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  1. On ‎15‎/‎06‎/‎2016 at 9:14 PM, Raybarg said:

    Btw, trough my life I have learned from ageing people that one should count age up to 50 and then start counting down. Whats better than think youre 20 when youre at actual 80's? ;)

    Nah, just think of each year as levelling up. Far better to think you're level 80 than 20 ;)

  2. This deserves more regular bumping. It's infuriating to HAVE to take certain tools everywhere you go just in case you decide to go off track and want to find your way around, or to see if you've bumped in to an invisible object or if the slopes just too steep or something's bugged.


    That or have the slope tooltips on permanently without having to have anything active, though that could equally be irritating.

  3. On 02/06/2016 at 7:54 AM, Wargasm said:



    Makes it too easy to hide mine doors in plain sight.

    I can't see why it would especially matter. If PvP, people can already do that by just removing the dirt around it. If they don't bother, it doesn't matter enough to hide it. If Freedom - well, if you don't know where it is, why would you need to know? Public routes are generally clearly marked with other things anyway.

  4. Creating man made islands is now easier than it was before the addition of 'levelling' in game though you will need fairly high digging skill for this if the water is a bit deep. Because dirt slides at 40 slope, you have to drop dirt in a pyramid until it breaks the surface. Before leveling was added you had to continue with this method for all of the area you wanted above water level. Now, you just need to flatten the tile at water level, then stand on that to level the tiles around you etc. etc. In the end you'll have an island with steep sides instead of a truncated pyramid and it will use a lot less dirt.

  5. 3 hours ago, Ulost said:

    I made new alt 1min ago with disposable e-mail service. aka after an hour that email adress is gone.

    Some advice to anyone who does this - once in-game, change the associated e-mail address in-game to one you can use in the future because otherwise any attempts to recover the account should it be illegally 'acquired' in the future will be significantly more difficult if the registered e-mail address no longer exists or is not accessible.

  6. I've not known gmail to have many issues with this lately. If you PM a GM on the forums (I would usually offer, but my internet is dreadful come evenings so I'm not likely to be able to load a page again soon, let alone be much help until tomorrow morning), or log in to the wurm IRC channel to contact a GM there [GM's are identified in the system and if anyone asks you for any passwords, they're not a GM ;) ]. You can also send an e-mail to gamemods@wurmonline.com. Let us know the username you tried to create and the e-mail address you're using. If going through IRC or e-mail then include your forum account info too :)

  7. On 25/04/2016 at 6:36 AM, JakeRivers said:

    What is disappointing is the lack of comments from wurm staff in this topic.


    Yeah know, step in and say icky screwed up, or we are investigating, or tough luck folks, or stop your bitching and keep forking over those prem's.

    Investigations continue.

  8. If the account was removed for being inactive for 3 months and never had premium or any silver purchases, then it's not possible. It has been removed from the database and cannot be recovered.


    You can ensure the permanence of an account by buying premium or silver.

  9. 2 hours ago, Yamuliss said:

     If your a GM and a CM you should be neutral in every aspect of the game. I am for another push and suggestion  to end GMs and CMs from playing PVP servers  period because of the possible favoritism that follows, i just haven't started that topic yet.

    Please don't. I have to say that it would be incredibly unwise. Having only GM's who have no experience of PvP mechanics called in to deal with PvP orientated support calls would be the death of the PvP servers. As it is every action undertaken by a GM on a PvP server is scrutinised, both by GM's in other kingdoms and 'impartial' [I use that term in inverted commas because in my opinion every GM is impartial] Freedom GM's.


    I've lost count of the number of times Smejack [and others, but she sticks in the mind as especially helpful in this regard] has made the lives of the GM team infinitely easier by explaining a mechanic that a non-PvP GM is trying to understand. Without that knowledge the PvP servers would implode.

    Edit: Sorry, hit reply before I saw this thread was locked.

  10. 5 hours ago, Yamuliss said:

    The titles that are illustrated on these accounts suggest a sense of power and influence and might scare other players into not being able to fully express themselves in dealings and topics.I feel its exploiting the player base and needs to some how be changed so its fair for all.

    My opinion is that that is an issue the player concerned about expressing themselves needs to address with themselves. Staff posts get reported too on occasion. Not especially often because staff are held to stricter posting standards and are expected to behave well within the rules - as an example. These reports get acted on according to rules as do all other reports. Any 'influencing' as staff is purely in the mind of the reader if they choose to see it that way. Many staff are influential because they often have reasoned and experienced points to make - and that's part of the reason they're staff. Possibly you're seeing the effect as the cause and the cause as the effect...

    People need to know who staff are to be able to get hold of them for a wide variety of reasons. Making staff have multiple forum accounts is messy and unhelpful. We'd end up posting far less to avoid accidental postings on the wrong account, we would no doubt slip up some times and switching accounts every 30 mins or so to see if someone has contacted me in my staff capacity would be incredibly irritating. Less staff presence on the forums would only be a bad thing. Players have been asking the staff (particularly the devs) for YEARS to be more active in discussions.


    Incidentally, if staff had 'player' forum accounts, other players would demand a list of who was who anyway. Can you imagine the accusations of staff abuse that would fly around on the forums if people didn't know which our general posting accounts were? It would be endless and absolute bedlam. If such a list were published, it would completely negate the point of this change.

    As such, I think making such a change would harm things in the short term and would be futile in the long run anyway.

  11. 58 minutes ago, Sila said:

    well is simple... you never know who is behind GM charter so all chat about that is waste of time


    Actually, the majority either have the same forum/game name or are identified here:




    As for the OP, There's no specific GM censorship. Forum mods keep an eye on things and of course other forum users can submit reports where they believe things cross the line. People break the forum rules. It's very simple, if you don't agree with the rules, you shouldn't use the forums (or at least shouldn't post).


    There isn't a plot to remove all posts demonstrating people's concerns and dislikes. It's the way in which those things are being posted - often with assumptions that are delivered as fact and are actually false and harm the game (rather like you stating that there's GM censorship of the forums and that "Wurm Online is controlled by complete censorship" which it really isn't. Not by a VERY long shot). THOSE are the ones that are hidden.

  12. Asking the question where people get their news from in a news post on the forums is likely to result in a heavy bias towards forums as an answer ;)

    As it happens, I tend to read the news on the forums but by clicking through via the game launcher.

  13. 3 hours ago, Faetyl said:

    Any chance of splitting the graphics libraries up to reduce the amount of data being pulled when there are updates?

    AKA separate the libraries up into categories. (Player, equipment, buildings, vehicles, terrain, etc.) Doing so would reduce the need to update all graphics when only one item changes.

    Not sure it would make enough difference to bother. Only the graphics that have been changed are updated. If you watch the bar during an update, it flies through everything that hasn't changed, it just checks everything against the library and skips it if it's the most up to date file.

  14. An issue I see is this.

    Scorpions and boars are pretty tough creatures for anyone without OK to reasonable FS and some reasonable armour.

    Not an issue most of the time, but if archery is your only sensible option against them? A lot of people don't bother with archery and this would basically make this more of an essential (along with carrying bows and arrows) if you want to spend much time out and exploring. Yet another reason for many people to hole up on their deeds.

    A potential way around this - Wasps and Eagles will only chase up to 20 tiles from their lair unless they've been hit in which case they might pursue for 30 seconds or something.

  15. I thought from the title that this was going to be someone asking for the kings cape etc. to remain behind afterwards and couldn't believe anyone could actually think suggesting that was a sensible idea :P

    As soon as I saw the actual post I am surprised that what happens does happen. To me it makes PERFECT sense that these items should retain their PMK properties.