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  1. You just have things turned down on your player account. The game has wolf and duck sounds that are part of the ambient sound track, they are not part of any animal vocalizations.
  2. Shroud of the Avatar has store bought house plots and no terraforming, it also has skill limits to promote player economy. While I was a Dev+ post kickstarter supporter I have become offended by the constant 'cosmetic' store promotions, WO way of buying (or earning) shop silver to be spent on other PC creations is more immersive. SOTA also guarantees wipes before release so I am not playing it until then and will probably sell out at a profit once the server housing slots get full. WO/WU is released so will not have any code based wipes, but only WO has kept promise of no wipes for years (they have done a couple though) In WO skills are only limited by time as it can take real year to master a branch, in WU this depends on the server how long skills take and the economic impact of that. Some WU charge and slow down skills just like WO, others are more about player freedom and give away silvers. Now if you are not the type to spend money every month even if you are not playing, then WO is not for you. Without the expense your hand built deeds will fall into decay to refresh the server for new players. While that maybe the intent the decays process is so long that it instead keeps new players away from all the ruins. You might better enjoy a modded WU server for no decay using free deeds that you run yourself and whitelist friends on.
  3. Then open your own mod thread for your idea and I will happy to tell you what is wrong with it, because I had proposed the same idea as your mod years ago and realized from the forum feedback why it was not the right way to go. What you are posting is not what the OP asked for, which is a context sensitiive keybind for all the tools actions, if the existing select bar did not delete unavailable commands it does what is asked for.
  4. This was not your mod thread, the OP's idea can be done by fixing the existing system, find the server code that is removing the unavailable actions from the servers action list. Now every action will stay on its button for that tool, which is the fix the OP wants for the existing system. It makes it work like every other game or paint tool with a context sensitive hotbar, which is how it should have been implemented to begin with.
  5. And that does not fit the design of Wurm, standard action only works if there is only one tool for each action and one action for each tool because the UI has to otherwise become more cumbersome to do alternate tool actions. You can chop a tree down with a shovel if you want to (and on Wurm Online there was a reason to do so because of timer based skilling, in WU maybe you lost your hatchet). The existing list already puts the preferred actions up front it just stupidly lists it third because of a bad implementation that puts actions you would rarely do standardized on first and second. Streamlining the UI to remove available actions is bad design because then you decide what I can be done with a tool rather than a player. The entire game is built around the noun-verb tool-action methods giving player flexibility.
  6. The only reason I have seen it change is because an action is unavailable, the other actions just shift up to fill it's place. It is not random order anymore. Surely the server code is checking what actions are currently available out of a larger list of possible actions, so it is just a matter of modifying it to return the master action list for that tool and skip the action availability check. Find the check that says this tool is capable of cutting flowers and remove the check that asks are there flowers to cut, because if you try to cut the flowers that are not there the game will tell you there are no flowers. If that means the popupmenu also changes to also show unavailable actions, not a big deal because the tool already has code to handle the case of doing unavailable actions because of the regular keybinds letting you spam forage on unforagable tiles. Greying them out is a nicer UI but not necessary for functionality. If you do not like the default action being examine tile, then reorder the list to make that last on the list. The list is otherwise a sensible order with the most preferred action being first. Wurm is different than other games because it is not streamlined that each tool only has one action, and each action only has one tool. Many ways to do something due to the breadth and depth of tool actions. So just like complex paint programs hotbar palettes associated with pop-menus are a necessary design, it is just bad UI design to be shifting the list to hide things you cannot do because it prohibits memorizing the command position. There was nothing wrong with the select bar design in concept, it was just badly implemented. It does not need to be redesigned, it just needs fixed up The client/server tool/action authentication is one of the few bits of cheat security Rolf left in WU so why would you want to remove it. lag is a necessary evil in multiplayer games, if the client did everything it becomes too easy for people to cheat. Even if the client was in charge of the action list, it is going to lag anyways performing the action that is modifying the server database so you have not actually improved the lag experience. The game even lags just walking thru doors and gates (not sure if new permission system made that better or worse!)
  7. I think indeed manual GM protection is a better solution for this problem, considering that this is WU where GM's are more willing to preserve important features of their server than the GM's on WO. If it was a deed you would have to open all the permissions so anyone can travel and drop stuff without it getting stuck on deed, leaving only deed decay protection left as a feature, which is what the GM protection feature is for. The GM could make it so even the non reinforced caves or dirt roads do not decay.
  8. Then instead fix that SELECT_BUTTON issue, simply gray out an unavailable option such as cut grass rather than moving the other buttons around. This is already on the keybind UI in the HUD section, and it does not require any console scripts. It certainly is annoying that it does move the list around though, hotbars are about remembering which keys actions are on without having to watch the hotbar move them around. No need to make a new system when that system does it mostly right. Even if you cannot figure out how to gray out the unuseable option and just leave it listed as available action, the game already handles the case where you try to do something that does not need doing like cutting grass when there is none to cut. If someone can also fix it so the select keybinds work with mouse hover rather than mouse select so they are consistent with the other keybinds that would be great. Mouse select is only needed if they want to use the mouse on the hotbar. Most people are unaware of this system, WU devs defaulting it to assign the select bar to the number row where most games put the hotbar would make a big difference in default useability. It just needs some of its bad implementation issues fixed up - lack of mouse hover, rearranging the tools action list, and not defaulted to num row.
  9. You can keybind the select bar and it works exactly as described by listing the contextual actions that tool can do - this is something few people know. I played Wurm for years before I found out about it. They are not default but buried on the HUD tab on the keybindings UI to see the select buttons are defaulted as unassigned. There is no in-game UI for assigning these keybinds, so if you are full screen it pops behind, so people think the command does nothing. As noted the UI is inconsistent because you have to select the tiles so the select keybind bar for forage works, but if you keybind forage you only have to hover. That needs to get fixed to follow the hover convention, especially when you are toggled into free mouselook. Improving this setup would help retention because if your game does not have an action hot bar people will move on, this is a standard thing in most games now. Right menu popups is an archaic convention that seriously dates the game. I personally bound the number keys then reassigned toolbelt slots to alt-#, wanted to do shift-# but that is bugged. Since actions are done more frequently than using toolbelts, the unmodified # should be used for the selected action. The only gotcha is it shifts actions so if dig is not available some other action gets promoted into it's slot, it would be better if it just greyed out the unavailable action since the entire point of a hotbar is memorizing the key to use, so changing the keys does not make sense. Once I figured out select bar keybind I found I did not need all the regular keybinds, and it was a huge improvement in the lack of a click fest. To the previous poster there actually is a mouse look toggle. But you will not find it on the keybinds, and it is not default. It is buried in the in-game console as an undocumented command very difficult to find on the wiki. Again promoting such things to follow the conventions of most first person RPG is good for rentention. Both of these things take much less than two weeks because they already exist! You want to attract ElderScrolls and Fallout fans of the open world genre then you want to follow their UI conventions.
  10. You think it is great for keeping a canal intact? You will surely think it is great when someone uses the same feature to deed the entire coast! I guess it will need the admins to approve deeds before it can be used somehow?
  11. Could just increase the spawn rate of goblins? As a GM should be able to add their lairs.
  12. Copyright means only a direct rip of their creative expressions textures or maps used as sources. MorrowOblivion got taken down because of this, and it is why SkyWind is using inspired by works, or why OpenMW requires you provide your own Morrowind game assets from your own CD. But suppose you wanted to use SkyWind by ripping their assets using Bethesda tools/databases? That EULA means that Bethesda is again in control. If SkyWind devs have source material outside of Bethesda tools then it could be used. But even then you have to fear takedown notices for inspired works. for example Tolkien estate always goes after world maps that are inspired works. What free modder wants to fight corporate giants that inspired works are legal whereas derivative works are not? Map modding is a lot easier, rippers exist to grayscale formats that can import, and you are free to rip any games maps for your own private use. Note that the Tamriel map posted here is an inspired work, because game maps for Tamriel do not exist even in ESO since it has unconnected zones. The best way to do it would be to write the translator tool, then anyone that uses it can port their Bethesda game assets themselves for their own private use. Given the incompatibilities between all the various Bethesda games that make even ripping from one to the other difficult I would not expect such an easy workflow to get to a different game. Do it though before Bethesda makes their own Wurm library, you laugh at that but it already happened - they sell Minecraft Skyrim packs. Gaming is all about branding that goes beyond the original game, so you will need a license to do even an inspired work. Of course the lawyers will only contact you after years of effort because they want to inflict maximum pain in their takedowns.
  13. Are you using the server 'tree growth' option? Trees was not expanding at all at release, that option fixed it. Seems logical that the same option would control individual tree growth as well as forest expansion.
  14. Then can you fix it so is a different color, some of us want to use other generators to specify biomes and not fiddle around with another generator to make it 'work', and the biomes png should be functional as a save/reload file as well without intervention to get proper results. I have never seen kelp above water in Wurm online, it will not expand to dry land (not sure if that is a NW corner or all corner check)