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  1. just had a smooth transaction buying silvers from cheef
  2. I finished one toon off to 100 faith and started another brand new as a listener, now priested with 65 faith and planning to stay to 100 :D. Gains of 0.3 Faith from sermons today, ppl are generous with leaving listener alts logged in 24/7. Qdlaty is dishing out free channeling affinity food, so I'm getting as much channeling practice in as I can be bothered to do.
  3. qdlaty ur a star. I finished one priest up to 100 faith and am starting another you can store ur own affinity meals in the hota, there's a mailbox right in the temple, beds for those that log off. the food and fruit juice is awesome. Med rugs provided. qdlaty even made my new priest a statuette before i had time to log in a smithing toon. the temple is multifloor so you don't have to crowd, and u can grind ur stuff to pass the time. I try to leave my toon(s) on 24/7. I was here a year ago (was good then), and this now is like Sermon Temple v2.0. very impressive.
  4. Let the data be the judge. I wouldn't want an idea to go ahead if it didn't add up
  5. A new tick-box "No scary vegetable"
  6. Knarrs are described like this [13:11:17] It has a clinker-built hull assembled with iron rivets and one mast with a square yard sail. At insufficient wind it is rowed with oars. The side rudder is on the starboard side. The side-rudder is on the port side; it has never been on the starboard side. I am so bored of it being wrong, and nobody apparently able to fix it. Perhaps if the whole team and community just focused on it for one holy minute, a Way could be found to change that single word. I think with this change, the game will be a lot more playable
  7. If you acknowledge the problem, and take into account the psychology of new players, then I argue that my idea is in fact a solution. Whilst I'd enjoy seeing global recruitment messages - perhaps graphically depicted as pins on a recruitment map, that's a new feature, and not a solution to the actual problem I believe that I have identified. Excluding the server provides a finer-grained slope into the game with no downside - the upside is that moderate-skilled, optimistic, fairly new players will be queueing up to travel to xan to see what all the fuss is about - and they'll appreciate that it was wise not to let them loose there in the beginning.. The recruiting boards, as I said, are not what people want. They want personal epic journeys that don't burn them out in the first two weeks.
  8. I thought to ask to be able to hitch an animal to a tree with a rope, and that may be great, but would have an effect on how trees are used in the game. So how about a hitching post - it would be a post or rail that you could tie your animals to? Why this matters to me is that I have a new deed, I'm collecting animals from the area but I am not ready to fence them in - the land isn't ready. IRL, I'd just tie em up to something solid. In wurm, I have to deforest an area, and create a paddock.
  9. Chaos already has warnings, and has had them since before it was even called Chaos. Nobody much goes there eyes shut. I've met a few noobs there, but they seemed pretty ballsy :). Epic isn't something that's high in my mind on this topic. Beyond the dire warnings about PVP vs PVE, descriptions aren't going to help because of why people play computer games. The reality is that gamers prefer larger worlds over smaller worlds, so they choose according to that - they make a technological decision, and they end up in a spiral of bad luck because the immensity of Xan proportionally decreases the likelihood that they'll get receive motivational feedback, or any assistance. The ADVICE given is to join an existing town, but the REALITY is that most people don't want that at all - they are focussed on finding out what the game offers THEM. The requests to "join my town" come across as a little desperate sometimes, and self-serving. There are academy towns, of course. In my own playing, I have (when I remember to refresh them) put in-game recruitment board notices up that actually say "I don't want you to join my village, but if you're new and you want to feel a bit of backup in this tough world, then come and let's find you a place to build your first house near me."
  10. It breaks my lil heart to watch the CA HELP tab and see the number of brand new players just getting completely obliterated by huge problems at the start of their adventure. A lot has been done to make the game more accessible over the years; it's all very impressive. The problem, as I see it, is that new players seem to always go to Xanadu. Now maybe that's not true - perhaps it's equal across all the servers - but the ones in trouble, the ones that cry in vain for assistance are invariably on Xanadu. So here's my basic idea: let's not give Xanadu as an option to toons created on fresh email addresses. Assume that they are brand new players, and stop them going to the biggest, most murderous, most isolated, most awe-inspiring server until they have skilled-up, or perhaps they're joining friends already there on an established deed. Something like that. Speaking for myself, I'd cross half a server to help a noob bleeding to death in the woods, but I cannot do that on Xan. Nothing against Xan; I am just thinking about the new players and the realities of being dropped into the middle of it. I'm really not trying to revitalise the older servers; I have interests on several servers including Xan, where I have deeded 3 times in different places. I like Xan. Xan doesn't like noobs. I think a mechanic along the above lines would lead to an increase in the Xan population as people will aspire to go there, and they'll be playing long enough to make that a reality, because they'd have survived better on the smaller servers. Sorry that i didn't write this better, but I hope you can see my point, and that the idea is actually helpful.
  11. this is ###### Last but not least, we're all playing the same game, getting bogged down in who is getting the better end of the deal overlooks the fact that many epic players have already been on freedom for a long time, they just can now play on the accounts they themselves spent time working on, and freedomers can travel to epic and explore the servers, take part in valrei scenarios, and fight valrei mobs (there'll also be more coming too, but shhh). Worrying about someone else catching up to your skill, trashing your neighbourhood, or someone getting the better end of the deal (either way) overlooks that you now have new people on BOTH clusters to play with and get to know." - Retrograde Epic players wanted cheap thrills now they get a prize for taking the easy option.
  12. The knarr description is still wrong :(((
  13. 1. At a server border with no course set: "enourmous shark" should be "enormous shark" 2. Examine a knarr and it says the rudder is on the starboard side. It SHOULD be on the starboard side, but if you look at a knarr, it's on the port side. Easiest to fix the text? 3. Meat now can be "mouldy", however, the text for it is "moldy". IRL, meat rots rather than growing mould on it.
  14. I don't know what CCFP or the affinities mentioned are. It's good practice to put things in full first time. Also it sounds like we still have the bs of simple meals not providing good nutrition. pffft