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  1. Definitely looks like pre-emptively doing the artwork for a future merge.
  2. Why is there boat-lines between the maps if we can't sail between them since items don't transfer? It looks like its pre-planned for merging.
  3. Some things in the new UI are quite annoying and it would be great if we had the ability to toggle them on and off. For instance, examine's new button does not shut a menu. Also, monster health bars on mouse-over is mandatory. Things like this that can get in the way or just obstruct us would be nice to be able to toggle it off.
  4. The face you make when you hear you'll be pvp'ing on Rumble *classic wurm man is not amused*
  5. Seems weird that shovel does not give a context action to bury a corpse, but it gives something we can mess up like digging a tile as a context action
  6. So idk if maybe I'm missing something. I think the new scaling system is not working well with Windows DPI Scaling. I tried overriding to tell the WurmLauncher64 that it can override and the application does scaling for itself (basically turning off DPI scaling from windows), and all my UI is still this weird blur of artefacts all over the text, giving it a strange look: This is at 4K, the UI text just Pixels smudged together, clearly some inaccuracies. Edit: To clarify I set wurm's UI scale to 100% as you can see (I had restarted also to check), it made no difference. The UI is already way too big as it is, I don't want to up the scale. The game appears to use windows DPI scaling no matter what we set it to, and thus is giving me sub-native blur.
  7. There appears to be a bug with the actual startup client. The entire top bar (With the options like wurmpedia, shop, etc,) cannot be selected when Windows DPI scaling is on (Which it always is for me as i'm on 4K so I use 150% DPI scaling). The entire area of the client cannot be clicked on at all, rather it goes right through to whatever is behind the startup client.
  8. They should make it an exclusive client. I and others are inclined to stay away from returning just because there is the looming possibility that they'll do what they did to epic and just merge the clusters again down the line. I brought it up on a reddit thread and someone else had agreed that the possibility of that is the deal-breaker for them.
  9. I would just like the spawn to be called New Newtown in honor of JKH.
  10. I think you knew what I meant lol. The original post isn't showing a black screen, even I myself said yeah caves are fairly dark, it's the ambient surface light that is the problem.
  11. No one is asking for pitch black, only much darker. The images shown for reference aren't even pitch black, they're just darker. The point is that the ambient light in the game is so strong now that lights near obsolete outside of caves. better darkness means lights are more useful, be it for decoration or helping you see.
  12. Adjusting settings means crippling the brightness of light sources themselves. You can't actually change the ambient brightness, which is what needs lowered to improve the effectiveness of light sources and make unlit areas more dark. If we just change settings we'll just ruin it all. #BringBackDarkWurm
  13. Yeah mines aren't as dark as they were back in like gold-2, but they're acceptably dark. Everything outside though, the ambient light is just way too strong by default. Lowering brightness as a setting on our client means lowering brightness of lamps and lanterns too, which defeats the purpose. I return to much darker nights would be a much better immersion factor imo, it's not like this is DayZ where your nights are realtime, if you're a newbie with 25 hours game-time and no lantern, you just stay at home for like 90 minutes or setup a campfire where you're mining.
  14. Well you start with a light source as a newbie, it lasts 24 hours of gametime and turns on by itself in the dark. On top of this, outside of starting on a fresh server, you will generally always spawn in extremely built-up locations where there is lightsources galore, and this isn't 2009 anymore, you have a CA chat for help, and global chats for talking to everyone else too, rather than just the local kingdom chat.
  15. We did it before the game became artificially brightened, no? Mining was more dangerous and required at least minimal planning of light sources, keeping your lanterns fueled was important, and we could still navigate via our own lanterns. QL was important for lightsource strength too. On top of this, you can get blessed lamps on the modern highway system iirc, so again if people would plan their infrastructure it would still be a great mechanic for darkness to be relevant. Now it's basically just obsolete. You could remove all light sources in wurm and there'd be no mechanical impact because darkness is obsolete.