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  1. I fully believe that everybody involved did all the antagonistic things they are accused of, because Indy.
  2. If you tame an animal you can set it to log off with you. Strong tamed animals can be used in combat I suppose.
  3. The Valyrian Steel Expressway is named after the Deed of Valyrian Steel, which has been there for age upon age and most likely will be until the server shuts down. As you may be able to guess, they did the work in establishing that tunnel are not just some deed using the name.
  4. If you keep a journal of your internet arguments, you have some deep-rooted issues that need to be resolved.
  5. What are your in-game names so I can make sure not to interact with you?


    1. Amata


      shockingly, my in-game name is ... Amata.
      Also, I have my alt's name listed right here on my profile to the left <-- (Sethe). You probably also might want to avoid Mihira as well, since that's my wife & chances are you would not want to interact with her either. 

      I am active on Independence chat pretty much every single day, and I'm online for 6-8+ hours at a time. Honestly, I am a little surprised that you haven't noticed me in-game before now. Are you mostly spending your time up on the Northern Islands lately? 

  6. There are no common courtesies, everybody is a ######, the only question is to what degree.
  7. Simply stating the facts. You deserve everything your behavior is going to get you.
  8. It's neat to see how many software developers and publishers play wurm
  9. This made me LOL way too hard at work
  10. You couldn't handle pve because people wanted to build a road. If you approach pvp with the same victim mentality you're going to have a real bad time.
  11. It would have been far more effective to correct the author without being antagonistic. That's all. It's not that he was "wrong" and you all are "right," it's that behaving like angry children puts a bad light on the "community" though all the evidence presented indicates it is an accurate depiction.
  12. What a wonderful little microcosm of "but muh rights!"