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  1. The laptop has a Intel HD Graphics 5500 and NVidia Geforce 840M
  2. Hey, Got a new laptop and when running Wurm I get a graphical error with the floor. From a distance it looks like packed dirt, as I approach it changes to a marble slab (it should always be a marble slab) like its only drawing it as I get nearer. This is within say 5 tiles distance not miles. It is an onboard card but my other laptop, a much lower spec runs Wurm without graphical issue. Any ideas?
  3. Fixed I downloaded the tool from: http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/auto-detect-tool It ran and told me to update, I'm now using: Game settings, I removed the original settings file (which created a new default profile, then turned only GLSL off (I was wrong before about VBO, it was GLSL disabled on WO) and booted in and haven't been booted yet, transferred from the mine to outside and vice versa fine, moving isn't an issue. Thank you to you both for your help and effort, it is members like you that help this community grow and expand by providing valuable help where otherwise people wouldn't bother. Had I been a newb and not had help I likely would have gone to another game. Thank you!
  4. I've used the AMD utility and it has recommended a newer driver, so downloading/installing that now.
  5. It's a Lenovo Z575 laptop. I'll try enabling them 1 by 1 and see how far I get.
  6. So I disabled the CatalystAI in the profiles config, which required to close the CCC.exe in the task manager then make the change before it stuck. Restarted my machine and re-checked and it was still disabled. Then opened WU, ensured everything in the compatibility tab was disabled and shadows were off. Booted in at 800x600 windows re sizable. Game loads, waited about 2 minutes and as soon as I try to pan the screen, kicks me out. Crash Log: DXDiag: Thanks for all the help so far, I'm sure we can beat this!
  7. I can play Wurm Online with VBO turned off fine. Tried the same settings with Wurm Unlimited and it crashes constantly. I can load, look around, when I move and new models start to load, crash. I've messed with model loading settings and nothing has appeared to help so I've turned to the forums with a crash dump to see if anyone has an idea I can run at.
  8. No, I don't believe this has happened. The odds are astronomical. IP addresses are purchased in blocks by ISP's they are then randomly split into "random" IP addresses and "Statics" The static range is put aside for tech to hand to customers who purchases static IP packages with their account. The "randoms" are handed to engineering that are assigned at random to new customers that join the ISP and can be changed each time the user re-connects to the system (hence why rebooting your router will sometimes assign a new IP address) With the number of Wurm players, the chance a player with the same ISP as a banned player got that exact identical IP address is un-imaginable. A more likely scenario is someone Google's or shared a proxy that had been used before for nefarious techniques and logged on through that, the account was then tagged by logging in through that IP address and was banned, Source: I worked for a UK ISP for 4 years and one of my main roles was assigning IP addresses to business customers.
  9. I would be more than happy to host this on one of my servers. PM me.
  10. It isn't against the rules or ToS. If you're making money doing it, keep doing it. I had never thought a game like Wurm would have a market for powerlevelers though as the whole point of the game is skill grinding (imo). Why pay for someone else to play the main point of a game? Like I said, if you're making money keep going.
  11. Wurm has powerleveling now? How mainstream!
  12. Please add the mooring rope back. It is 100% realistic to lead 4 animals with one rope. Please don't ninja fix stuff that isn't broken or game affecting.
  13. Best deed to learn skills, make coins and have a great time. Perfect for serious new players.
  14. ill buy all contact len in game, nw deliverance delivery req
  15. sold

    How much can you do per delivery?
  16. SOLD

    I'll take 50s, PM me.
  17. Great service. Would recommend to everyone. Great person to do business with. For Lucas... Excelente serviço. Gostaria de recomendar a todos. Grande pessoa a fazer negócios com ele.
  18. WTS

    He doesn't want to auction, he wants people to choose the Buyout, hence the stupidly long auction timer.
  19. Over the past few weeks, the lag has gotten considerably worse even when other complained I had none, now I find it difficult to leave my deed as I get stuck in doorways, rubber banded, position on the server not updating and just now, Out of synch. I'm not one to usually complain as I understand that Wurm isn't some AAA title, but its becoming a joke now.
  20. I'm looking to buy 40k dirt, contact Len ingame.
  21. If you haven't sold, I'll buy the lot, delivery to NW Deli
  22. Thank you Enki for clarifying the name and shame "rule". Reference: http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/117723-your-reputation/ However, I'd like to ask you to "one-up" your post by adding further information to this post: http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/116116-the-naughty-of-1045/ Shouldn't banned players be named and shamed also? The only reason I ask is that the players often know about peoples alts / shared accounts or associates of players and should a list be produced showing who got banned and for what it may lead to further justice?