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    going back to the topic of the new player experience, i have noticed that new players trying to use the ingame recruitment boards to find a deed to join and they are always empty because nobody uses them to find new players. and when asking on ca help they are told to use the forums which works sometimes but its slow and often recruitment topics are years old and havent had any replies for months, which makes the game look dead. i dont have a solution for that but that is a real problem. a problem with a much simpler solution is the wierd names of the chat channels, would it be so hard to change the names of the channels on pve servers from "ca help" to just "help" "freedom" to "server" and "gl-freedom" to "global" ?
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    Hello all! We’re still working on the first part of the Exploration Update, which we are happy to announce will be arriving on May 31st. There are a few important things to mention about this update, however. We had previously set a date of June 28th, 2021, as the day we would sunset the old UI client. We decided to skip this due to issues with the new client. Well, Budda has been hard at work on making inroads into solving some of the more significant problems with the new client, including the performance issues many have reported. As a result, we will be retiring the old UI client on July 1st, 2022. Please make your issues with the new client known in this thread so that we can address them before this date. The thread also includes some of the changes made to the new client, which are available for testing on the Test Server. Since we will be sunsetting the old UI client, the features found in the Exploration Update will not be present in the old UI version. We will also be retiring JNLP support on the same day as the old UI client. If you use the launcher, this will not affect you. If you have issues using the launcher, please make them known in this thread. All of this is to help free us up to push forward into newer versions of Java and reduce the amount of work a client update takes due to supporting multiple versions and aging deployment infrastructure. With that being said, I wanted to talk about the recent video from Josh Strife Hayes. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend giving it a watch here. One thing I’ve struggled with since stepping up into the manager role has been determining what we’re going to be doing after this Exploration Update is complete. This is precisely why I’ve yet to release a more in-depth road map. This is not for lack of ideas; we have enough ideas to keep Wurm going for a long time between you all and the development team. It’s a matter of priority and what would be best for the game as a whole. The clear response from that review is that we need to fix what is broken, polish the rougher edges, and focus on the new player experience. I still intend for us to work on PvP and decor in the months after Exploration is finished, as I mentioned in a previous thread, and I still plan for us to review some of the skills that we have and improve on them. I believe these things can be done alongside a more “back to basics” approach. We touch on the new player experience every few years, but it’s essential to review how new players see and learn the game. I also want to check other game areas and see how a new player would approach them. Some things, like meditation, are arguably essential to the gameplay due to the bonuses but are nigh on impossible to discover without help. That is not to say that everything should be easily found out, this is Wurm, after all, but we should be doing a better job introducing some mechanics earlier on. Finally, I want to thank you all for the patience and support you have given us. The guidance and feedback from the community help shape our decisions every day. I feel we all share the same goal of keeping Wurm going and growing. Happy Wurming!
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    It appeared to me In a dream KALI-MAH THE HEART RIPPER No joke I had a dream that I found a Forest Giant called Kali-Mah and I get on Wurm and there it is - a Hardened Forest Giant. Come and kill this beast from my dreams, so you can get woodcutting potion and chop wood. Somehow it fit into the mine at Bruce's Flying Circus, N13
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    my personal favourite is the monthly "they put in a monthly skin and now X" I should make a bingo card for it really "wow I can't hit trolls at all since today's skin update" "has anyone been having trouble with casting a good coc since the new skin was put in" "they put in a monthly skin and now my 70% creation chance has failed 5 times in a row"
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    It's wurm, if someone's not telling you you're wrong, are you really on the forums?
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    I also want to say your expectations are too high, you're comparing Paradox Interactive, with 100x more employees than Wurm, to have the resources that Paradox has. 90% of your complaint boils down to you expect A-AAA standards from an absolutely tiny dev team, they are unrealistic expectations and you need to temper them.
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    The same reason you use them. Preference. And also because I don't need a search bar or icons to find things. That's why I have a sort by name function and why my inventory has inventory groups. That's how I've done it for 10+ years and how I'd like to continue to do so.
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    Beauty and the Beast...
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    Daily cup of coffee to get 10min sb resets at what 24h or usual 16-18 hours after you had your last?(what was it..) tie it to /uptime and not /servertime lets not make random new wild checks.. afaik nothing else is tied to /servertime, there are already other things tied to /uptime and server restarts.. server restarts aren't that common.. 10min sb wont be that overpowering to get with maintenances(or will be?)
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    Note that whenever the game changes over to winter, and later back to non-winter, the launcher does its patching thing. This also happens when there's a new skin. Those events cause somewhere from one to three patching events per real life month, but they are purely graphics related, the client does *not* change version number for them.
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    My favorite thing to do is any game is decorating and designing. I have seen some amazing things by other Wurmians and also come up with some nifty ideas myself. I also get asked a lot "How did you do that?!" So this thread is to show others how we achieve those very things. We are very limited in Wurm with objects to decorate with so we have to get creative! Please share below any ideas you have also seen or come up with, don't forget to tell us HOW you did it I highly recommend taking a look at this thread "Unique design ideas we've come across" by Ayuna and checking out JosuhaCalvert and KatsPurr Wurm streams when they travel across all the servers exploring other peoples deeds. The FIRST thing you need to know about is placement snapping. We all know you can place objects anywhere you like but did you know that if you hold down ALT while placing a object it SNAPS to certain places on the ground! Holding down CTRL while placing a object does the same thing but in even smaller increments. This makes stacking things so much easier. Another great way to stack things directly on top of each other is to select many items at once and then place them. If you don't move your mouse at all you can place them all in the exact same spot. You can place up to as many items as you have actions. The higher your Mind Logic is the more actions you have. To select more than one item from your inventory at once just click on the first one then hold shift and click the last item you want to place. This will highlight all those objects at once. We also know you can rotate things while holding them by using the mouse wheel, but did you know that if you hold down SHIFT while rotating you can FREELY rotate it to almost any angle you like? A lot of objects in Wurm have slots. Slots are invisible points located on objects that allow you to place other things on top of them, like tables etc. With those 4 nifty tips in mind lets get on with the ideas! (Some of these are no brainer's and things you probably already knew about, so I apologize in advance for boring you with those lol) Built in Bookcases: Build a T arch wall and then place a High bookshelf inside each side of the arch. It will give the illusion of being built in. Also for those that want to place more than the 15? allowed items on one bookcase just stack another directly over the top Did you know that you can place objects on Beds? Coffee Table: Place 4 Coffers on top of each other using the methods above. This can be tricky to do as they have slots on top so the coffer will want to be placed on top of the other coffer instead of the ground. Just move you mouse around until you find that sweet spot that allows you to place it in the same space as the other. Rotate each one around until you come up with a octagon. Vase of flowers: Place a Marble Planter (I like to stack 2 or more on top of each other for a fuller look, more on that later) then place a coffer in the exact same spot. The Marble Planter will show just enough of it to look like a vase. Flower pots and potted plants: I use Flower Pots to death lol, I also recently saw someone use the Tea Plant as a potted plant. You will be surprised how good some of the herbs and spices look out of that rack. If you take 2 different colored flower pots and then stack them in the same spot and turn one of them slightly you will get a nice full multi colored flower pot. You can use more than 2 colors or just the same color. If you place some flower pots or any object for that matter on a Small Bedside Table, you can then push it into a stone wall with a window and give it the illusion of it sitting IN the actual window. Be careful with this because if you push it too far into the wall you wont be able to grab it to move it again. Take a Small Bucket and place it in the exact same spot as a tea plant to get a different look for the planters, you can also do this with any of the herbs, spices or flowers. Curtains: This one has been a hit with anyone that has seen it so far. I got the idea from a alliance member and then just tweaked it a bit to come up with the ones I am going to show you now. Take 2 Banners and place them either side of your window. If you place them from the outside (ground level) they will sit lower, if you place them from inside on a floor they will sit higher. Push them into the wall so only one small section can be seen inside the window on each side. Make sure to push them far enough into the wall as they do move in the breeze. You can dye them any color you like too! Unfortunately this will not work for the wooden walls Arbor: Bell Cots used in making Bell towers make great arbors! Wall Signs: If you push a Large or Small Sign into a thick wall you can hide the pole and it will look like its hanging from the wall. I have seen someone get it to hide the whole sign and only show the writing too! I have never been able to get that to work but I guess it is possible Toilets: Okay this one is a bit silly but I really wanted something else in my bathroom apart from a tub sooooo I came up with this lol Its a Sandstone Altar and a empty flower pot or planter pot in front. It looks best with the sandstone altar as that matches the pot almost perfectly. You can also place a stool inside the flower pot to look like a lid on the toilet and then you can sit on it too. I just didn't like the legs poking out the bottom a little so I took it away. If stone is not your thing how about a wood loo?! Use a unfinished Beehive, a unfinished small bucket and a small barrel. Bathtub: I yoinked this idea from Joshua's Villa Updates, and I think he yoinked it from somewhere else lol. Place one of the new Wall Fountains in a wall, then just place a Huge Tub under the water. It looks like the fountain is filling the bath. You can add a stool inside to sit in it and there are actually slots on the Huge Tub to place items if you want. I have seen a grooming brush placed on one before to look like a scrubbing brush. Flower Fountain: I saw this at a disbanded deed and had to have it on my own. I added a Bell Tower to it as well. Just place as many flower pots as you want inside the bottom of either a Fountain or Ornate fountain, then place a Bell Tower over the top. easy! Add Greenery!: You will be surprised how much of a difference just a little greenery will make to a area. Use flowers, Trellis, herbs or spices to give a splash of color and freshness to your rooms. Trellis Stacking: Speaking of Trellis, if you stack 2 different kinds of trellis over each other it will give it a nice full look and add a little depth. I like to use Ivy over Rose the most. Also if you push the trellis into a thick wall JUST enough so that you hide the wooden part, then it looks like the trellis is climbing on the actual wall! More Trellis Stacking: I saw this on one of my explorations and thought it looked really nice, I then added some large planters under the trellis so it looks like they are growing out from them. Barrel Stacking: I got this idea from my ally Borstaskor. He used it to place small barrels. Place your Wine Barrel Rack on the ground grab a Empty Shelf and place your second Wine Barrel Rack on the middle shelf, then place it over the top of the first Wine Barrel Rack. I found I needed to do it in that order or the bottom rack will want to sit on the bottom shelf or you cant get the second rack onto the middle shelf while it is already over the first rack. Still Stacking: Saw this one at a friends deed. This is great if you don't have a lot of room in your Cellar/Brewery for all your stills and keeps them nice and close for easier access. Again this can be tricky as Stills also have a slot on them, so trying to place them over the top of each other will make them want to actually sit on top of each other. Just move your mouse around to find that sweet spot. Once you have your stills placed over each other (16 can be rotated in the one spot) rotate them until they form a circle, or half circle in my case, like in the image below. Shelf Stacking: The Empty Shelf is such a great object to add some extra decor to Planter racks or Amphora racks. The rack parts are all the EXACT same model. So they fit perfectly over each other. I recommend decorating the empty shelf first and then stacking it over the top of one of the others, makes it a bit easier. If I remember any others I will post them here too Happy Wurming everyone! Cant wait to get inspired from decorating tips by you all!
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    I do not understand the random aggression or questioning of my want for a minimalistic GUI setting. I am not asking for the devs to take anything away from anyone else: I simpy want an option for straight edges around the windows (not that slanted top one with an invisible overlay that's in the screenshots featured in the thread) and for the majority of the information to be printed in text instead of GUI icons. I am not asking for anyone else's preferred GUI to be removed or altered.
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    I don't have a screenshot handy, but I also like to hide doors behind large bookcases, for that whole secret passage feel. I also turned an open passageway into a little reading nook by lining up 3 large bookcases across the arch and placing some chairs and a small tripod table, some candles etc. Looked like a cosy room but walk through the bookcases and you are on a bridge to the next building.
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    How can you say all this, then point out you havent read that budda returned lol
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    Wurm's anniversary is approaching fast. Please consider opening up the border between NFI and SFI. More player interaction and more trading opportunities are good things for this sandbox.
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    there's priority to actions.. this one just needs to be given a higher one or be excluded from such que.. whichever makes it instant to execute, I can examine items while doing other things... this is no different, cancels player attacking animation, and removes an iron from enemy hud on screen, at least that's the client visible feedback dont think it should interrupt anything at all, it's not doing more than canceling an action unrelated to work/creation/anything with going action timer few months ago if not a year... somebody played around with the priority/queue or w/e for actions.. around the feedback from sindusk being able to grind 5-10-15 skills at once and perform just about "anything" at once simultaneously(over exaggeration), but that lead to some changes.. whoever worked on the "balance" could be familiar with these action ques.
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    Reintroduce the rewards that were available from the previous Personal Goals system into the final Journal category "Destinations Unknown." Gives more players an opportunity to obtain decent sorcery items, as well as reintroduces wands of the seas and huge eggs for events Also, make the master cape dyeable or at least make color runes work on it. Like, c'mon, why is the final reward not customizable in any way
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    maybe some kind of specialty goals would be better than the random stuff the personal goals used to be, maybe after the first couple of tiers on the journal you could be able to choose from different options to continue in a way that lets you do things you actually want to achieve(even if they are dificult) instead of forcing you do to things you hate to get the rewards. say after the first steps entry is claimed you can choose "the wanderers path" " the fighters path" "the smithing path" etc and you can only chose one. with goals oriented to the path you chose. as this would be something people want to achieve the rewards would be less important.(maybe a diferent title for every path) or have this other goal paths separated from the current journal if that would be easier or fit better, that doesn't matter. Edit: yes maybe i should keep my own ideas off this topic but im saying if we are thinking about a way to bring more goals to people what i propose here could be nice, if the suggestion here is just a way to bring back the same rewards people got before then my ideas wont make sense.
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    I have a dreadful experience with g1gc, so I run shendandoah instead for less microstutter. The current Java8 runtime isn't compiled with shendadoah support, so overriding via _JAVA_OPTIONS doesn't work. There are a few issues on Linux that are caused by the old version of JFX that would be obsoleted by updating Java anyway. Dito for a few crashes in native code on Windows. If those two issues are fixed I can probably archive my own launcher that I've written and return to the official one.
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    Do you think we could benefit from a new thread section on forums for game suggestions.. of different type.. basically QoL changes to existing mechanics for better gameplay experience to existing and future players? Start new topic with short video showing your struggles with whatever it is, ridicule it if you must, but be civil, idea is to show how annoying some features could be, or how tedious specific actions could take you on a path of overcomplicating simple things with series of operations and such. Thoughts?
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    Not sure if I will attend or not but it's in my neighborhood so I thought I would map it out: It's here: https://xanadu.yaga.host/#3412,4571 Time: https://www.niarja.com/universes/online/rifts A view of the spot. There's about a 100 bears in the area too if you need some fur.
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    TL;DR: I'm not here to complain or put the game down, I am genuinely enjoying it (i am new to the game), but wow fishing feels exceptionally awful. ----------------------------------------------------- I made myself a fishing pole with hook, float, and bait. I understand the game is old and its mechanics are shallow and that's totally fine. I don't really care that I need to click, i don't really care that it could then take like 3 minutes to reel in a potential catch. I don't mind that I have to constantly repair my fishing pole. I don't mind that I need to occasionally replace the float, hook, and bait.. But, what I do mind, is that the time investment vs reward is logically not worth doing it for any other reason than completionism. Is there a reason to do fishing? does it get better? Should I be creating higher quality poles, hooks, etc? I don't understand why anyone would do fishing. I will literally starve to death before i can feed myself. I understand there are nets and other ways to fish, but that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking specifically fishing poles. If they are so bad, why do they exist? :P Again though, i love the game, i got it a few months ago and have had two long spurts of playing now and I'm up to 140 hours in game. I think the game is great, but this is one thing that constantly irritates me in the game.
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    I'm still waiting for the ability to bulk store rod fishing consumables. Bait, floats, etc. Everything should be able to be bulk stored, so you don't need to prep for an unreasonably long time every time you want to rod fish, especially if you fish infrequently, like once a week. Oh, and maybe make the +10% ql gather rune work on fishing equipment. Fishing is supposedly not a gathering skill at the moment but butchering is
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    A map is just terrain. It won't by itself provide story, lore, or purpose. You have to bring those things to the game, or find mods that can add quests, treasure chests, etc You would need mods to add things like "interesting mobs to kill" etc. There are mods that add interesting new monsters. A map is just the canvas.
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    i dont understand why personal goals were deleted that was a nice addition that took few days of my life
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    Starting bid: 10 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: not accepted
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    Checking on this now. The new graphics options don't change how the current settings profiles work, so everything will work exactly the same. They are solely for taking care of performance related graphical options automatically so you don't have to worry about them if you don't want to.
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    Sure, will try have that to you within the next 24 hours. Currently at work. Sent. Enjoy!
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    nobody wants to take it away from people who use it, we dont want to be forced to use it.
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    I'll just repeat what I posted in the Client thread here in case anyone has the same issues with the new UI looking too large for them. The below settings can be changed to scale the UI, and at the lower end you can essentially make it smaller than the Old UI.
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    Thank you for the comms @keenan, as always much appreciated. Tbh I agree that the new player experience should be the priority number one after the exploration update gets released (and polished, bugs will happen obviously). One trait of dying MMOs is that dev time is given to retaining players instead of recruiting new players into an MMO. This simply delays the inevitable. Subconsciously (or perhaps consciously) all players know this. The new player tutorial, first days, first experience, what they can do, how they interact with the world and chat is crucial. To this end I would support things like starter town NPC's that maybe give players quests (and rewards) to : build your first house, found your first deed, learn how combat works, etc. Players have been adamant in the past when NPC's were first suggested but the reasoning (and flawed as it still is ) that Wurm is a player driven game. Players guide other players. This was perhaps true when Wurm had 10 000 monthly active players and new people were always around starter towns and vets there to guide them. This is simply not true anymore. Timezones issues and the like has lead to very depopulated servers and new players are often lost. They are lost in the tutorial and they are lost in starter towns. They need a guide , a "game story arc" to guide them. Definition of game story arc : how you want to guide players initially so they learn the ropes or give them a sense of direction when they are unsure what to do. Wurm is a HUGE game. It is easy to get lost especially with having so many outdated mechanics. Combat interface for example doesn't tell you how much damage you are doing, how much you are receiving, it's a very sterile and benign experience. It takes weeks if not months to "get a feel" for combat in Wurm. Hope something is done to improve new player experience.
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    Thanks for the Thread Keenan. One point I want to rise is that in my opinion you need not only point a new player into the direction of a skill or mechanic but also make the basics understandable without a diploma, make different skills behave the same way and at least the lower skill level obtainable without going several miles out of the way of general gameplay. Some skills that need a review in my opinion are meditation (why can I go one or more days, meditate all I can and dont get a single skilltick? not understandable for a new player), animal husbandry (or horse lottery as I call it), Rod fishing (spear fishing is fine, but rod fishing is so overengineered its off putting and way to much work to bother with) and skilling shields (almost impossible to rise during regular gameplay). Thank you for your time and work and I look forward to exploration.
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    Located at G-9 on Melody, right on the water. Just go into the Gold mine door for pick up! Delivery is extra depending on location. Work in progress, more to come! Products Ovens Regular stone 90ql - 2s Rendered 90ql - 2s Slate 80ql - 1s Forges Regular Stone 90ql - 2s Rendered 90ql - 2s Slate 80ql - 1s Smelters RARE RENDERED 90QL - 15s Regular Stone 90ql - 3s Kiln Rendered 90ql - 2s Kits Guard tower - (500clay, 500bricks 100planks) -2s Colossus - (2000 clay, 2000 colossus bricks) 6s C.R.A.P. 1000 51.25ql Woad - 1s (with bsb) 1.5s Activated strange devices - Turrets (Fire/Frost) - 1s Creature Cages 50ql 1.5s Long bow, Willow 47ql with 68c - 50c Small copper braziers - 30ql - 1s Waystones 20ql or higher - 50c Carving knife iron (skiller) 33ql 84c - 1s Hammers iron 70ql with 57-59c - 30c 82ql whetstone 71c - 50c 82ql whetstone 51c - 30c 70ql rake iron 80c - 80c 35ql butchering knife iron 81c - 80c Brown bear helm, 89.80ql -70c Pickaxe iron 70ql 66STS, 41c - 70c Pickaxe iron 60ql 61c - 50c Pickaxe iron 60ql 65c - 50c Shovel 70ql 62c - 50c Stone Chisel iron 70ql 47w 45c - 50c Demon Helms - iron 69 & 70ql - 1s each More to come...
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    Thank you! Got the liquids too, work like a charm. Great service
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    I was on Eclipse, but sold my old cd's years ago. Was a blast for its time, i do miss being a Scout and Ranger. Got a selfie with Jabba once!
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    An excellent merchant. Fast service and would happily order from in the future.
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    what you got against grannies? lol i want to see granny goblin. it would be a piece of wurm lore making its way into the wurm world. sounds cool.
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    Xanadu events are always the adventure. Set sail with my priest an hour ahead of time and got there just in time to summon my other four toons logged in on 4 different computers to prevent creating a black hole. Got my main in position at the last second to take a few swings at the dragon. So far so good. Now to take the long journey back and try to find my second boat which I had to abandon at the border at open sea. After 3 hours of sweeping the northern shores I gave up and went to bed. Spent another hour looking for it today and finally found it 50 tiles further than I thought it would be. Xanadu is unforgiving. In the end, happy to have participated and glad to have helped the sermons. Great memories. Cya next time!