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  1. Thank you for everyone who is sending gems through, keep em coming!
  2. Could you plz cod 10 sheets and 2 any ql Medi rugs to XAOTL. Thanks
  3. Still buying, no need to pm me, just put in mailbox at correct price and I'll pickup once every 24hr.
  4. No longer buying, thank you
  5. Literally the only reason I'm playing is coz it's all new, that's the fun. If/when it connects I'll go play a diff game
  6. I did support tick and GM confirmed nobody is meant to get them haha, coz i didn't either. Lucky for some i guess
  7. I sell med rugs at a merchant just east of Harmony Bay
  8. there is a bug, half of the people got referrals half dont. nobody was meant to get them
  9. No /refer

    should needs to be updated then coz it says you get one
  10. No /refer

    i even bought an extra month to see if it would trigger it, but it didn't
  11. No /refer

    through the shop, did it on 2 characters, neither got the referral
  12. No /refer

    For some reason I didn't get a referral on either of my characters when i premmed them. Also never got the starter 2s (is that still a thing?)
  13. Dragonius is a great guy, and his alt Saruman is epicly awesome, buy from this man! xD
  14. I know how it feels to be in your situation, therefore i wish you luck. It won't take you long, i now have 3 villagers and am having a great time with them around