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    Oinky Boinky Binky Doinky come and join the stabbing party! When slain, every premium player in local will receive blood. Mixing Troll King blood with source salt will create a Ointment of Stone Cutting Loot will again be rolled among all participating slayers listed on the Niarja kill list (limit one roll per person, no alts) Location revealed approx 24 hours in advance.
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    I personally don't like the appearance of this new company. They own a platform called gamethrill, which is selling Steam keys, which is as far as I know (correct me if I am wrong) against the steam EULA. You are not allowed to sell steam keys in general, so this platform is doing something against the steam EULA while they own a game on steam right now. It is just a matter of time until Steam will punish this. Maybe I am wrong, but this bothers me. @Retrogrademaybe you can put some light in the dark for us? They even sell Wurm Unlimited for 5.99E instead of 27.99E on Steam. I mean what a business idea is that....
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    I personally don't think there's anything to worry about in this thing besides the "omg it's over" attitude, that is based over guesses, assumptions and basically nothing else. And might be, above anything else, the main reason that will cause a decreasement in active players. If people start to believe the the game is closing, they will try to sell out, market will get even worse, the game less appealing, and more people will quit in a endless loop of panic. You keep getting reassured that "nothing will happen to the game" over and over from years, and still you go on with your apocalypse-speculations that are getting people to quit more than anything else. You should seriously consider stop doing this, or you will actually be right in the end, lol.
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    Cash shop Coming Soon ™
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    Hi everyone, Retrograde thought it would be a wise thing to make this a more formal announcement: As some of you have heard since I sent out an email to our current share holders, I have switched my ownership in Code Club for shares in Game Chest Group, a Swedish company listed on the stock market. They are focused on investing in game development and digital distribution, which is what Code Club is about. You can find their website at www.gamechestgroup.se. The reason I did this is basically risk management. With subscriber numbers and revenues going down I was happy that another company with more muscles was ready to step in and take over business. Since I have part ownership in Game Chest I now have indirect ownership and still strong interests in Code Club and I will be doing the same things as before in administration and being involved in various management decisions, while the team manages Wurm and runs the day-to-day business. Game Chest has a hands-off attitude and are happy to learn more about the game and our business for now even though I have to ask them about financial decisions from time to time. So yeah, everything's changed and yet not much really has. Cheers! Rolf
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    So, I've been playing wurm for quite a while. Actually, longer than I thought given how many logs I have buried in my system! I got bored today, and thought doing some data science might be fun. The result is the graph below, showing the monthly average number of players online each time I logged in over the past 6 years (feel free to mail me cakes!). The 0 entries are months of hiatus, of course, and some of the early steep fluctuations are months where the servers had problems. The overall picture is one of decline; however most notable point of decline was during 2015, magically around the month of WU's release (October saw a massive player drop). This isn't really data that allows us to draw any conclusion, since alting on wurm became massively prevelant after the release of WU. If you want to find out how I processed the data, it's in the spoiler tab below. If anyone has more records and would be interested in combining their data, reach out and let me know. Otherwise, enjoy!
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    Thanks for letting the community know Rolf I have no idea about his company who now owns Wurm but I love the game as it currently stands. I hope things go well for all parties involved. I have a concern in relation to possible playerbase information kept by Wurm Online, e.g. email addresses and so forth, which can be sold (as some major companies seem to do on occasion)...what checks and balances are in place to maintain confidential information in relation to the player base? Sorry if I sound silly, I am not very au fait with game transfers and perhaps this does not even factor into anything. Thanks in advance.
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    Quick search finds an article that says Valve allows this practice. You have a terrible habit of posting false information and putting Wurm down for your own personal gain (your WU server) and I'd appreciate it if you cease both practices. Thanks.
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    Hahaha this isn't about being transparent really, nothing changes on the consumer front, I just felt players may appreciate knowing as well as shareholders who were informed at the start of September.
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    As I meander along picking sprouts hearing the creaking of the trees as they sway, I also ponder as well. Of those thoughts, came "Player Impact on another Player" and "Open Note to Wurmians" To round out the Trilogy I had recently been ruminating about chat. I suspect more are in their own bubble now inside alliance chats or discord chats or simply not chatty but silently read along. This could be the reason so few actually participate in server chat or the Global (GL) chat. As the participation dropped, PingPong and had begun to fictionally manufacture scenarios and motives and plots done by one to the other as a way to create more activity and fun to read and hopefully others join in on. Effort was also made to pull others in to elevate inclusion and being part of something. We'd have a blast in seeing what each would come up with as the next feigned drama accusation or scheme of havoc on the other. All the while doing this in GL chat, we'd be laughing in pm's if we got a good burn in on the other. I'd threaten him with transcendentalism and other lexicon finds. He'd invariably close with a calvin and hobbs wisdom, where he could always on quick recall find one to fit the situation. Like any good thing, there is a closing time. We may have exhausted the scheme/schtick/banter for a few times i'd get a side pm from someone thinking this was a real ongoing fight or sometimes in chat we'd be told to take our fight to pms, misreading and missing the skit of humor set in a sarcastic ever rolling dual. It's even likely things made their way to mods, thinking we needed intervention. The ridiculous bombastic claims and scenarios were hopefully obvious as fake/fiction. A performed joke fails or is less funny if it has to be explained. As ping is far more beloved and me not so much, the wonder twin power activate will turn him into a skunksnake and me a twinkietoaster as a possible next act. In a time where it is ever riskier to accidentally say the wrong thing that may get misunderstood. more joking and laughter is needed to cut some of the doom tension about. With some regret the poke-a-thon, where ping constantly tried to take a larger share of the "dial in donations" and sell me counterfeit tickets, will come to a close. Despite the Horror near the concession stand, we are thankful the #IAmSilverwolfe march was a huge success and liberated many. We can only wonder what ever happened to Wilca when she was conned into selling me pings first in flight travel package. The prevailing rumor still is strong that she has turned into a Sithe Lord on wild so be careful if your travels bring you that way.
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    The "false information" alleged to is about your claim that key selling is strictly forbidden. A claim that you asked to be fact checked on, may I remind you. Keenan furthermore did not vouch for Gamethrill to be legit, but merely suggested that there are often misconceptions around the practice of key selling. He outright said "not to know their inner workings". If anyone is making a claim about their legitimacy, it's you with your "guess" - which is no more valid than Keenan's impression about perceptions surrounding key selling. That means the burden of proof falls onto your side. Bulk purchasing hundreds of keys from the publisher sounds a lot more realistic than buying it from hundreds of individual players if you ask me like that.
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    I gotta admit that I'm on the fence about this whole company share thing. I don't know what Game Chest Group is, and researching into its brands really hasn't given me much on whether I can say that it's a good or bad thing. Honestly, I have no clue what to think about it. Some aspects about it do rub me the wrong way, but it's less to do with the company and more to do with the inherent negativity that certain aspects they work in have generated due to how other companies have handled them. Things like selling game keys for cheap, and online betting parlors. It scares me. They're not bad as far as I can tell, I can't see any real signs that there a horrible company that will drag us under and enslave us in the salt mines, but at the same time... I just find this completely terrifying to me. :< All I can do is hope that things might work out.
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    Some of the replies. Just oof. *goes back to doing what he does anyway* And I'm still the server overlord at the moment. THE HAMSTERS ARE MINE TO COMMAND.
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    It would be nice to see an aspect of Jackal more targetted at the crafters, beyond 'supply the fighters'. Not sure what that could be, but there do seem to be some avid builders when I wander around the red landscape, and it would be good for them to be able to contribute more directly.
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    Hey, It's honestly nice to see that there are people who are enjoying this! Even if It's not to my taste.
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    inb4 lootbox announcement lol
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    But that doesn't mean we cannot celebrate a bit for those who get through with this dreadful thing under this modus operandi. Congrats to Oisin Rabidscab Aramisii Sepalia Jeangraton Crocus For casting Ritual of the Sun and finishing Benediction or being a massive step closer to it.
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    It's great, really. Breathed life into an old game I stopped playing a couple years ago. Great to play with people who i used to play with 10 years ago, 5 years ago, all from random villages into this one now. One suggestion though, do like Path of Exile and great a new map/goal every 6 months, don't repeat jackal for atleast a year or two. Problem with challenge servers was that it basically repeated itself and didnt give anything "new". Path of Exile is ridiculously successful creating new servers every few months with a new content patch, please create a new objective map at the end of Jackal, and wurm will be alot more successful and engaging! Freedom will become the new "standard" league.
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    ^ I'd love the view(having deed with such) but.. I'd hate to move down to get some kills.. fml I'm lazy bring the hunting grounds to me
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    You don't want to spread bad feelings and want to clear things up, yet you only comes with suspicions and have no facts to back them up with whatsoever. If those are indeed your goals then the next time perhaps gather facts first? Spreading baseless suspicions because of a gut feeling you have won't help to accomplish those goals. If you want to act like a journalist (as you mentioned in an earlier post) then don't put your cart before the horse.
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    So, Rolf have 8 out of 10 slices of an old 1 kg pizza. The pizza is under threath of going bad, and Rolf doesn't have the materials to fix the pizza alone. Another company have several big pizzas with lots and lots of slices. So he gives the 8 slices to the big company, and get 0,8 kg of their slices in return. So he still have an interest in the old pizza not going bad and the new company really think they can fix the old pizza, or they wouldn't trade their slices with Rolf. If the old pizza actually goes bad, Rolf will still lose, but not everything he's worked for in so many years. And all of us, living on the old pizza, now have new overlords that have a fresh interest in stopping the pizza going bad. So, good job Rolf, sounds like the smart thing for you to do. Just make sure to squize some pizza sause from the new guys.
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    I'd like to note that some popular sites, including G2A, do engage in sketchy acquisition and sale of keys, including purchasing them from individual players, which is against Steam policy. They've developed a bad reputation among indie game developers in particular, with good reason. But this doesn't extend to all similar-looking marketplaces, like Gamethrill.
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    Okay, some clarification because people really love to read between the lines... First line of this: https://partner.steamgames.com/doc/features/keys Common practice for publishers to bulk-sell keys. Nothing that says I know Gamethrill's internal workings as a developer for Wurm. I don't even own shares in that company. That is all. Thank you.
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    Keys are usually obtained in bulk by the publisher of the game. The "shadily obtained" bit is either few and far between on some sites or a misconception because the keys sell for so low. The way these sites usually work is they buy quantity for less than retail and start off selling for a percentage of retail price. As time lags on and they have more inventory to move, they drop the price lower and lower. I don't know internals of Game Chest or Gamethrill but I do know the practice of bulk selling keys and the misconceptions consumers have about them.
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    Pirates Den is a deed at Pristine. It's player made island. The size of Pirate's Den is 31 by 27. The perimeter is 5 and it has 0 guards hired. The settlement has 1 silver, 96 copper and 64 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 1 silver, 67 copper and 40 iron. The upkeep will last approximately 32 days, 21 hours and 22 minutes more. The tile per creature ratio of this deed is 22.026316. Optimal is 15.0 or more. This is a good figure. There are 4 creatures currently branded. Iron fence bars = 73 Mortar = 13240 Pottery shingles = 820 Stone bricks = 180 Wood scraps = 30 Small nails = 712 Large nails = 74 Shafts = 401 Wood shingles = 10 Planks = 4612 Planks = 100 Ropes = 610 Pottery bricks = 12240 ^ Decor aint counted Please hit me PM with offers! Possable to be sale with all stuff inside (include Crow Kingdom stock)
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    if I were the majority share holder? Mycelium for all, specially you emoo
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    Who's that guy, is it halloween yet, I see a suit costume! Bring back the savage shoe-ys!
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    Maybe now we'll get an update to Wurm Unlimited!
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    At this point, it could go two ways. This company could spearhead a brave initiative and catapult wurm up from dying mmorpg to a successful one. Or they could milk it till it dies, put it's corpse up on display, milk that, and then kill the game. In the first case I get to enjoy wurm for a long time, in the second case I end up with enough data to write a paper on how a sandbox mmorpg dies. Win-win for me I guess?
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    For a WU player like myself this I guess means...nothing? It's not like we're getting updates anyway
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    It's on the right track but not fully accurate. All of this is correct. The range of power is exactly -100 to 100. Otherwise, this is all correct. Mostly correct. There's a 1% chance to shatter an item. It is modified by shatter resistance (rune for example) so having 10% shatter resistance rune brings the chance down to 0.9% chance to shatter on every cast. This is an outdated statement in a way since metallic liquid does in fact guarantee the item will not shatter. Additional Information: What this is also misinterpreting is 101 and higher casts. All casts of 101 and higher are done on items that have a lower power enchant on the item. For each 20 power you improve the cast on an item, you gain an additional power. For example, if you're casting Circle of Cunning and land a 20 power cast, it will have a power of 20 on the resulting enchant. If you then cast a 60 power Circle of Cunning, you get a "bonus" 2 power from the improvement process, resulting in a Circle of Cunning 62. 104 casts previously were the result of casting a ~100 on an item with ~0-19 power already on it. In theory a 104.99 could be cast, but it would always be rounded down to 104 in display since it always removes the decimal points. However, as of the addition of the priest journal reward, cast power can go to 105 naturally. With that in place, you can now obtain an item with a power slightly over 110 (and it will display as 110) by casting a 105 power cast on an item which already has a 1-4 power cast on it.
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    Brilliant service! Would recommend anyone to buy from Muse, she went above and beyond to help out. Thanks Muse.
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    Oh, no you don't! I cannot battle the Ping monster alone! Not while suffering under the bite of his spider minions! You must remain on Cele to help protect the seals. They have voted twice on it already.
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    Hopefully this will give current Dev's and individuals involved behind the scenes some more hope. Player morale has been low for some time so I can only imagine dev's and staff feelings. One can only hope that this new company will make suggestions for staff adjustments so the game can flourish and not be held back by certain deadlock community representatives and moderators. I truly hope the game can get a big push over the hill and have a long way down before it gets back to this state.
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    I can't for the life of me see half of the developers we currently have signing up for something like this. Knowing what I know of people like @Darklordsand @ausimusthey would not be on board heavy monetization while they volunteer their time and effort to a game they would be working to destroy. And I doubt the new company will just invest a huge amount of money on developers for a game with about 2k active players. They would likely use the existing volunteer dev system. Sure maybe they'll add some monetization like the gold mirrors or a minimalistic cash shop, but I dont see a slot machine gallore in our future. This game just does not support it, and neither would the current staff.
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    I too, hope that the new company decides to invest both time and resources into not just keeping wurm going, but in making it better and hopefully get a resurgence of new / returning players.
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    According to "skynet" that is a fighter pilot! ( src: https://imagenet-roulette.paglen.com/ )
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    Thanks for keeping the Wurm community informed, I'm sure there will be plenty of speculation and FUD, but I'm just planning to continue playing and supporting CCAB anyway.
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    Does this mean we are going to get capes?
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    [16:49:58] Your title is now Fateweaver. There are lot of to choose from >.< nevertheless good upgrade from Dreamweaver ( i think its one of best titles so far)
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    Some Wurm addicts never recover. The best we can hope for is to manage our needs so that the cravings do not get so strong as to overwhelm us. PVE dependants have numerous therapies available, from anger management (self-defence/fight skill), through manual labour (digging/mining) to arts and crafts. For PVP addicts the situation is more bleak. There are PMK support groups that can help to deal with the mental Chaos - and Epic holds a portal drop-in clinic for those in need of a quick fix. Unfortunately there is no long-term solution currently, but rest assured you are not alone, we are all here to offer our continued support.
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    Watch out for those convolutions! They will mess up your neural network pretty bad. Just looking at the acceleration rate tells me that the g-force will compress all logical thought into an infinitesimal amount of cognitive space from which there is no return. =Ayes=
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    Retro for new game owner!!!
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    perhaps others can devise the next ruse and thereby avoid a pitfall we almost tarzan vined over til the donkey kong barrel bashed us into the mario mushrooms. I'm quite sure there is a healthy mouse hole out there with a few devilish rabble rousing roosters of ruckus. Let's see what machiavellian trope is offered up as well as who may be the unlucky participants
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