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    In the time I played with no one as sotg and everyone as sotg, even though I was a sotg supporter I agree. Unfortunately, the issue is how sotg was needed to compete with the ever increasing damage outputs we do. It's not body strength, not everyone is a beefcake and body strength was still put on a decreasing curve already. People blame true strike, but that's only one scapegoat. We've got moon metal weapons adding damage, we've got priest buffs adding damage, aggressive stance adding damage, weapon damage for med maul and polearms increases, and whatever else there might be. When we were playing pre-sotg days, aggressive didn't give more damage like it does now or at least not as reliably, we didn't have an abundance of moon metal, we didn't have increased weapon damages and very few were even challenging the longsword meta. If we reduce how much we lower damage taken, we need to reduce the damage given as well or everyone will just yeet themselves at each other with whatever meta huge weapon there is and people will die comically fast. Body strength is already curved down (and now some kind of cap too?), I got priest damage buff reduced with the priest overhaul, I think it's time the weapons themselves were overhauled to be more than just slash poke or smack at different speeds, and aggressive stance changed somehow. Otherwise I feel it's all a disaster created by temporary bandaids
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    I made WurmDate, a little web tool to convert Wurm dates (e.g. "day of the Wurm in week 2 of the starfall of Dancers in the year of 997") to their corresponding real dates (e.g. "31. May 2009") and vice versa. This conversion is not quite as trivial as it may seem, because the simple rule "1 real day = 8 Wurm days" can not be applied without corrections. Whenever the Wurm servers are down for maintenance or other reasons, the in-game Wurm clock is stopped; thus the conversion algorithm must allow for past server downtimes. The tool therefore uses a list of "reference time stamps" and interpolates between them, using the "8x" rule mentioned above. (A reference time stamp is a known Wurm date together with its corresponding real date - usually taken from a player's event log.) The current version of WurmDate uses a list of 264 reference timestamps between 22. September 2007 and today. The tool can be found here: http://yaga.host/wurmdate/ The conversion should have an accuracy of +/- 1 real day (except between 2007 and 2009, where I still need more reference data). Due to limitations of the current reference list, the earliest date that can be converted is "day of Tears in week 1 of the starfall of the Leaf in the year of 983", corresponding to "23. September 2007". (... and I am not even quite sure if that date is correct...) All veteran players: if you have been around before that date, please check your old log files and send me any time stamps (including the real dates) you can find between 2007 and 2009! Acknowledgements: Special thanks go to my "web development teacher" @Substr for his most valuable input and his help in developing this tool. I am also very grateful to @Sandyarfor his extensive list of reference time stamps. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please check my other tools: WurmClock , WurmStatus´╗┐ , WurmSkills , DPMapAssist ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Well not to mention that iron metal goods are meant to be the baseline metals as well. So nerfing the baseline just imbalances the whole system.
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    I want to audibly talk trash to my enemy.
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    Simple suggestion: Just a menu for deed holders to see upkeep of deeds in the alliance they are part of. Would make it easier to let alliance members know when a deed in their alliance is running low or about to disband. The menu could show the cost per month, upkeep left, and days left until disband.
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    I make and use a lot of steel and, believe it or not, the current mechanics already make it well worth the effort, especially for weapons, armour, and tools that see a lot of wear like pickaxes, shovels, and chisels. That said, a small increase in the bonus, say 30% less damage versus the current 20%, might entice more players to discover the benefits for themselves. Either way, I personally will continue to choose steel over iron anytime I can.
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    No! "Nerfing" iron as your post title indicates should not be done to benefit steel use. Iron is the main crafting material for all metal items and this suggestion would diminish the current effectiveness of all those items. Steel items already take less damage than iron anyway so I am not too sure that it even needs to be increased further in comparison to iron. A very bad idea to punish all players that use iron items just to benefit the steel producers. =Ayes=
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    I like this idea, as long as a deed owner can disable it if wanted. Why not go a step further and allow you to contribute to alliance deeds through this as well, same as how we can remotely add upkeep to our own deeds? What Wulfgar said. If you're in an alliance with people you don't trust, that's a problem. Speaking for my own alliance, that's not how it would go; if we saw that one of our deeds was getting low on upkeep, we'd try to contact the person. I've actually checked walls/fences on allied deeds before just because the player had been gone for a while and wanted to make sure their deed wasn't about to disband. Also, keep this in mind: Even if you had someone in your alliance who was liable to be greedy and use this to loot someone else's deed ASAP, that single bad actor may not be able to accomplish as much since everyone else in the alliance also knows the deed is about to disband, letting them interfere or at least keep an eye on things.
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    After reading through seven pages of crap in this thread, I'm really wondering why I'm still playing WO. Yes, that's right, I'm considering leaving this game, it's UTTERLY TOXIC community, the staff and the money I invested in it. The reasons: 1) The community behaviour. We got PvP vs PvE groups, we got PvP vs PvP groups, we got PvP vs Staff groups, we got PvE vs Staff groups. What we don't have is a comUNITY. Even in this thread I see people fighting like cats and dogs over a staff decission; either being it an exploit or not doesn't matter. Fact is, it was close to an exploit and if a player is playing as long as that angry one we got here, that angry one also COULD have known that they were very close to breaking the rules. At that point you got three choices, either not doing it or continuing or contacting the staff and asking them if it's ok to do so. Reading through that angry's person's post I see a LOT of accusations towards a staff member. Not ONCE!!, I repeat, NOT ONCE!! I see that person saying that anyone of that group contacted a staff member to ask if there's a risk involved. While I can understand that people don't check the forum every 5 minutes while they're ingame, I can't understand why a staff member wasn't contacted. Because afaik there's always a GM, CA or other staff member online. Yet, instead of accepting as an adult (wo)man, the angry person kept on whining like that little girl hugging her my little pony in her bedroom. Perhaps that angry person should consider to grow up for a chance. And admit that (s)he made a mistake as well. 2) more community behaviour A while ago a good player and friend of mine at Xanadu got an IP ban after telling two staff members to "###### off". The reason for that, a certain player - coincidally the angry one in this topic - kept fueling his anger about some things, resulting in a flame war in a certain thread and eventually two staff members having to interfere. Yet, the person who was actually responsible for the flame war never got punished. But at the same time, freaks out when others in the sermon group are. Speaking of unjustice justice. I've seen several members here - and for some reason they're all PvP players, not sure if that's a coincidence - doing a lot of mud throwing at other members at the community. For some reason, that same group refuses to understand this game is a PvP and PvE game and you simply can't please both groups. So every time the staff comes up with a change that affects both, it's the PvP community yelling and whining, forgetting that what affects them, affects others as well. Including the other PvP players; which means it balances things eventually. However, because of all the toxic behaviour, Epic got drained the moment it was possible to move your char to freedom. Chaos isn't a PvP server anymore, because most of the players once living there are now living at Freedom and only gather for a raid. Makes me wonder if there's really PvP or if it has moved to the Forums instead. Either way, PvP kinda killed itself because of the behaviour of players and / or the loss of interest of others. And it won't be the last server it'll happen to. 3) even more community behaviour: A PvP player decides to volunteer to create the map. As soon as his name becomes public - I'm not sure if that was done on purpose or by accident - some of the other PvP players immediately accuse them that the kingdom he's in will have an advantage in fights because he knows the map. They never bother to inform if he's still going to play on epic. They never bother to inform is he's actually going to join the group if they're planning the raid. They just assume he'll do everything he got to make his kingdom the strongest on Epic. In my country we got a saying " Zoals de waard is, vertrouwt hij zijn gasten"; which more or less translates as "As the landlord is, he trusts his guests." I think the ones accusing a VOLUNTEER of cheating, should look at themselves. The fact THEY would do that, doesn't mean HE would do that. 4) and a lot more community behaviour: The moment a new player cuts down a tree, half the server is on fire. The moment a settled player cuts down a tree, the only comment you got is: Yeah well, I'm not living there anyway; ignoring the fact others actually are living there. The moment a new player digs at the side of the road, the other half of the server is on fire. The moment settled players dig at sides of the road, you hear no-one complain. Then there's alt abuse at rifts and unique slayings using the excuse that it's done because of the economics. Economics? My arse. It's done because of greed and nothing else. A dragon or drake set would give the seller 80-130 silver. That means they have to set up 81-131 deeds for one silver upkeep a month to run into negative costs. Considering those deeds usually last a few days, their costs are far less as that one silver. At the same time we got players deeding mountainsides to carve out tunnels for highway projects. Those deeds last several weeks or months, but the players doing the hard job never see an iron in return. All they got - if they're lucky - is other players helping them and supporting them with mats. If that doesn't happen they even have to buy the tools and mats themselves. So the elitist hunting groups are only formed because of the economics demanding they have to get a profit from all the deeds? Like I said before, my arse! And the countless alts waiting for a rift to close are just there because of the economics? Again, my arse! If I'd bring my entire family to a construction job and getting paid 20 euro's while sunbathing all day, while others were actually building a house for the same 20 euro's, it's called abuse and unfair. Yet, in WO this is economics? Like I said before, my arse! 5) "The game is dying" comment. The game isn't dying. It's being killed by the community. The things I mentioned above are just a tip of the iceberg. There's simply too much toxity between player and staff interest and the moment anyone even thinks about bringing the groups together, that person's ignored or being attacked at all sides. For a while I've been using the phrase "No matter what the Dev's do, whiners gonna whine" in CA- help and Freedom chat after some people complained about a change made to the game. I never realized how right that statement is. Even now there's tried hard to give the game better looks, players are complaining about lag, fps drop etc. accusing the dev's causing it. For some reason, no matter what is done, it's never good enough and problems are always caused by them (the staff / dev's), not me. I think I kinda mentioned that earlier with that certain angry angel in mind. Another thing related to that "the game is dying" comment, is that we won't get new players. Why should they? I mean, if a game is dying, why would you invest time and money in it, if you risk the game not being available anymore. After all, NO-ONE right of mind would enter an electronics shop to buy that q-led tv, knowing the shop is going bankrupt and the guarantee won't work after that. I know I won't. So, can things be changed? Perhaps, but it takes an effort I'm unsure members are willing to take. First of all should the staff ignore certain loudmouths for a change. It's always the same players having comments about what the staff plans and it's always the same players who're negative about it. I got the feeling they rather have all players still running around with the starter clothing and a sharp pointy stick, as where we are now. Second of all, the staff should listen to the people making intelligent comments; hoping the game would improve. I've seen Etherdrifter doing that several times, yet NOT ONE of the things he pointed out has ever been taken into account. However, the moment one of the loudmouths creates a post about things he or she didn't like, the change is reverted. I know there's a vocal minorty and a non-vocal majority. However, the moment a vocal minorty decides what the silent majority has to do or accept in a game, the game becomes elitist. Which is something that certainly isn't good for the game itself. Third: players should stop venting their anger about staff member behaviour in public. If you got a problem with a staff member, solve it in a PM, not in a non-related forum topic. In the end both you and the staff member got hurt and the only impression you leave behind is that you and a staff member are having a personal grief. Not to mention, it's not real good advertising about this game and its staff. Personally, I've had good experiences with the staff, although at some point I too got pretty pissed off when getting the "It's not beautiful enough" message when trying to get herritage for a tunnel. However a personal conversation with a staff member explaining why that rule is made and getting some hints and tips as how to achieve it being "more beautiful". The only reason things worked out, was because I decided to keep an open mind despite my anger, because that herritage was done for the benefit of the community; not for me. And on a side note, I never seen any iron in return from all the materials I invested in it. Perhaps I should set up a toll-booth or something? Fourth: Staff members are people too. They eat, they sleep, got ill, they fart and have to take bathroombreaks. However, too often I've seen that the moment a player files a support ticket, (s)he gets angry when a GM isn't responding within 10 minutes, while when that same player asks if someone is online and get the message (s)he isn't, replies with: OK, I'll wait a bit longer then. Using double standards doesn't help the game. Not when players doing it or when staff members are doing it. And usingthem has happened with both groups. Fifth: It's time the elitists in this game realize there's more as just them playing the game. When you get to the point where only a small group of players are hunting uniques, when a small group of players is doing the hard weapon imping at impalongs, when it's the same group of people organizing impalongs every year, when a small group of people have a market monopoly at a server, things are wrong. Very wrong. Still, nothing is done about it and I doubt it ever will because of all kinds of reasons. Being it the staff not willing to take action or players just accepting things as a given fact and not willing to resist, I dunno. What I do know is that it's lost the fun for me, knowing that I can visit an impalong during X-mas at the same spot as there was one last year. And the year before that. And the year before that. And the one before that. And so forth. No matter what, WO needs to change, but I got the feeling that the needed changes are either resisted by the staff or the player base. Or both. As a result of not willing to change, I've seen the playerbase plummet from 250 players at Xanadu when I started four years ago to 300-ish players in total over all WO servers recently. That's a dramatic decrease which will eventually end up in this game shutting down. The major reason for it is not the staff, but how the community behaves. And it's that behaviour that's making me wonder if I should play this game as well. I got my 4 accounts premmed up to somewhere in Januari. One of my deeds got 360 days of upkeep, the other one got 280 days. So I got plenty of time to decide what to do. But considering I just returned to play today and instead found the ###### in this thread, I really wonder what I'm doing here. More important, if I decide to quit playing, I'm pretty certain two other players may leave as well. One of those players has already peeked into Chronicles or Elyria and likes that game. It may be possible I just move my ###### to that game and have fun there. A shame, considering the time I've spend in this game and the things I've done for the community. But if parts of the community remain as ungrateful and selfish as they are now, there's no need for me to stay here any longer. And I advise some members here to look in the mirror and ask themselves if it's worth all the crap they're posting compared to the players they're chasing away. Thorin
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    So you guys are assuming everyone in Wurm is an ######? Only reason I suggest this is because an alliance member disappeared recently and had I known he was low on upkeep I would've paid a bit to keep it up or had precautions to get his stuff to a safer place. I can understand that a lot of people would use a menu like this in a wrong way though.
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    This week we'll be introducing a new, native launcher for Wurm Online. As is the case every couple of years, due to certificate renewal, the current JNLPs and shortcuts are going to break this week, but now in addition to the JNLP, we are releasing native executable files for Windows and Linux, with a Mac version following later in the month. As previously mentioned, this gives you a way to just install the game like you do with any other application, and not worry about installing the correct version of Java and such - the launcher will now detect and download the version you need. Downloads available here: https://www.wurmonline.com/wurm-online-downloads/ If you have any issues installing it, disable your antivirus for the time it's installing - it's common that newly released applications get marked as false positives and it should fix itself in a couple days. If you prefer to keep using JNLPs for now (we'll be removing them once we're sure the launcher works well, and the Mac builds are done), you need to clear the Java cache and download new JNLPs - you can find it in the link above. How to clear your Java cache:
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    So from Newspring west side; Paradise Harbour, I rowed in my new boat with all my belongings north and slightly east after awhile. I touched shore at 'Tri Force Heroes'. Holding there overnight. I pulled up stakes from my newbie 11x11 settlement and will settle in a 11x11 on the big island now. Any suggestions on an area for me to settle that you've seen which would be near a Guard tower (that could help me with scorpion/troll) and all? I guess I'll just keep rowing offshore until I see an area I find is amicable to me. No, I don't want to be a part of a community in a lodge or something. No group fights, battles, digs, etc. Just a loner with a couple/few friends that I can trade, buy from for advanced tools etc I suppose. Doesn't even have to be near a cave or mine area. Thanks in advance. I was in the game for a few months a couple of years ago, got lost in the number of times it took to dig in mine tunneling (bad for deep arthritis old man) grins. But back now and it seems like lost home. Very good feelings being. Thank you for GM's, Shydow is wonderful in help and assistance and info on the game. Couldn't do without. Thanks all. Chuckboyer
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    You Should know beTter than tryIng to tell staff joKes.
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    It's very sad to hear that the 'Wild Growth' has come to an end, but I wish all of the former residents of Oakheart the very best, wherever you all decide to put down roots. "Large streams from little fountains flow, Tall oaks from little acorns grow." D. Everett 1797
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    It should be left to the mayor of every deed who should be able to see that information: all alliance members/mayors, or only single players. And it should be turned off by default. Else +1
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    But then you are just stacking kingdom bonuses. I.E. Executioner, King, etc.
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    I'm more in favour of adding lockipicking ofdeed, atleast for bsbs and fsbs. It will bring new thrill of you want to loot 90+ ql mats for example. You would have to break 90+ ql lock which requires skill, this update with this addition would be awesome. It wouldn't be just the first that is on site but also the one who has some skill too. Lockipicking skill is very useless on pve and needs some love, this would encourage people to grind it, also some creatures(trolls, goblins) could drop locked small chests with various treasures like some coins, gems etc. You could dig up locked chest while digging, fish up locked small chests etc. People with high lockpicking could buy those boxes without knowing what's in it(it can be empty) or can simply offer service of lockipicking.
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    Done Set ores to 2% of common ores, 1% of gold and silver and 0.2% of glimersteel ore and adamantine as requested although this is a huge amount of ore - not sure if you will like it. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1PfEecramidJuzWpRvVwMBgdsSOJo0-pp
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    From my understanding, no. There will be new JNLPs; assuming the fixed JNLP will be put in place of the old one at the web URL, which it obviously should and likely will, because why keep the broken JNLP there, your way will still work. Those who have the JNLP on their own machine will merely have to redownload it. (Unless that's just a shortcut at javaws and the web URL as a parameter aswell, would have to check what exactly it put on the desktop under Windows. I'll surely find out later anyway.) I reckon this is the last time they renew the certificate though and only do it as a fallback while all quirks of the native launcher are being hammered out.
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    I have thought something similar as well for the game, i just didnt want to waste my time suggesting it. but.. +1, would be cool if we could get "interactive" map where it shows the areas you and your allies have conquered as well.
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    I'd marry of @CIRAYto @sleepys Nice idea +1
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    You are just saying this because we recently raided/drained most of your deeds, and you're scared about being wiped off the map, so now working with TC to bash your own towers and convert some frontline deeds for protection of Sheer Panda. There's nothing wrong with that per se, but I don't think this suggested change should be implemented because the intention is not to help the overall PVP community, but rather to more easily protect your kingdom from WU without conceding deeds or land owned to TC. It's purely selfish.
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    NO to this. Affinities are basically now a nice surprise bonus that you get sometimes from playing the game. One of the few things that you now can't buy or maybe you can still "harvest" them by killing other players (which I hope they would remove too). The ability to sell them off like this (face it that is what many/most will do) just adds them to the pile of making money from playing the game opportunities. They should be kept as is as small surprise rewards for playing the game. You are given this special gift and then want to sell it off. A sad, sad suggestion... =Ayes=