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    I am suggesting the possibility of snuffing fireplaces that are on deed at night time. Seemingly the only way currently is to A. wait until day time or B. push the fireplace off deed (which is 20+ tiles for me) Seems kind of silly that at this point in time there isn't an option to keep the fire off.
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    I very much support making the fireplaces lit optional. It seems once you light it once on deed it will always be lit at night whether you want it to be or not without taking drastic measures like taking it off deed and letting it burn out of fuel (which if you try at night requires pushing the silly thing off deed instead of loading/unloading it)
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    First time I see that thought mentioned, so fitting big font =P +1 and +1 on tracking dogs Lemme translate the OP Dogs need an overhaul, they way they are now makes little sense. They should follow the player without constantly having to use the "Go to" command, with the option of a "perma follow" toggle. Have them bark when someone walks onto your deed. Also would be nice if they assisted in combat, backing away after their health drops below a certain point (translator's note: dogs are too squishy, I don't see this specific one being very viable). They way dogs are now, almost no one uses them so all they do is join the bearsharks at the coasts.
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    Many of the traits that are passed on through breeding seem to revolve around horses. I have a few suggestions for traits for not horses. Wooly - Sheep: chance at producing +1 wool when sheared Silky - Sheep: produces higher quality wool when sheared Productive - Sheep, Cows, Bison: ready to be milked again sooner Fertile - Cows, Sheep: Chance to produce twins Strong body - Cows, Sheep, Bison, Pigs: Produces +1 meat when butchered Negative traits (Can be removed with Genesis): Unproductive - Sheep, Cows, Bison: Take longer to be ready for milking again Bristly - Sheep: produces lower quality wool when sheared Bald Patches - Sheep: Takes twice as long between shearing Barren - Sheep, Cows, Bison: Doesn't produce milk
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    nah mate we need camels and elephants added first sry -1
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    I don't have easy access to marble but Will swing by tomorrow evening with some mortar and beams Hopefully there is still work left to be done by that time. If not I'll just help you peeps mine out some of those veins that need to die
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    As a player who actually plays with sound on I agree, sounds could use some upgrading. Only time I really really really enjoy it is when a goblin dies a horrible brutal painful death
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    I don't really think I will have to go into too much depth for this, but we should have another paving tile that is wood chips. We could use wood scraps in the way that gravel uses a rock shard. I think that it could be a wonderful addition to the game and would really add a new level of detail.
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    Woh what happened to my font size lol
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    What if dogs could be used to improve results of tracking.
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    Something as simple as putting some articles on mmorpg.com or similar websites will bring some free advertising. Having someone write artiles and pass it to gaming media websites might be a good thing. You have a community full of creators... its what people in Wurm do. Use it!
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    We actually are working on setting up some advertising! It's still in the works but hopefully some results will come of it. We're also focusing on retention as well, and looking at some things that promote ongoing gameplay, like rifts and archaeology do. Something to do when not grinding for skill alone.
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    I Am No Man! (channels her inner Éowyn)
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    I never understood why you are unable to plant pavillions. I have this darn sexy pavillion I bought from Yldrania long time ago, and I have never been able to plant it. This means it has to stay inside a permission controlled house, or else someone will come and just pick it up. Imagine if you could decorate deeds with pavillions and not have to lock everyone away from pick up permissions? How beautiful the world would be! Why are we not able to secure them? They are not containers (can't put anything in them) you can't sleep on them or tie creatures to it, or respawn at them. They are completely decorative, and yet you can't use them as decorations. Why?
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    After a time of surveillance we have busted a ring of macroers who produce bulkable goods for the market through automated means. As this is such a large, and very intentional, breaking of the rules everyone caught will be completely removed from the game.
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    What you see here will be a more transparent issuance of penalties and moderation actions against the most horrendous offenders. We have striven to keep the issues of each member confidential all these years, but there are times when that provided confidentiality is publicly used against us to make us look biased or corrupt. After some discussions behind the scenes we have determined to strip away that confidentiality that we provided when it comes to the most serious offenses such as Toxic Players, or mass penalties where we are often bombarded with appeals as well as 3rd party complaints. When we are required to act against a member of our community, we do not do so out of bias or some form of arbitrary self indulgence. The paperwork is far too great for it to be enjoyable. Yet, when we take action, invariably, the person under penalty rarely tells the 'whole truth' to the people they speak to. This causes us no end of problems and we hope that being more transparent about these individuals will save us a lot of time and effort.
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    No... it is the point to mention a training video about coconuts...
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    Is this the part where someone mentions Monty Python?
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    Freedomites, Epicurians, Chaotians lend me your vocabularic comprehension! Hear ye hear ye! In the year of our lords and dark demoness' 1062 the peoples of the Wurm realms have been subjected to a vile plague that threatens our populations. Our top priests have identified the source of this scourge and have given it a name. Toxic Player Syndrome. They also recommended ostracizing the infected vermin from our sewers. Toxic Player Syndrome is a social plague spread through contact with contaminated ink used primarily when inscribing documents in far away lands. We do not support the use of documents outside our realm, or far away lands for that matter. Still, this plague washed up on our shores and threatened to infect our peoples with no regard of nobility or cleanliness. Victims of the plague may exhibit symptoms such as bloodshot eyes, unusual facial hair growth, clumps of hair missing from head, loud voices in unusual octaves, and uncontrollable bouts of cursing and screaming. Our healers will do their best to reach your afflicted ones and provide treatment or carts to haul off those who have achieved a pungent stature. Remember to bathe no less than once per year to ward off these foreign borne maladies. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Plague Carriers of 1062 Mechanic Dingov Mattown ...some other people for other reasons just for the heck of it. (because they needed to be removed!) *The names listed above were the known forum identities of those banned, not necessarily the actual names of the banned game accounts. ------------------------------ For the rest of the universe! Greetings Wurmians! During Wurm year 1062 someone thought it would be oh so funny to breach the access of accounts of our members by violating the security of their private forums. We have identified the culprits and are removing them and others from Wurm Online as to protect our community from these unscrupulous individuals. This violation occurred through resources not connected to Wurm Online or its services and there has been no breach of our security, but this is an attack on our active players and we will not willingly tolerate this kind of behavior. If you have shared your accounts with these individuals we strongly urge you to secure those accounts as Wurm Online and Code Club AB are not liable for losses incurred from account sharing which we do not offer support with. We are doing our best to help the affected individuals regain their accounts and items so that they may continue with their lives. Appeals of shared account bans will be processed normally for review. Appeals of those directly connected to the violations will not even be entertained. Thank you, Team Wurm Online P.S. Some feel that we should have stopped PVP in Wurm Online due to this situation that occurred against one of our pmk kingdoms. I would like to bring a touch of clarity as to why this was not done. This occurred due to a 3rd party system that we have no control or support for and was ran by players and was their sole responsibility. It would have been a horrible precedent to interfere with the proper operations of Wurm Online for such a thing. We have options that do not require us to cancel a vital component of Wurm Online on knee-jerk reactions. We have also noticed that there is also misinformation spreading among players about our actions as moderators. The facts are simple. The damage was done even before the affected could alert us. We as moderators have not been sitting idly by and letting these "cheaters" "get away with it". We searched for the lost items and as soon as we could we confiscated them. I hope that at least clears up a bit of the misinformation. ------------------------------ For those who find themselves banned! Greetings Earthanoidal creature! We will not play these games with you. You have done something vile and reprehensible that we will not stand by and tolerate. We will not entertain the notion that metagaming access to other player's accounts is acceptable behavior. We do our best to provide an entertaining and encouraging environment in which to spend your time with us and our members. You have gone beyond acceptable social behaviors and committed acts that are both illegal and deplorable. Do not expect any personal correspondence with us as you know very well what you did and why you have earned your bans! Some of you are banned due to the recent attack on one of our player made kingdoms in a pvp environment via metagaming, and some of you are no longer welcome in Wurm Online for the consistent bad behavior and gaming of the system to avoid penalties. Do not expect any personal correspondence with us as you know very well what you did and why you have earned your bans! We will gladly continue on without your metagaming and abuse of our system. Good Bye, Team Wurm Online
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    Tamed? EEEEewwww; Since.. we're limited to having just 1 tamed animal at a time... that alone is going to be annoying to keep the dog tamed and re-taming it once you had to tame something else to be able to ride a HH, lead a deer/pheasant/another dog.. etc.. branded + cared for.. should be better..; *you might have 1 animal pen.. but some people have like 10x - do they need to make 10 characters to use this feature than? Dog's barking to split and spread the animals - pfffffffffffffffffff , that's an amazing idea! simple, no need for the player to do anything than set it up.. and less disease-free animal pens <3. +1
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    A new experiment with the new walls. Couldnt do much about the stripe (due to the way i had planned the interior) but hopefully the trimless versions of those oriels will be in soon. Couple errant walls I need to change and some other minor changes I think are in order. But at least its done and I can start putting in the landscaping.
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    Now... why cant we put Dirt in Jars?