low-resolution level of detail. This is a fantastic example of an item, with fascinating design details and perfect ideas for functionality. You can barely make out the signature of the creator: "Traslogan"
  5. Wurm Pixelart V2

    Afternoon folks! Decided to try my hand at Wurm pixel-art again (This time based on an old Wurm Online banner from Pre-1.1) Using an 8-colour Gameboy-esque palette, I tried making a Gameboy cover piece for Wurm.
  6. Ashes of Eden II - 3x/3x PVP

    Lol, Your main post lists your Quality of Life mods. By your own admission you are literally an easy server. You still won't buck up and just talk to yourself in your general chat on discord like you do all the time. There's no community because there's no updates and the only thing you've done relating to the server in the past month is ban people and joke about it.
  7. Ashes of Eden II - 3x/3x PVP

    All you've done is dismiss any criticism, tried to laugh everyone out, and I bet you're still not going to do any updates. You're now criticising QoL mods as easy, but you're the one who said you'd look into them (Though of course you just don't do updates irrespectively). I would like to reference your latest rant on your forums though: "Please, don't be passive-aggressive or mean. We're all adults, we can talk, but I won't tolerate personal attacks. I know some of you thinks I banned Atazs and Traslogan SOLELY on what being said in general, which wasn't the case, clearly they are omitting certain information of certain things that was said in private. So no fear of being banned" I haven't even messaged you privately since your 4K map fell flat on its face months ago. Keep trying to lie or joke your way out of it though. Just incase we need more proof of you lying or making it into a "woe is me" tale: I get that there are still 4 or 5 loyal players on your discord, but no need to lie to them too.
  8. Ashes of Eden II - 3x/3x PVP

    You've sat in here and mocked any reply that comes your way by making a joke out of it, but you get on your high-horse over any retort to your own behaviour. Buck up and realize that kind of behaviour is exactly why Eden is dead. I believe, though it is hard to check what with you banning people, that you said in a news post that you'd like people to come into a private chat and talk. I see no reason to believe that would have helped. You ban people for tame criticism, what's not to say you wouldn't ban them for the same thing in a private chat. Don't reword it as if you directly offered it to me and no one else in an attempt to sate the issue.
  9. Ashes of Eden II - 3x/3x PVP

    "have your eyes checked" was an argument between you and me on a totally unrelated matter when you started white-knighting for video game devs, pretending nothing was valid criticism (Quite the habit, no?). Nice try quoting all the stuff you delete to make it seem like it was in this instance. I never even said "You need to be spoonfed" so you don't even know who you're misquoting now. Have you considered updating the server this year yet instead?
  10. Ashes of Eden II - 3x/3x PVP

    We have no alts in your discord. We raised valid concerns, we weren't hateful about it. However your GMs are good friends of ours and 99% of the advice you've been given ever since you had to remake your maps has come from me through your GMs to you, every iteration of your maps was sent to me and advice sent back to you from me. The settings for skillgain and action timers was me, and when your GMs recommended Quality of Life mods, that was because I rejoined and gave insight into what I felt would help.
  11. Ashes of Eden II - 3x/3x PVP

    Well this server has been borderline dead for a long time, in my opinion from a range of ineffective decisions on how it was run. A couple of days ago, Alefgard the admin of Eden (Who also is 90% of the discord's chat as his alt, Kaycha, because it's dead otherwise) put up a post saying he wanted feedback and advice on how to get the server in better shape. A couple of us who had already quit gave advice, talking about how he never implemented Quality-of-Life mods, a lack of updates ever since the server launched again, and some other points. The worst I personally said was that lack of updates was "a bad move". This prompted Alefgard to return and ban us for giving the advice that he asked for, despite not being hostile when giving it. Here we have a screencap of him reacting to being given advice: Some of us definitely did have fallings out on this server, but ultimately we gave advice to try and make it a better server so there's more good places to play WU. The admin does not want that. So listen to the admin, boys and girls; Don't play on Ashes of Eden.
  12. Is there anyone who still has the spellpower mod that neko used?
  13. Changing max cast power

    Unless I'm mistaken, won't that still ultimately cap to 104? It's a good workaround but it's obviously possible based on WU servers, though nothing public is available in terms of knowledge as far as I can tell.
  14. Changing max cast power

    Hey folks, I'm currently setting up a modded local server, got it up and running with the default mods of the mod launcher, works nicely. However I'm trying to change the max cast power of enchants, but I cannot find any reference to it when scouring the server.jar classes. I thought Sindusk's Spellcraft might do it as he does over 200 cast power max, but alas nothing in there either. Does anyone know what specifically to change to set a new max cast power or where I can find it in the server jar? Unless I've missed it, I cannot see it in any kind of static effects, spells, or deity content.
  15. Wurm pixelart mockup

    Nah son, Wurm on GBA