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  1. Don't speak to me or my son ever again!
  2. This is amazing. Would have saved me hours of frustration.
  3. You were right on the direction, I found it, 12 tiles south of the initial line, ~38 tiles out. Brown leather man is tile it was on, cart is parked on the inital line And it's another map. I think i quit wurm now.
  4. You can mouse over the deed, not the tower or den - why would you expect to be able to do that? Since a tower and den exist at those locations, evidence seems to suggest that is in fact what they are. Do you have an argument other than retro says so?
  5. So I have the following map: I've found the deed using Archaeology, in the desert south of fog lake. As you can see there is a guard tower just east as well. There's no question this is the correct area, but I did a little more scouting to see if I could find something to match up to the crossed swords on the treasure map. Looking north from a high point south of the area. I did find a spawn at about the correct location. Sorry the panorama is so bad, I couldn't get the perspective quite right: At this point I've dug for treasure every third tile moving out from the tower for 50 tiles. There are less than 100 tiles between the deed location and the tower itself. I then dug out to either side of the intial line by 3 and then 6 tiles to both the north and south. I can't see how I've not found anything based on this location and map. campfires are the initial line of searching. I don't know what else to try at this point aside from digging on every single tile in the area, and I'd rather just go play something else. Is this just another pointlessly opaque and tedious system in wurm or am I doing something wrong? Probably both..
  6. Wurm has always had vocal segments of the community that behave as spoiled children and waste no opportunity to whinge. This is just more of the same old stuff.
  7. I fully believe that everybody involved did all the antagonistic things they are accused of, because Indy.
  8. If you tame an animal you can set it to log off with you. Strong tamed animals can be used in combat I suppose.
  9. The Valyrian Steel Expressway is named after the Deed of Valyrian Steel, which has been there for age upon age and most likely will be until the server shuts down. As you may be able to guess, they did the work in establishing that tunnel are not just some deed using the name.
  10. If you keep a journal of your internet arguments, you have some deep-rooted issues that need to be resolved.