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  1. 3 hours ago, Erlindur said:


    This is nice. I did search the forum before posting but I didn't find anything. Well, wrong keywords probably.


    PS. On second thought, there is no reason to make the routine, client side. Simply register the moored ship as furled the moment it moors, on the server side and ask the client to display the cog_furled instead of the cog_normal model. It's only five new models.


    I believe the previous suggestions have centred around the ability to furl whilst sailing so it's easier to move at slow speeds when it's blowing a gale - for parking purposes mostly.

  2. As a GM I would like to chip in by saying that I think the number of tickets we'd receive about such things would probably be pretty similar. However, we'd certainly end up with a higher % of antagonistic activities to monitor with this proposed system and they are always the most time consuming and frustrating to deal with.

  3. No reinforcements prevent cave in's completely, even a tile surrounded by reinforced walls and with the floor reinforced could collapse, the chances are just lowered with each reinforcement on the walls (and to a much lesser extent the floor).


    There was a recent-ish change where the devs decided that floor reinforcements should be required to prevent collapses in caverns (previously only tiles next to cave walls could collapse), but that was reverted shortly afterwards.

  4. On ‎30‎/‎08‎/‎2016 at 1:08 PM, Fireflyb said:


    I tried the Kittens game...  dear lord.  I'm at year 200, trying to grind up enough science to get anywhere near researching these industrial-era techs and I don't understand why I'm even still playing, lol.  I finally broke down and looked at the reddit and wiki.  It seems like you just keep going and going and going, and then reset for some paragons or w/e and then keep going and going and going...   if you were able to just let it sit for 5 hours like you can with A Dark Room, I wouldn't mind, but you have to keep monitoring and building bit by bit by FRICKIN BIT.


    *deep breaths*


    I don't think I'm going to see where it leads - curiosity isn't worth the time/addiction. :P

    Sounds like you could try Realm Grinder - it's a cross between the two from what you've said about Kittens - it's easy to leave Realm Grinder alone for any period of time and it doesn't have an end from what I can see from any guides.

  5. Aye, I got the dirt one :)


    I think you're right with inherent too rather than innate which I used (both of which are better than immanent ;) )

    As for the first part, I get what you did now. I probably didn't read it properly, I think I assumed a method which you didn't use because otherwise you'd have had other measurements too. The method I thought you might have used was measure T with the spyglass (hence my query above) although you could get around that by counting tiles, and then measure the hypotenuse with the spyglass. You could then work out the angle with some form of equation with cos (something like cos alpha = T/h).

    However, it now occurs to me that far easier than that, it's a right angle triangle. To find H, just find the root of h^2/T^2, so rather than taking screenshots, just measure distance to top and bottom of the object with the spyglass, and job done (or tiles if you want to remove parallax). Having said that. due to the inherent inaccuracies you could only use this as a rough guide to things over a reasonable height.

  6. So I have to ask...


    When calculating the heights of things and using the H = T tan alpha equation, did you account for the fact that the distance is measured from the perception of the player, i.e. approx. 1.5m high (where the eyes are)?

    I appreciate there's an innate [which I believe is the word you're after rather than immanent] inaccuracy in it all anyway so it probably doesn't make much odds, but I know you'd want to have considered it ;)

  7. 4 hours ago, Jimmy_Norman said:

    So the game isnt dying then? It's still worth investing time into this game?

    The devs are always working on WO so it's not dying in a development sense.

    Since the release of WU, the population of WO took a bit of a dive - though I suspect the total number of people playing Wurm in some form is either steady or climbing.

    Partly due to this population shift, and partly for other reasons PvP can be stagnant for the time being, and due to the population shift the economy in WO is also somewhat stagnant for the time being - not enough buyers for all the stuff that's around.


    However, if you're not especially interested in PvP (you mentioned being on PvE before) or perhaps you'll look in to it in time (the devs are looking at a PvP overhaul at the moment though it may take a while for the dust to settle on that), and if you're not set on the idea of becoming a market guru who makes loads of money, then I see no reason why you shouldn't enjoy your time in WO.

  8. Could have sworn I've had 'Love tile' showing on my sign on my deed for ages. I'm not able to log in at this time, so I'll check next time. I remember it being disabled (that was a couple of years ago or something!) but thought that was only for a short while, or that it was re-enabled for large signs but not for small...

  9. 2 hours ago, Audrel said:


    So much for iron supplements! :lol:


    On the cover photo, you have text on signs. This has been in WU for a while. Is that going live here? (Hidden hint??)

    It's been in WO for a considerable length of time (I know it was removed again for a shirt while after it's first addition due to issues). Must be a setting somewhere, or perhaps one needs to use Unstable rather than Stable or something like that?

  10. 4 hours ago, Mykoal said:


    How would one go about setting this up?

    I don't know about creating a room (though I believe it's pretty easy) but as far as the auto joining goes, find this file in your Wurm directory: PlayerFiles -> configs -> default -> autorun.txt


    Add the following two lines (leave the password bit out if there's no password):

     IRCSAY /join #roomname password

  11. On ‎14‎/‎08‎/‎2016 at 0:02 AM, Nomadikhan said:

    During WWI, the Germans and Americans stopped fighting on Christmas day, came out of their trenches, and celebrated together.  They crawled back into their defenses and resumed fighting the next day.


    Suspend PvP on Chaos for 24hrs at a set date/time.  Allow enemies and friends alike come together to celebrate and honor Duce however they see fit.

    We (The GM team) have already discussed this after it was brought up in another thread. We won't be announcing or enforcing any PvP ban. Firstly we feel it's something Duce would never want. He was always among the first to ask 'Do we REALLY need to ban PvP for this?' if we have a situation on a PvP server. He was always against interfering with PvP unless as a last resort. Secondly this kind of thing has happened before with players from opposing kingdoms coming together with no bloodshed to complete a project. This would be a FAR better memorial to him than having a GM or two hovering over the site and zapping anyone who accidentally taps a special moves keybind.

    As an afterthought this ties in perfectly with your example you gave above. It was the fighters in the trenches who decided to not shoot each other, it wasn't the generals in the background who said 'no pot-shots today folks'.

  12. 18 hours ago, Klaa said:

    Dolores Erickson wearing a chiffon and shaving cream in the mid 1960s. Would you believe she was 3 months pregnant during this photo shoot?

    3 months? 3 months doesn't even show if they're NOT wearing clothes and a gallon of whipped cream :P

    Also, is this thread asking for favourite covers of albums, or the covers of favourite albums?

  13. If it's all that bad and obvious now, think what it must have been like BEFORE the games? I know that for Beijing, all the factories etc. were shut down a week or so before the games so that the air was clear. People who lived there could see the nearest mountains (only a few miles away) for the first time in YEARS! The day after the games finished the smog was back and you couldn't see them again.

  14. On ‎2‎/‎08‎/‎2016 at 8:34 PM, SmeJack said:

    By opening it then closing it when you are done? Unless kiwis don't have doors I don't imagine you smash a hole through them to put stuff in...

    In a high wind the house I'm in feels draughty enough to be so :P

  15. On ‎27‎/‎07‎/‎2016 at 1:27 PM, Warlander said:


    Yep, and it is pretty much Dwarf Fortress of incremental games... It requires lots of patience, almost nothing comes or happens instantly

    It requires more patience than I have. I clicked on everything and barring getting a load of +1's on the picture, I achieved precisely nothing in about 15 mins. Possibly my dreadful work computer with horrible IE isn't set up correctly for possible pop-ups/cursor tips or other things that might be required for the game to function correctly.

  16. 5 hours ago, Klistofklades said:

    Maybe not Seryll...But definately glimmersteel and adamantine. Not sure Seryll veins actually exist in the game?

    None of them exist as veins (in WO, don't know if someone has made a WU mod for them) so that won't have any bearing on the ability to add some of them over others.

  17. 24 minutes ago, Quicktor said:


    i call ######, but then again just played this game for several years


    it might aswell be that way though, but it doesn't feel like it

    after all i couldn't even check cause my java skills are like my social skills

    Considering how flipping long it takes to get from 90 to 99 or 100 on Freedom (I think most people agree that 90 to 100 takes as long if not longer than 1 to 90 on Freedom), and yet a fair number of people are up in the 99's or 100's on a bunch of skills on Epic (some of them just a couple of years after Epic opened), it's safe to say it's not slower on Epic to get that last bit.


    5 minutes ago, platinumteef said:



    1ql shield on both, no enchants, no sb, no vyn follower, no bonuses


    24 lms ticks on epic, 

    45 lws ticks on freedom


    tell me again how our frequency is the same

    Because you're not training on the equivalent thing to get the equivalent difficulty. You need to target on Epic what you'd target on Freedom at 99 skill (so find a more appropriate target to train against).


    Though I'd also like to point out that you still gained more skill on Epic despite having just over half the number of ticks, thus proving my other point - that tick size on Epic at 90 is not equivalent to Freedom at 99.

  18. 23 minutes ago, Mclovin said:

    im grinding a 90 skill on epic as if it's 99 on freedom ik it isnt fair

    Except it's not. You have to work on items as if it's 99 skill (so on a higher QL item or whatever to get the tick) but your skill tick frequency and size aren't the same at 90 on Epic as on Freedom at 99. It's like the frequency at 90 and 2x the size of Freedom at 90... So as long as you're working on the right thing in the right way, it's still faster on Epic.

  19. Depends what kind of a look you're going for - Something kind of Cathedrally? Can probably find rough dimensions of some European cathedrals easily enough online. For more of a single room with no columns I'm sure there's a Harry Potter fansite that could dredge up some numbers for the rough (or more likely very VERY precise) dimensions for the Hall in the films. If you're thinking more along the lines of Viking longhouses a quick google suggests: "typically 5 to 7 meters wide (16 to 23 feet) and anywhere from 15 to 75 meters long (50 to 250 feet), depending on the wealth and social position of the owner".


    Here's a pretty nice guide for a UK castle with room dimensions and seating layout plans for a variety of guest numbers: http://eastnorcastle.com/corporate/room-dimensions/