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  1. Norhaven Online

    Why does anyone want massive free deeds with no upkeep though? Especially if you're already paying people for doing stuff.
  2. Valrei International. 087

    Yo staff get freebies now? 5 years after I quit, smh... I've been on WU for a long time now across one or two servers which have died out, and honestly WO itself looks like such a mess looking in from the outside now. The codebase is clearly a major mess causing insane delays between WO and WU (There really is no excuse for 6 month delays for a fix for Nvidia GPUs causing WU players to be unable to play which WO got almost immediately). The game is clearly dying and the old vibe of taking on new lands etc isn't really there anymore. PR team has always been a bit of a joke on Wurm, let's just be honest, they're famous for being damage-control and even now I see PR team defending the game like "That said, I have many players enjoying the community aspect of the news", but come on there's not that many people left to enjoy the news because whatever the game is doing isn't working. The game is on a business model of attrition, and then we get to see stuff like "oh hey we're finally gonna give a fresh map, sort of, but it's gonna be built by people on that PvP map", and then this dechamp punishment stuff where clearly there was just no thought put into it until the remnants of the community had a justifiable outcry over it. The team needs to stop defending the dying practises and realize maybe stuff needs to change. I remember the old days when we said wurm was dying and the argument was "well it's not dead yet is it", but let's be honest it really is getting there. Not once have I ever had an email from wurm saying like "oh hey you've not subbed in ages, if you resub now for 2 months we'll give you -50% off that resub" or anything that would motivate me or others to try and return. As a long-gone player looking in again recently, all there is to see is the controversies that are marking Wurm's twilight years, and there's no real attempt to reverse course.
  3. Valrei International. 087

    I mean I was on PvP for a tiny while as Community Mod and Forum Mod. I didn't play long enough on it to have an impact imo, but I can see the argument tbh. Volunteering as staff is still volunteering for a responsibility. Even if you think you're impartial, it's muddying the waters of public perspective.
  4. Valrei International. 087

    It wasn't obvious it was him and not just GM alts though iirc. Rolf would get blasted by PMs if he was known to be online (as he was when he came on for things like the facepunch invasion of inde breaking the concurrent playercount record)
  5. Valrei International. 087

    I think rolf used to secretly be the mayor of some spawn settlements with his alts iirc. Didn't he try PvP and get raided out of existence too?
  6. Valrei International. 087

    imo one new PvE server that is isolated from the cluster that resets every 12-18 months (Where you earn rewards that you redeem in the next cycle for making progress), with some level of faster skillgain, would be a good jump. Every wurmian wants to colonise like they were born in 1820s Britain. The landgrab goldrush of 2011-2014 was a golden era for wurm, everyone loves new lands to explore. If I heard that was coming to WO, I'd resub for it for sure.
  7. Same as Atazs above, 2x3x with things like even faster mining and saccing to manipulate where your rare rolls go feels like the server would just hit the endgame ceiling asap.
  8. Double-Size UI

    I understand why they don't do a full scaling UI in the sense that they don't want to have to rewrite a ton of stuff and then have issues with inaccurate scaling, but a 2x UI mode would be a clean scaling, and imo would be a great benefit. Suddenly 1440p is far more usable, and 4K will be bearable.
  9. Double-Size UI

    So we all know wurm is a dated java game that doesn't like to scale a single thing. But honestly can we just like get a "Double-Size UI" mode where all UI parts are physically doubled in size, fonts included? I say this because I jumped up to a 4K screen lately after being on 1440p for a few years (It was as cheap as a replacement 1440p so meh), and I quickly realized I will probably have to go down to lower resolutions just to play:
  10. ISnt it about time we had ceilings?

    I remember when a roof was automatic when all walls had parts attached to them, before multi-story housing. Surely they could bring that idea back for an automated roof that is themed based on the floor under it, where it's just a flat roof for interior vanity, and you can toggle it on and off for construction purposes.
  11. Another Release type server

    iirc wurm let us have like 5 chars per email, unless that's changed since my time back in '06 to '13/'14, so it's not like you'd lose your OG character
  12. Another Release type server

    Surely it's not fair to argue that even Xanadu is new anymore though? Every map of Wurm, outside of the minor touch-ups that one or two had, is old and dated and doesn't offer the fresh adventure that once characterised wurm, as so many players returned just for a chance at another land-grab goldrush, for the prospects of getting a decent coastal spot beside some clay.
  13. Another Release type server

    I think a dedicated server or two, that specifically aren't the current ones (so as not to wipe out current progress), could be designated as servers that restart every 18-24 months, maybe they use epic skillgain rates, but not epic effective skill, and players could earn points to spend on their start for the next wipe, e.g. upping their max sleep bonus cap, letting them have affinities to pick etc. The server would be new chars only, but you could transfer out of the server with your items at the end of each cycle back to Freedom cluster if you so wanted. That would be a nice incentive to return to a fresh wurm imo.
  14. Well WU is basically dead too though. It lacks support (things like hoping Nvidia users would just rollback all their drivers for like 6 months because a hotfix wouldn't be deployed when wurm stopped working with Nvidia GPUs). If a server shows more than 15-20 online, it's likely faked either from intentional padding or it isn't restarting the server often enough and the number is no longer accurate (A fortnight without a restart makes most servers start showing like 15-20 online when there's 3-7 online) At the same time though, whether or not this elevated status idea would or wouldn't work, surely we can see that WO itself lacks a model that can keep its playerbase to even half of its peak, nevermind even a drop more. I can't say I wan't to pay 16e just to come back and see if I still like the pace and feel of WO and the nonprem caps don't really let you re-experience it, and WU is dead / dying. At least games like Haven & Hearth kind of know to restart their maps from time to time, and that reinvigorates its playerbase every year or 2 (I think their last server restart actually gave them the highest playercount they've ever had)
  15. Well I wasn't aware that characteristics were upped for Non-Prems, which surprises me. However it also seems largely pointless with skills being capped so low. In the end, vets would still have to pay to get to the 2nd half of skills, and would still have to pay to be priests or run villages, perhaps also to hold kingdom titles etc. I don't think offering 1 month for an even higher price is going to incentivize people to return at all. With a 50-cap, you let people get a taste for things like skill titles, they still get to feel what the game's basic gameplay loop is without just being at such poor skill levels that they are failing almost everything and nothing they make is particularly useful, but still offer much more of the game for a premium subscription. I'm not saying every detail I've suggested is perfect, but given the clear drain on wurm's playerbase in the past 6-7 years, can you really say the current model is working at all and isn't just a system of attrition that will eventually bleed out the entire playerbase? I'm not saying this will magically reinvigorate WO back to 1200+ online, but it might help somewhat in at least getting some people into the game to contribute to the economy by paying silver and at least buying premium a bit. Going to a more mixed-F2P model is what basically every single MMO except WoW has had to do, even EvE had to bite the bullet and shift to favouring its PLEX purchases over outright premium susbcriptions.