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    you send them the item back regardless of rarity, you don't just hold someones item hostage because you got a lucky roll wtf
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    You are all invited to the most colourful of days! Bring colour! Bring tents and friends and alts and boats! Make them colourful too! See this guy? He's not colourful. He's drab. his background sure is colourful tho And that's why we're going to kill him! Then distribute everything we get to the colourful*! Get there early; being late is, well, drab *Absolutely no checks will be made to see if you're colourful when distributing loot, but you know, put some effort in
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    There is nothing to ticket, if you agreed to imp thier stuff its not their fault you got a roll and you give it back
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    Hello, I'd like to suggest having a "back button in the "Crafting Recipes" book under "N". A short explanation of my experience and how would it be helpful: So let's say I'm making a small sailing boat! I look it up on the list: And in this case let's say I want to make a triangular sail first so I double click on it: Oh! And to make that I need to see how to make this small mast now! Ok so I go in again Ok so at this point I start making it, and this is where the SUGGESTION comes in: once I made small mast, it would be nice to be able to go "BACK" with a button to previous one which is triangular rig, continue making that, and after that to be able to go "BACK" again to the original recipe that led me here. Now, without this back button we have to keep typing it all over and over and over again in the search bar, which can get extremely tedious, especially with items that consist of many already finished things that need to be crafted individually. So I hope I managed to make this clear and understandable and thank you for reading
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    Slaying of the Kyklops ..........................Unique............................ Rewards: 'Giantslayer' title + Kyklops Blood. Mixing Kyklops blood with source salt will create a potion of leatherworking. The beast is currently penned and awaiting the community assistance (PICTURE) The location is easily accessible to all. I have set the date to give 2 unique slayings on Melody within one day. I have scheduled the event later than the dragon slaying to space them out and try and facilitate more people. Please click HERE to see link for the earlier dragon slaying. LOCATION: Pnuts Palace is available on the highway from overture. The location is just before that, in the dessert to the west of the highway. Massive thanks to Arno, Sherrif + Nyest for the help. Hope to see you all there for a fun filled day of slaying. Pnut Co-hosting - Arno
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    Or in fact what you forget to mention is that you wanted something in bronze (dioptra) improved to 95QL and turned rare... the dioptra was not even yours but was lent to you by a neighboor for which you asked a replacement (because you wanted to keep the rare). The fact was that the cost of the work was first undervalued (because bronze at 95+QL is a pita to make), the imp was insanely hard for a way too low price... my bad on that one... and when you were offered 1/ to stop the work and send it at 93QL for the agreed price you asked for the whole 95 QL, 2/ when you were offered a brand new 90QL dioptra free of charge (with the full intent to mail the rare dioptra to it's REAL owner) you refused and throw a fit. TL:DR; the extra money was not for the rarity but for the added difficulty of the job (at that point many hours went in already, bronze stocks went out, and the item was only 93QL) but instead you wanted to screw someone else out of their rare item and the crafter out of their time and efforts. As for the rest of my customers, usually when things go rare, i just warn my customer and tell them... "you are f***ing lucky... i just turned you <insert random item> <insert rarity level>" some are happy and offers a tip, some just say wow... only a "Platyna" asked for a new similar item to swap it out with the one someone lent them.
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    I did not know that market fanaticism went that far on the new servers. It seems that it should be commented by the GM in a WSA or the rule section that holding back an item from imping services would be considered scam and embezzlement, and punished accordingly. I would even be adverse towards an explicit clause of the imper in advance, entitling her/him to hold back items when turning rare. Such a clause should be declared scam by the GM as well.
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    It is no different than me casting with my priest. I tell you the cost for spells, you decide on the 70power spell. I get a lucky roll and cast 100. I do not charge you for the 100 power spell. I do not keep your item, despite the fact that 100 power spells fetch big coin on NFI. I send it back and you are happy.
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    Way back when, when rares were first introduced, my first was a rare tree stump, that’s almost certainly the most useless rare there ever was. (It even glowed)...
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    I have been pretty surprised by how many people on the new servers tell me that if the item goes rare they are keeping it. I've actually had to start asking people about this issue up front just in case. I have turned down several offers to improve my items because they said they would keep it. Even fully enchanted items or items with custom made dyes on them. I was told that they would try to replace the enchants the best that they could. I've always tipped well for items that may go rare. Like the others have said, it is not owned by the person doing the imp, you are just providing a service. Send it back with a smile and say congratz, and hope that they refer your business to their friends. I've learned that creating good will among people goes much further then trying to profit a few extra silvers.
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    There is nothing to deal with.You just return the item to the owner after you finished your job on it.It is the wurm way. The only time you could keep the item is when you get a order to create and improve the item,then you can just make another one and keep the rare. Most items have creator name on them and some people care who's name is on them.
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    Raking crops, whenever i rake a field during the week days it seems to suck all the rare rolls right out of me.
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    Haha imagine if teachers kept the kids after they'd accidentally taught them something that wasn't in the curriculum: "This has been refined beyond expectation, it is mine now".
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    Wouldn't it be lovely to be able to create a sleigh for wintertime in Wurm? A one horse, (or two!), for those cozy winter days. A two person.
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    Purebreds H is thankful for all the kind horse buyers that have been supporting us since July. Now it’s time to give some of all that goodwill and silver back to the people! This will be in the form of races, first a modest one, learn some lessons, then return with bigger events! Rowboat race Sunday 6/12 at 19:00 UTC Edit: this race was moved from Saturday to Sunday because many people are going to slayings on Melody Saturday. Prize purse - 23 silver First place: 12 silver Second place: 5 silver Third place: 3 silver Newcomer prize: 3 silver for first boat that is QL20 or lower. In addition, all the prize winners will be allowed to buy any horses from Purebreds H at half price on this day. The overall winner of the race can buy horses at half price forever! Location Purebreds H sales island “Treasure Island” in M13/M14, Harmony server. (Treasure Island and Purebreds H are separate deeds) See details of the race map in the next post below! How do I join? The race aims to be fair for all, and since QL has great influence on boat speeds, we have had to define a standard of 40 QL being the highest. You have two options: A ) Bring your own rowboat you have imped to as much as 40 QL or B ) Sign up for one of our six QL40 boats. Simply reply to this post that you want to borrow a boat! Signed up so far: 1) Yurisa. Rules 1) 40 QL is the highest allowed (40.99 QL is accepted, 41.00 QL is not accepted) 2) No rare boats or runes if those were possible 3) No crew in your boat, one person only 4) No alts, you can only race with one character on the day. Additional remarks: a) If you get stuck, you are allowed to drag the boat. b) Claim your standard boat at latest 45 minutes before race start. After that, boats can go to the next people on the list. c) You can possibly also have your own boat imped to 40 if you arrive hours before the start.
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    Make frying pans a weapon please, every mamushka knows how deadly they are.
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    I'd like to suggest what the title says prem time gift cards. This make it accessible for players to help each other out without giving financial info., Let's streamers do give a ways for persons not using steam, and you can purchase cards for later use for yourself. That or a way to give prem time to someone elses toon(with their approval). There are work arounds but paying fees on pre-paid visa's is just a bad ROI. If anyone has tricks available outside official ways im game for that as well.
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    The amount of times I have too many animals clustered near the fences when trying to replant pens... Why do I need a rope when I should be able to just shoo them off the tile I'm on? P.S. Animals that have fight-fiercely trait should have the option to nip animals that are overcrowding them to disease-risk levels, with the same result of triggering movement. Does not need to cause damage, just trigger movement.
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    Winter sunset, Meerhaven, 1096
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    Please add a Russian chat to the game, we have nowhere to communicate, CAs swear when we communicate (do not ask questions about the game) in the Russian help chat,
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    I don't think I am the only one who is asking for this, so please for the love of all that is holy, add a level option for surface mining on the Freedom Servers. You can do this in a mine and while digging so please make this option available for surface mining or don't make surface mining RNG and make it as successful as regular mining. I am only asking for this to be done for the Freedom Servers since this could have a bad impact on PvP server, but not one really on a PvE server.
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    Good morning, good day and good evening Independence:
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    Many of the traits that are passed on through breeding seem to revolve around horses. I have a few suggestions for traits for not horses. Wooly - Sheep: chance at producing +1 wool when sheared Silky - Sheep: produces higher quality wool when sheared Productive - Sheep, Cows, Bison: ready to be milked again sooner Fertile - Cows, Sheep: Chance to produce twins Strong body - Cows, Sheep, Bison, Pigs: Produces +1 meat when butchered Negative traits (Can be removed with Genesis): Unproductive - Sheep, Cows, Bison: Take longer to be ready for milking again Bristly - Sheep: produces lower quality wool when sheared Bald Patches - Sheep: Takes twice as long between shearing Barren - Sheep, Cows, Bison: Doesn't produce milk
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    make it so only i get affinities
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    Snowballs are crucial for larders, and useful for many cooking recipes. But they are available only in a short time window, then - except by snowman statues - unavailable for ca. 42 RL days. That is a strain for beginners and returnees likewise, and sometimes for players founding or extending settlements. Unfortunately, mailing snowballs falls under the 1c/item mail price, and 1s mail cost for a full set of larder coolant is prohibitive for trade. It would be a good idea to lower that price to that of paper/papyrus sheets. namely 1i/item.
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    Have you ever wanted to make a nice road with curves and stuff and then fence it? Yeah you really can't do that on the corners. Idea is to add a way to build diagonal fences, walls and floors. Imagine the possibilities! Buildings could be placed in many different ways, you could build more detailed houses and castles. Possibilities that this would give could be huge. Diagonal bridges maybe? You name it. I would be really happy to see something like that in Wurm. Here how it would work: You would plan a wall, fence etc. by selecting two tile corners on the same tile, simple as that! Well maybe not that simple, you would have to code a new mechanic to select things in the world but i guess its doable right? What do y'all think about this idea?
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    No technically this thread is about how you deal with items when they turn rare. What is happening here is a beautiful case of a playerA trying to help a playerB... who then get a rare out of it... agrees to go higher QL wise for a slightly higher price while managing to waste PlayerA time and keep the rare away from the original owner. Here is the full chat logs on what not to do / expect on any transactions : The true owner of the item is PlayerC - the rare should have went back to him... but PlayerB wanted it all for herself... While myself as PlayerA tried to be helpful and kind, i got the recieving end of the shaft and have lost my cool for sure... Double checking stuff on trade chat ended up with the answers from PlayerD. So when it comes to rare... send the damn thing to the owner... the real one... the end. And stop wasting the crafters time by lowballing prices and begging for freebies.
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    Im gonna have to say no. A lot of us do infact love the ruins and such.
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    FANTASTIC lemon.. I blew my once in a lifetime fantastic roll on a real lemon...
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    Something that is worth remembering is that some items are enchanted, you can't swap something with enchants or even worse a specific signature. Imagine that it was a gift from a departed friend or an item created by Enki (or any others GMs) and you now ends up with a random item with none of your added sentimental value. Basicly, if you are imping something, send it back, rared up or not. (Yah, i'm just double posting for the extra points and the totally unrelated subject.)
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    I believe your statement about the bonus is flawed/incorrect. Going by the latest Wurm Unlimited code and assuming we're talking about a religious spell-cast with the target being an item (Spell.run(Creature performer, Item target, float counter)) the routine behind the bonus is the following: First the bonus is initially set as: bonus = Math.abs(performer.getAlignment()) - 49.0f; So not Alignment / 2 but rather the absolute(value) minus 49, it is almost identical for 100 alignment (51 vs the 50 you mentioned) but very different for lower values, for example 10 alignment would equal to -39 bonus. Next it checks if the player is a champion and has to move into a different kingdom influence. If this is the case it will reduce the bonus by 50 while also increasing the difficulty of the spell by 20. If this is not the case it will check the material of the target item and if it is made of "crystal" (material: 52) or "diamond" (material: 54) but not a Gem it will add +100 to the bonus. After this is done it looks up the village of the player and if present adds the village enchant bonus onto it (doesn't matter if the player is on-deed or not) Only at this point the armor comes into place, first the game checks if the bonus so far is bigger than 0.0 and if it is multiplies the bonus with it. if (bonus > 0.0f) { bonus *= 1.0f + performer.getArmourLimitingFactor(); } So if you have -30% spell/archery the bonus would be multiplied with 0.7: bonus = bonus * ( 1 + (-0.3) ) Important to point out here is that if your bonus at this point is <= 0.0, then your armor penalty/bonus will be ignored. After this is done the bonus is then added together with the zone-bonus of the player which is calculated as following for non-champions: If the player has no deity: zone-bonus = 0 If the player has a deity and is standing in the influence radius of an altar with the same deity: zone-bonus = 5 + 10 if the player has more than 30 faith + every point above 90 faith + 0.5 for every full altar power on the tile you're standing on (42.83 power becomes a bonus of +21) If the player has a deity and is standing in the influence radius of a different-god altar with power >= 1.0 zone-bonus = 0 If the player has a deity and is not standing in the influence radius of an altar or is standing in the influence radius of a different-god altar with power < 1.0 zone-bonus with <90 faith = 0 zone-bonus with >=90 faith = 5 + every point above 90 faith For champion players the zone-bonus is simply 0 inside their own kingdom influence or 50 outside. Finally after the bonus and the zone-bonus are added together it does one last multiplication if the target item has "increase the chance of successfully enchanting the item" runes attached. The rune effects are first added together and then multiplied with the bonus, so a +10% and a +5% rune would increase the final bonus by another 15%. However, as mentioned by Oblivionreaver, the bonus has a max cap of 70.
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    [17:48:35] You have a moment of inspiration... [17:48:35] You cut down the Grape bush.
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    I did not say that such cannot happen on the old servers. The probability is yet higher on the new ones, where more players are unfamiliar with Wurm, and, in addition, those old players did migrate which are more after market opportunities than the majority of the pre launch community. To avoid any misunderstandings, the GM should clarify that rarity is an attribute or property (whichever in OOP gibberish I am not sure) of the item randomly granted during creation and improvement, which does not alter item ownership. On creation, ownership is of course with the creator, but during improvement, an item is already owned by a player character. Therefore, any withholding of improved items on grounds of having turned rare is embezzlement and scam.
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    Race course The starting line is on the East side of Treasure Island next to Purebreds H. From there, row North around Treasure Island, then south all the way through the N14 canal and to the island at Shoalhaven. Row around the island from the north side and then head back through the canal to Treasure Island. Do the opposite of before, curling around the North side of Treasure Island back to the original starting line on the East side. The duration of the race will be 18-20 minutes.
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    Yup. I don't know where people get idea they are entitled for extra money if they rare item. You are paid for your time and skill to improve item to desired ql. End of story. You didn't do any extra effort to make it rare that would require extra money. I always avoid impers that require extra money for raring items.
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    I gather they were discontinued as people were abusing the no/reduced decay feature, but we don't need them to have that feature. It's just super nice to give people seasonal, birthday, thank you and 'just because' gifts and fosters community - and the giftwrap was a nice presentation feature that encouraged that. Would be nice to have them to use for what they were originally intended.
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    1. Allow pve servers to rename their deeds as often as they would like. I mean we have to pay for the change anyways. 2. This has been suggested by me and others numerous times. New furniture (we make huge buildings to only have a few tables in it) linking Eco's RP décor as an example. 3. Barns or Materials that are more barnish 4. New wood/stone types 5. More creatures etc.., turkeys, peacocks, Panda bears (only available during winter), elephants, mammoths hard to kill (give lots of meat and hide/leather, and ivory) Ivory can be used for jewelry, flatware ect.. 6. More armor design types, as someone else suggested maybe per god types. 7. Silo (stone, wood etc..) for seeds only. These are suggestion,
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    Just do it in event to help keep things logged so we can know if we messed up a username. "Mail sent to Hvergi - needle, iron" "Item will arrive in less than 10 minutes blah blah"
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    The Steam game awards are here! Awards include: Game of the Year 'Labor of Love' Award Most Innovative Gameplay 'Sit Back and Relax' Award ...and many more awards... I nominated Wurm Online for the 'Labor of Love' Award because of the dedication the Wurm team (and us players) have shown Wurm Online over the years You can Nominate your favourite game (Wurm Online of course) here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1179680/Wurm_Online/ You can earn a steam badge (and 25XP) for completing the nomination process (simple click)
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    Asked in the Discord if the sale could possibly extend to the end of the 30th to cover that lovely Black Friday and to save us poor souls paid at the very month end. Fingers crossed ey.
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    A usage for wax could be to wax a plate full of food or any food item which would make it not decay while on deed. It would become non-eatable. Than can display food on table without maintenance.
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    Make them PvE only, as they always should have been.
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    Giving people instant gratification just to keep them here will not keep them here. Wurm is for people who are patient and do not expect to have everything at once. This Wurm's niche, if you give everything to everyone at once just to please them, those who will have everything quick will quit and those who loved the Wurm for its slow pace system will get angry and also quit, and no one will be left. When I started to play it took me like 5 months to get ANY profit from my animals, until that it was just expenses. Wurm is not Wow.
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    Highest skill chainsmith, low prices! I keep at least one suit of each kind in stock so orders are sent out swiftly. Imps available for the difference in price between the current QL and the wanted QL. CHAIN Iron QL 60 2s QL 70 3.5s QL 80 8s QL 85 11s QL 90 16s Steel QL 60 3s QL 70 6s QL 80 12s Barding Creation quality for fashion, Iron or Steel 1s. Higher QL available at the same price as a suit of chain armour. Barding CAN be sent via CoD. Other metals for armour or barding available upon request. SHIELDS (all shields QL60) Wooden & Iron Any size 1.2s Steel Small 1.5s Medium 2s Large 2.5s
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    Rare rolls are a matter of luck and statistics that's it. No one "contributes" anything to it. A noob imping a knarr could turn it fantastic in his first two months of playtime whereas a player playing for 8 years has never turned a knarr supreme. It's just how life is. And yes, that's one of the unwritten rules of Wurm. If you agree to imp something for someone and they give you their item, if it turns rare, it's still their item. If however you agree to Create something for someone using your own mats, then yeah you could keep it, as long as you still kept your word to create said item. From my experience, I have turned more rares from commissions to imp people's weapons and armor than when I upgraded my own gear. Such is Wurm.
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    PPP: The Problem Pain Point is that I spent over 100 USD or EUR to pull off one awesome fireworks show, and fireworks should be much much cheaper - in fact, they should be craftable. The reason is because other MMOs have fireworks at MUCH cheaper prices to bring a community of players together to enjoy an event. Fireworks are shot off weekly in some other games, and I think Wurm should do it here! Q: WHY I NEED IT? A: I need to assemble a group of people to do another awesome fireworks show! I need high QL fireworks so they have a lot of shots and I can calculate how many fireworks are needed per song. NOTE: I know in this game, the QL of a Fireworks Box determines the number of shots one gets to shoot. NOTE: As far as I know, the fireworks in game are green, orange, purple, white, and yellow. If there are other colors, let me know. NOTE: Crafting an item shouldn't immediately shoot it up to 100QL, but if 100 of each are used, perhaps it should. Activate: steel and flint to ignite it, or use the same "Use" function on a typical fireworks box. Suggestions: Craftable, Red Fireworks Box: ============================= 1-100x shaft (the stick); 1-100x fat (for fuel); 1-100x charcoal (part 1/2 analagous to black powder); 1-100x salt (part 2/2 analagous to black powder); 1-100x piece of paper (for a cylindrical tube to put stuff into); 1-100x cochineal, for red fireworks Other colors, (replace cochineal for other colors): =================================================== 1-100x copper, for green fireworks 1-100x woad, for blue fireworks 1-100x zinc, for white fireworks Other ideas, such as skills are used while making fireworks and perhaps via imping? =================================================================================== firemaking skill for base skill training? alchemy skill for base skill training? alchemy->Natural substances for sub-skill training? mind logic for base skill training? Should we imp these items or require 100 of each material? I am thinking the latter. I'm just not sure if the game can turn something into 100 QL after making said item.
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    Russians have nowhere to communicate on different topics! Add a chat where you can flood
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    Russians have nowhere to communicate on different topics! Add a chat where you can flood
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    Improved rafts and floating trees The felled trees should be able to float and maybe we should even be able to sit on them and swim using oars. We should also be able to use the oars to swim on the raft. One animal should fit on the raft, but apart from that and the player, there should be no room for another cargo. Sleds Some time ago I suggested sleds and the fact that dogs and sheeps have speed traits would complement this idea. We could create a team of dogs or sheeps hitched to sleds and would have a speed bonus on a snow. https://i.imgur.com/cPCfJTT.mp4 Flying mounts Today I noticed that one of the horses hitched to the wagon is hovering over ground (bug), so got this idea that if we have unicorns, we may have mounts that will fly short distances (few tiles) or at least it will be able to climb very steep mountain slopes like a player (but faster), and that won't stop on a steeper slope like a horse. For example pegasus, griffins and chimeras (as hell equivalent of flying mount). They can be sterile, or if they could reproduce, the only way to keep them on deed would be to build a real stable with a roof so they wouldn't fly away. Of course, flying would bring new threats, e.g. players in metal armor could often be struck by lightning. Or they would be attacked by new flying mobs that ignore travelers on ground but can be attacked with a bow. Stone blocks Large construction stones of 1 tile in width and length and 3/4 of the height of a tile. Can only be created on the surface by consuming 1 rock tile. Come in few shapes: normal block block with slope (maybe not that steep as on image) stone block with a carved tunnel (yes it is for building aqueducts) If rock tile allows to build a well, we should be able to create the beginning of the aqueduct at this point. The water would not flow freely (no fluid script needed), it would only fill another empty section of the structure (next empty tunnel carved in stone). The end of the aqueduct may be a larger stone tank, made of 4 blocks, each hollow in such a way that when joined, they form a container in shape of half sphere.
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    It is nice to see people building bridges to connect the world / area they are in better. A concern I share with@Kierkegaardis: can you travel with a boat through there? If I were to live in that area it would be nice if you could not only physically but also visually fit the boats through there.