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    expand deed. 7x7 1 day, add 1 tile in direction cave is for each day until slaying. mfw i hunt hatchlings that are worthless, makes hatchlings and dragons public, give away rare bones at 90% of public slayings and skulls at nearly every single one, give tomes away to my friends and have even done public giveaways of tomes via stream and local chat. your group literally doesn't even make humanoids public so i dunno why you're talking about greedy, but its hilarious how absolutely hypocritical you're being. hard to get 15 of your elitist group maybe, if you posted in GL you'd get 50+ people in no time thats a lie and you know it. ive got better things to do than argue semantics about whats stealing and what's taking unowned property but that quote is a straight up lie. Anyway, bias private hunt group is salty and biased, news at 11. Ive gotta get ready for work, blindly trusting a secretive group's one sided accusations when they cant even figure out who mined it out and instead scapegoat me is hilarious. Gonna take the train instead today so i can read all this salt on the way there/home.
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    During my time in Wurm I have seen all kinds of sillyness surounding uniques. People lay their claims, fight over them, argue with each other and even throw tantrums when they don't get their way. I am sure this causes division between players unecesarily, and surely headaches to staff. So here's my suggestion how to fix it. In regards to hatched uniques from eggs, nothing here applies and they work as normal. Make unique spawns similar to Rifts Unique spawns should create an area of influence at their spawn location which prevents terraforming and deed dropping in the affected area. Any off deed buildings present are not able to be repaired during the duration, and no fencing or new construction can be started until the event ends. This would effectively prevent the "penning" of uniques. Furthermore, make it so players have to be inside the area of influence to be able to attack, so archery from complete safety will not be a thing. Participation would be required. Tether uniques to the spawn area of influence Uniques would not be able to be kited outside this area or to a deed. Besides preventing uniques from being penned by skirting the system, this would prevent uniques from wandering and exiting the area of influence, or coming across player deeds where they could cause damage. Allow an unlimited amount of players to attack the unique and increase its total health (but not their health regen) This allows for more participation and time to show up before the unique is killed. It will also make small numbers of players trying to fight it have to stay there a longer time, without requiring an increase to the minimun of players present to kill it. It would also allow for more people to participate, without the unique "melting" to a barrage of damage from a large number of players, yet not increasing the difficulty or danger posed by them. Add a bar to the Mission Progress viewable to the server, similar to rifts The bar should reflect the unique's health. This allows everyone to know an unique has spawned in the server, if its being fought, and how much longer they have to get there. Make rewards automatically go to fighter's inventory Unique rewards such as bone, hats, and tomes should be randomly distributed to those present who participated significantly in the fight similar to how rifts reward players. Bloods, leather and scale should be rewarded to everyone who succesfully dealt damage to the unique. Amounts rewarded from these global rewards should be proportionate to how much damage the player does to the unique or how much healing was done. Larger participation should reward bigger amounts of scale/drake. Skull, meat and animal parts should be obtained from butchering as normal. Add a general location to the Mission Progress bar Similar to the location of avatars, there should be a general location of where the unique is. Given players won't be rewarded for finding and penning uniques any longer, it should be made clearer where they are so they can be found. --- The idea with this suggestion is to make uniques more available to more people and eliminate the arguments surrounding them. Giving everyone a chance at them and their rewards instead of a selected few of players would help accomplish this. Discuss!
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    How many threads must we have about dragons, when will the devs do something about this. Change the system and make it fair.
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    I've suggested this many times to staff - uniques should just pop to the surface every 12 hours. If you need more than 12 hours to gather 15 fighters, there's something wrong. Give a shout in global chat and you'll have 30 people there in no time. That way it's just for whoever is online, and nearby - not the same groups over and over again. There's some points I think every player will have varying opinions on. Some like the open loot to all local, some don't. Some like the fact you can pen them for later usage, some don't. If you don't like how uniques can mine out of caves you should make a suggestion, but until then, putting them into a mine to keep them away from the public is just as much griefing as it coming back out and being killed by someone else. Noble talk but the whole public red dragon incident on deli still sits fresh in my mind. It's not sustainable to do public slayings eh?
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    To say that I was completely mind blown by the actions of Oblivionnreaver this past weekend would be putting it mildly. I understand that game mechanics may have allowed him to do it, but the fact that he would actually do it just ... seriously blows me away. That he would go out of his way to do something like this speaks volumes about who he truly is. I think that someone needs to step in and tell him that he crossed a line that never should have been. If I were to mine around the perimeter of someone else's deed I would expect to be banned for griefing or at least be given a warning, and told not to do it again. I would expect to be told that is not a respectable way to behave or to treat other players. Play nice in the sandbox. There are written down game rules that we are all expected to follow, but there are also common courtesy, common sense rules that we all are expected to live by as well. Like ask the locals in the area you choose to settle in if what you would like to do is encroaching on them or their plans or, If it looks like someone is living there and using the place, most of us won't bash the fences and steal their live stock just because we can, another good one is, Don't rob your friends blind just because they gave you access to their stuff. Yanno, FAIR GAME PLAY rules. To have the outer edge of our perimeter mined out to promote the release of the unique penned in it is crossing the line. The fact that he would even try doing that is incomprehensible to me and the fact that a group of players came here and helped him do that to us is confusing me. Is there some thing we did to you to make you dislike or disrespect us? I would NEVER do that to anyone. I honestly am confused. Some of you are people we considered friends so to have you help him do this is something I do not understand. We completely get that it is fair game on uniques when they are free and running around but once someone has it penned down it's no longer free for the taking. Move on, another one will spawn. Some times we catch them, sometimes you do, well done for you when you do. But for you to come here and take ours away from us by mining the area surrounding our deed, there is no simpler way to put it, that is straight up a d#%k move and is griefing us and should be dealt with as such. This greedy selfish inconsiderate act needs to be addressed. I think we need some clear rules in place to stop players from doing things like Oblivionnreaver did to us this past weekend. Keep the players as honest as you can by setting out clear guidelines as to what is exceptable behaviour and what is not. Removing the huge financial gain from the uniques drops will help lessen Oblivionnreaver's greedy lust for them, I vote to remove tomes from unique drops, add them to rifts as a rare random drop, perhaps then he can spend his time chasing those instead of griefing us. Change the way the hide and scale is divided between the players, only people who actually hit the drake get a piece, there is a limit to how many players can be fighting so less chance for lots of extra alts left standing in local getting a piece of the loot just for being close by, players must be premium for 3+ months at least and have a certain fight skill level for their hits to count. Changing if they can be penned is not the answer to this problem, it will just make it more impossible for them to be killed, it is hard to get 15+ players together at one time for the skills required to kill them in a short period of time. I also see problems with new players being killed by them and properties being damaged. Perhaps removing the twitter feeds and in game public announcements of them spawning and rework how they are spawned, so it's more of a random stumble on to them like other animals. In our group most of the players are just trying to make themselves a nice set of armour, yes we have some senior players who have their sets already made but the largest part of our group are players working on making their first set. Our group is not about greed and financial gain. Any money gained from the unique kills is divided evenly amongst the players who participate and assist in the capture of a unique. It is not going to one player who is exploiting the system. Our group is not an elite group, it is open to any player that is an active responsible member of the Deliverance community. We do not go to other servers to try to take their uniques away from them, nor would we try to take one away from another player who has found one or caught one on Deliverance before us. We WILL defend our rights to keep one we found first though and if we came upon players who had found a unique before us we would NEVER try to lure it away or take it from them. Again FAIR GAME PLAY. This is not something that should be overlooked or brushed aside, this kind of behaviour needs to be addressed.
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    'We do not go to other servers to try to take their uniques away from them, nor would we try to take one away from another player who has found one or caught one on Deliverance before us. We WILL defend our rights to keep one we found first though and if we came upon players who had found a unique before us we would NEVER try to lure it away or take it from them. Again FAIR GAME PLAY.'
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    Nope. We'd more than likely petition the devs to change the mechanics before interfering in that kind of an issue.
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    Perhaps the way unique loot is handled should be randomly handed out to anyone logged into the server whether they hunt it or not or are slaying, land a hit, or are in local. This would take the money thing away, i know bad idea but, last couple public slaying i attended had so many dang alts there to get there 0.02kg of hide and blood potion, you couldn't land a hit if you wanted. After that i know why the slayings tend to be invite only. The best solution i think would be to make a new server with Valrei Pantheon based themes and quests and dungeon crawls where you might get loot of rare mobs like from rifts, etc. Would be more fun than the missions and may eliminate some of this fighting over unique's and penning them.
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    I've said this many times before. You do not OWN a unique. You just don't. It spawns on the server randomly. If you find it and kill it, good for you, but that doesnt mean that if you pen it improperly and someone else takes it, that it was yours and was stolen, nope, it just means you don't know how to pen
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    "IT'S A SANDBOX!!" ... Yeah, you can fk with people on the PvE server where they can't hit back... "sandbox". There should be a new rule where players found to be acting against other players on PvE become fair game for ganking regardless of server. "It's a sandbox!!" indeed.
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    Server Update – 07/02/2019 (which i forgot to post earlier ) You can now preserve food items using beeswax Preserved food items are no longer edible or usable in recipes but turn into decorations instead Only items that can be eaten or used for cooking and are not liquids can be preserved They can be planted/secured and will not go into piles They won’t decay on deed and decay veeeery slowly in general They can be painted Quality and rarity of the original item is preserved Server Update – 20/02/2019 Fixed bug that allowed Libila drain power to be used on players and NPCs on otherland (HotS) server Libila priests now have access to Mend spell
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    I agree there Angelkaine, changing it to landing blow only gets loot might stop the myriad of alts.
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    Yup, alt using in pvp and in unique slayings should be looked into. That just causes drama that none of us needs.
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    Rewarding people who don't even make an effort to be present is ridiculous to me. Those present should be rewarded. Those who help kill it should get a chance of a drop. Hell, I'd make it that if you don't help kill it, you get nothing, thus stopping alt hoarding. Just look at how other games do it.
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    I get the frustration but feel it may be misdirected some. The game mechanics are what they are, so you penned to keep it for your group for a later time. The dragon mines cause it don't want to be in there , a mechanic to address penning. it mines out of the deed. it is then able to be killed by anyone at that point. yes frustrating, but maybe ask for mechanics change if you don't like how uniques behave instead of then pointing the rage at players. There wasn't anything illegal done and you can't hold someone else responsible for however you deeded nor the dragon deciding to say nah and mine out. Its never gone well when any body attempts to claim proprietorship of a unique that cannot be tamed or dominated or owned from the games random spawns. The best we have now is to work within the mechanics we have until it's changed.
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    If I find and tame an alert unicorn and bring it home and pen it, it now belongs to me. Unique mobs are exactly the same thing just more dangerous.
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    so you are saying it should just be a free for all grief fest because its a sandbox game!! SANDBOX!! most people on pve servers get along and dont do this kind of thing and like it that way. People that like to grief and play that style of game play pvp and we can see how those numbers are looking..
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    https://www.grubhub.com/ They order food online
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    That has the problem of people going ahead and selling it "WTS rare steel 99ql LMS Can't be crafted!", I've been offered such gm spawned items in the past. Personally i think every item should only be player crafted and gm spawned items should stick to starter towns and whatnot but that's my own opinion. I don't feel that preventing things that can be crafted from being spawned would change much, the "GM SPAWN ONLY" items fetch quite a premium
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    Looks like I missed you being on (posting this 3 hours after your post), but if you're northeast Independance and would like a Fo conversion and see my character Zoltan on, /tell Zoltan to let me know and I'll give you one. Zoltan lives at Fort Buda deed, which is on the western shore of that bay on the north coast of northeastern Independance. If you're unable to work out getting converted, send me a PM here and we can try to schedule a date/time to arrange it.
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    It needs to be less drastic. Right now the dramamine supplies at my home are low because of this. Huehuehue.
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    If the issue was Comcast, would we see the packet loss (*) at the comcast markers instead of Hetzner's? FYI -- I'm playing other games, no issues. Problem is not comcast