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  1. Which is completely irrelevant to the point that complaining on forums will not resolve the issue, ever.
  2. Aside from the EULA which states no refunds, even if a business were to consider such a thing it would be a private matter between them and the customer. Posting about it here will never get you anything.
  3. Searching for "Wurm online" brings four hits: Wurm unlimited Deedplanner Nidhogg 2 Fantasy something something
  4. Take a good long break. Pay your upkeep for six months or a year, make sure valuables are in LMCs or inventory, and leave. I'm serious. You have seen me take years away from the game and still come back. Maybe you won't need that long, but if you're struggling to find a reason to stay, you're on the verge of burnout.
  5. I'm not permitted to point put how dumb this paragraph is, so I won't.
  6. Why are you listing items for sale here that you are auctioning elsewhere? Seems kind of sketch.
  7. Channeling Grind

    As someone who has only recently begun dabbling with a priest, does anyone have suggestions for a Vynora strategy?
  8. Users have no right or reasonable expectation of privacy for anything typed in the game or on the forums.
  9. Yep, hotfix has tor######ed me as well. Oh well
  10. I'll take the lot! COD to Beanbag please
  11. Skull pads 75c for two? COD to Beanbag if ok
  12. You can continue to sell in-game services and items for in-game currency.
  13. It's fun to see the blatant elitism put on display
  14. Everyone who asks these questions is thinking in individual terms focused on themselves. I have no actual knowledge of what system Wurm will be using, but they typically aren't focused on single transactions unless they are phenomenally large. It's unlikely you'll have anything to worry about unless you show an established pattern of behavior(s) that cannot be explained with in-game transactions. Even then, it will be the sellers that are most harshly penalized if caught.