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    I'm no mathematician, but it looks like Wurm will enter its year 1100 in less than three months from now. Sometime in March or April 2021 maybe? Looks like a centenary is something that only happens once in every 11 real-world years and therefore might be a cause for celebration. Are the devs planning something? If not, maybe the community should?
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    It is my hope that the rift today will give then the valuable info that they need, last rift I did not have time to participate, but even on my deed it was very laggy.
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    I'm proud to announce that O21-O23 canal reached it's max depth and is fit for all the ships now. Enjoy sailing
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    simple, same way the token prevents you from selling enchanted items, prevent fueling forges with enchanted tools or at least add a warning window, so if you for some reason want to get rid of your supreme mallet, you can still do it but not on a mistake
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    WTA Sufferance - 92QL Rare Silver Staff (Nim 101, LT 92, CoC 93, MS 94) This is a very rare opportunity to buy a unique and deadly weapon. Sufferance was forged by myself using @Oversixfinest silver and then enchanted by our most exalted priests @Tourniquet(Vynora) and@Lethyria(Fo). Starting bid: 20 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: None Buyout: None Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: Not Accepted
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    When I was a young hunter My bull took me into the steppe To see a black dragon He said, "Son, when you show up Would you be the stabber of the dragon At 7pm UTC Sunday?" He said, "Will you defeat them? For scale, and potions of carpentry That's planned to be rolled off?" "Because one day, I'll get there early To lead you in the cave To kill the black dragon" We're on the map! X17, Y31 Dress code is emo/goth (pastel/neon goth is both legitimate and allowed) Fabricant is challenged with getting MCR Midis Get there early because I only wait if a GM tells me of crossing issues. Light breezes cannot and will not stop me
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    +1 to the suggestion. Maybe belonging here too: a total of volume used in b/fsb and bcu shelf.
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    Renames should in general display at the front end rather than the back end. This would then automatically provide for the OP. #1.
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    agreed. lets be honest... not all cheeses are pressed from milk... most are fermented cheese (and need to be placed in a stable environment. usualy cool enough to slowly ferment... like underground caves *winkwink* ) so this makes perfect sense, as a frogy that part about pressing milk into cheese always bugged me XD
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    Advertising is best done when it comes alongside a "hook" for people to latch onto. For example, launching a new server or a major content update. When you have something new coming out, you advertise to peak interest in it before you sell it to consumers. If there's a partnership with MMORPG to just say "hey come try this game" then it's not going to do much. If there's a partnership where their site will promote an upcoming Wurm Online update with a front page banner ad, then we're in business.
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    Since I said I wanted a screenshot, here's my contribution. You can't beat the comfyness of an oak forest.