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    Rather than applying the dye to the entire wall as seen here It'd be really nice to be able to only dye the white paneling between the frames, by adding the option to dye them separately similar to ships with their sails. I'm sure there's plenty of other items that suffer a similar issue. Suggested here years ago as well, seems it'd be do-able from Retro's initial response.
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    Delicious things are brewing! Here's a sneak peek at coffee and tea plants, as well as some lovely new dishes coming soon to the world of Wurm Online.
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    with 97 woodcutting and a 95ql supreme hatchet my average tree ql is 80ish, and then chopping them all into logs drops the average quality again, so not sure where you're getting this idea from. are you 100 woodcutting? quick look at merchant ads and trade chat posts on both servers shows that 95+ql logs sell for more than 95+ql lumps so dunno bout this guess chief 100ql veins don't exist, are you throwing out expectations of how you think things work again
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    Thank you developers and graphics people who have brought us so far forward in our ability to paint things that the game can enjoy more depth and realism with the boats and furniture with dye channels that separate sections to be dyed/painted in different colors. That said, I feel an opportunity has been missed with the timber framed walls. Currently, the complete item being painted can look jarring and disjointed from the rest of the surrounding buildings of various types. I suggest implementing the two-channel painting option for timber-framed walls where the stucco and wood portions are painted separately. I think this could lead to some very interesting and beautiful villages. Imagine how lovely this could be with just the stucco painted for these buildings. Since the wood would be unaffected, the timber framed would still blend well with the top of the stone walls. What do you think? How could this option improve the depth and interest of your village? Perhaps the same could be possible for the wooden walls also. Painting just the clapboard or just the trim pieces could make some really interesting buildings and barns!
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    How many do you imagine farm ql100 trees all day long? How many actually are at all able to cut ql99 or 100 at ridiculous rates.. 1 log per tree if rng gives top ql felled.. Do you read what people type or you get straight to trolling for laughs? There's actual problem where people with high skill get completely rickrolled by woodcutting skill and gather trash ql logs FAR BELOW their skill, skilling up high actually penalize you, and there was a nert to woodcutting runes and imbue effects at high ql - so you need high skill to get high ql logs.. you get the idea... two things working against you.. You have no idea how things work... You don't even know... What you wrote there is a meme.
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    After a few weeks of not seeing any suggestions I forgot you're a total mouthbreather, my mistake. Carry on.
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    Not everything will be everyone's.... cup of tea
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    Let's get together for the slaying of the venerable white dragon! Everyone will get some scale and a blacksmithing blood. I'm glad to have helped pen this beast and make it a public event for everyone together with Uszi and Kvinto. Thanks to Kvinto for spotting the beast. He will receive the dragon's skull as his reward. Thanks to Uszi for holding it until it could be penned for a public slaying. He gets to take home the rest of the body. Location: Q20 Harmony Deed name: Pearl Time: Sunday 17 October 3pm est
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    It would be wonderful if the colorful carpets were changed so that we could dye them. The colors now are rather abrupt in comparison to the rest of the game, so it makes them stick out a bit. The sizes could still be skill based, but if we could change the color, I feel these would be used far more often and they would be more appealing in so many beautiful buildings. Now that the Fine High Chair has been reworked to accept dye with a neutral base fabric, I'm bringing this back up to hopefully get some response. With object placement, we are becoming much more focused on the decor in our homes, and custom dyed rugs seems a natural next step.
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    I know this is an old thing and probably posted a few times by now but still makes sailing tiring. Each time I cross over from one server to another, the game shows me swimming in the water despite the fact that the server counts me as being embarked on boat. It's one of those things that starts to gnaw at you after a while and it's a simple quality of life change that would do wonders for the sailing experience. Every time I have to disembark and re-embark again, it's not an end of the world bug, but at the same time it's one of those persistent nuisances in Wurm that shouldn't be a feature. There's plenty of such examples in the game we end up getting used to, but they should be fixed nonetheless. Any feedback ?
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    We could include taxidermy as toymaking and make toy rats and other stuffed animals??
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    Can I get the rare hatchet w/ a gather rune? COD to Itkovian.
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    I like the idea of different races, but not necessarily goblins that turn into trolls. I would prefer 3 separate races: humans, goblins and trolls each with different skill buffs. Trolls and goblins buildings can be built just like humans but with different textures and maybe they should require different materials. Trolls couldn't use vehicles like carts or wagons, but they could carry trees or heavier items in backpacks or over their shoulder. As for metal armor, I like the Lord of the Rings trolls, maybe they weren't very intelligent, but in Wurm they could have a bit more abilities and forge their own armor and weapons. A one-handed metal troll weapon would be a two-handed weapon for a human, but for goblin it would be too large to be used. Trolls would be slow but very strong, human in the middle and goblins might have great attack speed, but their hits would be weak. If we had any larger animals like rhinoceros or mammoths, trolls could use them as mounts with a big saddle and big saddle bags to recompense the lack of carts and wagons. Goblins should be able to tame/breed wolves in such a way that they become non-aggressive to them all the time and use them as mounts. They could use carts and boats, but not wagon or ships.
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    Horses blessed by Libila priest are corrupted so that they will not graze from grass tiles, but are able to be handfed. Normally they would graze of Mycellium, but you can't create that on PVE servers.
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    Haven't seen fog like the picture you posted in the couple of months I've been on Freedom, As previously mentioned when I was on Epic the fog was immense but I have only just come back after a 5-6 year break. Wasnt sure if it was related to being on the coast or not now, as there has seemed to be a few tweaks since i stopped playing Only time i've seen anything even remotely similar was the cloud cover fog you can see across the map when you go above a certain height on Xanadu, was a shame to see its not really a thing anymore. would be interesting to find out what graphics settings adjust it
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    paranoid much? i was a forum mod for a short while in 2013 or so( with this account not a secret one) and havent done it since. but sure just keep imagining things. maybe im actually secretly rolf.
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    Frankly, the timber type should be reflected in the "base" colour of the wall, anyway.
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    This should be possible for all wall types. If we could exclude the wooden trim and doors, and/or paint them separately I'd definitely be using dyes a lot more.
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    1 rare pickaxe + 1 rare hatchet, both with gather runes please. COD to Fennec. Thank you!
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    New items are always good for the game.! Wagon skins Pls Red ,Blue, Black So on.
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    Cod to Tyrail Thanks @TKerrWhat we don't do for the look in wurm
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    DONT WORRY DUDE.. WE GOT THIS NERF COVERED you have no idea how bad woodcutting is.. at 99woodcutting I get completely ridiculed when I try to cut a tree with 99 skill and runed rare hatchet ql95(lazy to imp higher), it's pointless anyway (mods, not trolling, there are several bug reports on woodcutting and ql of chopped logs and reroll mechanic for rolls over 100..)
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    [07:41:45] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
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    hello i want a hatchet coc 85-89 thank you IGN : Tokeii
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    Sounds great, but will beverages be worth the effort compared to just drinking water all the time? Unlike food, and (ab)using them for stamina while climbing, they seem a bit useless. I'd love for them to be worthwhile
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    Oooh exciting!!! Can't wait to replace my brass oil lamps with actual tea pots Curious to see what kind of effects coffee will have. Fingers crossed the new dishes will come with a way to preserve food as decoration. Those muffins look delicious!!
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    -1 The problem, given that one still does exist, is bank accounts at least as much as items. And it does not make any sense to create seperate NFI and SFI banks for every player unless one wants to cement the cluster split forever. The need to revert it once a full merge happens would cause an additional mess. Instead of half assed non solutions a full merge should be planned in the foreseeable future.
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    i've gotten more fantastic bones than i've gotten fantastics from crafting/imping lol, could do with an actual reasonable chance to make them. something 1/1000 for creation and like 1/500 for imping (imping is only 20% to go through so that'd be 1/2500 windows) or something sounds pretty reasonable
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    Can we go the other way? I could use some fresh soil in my garden!
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    This post needs a touch of necromancy. So many things require planks and some of those awesome wood types just aren't possible without them.
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    Great idea! The wood chopping behind my house has been finished and i stored all the wood i need and got a bit of excess, would you like to purchase it for some silver? (Jokes aside sorry for continuing this sh*tposting couldn't help my self lolololol)
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    I agree with this. It doesn't just happen when wrongly trying to sail off corners, but even in a regular plotted-course sailing from server to server without being near the corners.
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    Hi Wurm Forum Staffers, I've noticed that Northern Freedom Isles servers haven't been added to forum Accounts avatars profile pages. You might want to update that, guys and gals.
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    That is complete nonsense. There are many NFI players who started playing Wurm there, and would be curious about new opportunities to explore, and to travel. There are "old" SFI players who settled there while mothballing their old characters, disbanding or shrinking their deeds. Not few of them already migrated back, acting likewise. A merge could be made an interesting series of events, attracting new and reactivating old players. Still NFI is possibly in some albeit much reduced decline. Having new lands to explore, even the Epic cluster, could be a strong incentive to continue, or come back. Granted, the profiteers will cry.
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    Absolutely. Customization of my character and houses are my favourite thing in games, and it shouldn't be too difficult or expensive but more an expression of one's own creativity. Same for wagons, tents, tabards.
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    Yes, but adamantine for a random color rune is a steep price for something so basic. On a colossus or a boat I can see it, but not really on a rug, though yes, it does work. I would love so much to be able to just dye the rugs for my house in colors of my choosing instead of relying on RNG.