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  1. I was on GV at the time of my issues (was on a support call) - might be of relevance.
  2. I had some bad lag in the last hour (on and off) which included Pm difficulties, but it wasn't a permanent issue because it worked fine some of the time. Were your actions etc. fine while you were pming?
  3. Noooo, he died in the early/mid 90's I believe.
  4. 50 second mining timers, 45 minute smelting timers, then someone ran off with my just heated 2kg of glowing iron that was to be my first small anvil... This was back on Golden Valley when the tutorial was an NPC who gave out about 4 'missions'. Oh, and the fact that if you failed when trying to create a tool you didn't just damage the two bits, one piece would be destroyed and the other would turn in to scrap material. Couple that with 'unfinished' items meaning you often needed a whetstone to sharpen a stone chisel, or a mallet to make a mallet... This particular piece of fun changed when Rolf tried playing the game and fully understood the horror
  5. Probably technically not a bug per say... It doesn't have the elongated base of other walls etc. See screenshot:
  6. I believe the trouble is when you're trying to mine the tile that would then result in this configuration. The game is trying to create a cave roof value and a cave floor value for a tile corner that already has them, but doesn't have another boundary corner with that same tile to work out slopes with (not that I'm a coder, this is speculation from my experience with mining). When you're collapsing a tile to create this configuration the game knows that corner has just the one floor and roof value. I do get really frustrated with tunnel collapses that result in this impasse though, because I know the tunnel works, because it used to be there >.< I've seen what this issue looks like when I created a bugged tunnel entrance a few years ago. It was not pretty and was not fixable by a player who didn't have a shaker orb/priest with Strongwall plus a sculpting wand handy (and would have cost a LOT in charges...).
  7. Hmmmm, so can one make it to the Green Dragon on Inde, the Kyklops on Release and then this? Perhaps...
  8. the map that's been added suggests something more like the right side of C 17
  9. Can't this already more or less be done by stocking a merchant with jars (or similar) of liquids?
  10. Well even if I don't make the green dragon on inde, I should be able to make this one.
  11. I might be able to make this... Ironically I last attended a dragon killing even on Xan about 2 years (or even more) ago. That was also a green. I've still got the blood in my inventory
  12. The deed Cowshark Cove can be removed
  13. Evening all. I've been absent from Wurm for about 6 months and I had thought that my deed had upkeep until October or November. Rather sad to log in last night and find the deed gone and all the buildings decayed. It is what it is but thought I'd post here just in case some nice person had noticed it disband and saved some of my stuff in case I came back (I know it's a long shot but I have seen people advertise such in the forums in the past!). The deed was Cowshark Cove in ... I don't recall the grid coordinate but West of Loremere and NE of Newspring. In other news - anyone looking for a very part-time villager? I can offer, well, not that much because I'm not playing much. Cheers
  14. And with that from Ayes, I'm not sure there's anything else to say o.O