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    Server Changelog Bugfix: Liquids in recipes will now check weights correctly Bugfix: Fixed a text error in the list of friends window. Bugfix: Fixed a text error when cancelling placing an item. Bugfix: Fixed an issue that let Rift Scout Camps spawn too close to buildings off deed. Bugfix: Fixed an issue with too many items in one area preventing login in certain cases. Change: Drastically reduced the speed bonus of the rare speed trait on all PvP servers. New: Item Tags – These will allow you to link items in your inventory/containers into chat, showing the same information hovering over it gives. Hold down alt and click an item to link it into a chat The item tags are a static picture of an item taken when linking it, these will not update with the item. Art Changelog Bugfix: Fixed the spyglass in 3rd person view. Bugfix: Fixed the coals glowing on stone forges and ovens. Bugfix: Presses will now show their correct wood colour when placed Bugfix: Huge Bell and Large Bell resonators will now show the correct icon. Bugfix: Fixed erroneous glow on campfires in combination with certain containers while turning those containers visible (baking stone, cake tin, cauldron, coffee pot, pie dish, roasting dish, plate, pottery jar, sauce pan and teapot)
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    Was chatting with a friend about upcoming holy sites and the topic of mindstealer came up after reading "in exchange for a powerful Mind Stealer-like effect, using the creature template to determine possible skills" in the notes and we kind of laughed and said "so it's going to give absolutely nothing?" In its current state, mind stealer is a mildly interesting enchant, stealing a percentage of the difference between your skill and the mobs skill (roughly 1/1000 of the difference at 100 power), however it has some issues - Mobs have a very small range of skills, the vast majority of mobs have characteristics and weaponless fighting, no weapon skills, no stance skills, they don't even have fighting. The exceptions are trolls which have clubs, rift casters have channelling and the goblin leader who has shortsword/medium metal shield. It obviously doesn't make sense for a pig to give you weapon smithing or whatever, but mobs should have stance skills and the humanoids should have some basic knowledge seeing as they're knowledgeable enough to cook and record recipes (especially with the upcoming goblin camps showing they can use weaponry + probably craft them) - Skills and characteristics have the same % stolen, so IF they even had skills to steal, it's going to be a comically low amount as it's balanced around characteristics. After ~90k kills with 90-105 mindstealer i've gone from 19 to 39 weaponless fighting, and that has mobs with as high as 70 weaponless, and i'm only ever stealing weaponless from every mob but 1 in the game. - Conditions such as champion don't directly change characteristics or skills, so they don't increase mindstealing even though it'd make sense for a champion to be stronger and therefore worth more to mindsteal (and the holy site version seems to agree with champ being worth more and diseased being worth less) - Mobs for the most part have very low characteristics, there isn't a single common mob that has 20+ mind logic and only scorpions have over 20 mind speed sitting at 25, which is ironic considering it's called mindstealer and it's basically impossible to ever steal mind. Most characteristics top out at ~40's for common mobs, and since the skillgain and steal chance are based off the difference between your skill and theirs, they need to be 10+ levels over you to get a decent skill tick (and you'll never get anything if you're above them), so past low 30's mindstealing gains are extremely low. The exception to this is soul strength, which due to taming difficulty using soul strength (and tbh was probably forgotten by rolf when he added mindstealer), has a variety of super high soul strength mobs, with hell horses having 72 and lava fiends having a massive 90 soul strength, and the steal doesn't follow the general curve for skills, you'll get massive ticks such as Soul strength increased by 0.0157 to 75.0202 which is roughly 3 hours of mining worth stolen off a single lava fiend which is a bit absurd I'm not really sure how i'd go about balancing it, but mind stealer should have some value past 30 characteristics, actually steal skills at a reasonable value and have a variety of skills not just weaponless, be modified by mob conditions and probably follow the actual skillgain curve at super high characteristics when fighting also super high characteristic mobs. Right now it's only really useful on a freshly spawned toon or a priest alt killing glue tier hellhorses, diminishes quickly then curves back up quite a bit for pvp-orientated grinders wanting a lot of soul strength. There's no reason not to get it on a weapon since it doesn't block any other casts, but there's also not really a lot of reason to get it either
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    must have rage quit or burned out at least twice.
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    10+ years, regardless of skill (I may only be saying this because I've been playing over a decade, but my skills still suck.)
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    I'll take a look at that Xheth
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    The "Ageless" Title is one way I guess.
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    Make it where players can add a small note or nickname for friends listed in the friends tab. I have friends that I have friended for specific purposes (like imping weapons, affinity food, dyer, fo priest, mag priest, runer, etc). It would be nice if I can annotate a small note on that tab that would allow me to keep it straight who does what. I love the work you guys do! Keep it up!
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    Nice area for Indy Rift 1-Feb-2023 https://independence.yaga.host/#2511,1024
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    Tools and weapons for sale make reasonable offers here or pm Lucille ingame
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    @Xheth I was not aware we could turn off timestamps. Will handle that soon. The issue should only be local to you or anyone with timestamps off.
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    I was not expecting this at all but major KUDOS for this feature. Huge quality of life improvement. Amazing for Trade chat and will make selling items easier. A+
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    I only begun to grey on my hair and beard... enough that I am past ppl constantly mentioning it to me. Wurm feels the same form me, I played enough to get past the point to feel like its weird I am playing it.
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    Interesting https://www.artiffy.com/g/wurm-online-ub2SFaN2d3GVyXprcpzbSM Also, bear-shark: https://www.artiffy.com/g/angry-bear-shark-uJY32oDNSQFXz11Nu4EUot
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    Haha i messed with some AI art Wurm prompts too and also got the UI elements. Interesting stuff!
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    Hello all, I am looking for drake hide, need 0.33 in total. Any amount Paying 0,5s per 0,01 of hide, so 30s for all. I also offer some Items in my general store as payment, feel free to check those out! PM me here or in-game (Xheth) o/
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    Decided to a Spontaneous early morning stream doing my last 3 novice maps for my journal entry and got a nice item on the Unique Reward Roll!
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    Hiii fellow Indy Citizens! I decided to do a "few" treasure maps the other night and it turned into an absolute marathon of a stream. If you're like me and enjoy having something to watch while you grind away at those skills then here is the video. The first 2 maps were fine but that last one was bruuuuutal LOL
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    So many orders we are finally all caught up and restocked most thing place your orders today!
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    Building Supplies Bricks 2s /k (Pottery Bricks 3s/k) Colossus Bricks 2s/k (random ql) Colossus Bricks 3s/k (over 50ql) Mortar 2s /k Concrete 1s/100 Supports 4s/100 Dirt 85c/k Slabs 70c/100 Ribbons 50c/100 Large and Small Nails 10c/100 Planks 1s/k Shafts 1s/k Large Crates 7c each And more just ask... Sprouts over 175k in stock 1c each (1s/100) Oaks 2c each (2s/100) flowers - ivy - mixed grass also available Coming Soon Blacksmith imps to 95+ql Delivery and Containers always FREE! Order Picks Up Location - Deed - Cornerstone (D 10/11 Release) Payment - Silver - Trade/Barter
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    Sign me up i can cover alot of stations and help out with errands, cant wait looking forward to it! Saturnfive
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    Heathen Trading Co. Presents Summer Solstice With OneeyedGod June 20th - 23rd 2023 First off I would like to say I do not plan to poach the lame horse Impalong I plan to attend there as well if you haven't heard about it here is a link to check out that they are offering. https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/194206-lame-horse-fair-and-limpalong/&tab=comments#comment-1936850 To give you a little insight into My traditions and why I celebrate the summer solstice a little reading material for ya. itha is a pagan holiday; one of their eight sabbats during the year. Litha (also known as Midsummer) occurs on the summer solstice, and celebrates the beginning of summer. The traditions of Litha appear to be borrowed from many cultures. Most ancient cultures celebrated the summer solstice in some way. The Celts celebrated Litha with hilltop bonfires and dancing. Many people attempted to jump over or through the bonfires for good luck. Litha/Midsummer bonfire Other European traditions included setting large wheels on fire, and rolling them down a hill into a body of water. The summer solstice is the longest day of the year, and in some traditions, Litha is when a battle between light and dark takes place. In this battle, the Oak King and the Holly King battle for control. During each solstice, they battle for power, and the balance shifts. The Oak King, who represents daylight, rules from the winter solstice (Yule) to Litha. During this time, the days steadily get longer. However, during Litha, the Holly King wins this battle, and the days get steadily darker until Yule. Now that everyone has read all the boring stuff time to share some of the stuff i have in store for everyone. Impalong Events Sermons Location: EVENT STAFF: Any Donations as far as materials or if anyone wants to be part of the event staff feel free to send me a message in game @ oneeyedgod or send me a private message here on the forums. Thanks all for the read this really is a great community hope to se you all there Keep on wurming.....
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    knowing when to take a short break when in RL you realize you are calculating how many slopes your neighbors yard is and how much dirt you can dig from it
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    Purely subjective - take Shydow for example - I would consider him a veteran yet he is still one of the 'newer' players when I think about current Wurm players I know. With the amount of game knowledge Madnath has, I would call him a veteran - but hes also a player thats only been around for half a decade or so. Catch me aiding new players on the daily, yet asking how to reinforce a cave floor. I've played actively since 2009. Would I consider myself a veteran? Yeah.
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    I will be there!! Thank you.
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    This Friday, Feb. 3, we will be casting Holy Crop Looking at 12 Noon (Central) at the Fort Hood chapel Q12...easy to get to by highway or boat Anyone needing for Benediction journal entry is welcome
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    Noticed this the other day too. Doesn't seem to be unique to the dragons either as this goblin lost their wig:
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    So defiance pmks amirite
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    Yup that's right it's finally done! [12:13:03] Masonry increased by 0.000008 to 100.000000 Yes, i know i'm not the first 100 or anything, sadly lost that race a while back But hey, lots of you out there knew that this one of my long term goals and it was finally done yesterday. Special thanks to @Madnath for the push really, many hours of forge imping. Same to @ChampagneDragongot it on her last forge as i was about to leave I would keep going in the past but it will be too many people so thank you everyone through the time i have played this game Happy wurming!
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    getting the ###### scared out of you by that perverted tower guard that likes to stand at the window and watch u while u imp something:P
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    FWIW - I've been turning it on with 10s remaining and have not had a single problem.
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    I think its no secret that on average BL have weaker accounts compared to JK probably because we're so wholesome and noob friendly but most people I know think allowing SFI accounts to join and play on Defiance is a good idea, more people = more fun. Just make the body stat curve steeper so someone with 90 body stats aren't a god compared to someone with 50.
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    Free Rune Attaching Services - Doesn't include free runes - Simply pay COD both ways! SD: 66.14 We are located at N24, East Coast Exodus - here on the map. Four merchants can be found at our deed with all listed goods for offline purchase! Custom Orders: [Open] Leather Working (99*), Masonry (100**), Weapon Smithing (95***) *We currently offer Leatherworking imps through a third party, that has been more than happy to take on any orders. If this is something you are in need of you should contact Timoka (Click here to his forum page) ingame/forum for more info. **We currently offer Masonry imps through a third party, that has been more than happy to take on any orders. If this is something you are in need of you should contact Raycg (Click here to his forum page) ingame/forum for more info. ***We currently offer Weaponsmithing imps through a third party, that has been more than happy to take on any orders. If this is something you are in need of you should contact Madnath ingame for more info. For Non-Silver Items: Desired QL - Current QL = Price of the imp. Steel is 1.5x & Silver is 2.5x General Prices. Plate prices assume Steel metal. We also take Sleep Powder (1s) & Upkeep Chips as trade, and can be delivered to us here on Exodus. You don't pay extra if the item goes rare+, ever. --- Creation of Scale is free of charge with your mats. Low repair skill? Need a mend? Just pay CoD! You don't pay extra if the cast goes above what you paid for, ever. --- Shattered? Replacements or inhouse credit offered depending on item. Wiki links for spells contained within spoiler. Looking for Rare Weapons? Check out the Equipment Section in the second post!
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    Last night Auntie Amant and Uncle Jason joined me to do my 77ql Rare Map. Safe to say we had a tonne of fun doing it and again, I streamed for longer than I intended to haha YouTube is having an issue converting the video from SD to HD so for this one I will post the Twitch Link to the Video https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1722218964 Hope you all enjoy it!
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    The new year is well underway and I know everyone is eager to see our plans for it. We wanted to update everyone with the timelines we are currently working with while we finish up the final details of our Road Map and Holy Sites. I hope everyone has had a great start to the new year so far and here is our planned schedule for things coming up in the next few weeks. Road Map We are currently putting the finishing touches on our roadmap and are planning to have it out early next week. As mentioned this year we want to focus on improving parts of the game that have long needed it. These include things like totally redoing our new player experience, bringing the tutorial into the main game and removing the need for a dedicated tutorial server. This will allow players to learn the game where they plan to build instead of a long tutorial at the start trying to cram as much information in a short period as we can. We also would like to improve upon the process of selecting a server, hopefully giving players more information about which server would interest them the most to start on. This new tutorial will walk you though the basics of Wurm and guide you through building a small house and furnishing it with some basics such as bulk containers and forges/ovens. We have plenty more lined up which we will be going over in more detail next week with our roadmap post. Holy Sites/Goblin Camps We will be reopening public testing for Holy Sites in the coming days with some better mechanics to keep them spawned in this time. Our current tentative release date, should the testing go well, will be around February 9th for Holy Sites with Goblin Camps following it up early in March. We appreciate everyone's patience with us here as we finish up the polishing of these features to make sure they are something people will enjoy on launch. 2023 Map Dumps As with every year we will be releasing our yearly map dumps in February for everyone to see all the amazing progress everyone made in 2022 so stay tuned for those soon. Defiance Player Made Kingdoms (PMK) In PvP News we will be enabling PMKs on Defiance soon along with the Holy Sites update in February. This will come along with some restrictions on them to keep base kingdoms viable and not overrun by the new kingdoms. You will only be able to make/expand PMK influence on the center most strip of land shown below. Any tiles outside of this zone will not allow towers or villages from player kingdoms to be placed. Normal kingdoms may expand into the PMK zone, but once you have founded a PMK you will not be able to expand outside this area. This area provides no other benefits/penalties other than blocking expansion outside it for PMKs. Feedback thread for the PMK changes.
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    I think they'd have to be made equal in damage resistance, speed, Body Control required and Animal Taming recommended, although I appreciate little differences like hell horses dealing more damage in combat/dealing exclusively Rotten Touch wounds vs unicorns... having hooves enchanted with Life Transfer lol just spit-balling here. I really like the idea of White/Black Lighters having exclusive benefits. With an overhaul I wanna say unicorns/hell horses should be tuned to fit White/Black lighters respectively. Maybe what Light your kingdom belongs to determines which mount is faster/better. This way, there would be some epic team fights where all those purple fungus-lovers are riding fiery hell beasts and the tree-hugging WL'ers are on pure, horned stallions.
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    Indeed, as this is devolving into random crapposting, I've locked it.
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    All rewamping aside, I think unicorns in wild should have their spawn decreased. More of them around than horses, makes no sense. It was massively increased for personal goals, years ago. No need for it anymore, so please make them rare again.
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    Unicorns are already obsolete and no one uses them lol. No one wants to risk a tamed creature dying to a random spider or troll. Look on the forums for the countless threads of people complaining about unicorns.
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    Regarding hidden posts: you are welcome to discuss, respectfully, the situation. However implying that it came about due to personal vendettas etc is not ok - a careful investigation was carried out by senior staff (per Keenan's posts), and a finding was made. They spoke to all involved, and made the decision they did, for the good of the game and staff group. I do get that this is a shocking and unsettling turn of events, but this isn't the place to spin false narratives of wider corruption or other skullduggery. Per the forum rules, if you have had a post hidden, and you don't know why, reach out to a forum moderator via PM. As always, if you have actual evidence of staff behaving in a manner less than you would expect (i.e. not just random speculation), you should approach their team lead with that. Alternately, you can take it to Enki as HGM or Keenan as manager. Per Keenan's post, if you feel you have something key to add or communicate regarding Shydow, Shrimpiie and Sugarfoxx's removal from the staff group, you can also reach out to him directly via PM.
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    I maybe a bit grey and being a lady will not discuss my age anymore than that... I think I can boast about being one of Wurm's oldest and longest playing er players and frequently do, just to be able to call you all noobs...:P [11:47:06] You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of Tears, week 3 of the starfall of Diamonds, 980. That's 5738 days, 22 hours and 10 minutes ago. I started playing during wurm beta in 2003, while pregnant with my eldest son, and even went into labour while playing! I do a lot of beta testing and am tempted away on occasion by new and shiny games..and old games..any game really...ohh shiny... It is a game I always come back to, there is nothing else quite like it, love it.
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    To those calling for permabans and throwing out labels of corruption - it is clear you do not have anywhere near the full story. Not only that, you so quickly forget the good work of these staff members and have no idea of the amount of times they went to bat for regular players. Shame on you all.
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    So withholding information and getting players banned and they just get removed from staff and not perma banned? Doesn't sound like much justice to me.
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    MAY 12th-14th, 2023 Come one, come all... Come on down to the Lame Horse Fair and Limpalong to kick off summer in style! All us carnies are hard at work preparing for the Fair's arrival; keep an eye out here for further update! First of all, what's an Impalong? Impalong is a community event where folks gather at a deed where the hosts supply a setup, material, food and drink, and entertainment - whilst attendees use their skills to improve tools and gear for free, priest cast for free, and everyone participates in the fun! All are welcome to join in - even if you don't have high skill, you can still get your things improved and enchanted and hang out with us! Sometimes, GMs will show up and drop spawns in the combat arena as well, and we plan to have competitions and games where you can win prizes! Location IMPALONG RULES Events and contests: Event staff Special Thanks I will be putting together a list of acquired materials and impers in the coming weeks but donations are always welcome! We also still need staffers, please PM here or in game if you are interested in working the event!
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    Their biggest issue is their requirement to be tamed to ride. Any mob that would normally target you instead targets your mount, and unicorns can get dunked quick; and no option for barding really sucks. Should just make it so bred unicorns don't have to be tamed to be ridden. And let them wear bardings?
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    As a hellie breeder, I would absolutely love this. I could see a future change in my sales pitch based on if you prefer good or hellie...err evil.
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