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  1. Very few people have enough pigs or other animals to make use of lots of food. After the first week or so of playing, most people can pump out far more food than they can possibly have a use for. Well, here's a passive use for food! Designate a larder for guards. Put food in larder. Any templars from the same deed, or tower guards with territories overlapping the guard larder will passively consume food and gain minor buffs. The better the food, the better the buffs, but never anything good enough to make them ridiculous.
  2. I just spent an hour trying to figure out how to start a highway. Everything pretty much made sense except ONE THING. The waystone dropdown menu should contain an option to "Start Highway" in addition to "plant" Planting, for every other non-growing thing, means you are securing an object, NOT performing an action with it. I 'knew' that 'planting' the waystone wasn't right, because I was trying to start a highway, not secure an object to the ground. Can we get a clearer dropdown menu option used for waystone activation to start a highway?
  3. Bridges are a horrible annoyance when they are built in bad places. At the same time, you don't want to make them too easy to destroy. How about giving us TNT? Make it a difficult Alchemy combine. Harder than concrete. If you fail the combine, it explodes, and you take damage. Make it difficult to transport. If you take damage for any reason while carrying it, it explodes, and you take damage. Make it difficult to place. If you fail your explosives skill check while placing a charge on a bridge section, it explodes, and you take damage. If explosives that you are handing explode for any reason, all explosives in your inventory also explode. Area effect. If your buddies are carrying explosives and are inside the AE range when it goes boom, and they take damage, they go boom too. Snap Crackle PoP! Being hit by fire magic would be bad. Even if it causes no damage. Stepping on Lava would be bad, even if you are normally immune to lava damage. Riding a hell horse. Bad. Boom. Fighting any sort of fire/hell creature would be bad. Even if they do not hit you, you are hitting them, and bits and pieces of them are flying here and there. Yup. Boom. Make explosives DANGEROUS to handle, but make them able to do lots of damage to bridges and walls. How about a 30 second placement timer, to give that archer or priest time to 'light you up' as you stand next to bridge sections?
  4. Enabling first person headbob as a default, always on feature is not a good idea. I noticed it within instants of logging in. There was something dramatically wrong with my field of view. I thought that there was something wrong with my video card for a second. In real life, there is no such thing as 'first person headbob' unless you are drugged, injured, or disabled. Games don't NEED to be true to real live, but visual sensory input is one of areas in a video game, where one needs to be careful. If you want to implement first person headbob when a head wound is received, cool! If you want to implement inebriation, and have first person headbob be a symptom, that's fine too. Maybe poison, dehydration, or starvation could cause it too. But healthy human eyesight DOES NOT DO THIS. Our eyes and brain work together to display a steady view of the world. Please remove this 'feature' as a default. If you must implement it, implement it where it makes sense.
  5. How about a way to use masses of wood scraps to create small amounts of fertilizer? The Mulch Pile would be built similar to Coal Piles. Lots of wood scraps, and require some other organics as well. Maybe some dirt or logs. Over time the mulch pile would degrade, creating fertilizer. Fertilizer could be used to enhance the growth rate of crops, grass, trees, bushes, etc. Viola! A viable use for the incredible masses of wood scraps that most of us generate. Side benefit: Less server side cleanup of hundreds of thousands of wood scraps that are never used for anything.
  6. It's saddening to come back to the forums and game after a few years away and hear about the death of a friend. I didn't spend a great deal of time on Wild, and only met Winter a couple times in-game, but I chatted with him quite a bit. I still remember a collaborative effort between us to create high quality lye. My job was to create a 90+ QL flint and steel. He chopped 90+ QL logs. One of his villagers brought a small cart of 90+ QL logs to HoM and I cut up all his logs making the highest quality kindling I could. Then I ran around making hundreds of campfires and letting them burn out, collecting the highest quality ashes, and using them to make lye. Back then, high quality lye was not a trivial creation. I think that the best lye I managed to create was in the 85 QL range, and there wasn't a lot of it, but back in those days, careful filling of a flask with various grains and veggies would yield free space in the flask of some absurdly low volume of liquid, and there was no volume check on tanning hides. I cannot begin to estimate how many times I have been driving and looked at a construction site and had thoughts of Wurm. I do not know if he was a religious man in real life, but I can easily imagine Winter walking through the Pearly Gates, stopping, and asking St. Peter: "Excuse me, but where is the Newbie Mine?"
  7. I thought of a way to help people help themselves when their animals become stuck in terrain - allow taming to have a short range, comparable to the range of charming. The animal either ignores you, moves into the tile next to you and eats the offering (possibly still not being tamed,) flees, or moves to you and attacks. This would allow people who have animals stuck in mines or on bridges to move the animals without always requiring GM intervention. Deed, branding, cared for status, etc., would still restrict taming success, and player-built structures would also prevent animal movement. If an animal is unable to move due to terrain restrictions, then it clearly should not be where it is in any case, and the server would move the creature to the closest legal tile that matches the deed status of the location it is currently standing on.
  8. I have not played WO for a long time now. Possibly as much as 2 years. I play on the Mythmoore WU server, which does have some mods. I am getting the same type of errors that you used to get trying to engage a horse or wagon on the ground floor of a house when you were on the second floor of a house, or higher. If I remember when I tried those. Trying to lead or tame gives a too far message. Charming, which is a ranged spell, works, but the horses apparently think they are on the ground, and cannot always route properly to a tile when you tell them to go to a specific tile after charming. After thinking about it for a bit, the bridges that I have experienced problems on are steep bridges, over significant slopes. I cannot remember having dismounted from a horse over shallow water or over gradual slopes.
  9. If you stop riding a horse when you are on a bridge, it is very difficult to manage to get it back under control without GM assistance. You cannot lead or tame it. I have normally been able to do this by charming the horse, then right-click commanding it to move to a non-bridge tile. This usually works, but sometimes does not, probably based on the terrain steepness that the bridge is crossing, or some such. There really needs to be a fix for this. An excellent horse, with good gear is a substantial asset and very painful to lose to a server bug. Not only that, you cannot charm a horse that is branded and cared for by another person. You also have to worry about agro creatures attacking your charmed horse while you are trying to de-bridge it. On the server I now play on, there are no restrictions to priesthood, but on the old Wurm servers, I suspect that broken horses on bridges are even more painful than they are where I currently play.
  10. Welp, another book complete. 28 chapters and an epilogue. I know some people prefer to only read completed stories, so I figured I'd post one more time here Now it's time to start editing six novels for publication.
  11. Updated again. Chapter 21 here:
  12. Chapter 20 is now up.
  13. Set In Stone Chapter 19 is up!
  14. I've been writing this third project for quite some time. 18 chapters and a backstory chapter. I just realized I'd never linked it here, despite the fact that it's a better fit for people who like this game than my other two stories I really wish I could make this post look a little better, but Wurm's forum interface is one of the most terrible I've ever had the misfortune of attempting to use. I couldn't create a clean text link no matter what I tried. Too broken.