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    Preface- this isn't a suggested "game feature" so if this topic needs to be moved somewhere more appropriate, that's cool. I simply couldn't figure out a more appropriate place to present this idea. Problem: I recently discovered, to much surprise, that I mistakenly believed that "politics" had been listed in the game rules (chat & forum rules, specifically) - along with other similar concepts, as a discussion topic to avoid. I was even told at one point by a long-time player that maybe 'politics' used to be listed, but was removed more than a handful of years ago. Right now, if someone is using a public chat channel or forum post to espouse political views, and the discussion is troubling or upsetting to you, as a player you actually have very little you can do. The only sure-fire way to remove yourself from exposure to the bad situation is to log off and quit playing the game. Not a good solution for players or for Wurm, in general. Other, current, options that may or may not produce any results include • rely on goodwill to motivate the discussion to move to a private option, upon request.... • flip to a different chat tab & spend a portion of your game time constantly checking to see "if it's over yet" and you can return to public chatting with Local or Kingdom, etc. ... • appeal to a chat mod to assist by successfully making a case for Trolling, Harassment, or maaaaybe the "Play Nice" rule.... • /ignore otherwise good neighbors you normally like to interact with, further fracturing the Wurm community. As it stands the enumerated taboo list in the "Content" section of both Chat and Forum rules includes the following: Why is something of a political nature not already part of this list?? What is the Unholy Triumverate of Dinner Tables? The Dark Lords of Family Gatherings? The Taboo Trio devastating otherwise civil interactions all over the world?? (shout it out with me; I know y'all know this) ... Politics, Religion, and Sex!!!!! Why are two of the three listed in our ruleset,. but not the third? Solution: Let's cut to the chase: Add something in the Content section of the Game / Chat / Forum rules to address discussions centered on (1) current, sensitive social issues, and (2) topics of a sociopolitical nature. I think this will help keep in-game and forum chat focused on topics and ideas that can be connected to Wurm in some actual way (Woodscraps, exempted). It will give chat mods and forum mods a break to focus on actual issues. And, let's face it, the vast majority of us already avoid this sort of topics because - as one moderator has recently told me - "it inevitably degenerates into trolling, shouting and general ill-feeling." What About The Wurmians Who Want to talk Politics, and Aren't Actually Being Mean, Just Entertaining - (1) how are you absolutely certain that the conversation in the public channel is not currently disturbing any number of other Wurmians who simply don't want to engage / ask you to stop (because it inevitably degenerates into trolling, shouting and general ill-feeling)? Or are new, and don't know how to handle the situation? (2) it is incumbent on all of us to Play Nice and to Be Kind - not for others to have to repeatedly ask one or two players to be considerate. (3) You can hold sociopolitical conversations that don't inevitably degenerates into trolling, shouting and general ill-feeling... great! Gather up those who want to participate and host that discourse in private chat. Go to PMs, form a "We Think Amata is Super Annoying" alliance, meet up at a tavern or great hall in-game and have the conversation in Team chat, or give your friends links to a forum post somewhere on a forum where sociopolitical discourse is relevant. I am sure all of us, myself included, would really like this to be put to rest & get back to playing the game in a healthy, enjoyable, non-toxic environment. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk. Here is your Potato.
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    10.92QL grooming brush, oak CoC74 - 1.54 silver Bearclaws
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    Wurm needs additional content and a way to stand out from the crowd, this idea address both of these. What are treasure maps? They're an in-game item that will have clues and riddles to solve. Each map will take you through a 3 step process where you will travel around the map to meet the objectives set out. Some examples of the tasks that might be completed: - Kill and aged troll in the north. - Cut down a mature maple tree in the south. - Catch a roach in the north west. The tasks themselves are relatively simple, however the riddle might take a bit of brain power to figure out. Upon completion of a task, you'll get the next step. The tasks will be designed to get people traveling the map. How to get a treasure map? The maps will drop from various sources. The main source will be from mob drops upon slaying the creature. However you'll also have a chance to get them from fishing, mining, woodcutting, digging & farming. The chance to get a map isn't all that rare. You'd expect to get 1 from about 2-3 hrs of of an activity. What are the rewards? Upon completion of the final step of the map, you'll receive a treasure chest. Due to the likelihood of getting a treasure map, the rewards will vary. Common drop: 1-2 sleep powder Uncommon drop: lump of moon metal (1:5) Rare drop: gear skin (1:10) What are gear skins? These will be similar to jackal skins. They will be a 1 use which you have to attach to a specific item. There will be 4 tiers (normal, rare 1:5, supreme 1:10 & fantastic 1:25). The skin will not change the rarity of the item it's attached to. Every tier of skin will get visually more interesting, with fantastic skins looking drastically different from the standard version. The skins will need to be attached to specific item, for example a plate armour skin goes on a plate armour piece. The skins are tradable. The whole point of this update is to provide extra content while also allowing us to change our visual appearance to look different from other people.
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    I've been playing for about 2 months now on Harmony. I very much love the game. There was an instance where a big troll came up to me while I was in the woods not very far from the village me and 3 others had made. I ran back to the village barely alive.. called the guards on the troll and 3 of my buddies came out and started hitting the troll with whatever they had, shovels and hatchets mostly. The troll killed 2 guards and almost killed one of us, but we got it! It was exciting! There was danger! It was a ton of fun! A few days after that these horse sized black wolves kept on coming up to the outskirts of our village. We fought them.. it was good fun. That was a month ago. I haven't seen anything spawn near the village. I've never seen a wild bison, hellhorse, bull or horse. I can go afk all day and not worry about being killed by a single mob, which all in all is great for me because I go afk a ton. But, it makes for stale gameplay. No danger, no teaming up to kill monsters..none of it. I have nothing to fight to up my combat skills and it feels like a waste to have used a archery target to get them as high as they are now. Like I said..love the game..but things have gotten super stale.
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    Given what that man can do with a google spreadsheet we'll have something working better than Tinder in no time
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    fight a cow or something with no weapon and spam focus. chance to focus is based on fighting so ideally you'd want higher fighting
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    I agree Amata, RL politics should never intrude on the Wurm experience. It is one of the reasons I chose to leave my large alliance and go be a hermit.
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    @BleuDid you happen to see I ordered the rake?
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    Hey there Smwoodburn We're a bit far away, but the Lunar Order Alliance is moderately active in southwestern Xanadu; we're mostly based around O8. We're looking to get our community more active, and another member of the alliance would be a welcome addition! There's not a ton of information out for the alliance, but here's the recruitment thread for our deed/alliance
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    Higher faith = harder to gain praying skill
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    I think excluding on-deed domestic creatures from the total creature count would help a lot.
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    Dear Wurmians, It’s been a busy few months since the Steam launch, with unprecedented player counts and four new servers launched, but it’s time to sit around the campfire, share spooky stories, and maybe roast a rat on a stick or two. So take a seat and find out what’s in store this Halloween period (00:01 on the 28th of October until 23:59 on the 5th of November CET) in Wurm Online. Spooky Scary Skeletons The cool Autumn air shimmers with energy, and you feel yourself growing… faint. Halloween comes with strange changes, including skeletal versions of yourself and other animals. Rest assured though, your flesh is still there, ripe for the tasting… Big Smiles Halloween is here, and it just wouldn’t be Halloween without tricks and treats, and do we have the treat for you! All premium members will receive a unique limited edition demon helm upon logging in during the Halloween period! More Treats During the Halloween period, we’ll also be running a 10% bonus skill gain and affinity gain event Time to hunker in your houses, away from the strange sounds in the woods, and the eyes you swear you can see glimpses of between the trees… Or, you can brave the dark and head out to hunt creatures twisted by the dying light, and find special Halloween themed items, some from stories past, and one entirely new. Work continues on our more extensive plans over the coming months, with our roadmap shared at the start of this month! If you missed it and would like to see what we have in store in 2021, check it all out here!
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    I thought I made a post about his looong time ago, but can't find so I'll post it again. There are times when with groups of people waiting around and can't do much, but wait. Sometimes standing around waiting for others to get ready to meet up. Most of the time I keep a fishing pole to fish, or can do some quick carpentry grind, but there is no interaction with the others that are waiting with me. I remember when I played Ultima Online you could craft games or buy them from vendors. These games had no logic and were just board games and pieces that people had to setup. Games like Chess, Checkers, Backgammon and Dice in a Cup. The game wouldn't keep track of anything, just raw pieces with a window that popped up where you can move the pieces around the board. If the devs could put logic into the games then that's cool too. We carried around dice for loot rolls, but I know Wurm has /random. Be fun at imp-alongs and get-togethers also. Another idea would be to mail the board game to another person like "chess by mail". Send the game back and forth. Something to look forward to in the game. Interaction with others. As long as it's a physical game that can be carried around or put on a table (floor in Wurm) and play with others. Just thought could make a table that has a check board built into the table itself.
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    I love a well thought out idea. Alchemy really does need more to it than healing covers and farmer salves. Would love to see alchemist become a true profession in the game. +1
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    In the most boring way ever, my IRL name is Amata. That's just who I am. When Amata is taken, I usually resort to Amata42. The number 42 is special because of a book; if you have also read it, you get it - if you don't know the reference, explaining it would probably make me sound like an egomaniac. There IS some back story to my name & my decision to just use my name online instead of something else... and it's going to turn out realllly long, so here's the thing -