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    "It will fight fiercely." = +1 combat rating "It has fleeter movement than normal." = +10% movement speed "It is a tough bugger." = 10% less damage taken "It has a strong body." = +10kg carry weight bonus "It has lightning movement." = +20% movement speed "It can carry more than average." = +20kg carry weight bonus "It has very strong leg muscles." +10% movement speed, +10kg carry weight bonus "It has keen senses." = when tamed and over a spring tile, 1/6 chance of giving an event message "You sense a sudden calm in NAME." whenever the animal seeks food "It has malformed hindlegs." = -10% movement speed "The legs are of different length." = -30% movement speed, animal will not wander "It seems overly aggressive." = 1 in 6 chance of biting the player if emoted at, but is currently bugged and generates no wound "It looks very unmotivated." = -30kg carry weight, loses loyalty faster, fails movement boost checks more often "It is unusually strong willed." = 1 in 10 chance of animal unleading itself with "NAME refuses to move on." whenever polled by the server "It has some illness." = animal regularly loses body strength, max age is halved, "cared for" and "certain spark" nullified "It looks constantly hungry." = always gains hunger as if pregnant, which is 10x faster than normal "It looks feeble and unhealthy." = massive disease vulnerability "It looks unusually strong and healthy." = massive disease resistance, 50% or so "It has a certain spark in its eyes." = animal lives 50% longer than normal
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    Hey all! Me and my girlfriend dug in the code and found the meaning to all animal traits, so for your pleasure, here goes "It will fight fiercely." combat rating +1 "It has fleeter movement than normal." movement speed +0.1 has flag “isMoveGlobal” "It is a tough bugger." damage threshold of 11% "It has a strong body." +10000 strength "It has lightning movement." +20% movement speed "It can carry more than average." +20000 strength "It has very strong leg muscles." +10k strength + 10% speed "It has keen senses." will frolic in spring (⅕) "It has malformed hindlegs." - 10% speed has flag “isMoveLocal” "The legs are of different length." flagged “isSentinel” - 30% speed "It seems overly aggressive." bite ⅙ when emoted to "It looks very unmotivated." - 30000 strength has ⅖ more chance to hate you every time loyalty updates "It is unusually strong willed." will sometimes refuse to move (1/10), unleashes self "It has some illness." dies young…. maxAge - Server.rand.nextInt(maxAge / 2) loses strength when it eats instead of gaining (down to 15) "It looks constantly hungry." eat more (1500 instead of 700, same as a pregnant animal) "It looks feeble and unhealthy." return false to “isRespawn”??? doubles chance of disease "It looks unusually strong and healthy." halves chance of disease "It has a certain spark in its eyes." lives 50% longer "It has been corrupted." cannot be tamed by other than follower of Libia only eats corrupted grass npc’s can be dominated??? That's all we could puzzle out for now, hope you guys enjoy!
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    Scissors + Square piece of cloth Small bandage 0.05kg Medium bandage 0.1kg Large bandage 0.2kg etc.. All specially prepared bandages cover wounds that would normally need twice the cotton. Gary idea: have bandages reduce the first aid timer. 25% maybe? Perhaps effect on potency compared to regular cotton items too. Bandage + Healing cover Treated bandage - bandage and treat with the same item! Bandage + Farmer's salve Salvation bandage - same effect as farmer's salve, just sounds neat. Can be used as salve or a bandage! Edit: another thought: Tin lump+large anvil (blacksmithing) First aid kit: Contains bandages, salves & healing covers in one neat box.
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    “You never know what you will find in caves, so send someone else in first.” Sir Baggins at the foot of an old abandoned cave Hi Everyone! Another week down, and it's a bit of a slow news day today, with ongoing updates and adjustments, as well as collection of feedback and all that fun stuff that comes after a major update. But first... Patch Notes Branding WSA In today's update we introduced a new permissions group for branded animals, grouping anyone with the brand animals permission on a deed. Previously they were all individually added, which had the downside of those permissions staying even if that person left the village. With this update if someone leaves the village, they no longer have permissions to manage the creature. You can also deny permissions to this group if you have a personal horse. W.S.A. Currently this group does not copy over to the corpse upon creature death, so the items will not be able to be looted. This will be rectified in an upcoming update to address this issue. If you are concerned a bout losing gear and not being a ble to collect it please use specific names Discord! A few weeks ago we launched our own Official Discord channel, and this week we were verified! Our server now has A custom invite link at https://discord.gg/wurm and higher priority voice servers. It also means that our server is verified, and totally cool! (It was already cool, trust me). If you're not familiar with discord, it's definitely worth checking out, it's a great way to stay in touch with Wurmians outside of the game, and also join your own little communities, there's several community ones out there for servers already, so check them out too! But for the official one, check out: WU Beta I know with the release of Archaeology, Restoration and all those other goodies, many of our Wurm Unlimited players are chomping at the bit to get their hands on them. Right now our focus is getting it all working nice and smoothly in WO, and we'll continue to adjust and work with feedback until we're satisfied it's running perfectly, then release a beta. There's no ETA on the beta yet, but it's being worked towards, so keep your eyes peeled for it in the coming weeks! Creature Crates Each weekly news is rightfully met with the question "but what about creature crates?!" I know it can be tough waiting for these to come, and the last thing we want is another bridges, but work does progress on them, just a bit slowly, given the many areas we need to address, and in some cases redesign systems that were never intended to include creatures crossing. It's a long process and one we hope improves border crossing as a whole in the future, but until then though, we have no set date for their release. Community Content In this weeks community content, veteran grinder Ondar shares their tips on grinding as well as what drives them to the grind. I cannot fathom the statement "Yeah, good old WS. Its easier to grind it 3rd time around", clearly a sign of a deranged mind! Ondar has an awesome little blog where they share their wurmian adventures, and also what they focus on to grind, what do you grind and why? http://unrealondar.blogspot.com.au/2017/11/grindity-grind-burnity-burn.html That's it for this weeks news, we're beginning to set our sights on future updates and looking ahead into 2018, with plenty more in the works. What could be coming? You'll just have to wait and see.. Until next time though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    I've dug up thousands of artifacts since reaching 90 (and used all my powder and sleep bonus to get there so i've continued with none). I've used 90ql trowel, then imped it to 97.5 to test. I've used a 90ql shovel and a 1ql shovel to test. I've gone to many different sites in exodus with multiple old deeds on them, and even went to indepenence to test on the oldest deed sites. Afaik - after you unlock libila statue at 60 - archeology is done ->. nothing more to see here folks. The Junk ql goes up at higher skill, but it's still junk in the end.
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    Imagine to wake up and the first thing you see are 180 people standing outside your house
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    Honestly my least favourite thing about wurm, always has been Rolf's love of keeping how everything works secret from the players. I can't stand it and it saddens me to see it carry on under new direction. Why is it necessary to put effort into making the players clueless about how everything functions. When Wurm Unlimited came out some of the revelations of things people had spent years wasting their time on were frankly atrocious and completely unnecessary in my opinion. Obviously that's just how i feel about it but it just seems to me like you've got a skill a lot of people feel isn't currently worth the effort...so TELL THEM WHAT THEY CAN GET FROM IT! Surely it would only serve to please people to know more about what they could get and maybe quell some of the grumbling? Surely it's just more effort on your part to put in place "algorithms to stop the code divers". I wish we'd never needed code divers...and i'm one who's benefited massively from being able to look into the WU code to learn about the game, just let everyone know how it all works i say.
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    Personally, as fun as it sounds, it just seems a time waster to me. Sure I'll grind the skill to have it, but will I set out on a career? Nope. I'd rather see some other skill added. Perhaps, like Throwing to actually make use of the option.
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    Thanks Nadroj. Since these are just cooldown adjustments, I'll try to roll an update even today.
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    We need a good lasagna in wurm. Fresh Pasta, Passata, Minced Meat, Chopped Onion, Chopped Tomato, Buffalo Cheese, Feta Cheese, Cheese, Chopped Oregano, Chopped Basil. Made this last week.
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    50c each Statue of Worg Fragments x41 Statue of Eagle Fragments x34 Statue of Drake Fragments x42 Statue of Fo Fragments x17 Statue of Mag Fragments x17 Statue of Vyn Fragments x11 1s Each Statue of Libila Fragments x 11 Mask of the isles Fragments x 8 Mask of the shadow fragments x 8 Mask of the Ravager fragment x 7 Pale Mask fragment x 6 Mask of the Enlighten fragment x2 10s Each Mask of the ravager - 27.ql Mask of the isles - 13ql and 12ql Pale Mask - 17ql Mask of the elightned - 32 and 20ql
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    As title suggests, let us train our maul skills up to 20 by smacking some rocks to dust. Similar to axes and swords using trees as practice.
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    Spirits of the dead, arises once again to face the doom from the depth and protect the realm of men.
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    My bad then. Was convinced that once when I ried it it says that I need to remove reinforcements on the walls. Must have mistaken something.
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    cod to Zeernebooch pls QL 80 Saw w73 c68 (79c) QL 80 Hatchet w77 c66 (88c) QL ~2 Hatchet c83 (56c) QL 89 Carving Knife c77 (85c) TY
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    You are looking at maybe 40e for this account. It really doesn't have much of value but you have a solid base for a starter account.
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    That probably came from Wurm too. Seldom are WU mod developers/programmers/designers credited for their work when it later comes to WO. I am pointing to the many mod writers in WU who wrote stuff for free and then it later turned up in WO. Possibly coded differently however creative rights still apply even if all they did was come up with a successful idea and then code it. Even if coded differently the original idea still has value and should be recognized. Would like bond the communities a bit better too.
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    Found out new players still don't get sleep bonus, bump
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    Can't have too much fun, there are rules to prevent that in wurm. I am fine with shrinking the amount of missions as long as they make the missions actually possible to do. For instance I do not think building 4 pylons or 4 caravels is a mission that can be done in a timely manner, even if someone wanted to build 4 caravels. Or sacrificing 600 iron breastplates, really? Traitor missions are tough ones, maybe shorten the lifespan of the mission and some missions like kill 32 blue whales, good luck even finding one or two of those.
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    Non siamo tantissimi, siamo rari... Anzi, fantastici
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    hey, could you cod 4xHorse shoe - 71+QL 84woa (68c) and Saddle - 71+QL - 70woa (50c) to Thompson, please? Thank you!
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    When investigating, the better stuff you can get, the higher the difficulty. Using skiller tools on those areas would be a waste of time since you will have high difficulty rolls and likely get nothing. If you are aiming for good pieces, use the highest ql trowel available. If you are aiming for skill, use a mid ql shovel, as a shovel reduces your chances of getting better stuff but also reduces difficulty. and if you're on deed don't use skiller tools, you'll likelt fail half your skill checks.
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    Our starter dungeon, the Life Spring Prison has reopened, with new scripting and mobs. It is aimed at a group of 20-30fs players. One of our players recently made a video that feature its, along with other features of our server, and gave me permission to share! Thanks Ciuperca!! More info on the prison dungeon can be found on our forums https://worldofwonders.enjin.com/forum/m/45376783/viewthread/30608587-prison-life-spring
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    One of our players took a video of his group running through our dungeon Hlesey. Watch it here https://youtu.be/tqXfGP3n_PQ As previously stated, this is one of our 70+FS dungeons. We have a couple more in the works, plus we are rescripting our 30FS dungeon and creating an all new 50FS dungeon. Mobs are created specifically for the dungeons and dungeon mobs drop custom loot! Dungeons are mission scripted, so no GM intervention is required for a group to run one. Dungeon and World Coin currencies are available for purchasing custom loot as well. Come join in the fun!
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    [14:50:58] You can see multiple markers of abandoned settlements here. Based on your knowledge of the area and small hints you can find, one of the settlements must have been called Persephone.
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    Stacia's old home on top of the hill [12:53:36] You can see signs of a single abandoned settlement here. Based on your knowledge of the area and small hints you can find, the settlement must have been called Pie In The Sky. Miss her