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    i miss when troll posts were funny and not some attempt to be smarter than everyone
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    +1 for removing TheTricksters action queue
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    i was gonna write a funny story or something here but i'm tired Slaying the forest giant, all are welcome to come and slap it, get bloods, and win some loot near coast, 1 loot roll per person, Location is http://deliverance.yaga.host/#1150,777 , J18 ingame
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    Did you play Wurm before the crafting window was implemented? Crafting stuff for a larger ship for instance was a real pain. I mean, dont get me started on how many times ive made yokes out of logs, ruining the whole log, instead of planks.
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    I worry about your logic. Plenty of situations go through change, some of them are popular some aren't. Again the argument isn't "you shouldn't have removed them" it's "you should have done it sooner" Which, sure, we should have, doesn't mean we're wrong for doing it now. As for pulling WU from your hard drives.... wut? Why would we? And any decision made from a statement like that last one is just filled with lack of understanding of ANY development decision. (plus angel has complained about us soooo much in the past, calling him a white knight for defending this choice is just plain wrong)
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    The guy is just trolling.
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    I play Wurm with so little gui, I don't even need to log in anymore
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    Greetings Wurmians! Todays update is a little bit of a bittersweet one, marking the end of official content support for Wurm Unlimited. Over the past four years we've introduced many new features and shared many things. It's no secret that the mods brought to Wurm have made the game far more than we have with the vanilla version, and this update makes a few things easier for them to implement mods, both mechanics, client AND graphical. We'll continue to work with modders and address any major issues raised and of course, Wurm Unlimited is still on the store and we will still be supporting those with questions, technical issues and the like. With that said, these notes include a guide on how to create a resource pack, easy addition of mods (just place them in the mods folder!) We'd also like to thank ago for giving us permission to integrate his moad loader, as well as those who worked on it and provided updates to it as well. Wurm Unlimited wouldn't be the game it is without you all, and we deeply thank you for that. And as always, Keep on Wurming! Added ago’s modloader to the server and client. You can now, as previously using the modloader, put mods in “mods” folder in both server and client files. You can find mods at https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/forum/259-mods/ Installing mods is at your own risk and can contain potentially dangerous code, make sure to verify their origins prior to using them. Added user resource packs You can place resource packs in “userpacks” folder in the main game directory. Resource packs can contain new or replacement textures, models and sounds. How to create resource packs: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/173260-wu-resource-packs-creation-and-usage/ Bug Fixes Fixed duplicate SteamID history entries in the database. Fixed journal entries showing 100% but not completing. Fixed forges becoming lit after a server restart for no reason. Fixed getting multiple rare ashes from forges. Fixed quivers in inventory being prioritized over quivers equipped on hip. Fixed metal materials on cache lumps. Fixed being able to cast multiple lurker spells on one item. Fixed being able to put low quality pages in the journal from bulk containers. Fixed wells with items placed on top not filling up. Fixed being able to cast dirt on storage racks. Fixed being able to cast mirror self on yourself, it only worked when cast on tile. Fixed being able to rune liquids. Fixed locks disappearing on server transfer. Fixed being able to fit a corpse into a mailbox. Removed Rift related journal goals. Removed Manage player payments option. Removed pruning of players from the db after 90 days of inactivity.
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    For those who may be interested in hunting mobs, the two islands in the NE corner of Independence (Parris Island and Flamgra'in) are "target rich". Practically deserted - there is only me and one other player that pops in every now an then for 5 minutes - beasties of all sorts are running amok (I don't know the Wurm bestiary too well yet, but apart from the "standard" mobs I have also come across unicorns, seals and tortoises). I have literally lost count of trolls.
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    At 03:50 server time an issue occurred that affected the skills tables for both creatures and players. This caused an issue with reading skill data and possibly saving skill data. The issue was brought to my attention at 04:07 server time when players complained about having no skill and being unable to complete actions as a result. I had first attempted to repair the table while the server was running in order to preserve any data from skill gains that I could, but this only made the problem worse - the table seemed to have vanished due to the repair failing. Xanadu was brought down at 04:20 server time. At this point I was able to save the binary data of the skills table in order to preserve it and initiated a MySQL restart. When the database server came back online the table was restored and repaired. I verified that skill data seemed intact by picking a few players who had complained originally and finding their skills to have appropriate values. Xanadu was brought back online and available for connections at 04:50 server time. Due to this issue there may have been a period of about 30 minutes where skill ticks were not saved. I will be meeting with Samool in the morning to discuss compensation for the downtime and possible 30 minute skill loss. Most likely we will be doing 5 hours of sleep bonus on Thursday's restart. We will update to confirm the decision. Edit: Confirmed - 5 hours of sleep bonus on Jan 23 restart. Thank you for your patience.
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    These things happen, but the ability of the devs to fix sudden, unexpected problems is what really matters in the end. And I agree... this response was epic, both in terms of speed and knowledge of the code, as well as the ability to diagnose a problem in real time. Well done indeed!
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    Thats some epic response time, Keenan! Glad to have you on board! Kudos for a job well done!
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    My sister's two cats.... I'm jealous.
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    WO will likely be behind WU. There are a lot of modders in WU and with less risk of WO meddling in the form of an update the WU modders should likely have much more freedom to do things. Frankly it will be interesting to see if WO is even around in 5 years. WO population is continuing to go down quickly, steam WO is now the focus and even WO hardware reliability appears to be coming into question. Several long term WU servers appear to have better uptime/reliability performance then even "paid service" WO. It's true that it would have been nice to have the distant tree line rendering, likely the only thing I really wish we were getting.
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    We all know keybindings are a lifesaver in Wurm. When I started to use the entire keyboard in Wurm, I realized I can use the special characters as binds for stuff. Unfortunately back then we didn't have the press-and-hold keybind method we have today so I needed to learn what names those characters went by. So I made a reference picture to use when binding those keys. Just recently there was a change to the keybindings which shuffled the keynames around (apparently based on Swerty keyboard). Here's the updated version for finnish keyboards if anyone could find it useful.
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    Deal! I took screen shots of the anchors I got access to. My 1st test, which I'm doing now is... I am trying to keep the anchor always either in my inventory or at anchor on the boats. I took screen shots when I 1st put the boats to anchor, and will pull them up, and compare damages. The method I used when I moored all my boats, is using the anchor from my inventory. That is 1st test. I'll post here shortly (or in a while, depends which happens 1st). Next test I plan, is to moor all the same boats from the boats them selves. In this case, I will plan to moor the boats when the anchors are inside the boats. let them sit that way, later pull them up see what happened. With these tests I would hope to discover if anchors take damage when you moor them the new fangled way (with the anchor in the hold). One thing I did note here, is sometimes I forget to pull the anchor from the hold and put it to my inventory when I boating around. This is annoying.
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    Ago's modloader updated independently of WU in the past. What happens if a new feature is needed for the modloader now that it's integrated with WU? Since WU is no longer being updated are we now effectively stuck with the current version of the modloader as well? I haven't seen this discussed anywhere so I would appreciate comments around it.
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    No, not trolling. As I indicated in the original post I was making a point by validly applying reductio ad absurdum. There have been objections to QoL suggestions on the basis that Wurm is and should be at its core all about grinding. The action cue, the crafting window and the recipe book all eliminate tedious grinding, which by the logic of objections should not be allowed. I do not agree with those objections - and London to a brick , those who make them have made liberal use of these small automations. The fact that this suggestion which simply applies the same logic as the objections is patently absurd demonstrates absurdity of the logic. p.s. I really didn't think it was particularly subtle irony.
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    There is still yokes laying around at our old place in Black Pearl at Exo
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    You couldn't see it, but my tongue was in my cheek. I have irony blood.
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    I think at this point the discussion has reached its peak. We do not offer refunds and all sales are final, your account is still in working order and even if you don't like losing some aspects of the gameplay it's not grounds for any form of compensation, we'll enable faith changes for priests affected in order you get to pick the best priest that suits you.
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    Can you please update Tarawick Canal Please remove the light blue line (old tunnel) and add a new one (blue line).. It's actually an old tunnel that in the middle connects to the South Sea and goes straight east over that little pond to the Lough Scaith
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    you've gotten the idea more replies that it had the 2 times it's been suggested before so congratz for not googling it i guess. It's also cool to see the cardinal auto-direction suggestion here too. I have prudent information but wrote it on the other threads, nice replies.
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    as of last patch, path of insanitys free swap has been disabled. from what i'm told in ca help, this was an intentional decision that wasn't in the patch notes. From retro's post in the past, there was meant to be a minimum of one months notice that the transfer was ending what happened
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    bull****... for example... in granado espada it was all about teleports... PoE is all about teleports... you just GO TO WHERE THE FUN IS... it's not about the journey, sometimes you just want to be where you can do the thing you want and not waste time on the scenic road
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    Further, mole senses needs to work exactly the same way as surface prospecting on rock. Don't just tell me "there is iron nearby". Tell me the quality, how many veins, etc.
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    Automation is a lazy answer amishly. There was a suggestion a while ago that said we should be able to see how much longer a forge burns for linked to your firemaking skill. That seems MUCH better.
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    Mate I don't have knowledge of things I said four hours ago
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    Same thing happened to me just an hour ago on Independance. Decided to use an old rowing boat I'd not made use of for probably over a year. Got in, raised the anchor. All looked fine with the mooring anchor in the hold with zero decay damage. Picked it up and moved it into my inventory. It was just a quick boat trip, for less than 15 minutes. I got out, got what I'd made the trip to pick up, got back in and was rowing the quick trip back to the dock I planned to moor at. Noticed the anchor was no longer in my inventory, no longer in the rowing boat's hold. Disappeared as Furek described above. Fortunately I didn't mind just driving the rowing boat into the sand to disembark, but now its mooring anchor is gone. The anchor was maybe ql 27 if I recall correctly and had no damage. It was named 'Zoltan', I believe. So Furek, you're not the only one it's been happening to.
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    Scratch that, was last patch. Was an unintended side effect of the loyalty system transfer option, it was changed to only be available if the option was selected. Will see about having it re-enabled for the month of Feb and update here. Will be enabled on the end of Jan patch for one month until end of Feb patch. This is the full warning and I'll add it in next week's VI!
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    Ron died, his deed fell, and the looters came. They started camping his decaying buildings with eager eyes on Ron's prodigious loot. (His deed was one of the oldest on Xanadu after all.) What they didn't count on was the NEXA clan. We guarded our lost friend's treasure. We entered a cat and mouse game with the vultures, putting up new fences and bashing the looter's fences. We stood, vigilant, in hopes that when the walls fell, we would be there first. In the end, what the pirates didn't count on was the generosity of Rapidron, the man, the legend. On Thursday night, one of our clan members realized he had access to the buildings. Rapidron lived on in the Wurm permission settings! The clan teamed together and squared away all of Ron's stuff, protecting it... If I could have only seen the faces of the looters when they logged in to find the houses empty. (They had a wagon in one house, just waiting for the walls to fall.) This is a story of good vs. evil, better than a Star Wars trilogy! At the ultimate conclusion, it was friendship that won out! We will auction off Ron's stuff, in clan, and donate the proceeds to an animal-focused charity. Ron loved his animals, after all...
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    and what next? gunpowder and rifles? sorry but no, not in this game.
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    Back to ninja updates like in past. One step forward, 3 backwards. Why i am not surprised?
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    A peaceful camping trip alongside Samling Fjord in North Independence
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    You've just turned the argument completely on its head and missed the point. The real bottom line is that just because you enjoy these things, others should not be forced into it. If you like the random encounters, you're free not to use auto travel and will not begrudge you for that choice at all. No, it's a significant part for your experience. Other people like myself just sat on their deed crafting all the time because travel isn't a satisfying experience for us. I like (AKA take rather great offense on) how you're trying to imply that I'm being the unempathetic one with your first statement, which is quite transparently your very own shortcoming in this. I'm not trying to take your precious travelling away, where do you even get this from? Where did I say manual travel should not be an option anymore? Or what else even implied in my previous post that no one at all likes it? It's clearly you who should abide by the flip side of your first statement and accept not everyone is into the same stuff as you, rather than being a gatekeeping hypocrite. Basically: "muh MARKET" If you have to argue with complete conjecture and assumptions about an implementation that hasn't even happened, don't bother. Whoever said that auto travel cannot take traits and gears into the equation? Strawman argument. I'm already on an indefinite Wurm break, and insane travel times are precisely one major dealbreaker why that is. This does absolutely nothing to solve the problem though. Advocating for changes that would alleviate the problems that made me leave is the best next thing. So what precisely was the point of this imperative? Just a petty attempt to shoot down dissenters?
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    Thanks Cas No harm in asking a refund since these changes have not really been explained nor discussed. Getting assurances of some sort of "rebalancing without proper explanation or an option to give input does not promote trust.
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    So I probably shouldn't be commenting on this as I havent been around much lately but what I can see from reading some posts this change was just dropped on the player base with no advance notice or discussion. If im recalling things correctly the changes for Elevation were discussed by the devs and the players for a Long time before they were implemented so your comparison is without merit. Seems to me that anytime theres a planned change to the game that might have a dramatic effect on how people play the game there should at least be fair warning ahead of time. Guess maybe its this complete disregard for the players of this game that keeps me from coming back full time.
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    Paying in advance is always risky if You afraid of changes, but at an advantage of lower price per month. Wurm is always about preparation before playing. Like someone said in Valrei International topic, preparation of saccables in form of vegetables was simpliest one anyway, amongst other saccables. They mentioned few times that vegetables still will be valid anyway. When Elevation was reset for the first time, dozens of players lost hundreds of hours of work put into deeds and other things. Many months or even years of payed premium. Without refund. What makes You think that You get refund couse of some premmed priest?
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    this is excellent casting
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    Server Update – 10/01/2020 Added new command /deeds – shows all villages you are in on all servers and how much upkeep they have left Added “Amytis Theophrastus” title for 100 gardening – grats ladybug! Fixed a bug that caused xmas snowmans sometimes to not display their snowballs correctly Fixed rift decoration voucher not allowing selecting Rift stone 3/4
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    Life Pro Tip: never hide in a suitcase if there are any cats in the house. They don't like it.
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    Are you ready for dancing, Milady?
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    I cant help but still look at all the updates from Wurm. Tell every gamer I meet about it and try get them to play although I have not played in maybe 4 years or so. I just do not have the time and from experience I know that its a everyday grind. Just thought I would give a big congratulations to Rolf & team on the Multi-Story Houses and Bridges yet to be released. I remember these being spoke about years ago and honestly never thought I would see them. I can only imagine how much these 2 features would transform Wurm's villages & Battle grounds. Keep it up Dev Team! Maybe will come the day where I come back!
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    Except Wurm is an open world sandbox and you want to skip the open world because of convenience. Yes it can be tedious travelling over long distances so chose not to by living with your friends on same deed or use summon soul. Is like you get a girlfriend but only want to have sex every other interaction you refuse it and claim that they are tedious and not something you enjoy so her thinking is flawed for expecting to get those too. This is why talking to someone on the internet is useless. I explained to him 5 times by now that in order to get to an objective you can either pace yourself and do it in a longer time or grind the progress reach the objective faster but risk burning yourself out. Then i told him that i am aware if i take the 2nd choice then is going to be my fault i burned myself out not the fault of the objective requiring time and effort to be reached. So get my point or a multivitamin suppliment once a day to enhance your understanting of things being explained to you. Unless you think one thing then post another i have the right to be confident i know what you think. So my statement is valid and you just need another vitamin intake. Have you not found anywhere information that said Wurm is a slow pace game where you need alot of skills to do stuff? Blisters are not the main enjoyment of hiking they are the consequence of doing it too much without proper breaks. You can reach a summit by hiking without getting any blisters if you pace yourself they are not mutually exclusive. What you want however is to reach the summit in no time without blisters so you ask to be airlifted by a helicopter to the summit because you love nature and hiking but an airlift means you dont get to experience most of it. So you argue that you will enjoy the nature from the summit. Fair point is your preference but the people that organised the hike did it for the ones that are interested in actually doing it. You are repeating yourself so i will just copy paste answers for you at this point: Unless you think one thing then post another i have the right to be confident i know what you want. So my statement is valid and you just need another vitamin intake. I summon thee Rolf!! (just give him a bit of time he is slow in the mornings) I thought you played the game. You think they ended up with this design by accident? That they did not know what they were doing? Funny thing is that Rolf and Notch started this project then they argued over the design so Notch left to make Minecraft that is alot less grindy and Rolf stayed and made Wurm what it is today. So how much more of a proof do you need that Wurm is ment to be a grind by design?
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    Ok so you dismiss my arguments with a simple: says you Then proceed to present your arguments guess you are getting a: says you too. Wurm was not made for instant gratification and fast rewards you want that play Minecraft or Ark or similar titles. You come to Wurm and demand that is made simpler and more automated. Welcome to the club of the other 9999999 people that asked for it and did not get it.