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  1. I'd love to see farming changes that do not punish people who only log in once per day. How about let us use wood scraps to fertilize farm tiles for better harvests? Using 20 kilos of wood scrap on a tile turns a <crop> into a <fertilized crop> Fertilized crops have a bonus yield of 1 unit per 20 skill in farming?
  2. Water is one of the few resources in the game which are almost limitless and normally very easy to acquire. Most people build deeds on water, and those that do not are generally pretty smart about getting a well built, ASAP. Using an amount of water based on the mass of the created or imped object would work fine. That's how Smithing uses water already. The amount of water used is based on the weight of the smithed item. Hell, using clay to imp clay only makes sense. When forming clay objects, you are constantly taking bits and pieces away, and adding different bits. What I find funny is using wood to imp wood, or metal to imp metal. Where, exactly, are you putting that half pound of wood that you are adding to that mast, or yoke? Where is that quarter pound of iron going when you imp a longsword? For a boat or wagon, or furniture, using raw materials makes sense, you are replacing pieces, but for one-piece items? LOL. But the object here is not to make fun of Wurm mechanics, as amusing as that can be. The object here is to ask for a QOL improvement to pottery, to bring it inline with how other create/improve crafts work. Obviously, every craft requires background use of hands as a tool, but only pottery requires us to select hands as a primary tool. It's just one more weird quirk that is a stumbling block on the learning curve for the game.
  3. Compasses ? Not a great deal of a market for them, but if you want a good one, you need a good pottery jar to base it on.
  4. Then simply remove hands for either imping or creation, and use water as a creation tool, instead of hands. Or replace hands with clay, to make it more like almost every single other craft out there. As far as I know, of the major creation classes, only pottery doesn't use it's own resource in improvement. Pottery is simply weird and different. I won't go as far as saying broken, but I'm thinking it. Stonecutting uses one tool (chisel) and rock. Pottery could do just fine using water, clay, shaper, and spatula. Hands can be simply an invisible part of the process like for every other skill.
  5. As a person who has worked with my hands in various professions from carpenter to steel mill maintenance mechanic for about half of my adult life, I can tell you that most trades require extensive use of hands as positioning, shaping, and organizational tools. Pottery is nothing special. From what I have seen, only the most rough and crude pottery is done with dry hands. Most shaping or creation is done with wet hands, or with tools. Hence, my suggestion of water.
  6. One of the most common complaints one sees from new players learning the game is when they first discover pottery. Figuring out how to use one's hands as tools and then apply it to making pottery items is painful and annoying for new players. Here's my suggestion: Alter pottery mechanics so that using hands as a tool is changed to using water as a tool. That's it. Simple fix. I suspect it will even be a moderately simple code fix. An odd outlier crafting function is suddenly replaced with a tool and function that matches the rest of the game. It even preserves the existence of a pottery improving tool that isn't able to be enhanced by enchantments. Enchanting water was made useless years ago. It is a given in every single other trade skill that you are using your hands as a tool. It should be a given in pottery as well. Using water as part of unfired pottery creation and improvement makes sense, and would be a QOL improvement, IMHO, especially for new players learning the game. I cannot offhand remember any other crafts that require the use of hands as a tool, but if there are any, please revisit them as well.
  7. I'd say use water somehow to create clay out of unfired clay items. I really don't like the whole 'hand as a tool' thing with pottery and wish it would just go away. In fact I think I will suggest that as a separate thread.
  8. There is a possible tutorial solution to this: Tutorials: "How To Run Away I" which teaches about movement speed on roads, slopes, etc. "How To Run Away II" which teaches about how to do a corpse run, by aggroing the critter that killed you and running away until you lose them. "How To Run Away III" which teaches about how to do a corpse run by aggroing the critter and then running away a while until you can jump in water and swim to escape the critter. "How To Run Away IV" which teaches about how to do a corpse run by aggroing the critter and then running away a significant distance, then letting the critter kill you and camp the empty corpse, rather than the corpse with your useful gear. It could be made into a fun "Groundhog Day" type experience. Three tutorial corpse recoveries at NO experience loss will teach the basics required for newbies to get their stuff back from pretty much any critter.
  9. Hrm, that short a time? I remember being pushed on PVE servers quite a few times, over a few months, on Freedom, after it released. Perhaps I am misremembering. We were working on a very large cliffside stairway at the time. They managed to push me off the cliff once. Fun times! However, I was not aware that it forced an actual teleport. That definitely changes things. If the player cannot be kept in the world without a connection interruption when they are pushed, then it was a good call to take it out, and will be a good call to keep it out if that issue can't be fixed. PVE or PVP. Players or NPCs.
  10. Years ago, it used to be possible to push other players, even in the PvE servers. Due to world glitching and some issues with pushing players into places that should not have been possible, that feature was removed, oh, 10 years ago? In a game where players cannot pass through other players in PvP, there's a real role for the ability to push. Defending or attacking a hilltop town becomes far more interesting. Pushing players out of boats could be an awesome way to steal their boat. If you make it body-stat-based, it would reward high stats. If you try to push a player, maybe you lose a combat level for a couple seconds? If you succeed in pushing, you gain back your combat level, and the opponent loses a combat level. If you fail to push, you lose a second combat level, briefly, then return to normal in a couple seconds. ** In PvE, players should not be allowed to push other players. Way too much griefing possible that way in PvE, for instance, pushing a player into water when they are starving. However, in PvE, we might still allow monsters to push. Especially monsters with thumbs. You're going to think three times about climbing up that steep rock face to kill that troll when you know there's a good chance he's just going to thump you in the chest and knock you off balance so you take falling damage. Then he might just sit up there and wait for you to try to climb up again, unless you start shooting him with a bow. Trolls and even goblins suddenly become dangerous to ANYONE if they inhabit high ground. Don't even think about what a Ram might do to you if you attack it on steep ground. Exploring mountains could go catastrophically bad, even if you plan carefully.
  11. Heh. I also tend to think creatively while I drive, but I do have to pay a bit more attention. My truck weighs 40 tons loaded, and goes 67 MPH.
  12. @KeenanAs an old school Wurm player who has been mostly away except for a few brief return sessions in the last few years, I look at your response above and am impressed. Rapid, precise action and a comprehensible report of what happened afterwards. That's so far from the Wurm I used to know, where we'd get a content update on Friday, with fun bugs, and not hear from the dev for a day or two because he took off for the weekend. Then there was the Russian Roulette Deed Destruction Moon Crap on Epic which was the point at which I started playing Wurm only occasionally. With all this sanity I'm seeing in the development direction now, I'm actually looking forward to returning to the game. One thing that would be nice though. Could you point me to somewhere on the website that lays out the planned direction for Wurm in the shirt and long term? I'm seeing stuff about Steam, RMT, Player gods, WU no longer being supported, etc. etc. and it all seems to point towards some sort of significant shift in the game, but I haven't seen a big picture description of the plan anywhere that would seem like an appropriate place. (A big, obvious link on the main Wurm webpage directing us to the future plans for the game, for example.)
  13. I have been looking at some of the changes in Wurm, and what is to come, and a lot of it looks good to me. I couldn't care less about RMT changing. I bought and sold one character, years ago, and it was a mistake. A fun mistake, but still a mistake. However, the sharing accounts thing, well, that might be a severe issue for me. Even though I don't share an account with anyone. Here's why: I now drive a truck for a living in the US. For six weeks or so at a time, I live mostly in my truck. I have a cellphone that I connect with, using a data tether. I have two different nationwide truck stop internet access accounts. I stay in different hotels at least a score or so times a year. I do not even have a landline data connection in my own name. If Wurm is going to be looking at access data from my connections, it's going to look like my account is being run by a LOT of different people all across the US from Maine to California, and Washington State to Florida. I hope that's not going to be a problem.
  14. Very few people have enough pigs or other animals to make use of lots of food. After the first week or so of playing, most people can pump out far more food than they can possibly have a use for. Well, here's a passive use for food! Designate a larder for guards. Put food in larder. Any templars from the same deed, or tower guards with territories overlapping the guard larder will passively consume food and gain minor buffs. The better the food, the better the buffs, but never anything good enough to make them ridiculous.
  15. I just spent an hour trying to figure out how to start a highway. Everything pretty much made sense except ONE THING. The waystone dropdown menu should contain an option to "Start Highway" in addition to "plant" Planting, for every other non-growing thing, means you are securing an object, NOT performing an action with it. I 'knew' that 'planting' the waystone wasn't right, because I was trying to start a highway, not secure an object to the ground. Can we get a clearer dropdown menu option used for waystone activation to start a highway?