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  1. Would you take a silver each for the longbow and short bow? If so cod to Aesys please, thanks.
  2. close

    Hey no problem, take your time.
  3. close

    Awesome and thanks. I also forgot to type in the grooming brush. Is it too late for an add in?
  4. close

    I would like 2 L Mauls, the 1.2s longsword, c70 large metal shield, 30c shovel, 65c awl, the rake and the saw. Cod to Aesys please, thanks.
  5. wts 90s

    Do you still have all 90s for sale? If not ill take whats left. Pm me on forum for details. Thanks.
  6. Ill take one of those rare oak fruit presses. Cod to Aesys please, thanks
  7. Sale complete, please close. Thanks
  8. oh man thanks for the Maul. Fun time bonus with Nim and LT which are exactly what I wanted on my maul lol.
  9. Are you willing to deliver said mortar? I have 5 powders. Ill give you one free for delivery cost.
  10. Sounds good, want to make it even 15s for all valrei items plus rare maul?
  11. Would you take 10s for the rare maul? If so cod to Aesys please. Also how much for the pile of valrei items?
  12. Ill take the large metal shield, cod to Aesys please, thanks.
  13. Can yellow potions be mailed? If so id like 4 sent to Aesys, thanks
  14. Hatchet c87 Trowel w84c89 Small Anvil b88 Hammer c89 Bucket, Oak b89 Leather Knife(steel) b88 Large Anvil c86 Rope Tool, Oak b82 Rake c80w69 Needle c83 Awl w74c77 Beautiful med rug c80 File w72c79 Chisel c75 Butchering Knife c70 Pendulum, Iron b76 Sickle c73 Shovel c73 Spatula, oak b71 Cod to Aesys, thanks.
  15. Ill take the remaining small axe, the hammer(20c) the scissors, file(50c), trowel(70c) butchering knife(20c) Cod to Aesys please. Thanks.