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  1. Howdy Blackhollow. Harvestmoon is always active
  2. The dragon party is located at Tap Dance?
  3. I want 2 coc rakes and a 105 c longsword. Send it to ultradude

  5. Sorry TheTrickster. I should have waited. But I can show ya a few more places by the ocean
  6. Hola everyone! I'm having a grand time here in Mexico. I love the farm life here. Lots to do here. But now my adventure is coming to an end and I have to return back to the states. I should be home by the end of the week. Did anything exciting while I was away? Any new recruites? Did a dragon battle take place? I miss everyone. I'll post videos of my trip on youtube soon.
  7. Tich will be remembered as a legend. We should make an effort to destroy cancer so we wont lose another legend
  8. Howdy everyone! Im back from my trip but I cant return to Wurm right now. My computer was stolen/lost durning the flight home and I did not put insurance on it. (sniff) I will be back online in a couple weeks (sometime around the 1st week of October) with a new rig and we can focus on making Harvestmoon ever better starting by recruiting more people and expanding. Are the animals well fed? Anything exciting happened while I was gone? I sure miss everyone. I'll be back shortly.
  9. Wurm was working just fine a couple days ago. My machine is custom made and has windows 7 with a Geforce GTX 1050 graphics card. I uninstalled Wurm,install the latest 64 bit Java. and now I cant even download Wurm. All I get is UNABLE TO LAUNCH APPLICATION. And how do I post a dxdiag and wurm directory?