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  1. can't you just sort them by the improve column?
  2. This may have been suggested in the past, but I'll shoot it out there again. Especially since they are adding dyeable carpets. Please, please, please can we have a dyeable tabard? We have dyeable bardings, dyeable banners, heck even most armor and clothes are dyeable or have versions which are dyeable. I just want a tabard I can wear that doesn't make me look like a tower guard. It doesn't have to be super fancy or anything. In a perfect world it would be nice to maybe have 5 dyeable areas so you could dye four quadrants of the tabard and the trim all different colors, but even having a solid 1 color dyeable tabard would be a huge improvement. I know some people might want custom symbols or heraldry and maybe that is something that could be looked into in the future but this is something that could be so simple to implement now for an instant improvement. Please devs, I'm begging you! (grovels)
  3. I'm also pretty sure /who runs when you log in, it also shows in the loading bar right before you log in. I can't think of how much more obvious to make it.
  4. How about adding a new message board called a trade board? Players could then set buildings or stalls as trade structures which would allow personal merchants to post their items to the board. This would not be instant, requiring a 24h waiting period from when you place an item on the trader to it becoming available for purchase but removing items are instantly updated (helps with oopsies or selling the item yourself via trade channel and PM). Players could then see items that are listed on these merchants for trade on their server (server specific) and what deed the merchant is on. If the deed has a mailbox on it, the merchant can utilize the mailbox (and it's enchantment level) to send items allowing players to trade with the merchant remotely. Money for these trades is deducted from the bank immediately (plus postage after a confirmation pop-up) and the items are sent like normal but the funds from the purchase go to the merchant as though a player were trading with the merchant directly (minus postage of course plus the merchant's cut). I think this would make merchants much more useful, especially for those who are much farther away from major population centers without completely changing the way trading works in Wurm.
  5. This is a known bug and is already on the list to be corrected. See post:
  6. This is speculation, but it appears like the cake is taking reverse decay damage from normal food items. Decay-free in inventory, increased decay from items that slow decay, and large decay from items that should halt decay.
  7. Reusing code is pretty common actually, and the mechanics for all vehicles is pretty much the same. This code snippet is from WU since I obviously don't have access to WO code base. I sincerely doubt the actual code looks much if any different though at least for this since there haven't been any major changes here since WU was last updated. Just because a vehicle might use the same code for functionality doesn't mean that the displayed information is any different. There is a field in the vehicle class that holds the destination of the vehicle and this is the only thing used in this particular piece of code. Since you can't plot course in a cart or wagon this value is always null and so will always say has no destination set. Wurm uses templates for different items and all items have a fixed specific id that identifies what type of item it is, so by using some kind of decision statement when printing that information to the event log would stop it from showing up. There is one single line which sends this information to the event log: So we could change this line to read something like: Which would just not print the information if the vehicle was a large cart or wagon.
  8. I don't believe this for a second, it implies that the developers are incompetent and I don't believe that at all. This is a pretty complex game, and besides that isn't how java inheritance works. The base class is an Item class which all items inherit from, the Vehicle class inherits from Item class. They are constructed as you might imagine and contain information describing a java object. The behaviors are in separate classes, this one in particular is in ItemBehavior. Edit: The vehicle class does not inherit from Item, it is a separate class that just holds data specific to vehicles but uses a corresponding Item object by WurmId. This could be fixed by just adding an if statement that verifies the type of vehicle before deciding to print a statement about course plotting. Each of the vehicles have different identifiers (if they didn't, how would the game know which model to load?) so I don't see an issue with this. I understand if the development team is focused on other more important projects because sticking to development timelines is a pain in the butt. I just resent the thought that this should be waved away by a general statement that somehow because of class inheritance this can't be corrected or that the developers didn't follow standard practices when writing java code.
  9. I just realized that this is only while embarked on the carts/wagons
  10. From examining my event log, this did not occur until 2023-01-06. So this may have happened during the patch on 2023-01-04 as I have another examine previous to that point which does not have this message.
  11. I find that my wagon appears bugged. I purchased it from someone and changed the name. The new name shows on mouseover and also shows when locking and unlocking the wagon. When embarking/disembarking it shows the original name. [17:09:31] You unlock the "Welcome Wagon". [17:09:43] You leave the "CD1". [17:09:46] You lock the "Welcome Wagon" with the large padlock. [17:11:12] You ride on the "CD1" as the driver. [17:11:45] You ride on the "CD1" as a passenger. [17:11:58] You leave the "CD1". Here is the history of the wagon: History of this Large Wagon's Permissions changes Jan 22, 2023, 11:09:46 PM Sacreddraconis Attached Lock Jan 22, 2023, 11:09:31 PM Sacreddraconis Removed Lock Jan 22, 2023, 10:26:56 PM Sacreddraconis Attached Lock Jan 22, 2023, 10:26:50 PM Sacreddraconis Removed Lock Jan 22, 2023, 10:25:15 PM Sacreddraconis Added Libbydraconis(+Can Command, +Can be Passenger, +Access Hold) Jan 19, 2023, 10:20:06 PM Sacreddraconis Changed Name Jan 19, 2023, 10:15:57 PM Sacreddraconis Added Allies(+Can be Passenger), Buttercuprincess(+Can be Passenger, +Access Hold), Citizens(+Can be Passenger) Jan 19, 2023, 9:44:58 PM Yaros Changed Owner to 'Sacreddraconis' Jan 19, 2023, 9:44:58 PM Auto Cleared Permissions Jan 19, 2023, 9:41:48 PM Yaros Changed Name, Added Sacreddraconis(+Manage Item, +Can Command, +Can be Passenger, +Access Hold) Jul 29, 2022, 8:51:29 AM Yaros Changed Name
  12. On examine you get the following message on wagons and large carts: [16:36:04] The "Mystery Machine" does not have a course plotted. At first I thought maybe this was linked to finding a route, but I checked and it is not related nor does it update. Of course upon right click I find I can not plot a course to Cadence and sail away on my large cart as such a message would imply. Certainly this doesn't seem to have any effect other than cosmetics, but such messages could be confusing to new players or those lacking experience with the game. I never noticed them before so maybe something was recently changed to cause this? This message appears on all large carts and wagons and to everyone I asked to check.
  13. The picked clean message though, isn't that when the tile has already been investigated and hasn't regenerated yet? Shouldn't there be a check to see if an action is possible before rolling an MOI? Not finding anything of use is a fail I think, so that makes sense. If the area looks picked clean then no one could have successfully investigated that tile, it's literally impossible. I mean it would make sense if you could tell if a tile has been botanized/foraged/investigated by examining it or something, but getting that message is the only way to know you can't on a tile.
  14. I don't know if you have checked this location out,1551 but that little road predates the highway according to last map dump
  15. And the disband:
  16. I have a time frame now for Airedale and founder.
  17. I think I remember seeing this as a bug with writs too from a long time back. This may just be a generic response for when the server is unable to locate the item in question.
  18. My same idea would also work with hellhorses. Gearing them makes them passive but requires a tame check to lead them, failing the check turns them aggressive like a failed tame. It's up to the player at that point if having a mount not getting targeted or targeting other mobs is worth the extra chance of your mount becoming aggressive whenever leading vs. a one time tame. To further balance it you could have it that they stay aggressive to you until you successfully tame them again but only while you are in a specific range.
  19. I think you could just leave everything the way it is, but once saddled allow leading and riding without being tamed. To balance it just do a tame check against taming skill just like taming whenever the animal is lead, if failed the unicorn goes aggressive like a failed tame. That way you are still rewarding players who grind up taming without changing tame mechanics and still provide a QoL benefit to players. It also would prevent people with high taming from taming and gearing a unicorn and providing it to players who didn't have the required skill. Minimal impact on gameplay besides just making unicorns more functional mounts.
  20. From my understanding there is not any implemented way to store incomplete surveys. They don't fit in an Atlas, so maybe you could add support for books to hold incomplete surveys until such time as they could be finished.
  21. Tundras take months to regrow. They only spread to dirt tiles. That means carefully tending and cultivating grass to dirt for months. The amount of transmutation liquid needed for 100+ tiles off-deed is insane. We are talking about 6 months worth of work to repair the damage at least and then what if it happens yet again?
  22. New Deed: Bearshark Cove [1621,2173]