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  1. Really loud bird cheeping

    And with that from Ayes, I'm not sure there's anything else to say o.O
  2. Really loud bird cheeping

    Just because you're right doesn't mean you're not crazy
  3. Really loud bird cheeping

    It was indeed a WU server but I wasn't sure if it was something that worked for both. I wasn't sure if WO fields are individual, or if there are regular ticks throughout the day at which point a tended field has a chance to become untended, in which case chirps in WO could also alert people to the potential for farming though not a guarantee. If the latter this could easily have been missed in WO due to the fact that it would be more common and thus easier to ignore, and not linked to whole sets of fields becoming untended at once. I don't even know if it ever appears in WO because I play both and I can't remember if I ever heard the noise pre-WU
  4. Really loud bird cheeping

    Soooo... I apologise if this is common knowledge but I don't believe I've ever seen this mentioned anywhere. I happened to be looking at some fields (meditating) when I had the really loud bird cheep sound and I noticed that all the fields grew a stage and went untended at that moment. Is this sound file an audio cue to let us know that the fields have 'ticked'? Has anyone noticed this before? Was it coincidence? I find the latter hard to believe because it's such a shrill noise compared to the usual background bird tweeting, so it must mean something.

    Final round. Relisting the unclaimed items and some remaining bits and bobs that had been un-noticed previously - everything must go!
  6. Stop Enchanted Grass Loss

    I wasn't aware every animal in Wurm was a horse!

    Due to a clerical glitch we have to re-run some of the last round of finished auctions. We apologise for any inconvenience.
  8. Who is our forum host?

    Out of interest, do people find using a different browser helping with some things at all? I found Mozilla caused all of my PM's to lag for about 30 seconds while posting was fine. I've had a bit of lag on posting a couple of times with Chrome, but the PM's are working perfectly...
  9. Often because people forget to adjust what they're grinding and how to account for the effective skill they're using. Skillgain on Epic at any given skill level is ALWAYS faster than Freedom if you're skilling in the optimum manner.
  10. -1 for this comment alone being as it is, so incorrect
  11. How to: Auction

    I agree with Wonka. Using the incorrect forum board is "How NOT to: Auction"

    I forgot to bump for Round 4! Well Round 5 (the final round) has begun - Happy bidding!
  13. Unstable Login Client tabbing order

    I use Unstable - I'll update the topic title. I never have any of my account passwords saved. Partly I prefer not to, and partly it means no one can happen across my laptop and log in to an Arch-GM account.
  14. Please - for the love of Magranon (or other deity of your choice) - make it so pressing 'Tab' once again shifts the cursor from your account name to the Password window... I thought I'd get used to it but I still have to type my password twice about 95% of the time
  15. I was gone - for a very long time...

    As with just about any community in the World, the unhappy minority are usually also the most vocal. If the unhappy were a majority, WO would not be here.