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  1. Well on the whole the game and what it delivers is better than ever.


    Last 2 years... Bridges? Not sure how long they've been in now. We've recently had a massive cooking overhaul which has added a load of new veggies, fruits etc etc and made recipes matter more with the inclusion of carbs, protein, fats and sugars giving you buffs. This update also came with bees for honey so we've got mead in game too now! Loads of bug fixes and a few bug inclusions too :P Siege weapons (I know we had catapults before, but now there are rams and trebuchets too). Plenty more too.



    As far as WU goes, yes the WO population has diminished since WU was released but it's still very much alive, though Epic is quite quiet these days I believe. Devs are looking at combat and UI as a priority for major overhauls along with the tutorial so Epic may see some resurgence with the combat changes.


    If you're looking to come back, you may like to [shameless plug coming] look for some deals on bits and bobs in the official auctions where we're selling off items seized after a particularly bad scamming case over a year ago. The proceeds are going to be given to the people who were scammed.

  2. On 5/17/2017 at 7:12 AM, kazthegreat said:

    wurm = baby? dragon

    That would presumably be the hatchlings that give drake hide.

    Theoretically there is something called a Wurm in WO and I'm sure I've heard rumours of some people seeing them as hallucinations on the path of Insanity but they're most likely just rumours.

  3. On 5/12/2017 at 0:43 PM, Fairyshine said:

    What if it a bug like alliance permissions overriding individual "DENY ALL" permissions?  That, surely, is not an intended game mechanic?

    A Dev would have to make that call and we would respond appropriately based on the verifiable facts of the case and the dev's answer.

  4. 3 hours ago, Jaz said:

    To support the cause of reimbursing those who lost to Niru I offer a one time free imp to 80ql on the following items (only mail cost applies):

    iron/steel tools / weapons / shields / chainsmithing / platesmithing items

    carpentry / shipbuilding items

    masonry / stonecutting items

    Offer valid for the aucton winner of the actual item and unfortunately Freedom only.



    Very generous, thank you :)

  5. Currently when you become a priest, you still need to gain a faith tick to get the favor bar to appear. If you're on Chaos and following Libila it's also important for the server to remember you as a priest should you wish to leave the server (to Freedom) and come back - highly likely these days with the border hopping mechanics. Not much of an issue generally assuming you arrive at the BL with 30 faith and a faith gain left for the day as you can pray at the BL. However, this is not always the case and it seems silly to penalize those players making that effort just because of the timing of their prayers. If the act of becoming a priest gave the player 0.000001 faith, this would alleviate the entire issue and is hardly game breaking in so far as faith gains go.

    Obviously I'm suggesting all gods should receive this 'boost' upon becoming a priest for fairness though it's only really needed to Libila for server hop purposes.

  6. I've arrived, I've chopped some trees and imped some stuff for a couple of folks who were prepping the place - I'm all set for tomorrow morning, see you in 12 hours (ish)!

  7. I may be able to make this. If I can find the time to travel there on Thursday (slaying is Friday morning for me), I'll join in :)


    Incidentally, if people who win charges want the charges and are not sure about trusting each other but are willing to trust me to handle it and they have valuable items with them - such as drake armour etc. - I'd be happy to hold those items as collateral while they use the charge. Might not come to it, but it's a thought if I'm there and it keeps things smooth :)

  8. 16 hours ago, Stormblade said:


    I agree, and I've used this, the problem is that it keeps continuing to become the standard to spam multiple lines in advertisements, much like real life, they figure the one who shouts the loudest gets the most sales and soon everyone is doing it because they feel in order to compete they have to beef up their advertisement.

    So keep /ignoring them. If you can't see them, it won't annoy you, and if it's a habit that annoys you, you're unlikely to buy from people who do that anyway, so all in all it works out :)

  9. 2 hours ago, Damascus said:

    Surprise how well ignore works for traders also...

    This seems a pretty sensible solution. If traders realise they're being '/ignored' for their typing habits, they'll stop doing it because it could cost them sales.

  10. On ‎30‎/‎09‎/‎2016 at 0:48 PM, MrGARY said:

    -Just leave rock/mine door textures the same for all seasons. 

    Wouldn't that potentially have quite an impact on hidey-hole/secret mines on PvP servers? Or indeed to a lesser impact on PvE...

  11. 3 hours ago, Aeris said:

    +1 if it's optional and not the standard

    -1 if we must have it

    I'm with this.


    I find it important to know when I'm looking for in my logs for things sometimes, especially for GM matters and I often consider these things in terms of when (in my time) I was online etc.

    Alternatively I wouldn't mind the server time in brackets in front of your local time or something.

  12. On ‎25‎/‎09‎/‎2016 at 7:36 AM, Scribble said:

    I believe the value of Wurm players lies in their creations, not their skills.


    There's nothing impressive about grinding a skill to 90+ in Wurm Online. It's a massive waste of time that only serves as a giant roadblock and turnoff for new players.


    Compare Wurm Online to Minecraft. Why is Minecraft so successful while Wurm Online still struggles after years of being live? The soul crushing skill grind is the major reason. 

    Different games for different people *shrug*

  13. 17 hours ago, Odynn said:

    well, heritage status do exactly the same thing as highway... except they are not always granted and give no protection at all.

    I fail to see what protection a highway is given that a heritage site isn't...


    It's also worth noting that the highway rules stipulate the road must start and end at deeds. Some heritage sites (particularly canals/tunnels) wouldn't fit these rules as they stand, and no way are we opening up the highway rules again to allow ANY wide road to count ;) Points of interest would be too subjective and that's why the GM's make that call, hence the current heritage system.