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  1. 7 hours ago, Aum said:


    can we get an english translation please?    


    Lol, it does seem somewhat back to front doesn't it.


    Well here goes:


    You can make a higher number of lights visible by lowering the number of max dynamic lights. If your client is struggling, you can lower this setting by raising the number of max dynamic lights, thereby lowering the number of lights.


    Yup... that about sums it up ;)

  2. Taming or dominating a dragon isn't possible any more (after a couple of issues arose with artifacts...). Best you can do is pen one up somewhere. Still quite a mission though if you don't happen to get lucky with one spawning near you.

  3. 8 hours ago, Ruger said:


    @Hordernlegacy item, legacy items, fountain, fountain containers, Q&A, developer q&a, .... those are a few terms. What about the boards and threads lost in the 2012 forum crash? I know a few threads were saved but not all. Some accounts were lost and some were converted to "Guest" accounts. Are those in yalls "archives" that cant be seen?

    Hmm, I'd forgotten about that big crash... :(

  4. Sp players skill up on Epic and make 90+QL stuff, then sail to Freedom to sell it, thereby getting around the harder skillgain on Freedom which would take much more time and effort... Anyone who plays exclusively on Freedom and doesn't already have high skills will be at a severe disadvantage in the economy. Personally I'd love to have my supreme toolbelt from Epic on Freedom instead, but in no way do I think it would be a good idea to merge the clusters.

    Also - What Whykillme said. Barring one or two exceptions, Epic is always easier to skill than Freedom.

  5. 36 minutes ago, Ruger said:

    It isn't uncommon though for staff to delete threads or posts. Anyone who has been around this game any significant amount of time knows that.

    For the purposes of disclosure, actually we never delete anything. Some posts and topics are hidden if they contravene the forum rules, but that's all. Some disused boards are archived which I guess would also put them out of sight of most people so it's possible the references are somewhere in there. I'll have a dig through in the next day or so. Thankfully the search function in these forums - while not perfect - is a lot better than the last version!

    If you have any particular search terms you think would be useful I'd appreciate the help :)

  6. So what happens to the people who bought magic chests if suddenly house contents on paid-up deeds are granted no-decay.


    I do understand the situation - I've owned some fountain pans in the past (and no I didn't sell them so I'm not sitting laughing at a hefty profit)


    It's always impossible to satisfy everyone. Somewhere a line has to be drawn and some will be disappointed. I've also seen a number of people referring to Rolf saying they'll stay in the game forever, but yet to see any proof of that [enter the conspiracy that we removed all evidence of this before discussing the removal of fountain pans :rolleyes: ]. From my memory any comment was like the double enchanted weapons: "Play as is for now, we're not doing anything about them at this moment.". Evidently things are now being done. I'd be happy to be proved wrong though if such a thing was ever said.

  7. 9 minutes ago, Niki said:

    Marble Brazier Pillars, Turrets, Masonry items, bsbs, fsbs, crates, wagons, carts, ships etc, anything that you leave out has the potential to decay. Even things inside houses that are in containers decay, chain sets, plate, tools. If your going to remove fountain containers, remove or tone down deed decay it's that simple.


    It's a hassle to repair my deeds every month if I don't want to loose anything.

    Personally I think things like braziers and turrets and the like should be exempt from decay on deed with upkeep etc etc (possibly the same for the bulk storage containers). As for all the little bits and bobs. tools, armour etc etc. If you have SO much, Personally I don't think it's too much to ask for that player to need to buy more Magic Chests rather than have 1 to hold everything. As mentioned above, I have recently been away from my deed for considerable lengths of time and I haven't found the decay to be a concern - and I don't have any magic chests.



    35 minutes ago, TradingAlt said:

    go see how many pelts you can fit in a LMC lol its a joke


    +1 for expanding LMC capacity if that is up for debate


    I'm all for adjusting volumes of the items themselves rather than the containers where needed. My initial thought was fishing rods, but pelts are another of those oddities.

  8. 30 minutes ago, Pashka said:

    I understand that the replacement item will not be anywhere as good as the item that I currently hold.

    This I think is where I struggle. People want something better than a LMC, but less than a fountain pan (i.e. infinite). Where to draw the line? LMC's to my mind already hold a considerable amount (though I also think they should be able to hold some items that don't currently squeeze in) Something like boosting the LMC to the volume of a fountain? To my mind that makes it rather cheap though, so perhaps a new item: A Magic Fountain (it could spray rainbow coloured water around :P ) which can be purchased for 1g? Can't go about making the LMC bigger but more expensive too because then we'd be inundated with complaints about windows of opportunity. But then this thread is about replacing the fountain pans in game, not cause the people who own them to go and have to spend money to buy the 'replacement'.


    Trouble is there are so many uses of a fountain pan which are caused by it's effectively infinite capacity (heating all of your smithing stuff in one forge for instance), so which of those uses should be focussed on? this thread seems to focus on the no decay magical chest thing, but what would that mean for people who care more for the huge forge aspect?


    What if the fountains popped out of their holding containers and then if said fountain popped out if it was in another fountain but stopping if it's inside the overall container. Basically this would mean you'd end up with the fountains inside the 'root' container. I can then just imagine how much someone could sell a LMC with 10 fountains inside it for... Perhaps a limit of 1 fountain per root container? Still far more useful than the standard LMC volume. Also still better than a forge. Trouble is, it's still effectively leaving bugged items lying around, just with lower 'usefulness' so we're back to square one. As such coming up with a way of replacing the current ones isn't easy as different people would have different preferences on what it does, and you can't make something that does all the things, because then it'll be the same item!



    2 hours ago, Niki said:

    Deed decay is ludicrous and still an issue, even if you put tons of upkeep into your deed items decay quite fast.

    Which items? I've been pretty inactive of late - logged in recently after 4 months away - and the items lying around in my houses (I didn't leave things out in the open) had very little decay on at all. Though come to think of it even the meditation rugs were still on the tiles outside - I think... Not that they were high QL. 30 to 40ish I think.

  9. 15 minutes ago, Pashka said:

    I don't think anyone has asked for infinite.  But we definately need a way to store more items than we can at present.  Yes, I do mean the ability to store more than 100 normal items.  This means that we should have some sort of container that will hold items and will fit into a magic chest.

    Well fountain pans allow for infinite storage because you can fit them inside each other. You can fit various containers inside large chests so they can already hold considerably more than 100 items. Or have I missed something? I was under the impression Large Magic Chests have the same capacity rules as normal Large Chests. Hence my understanding that people are effectively asking for infinite storage as one can already store a considerable number of items inside a LMC.

  10. 45 minutes ago, Mith said:

    Hordern, they remove decay when dropped in a magic chest. I have no idea of your ingame aquirements, but I would give up the first time I log in and see 20 damage on my adamantine and seryll plate sets, drake/scale sets, rare weapons and other items of value to me. I am very well aware of how to use alts for storage, but is that really the intended way to store items? isnt that even more bugged than the space rifts them selfs?

    I see, so the actual request here is just expanding the magic chests to basically hold an infinite amount of stuff.


    I can understand making everything fit in large magic chests as in including those items that won't due to their particular 'size', but if you want to fit more stuff (as in total items) than can be got in one (in a non-bugged way) - buy more magic chests...?



    Incidentally, I keep my 'precious' items in the bank or on my accounts - I have several but none are purely for storage. I appreciate others have MANY more 'precious' items than me, but that's what Magic Chests are for - hence my agreement to make sure any item can fit in (barring larger storage containers obviously...), but I don't think making them so that one holds basically everything you could ever own is necessary.

  11. I'm curious as to why reduced decay is being discussed as a requirement in relation to fountain pan replacements as they [fountain pans] have no impact on decay different to any other standard container...


    Personally I don't think decay is an issue. I have been away from my deed for 4 months or more several times and run around repairing stuff, only to find most items only have 5 to 20 damage depending on QL.

  12. How would you manage 'sharing' accounts?


    Actually, come to think of it, this could make sharing accounts even safer as far as ownership of the account itself goes. You could 'loan' characters to someone elses log-in account and they'd be able to play on that character, but wouldn't be able to re-register it and take it. Obviously you'd still be trusting them with the items and building access etc etc, but the character and skills will always belong to the original owner (unless sold and fully transferred to another log in account of course).

  13. On ‎27‎/‎06‎/‎2016 at 6:52 PM, Griffith said:

    and if aging is like leveling, can i reset my skills please? i feel pretty gimped. Im always over encumbered, and

    my skill gains have been nerfed. :P

    I'm afraid for that you have to join the Reincarnation path. It is free to join, however there is an RNG roll on whether it works or not.

  14. 40 minutes ago, Darmalus said:

    Right now, the names are Free/Basic... basically its a description not a name. While they work, they aren't catchy and can be a bit cumbersome.

    My suggestions.
    Free Account Simple and describes it well.


    Though even barring this confusing statement, I honestly don't see the point. Free, Premium and Lapsed Premium do the job just fine in my eyes. No explanation of what they mean is needed. If you call an account Gold or Silver some people are going to have to look up that information rather than just know what it means from the name. To my mind that is more cumbersome.

  15. 40 minutes ago, Shamgar said:

    Also isn't Wurm still in beta after 10 years? I'm still waiting on 1.0 ;) More content would be very nice.

    Rolfs signature says we're in v1.2 ;)


    v1.0 was with the addition of multistory I think. Bridges were 1.2

  16. I don't mean to derail, but I couldn't resist this one:


    1 hour ago, Skyhawk said:

    Don't keep doing the same thing over and over expecting different results, that just gets you another level on the insanity path.


    That's OK, because you can have a free switch to another path ;)

    As for the suggestion itself, I don't know the complexities and costs of accomplishing such as you're suggesting. I don't see what would change though. If you're going to change things in Wurm to make it appeal to the masses, why can't those things be changed in the current engine which the current team understands? Why does it have to be in a different one? Porting the game to another system as is would end up with the same problem you're trying to solve so really it's not the engine that is the issue, but the mechanics - which can be altered here anyway. What particular capabilities of (say) Unity 3D over Java would allow a desired and radical change in game mechanics that would cause everyone to want to play Wurm?

  17. On ‎25‎/‎06‎/‎2016 at 4:08 PM, MrGARY said:

    Imo because you can just push stone, and make metal anywhere (and possibly push everything entirely soon it seems), it makes sense to me to just allow building an altar anywhere in any domain



    I remember talking to Rolf about altars a number of years ago, asking about the possibility for all altars to be movable. We spoke about Domains etc. first while I asked why we couldn't move metal and wooden altars. He said it was due to complexities with the domain system. I pointed out that stone altars were already movable and his response was 'oh, that's a bug' so I very rapidly assured him that as far as players were concerned it was only useful and I knew of no exploits or issues caused by stone altars being movable. He did mention he'd consider making the other altars movable, but I didn't want to push the issue incase it was decided to 'fix the movable stone altar' bug instead ;)


    The new domain system (which is what I thought it was supposed to be before, but clearly something wasn't quite right) should mean that there is no reason to not have all altars movable, and with that I don't see much point in not having them buildable anywhere too. I can't think of any exploits because any scenario I can think of involving altars, can already be done - just with a more limited range of altars or taking longer.