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    What this game is missing is endgame. My bud and I have basically grinded nearly everything already (well mostly him lul), we have a nice deed, and have recently finished our massive community project. So... what do we do now? We can't hunt uniques because they are all aleady dead or are/will be penned by the time we get to the server if we start sailing instantly the moment they spawn. We can't do rifts because one is not happening during my playtime. We can't participate on most GM run events because these happen only during times we don't play... so what do we get to do? Well, we could uh... grind another skill on an alt I guess, built a 4th deed, or harvest our field once more so we can raise our corn and garlic storage to levels we will never use or be able to sell. We could make tools and weapons no one would by. We could make armor no pmk will ever use... There is no endgame. Endgame in Wurm is an event only 5 to 10 guys out of 200 can participate at all every few days if they line up their playtimes perfectly. So people grow and grow and grow and realize its for nothing. Once you get your account all ground up, there is nothing to do with it. There used to be pvp for it but... And now the total amount of people online at a single time has dipped well over 200. Soon we will be in double digits. I am seriously excited for Frontier and I am hoping it is the endgame thing that will allow us to get reinvigorated into the game. I hope all these Valrei mob testing and the recent announcements lead to something. We need an infusion of content bad, because people have nothing to do and no reason to stick around. I keep contemplating what am I doing here, since there is no point to anything we do. Playing a peasant life simulator is not what I came for. Please blow our minds with Frontier. You wont get another chance.
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    This guy has them penned within an hour most times and retro thinks they leveled the playing field. Ahahahaha my sides.
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    You forgot to address this: Step 9: The arrogance of the settled players resulting in chasing away the new players. Example: - A new player messes up a part of a highway, unaware you can't dig down at the side of the road, causing one of the tile borders to slope down 10 dirt. Reason why the new player digged down there, they were told they needed sand to create mortar and that particular highway had sand at its outlining. Result: in freedom chat the messed up road is reported, the entire community of that server is in anger about it because: "You are not allowed to mess with highways!! (ad 32 exclamation marks there)" and "It's always the n00bs messing things up, which we need to repair." The new player sees this, feels attacked and leaves the game. - At the same time, a known and settled player is interupting a highway to change the pavement to his / her liking, turning it into a 4 tile wide road with different pavement and eventually setting up a market without informing the residents of that area. And all of this is done with a deed that's basically blocking off the deed of another member, as well as having both perimeters hitting one another. When the player with the blocked off deed mention something about it, tells (s)he doesn't like it and considers it grieving, the answer (s)he got is : "if you don't like it, you should've deeded that area." Eventually that settled player decides that living with an unwanted market right next door isn't his / her cup of tea and decides to leave the game. Example 2: A player wants to ride a horse but can't and asks in CA-HELP why he can't ride that horse. Turns out the player in question is new and doesn't have the required 21 BC yet. At that point, all kind of more experienced players start to give "advice", telling the new one he had to do archery or archaeology, using tools with CoC, BotD, between 1 AM and 4 AM PST after sacrificing his virgin sister to Smeagain using a blunt kitchen knife. At some point, another more settled player joins in, saying that the new player should just enjoy the game, learn how to work with the skills and eventually that player will have the required BC to ride a horse. Which in turn resulted in other settled players reacting that this game isn't about enjoying, but about grinding until you got sick of it and then grinding some more. Result, said new player never shows up in CA-HELP again and most likely left the game. Example 3: - A player managed to get a crafting skill over 70 at an impalong. Because that player had in mind to set up a shop with his friends, he does a PC in trade chat about the items in said skill. The answer he got was: "10c because you're selling items others imped over 70ql at an impalong", done by a player who wasn't even present at said impalong. As a result, more players attack the first player who did the PC; even in PM, unaware that someone using a false claim started this riot. After two more of these "incidents" two of the friends of said player decided that enough is enough and leave the game. - Example 4: A new player settles down at steppes close to a starter's town. A settled player doesn't like that and starts harrasing her in PM and chat, eventually leading to that new player leaving that area, and settling at another spot in a forrest, just to find out players didn't like that and started harrasing her. Eventually, she decides enough is enough, as every attempt she or a few of her friends are doing to calm thing down and she leaves the game. I could go on with this, but I think the message is obvious enough. It's not the staff that kills the game, although they too are making decissions that make players leave the game. It's us, the more experienced players who're killing it by patronizing the new players, blaming them for things they weren't even aware of they shouldn't do, even blaming them when they haven't done those things; but at the same time ignoring the similar actions of the settled players. I've seen settled players messing up perfectly good tunnels / canals because they were "improving" those, only to leave the project after realizing they bit off a lot more as they could chew. I've seen settled players rant about n00bs messing up roads, but remaining very quiet the moment another settled player said (s)he did that because (s)he is / was improving the road by flattening it out by removing dirt at one spot and using it to fill up a downward slope at another spot. I've seen settled players having a public argument about which village was better to attrackt a new player. I'm still surprised that the pissing contest and the comparising of certain body parts hasn't happened at some point. Needless to say the new player didn't join either village in the end. I've seen settled players freaking out about a new player cutting down a birch 20 tiles from that settled player's deed. Only to find out two days later the settled player moved to the other side of the lake he lived at and went cutting down four mapgrids of forest, ignoring the 6 deeds in that region because "I had to grind my WC up". Like I said, I could go on and on with this, but I won't. It's us, the "veteran" and "settled" players who're arrogant enough to believe we own this game; simply because we're playing it longer and therefore have better skills and thus are able to create the better items. As well as having been able to pick the better spots and form them the way we like to. In our arrogance, we start a new character, equip it with the best ql items we can create and then tell a new player that starting isn't as bad is they think it is. In our arrogance we think that having a 50ql longsword, a 30ql armor and a 30ql shield makes a new player invunerable; because "when I started all I had was a 10ql short sword"; ignoring that the items are only half of what's needed to survive, as it doesn't matter what ql armor, weapons and skill level you got. A monster trail still kills you, even if you wear 99ql rare drake and wielding a 99ql rare glimmer steel huge axe. Maybe it's time we, the settled players, start looking at our own behaviour and realize it's us who're chasing away the players; despite the dev's trying their best to make this game better. I'm not saying I agree with everything the dev's and staff does, because I don't. I've seen certain players been protected by certain staff members, resulting in players being leaving this game or getting a perma ban because they freaked out to some staff members after being pissed off by a certain player for some time. But if I have to compare the actions of the dev's and staff versus those of the community, I'm sad to say that it's the community that looses. Big time. And I can only conclude, that if there's a need for a change, it's the community that has to start to change first. But I doubt that'll happen. Thorin
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    Step 1 : Hire staff members as volunteers Step 2 : For years on end disprove any issues players think the game has. Step 3 : Release your game as a different product on Steam and provide a sellout of that product on Humble for exactly the price of 1$ (Note that any sane individual would rather make a 1$ pay once in a lifetime than a 10$ pay every single month for a 95% similar game) Step 4 : Kill your PVP cluster ( Epic ) with a broken skiling system ( Skill grinded on freedom stays on freedom and goes to epic, but skill grinded on Epic only stays on epic so there is 0 point in grinding there, therefor the population is reduced significantly since 99% of the game is about grinding ) Step 5 : Ban people all around for either things they didnt commit ( The mass ban of WU a cople of months back ) or things done yeaaars ago that have been accounted for ( Proph's ban ) or ban them randomly ( People who were banned for saying " gary " in epic chat ) Step 6 : This is the final step. All thats left that u gotta do is completely censor the community every time they bring up either these issues or others, or basicly censor each and every thing that you do not want to come out and mass spread rumors. Killing the voice of the people therefor kills the hope they have for a better tomorrow. I know for a fact that this thread is going to be deleted so ill make a screeny. Good day to ya'll
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    Starting bid 5 s . (All bids welcome)
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    this is bold, i apologize for myself. the sun is overcoming my meds. the number of times over the last 6 years that i've heard people say the game is dying. you're dying, he's dying, I'm dying, we're all dying! anyone that thinks the game won't last another 3 years should abandon ship and be done with it. I'm of the feeling that it'll last over 10. everything changes but through adaptation it can stay afloat. To my knowledge no java game looks at good as wurm without ENB shaders and custom texture packs. it's a marvel. *required for full affect: compatibility>VBO set to core ah yes, the good old days. I miss everquest before daybreak got their hands on it. now it's just an over-engineered money pit. as long as wurm's sub never goes up it has my full support.. when i can afford it. Total respect for the greatness that once was but every human has genius flowing within them, most often untapped. I don't know how to assess the staff we have (other than retro), however I do know and would put money on.. it's not the end of the rainbow.
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    1. make a game that mainly appeals to hardcore, complainey people 2. change something minor. or don't change something. or whatever. 3. ??? 4. endless whining about being triggered, or not catered to, or how everyone is biased against you, or nobody reads muh suggestions, and so on. bonus points for twisting or quoting out of context whatever response from the poor saps in charge you get. Just kidding. Step 3 is entirely unnecessary and irrelevant.
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    I want to offer you a panfilling service. Filling 1000 pans cost 1s If you don't have your own materials to use, I can find it for you: total cost, including mats, will be 2-2,5s (depends on suplyesr prices). I work at my new big kitchen at Exodus K_8 "Royal Kitchen" up to 10k pans per cycle. Send me a forum PM if you are interested.
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    Simple ways to solve the unique problem is to have clear and concise rules that don't change based on who breaks them. Also, have the servers spawn their uniques simultaneously so hunting parties have to chose which server they want to hunt on not just hone in on the one free unique on all of the freedom servers, all except Xanadu of course.
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    True, I've had similar situations, but if there was insane perks to having newbies near me I wouldn't mind cleaning up after them to some extent. Currently right now it's very toxic how veteran treats newbie unfortunately, big issue is how sandbox this game is I suspose.
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    What they don't know apparently is the fuller story that gets trivialized to an edgy joke. Rotab's wurmfeed had monthly stats that he gave us each month, and I think it was jackburton or someone similar trying to be funny getting my name to be the most said word since people apparently already said it a lot. This lead to a mess of people spamming which regardless of what's being said is against chat rules so people started getting warned, they didn't listen so they got muted. They still didn't listen so they still got muted, I think most people with a brain can see where this still goes over the course of probably weeks/months I don't really remember. But because it was a players name, and people were spamming alts named similar to me or pretending to be me, the whole thing was lumped as "harassment" when in reality the reason people got banned is because they chose to keep breaking chat rules (or game rules for the alts). Much in the same vein as someone reposting a hidden post and then acting suprised when they get a warning/ban for it. The result would be the same if people spammed "cheeseball" just as much, older epic players could look at blackdogs crusade against people saying dong in bl chat for a good example of this. tl;dr: people got banned for challenging moderation endlessly but it's funnier to say you get banned for saying gary
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    Gladys' ego doesn't fit through the epic portal.
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    Yes please. Do we need to have Chapter 4798061 in the continuing whiny saga of PvP vs PvE vs WO vs WU vs Angry Emos vs Staff, who aren't paid enough to deal with this?
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    cant we have a nice thread about how garbage the game is without pve vs pvp derailing
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    ` Nope, it's the right way the game should be played. Think about it, PVE makes absolutely no sense. It has no purpose, no meaning. No risk, no strategy, no challange ->> no game. ` ` Thank you for dropping by though, always nice to hear your melodramatic nonsensical self ` well now you're just projecting. you'll find a mirror serves greater purpose than a forum. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- as for the content of this thread, im seeing alot of over-thinking and a fair amount of over-fearing. I cannot speak for pvp, i'm a creative and have yet to try it. as far as the newbie issue is concerned, ca-help i find is very helpful, we don't tell them how to play, just how the dots are joined. the game is far less daunting than it used to be. `have fun` is always the last word. That made me genuinely giggle, thank you. if all u wanna do is PvP i'd understand the appeal of WU because it's free and it doesn't matter if the server goes belly up. however, if you want to create beautiful things and you want them to remain, un-threatened by server funding or lack thereof, official servers have a permanence that can't be guaranteed anywhere else. I'm not saying we're sane.. i'm saying that insanity isn't the reason we pay to play. still, you do make WU seem very attractive, i hope what you've written sells more copies. a percentage of those buyers will migrate to WO because they'll yearn for something more permanent. (i apologize to any WU servers that might outlive codeclub, such a thing is possible but imo, highly unlikely) If you just wanna muck about destroying things and you're not happy with the way WO is operating, I'm not sure why you're wrestling with it. if i was you i'd migrate to WU and be done with it.
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    You forgot: 10. Keep trying, for some odd reason, to cater to a loud minority who constantly tries to keep you from catering to the other 90% because they need to feel special or something along those lines.
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    (kind of) glad to see I'm being proven wrong that this won't be addressed. I did see the thread being gone for a few minutes prior to your response though. But except for the moderation being in disarray, or whatever is going on there, I think the OP is overtly antagonistic. In terms of development, I think the team is doing the best with what they have and do a fairly decent job in the end. I can understand why there's a need to vent over these issues, though, threads like these are, unfortunately, not entirely unwarranted. I see it as a mixture of both unfavorable situations and some bad decisions, though. The team is small and has a lot on their plate, and being in touch with what everyone exactly wants isn't easy even with the tiny playerbase. At least the developers are willing to meet us somewhere when being vocal enough. Usually. @Thorinoakshield While some of these examples are truly disheartening, I also believe that the actions of the individuals in question are also frowned upon by many other players. Example 2 stands out to me, however. It seems like people are trying too hard to be helpful, being almost intimidating with their proposals of optimizing all sorts of bits and ends, when instead, the new player should indeed just be doing their thing and not worry too much because optimizing isn't really worthwhile until the 70s. This help might be bumbling and unaware at times like these, and the comment about grinding until you get sick may have been a joke in bad taste (yet, it's perfectly honest and upfront towards any newbie to say how grindy the game is), but between the lines that readiness to help and inform new players is much closer to the WO community that I know, which is the most supportive and open one I've seen in any game. There are bad apples and room for improvement. But I don't see how it has to fundamentally change just from these examples. For everyone antagonising a new player in some way, I bet there are at least 10 people looking to take someone under their wing or just provide tools and neccessities to those in need. Maybe that's patronizing players too much, as you say. However, it's a fine line helping players not get disgruntled over the tough start into the game and making them bored of it by overproviding. I'm pretty sure that a lot, if not most people who do leave have just realized that it's not their cup of tea. I had plenty of "recruits" who just silently up and left the game, sometimes after setting out on their own never to be heard of again.
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    There are quite some good things on the way. I wouldn't agree to most of the points as of now. Just see what comes up in the next months.
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    The solution of course is ANIMAL KIBBLE which lets us use SLOW COOKING in CAULDRONS to turn perishable foods, leftovers, grains and animal byproducts (tails, paws, bladders etc) into dry long lasting animal feed. Also solves the problem of animals eating larger bulk-units than they need to feed them, by offering them delicious bite sized morsels.
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    Workshop applies equally to clients and servers. From a player's perspective they would use it to choose their own mods such as live map, sort mod, etc. For a server op's perspective they would use it not only for mods they want running on their server, but also mods they want (or do not want) clients to be running. I doubt the 2nd part of the servers point would be almost out of the question unless WU were to split into a separate launcher and client binaries, as once the client is running and in the server browser it's too late to load in (or take out) any mods the server demands. Most other games doing this don't have this problem as there isn't any binary modification/patching required. This of course would very likely require Ago's modding frameworks (or a similar official implementation) to be part of WU as standard.
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    I hate to get off topic once again.. but I am receiving many many many many many PM's worried about me. I would like to make a couple things clear.. I am not JUST selling because of the griefing...... ...I am motivated to sell due to the government cutting my disability check by 40% leaving me hungry and broke ATM the griefing just gave me a push..... I have not listed all my toons for sale nor all my deeds.. I have 2-4 toons still in reserve and 2 more deeds also..... I may take a break for a while but I do not feel I am totally quitting. (Yes I am exhausted from all the panic attacks last night but i have finally stopped crying and am starting to feel MUCH BETTER, especially with all the kind words people are saying to me in PM's)
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    I agree. But your 2nd paragraph contradicts the first one, the very first thing you do in wurm when you start playing is choosing how your character looks, and gender selected during registration(which is a bit confusing and maybe intended by Rolf or whoever wrote the registration..) for the newly created character. Which now being changed. It's one of the core things that make the character what it is. When buying a character.. buyer often doesn't have much choice with name or looks of the character or old backstory of it, they buy it for the skills it possesses. If the character is a good, same as a brick or a torch, shovel even... we weren't able to change on a whim creator's name, color or creation material, now there's an option to do that with characters. Which is something major and noticeable as we interact with these goods every day.(well most do whatever they do day and night on their deeds) but at game events where players meet, there will be slight confusion. It doesn't really affect me, it's just confusing to see Jon as Jenna tomorrow, but still be named Jon(parents.. wt*); First few encounters with people you knew before to look one way... will be now looking differently, but all will fade soon enough, whatever.
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    People and their decisions in life /selecting avatar's 'gender' I think your problem could have been solved with a mail to support/devs. Idea seems .. wild.. considering looking glasses are beyond 'rare' (last I heard.. not tradeable, nondrop, etc.. unless it's a legacy old item) I'd say no.. because.. tomorrow players will be in the mood to become animals or robots, demons etc... another 2nd life #######. Really.. talk with the support, this is kind of weird to be in the game. It's one thing to get some shave or makeup work on your character, hair style.. but changing all face features, gender.. that be weird to see people in the game.. every time looking differently.