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    everything looks great P.S. to the people complaining about these "safe zones" and "raid times" these are the same people who have been consistently ran off of entire clusters due to constant pressure its time for a shift to a more healthy environment, and I think you're hitting it on the head. there will be of course things that need nurturing as you go along, but it looks promising
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    Sorry misread getting tired, can make horses able to be ridden at earlier ages to seems like a fair change.
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    This is a mix of responding to posts and revisions based on those same comments. Raid Window/Mines Newly created deeds will be raidable for 48 hours when created outside of the safe zone. After this 48 hours normal raid windows will begin. Draining a deed will reset the cooldown for changing the drain window and cannot be changed with enemies on the deed. If a raid window is not set a deed will be raidable at all hours. Raid windows will have a set duration now 8 hours outside safezone 4 hours inside safezone Remember there are nerfs to how defendable you can make a deed now dirt walls cannot be nearly as tall and mines need 3 tiles between them. Also need to consider there is tower chaining now you cannot just build a deed directly next to someone you will need to chain towers and destroy the enemy towers to do this. Breaking reinforcements off deed will also be extremely easy now. With these changes I feel confident most of the concerns will be difficult to pull off. Walls and fences on the deed will be indestructible outside raid windows. War bonus will cap around 20% reduced damage and won't be anything too insane. Will look into having off deed mines stay locked but be extremely easy to bash. Other Servers are planned to launch together. Meditation will now cross over, paths and path levels will not but are capped at 9 as noted. Tomes will not come from any source on this new server, but as noted some of the karma spells will be available to anyone with a staff and karma. None of these changes are planned to cross over to existing pvp server unless there is support for it. Horses can breed at younger ages now. Can look at adding base DR similar to sotg to everyone as the server progresses if damage output is still too high. PMKs will be enabled at some point just not on launch to give starter kingdoms time to expand and claim land. My best estimate is a month or two, we want to give base kingdoms time to make towers and claim land before unleashing PMKs. Capitals for those who do not know are set by the king and do not need to be the deed they live in, the reduce the cost of upkeep on a deed by half.
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    This thread will serve as a hub for people looking to offer summons to rifts on servers. If you can summon to a rift on the server, please tell us the server you're on and if you want favour returned or straight cash for a summon.
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    I don't believe they are contradictory at all, the servers are not connected in the way that you can sail and there is no pvp missed by catching people travelling to and from pve, so the way I see it is like an epic-freedom connection and I am not a fan of mechanics that punish people for picking one or the other. To say that people can "teleport" from pve straight to the deed would only be the case if you were able to sail, the likeness would only be able to be drawn if every time anyone logged out at all they were sent back to the spawn town. Since the two servers are not traditionally joined and no items swap its more like someone logged out to play some other game and then their mates alerted everyone in discord to log in. To the alternate suggestion of blocking someone from logging in just because there is enemy in local - Who are the enemy to decide when someone can and cant use their premium account? I don't imagine that would equate to happy customers. As far as skill transfers go I can understand the reason to prevent FS cross over (despite opening characteristic windows) and again just like epic/freedom, faith not swapping (to a degree), but anything beyond that goes back into the punishment of choice and the final nail that was in epics coffin. The more there is a loss from swapping over the more people will stop swapping, especially when the current player base are already being double dipped to participate in the new fun.
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    Have spent much time on the mountains of Release lately looking for the avatars.
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    A suggestion regarding raid windows that I haven't thought through very much, so feel free to shoot it down: Perhaps have a deed's raid window length increase the further out from the starter deed it is? So you could choose to deed near the relative safety of the starter deed zone, but you would be further away from the action. Or you could strategically place your deed further away from the starter deed (for example a war deed, or area denial deed), but that would be have a much larger raid window (or no window at all). I don't think people are particularly upset when a war deed gets raided, as that's basically what they're there for.
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    Thanks a lot for the great work you're putting in! I want to offer some feedback on the raid windows as they're something I'm rather concerned about. Firstly, I feel like you're overestimating how fast a group can mine into a reinforced mine, even when you have exact knowledge of its location. Let's say the two deeds are 50 tiles apart, then there is absolutely no way that raiders will not pop local at both deeds when they attempt to ride up to this connecting mine. Then they'll need to dig to rock and subsequently mine some tiles + smash a reinforced tile before they're in. In the meantime, all the defenders have to do is hop on a wagon with an alt and ride 50 tiles through a tunnel. Bonus points if it's 3 deeds connected in a triangle and you're gonna have to make a guess as to which tunnel is being used. And this is assuming that the wagon isn't already in an unraidable deed because the windows will tell defenders exactly where to keep their wagons safe. Secondly, I think the raid windows you proposed are rather short.When we were raiding enemy capitals and other big deeds back in 2012 / 2013, raiding took well over 10 hours, even if we managed to catch a deed at a time when there were no defenders online. At the time, deeds could have high dirtwalls and so on, sure. But, getting in was rarely the biggest time sink. Even for those deeds with 800+ slope, what took the longest was going through the actual deed, breaking into houses we thought had valuable loot, breaking into the deed's vault (which was often strongwalled at the time of getting there). Moving the loot out of there and so on. Even when Epic was at its most active, proper raids were rare, in the order of 1-2 a year. They took weeks or sometimes months to prepare. I think 8 hours is really pushing it. It might be true that defenses cannot be as strong now, but I feel that that was rarely an issue. Also, since you mention lock picking will be possible outside raid windows. How about draining? I don't think it's that hard to summon 5 characters in alliance willing to be in some random other deed for a bit. Just take 5 priest alts / batteries / storage alts and /vinvite them remotely, while they can physically remain in their original deeds. It's not a very steep requirement really.
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    The new raid system is awesome & will be awesome for the game.. Having that small window of your choosing will be great for the game.. No more night raids while people asleep & so much damage being done during this time that it forces people out off the server and leave a bad taste for them about pvp…. Also with the off night raiding a lot of people lose what they worked hard for without even having a chance to defend because they had work to go too... and this is why the game is dead today... So if u guys really want to see the game take off do not change anything on the new raid system... because if u do, U just playing into the hands of what other groups want.. And not whats best for the game..... Because since this game started people always looked to take advantage of offline raiding knowing people are asleep & that most have work when they wake up.. And tbh this is a really shitty tactic & very toxic for the game. So to the people working hand on these updates stop giving into groups & grow a set of balls & do whats right for the game & not the groups wanting whats best for there egos..
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    sounds sick dude, except....it doesn't it would mean that you at some point have a whole gearset you can't lose apart from that, why would you get these "pvp points" for not actually pvp'ing lol
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    Hiya Etherdrifter I have a 99+ skill in both. There are lots of reasons to forage and/or botanise - skill being just one of them. The way that you grind the skill will be determined partly by what else you want out of it. Location is one of the biggest factors - how much land you can devote to the task, how secure/local/accessible it is, and for what other purposes it is being used. The other uses to which the land is put will have a bearing on the type of tiles available to you for your grind. Any grind then has to fit in with your lifestyle and the other things you want to do. I have complex reasons behind my foraging/botanising decisions, but I personally use wild grass with flowers. I eat foraging and botanising pizzas, and I use sleep bonus. Look for a place that is a pleasant, safe environment to spend your time, because, you will spend a lot of time on these skills, so you might as well choose somewhere you can relax and enjoy the scenery. Happy Foraging and Botanising!
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    Top secret new weapon being designed, Claw Weapons.
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    If anything, Make a Screen and Sound that goes off for the 30 min,15 min, 10 min, 5 min, 1 min ect raid window closing, Make the 5 min and 1 min Annoying as hell for enemies to not miss. While at same time, make sure the defenders only see it on screen, as a message. So that during a reg day if they are doing random stuff on deed so its not annoying the hell out of them. Or add a beacon like effect coming off token that shoots into the sky in a deep foreboding red to signal to all attackers, gtfo now or you are dead if you get trapped when the timer for raid runs out. hell make it so in the last 30 or 15 mins of the window, no walls on deed can go up.
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    With the server coming up fast we wanted to give you some time to look over and give feedback on the new pvp server changes. These are still subject to change before the server launch. Most of the changes from the elevation reset will be crossing over to this new server. Feel free to discuss the changes listed below and anything else you think was missed. Same as last time please keep the discussion civil and keep the kingdom stuff in discord/skirmishes. Elevation Changes Staying Maximum digging slope has been reduced to 150. Maximum surface mining / tunneling slope has been reduced to 60. There now needs to be a minimum of 3 tiles between mine doors. Meditation levels cap out at 9, no scaling sotg. Hate Damage Bonus now Increases lockpicking chance. Element Immunity now only lasts 5 minutes down from 30. Rare vehicles will no longer increase the speed. Rare horse gear now takes less damage instead of granting a speed bonus. Horses give birth faster. Traders have stopped selling some items like resurrection stones. No teleports like karma recall/farwalkers. Hell horses and Unicorns cannot be hitched or ridden. No champions on this server. PMK not available till later into servers life. Safe Zones/Travel/Raiding Players will move between the new pvp and pve server much like how epic works with a portal on each side that is simple to craft. Most skills will cross, but some will not including faith/meditation and likely fighting skill. Map will be 4k in size. Starting areas will be 3 islands on the edges of the map with easy exposed rock, these are about 500x500 tiles each. Starting islands will have a safe zone around them with the following perks/penalties Much much stronger Tower/Village guards spawn inside this zone instead of the normal ones. Reduced damage from siege weapons. Villages have no silver removed when drained, only left in to allow breaking mine reinforcements. Shorter raid windows than outside the starting islands(more below). Max village size 21x21 inside this zone. Capitals cannot be located inside this safe zone. Artifacts in the safezone will lose 1 charge every hour till they go back into the ground even when on players. Battle camp towers cannot spawn inside or within 200 tiles of safe areas. Deeds can now only be raided during raid windows, villages will be able to pick the time this window opens and this can only be changed every 2 weeks. The window duration is dictated by villager/alliance count and if it's located in the safe zone or not. You will be able to view the window and how long till it starts by right clicking any wall/fence on the deed from any distance. Starter villages will be 100% unraidable. Raid windows will be around 2 hours for safe zones and 6+ hours outside them. The safe zones are designed to give the server safer areas for base kingdoms where being evicted from the server is not really an option while keeping the majority of the map dangerous as usual. There are some restrictions for this zone to make it not great as bases for larger groups. These zones will be limited to 3 seperate islands where the starter villages will be located, the main landmass of the map will remain more dangerous.The raid windows are focused on giving players control over when people can attack so defending it is not a 24 hour job and people are not trying to find off hours to attack with no defenders. Valrei/Death Changes No Valrei Tomes, other rewards will replace including resurrection stones. Will have its own separate copy of Valrei and will have its rewards reworked, missions to get you off deed will be much more common than missions you can do in safety. The rewards from valrei for top players will change to things like: Shaker orbs Tuning forks Good enchanted compasses High QL tool belts Sleep powder Star gems 10 80-100ql gems Decorative masks Resurrection stones Resurrection stones will only come from valrei The magranon effect will now only have a 20% to save items vs the 50% of stones. Very rarely small magic chests(Limited to tier 1) More suggestions welcome Rewards structure will be as follows: Tier 1(1 Player): One Resurrection Stone/Two 1kg Seryll Lumps/One roll on the side items table/roll for small magic chest. Tier 2(3 Players): Two 1kg Seryll Lumps/1 roll on the side items table. Tier 3(5 Players): One 1kg Seryll Lump When players die to other players their items will be placed inside a grave that cannot be moved or destroyed by normal methods, a 60 second action on the grave will destroy it leaving the corpse with the loot under it. Recall corpses cannot be used for 20 mins after death now when the corpse is inside a grave. The valrei changes are intended to move away from the karma spells as rewards and to make the rewards things like the only source of resurrection stones to give incentive to go out and try and win. The grave stones are intended to stop early looting and require you to win a fight or push an enemy off to claim your prize and not just trying to spam pickup mid fight. Misc Changes Random chests spawns will return and will only contain high ql normal supplies always/rare bones sometimes. There will be a few karma spells castable by anyone with a gem staff/karma to use them these will be: Summon Skeletons/Wraith/Worg Mirrored Self Stone/Ice/Fire walls The White and Black lights will be much harder to destroy. Locate artifact will have a cast power dependent chance to locate an underground artifact closest to the player instead of a random one. Global message when the artifact recharge window opens and closes. Weapon potions like potion of acid will instead craft one of the other skilling potions. Weapons/Armour tweaks to change the meta up, we will be leaving this undocumented. Increased shield/shield bashing skill outside of the safe zones. Village warbonus will now reduce the damage your walls/fences take from siege and no longer increase players damage. PvP server player count only updates around every hour. Locate souls will have a reduced range, this will now include locating corpses. Off deed reinforcements will have a much higher chance to break when using the disintegrate spell. Messages like lost link/left the world/logged in will only be shown to people in your own kingdom.
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    I would like to show up. Hope I make it. I can do carp, fine carp, blacksmithing, jewelry smithing, cloth tailoring, and leatherworking. Would like to reserve a room if u got one available (Teeebomb, three e's, lol). Very happy to see VirusMD still in the impalong businsess
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    Moved to suggestions and ideas.
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    When I butchered an old tortoise, I got some meat. The meat read 'seafood' - a tortoise is not a sea creature! A turtle is a sea creature, a tortoise is a land creature - I think we probably need to make a clear distinction between a tortoise (a land creature, with stumpy feet, which is what the graphics for this animal look like) and a turtle (which has flippers and swims in the sea). [14:30:31] You butcher the corpse of old tortoise. [14:30:31] You produce some meat. It would be nice to know which animal the devs had in mind when they designed this creature.
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    Make everything simpler, except the things a player wants to keep complicated. Make everything automatic, except the things a player wants to do manually. Everything should last forever, until we don't want it to. Everything a player makes should be secure from interference, except for everything every other player makes. Terraforming should be permanent, unless we want it to automatically reset. Animals should be both easy to kill and challenging. Rare objects should be common. Display all possible information all the time, but keep the screen clutter to a minimum. Make the graphics photo-realistic out to the vanishing point, but keep memory use and lag down. Above all, know for each player their preferences and mood at any given time, so the correct options above can be implemented. This may require a bit of coding. There, that should make everyone happy.
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    I will be there. I can do quite a few imps BS, JS, C, FC, SB, M, CT, LW. I will bring Serilith, he isn't currently premium, but can add premium if needed for pottery. Kenolein can do LT. Kylan can do Web Armor, Stone Strike, Fire protect and Blaze.
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    The last sale of a staff of land was in 2015 so there isn't much of a price range. I've had PC's between 3 and 4 Gold so far but I have no idea how much I'll actually end up selling it for.
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    Not Clear exactly on what you mean by this, but if a Deed needs 5 Premium Citizens in order for its Raid Windows Protection to Activate... that becomes an expensive process very quickly to maintain a deed for area denial purposes. Also Forcing one of those 5 "likely" accounts to log in at least once every 24 hours is also a pain. We are looking to STOP the proliferation of one person/area denial/storage deeds here.... the criteria above does that to an extent (albeit obviously pay2win players with decent bankrolls ---could- fund 5 accounts... it does become expensive for them to pull this blocker stunt more than once....
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    Essentially, no matter how weak reinforcements are, you won't have the time to dig down, open a mine, tunnel, mine through the reinforcements, etc, when the defenders can just have wagons ready to be moved in a minute. And once the wagon reaches the non-raid-window deed, the tunnel will be blocked by an impenetrable underground door. And that's assuming you know where their mine system is.
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    Some of us knows me as the "Dwarven King of Xanadu", i've a lot of fun in that server in mining out my deed from the glasshollow mountain, and i love to be a wurm dwarf, living most of my wurm life underground, and now it's even easier with large planters for farming underground too! I will be in the new steam server, and i may, or may not, want to try at building up either a dwarven underground city, or a community built in a large enough mountain with connected underground deeds, maybe along a common highway. Anyone interested in joining into a possible alliance to do that? Here the link to a post showing what i did over time at my place, in nearly 3 years of play.
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    Whoa, Area Denial.... very very very good point... Compeltely overlooked that impact. Those tiny blocker deeds at choke points that nobody actually lives at. They are painful to deal with as it is, let alone on a raid timer.... Hmm Im thinking about possible solutions now... Early thoughts: Possibly Only have Raid timers if a Village has X (5?) or more premium Citizens... Would not affect genuine settlements that way, would deal with the storage and clustered deeds to an extent as well. AND also set a rule that at least one premium Citizen must of logged in within the last X (24?) hours... -- Again would not/should not affect genuine settlements.
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    It's good to see effort being put in to make raid windows work, but I still have concerns regarding the following: 2 deeds next to each other connected by a mine. Both with different raid windows. If you raid one, all items can be moved to the other, and it can be used as an impenetrable hop. Area denial in general will be incredibly easy. Being able to block land bridges with wooden shacks, etc. (Remember same Kingdom alts planting deeds to bypass tower chaining restrictions) Are you still able to lockpick outside of the raid window? if so then that would slightly negate the area denial issue, whilst not causing any issues for larger deeds, I guess?
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    I think horses are important enough to make them easier to obtain there is some arbitrary barriers that serve no real purpose for how crucial horses are to pvp.
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    Skipping foal stages completely seems reasonable to me, helps remove barriers to pvp but its not really my call idk someone else might think it makes it too easy or something silly like that
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    It not anything to do with breeding its being able to actually ride the horse, epic code makes the horses age faster than freedom so they pass foal ages faster, will this be on steam server too?
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    edit: Yes, that is a decent deal especially from a local seller, I like buying local and if the guy is a computer enthusiast and friendly, it is easier to get things resolved if there are any issues, and he might be friendly and willing to make sure it gets installed and running properly. Or he might be prickly and no help at all Most DDR4 systems are newer and so a better longterm investment than older DDR3 systems (mine is a DDR3, so those are not THAT bad just a bit older architecture). GTX1060 is fine for gaming. While I am not overly fond of HP desktops in general (sometimes they cut corners on thinks like power supplies) I guess the Omen is their flagship gaming line and this sounds like a decent setup at a very fair price. Your friends "custombuilt" #1 at $400 actually would have been a really good deal. Oh well sometimes the timing is not quite right. #2 at $300 is a decent deal too. Not sure how you feel about buying off ebay (you have to be careful but can find some bargains) but something like these might be worth watching Bidding, final price -will- be higher! > Ryzen 7 1700 3Ghz 32Gb 500Gb SSD GeForce GTX 1050Ti (=NOT= as good as your friends #1, more ram but cpu/gpu is weaker). No idea how high this one will end up though. A "barebones" system like this will run Wurm 'as is" for now but some day you'll want to add better graphics. more ram and a second 'big' hard drive for files If you feel comfortable adding your own operating system. Again not as good as your friends custombuilt one. Ryzen 5 3600/16G/GTX1650 is a good triad but will also cost a little more than the above options. You can use those "CompareCPU/ConpareGPU" sites to see how much better or worse a certain part is. If you are kind of excited about the idea of building your own, someone else here can help you find a decent parts list on one of those PCPartsPicker sites as I am not as up to date on all the little compatibility issues. Which is why its sometimes nice to find one "almost" ready to go, or at least a "partspicker" list that everyone agrees is good value and compatible.
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    These all were *once* very nice gaming desktops, however they are all starting to show their age. Which is probably why he is selling them, unless he regularly buys and refurbishes old systems. If he was using them for bitcoin mining (why else does he have so many?), I might be worried as it likely means they were running 24/7 and possibly at overclocked settings, which wears parts out much sooner. What precisely is "pretty cheap?" Is this "friend" someone local who would help/assist if you had computer issues later? I would price the computers more if this was someone nearby that you could ask for help should they ever not turn on one day. Not "fixing it for free" but maybe "I'll come over and look at it for free and only charge for parts" type deal. That would add *substantially* to their value for me. Be aware that anytime you ship any computer cross country, there are high odds of something jiggling loose or being damaged in transit. If you are savvy at troubleshooting this is hardly a big deal, simply open the case and check cables and reseat everything, but if you are not super hardware savvy, it can be frustrating to unbox a new system, plug it in, and it just won't turn on. And BestBuy GeekSquad wants $300 to fix it. Which is why I would pay more to a local friend willing to take a look if it has any issues, or even let you try it out for a day before committing. #3 is almost a decade ago for release dates of that motherboard/videocard/cpu combo. Hardware savvy people however LOVED this combo back then. The videocard and gpu may not be supported in a number of newer games. They probably upgraded some of the parts (not sure Win10 is a great idea on this old of a system) but the underlying "infastructure" is aging. Depending on the motherboard, at some point it could become difficult/impossible for BIOS updates for newer component upgrades. AM3 systems first came out in 2009, though I am sure none of the components are quite that old, as this is a "best bang for the buck" setup rather than "latest and greatest of its day" setup. CPU was very popular in its day for its overclocking potential, but its release date was Jan 4, 2011 and its apparently been overclocked for some time which does wear components down over time. Not saying this computer is that old, but that's how old the "infastructure" is. If you outgrow that 8G ram soon, all the memory slots are filled making it a more difficult upgrade than otherwise. Plus everything else is getting near impossible to upgrade. Maybe worth $100-$250(?) mostly because it presumably runs fine, although I am not that great at pricing older used computers. I'd be very worried if the power supply is the same age as the other parts but it may have been replaced in the past few years(?). Is it a good buy? Depends entirely how cheap. Will it run Wurm ok? Yes, but may be fussy with settings and struggle with new titles. #2 is a little better, maybe $200-$390? -- again back in its day, this was a nice nice gaming computer, but it's also starting to show its age. It should meet minimum reqs for most current games but at some stage that will not be true. Many of the parts are up to 6-8 years old. Maybe not literally that old but that is the date they were released. #1 is the newest of the group, a teensy weensy bit outdated but hey this is easily nicer than what I currently run Wurm on! Probably worth $400-$600, mostly because it saves you the unknown hassles of building a brand new gaming rig, which is the best route if you are spending $600ish anyway. I would rank the value quite a bit higher if the friend is someone local who can drive it to your place, and will help troubleshoot issues later (you'd still need to pay for parts naturally), and on the lower end if it is some 'internet friend' who lives far away and may also be charging a lot to ship (which very often jiggles loose cables and parts in the shipping, and carries risk of damage en route. Again, this is a nicer system than mine. The nicest thing about a relatively newer system like this is it still has a solid amount of "upgrade life" to it, so that 2-3-4 years from now you could probably replace a bit here and there fairly cheap and keep it "updated, while the other systems may be reaching the end of their upgrade paths, and getting harder to find basic replacement parts if something wears out, and system BIOS may not support new or future parts. All 3 should do fine for running Wurm, all three are more sensible than a budget laptop as long as you do not go overboard trying to crank up settings. I tend to value most used/secondhand computers on the low end because you really have no idea how heavily they were used. People selling used computers on the other hand, almost always overvalue their systems because they trust they can fix any problem . I'd sure like to see more than 8G ram eventually, and #3 is starting to get too outdated to play new releases. If you also have to pay shipping costs for these, it might start getting a little pricier. If you start getting close to $450-$600 you start getting into the price range of build-it-yourself brand new budget systems often with free shipping options and far more reliable warranties and returns on parts, but I am assuming you find the prospect of building a system a little intimidating. People say its "oh so easy" but it can be super frustrating if you have to troubleshoot things you barely understand. I have been building many systems over 23 years and frankly although it was very fun and exciting at first, it gets wearisome troubleshooting after a while, and the older the system, the more likely something simply wears out in the next 3-6 months. If you would have NO idea where to start if it would not turn on one day, you should give that some thought. it also is MUCH easier to troubleshoot a computer if you already have a running computer of the same vintage, and can swap parts around to figure out what went wrong. IE, your hardware savvy friend with multiple computers probably thinks troubleshooting computers is really really easy and is no big deal. Depending on what the actual prices are, #1 is probably your best option and should run Wurm perfectly nice, plus last you quite a few more years than the others. And hey it's nicer than what I have! What is he actually asking for these? Even #3 could be a bargain if it is cheap enough, especially if your friend is local and if your expectations are not to run brand new cutting edge games at max settings. My estimates are on the low side because it's like buying an older used car, a LOT depends on how it was treated over the years. And just like a used car, it helps a LOT if someone "good with cars" can help you take it for an actual test drive, pop the hood and kick the tires. The older the system, the faster and faster its value depreciates and the harder it is to replace parts. On the other hand, if your friend is local, is willing to help troubleshoot any problems, and will even let you try it out first for a day, then it is much more worth the risk and that adds substantially to the value. It is very clear from the specific parts, that your friend is exceptionally good with computers and knows his stuff. But that is less help if he is also 1700 miles away.
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    raid window best chaNGE makes pvp more entertaining for people who dont play 24/7 because they have life lol but peopel will always komplain ajajajaj
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    Name the pve server: PVP Server Name the pvp server: PVE Server Imagine the panic and disbelief each day for pve ppl as they see they are connecting to the PVP Server and the other way around
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    why are we not going to let meditation skill cross over? most people dont even want to level it once. now if any player wants to get meditation skill on both sides they would have to meditate port over and meditate, and port back again just to continue what they were doing. And to top it all off put a meditation cap on 50 for pvp server which doesnt make it very useful. So because its not as useful, why are we not letting it cross ? What harm will it cause to allow people mediation on either server to keep the skills.
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    Why with the raid windows - are people really getting that soft that they need that... I just hope this doesn't go onto Chaos And the safe zones - artifacts should never be allowed in them, also like Mojo said people are gonna die way to quick now. The only thing I do like is getting rid of tomes I really miss the 2013 time of pvp, this doesn't appeal at all, such a pity
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    Is there a reason why we are not allowed to customize a deed's perimeters on each side of the deed independent of the other sides? Say I have a friend and neighbor that is on my east side, close to me. I'm fine with them there and have no desire to expand my deed's perimeter in their direction. However, I want to protect the north, south and/or west sides of my deed for further planned expansions or other purposes, and I'm willing to spend the coin to do so. I can't, though, because my neighbor is too close on the east. Please allow us to customize our deed perimeters in the same way we can set deed boundaries- by adding an option to choose the size of our perimeters on each side of the deed independently of the other sides. Humbly submitted... ~TH~
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    The $600 microcenter laptop I linked is more than serviceable. The downside is primarily in battery life and heat output (not throttling). Notebookcheck is a good reference for the relative performance of graphics and also contained TDP/TGP information, which refers to the amount of power the part pulls under normal high load. GPU and CPU routinely violate the number under boost or torture (furmark) loads, but its still a good idea of the power and therefore heat the laptop needs to sink. The 1650 is no slouch by any means, as it outperforms my 970M GTX which can play wurm mid-high and still good enough for most new games coming out.
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    Some nice grey sky over my deed during the rite of death on Release a few weeks ago.
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    Yeah, I've seen that people seem to be more focused on increasing their skills or having some sort of payoff for an action. That and also you don't have to be right next to someone to talk to them. So you don't have to be sat down facing someone to see their words and what have you. On games such as Second Life for example, the people there will use the objects to sit down and interact with the world around them (Maybe not all of them mind but the majority). Maybe the style of wurm which is more timer based and not as interactive might factor in as well. I invited one of my real life friends to come and play wurm and she plays wurm totally differently to everyone else who I have met. She does not care about skills or increasing stats...etc but instead she cares about interacting with the world itself. She can come online and go for a swim in the village pond that she built or she might gaze up at the trees and see how pretty and wonderful they are to look at. Then she wants to plant her own trees and sit down on a nice bench over looking the pond. She even had a go in the rowing boat. All just for the fun of it. To mess around. To experience and interact with the world. No reason for doing those things. It was just something she liked to do. It was nice to have her come and visit now and again because she was different from everyone else who I met who was more goal based. I mean, I normally came on wurm and I just had project after project to do. Buildings to make, mats to create, land to change....etc..etc. There did not seem to be any sort of break from that. I was either doing work or I was talking to someone else who was doing work (Projects/skills..etc) or even talking about future plans and goals. There did not seem to be any sort of stopping and just interacting with the world or messing around with some sort of silly fun. I've had a few moments with mostly new players where I had a break from projects and just messed around. Like the time when I went running off the top of a really tall building and into the water below. With other villagers in the town. While another person was watching in their boat and another person was in the water taking pictures and another person was jumping off with me. Those kind of moments were more special to me at least then the moments of being stood in front of a large crate creating non stop mortar and stone bricks to create a building. I don't mind doing those goal things but it would be nice to have more interaction, more games, more social stuff now and again. Just messing around for no other reason then messing around.
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    The view from west coast Release before this mountain tried to kill me three or four times...
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    This is the view from the mountain above Spider Gardens in Northern Indy
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    Careful what you ask for!
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    Just lost 6 nets (ql50 ca.) for not looking at during 5 or 6 days on deed. That is no normal decay but just idiocy. Granted, in the beginning this could happen on a single day. But that is no justification for such nonsense. It is not that nets are too hard to craft or imp, but it is simply a pain, that a normal piece of equipment or tool is rotting away at such rates. Please fix.
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    1/3/5% dmg, 10/30/50% crit chance vs players. They don't swing faster and weapon skill nor rarity doesn't effect hit rate, you most likely had more people targeting the npc than you did, each extra person is equivalent to 10 points of fighting in pve. Go swing at something 1000 times with 1ql weapon then do the same with 1ql rare, you'll see if there's a bonus to accuracy or not.