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    Some random qol improvements from the annoyance of having to deal with the crafting window Hand tool in craft window instead of a certain part - it auto selects parts from your inventory from top to bottom of the list, similar to building houses/fences. Alternatively if auto selection is considered too powerful, double clicking the material in the list should search inventory and put it into the craft window when crafting lots of multi-part items such as this screenshot, an option to switch between using all items on first item in stack (as it currently is) and using 1 of each on x unfinished items , so like instead of using 6 shafts on 1 sign and cancelling because it's finished, it instead uses 1 seperate shaft on the first 6 unfinished signs.
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    QL 96 RARE Runed Hammer, iron A hammer with a metal head and wooden shaft. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. A steel rune of Vynora has been attached, so it will reduce damage taken (10%). Blessings of the Dark has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained and speed with it when used. [93] Starting bid: 10s Increment: 1s No Buyout Sniper Protection: 1 hour
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    Using a pulpit could increase valid listener range, by cross-referencing QL of furniture and Preaching skill. (No change to Faith gain mechanics) Using a lectern could boost skill-gain in Preaching when confessing Followers. (No change to Alignment gain mechanics) Examine could show playername and length-of-time-since last sermon in-range Aesthetically, both could have banners that change colour to reflect the deity of the last sermon preached within valid-Listener range. No banner, if never in range of a sermon, or kicked.
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    We could use separate, official topic for Epic, so people could post their suggestions and they won't be lost between other posts.
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    Goblin leader slaying will be happening this saturday all are welcome to join us to slay this big goblin come get your goblin blood get those pickaxes imbued "loot will be private" located at j/k 12 https://celebration.yaga.host/#554,900 hope to see u all there
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    Thank you, Ammar, for letting us take some swings
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    Hello! I’d like to address some of the concerns we’ve seen from you. Communication I’ve talked with Demona, who will be staying on board, and we’ve agreed that a Valrei International on at least a monthly basis is a must. Releasing one on this cadence will ensure active communication from the team every month. Animal Husbandry I won’t go into all the details here, but I will say that we have a patch we plan on releasing tomorrow that has some long-awaited fixes for breeding and animal husbandry. I’ve asked Demona to cover the details in a Valrei International, which should be going up later. As with anything, development is an ongoing process, and we will await more feedback from you before we decide on future tweaks to this system. Patches & Future Content While tomorrow’s patch will be a bug fix patch, we’re still actively working on a few significant projects and sourcing suggestions for quality of life improvements. We plan to make another post in a week or so regarding the previously detailed plans and where things currently stand. With all of that said, I’d like to thank you all for your patience and feedback. Happy Wurming!
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    Yo some of these posts are actually good and i respect the transparency and honesty regarding some things. I'll be honest, I'd love to give more of an insight onto my opinions on Epic and the rest of the game and whatever else people are talking about right now, but i'm pretty burnt after doing that for something like a year. I like where communication is going right now, though- particularly with Keenan's posts and clear outlining of some issues (skill transfer stuff and opinions on epic sticking around) and am rooting to see more of that. Good luck gamers.
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    Plain Carpet could fully cover 1 tile of (centred-on, raised) floor, be unpatterned and be dyable. Blessed (Plain) Carpet could change colour/design to reflect the deity of the last person to walk on it. Dispel removes blessing. Can totally see this being used for community events/games.
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    Supreme Statuette of Swordsman Fragments Fragments combine to complete the statuette and supreme status carries over to completed item It will become this guy (pic from the wiki): But SUPREME! Starting bid: 5s Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: No Buyout: None Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: Not accepted
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    Nothing addressing large cart speed here. Are these still going to be unviable for larger servers, or is a speed tweak planned?
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    What bothers me is that neither skill nor trait combinations affect at all the rates to get a rare trait/s, it's complete gambling unrelated to either system.. We still get -5points from promised skill = points utilization, which happens rarely.. it's not even often to achieve skill - 5 = creature trait points. I have 95AH.. and my results until recently were that.. hopefully new ones aren't as bad.. but on freedom pve.. it's going to take a WHILE to get new results.. and we have no clue to what to compare them.. we still don't know what is intended outcome and what's still in the workshop about to be patched next. Hope bisons no longer get speed traits.. but what happens if old ones with such are bred, they just keep transfering? Another good question is... why are horses that have 1-2-3-4 draft traits WORSE than a donkey.. or mule.... aren't the UGLY new fat horse models for draft horses SPECIALIZED BREED for pulling carts/wagons/.. and weight... how are they slower than a skinny stinky donkey.. or mule?
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    Can we please do something that isn't a design event instead?
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    +1 It would be nice not to have to build a box with a door around a ladder opening just to be able to lock it off. A simple hatch door that could be locked would be sooo much better!
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    Thats reasonable... So what if every time you meditate theres a 1/100 chance it summons Enki to your location whereupon you must defeat him in a battle of checkers else you will be attacked by 100 rabid gerbils?
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    I hunger for content. For fighting. And for meditation to have something other than "QL1 rug for skill, high QL for path advancement." While this suits those things, it isn't exactly fitting to the idea of meditation
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    [15:06:12] You have just received the title 'Fearless'! Thanks!
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    Can you guys pls pls turn up the spawn rate of mobs on Harmony with Halloween coming up this is a big thing for ppl who live on this server to ride out and see 3 or 4 mobs in a 4 hr ride around.
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    Look we get a ton of cool weather and sky effects during the day it would be nice to get something at night, whether it be random shooting stars or UFOs - and no before the usual people jump down my throat I mean like little balls of light randomly moving in the sky as a rarity not actual UFOs and aliens. Just something a little more dynamic at night. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.
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    Hello Wurmians! It’s been a little while since our last Valrei International, and I’d like to apologize for that and let you know we have not forgotten about you! Although things have been quiet, we have been working away in the background squashing some bugs, implementing some fixes, and working on new features and content for you all to enjoy. Thank you for your patience with us during this time! Squashing Some Bugs With the maintenance restart this week, we’ll be implementing some balances and bugfixes concerning the animal update, and a few other things. There will be a few tweaks to traits, such as a fix to make the “seems to pick stuff up” and “seems stationary” traits work properly and making less useful traits on a creature become less common (sheep with draft traits, for example). The chance to pass on dominant traits has been improved, and already existing traits in parents will be even more likely to pass on to offspring than newly generated ones. This includes an increased chance to pass on coat colors. The chance for miscellaneous traits has been reduced a bit to encourage dominant traits passing on. There will also be a fix for donkeys and mules making horse sounds instead. On top of trait tweaking, we’ve worked a bit on the feeding of animals. Creatures in caves will once again be able to eat food from the ground, and the nutrition of hay will be increased so your horses can become fat and happy on a diet of hay. We have also tweaked the pathing to food a bit and have reduced the chance of grass packing while your critters are moving around. This should cut down on some of the time spent unpacking and replanting grass and lawns. You will also now be able to breed animals when they are slightly hungry instead of needing to make sure they are stuffed to the brim before attempting to breed. While most of the update will be focused on animal husbandry changes, there will be a few other things (and a new 100 skill title!) coming with the patch. Creative Constructs Building Contest Many of you have been eagerly looking forward to the announcing of the winners in the Creative Constructs building contest. Well, the wait is over! The team has gone over every one of the wonderful entries, and your creativity was very inspiring. After a tough decision, we’ve finally found our winners. Congratulations to all of you! Combat and Defense Theme Wilczan Seriphina Thalorane Cozy Ranches and Farms Theme Miell Goldfinch LadyCygnet Place of Business Theme Annyil Kasumi Eudoxia Wacky and Wild Theme Ayaana Jaz Stanlee You guys came up with some amazing entries for the contest! It was definitely hard to pick the winners out of all of the entries we had. I will be in contact with the winners through the forums in the next few days, so watch your inbox if you're one of them! Upcoming Community Hosted Events (with a lovely Halloween theme!) Scary season is right around the corner, and with it comes two spooktacular community events in celebration of Halloween. With an event on each server cluster, everyone will have the chance to hang out with all the other boys and ghouls, BOO-gie down in arenas fighting off creepy critters, and improve items (or get theirs improved) while all the festivities go down. Festival of the Veil Impalong For those of you on the Northern Isles, you’re invited to attend the Festival of The Veil, hosted by Rogue Cathedral. This event will run on the Cadence server from the 24th of October to the 30th. For more information on this Impalong event, check out the post below! New Festival Cove's Halloween Haunted House Impalong For everyone on the Southern cluster of servers, you are invited to Independence to New Festival Cove where you’ll find a Halloween Haunted House Impalong hosted by Vooch and Thicket! This event takes place on the 22nd of October through the 25th of October. Information on this event can be found on the post below. Myself and other GMs will be there during both events to cause havoc, as usual.... Make sure to bring a tent along in the case of creepy critters galore! Of course, there will be some spooktacular happenings all around Wurm during Halloweentime whether you are able to attend a community event or not. That’s it for this issue of the Valrei International! Congratulations once again to the Creative Constructs winners.
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    Well at least our cluster will hopefully get some attention. The thing is, i can't think what could possibly be changed in a positive light to entice people to leave their clusters to play on Epic. Even if you played on Epic for just a month and then went back, as said before you would get nothing to show for it. Honestly if i was a Freedom player, from that perspective i would definitely not waste my time playing on Epic simply because you would had zero progress to your place of origin, Freedom in this example. At our current state, Epic is that one night stand at the club that you dump after a night of fun, and cutoff/block from your life lmao. Don't get me wrong, any development aimed towards Epic in this regard is very appreciated. It's just that i can't think of a change that's positive enough to the degree that would make Freedom players "waste" their time on our cluster. In this regard NFI is the perfect cluster, having skill transfers between their respective PVE/PVP, except fight med/pray, they have both PVE and PVP with Default kingdoms. Not sure if they have PMKs tho. Perhaps thats a solution? To have a single PVE island on Epic with 2x for people to get "ready" on before they come to join one of the 3 kingdom maps on epic? If no transfer is considered i see something like this as a possible solution, it would give PVE orianted people a place to stay on Epic and actually have an economy running. This way it could persuade PVE players to come and build something meaningful on our cluster and for us it would be both ways, cause we could build on PVE Epic isles as well with out being isolated and join into the economy/settle near our cluster, with the benefit of current Epic systems, such as 2x and timers. Obviously i'm not sure how much strain Wurm structure would endure to launch one more "map" / Island that would be on Epic. Just a thought out there, thanks for reading o/
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    So Scout Four sets out. We quickly realise that Cadence is pretty darn big! Old ruins are seen as well as active deeds as our initial map plan goes out the window.
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    The breeding timer in the "inspect animal" window still displays random numbers.
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    When visiting another server or using any unbranded horse, the animal must be tame in order to access saddle bags. It's never a good idea to ride around on a tamed horse, so we tame just to equip the gear then immediately untame. This lets us safely ride the horse with gear, but the saddle bags end up not being useful in situations where they would be particularly nice to have, like traveling far from home to do some archaeology, for example. If we could add a lock to saddle bags like other containers, we could adjust permissions to keep the contents secure but still be able to access them even if the animal is not branded or tamed.
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    This is addicting. More mule costumes:
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    Shadows Vale Market Blacksmithing Items that turn rare will be returned to owner, tips appreciated not required prices negotiable for large orders Add 50% to price for large anvil 70 QL Tools and Imps 30c 80 QL Tools and Imps 50c 85 QL Tools and Imps 65c Iron or Copper Lamps/Hanging Lamps - 20c EA Small / Large nails - 2s per 1k Iron ribbons - 1s per 100 Masonry 50ql Smelter - 3s Bulk Goods Order On Demand All Prices Are Per 1k Unless otherwise Stated Delivery to costal areas available 1s for smaller orders, might discount on larger orders Crates NOT Included, can be for extra cost Clay - 1s Clay 70+QL - 1.5s Mortar - 4s Concrete - 3s per 100 Can work out deals for other items if needed these are just the common jobs I have done. Message me here or in game @ShadowsKing Skills Blacksmithing - 86+ Digging - 82+ Masonry - 60+ Mining - 55+ Carpentry - 45+
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    This would be so nice! Lots of good reasons mentioned already. It would also add more flexibility when traveling with others. You would have the option to ride together just for part of a trip and go separately later, or arrive at different times but leave together.
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    Two black barrels sent. May this offering appease you.
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    My first 100 foals after the patch tell me the following: 1. We are still being short changed 5 points from our max cap 2. Custom building still seems to be impossible due to categories and dominance, mixing mum with ab and dad with cd will not result in a foal with abcd 3. Misc spattering after dominant traits have been assigned is still a thing 4. Draft traits seem to be randomly showing up on speed foals 5. Colours randomness is no better this is just one example its not only the one type of draft that is popping in
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    Cosmetic items / vanity items should be available for purchase for real money. Whether that's done by putting them in a Marks store (and letting people buy marks) — or having traders sell them for silver — or any other mechanism — I don't care. The devs are just shooting themselves in the wallet if they don't allow this.
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    Well if we aren't closing it down we must address one of the MAIN issues WHY no one plays there. Aka the 1 way skill transfer. Realistically all the people I've talked to, Epic and Freedom players alike agree it's the main reason why they don't play there. All the players on Epic right now are either the hardcore vets or people coming over from Freedom to grind journal goals on easy mode with the speed timers we have there. Respectfully disagree, but one of the reasons f2p players got "nerfed" on Epic was due to the heavy alt abuse. Free alts were used to scout enemy locals, to infiltrate villages, to add speed to sailboats and knarrs, etc. Making home servers on Epic f2p will just bring back troubles. I'd focus on the core reason why ALL epic players left when the skill transfer kicked in, aka it was only 1 way. If you want to motivate people to play on Epic, read on the threads on what Epic people have been asking for years now: 2 way skill transfer, it doesn't have to be 1:1, but even keeping 25%-30% of what you grind on Epic ported to Freedom is better than the current situation. This really is the crux of the issue here. Wurm is a game designed around the idea of longevity and that you keep what you earn. If you tell players of an entire cluster all their stuff / skills is isolated from the rest of the playerbase while at the same time SFI can copy over skills to Epic, it basically deletes any reason or motivation to play there. Want people to play Epic? Give them something to transfer back.
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    Defiantly? or definately Prob both amirite?
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    Sounds nice, thank you Keenan, much love
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    Here's some photos from last weeks beach trip. This time I brought all three of my dogs. (Though my middle one decided he didn't like the beach or the boat and stayed in the cabin the whole time -_-) My old man Cody running through the surf with my puppy Wade Just Cody enjoying the water. He kept running out deeper and deeper. Needless to say it was quite cold and I had to keep going to get him back in lol. Cody showing off his towel and relaxing on the boat afterwards
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    I do see the history side of things as well. I also see how bad some areas of the maps have gotten to the point they absolutely no longer resemble anything on existing maps, even the yearly dumps. I personally go about it with the mindset that what I do gives new purpose to the areas I fix because it allows new players to find what looks like brand new lands. I still remember in 2011 having that excited feeling of making my first deed in a spot that had never seen player hands Thebisland I live on in Cele has a spot I have fixed twice before, and even now a new player is settling it again. They had no idea anyone used to live there, and that makes me feel good.
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    I've suggested similar things to the team as well would open up a lot of skin options too of different tiaras and headbands. I'm always in support of adding more clothing/outfit customization options! Let's hope
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    always a +1 for more jewellery options... i mean, i have a fancy castle but i still looks like a peasant (in scale armour sure, but a peasant nonetheless!).
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    Category: Wacky and Wild! Come on down to Stan's Deed Of Wonders! We have a range of strangeness to confuse you, and anomalies to bewilder you! Each one found in cursed crypts, and brought back to here for your amusement! Usually a tour is a reasonable 1g25 - but for you dear judges and viewers, this time it is free! Our first attraction: The Sideways Diner! Truly, if Breakfast In Bed is magnificent, then this is the pinnacle of vertical banquets! Watch as not a single item falls from the table in which it is set! Then, feast your eyes upon the terrible and cursed Ur'gan's Chair of Shrinking! Yes! Whomever rests upon the chair is temporarily shrunk to the size of half a regular person! But beware, should you be resting upon the chair when Ur'gan rises from his grave, you will be stuck at that size... forever! These are all of my attractions... for now. I look forward to wandering the servers and collecting more! Ahem. Now it should be said that, rather than actually being actual chairs or objects placed on walls (or photoshop, as I use for my hunting threads), these screenshots are creations of small illusions or engineering. This will absolutely get me kicked out of the Alliance of Magicians to reveal how I did it, so first try and examine the images carefully, use your own ideas as to how they were performed.