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    We constantly gather information about client hacks and since the last update we have gone through our logs and found the following to have used them: Masaykh Sayuri Theoddsock Einwurmian Kaahn Foxdrop Lordneon Marley Farseer Darkneon Rookeh Jellyman Richuk Oddsock Kurosaru Clonie Fatemonger Meanzie Jonneh Skaven Bluemoonrising Mephistopheles Throud Shikohadou Fabern Susie Eggbaconandspam Davieg Soloriding Jakebullard Stoman Sayuri Randomhavocz There is no doubt these accounts have used modified clients to connect to Wurm and they are subsequently permanently banned. We will never stop improving our detection techniques and using any sort of hacks is a great risk you take. We constantly gather data which sometimes takes time to look through. In case you do use hacks of any sort that we detect you may be banned at any time afterwards even if you just try it once. This means you think you're safe then one day your account is worthless and all your effort is void which may be the case in some of these cases.
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    Greetings everyone! Welcome to a special breaking edition of the Valrei International, we've come in early with LOTS of new stuff, and with good reason, it's going live next week! To farm those likes prior to launch, I've participated in three drinking contests, two feats of strength, and a one man rendition of les miserables, the things I do to bring you the news... But I digress, there's lots here that has had me excited to the point of losing manliness points, so let's get right in! Samool joins the team As many of you may recall, Samool joined us last year as a volunteer client developer, with a focus on getting the 4.0 client launched. With that done, he began work on some other aspects and has introduced some awesome features, as well as addressed some pesky issues within the client. Today we're happy to announce he has joined the Wurm team in a contracted position, and will continue to work on adding awesome features to the client, including the new preview version, and something I get to reveal tonight! A little to the left if you've ever tried placing an item in just the right spot on the ground, you know it's a major hassle of pushing, pulling, gently pushing and pulling, swearing, crying and throwing cobs of corn at it, but that's about to change See through dye? what is this madness? In the next update, you'll be able manually place items on the ground! Simply select drop > place via the menu, and you may move an image of the item around. Holding ctrl while moving will align to small grids, while holding alt will moving will move in larger grids. Scrolling the mouse wheel will rotate the model. Once you have lined up the perfect place, simply left click, and it appears exactly where you intended! A quick mystery solved, just drop the barrel! You'll need to be able to drop the item from your inventory, so no placing of forges or ovens, but this should help those OCD types with neatly arranging their deeds, just in time for something else well wood you look at that! A long long time ago, every boat had a different texture based on wood type, which allowed players to show off their choices in style, cherry boats had a reddish hue, with willow being a grey, and the best type, olive, being a warm yellow. With the introduction of new boat models, to save development strain and improve performance, only one texture came, which is the boat models you see now, but soon... I like big boats and I cannot lie sail away sail away sail away, enya would be so jealous As you can see above, next update boat hues based on wood type will be returning! wood choice will now change the hue of the hull, and thanks to Saroman and Samool's work, will not require loading a dozen textures! That's not all though... you'll be wagon your tails in these beauties I cart believe how awesome these are! These new hives are the bees knees! That's right, wood effects are coming back, and in force! From bee hives, to chairs, to buckets, bsbs, fsbs, carts, crate racks, catapults, and beyond, Saroman has been hard at work adding in the effects of all wood types on wooden models. His workshop is a gigantic mess of all things wooden, with his friendly supervisor looking on. Lunch breaks are strictly monitored and given every five days As this is such a large work, we currently plan this in a few stages, with more coming out each stage, so stay tuned for that to come Placing items, wood colours returning, you can definitely see why I've been so excited for this special edition of the news, but I STILL have more to share! Introducing... Tickled pink damn, I used the pun in the title! Nope, that's not Photoshop! For those crafty enough to study the pixels of the above image, they may notice that the sail is a different colour compared to the boat, and that's coming too! We'll be introducing the ability to dye the sail separately to the rest of the ship, requiring less dye, and allowing for greater showing off, the colours are more vivid, and don't turn the boat the entire shade too, meaning you can show off your wood type AND favourite colour. But also... I may have purple bedsheets too The real news, wurmians work out how to remove the books before painting the bookcase! Pick a seat, any seat! No getting dye on the handles? Now that's progress Spidermans partyknarr Yep, the personalisation doesn't end at sails, we've also added better dye systems to many things, allowing you to colour the cushions of your chair, the sheets of your bed, and most importantly, banners! Preview client The preview 4.1 client work is ongoing, with some issues being addressed prior to public soft launch, with it becoming available during the update that brings all of these goodies live, which is currently scheduled for next Thursday, 8th of February. I hope you're all as excited as I am to see these come, and just what else is in store (I've heard VERY exciting rumours, that just get better and better! So buckle up, get your wood supplies ready, and as always, keep on wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team!
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    Hello everyone, Since the original poster of this problem asked for his post to be closed, I repost here. What happened? Simply, Bashur got something none of us ever got before - a name change. Initially I was somehow on Bashur's side... the guy just wanted to return to game after his IP (not character) ban was lifted and a lot of people acted like kiddies who didn't wanted their toys shared with a new guy. Yet, my ideas are totally changed now. This really looks like a bribe towards the developers. And once a favor was made, there can't be any trust that more and bigger favors won't be done again in the future. Only two days ago, Rolf himself, said here that: What happened in these two days that made Rolf clearly change a rule that is clearly stated on official pages: Now please allow me to quote from another official post of Oracle, from the GMs Hall: How could we trust that such favors or even bigger ones won't be given again in the future once you break out trust in the first place? I would really love to see an official position about this. Later edit: Rolf answered this. My last thoughts (after finishing selling my account - a decision I took as result of this incident): I'm sure that for most of us the problem with this decision was not the action itself or its direct consequences; after all everyone knows that IanRose is now named Bashur and he is no PVP star even so. But the problem is the dangerous precedent it created. Far now, we are all equals in front of rules. Rich or poor, famous or anonymous, seasoned veteran or first day player - we were all treated exactly the same. Or as Rolf said "we don't handle those judgement differently based on fame or money, for which we are proud". And we were proud of him for acting like this. And although many times we may not have agreed with the rules, we always did respected them, because we knew that they are the same rules for everyone. Then rules started to be bending for Bashur - we know for sure about the name change, but there are rumors about more than this (like a fast conversion MR - JK - MR so he can take some items out of the bank, direct access line to Rolf / GMs, not having to wait like all of us in line for a few hours so his support tickets are handled, etc). And that was not nice. And the name change, it may not sound like a big deal, but it is something that anyone involved in a character trade probably carved for all these years. We all have our favorite names, which maybe we carry from one game to another, and which represent us. Far now we had only two options - buy a high skilled character and live with its name which would not represent us, or pick a name we like, and work out a$s to raise her skills. All of us except Bashur. To be honest that's even worse than allowing him to "buy his skills in a PTW shop"; at least in those case his 700 euros (or whatever he paid for) would have went to CodeClub and towards development, not in another player's pockets. Now, do we want name changes for everyone? Hello no! Do we want his name reversed to IanRose? Yeah, that would be nice, but not really care about it either. What do we want then? Simple... we want Rolf to admit that he made a mistake (he already did), to apologize for it (he didn't, but hey, we all know that you guys are so full of ego that it's hard for you to say the words ), but most of all we want him to promise that he will stop doing these things - rules bending, silent changes / nerfs, and at least discuss them with the community first. The final decision is still his, but we want to at least be involved in the decision making process and help by stating our points of view. If this would have happened in this case, the mistake (which he admitted) could have easily be avoided. And now some final words for some of Rolf's defenders: To those that say it was not a mistake: It was. Even Rolf admitted.it was a mistake. So stop denying something he admitted himself. To those that say it's not a big deal, that only a few people complained, that the 54 likes these post got are an insignificant amount, and that the game will benefit more from the influx of new players coming from Bashur's videos: 54 likes may not sound a lot in terms of Facebook, but on our community they made it the most popular post ever (and no, I hold no merit for writing it, just happened to be me and not someone else) which says something about how many people were bothered by this. And, finally, a question: We saw a lot of pissed off people, we saw a few people quitting, we even saw staff members resigning (at least one). Was it worth? Can someone please tell me how many new premium accounts resulted from the red carpet and the favors handed to Bashur? More important, could someone please tell us two months from now on how many of those players renewed their premium membership? Cheers, Alexandra
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    After a time of surveillance we have busted a ring of macroers who produce bulkable goods for the market through automated means. As this is such a large, and very intentional, breaking of the rules everyone caught will be completely removed from the game. Ringleaders: Arafort, Legengrayz, Xdeadmousex
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    House and deed planner for Wurm Online and Wurm Unlimited DeedPlanner (previously known as HouseCalc) is very customizable, 3d deed/house planner for Wurm which allows you to plan and see your dream house/village before creating it in game. Development is still active and program is open sourced, so reported bugs will be fixed, new features can (and in most cases will) be added on demand. Everyone with Java/OpenGL experience who want to help and add their own contribution to the biggest Wurm map planner can join the project. This is a deprecated, finished version of the program New, 3.x versions are available in the new forum thread: Download DeedPlanner downloads page Compatible systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OS (not officially supported) Tested on: Windows 7, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Mac OS Sierra Latest release: 29.10.2019 If you like this program, please consider a donation! Facebook page New Github repository Old Github repository Program features plan your own house/deed and see it in 3d, just like in game! ability to edit ground tiles, floors, walls, roofs, objects, bridges and heightmap undo/redo feature mark your villages with text labels cave view, together with cave dwellings calculation of materials needed to build anything on the map or carpentry and materials required to build single building fully configurable FPP and 2d view camera in-game perspective simulation mode load and save maps with copy-paste, files or pastebin.com possibility to import old DP and WAK maps large database with most of the Wurm objects and textures added Controls Keyboard-based controls can be changed by accessing "user directory/.DeedPlanner/Properties/Keybinds.prop" file and editing it with notepad. FPP View: Left click - drag view WASD - move around R - move up vertically F - move down vertically IJKL - move camera using keyboard Shift - move faster Control - move slower Edit view (mapper window must be in focus which you can ensure by clicking on it - it will go out of focus when you input any values in GUI, for example height editing GUI): Middle click (usually mouse wheel) - drag around Left click - editing button Right click - alternate editing button WASD - move around R - zoom in F - zoom out Shift - move faster Control - move slower Problems, errors, bugs If program don't even start, please make sure the program is unzipped. Exe file bundled inside program installation should run even without Java installed on your desktop. In case of any problems please post error log (in main program directory) and describe the problem. I am trying to fix all bugs as soon as possible. In case of maps loading bugs, please attach save pastebin. In case of program loading bugs, please post both error and info logs (if not empty). Error and info logs are overwritten each time you run program, so please copy logs just after bug is spotted. Screenshots Credits Warlander - program code, database maintenance, Polish translation Keenan - program code (symmetry feature) Aldur - for ideas, Exodus "tour" to find the most complex roofs Capi - German translation Hipshot - sky texture Yaga - German translation Aum - art (program logo) Malena - art (farm textures) Yldrania - art (program icons) All users - feedback and donations Donations If you made a donation and would like to see yourself listened here (by default only "donations per year" gets updated), please send me a private message. Donations per year (since March 2015): 2019 - 0€ 2018 - 305€ 2017 - 71€ 2016 - 30€ 2015 - 25€ Donations per player: Ehizellbob - 25€ Steveleeb - 11€ Changelog DeedPlanner 2.9.10 - 29.10.2019 Added missing tapestries Added all PMK flags, banners and tall banners Added small barrel racks and wine barrel racks Added template kingdom wagons Added fishing rods rack Added support for DDS icons Added Jackal trees Added Jackal structures (beacons and lodestone) Added all types of flower pots Added cupboard Added chicken coop Added small and large pottery amphora Added missing archaeology statues Made different types of marble planters actually different Made all textures in program look better Fixed mipmapping issues with dds textures without transparency Fixed z-fighting issues Renamed "Fireplace" to "Open fireplace" Changed names of all trees and bushes to include "tree" and "bush" in their names Changed names of archaeology statues to their in-game names DeedPlanner 2.9.9 - 01.03.2019 Added new hedge types Added large epic portal Fixed material count for bee hives Fixed material count for spiral staircases DeedPlanner 2.9.8 - 28.11.2018 Changed way in which .exe file is generated in order to avoid false positives of few AV programs DeedPlanner 2.9.7 - 27.11.2018 Dynamic line drawing extended to user-made borders Changed limit of cave size from 30 to 0, allowing to create mine entrances Added mine entrances Updated mine entrance textures DeedPlanner 2.9.6 - 13.10.2018 Confirming new values in height editor (with "tab" or "enter") returns focus to map panel Made label editor buttons always clickable (especially the map materials button) Made "show grid" toggleable from View menu instead of Settings window Made floor orientation label significantly more clear and visible Made materials window wrap words Fixed current selection displaying for simple height edition modes DeedPlanner 2.9.5 - 20.09.2018 Fixed non-editable text fields in object search field and label editor Fixed colored labels failing to reset their color to default value after drawing Fixed invalid OpenGL call in label rendering DeedPlanner 2.9.4 - 15.09.2018 Made most UI elements non-focusable to force focus in planner screen Fixed missing cave floors DeedPlanner 2.9.3 - 15.09.2018 Added dynamic line drawing: as camera gets zoomed out more, displayed lines between tiles are getting more transparent. This makes lines very clearly visible at low zoom levels while making the whole map easier to see at high zoom levels. Raised maximum allowed zoom level from 100 to 200 vertical tiles displayed at once Improved appearance of caves to make editing them more intuitive Fixed wrong stone bridge variations textures and one model Fixed undo not undo'ing the terrain height visually Fixed materials calculation not working for underground buildings Fixed errors when placing horses on map DeedPlanner 2.9.2 - 17.05.2018 Fixed missing possibility to change cave size after GUI changes Fixed crash when trying to remove objects on map without adding any objects first DeedPlanner 2.9.1 - 12.05.2018 Updated Google Analytics agreement text (info about possibility to remove your data from system and that data is used for informative purposes only) Fixed null pointer when deleting object with mouse near tile corner Fixed missing arch materials for wooden and stone walls DeedPlanner 2.9.0 - 30.04.2018 Added isometric camera (view only) Added possibility to create level-wide labels instead of just layer-wide Added warning about launching program outside of its own directory Added zooming in to mouse cursor Complete revamp of camera system Interface overhaul: Interface is on right side of the screen by default now, this can be changed in settings New floor selection mechanism New tab selection mechanism Added lmb and rmb selected ground texture icons Added dynamic editing of labels Made symmetry editor center itself Made right-click ground type default to dirt Made 2d camera center the view if the whole map fits inside the window without scrolling Using translations is no longer on by default Fixed water not displaying in 2d cave view Fixed ignoring of update checking option Fixed label editor not resizing correctly Fixed a bug with uncloseable window if error happens during loading Fixed swapped models of sword and axe displays Fixed high iron fences and gates not being allowed in arches DeedPlanner 2.8.10 - 03.12.2017 Added Google Analytics to monitor the program usage and potential problems Added update notifier and auto-updater Added few quality of life minor features to bridge creation GUI and improved its layout Added flat and uneven tiles highlighting in height edition mode Added carrot and reed fields (big thanks to Malena! ) Added archaeology statues Made HOTA statues subcategory of statues to reduce visual clutter Fixed "select height" height mode and made it work for flat tiles Fixed arched bridges arching slope not being updated bug DeedPlanner 2.8.9 - 18.08.2017 Added possibility to place objects in tile corner Added highways Added new fence and parapet types added in 17 August 2017 Wurm Online update Added large storage unit Fixed hell horse missing texture bug Fixed few incorrect categories mappings DeedPlanner 2.8.8 - 18.07.2017 Added async texture loading Maps sent to Pastebin are now compressed before being sent - this enables use of Pastebin for much larger maps than before (GZIP compression with output converted to Base64) Slightly optimized mesh rendering by removing unnecessary OpenGL calls Fixed two incorrect bridge model mappings Fixed bug making models scaling work incorrectly for models with multiple meshes Fixed sandstone fences using wrong materials to build Fixed mappings for amphora and planter racks DeedPlanner 2.8.7 - 12.07.2017 Added wooden portcullis Ground renderer optimizations (ground rendering is roughly twice as fast now) Fixed 2d renderer frustum culling (4 to 10 times faster 2d rendering in most situations) Fixed 2d renderer bounds (no more black space or unaccessible tiles on the right map edge depending on aspect ratio) DeedPlanner 2.8.6 - 03.07.2017 Added possibility to remove all objects, trees, bushes, walls and fences, borders from the whole map Added missing or changed floor types DeedPlanner 2.8.5 - 24.06.2017 Added Pastebin error messages (usually appearing in case of large maps or blocked IP addresses) Added meditation rugs, animal rugs and carpets Added alchemy cupboards Added missing rack types Added tents Added press Added bucket Added war machines Added magic turrets Added unfinished palisade gate Added deed, perimeter and construction markers Added sword and axe displays Added dioptra and range pole Added dragon skull Added larder Changed Pastebin protocol from HTTP to HTTPS Fixed tapestry textures DeedPlanner 2.8.4 - 16.06.2017 Added new bridge types Added possibility to build bridges in caves Added salt veins Added snow lanterns Bridge materials calculations are more accurate now (included different costs for narrow/side/center parts of the bridge) Corrected materials costs on bridge parts Fixed Wurmian view in caves DeedPlanner 2.8.3 - 12.06.2017 Added support for custom database files Added new bush types Added both garden gnome types Added birdcages Added small and large carts Added ship transporter Fixed bug making it impossible to delete floors/roofs on uneven terrain DeedPlanner 2.8.2 - 29.05.2017 Added support for floating objects Added more debugging options Added extra error message for: program permissions issues, corrupted downloads, incorrect database file modifications Added ships Added new cave floors and walls Added shrines and spirit gates Fixed all duplicate ID's Fixed Fo and Libila colossus being invisible Corrected pylons and obelisks categories DeedPlanner 2.8.1 - 22.04.2017 Added new stone fences Enabled placement of multiple roofs on the same tile Fixed wrong ID's of some new wall types, causing them to be saved as different wall types Fixed bug not allowing you to place walls/floors in caves if terrain on surface is not level Corrected wide staircases materials counts DeedPlanner 2.8.0 - 14.04.2017 Added "Animals" tab Added new program icons (big thanks to Yldrania! ) Added possibility to exclusively import a single mesh from a model Added new wall and fence types Added new pavement types Added reinforced cave floor tiles Added sandstone veins Added yule goats, reindeers and valentine potteries Added orange trees Added trellises Improved functionality of height previewer to also work for tile centers Few graphics improvements (improved distant textures rendering - might have slight performance impact) Moved all wall types into their corresponding categories Changed contrast of cave floor and cave wall tiles Fixed inconsistent naming of some pavement types DeedPlanner 2.7.2 - 14.03.2017 Added possibility to toggle bridges rendering in 2d view Added over 50 new objects Added new categories for some of the new objects, moved some of the existing objects to better fitting categories Renamed "Fountains" objects category to "Water Sources" DeedPlanner 2.7.1 - 22.02.2017 Added workaround for saving to Pastebin if option to open web browser directly is unsupported Added bee hives and stills Slightly changed GUI text of bridge removal option, for clarification DeedPlanner 2.7.0 - 10.02.2017 Added farm planning feature (big thanks to Malena! ) Added support for different ground textures in 2d and 3d view Added support for .dds texture format Added search feature to the objects tab Added all street lamps: copper hanging, brass, brass hanging, bronze hanging, gold hanging, silver hanging, iron, iron torch, iron imperial Added all candelabras: copper, gold, silver, iron, seryll Improved behavior of loading window text boxes Cave tab replaces ground tab now (and vice versa) while switching between surface and cave view DeedPlanner 2.6.7 - 25.11.2016 Added possibility to customize left and right-click ground types you want to place: simply use the proper mouse button to select ground type for that button! Added pillars and obelisks. DeedPlanner 2.6.6 - 06.10.2016 Fixed objects sinking into the floor Fixed missing campfire texture DeedPlanner 2.6.5 - 24.09.2016 Added woven fences Fixed marble bridges weird texture bug Fixed external map loading issue DeedPlanner 2.6.4 - 30.07.2016 Added new objects: beds, fireplace, bookcases, coffers, armor stands, wardrobe DeedPlanner 2.6.3 - 08.07.2016 Added deed import info dialog Tip of a day on startup is no longer on as default setting Fixed bridges deleting on map resize DeedPlanner 2.6.2 - 29.06.2016 Fixed critical bug causing walls on different layers (cave and surface) not being rendered if placed on the same tile DeedPlanner 2.6.1 - 29.06.2016 Added code changes mentioned in previous update Removed possibility to place roofs underground DeedPlanner 2.6.0 - 28.06.2016 Cave dwellings added! Added most PMK tall banners, banners and flags Added new "Kingdoms" category to objects tree Added new warning window appearing if you are trying to launch program from inside the .zip file or outside of unzipped folder DeedPlanner 2.5.7 - 05.06.2016 Added possibility to toggle trees (always visible/visible in 3d view/never visible) Fixed bridge duplicating bug DeedPlanner 2.5.6 - 03.05.2016 Fixed dragon HOTA and JK tall banners Fixed diagonal roads bug Disabled face culling until source of issues with models will be found DeedPlanner 2.5.5 - 25.04.2016 Added tall banners, kingdom guard towers and oleanders Fixed few GUI resizing issues Fixed corrupted textures using non-existent texture index instead of unbinding Fixed flags and banners DeedPlanner 2.5.4 - 01.04.2016 Made DeedPlanner configuration directory hidden on Linux by default (existing configs shouldn't be affected, but you can manually make file hidden to apply this change) Fixed hedges bugs. DeedPlanner 2.5.3 - 18.02.2016 Fixed most (all?) missing textures. DeedPlanner 2.5.2 - 08.02.2016 Added PayPal donation button to main program screen Improved few interface elements a bit (especially the ones in "Labels and Materials" tab) Improved error handing of textures (no error spamming, program uses blank texture instead of faulty one) Fixed staircases missing texture DeedPlanner 2.5.1 - 07.02.2016 Added new program logo Fixed mailboxes bugs DeedPlanner 2.5.0 - 07.02.2016 Replaced old Collada model loader with new WOM model loader - loading of all models is much faster now Replaced all Collada models with WOM models Improved models debugging Added BSB and FSB models DeedPlanner 2.4.4 - 24.01.2016 Added all new staircase types DeedPlanner 2.4.3 - 15.01.2016 Added "Tip of the day" window Added more diagonal road types (all cobblestone types and slabs available now) Fixed flat wooden bridges bugs Fixed skybox texture bug existing on some GPU's DeedPlanner 2.4.2 - 02.01.2016 Added possibility to delete bridges in different way Fixed bridges entering another state of existence and resurrecting after deletion Fixed weird looking bridge segments DeedPlanner 2.4.1 - 01.11.2015 Added selected tile highlight in bridges mode Fixed rendering of bridges (bridges will always have max brightness now) Fixed some broken bridges Fixed bug related to bridges at higher levels not being rendered correctly (should work with 2.4.0 saves) Fixed few stability related bugs DeedPlanner 2.4.0 - 25.10.2015 Added bridges Added symmetry editing mode Added file > quit Added a lot of new models, including forges, ovens and market stalls Improved model loader which is capable to load a lot of new objects now Fixed maps smaller than 50X50 Fixed rendering at heights above 2333 Fixed some roofs not being rendered correctly Fixed resizing bug related to cave labels DeedPlanner 2.3.5 - 07.09.2015 Fixed windows and portcullis bug DeedPlanner 2.3.4 - 07.09.2015 Fixed arched walls bug DeedPlanner 2.3.3 - 07.09.2015 Improved deleting objects (should be much easier now) Improved objects placement (old placement mode can be activated via shift key) Bottom floor of houses is using proper walls models now Added Czech translation Improved currently existing translations Doubled scale of all trees DeedPlanner 2.3.2 - 18.08.2015 Added standalone staircase Updated staircases model Fixed rare mouse bug causing the program to sometimes crash on Windows DeedPlanner 2.3.1 - 22.05.2015 Fixed another old DP maps loading bug Fixed cave labels loading/saving DeedPlanner 2.3.0 - 22.05.2015 Added cave layer Added cave labels Added possibility to delete selected structure Added colorblind mode Added all cave wall types to the database Fixed automatic walls reversion overriding classical walls reversion feature Fixed old DP maps loading bug DeedPlanner 2.2.1 - 16.05.2015 Added possibility to rotate floors Added intelligent walls rotation near edge of floor Added small interface changes Added all stairs Added magic chest Made labels-related memory leak less significant DeedPlanner 2.2.0 - 07.05.2015 Added possibility to display preview icons in walls tab Added icons for all wall types Changed the ground rendering in order to get rid of rendering artifacts DeedPlanner 2.1.5 - 28.04.2015 Added lawn Added banners Added flags Partially fixed label memory leak (last fix for now) DeedPlanner 2.1.4 - 27.04.2015 Slightly optimized rendering of labels Fixed memory leak related to labels DeedPlanner 2.1.3 - 22.04.2015 Improved program memory management, amount of RAM allocated every second is multiple times smaller now (about 30 mb vs 4 mb on the same map) Improved loading of models Fixed memory leak related to loading of models DeedPlanner 2.1.2 - 12.04.2015 Fixed walls deleting bug Fixed bug occurring when trying to place wall without selecting any DeedPlanner 2.1.1 - 12.04.2015 Added tapestries Added language switch DeedPlanner 2.1.0 - 28.03.2015 Added possibility to rotate walls Added colored tile borders Added internationalization Added German and Polish translation Added donate button in map saving window Fixed walls deleting bug Fixed village token model bug Removed embedded tools (not needed anymore as improved versions of these tools have web version) DeedPlanner 2.0.3 - 19.03.2015 Added save/load directory memorizing Added flowerbeds Added possibility to place fountains at any position Fixed normal and crude wooden fence gates DeedPlanner 2.0.2 - 13.03.2015 Added hedges Added new wall types Added possibility to calculate materials of area (click and hold) Changed height edition a little Fixed semi-transparent objects rendering Fixed hedges and trees rendering Fixed map resizing/height bug Fixed memory leak Removed bumpmapped terrain DeedPlanner 2.0.1 - 08.12.2014 added some new objects, including archery tower and stone wall portcullis fixed roofs calculations bug fixed invalid models bugs DeedPlanner 2.0.0 - 27.11.2014 added materials and carpentry calculations for maps and buildings added some GUI animations added entities type show on mouse over added settlement token improved fill algorithm for ground tiles DeedPlanner 2 BETA 1b - 02.11.2014 slightly changed portcullis model fixed invalid mesh bug DeedPlanner 2 BETA 1a - 02.11.2014 added some objects, including freedom guard tower, loom, small and large anvil fixed bushes size fixed portcullis bug DeedPlanner 2 BETA 1 - 31.10.2014 added objects added labels added fences in arch walls added program logo (very simple at the moment - just to make program more visible in taskbar) added more debugging options, including graphics performance counter (out stream and info log) small changes in program rendering engine - slightly better performance and few new possibilities very large database changes - added many objects and new wall types, over 200 new entities fixed smooth height tool small fixes to undo/redo feature DeedPlanner 2 ALPHA 6c - 02.10.2014 fixed roofs bug DeedPlanner 2 ALPHA 6b - 30.09.2014 fixed ground deleting bug DeedPlanner 2 ALPHA 6a - 30.09.2014 fixed map saving critical bug DeedPlanner 2 ALPHA 6 - 29.09.2014 added possibility to import old DP maps added possibility to import WAK maps new entity storage system - big maps should take much less RAM, system is more flexible than previous and will allow to add some new features easily HoTS got some hate few database fixes DeedPlanner 2 ALPHA 5 - 22.07.2014 added "Select height" edition mode added height preview widget added chain link fences fixed few memory leaks fixed some possible NullPointerExceptions DeedPlanner 2 ALPHA 4 - 27.06.2014 added build restrictions added old height edition models added program exit confirmation dialog added program version info (in program window title) fixed wrong height on mouse hover values in 2d view fixed undo/redo bugs related to floors, walls and roofs DeedPlanner 2 ALPHA 3 - 20.06.2014 added new cobblestone ground types added fall ground textures added possibility to disable terrain noise removed second loading bar fixed data loss after resizing fixed height after map load bug DeedPlanner 2 ALPHA 2 - 19.06.2014 fixed map loading/saving/resizing bugs fixed season change crash bug few fixes in Objects.xml file - visible fence gates, change of few winter textures info changed program folder name from "DeedPlanner" to "DeedPlanner 2" DeedPlanner 2 ALPHA 1 - 18.06.2014 first DP2 unstable release DeedPlanner 1.7p - 29.01.2014 better error handling (named threads, better exception checking) roof updater bug fixed map loading should be more stable now DeedPlanner 1.7o - 14.11.2013 added stone fence DeedPlanner 1.7n - 12.11.2013 added pillars fixed heightmap editing bug DeedPlanner 1.7m - 01.11.2013 second fix to program loading bug DeedPlanner 1.7l - 01.11.2013 fixed program loading bug better error logging DeedPlanner 1.7k - 01.11.2013 changed palisade texture and model fixed clay tiles bug (this do not affect saves before this version) DeedPlanner 1.7j - 29.10.2013 fixed skybox texture dynamic models loading - program startup is even faster now DeedPlanner 1.7i - 28.10.2013 all tree types now have three variants: small, normal and big dynamic resource loading - program startup should now is many times faster than before program startup crashes should be fixed new config file format DeedPlanner 1.7h - 22.09.2013 fixed keybindings bug DeedPlanner 1.7g - 21.09.2013 performance optimalizations (about 300-400% - now the program is very "light" even on huge maps) added keybindings (in program settings directory) added map autosave added trees: willow, pine, oak, maple, cedar, birch, walnut, linden, fir, chestnut fixed transparent objects rendering DeedPlanner 1.7f - 05.09.2013 added water tile to cave view view range in 3d mode is now much bigger fixed "edit slope" elevation edit mode bugs fixed carpentry calculations bug DeedPlanner 1.7e - 05.09.2013 added new elevation editing mode: "edit slope" for fast filling borders with slopes data from game added two new ground types: marble slab and slate slab, renamed slab to stone slab added outdates saves notify printed to error log if you are trying to load outdated saves performance optimalization - GPU usage on some machines should be smaller now program will change antialiasing value in settings if you cannot start program with selected/predefined setting improved preloader (look at the info log, it also should be faster and more reliable) fixed objects visibility in 2d mode fixed carpentry calculations DeedPlanner 1.7d - 02.09.2013 added changes mentioned in 1.7c update DeedPlanner 1.7c - 02.09.2013 fixed "fixed camera" mode fixed map navigation bugs added small changes to minimalize amount of program crashes while loading map (most visible in case of huge maps) DeedPlanner 1.7b - 02.09.2013 fixed bugs at zoom out bigger than map size fixed wrong ground layer rendering in FPP view fixed cave editing DeedPlanner 1.7a - 01.09.2013 slightly improved performance of roof calculations algorithms fixed all coordinate system related bugs fixed roofs rotation bug DeedPlanner 1.7 - 01.09.2013 coordinate system changed from xzy to xyz (invisible, but very big change) big performance optimalizations (up to about 2000% on bigger maps) added new window - "Help" donate button added to exit window changed default antialiasing from 16 to 4 samples max 2d map scale changed from 20 to 40 new keyboard shortcuts new savefile version (older saves are compatible) fixed few Objects.txt issues fixed material calculations bug DeedPlanner 1.6g - 03.06.2013 fixed loading of old saves DeedPlanner 1.6f - 01.06.2013 fixed objects loading bug (no rotation) fixed map loading crash DeedPlanner 1.6e - 01.06.2013 fixed writs walls movement bug fixed writs objects movement bug added camera rotation keys in 3d view: QE and TG new updater version: PayPal donate button deleted and moved into this thread (under download section) DeedPlanner 1.6d - 31.05.2013 added separate labels for surface and cave layer - minor change in save format, all old labels will be recognized as surface labels (if you want to have cave labels instead of surface labels, open converted save in text editor and replace all "false" to "true") when you open label window, label text will be selected by default changed default label color minor interface fixes mine doors added to database DeedPlanner 1.6c - 31.05.2013 added option to rename writ small interface changes new elevation editing mode DeedPlanner 1.6b - 30.05.2013 fixed strange ground tiles rendering fixed writs saving and loading (1.6a and 1.6 saves with writs will doesn't work) fixed light intensity fixed light position fixed ground tiles fading DeedPlanner 1.6a - 29.05.2013 lighting added - code by Aldur overall graphics performance improved - idea by Aldur fixed loading bug DeedPlanner 1.6 - 29.05.2013 completely new, lightweight save/load format added possibility to change pastebin save expiration time added objects rotation added labels new height changing mode: level area between two points small interface changes loading alghoritm fixes few database changes (changed scale of hedges) DeedPlanner 1.5f - 27.05.2013 few new models and textures added (bushes) small interface changes added possibility to change height level of writs DeedPlanner 1.5e - 26.05.2013 bugfixing DeedPlanner 1.5c - 25.05.2013 another NullPointerException fixed DeedPlanner 1.5b - 25.05.2013 added few more models added exit confirmation window DeedPlanner 1.5 - 24.05.2013 added many new fences and objects (more than 20) - some of fences don't have material count as it is currently unknown small changes to few models in the database (modified type colors) fixed objects placement bug data loading times should be faster and more reliable small changes to the writs rendering DeedPlanner 1.5 beta - 24.05.2013 palisades FINALLY added - say thanks to Wox Wurmian view added - change view height using shift/control + mouse wheel - shift is changing view height by one roof, control by 1/10 roof height vertical movement added (r and f keys) objects added, currently with two example models cave view added very big database update - all cave textures and some objects textures are added DeedPlanner 1.4e - 20.05.2013 new updater version (please download update from site) added option to change height globally added option to move writs InfoLog is reporting more things now fixed materials count needed to build high stone wall DeedPlanner 1.4d - 19.05.2013 added possibility to make screenshots (F11) added FAQ file added possibility to change terrain height with drag and hold added possibility to smooth terrain height DeedPlanner 1.4c - 18.05.2013 minor bugfixes in roofs editing code DeedPlanner 1.4b - 17.05.2013 added quick save/load fixed all previously reported bugs DeedPlanner 1.4a - 17.05.2013 fixed loading and resizing critical bugs DeedPlanner 1.4 - 16.05.2013 added heightmap editing options added water level new save format - old saves should be fully compatible with new format fixed multiplied carpentry in calculations bug fixed highest floor bug fixed gravel bug removed all movement restrictions DeedPlanner 1.3h - 11.05.2013 new updater version - old one will still work, but I recommend downloading current version from browser as autoupdater cannot update itself (added autorun of DeedPlanner after update is done) 2d and 3d view camera resets after map loading fixed "moving" writs bugs, old saves are NOT affected fixed bugs related to resizing (including all mentioned ArrayOutOfBounds exceptions in this thread) DeedPlanner 1.3g - 10.05.2013 added option to lock axis for walls new interface bar added tip of the day added error notify added display of current x, y, writ and selected object name DeedPlanner 1.3f - 07.05.2013 fixed writs critical bugs DeedPlanner 1.3e - 07.05.2013 Updater unzip bug fixed clear project bug fixed floors fill option bug fixed update checker in program improved (should make program start faster and run correctly without internet connection) new calculation mode (for writs and whole deed): calculate all objects on map and materials for each object type new calculation mode (only for whole deed): calculate all materials for each floor DeedPlanner 1.3d - 05.05.2013 autoupdater added third carpentry calculations fix DeedPlanner 1.3c - 05.05.2013 fixed bugs related to carpentry calculations added small feature for external developers: this is possible to run program with command line argument directing to .MAP file for instant map load on program boot (let it be a hint for you on what is coming from another developer ) DeedPlanner 1.3b - 04.05.2013 second carpentry calculations fix DeedPlanner 1.3a - 04.05.2013 added possibility to place walls outside writs fixed carpentry calculations bug DeedPlanner 1.3 - 04.05.2013 program renamed from HouseCalc to DeedPlanner completely new, writ-based building system - writ is required to build anything, but using writ system I can add much more deeds-focused features than before added option to calculate materials and carpentry for single buildings (by clicking "Calculate" button while writ is selected) carpentry calculations for the whole deed are removed added tooltips new save format fixed some bugs related to save/load system floor opening added few interface changes HouseCalc 1.2h - 28.04.2013 faster maps loading HouseCalc 1.2g - 28.04.2013 fixed materials calculator bug HouseCalc 1.2f - 27.04.2013 some new grounds, floors and walls added possibility to change RGB values of walls, in 0 to 1 scale (currently for everything in "walls" tab) big changes in program rendering core (invisible for most users) small changes in interface HouseCalc 1.2e - 25.04.2013 fixed right-click roofs deleting HouseCalc 1.2d - 24.04.2013 big optimalization - now 1000X1000 map should run almost as fast as 100X100 map new main window interface added brush size, pencil, fill and select options for grounds and floors (walls and roofs are not affected) HouseCalc 1.2c - 23.04.2013 switched from LWJGL 2.8.5 to 2.9.0 big optimalization changes - maps up to 1000X1000 allowed (but maps bigger than 500X500 may cause FPS drops) added possibility to change default antialiasing and disable mipmaps. HouseCalc 1.2b - 21.04.2013 map saving is about 10000 (!!!) times faster than before and shouldn't take more than few fractions of a second for 100X100 map (previously - more than 40 seconds). larger maps are allowed now, up to 250X250. small interface changes HTML in "Objects.txt" names is now enabled HouseCalc 1.2a - 20.04.2013 added possibility to use right click in ground placement mode to place default ground type HouseCalc 1.2 - 20.04.2013 new save format - older saves should be compatible with new format. fixed map loading bugs fixed mouse wheel bug faster map loading alghorithm mapper area is now resizable (size from 25 to 100 allowed, resizing is possible in every direction independently) now you can place ground tiles. First loaded ground tile is program default ground tile. HouseCalc 1.1b - 17.04.2013 added tall stone walls to the database you can use "q" and "e" to change roofs you can use mouse wheel to change currently selected floor/wall/roof HouseCalc 1.1a - 17.04.2013 fixed mipmaps bug HouseCalc 1.1 - 16.04.2013 two new windows: settings and update notifier added version checking few interface changes and fixes added option to disable grid changing map scale is now possible (in settings and via scroll wheel when it is enabled) added option to force Java to compile program added two speed modifier keys: shift and control (speed factor can be modified in settings) most speed options are configurable now double doors default RGB values changed fixed double walls placement bug HouseCalc 1.0c - 14.04.2013 second try to fix antialiasing bug (successful) HouseCalc 1.0b - 14.04.2013 fixed ARB pixel format bug (it was caused by antialiasing which is not supported on some computers - now if the program will detect that antialiasing is not supported it will disable it). fixed walls placement - it should be better now. HouseCalc 1.0a - 14.04.2013 added version info in lower left corner added info and error logs to the main directory - program err and out streams are saved there. If you encounter any problem, you should be able to see error in error log. HouseCalc 1.0 - 14.04.2013 initial release Please give feedback - your opinion is very important for the development of the program.
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    Fairness and equality for all please! Something that has been annoying me for a while now is the gender specific sorcery and frankly the females getting the worst of it. Lets start with something like skeletons (male) and wraiths (female) Skeletons can be spawned anytime anywhere and can result in 3-7 spawns, Wraiths are only 1 and can only be spawned in a cave or at night time and if they come out of the cave into daylight they will die instantly. Really? Skeletons are buggy yes but lets assume it isn't and focus on the equality of gender based spells. Now we have Stone wall (male) and Ice wall (female) These spells are different and would really make sense for the Ice wall to be paired with the Fire wall from the white tome assuming they do the same thing with different flavours rather than the Stone wall which now means females can never have this spell yet males can have a different version of the female one. My favourite gear grinder is Continuum (male) and Mirrored self (female) Continuum is a pretty nice spell that females can never ever have access to and instead are given a spell that not only doesn't even work effectively since the mirror images have a blue outline that isn't fooling anyone nor their dead straight movement. But even if it worked a little better its still pretty dull in comparison to something like Continuum. The last one is Karma bolt (male) Forecast (female) Im not really familiar with these two, much less the female one but again it seems like two completely different spells that cut one gender or the other out of ever being able to earn. Ultimately it makes no sense to base things by gender and cut parts of the game off from people ever achieving, so even though I've brought this up before I'm now making an official thread to start the gender equality protest. Please join me in voting for an equal playing field for all by liking this post and giving your +1 today!
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    Hello Fellow Wurmians! This week there are some really cool things I have the pleasure of revealing to you all, so I am super excited to Share some News! We also have a major Poll at the end of the post this week where you can take part in making a major decision for the game. It will be time limited, so make sure to tell your friends not to miss it. There is no need for any further ado, so let us go right into this! Bridges! One of the most requested and anticipated features in Wurm is being worked on and tested. And as I have been holding back on this one for a while, it has come quite far from a technical perspective already. It is being tested with placeholder graphics only at the moment, but our creative art director Saroman is working on getting it looking really good. You can thank Tich for the coding and time going into this and the progression so far is nothing short of impressive. As this is only a sneaky reveal you can expect updates on the bridges functionality, look and variations as we progress! Crafting Interface We are finally at the stage where we can show you the Work in Progress of the Crafting Window. I will thereby let it speak for itself, so enjoy! The Crafting Interface will be hierarchically, alphabetically structured by release. Further, the old way of crafting will still be available just as it is. Drag and Drop functionality is being updated. You will soon be able to move stacks of items straight from piles to target containers. For example a pile of logs onto a cart, without having to move them to inventory first. Amount moved per action is in relation to how much you are already carrying vs maximum carrying capacity. There is also a big Graphical Engine Update coming soon, which will be the trigger for a major server update. This will make allot of the other updates available along with it, as they are dependent on new functionality and an updated server version. To keep it short, the engine is going to be able to handle a whole new level of lighting, both direct (casts shadows, directional) and ambient(general, non directional). To be precise it is now set to handle 6 light sources affecting the environment and objects at the same time. But like in nature, light affects how we perceive many things, so for example fog, shadows and water with reflections will also be updated. Art Adding Rugs. Just click the image for a larger version. You can read more and discuss in THIS THREAD Also being updated is the Raft and Unfinished Raft models. Poll! Is it time to connect Pristine and Release to the Freedom Cluster? This will be time limited so tell your friends to get involved. Click this text to go to the thread. Vote and Voice your Opinion now! With these major updates in mind, you are hopefully still looking forward to Keep on Wurming!
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    It is finished. Valley Road Bridge. L18 west of Botany Bay on the road that connects Grapeland and Valley Keep with Botany Bay. This is a good reason to build a portcullis at each end of a bridge which I am now doing. First there was a spider, then a brown bear and now a hell hound. The first two were not so bad since they would stand on the tile and remain plainly visible. The hell hound hides in the doorway to the left and cannot be seen until you get within one tile when it POPS out and attacks ambush style. You cannot lead make them follow you off the bridge. They stay at that same spot until killed. You could tame them I suppose.
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    Last night I sent Oracle an email to check in and see how he's doing. We've been friends since before we were staff back in the beta days when he was Barakus that lived with Queenie by Newtown. I received a reply a few hours later from his step son saying Oracle was mowing his lawn Nov. 7th, came in for a rest and passed away. His son was answering his emails and asked me to let people know. I told him I would, that his dad was loved by a lot of people. Someone suggested I make a post here so people could say their goodbyes like we did when another Wurmian passed. I wanted to put in the title, Oracle is dead. R.I.P. I know he would love it and chuckle from heaven, but for those who didn't know him so well, they might think me insensitive so I thought I would save that for here. I met him in 2005 when I first started playing Wurm. I'd get an injury that was too big to heal, walk to Newtown, suicide and respawn, pick up my food and water and walk home. One day Barakus was there and he cast a heal on me. So from then on, when I walked to Newtown and sold my herbs I had gathered, I'd give him the coins, or Queenie, since I didn't have a village and didn't need money. Later on I became BL, but we still remained friends. After a while he became a GM, and I was the next GM after that, along with Inacron. Unforgiven came to me and said, "It's time", gave me my wand, bumped some skills and left. That's just the way it was back then, not a lot of hand holding. Oracle was my go to guy for that first learning part. We would go out on calls together and try to sort them out. As GM's we had sticks to work with compared to what's available now. We spent a lot of hours together, sometimes butted heads over a decision, but always worked things out. Whenever he was around I felt that things were not helter skelter, he was a man of great honor and honesty. I'm really going to miss him and am still in shock. He's the kind of person that isn't allowed to pass away. Farewell my brother, you will be sorely missed!
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    Hello Fellow Wurmians! You see me rolling, but you are not hating. But in Wurm it is not easy to be caught doing anything else then riding dirty.. Okay I am sorry for getting "of track", it is time to Share some News! Wagon So this weeks surprise is this fancy wagon, which is already quite far in development and testing. It will have some real advantages in the game so after the images there is some further information. Any animals that were previously "hitch able" is being tested for compatibility and willingness to cooperate. You can hitch up to 4 bison, horses, cows or bulls at the same time but no less then 2, or it will be to heavy. The color of the cloth is determined by the kingdom you are from. The skill level needed to create these wagons is set to 40 fine carpentry. With 4 creatures hitched it is the fastest of all the carts currently in the game. Has the highest maximum load capacity of the current carts Server Selection The maps which has been in development for some time now are getting further functionality. We are currently making a "Master" map with all of the server islands available. The reason for this is that when selecting server from the tutorial zone, you can select where by clicking the corresponding map. We also want to add some further information to make that choice easier. Reminders We have gotten new music in the game and the soundtrack is now a bit more frequent. Mr Tom E Morrison once more graces the game with more mood setting music for our soundtrack. To read more about it just click this LINK. The crates are being updated. Click the image to go to the forum post about them Questions and Answers Here you can see some of us at the Motala office. We are holding a December Q&A session where you get to post questions to us and chat. For this to go smoothly we ask that you click the image above to get to a forum post, where everything is explained in further detail. RedBarons "Pick of the Week" from Creative Commons So this week I want to feature creative player NESGamepro, who also encourages you to make your own version and post in his thread! Click the image to go to his thread and join the fun! So that is all for now as I am on my way to a Christmas dinner with the Wurm Team. Thanks to the fact that you, Keep on Wurming!
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    Alright, here’s what’s happening over the next few months. As said in the last dev blog, we’ve switched to a different update cycle with monthly smaller updates and interspersed larger marketable updates, aiming for a few large updates a year on a predictable schedule. This month’s small update includes the client rendering distance changes that have been worked on for the past while, as well as some new creature AI additions, and the usual slew of bug fixes. These AI changes are intended to finish off the work started a long time ago on the Valrei creatures with the initial Uttacha changes, making them more interesting encounters in combat than the usual ‘target and wait’ that a large portion of PvE combat is currently. These Valrei creature changes will ideally make any fights involving the remaining creatures more interesting and varied than normal, and will lead into some content for the planned large update later on. The June and July updates are currently planned to include a few new UI changes for the preview client, as well as overall UI QoL features and general combat & combat UI improvements with some focus on giving more information to the player about what is happening in combat, as well as the usual bug fixes and possibly another new feature that I’m not ready to share yet. The first planned large update in this new cycle will be a large expansion to an existing set of content in Wurm Online which will see players exploring new lands and working together against a common enemy - hereafter codenamed Frontier. It will combine a lot of existing features and recent changes in Wurm into a big chunk of new content available to all players - old and new. The Valrei creature changes going live this month are a precursor to some of the work that will be involved with this update, and the reason they are going out early is to help us gather feedback over the next short while to lead into some of the planned changes for Frontier. As I’ve said in the past I don’t want to share too many details before they are finalised or well underway, so the most I will give out right now is that it will be a large update with new repeatable content that should entice players with a wide range of interests, and touch most parts of Wurm as a whole. Later in the year after Frontier is complete we’ll be moving onto extending the building options available to everyone, and later on after that we will begin working on plans for introducing another new skill to the game. Frontier will also be a precursor for big changes that will come to Epic in the future, and feedback from how everything goes later in the year will inform us on how we implement the current plans that we have. These changes to Epic won’t be anytime in the next few months, but when they do come they will involve a large overhaul to the cluster in an attempt to bring it closer to the original design for Epic years ago. We will be addressing the larger complaints of the Epic community in that update - but some smaller changes will be heading to live in the coming months as well. For those changes see the recent feedback thread posted here. More info about the exact plans we have for later on will be shared after Frontier is live. As always, more information about everything we’re working on will be shared closer to the dates that they’ll be coming in. Frontier will be accompanied by a marketing push to help make the most out of the new update cycle, and is where everyone will get a lot more info about what exactly is coming into the game.
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    We are being routed again. I am starting up the servers. The game seems slow to respond. We'll see how you think it works. We have added sleep bonus and 7 days premium as compensation for the issues this last week.
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    We have been working on a paper doll and the graphics for it are starting to take form. This is how it will look, all graphics are not done yet, like the wounds. Mouse hovering over a icon will display a tool tip with info about what should goes in to it or info about the item in the slot if there are any. Top: Weight (displays total weight), Cape (not in the game yet), Backpack, Helmet, Face, Neck. Left: Pauldron(not in the game yet), Torso, Sleeve, Tabard, Hand, Equip Hand, Ring. Right: Pauldron(not in the game yet), Empty*, Sleeve, Shield, Hand, Equip Hand, Ring. Bottom: Activate body, Foot, Tool Belt, Legs, Quiver, Foot, Activate Hands. The wounds will be displayed in the middle character window on a unisex 2d image, you will be able to get a drop down too see all wounds on a certain body part and heal them. *(there are one spare empty slot, that shall be removed )
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    Allright, so I thought I'd quench some of the will I stay or will I go-rumours by starting a new thread about an idea I've had quite a while. Back in 2015 we put WU on Steam and it has worked out allright. Now sales there are dwindling but Steam remains the best place to promote and sell PC and Linux games. Trying to promote your game via Facebook or Google ads is very expensive to the point of being pointless unless your game looks and has a really triple A newbie experience. The attempts we make have very poor conversion rate. Not to mention larger expensive ads on websites which simply are huge costs per click for us. Also trying to SEO the top rated search places for sandbox games isn't easy either even if we actually show up which I guess yields some traffic. But trying to improve there won't give much bang for the buck. So I figured, how can we go about putting WO where the PC players are and words spread nowadays - on Steam? If someone searches for a type of game they'll get one hit per game instead so it's a democratic search of sorts. Free to play games are highly sought after and I think A LOT of people look for and try free to play MMOs there. Compared to finding us online and download our client via custom links and registration, on Steam we would work exactly like all other games. We would probably get a fairly stable stream of players who look for games like these and decide to try them out. I asked the other devs and while moderately to very positive they raised the same initial questions many of you will. So I thought I'll start with them and a couple of my answers and then we'll discuss the rest. Here goes: Q1) Would we be risking more fracturing of our player base? I think it would be best to start clean server/s for a couple of reasons and aim to keep it/them in a separate cluster a good while. One is that new players deserve the feeling of being a newbie among other newbies with fresh land. This means that I believe their experience and inclination to stick around could be hampered by encountering very experienced accounts and high quality items. As the servers mature we merge them into the main cluster. Exactly when this merge would take place would depend on how well the release goes. If we receive virtually no new players and it's basically a failure, the server would merge very quickly so fracturing wouldn't really happen. If, on the other hand thousands of players come we would have to consider more carefully when the right time to merge is. This would mean Wurm becomes more sustainable which surely must be good for everyone. If we are extremely lucky, we receive so many new players that we can merge earlier because the old accounts and items will be quickly dispersed among the new population (but then we're probably talking about tens of thousands of new players). Q2) Steam gets a bit fussy with real money transactions. Can we abide by Steam Guidelines? I don't see how we wouldn't abide by Steam guidelines. We aren't involved in RMT or account sales. Our players may be but that's not unusual for online games. We would look into what we can do with the Steam shop though so we support their systems. Q3) How about the code base? Won't another branch be too much to handle? We'll see about branches and code base. Basically the server shouldn't need a new branch as far as I can see. There will be new clients though but it sure must be worth it if we want to get thousands of new players. Q4) How about staffing the servers? Will there be enough volunteers around to help out? We don't know at this time. We can't require anyone to help out. Hopefully some will of course and perhaps some GM's might consider returning if they see Wurm on Steam. I'll be interested in pitching in as well at least around launch. It's also related to Q1: If it's a success there will probably be resources to staff the servers, if it's not the server will merge fairly quickly. The initial success of the game shouldn't be based on whether people get help from GM's really - the thrill of encountering Wurm should be the main attraction. I'm fairly sure there will be players to answer questions in chat channels though. When it comes to answering questions in the Steam forum, hopefully Retro can manage some there as well or we suggest they visit these forums. Depends on the pressure. Q5) Will we be able to deal with the added cost of infrastructure? I am fairly certain the amount of new players will be able to sustain the cost of at least one server. If we need more servers the revenue is good so then we should be safe from other perspectives as well. Q6) Would we release both Freedom and Epic servers? We'd start with a Freedom server and be ready to launch more. You will have to discuss moving the Epic server there but from what I gather it would help with some multi account issues and might be a good solution for that. Q7) What timeframe are we looking at? Well, we would want the client to feel really polished. There are quite a lot of improvements planned and from what I understand we're looking at around Q1-Q2 (let's say February to April sometime) next year. Okay so these are the initial thoughts I have. I am sure you have more so let's discuss more pros and cons!
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    Finally got around to some interior designing off my inn/tavern (complete with a library if you get bored):
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    (and without the darkened edges https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1365803/Games/Wurm/Wurm - pictures/Favorites/wurm.20170801.2125_1.png )
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    Put back the mood colors on animals. They made Wurm Online magic I mean, don't you miss these?
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    Before I add the damaged/decayed Tall stone wall I want to share it with you. If you have any problems with it (mainly pvp players I presume) let me know. (removed old image) The model swap to damaged model kicks in when the damage are 60 or more! (same as house walls)!
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    Hello Fellow Wurmians! After spending a weekend in Stockholm representing Wurm at the Swedish Game Awards we are back on track. There was allot of interest in Wurm and we got some new contacts and press coverage in the process. Since the last news letter there has mostly been fixes and optimization which is not a very interesting read. Though I can not stress the importance of this work enough. But being the nice Baron that I am, I dug deeper and found some more visual updates for you all. Giant Shark More then a giant shadow. We are working on getting a Giant Shark into the game which will be swimming deep in the waters of Wurm. It will pop up from the depths and attack unsuspecting players who look tasty! Should make for some quite good scares I imagine. Currently the main part is getting an artificial intelligence for its behavior as it will be quite different from all current creatures. What do you think, should it attack boats as well? Art Adding new models for empty small and large crates. All creatures are getting new icons and we have a ton of them already done and awaiting a graphic update. Tutorial Zone The work on the tutorial zone is progressing quickly and amidst all the world building some new models are being created. This is to create a bit more of a living and varied area to present to the new players but we are also looking into making them craftable items in the game. Guard Towers For anyone who missed this, the guard towers has gotten functionality for being rotated after placement. It will be limited to the persons who has permission to push/ pull on deed or owner off deed. Wurm on Swedish Game Awards Next to the booth of Dice and King.com was your very own booth babe Baron representing Wurm. Needless to say we drew the biggest crowd. To the left in the picture you can see our "Installation" which was two pretty open and empty landscapes from Wurm. On the table we had high quality printed assets from wurm on different sticker cards which were pre cut out and for pasting in the landscapes. So I had everyone who visited chose an asset and help build the world to see what became of it during the day. After doing this, they got a t-shirt saying "I change the world" with a Wurm logo on the back. This ended up being quite successful and people kept coming back during the day to see the crazy collage take shape! We got many interesting visitors during the day like teachers, press and students aspiring to become indie developers. Though the oddest one must have been a homeless man that somehow got in there who asked me how much the Tv was worth. He then continued to ask if he could have a t-shirt, which I told him he could. He grabbed three of them and was out of there. So somewhere in Stockholm, there is a homeless man with the text "I change the world" shining brightly on his chest, valiantly representing Wurm. That is all for this week friends! And until next time, Keep on Wurming!
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    I've been playing Wurm Online for 9 years and so far, I hate it. I'm going to give it a try for another 9 years. Will update you then.
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    If you can pick it up and put it in your inventory, the spirits ought to be able to mail it, period. Also, lets encourage trade and mail by dropping the fees charged. Flat rate postage - 1c per item anywhere, anytime. Let's compete with UPS!
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    Prenote: Terms such as "Offensive CR" and "Defensive CR" are used throughout the suggestion. This does not necassairly mean actual CR codewise but rather modifiers that gives bonus hit chance for offensive actions or miss chance for defensive actions that would equate to the CR mentioned. Basics All 5 paths (Love, Hate, Insanity, Power, Knowledge) got their own individual passives. These passives scale linearly based on player level starting with level 2. (10 levels in total) Meditation abilities are not dispellable... since they arent spells. The max cooldown between path levels is reduced to 1 week and thus lets players experiment with diffrent paths without feeling they are horribly gimped by doing so. The skill level is what truly restricts the player. Love performs 3x healing for all non-spell sources. (+20% per level. This includes cotton, lifetransfer, regen and mycelium absorbation) Hate gets 20% dmg bonus and 20% offensive cr bonus. (2% per level. does not stack with passive faith bonuses.) Insanity gets 20% dmg reduction (2% per level.) Power gets 30% stamina reduction (3% per level) Knowledge gets 25% skill increase (2.5% per level) Now with that out of the way, here comes the fun stuff. Each path has 4 abilities that are choosen when to unlock. New ability choices are given at level 4, 7, 9, 11. One ability is unlocked at a time. Love Refresh Unchanged. Enchanted tile same functionality except that enchanted tree tiles yield 3x harvest. Love effect When used on the ground it makes all hostiles in local friendly for 10 minutes. If used towards a specific non-unique non-tamed non-valrei non-human creature it will perform a strong charm/dominate effect and turn it into a pet. Includes unusual types of creatures that normally cant be turned into pets, like whales and kingdom animals. (sidenote: You can currently ride aquatic creatures like crocodiles in water. Human and Humanoid isn't the same thing.) Cooldowns are unchanged. Soothing presence Permanent aggro-range reducing buff (similar to the newbie buff). Also makes taming and breeding easier. Power Erupt/Freeze Allows the creation of lava on rock/cliff tiles aswell as turning lava into rock. Same timers as currently but domain influence doesn't matter. Erupt only works inside your own kingdom like currently. Erupt can also be used on forges and ovens. Thereby lighting the oven/forge, fueling it and turning all items inside them searing hot. Freeze can be used on any container and instantly cools all content within. Elemental Immunity / Lava Walker Passive buff that gives permanent 50% reduction to all sources of fire, ice, acid and water. Active 30 minute ability with 3h cooldown. 50% reduction to all sources of fire, ice, acid and water. (the passive and active ability stack as additions. thus giving full immunity togheter) Might 2 hour ability with 4h cooldown. 50% increased carrying capacity and 50% longer stuns. Wanderer 60% stam reduction for movement (includes walking, swimming, riding, sailing, climbing, dragging). Does not stack with the level-based passive. Knowledge Get Info Combination of level 1 and 3 get info. Thus giving general information, affinities and carrying weight all at once. Also gives +4CR in combat against that specific target for the user. 1h cooldown and the effect last 15 minutes. Survey Area Slightly modified Get info level 3. Informs you of all creatures and settlements in local aswell as showing all tracks of the past 3 wurm days (same as tracking) at your location. 1h cooldown. No skill loss Unchanged. Attention to detail Passive that gives +2 radius for prospecting/analyzing, 10% higher chance for rarity rolls to succeed and +2 passive CR. Hate Rage Rage: Gives 4x increased damage from bashing and 25% dmg bonus to siege engines for 15 minutes. 1h cooldown. Frenzy +50% attack speed and -35% defensive CR for 1 minutes. 15 minute cooldown. (also modifies minimum swing timers) Roar Turns all agressive entities in local passive against the character for 2 minutes and breaks their combat with the character. (This includes guards and kingdom animals) Also provides 2 defensive cr for the duration. 30 min cooldown. Targeted at the ground. Hatred Passively adds a 1 minute debuff to anything that hurts you. If the person who gave the debuff attack the person/creature with the debuff they receive +2 offensive CR. Insanity Break Reality Teleports the character to a random tile on the server, heals all wounds, removes all spell effects, gives a 10 minute +25% speed boost and +5 CR. Also performs a Fill effect. Same restrictions as normal teleports. Makes the eyes of the user go black for the duration of the effect. Unstable Passively gives 15% dmg reduction in two resistances that shifts to random new ones every minute. Imagination Activated ability that removes the largest wound of the user and gives single-target spell immunity for 5 minutes. 45 min cd. Also spawns 2 random insanity illusions that only the user sees. Nightmare Activated ability that spawns a neutral shadow being (translucent and black shaded fog spider, wolf or wraith) that attack the closest hostile entity with the power of a dominated troll and dissapear after 30 seconds. 30min cooldown. Summary Poor abilities removed New abilities added Choices Rewards the player from the get go and keeps giving more things as skill and level progress. Thus keeping it very newbie friendly More choices in how the player wish to progress and if they want to try a new path after achieving high skill it wont take long to get high meditation level again.
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    Hello Fellow Wurmians! Welcome to a delightful week with a gorgeous theme. It is time to get your hands on all the new fabulous medieval interior items you have been waiting for. There will be both previously announced items and some surprises! With the update going live the new spell balances which has received lots of feedback and testing these last couple of weeks are also going in. These will likely receive further updates. Open Fireplace A decorative open fireplace which provides light and warmth to those nearby. Skill Requirement: Masonry 35. Use Mortar on Stone Brick to start. Ingredients 10 Stone Bricks 10 Mortar 2 Planks Small Wooden Bed Table A small wooden bed table on four round legs featuring some intricate wooden carvings. Skill Requirement: Fine Carpentry 25. Use Shaft on Plank to start. Ingredients 4 Planks 4 Shafts 1 Small Nails Canopy Bed An inviting canopy bed, fit for a king. Skill Requirement: Fine Carpentry 65. Use Headboard on Bed Frame to start. Ingredients 1 HeadBoard 1 Bed Frame 1 Foot Board 10 Planks 8 Sheets 8 Fur 2 Large Nails 2 Small Nails Wooden Bench A comfortable wooden bench with wrought-iron decorations. Skill Requirement: Fine Carpentry 35. Use Small Nails on Plank to start. Ingredients 8 Planks 4 Small Nails 4 Shafts 2 Ribbons Wardrobe A large wardrobe with wooden inlays. Skill Requirement: Fine Carpentry 55. Use Large Nails on Plank to start. Ingredients 12 Planks 4 Shafts 4 Large Nails 2 Small Nails Wooden Coffer A wooden coffer. Simple yet beautifully decorated. Skill Requirement: Fine Carpentry 24. Use Small Nails on Plank to start. Ingredients 6 Planks 3 Small Nails Royal Throne A Royal Throne fit for a King. Skill Requirement: Fine Carpentry 70. Use Large Nails on Plank to start. Ingredients 8 Planks 2 Shafts 4 Large Nails 6 Small Nails Washing Bowl An earthen washing bowl on a tripod made from brass. Skill Requirement: 30 Blacksmithing. Use Brass Lump on Small Anvil to start. Ingredients Small Anvil Brass Lump 3 Brass Ribbon Pottery Bowl Small Tripod Table A small round table on three legs. Skill Requirement: 40 Fine Carpentry. Use Shaft on Plank to start. Ingredients 2 Planks 2 Shafts 2 Small Nails Small / Medium / Large colorful carpet This carpet adds a nice patch of color to any house or castle. Skill Requirement: Cloth Tailoring. For Small 20, Medium 30, Large 40. Use string of cloth on floor loom to start. Ingredients 3 / 4 / 5 Kg string of cloth depending on size. High and Low bookshelf Simply looking at this collection of wisdom makes you feel more clever. High bookshelf Skill Requirement: 35 Fine Carpentry. Use Large Nails on Plank to start. Ingredients 8 Planks 2 Shafts 4 Large Nails Low bookshelf Skill Requirement: 25 Fine Carpentry. Use Large Nails on Plank to start. Ingredients 4 Planks 1 Shaft 2 Large Nails High Chair, Fine High Chair and Pauper High Chair A comfy looking chair which invites you to rest High Chair Skill Requirement: 50 Fine Carpentry. Use Small Nails on Plank to start. Ingredients 3 Planks 2 Small Nails 2 Ribbon Fine High Chair Skill Requirement: 60 Fine Carpentry. Use Small Nails on Plank to start. Ingredients 3 Planks 2 Small Nails 2 Square piece of cloth Pauper High Chair Skill Requirement: 40 Fine Carpentry. Use Small Nails on Plank to start. Ingredients 2 Planks 3 Shaft 2 Small Nails Interior Decoration Competition! During the following week we will have a running competition where you can post screenshots in this competition thread: Interior Decoration Competition The competition is to create and incorporate some of the new interior items at your deed. We will be looking at overall feel, theme and creativity of the room. There needs to be at least 4 visible different new items in the screenshot. We will at the end of the week select our 3 favorite screenshots which will be awarded exclusive Wurm Merchandise! Also you have the chance to get your screenshot featured at the screenshots section of our homepage for all to see. The merchandise is a selection between a Juggernaut of Magranon or Manifestation of Fo pendant! The pendants are crafted by the talented jeweler Kryn. You might know him as Krinos78 at the forums or Atazoth ingame. You can read more about the creation of the pendants and check out his store at this address: http://www.kryn.nl/ That is all for this special feature Wurmians and I hope you enjoyed it! I am hoping for many creative contributions to the competition. I know at least I will be fabulizing my deed these coming days! But do not worry I will not try to steal your thunder, the competition is yours So lets all hurry and Keep on Wurming!
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    Some bridge - Yaga Greetings Wurmians! That's right, I'm back with another edition of the valrei international. We've been rather busy this week with the launch of wurm unlimited 1.9 to catch it up to wurm online, but there's still plenty to talk about, so let's get to it Wu live This week saw the launch of (and quickly, pesky bugs) and it's been huge. There's already been a few mods for the new content and seeing the servers buzzing with activity is awesome. I was playing on a server on Monday, and playing again today after the update made me realise just how big our visuals have come in the past six months, so a huge personal shout out to both Samool and Saroman, their continued work to see wurm look and feel better than ever has really impacted the game, and it's awesome to see. Far far away Speaking of visual improvements, samool has been doing some amazing things with distant rendering. Gone will be the days of bland green land, and instead, we will have this! Does anyone else like beavers? Cos dam! (seriously, who doesn't like beavers, otters or ferrets, they're the adorablest!) Coming soon One thing I have been working towards and talked about in many places is the start of our very own wurm dev streams! From general discussion, answering questions and playing the game, to specific streams about upcoming features I'm excited to say we're getting near the point we can start with this and see where it goes. If you have ideas for things you'd like to see, whether from how we play to segments we handle let us know below and we'll see about whether we can include it. We have no firm date to the start of this yet, but our goal is to start in the next month or two with weekend streams That’s it from us this week, we’re doing some behind the scenes changes to how we handle things approaching the switch to AWS, once we are closer to those changes we’ll lay out our plans for future works . There’s a lot going into it and some pretty awesome things, so stay tuned for that! Until then though, Keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the wurm team
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    So, with the beloved game down and out for the count and me suddenly having some free extra time that would normally be spent on digging (I mean, what's cooler than that!), I resorted to checking out the various game forums in detail. I mean, I have to do something, right? And this is the closest to Wurm I can currently get. The forums. Now, there is a world of its own. Even if the developers worked extra time and hired additional help, they would not be able to create such an ecosystem on the net. Wurm - while formidable in its own right - pales in comparison to these pages. There may be no trees and wagons here, but there is intrigue, drama, joy, despair, laughter, hate, combat, more combat, and the weekly cavalry charges at the developers by players who just happen to be enlightened so much (perhaps via meditation) as to know EXACTLY what this game needs, how it needs it and when it should be implemented. Cool stuff. Popcorn sales must be going through the roof, clearly outshining Wurm subscriptions in revenue. If Rolf only invested in popcorn instead... But as they say, all is fair in love and Wurm. And we love it so, don't we? Sure, we get out of hand at times. Yes, we let our frustration shine through our words, but only because we like the game so much! Nothing boring is worth being passionate about and while digging, tree cutting and concrete making may seem like far from interesting at the first glance, we all know different, don't we? So, without any hate, full of love and with a warm embrace for my fellow crazy Wurmians, let me share with you what I found to be most interesting aspects about our forums. - The most used forum is Town Square. No surprise there. - The most frequent recruitment posts are from PvP servers, mainly from Epic. - The most used word in all the postings is "the". Kinda boring, but what's interesting is that the word "troll" figures squarely in 27th place. - One out of each seven posts on the Suggestions forum is hijacked from the original thread. - The shortest, most used forum post (other than the "." when someone deletes their message) is "+1". - +1s actually outnumber -1s! Surprise! I guess the nature of a human being IS predominantly good. - +1s only outnumber -1s by 3%. We may be predominantly good, but we surely don't have that many good ideas. - The least read forum, judged by the number of viewings per post is The Creative Commons. I guess we like our creativity like we like our sleep bonus - in game. - The most entertaining battles on the forums have been between PvP and PvE crowds, mostly before the PVP boards were restricted. There was more PvP in those threads than in game! - Judging by the frequent forum artillery barrages between the JK and MR players from Chaos, the personal nature of the war on that server surpasses all expectations. - The biggest gripe of Freedom players about PvP servers seems to be the fact that you get killed for no reason right after joining. Incidentally, most of the players voicing that concern seem to have never been on a PvP server. - The biggest gripe of PvP players about Freedomers is that they think they will get killed for no reason and therefore won't join the fight. Incidentally, some PvPers like to use the word "Freedumbers" when referring to the PvE crowd, which must surely be the best way to get them to come over. - PvE players blame PvP players for all the horrors that befell their gaming experience, stating that they are in the dev's back pockets. PvP players claim the exact opposite. - Trade is more robust on the forums than it is in game. You can buy anything from a spatula to a colossus on the market forums. - The price for bricks can vary from 1s for 500 to 1.5s for 1000. The price of cotton can be as low as 40c for 1k or as high as 2s for 1k. - You can buy a 25ql 87CoC pick for 1.91s or 0.75s, depending on where you shop. - The most common personal delivery charge on the Freedom servers is 10c for same server and 20c for others. - The same suggestion appears on the Suggestion forums roughly every 2.5 months. - It is not at all uncommon for a player to -1 a suggestion at one time, only to +1 the same suggestion 2.5 months later and defend his or her decision with passion. - It takes only 50% of players voting "yes" in a poll to instigate a public cry that a feature should be implemented because "everyone" is for it. - If you are still reading this, it means that Wurm is still down. Well, that's my list. If you have your own, post it below. Take it lightheartedly, I ask you, for at the end of the day, when all the hacker attacks are done, when the passion runs its course, when all the +1s and -1s are placed on the forums like little chess pieces, and when it finally comes time to digging again, we are all in this together! Oh and if anyone wants to check my math, feel free, but please remember the golden rule of life... 87% of all statistics are made up on the spot!
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    Am alive and kicking! Thanks! Learning new stuff for instance Unity because I suck at c++ although Unreal does seem to be better at certain things. Afraid you can't expect anything new in a good while though, so it's notsoon(tm) Have a nice weekend!
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    Examine baby. Kids like this one have many uses. It is being taken care of by RedBaron_Johan. He is very strong and has a good reserve of fat. This creature could use some grooming.
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    Since we received a lot of feedback requesting that you shouldn't have to purchase premium time in order to create deeds on the upcoming Xanadu server, I asked the team whether they saw many issues with letting non-premiums do that. As it looks right now we couldn't figure out any show stopper really, and it would make it a lot easier for people to settle down and enjoy the game. One reason we have not allowed it before was that when a never-premium mayor account is deleted after three months of inactivity it causes lots of problems if the settlement remains, but other reasons could be deed griefing and hogging resources cheaply. From the feedback and preliminary discussions we had in team that should apparently not be an issue. So basically, the current plan is to allow non-premiums to start a deed. This helps you experienced players place a deed without having to prem up and hand it to your main account once the borders open which is the main thing we want to solve.
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    What is a Heritage site? A Heritage site in relation to Wurm Online is any construct deemed of community value by the Game Masters. What makes a 'construct' or location a Heritage site? Most current heritage sites are tunnels or canals built for the express transit across a terrain that saves people travel time by making it possible to bypass some form of terrain restriction. Heritage Sites are not always about travel time reduction. Some are memorials or can be a terraforming construct of unique significance. All Heritage sites are built by members of the community for the benefit of the community. What are the criteria for applying for Heritage site status? a. Must be of value to the community. (ie. a canal that residents of the server use routinely for convenience.) b. It must look nice! (We do not mean structures that must be maintained, but the terrain must be made to be distinct and noticeable.) c. There must not already be an existing Heritage performing the same function as the one you wish to submit. d. It must always be public access! e. If it is a tunnel or canal all interior walls must be reinforced. How long does the application process take? It is not uncommon for heritage applications to require extended review, but the average for heritage application reviews is about one week. What does having a location accepted as a Heritage site actually mean? We will always post Fantastic GM signs around a protected Heritage location, and should something happen to the Heritage location we will work with the original builders if possible to restore the Heritage as it was intended. Heritage sites should not be modified or harmed. Any needed modifications must be approved by the Game Masters. What if a Heritage Site is damaged? A support ticket should be raised and a Game Master will work to restore the Heritage site and or contact the original builders for assistance in correcting the situation. What if I want to modify a Heritage site? Acceptable modifications would include updating to any new mechanics. Unacceptable modifications would be structural changes to the Heritage unless it was a Game Master approved request from the original builders. All intended changes must meet with the approval of the Game Masters. Can I deed a Heritage Site? Heritage approval does not prevent a heritage from getting a deed placed on it somewhere. It is not against the rules to place or extend a deed over a Heritage. Any deed that intersects with a Heritage must apply highway rules in that no attempt to block access to the heritage must be made and K.o.S. via Deed Reputation mechanics may not be used. If you have a deed over a heritage area, you still retain the deed permitted right to work the land as you see fit as deed owner except for the actual surface areas marked by GM sign that are significant to the Heritage. (ie. canal entrances) Deeds may not be used to mine into or disrupt a heritage cave or canal.
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    The Golden Hive Market - Alyeska and Xallo Hi Everyone! Some big news this week, with a long awaited request finally able to be revealed! But first... Patch Notes What's that sound? Bridges underground! Thought the new bridge types was all the coming things for bridges? Guess again! Since bridges first came to Wurm, many have asked about the possibility of underground bridges, and with the coming update, this will be a reality! Bridges underground will check for clearance of the ceilings, but apart from that, will operate exactly how they do above ground. I'm keen to see what you all come up with, that's for sure! DNS Issues I'd like to thank you all for your patience and understanding during the server connectivity issues this week, you worked very hard to help each other stay connected. We hope you all enjoy the extra premium, and spend the sleep bonus wisely! As an additional reminder, if you did name any hard coded changes to get around the issue, please make sure to change those back! Linton reworked! Linton, aka the barren starter deed, has had a makeover! The team consisting of Griphyth, Faeran, Killroth and Karena have spent a lot of work building this up into an amazing starter town, with possibly the best lookout I've ever seen! I'm sure you'll all agree, it's a huge improvement on the original deed, and I'm thrilled with the results! Highway info! So with the upcoming release of the highway system we've started a thread with the information of what's behind the highway system, there's a brief rundown with a more in depth document available, so feel free to read through and ask any questions. Don't forget though, it's currently live on the test server, and we'll be working on a more official testing period soon! Community Content This weeks content is more of a question, with the suggestion of adding a specific sub-forum for videos, this would be a great opportunity for posting video tutorials, showcases, and plenty more! Would you like to see that done? let us know here! That's it for this week, I'm sure you're all excited for the bridges coming, I know i am! Until next time, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    Hi, the original idea behind the trader system is to distribute money among players (not the least newbies so that they can get started on their own). This isn't really happening until you join a settlement with a trader since the only accessible traders usually are in the starter town where they are constantly drained. So in that respect the trader system works extremely poorly. Despite various efforts to promote making them accessible in various ways people prefer to keep them locked up on deed. I've given it some thought, discussed it with the team and came up with the following system now being tested on the test server: Low quality, usually useless items can be "sold" to traders, merchants and tokens. Select the item, right-click and you get the option sell. You will receive up to 10 iron coins depending on quality level. We don't care if it's a hard item to make or just some nettles you've foraged. Keep it if you don't want to sell it. The action takes 3 seconds. You can currently sell items like this for up to 5 copper per hour. If you do the math, that's several hundred items so most people will have trouble finding or creating items fast enough to sell them like this. Reboots will reset this allowance, which I see no problem with since they usually happen about once or twice per week. The money is drawn from the kings coffers just as when money is distributed to traders. There's a reserve that he won't give out like this reserved to traders and if the money reaches this limit he won't accept the item. The king coffers on most servers currently has a surplus that isn't distributed so there is little risk that those with traders see a decrease in their income. This system might also help keep the databases and servers clean since it motivates people to gather items lying around. - Edit - There are of course some types of low value items that won't be sellable, including: Liquids, Scraps, Needles, Nails, Shards, Sand, Dirt,Clay (Shards will be instadiscardable so you can keep your mines clean instead) -- Please try it out and give feedback, Rolf
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    Maps? Really? I know I'm not alone when I say a map will destroy the survival aspect of the game, getting lost in the woods makes things fun for alot of people.
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    What you see here will be a more transparent issuance of penalties and moderation actions against the most horrendous offenders. We have striven to keep the issues of each member confidential all these years, but there are times when that provided confidentiality is publicly used against us to make us look biased or corrupt. After some discussions behind the scenes we have determined to strip away that confidentiality that we provided when it comes to the most serious offenses such as Toxic Players, or mass penalties where we are often bombarded with appeals as well as 3rd party complaints. When we are required to act against a member of our community, we do not do so out of bias or some form of arbitrary self indulgence. The paperwork is far too great for it to be enjoyable. Yet, when we take action, invariably, the person under penalty rarely tells the 'whole truth' to the people they speak to. This causes us no end of problems and we hope that being more transparent about these individuals will save us a lot of time and effort.
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    A couple of years ago on Xanadu there was a lot of people not really finding anything to kill in areas they were trying to hunt in, despite the server having a much higher total creature population than any other server. At that time there was some investigation into these claims, to see just where all the creatures were and what they were doing – and that lead to a few tweaks on how the creatures spawned to help make things feel a bit better. Just recently I saw another comment that was much the same as comments a couple of years ago before those changes, talking about not seeing any mobs to kill in their area and finding nothing substantial when out hunting. For a little while now I’ve had various plans to update the creature system in Wurm in a couple of ways – so this seems like a good place to start on what those changes are, why I’d like to do them, and how they might help out on any issues players might have relating to current creatures. Current Creature Capabilities First off, back when this was first looked at there was a new command added to the game for the devs to use to make the server dump out a map with all the current creature locations for the entire server. This map was used to find where problem areas might have been in how creatures spawned and moved, and to see why people were finding nothing to kill. The output of such map looks something like the below, and shows a marker on every tile where a creature is currently sitting. Typical creature distribution in an area with little to no deeds. With this view of everything on a server, it gives us a better look at where creatures are, how they are moving, and where they are avoiding. As expected and experienced by players, the areas near deeds and well travelled highways tend to be very sparsely populated by creatures because of a combination of players killing creatures they see, spirit templars and guard towers, and large amounts of areas being taken up by deeds and buildings where creatures do not spawn. In the creature pathing code you also have a tendency for most creatures to try and avoid deeds if possible – this doesn’t always happen as anyone with spirit templars will know, but they do try to avoid guarded deeds when they move. Adding onto this is the fleeing mechanic that controls how creatures behave when getting near other hostile creatures or near players. How areas around some deeds may look. Happy hunting to those that recognise their deed. With herbivores not liking the presence of players leading to them running away from them and other aggressive creatures, combined with them generally not spawning too close to deeds and buildings, and add in player’s proclivity to kill anything they see anywhere near their deeds, you can get some areas looking like the above – creatures finding their safe spaces in areas of land between deeds that are less travelled by players. Now as if this isn’t enough, carnivorous creatures also like to hunt – and where do they go to get their feast on? To the large grouping of herbivores running away from the nasty players. All of these interactions can compound with each other until you get the odd worst-case scenario that pops up in a couple of small areas on each map. A piece of land squished between a large deed and a cliff. Farm animals galore. This isn’t so much a widespread problem however, a large percentage of the map looks like the very first image above – good distribution of creatures across the large majority of the map. That’s not to say that some things cannot be improved though. Corralling Confined Creatures There are a few main areas where we could improve how creatures spawn and move around. The first is one that a large portion of the playerbase experience, and that is creatures that are penned up and stuck on deed trying to path their way outside of those pens and eventually all ending up stuck in various corners. This feature isn’t something that is unique to Wurm as I have seen the same behaviour in penned creatures in other games, and it comes with an interesting explanation. When a creature chooses a place to go, it will pick a tile in its range and then try its best to get to that tile – if it can find a valid path going around obstacles, through unlocked gates and around houses it will – but when it can’t it will most of the time just sit still instead, trying again for a different tile in range later. Now when a creature is inside a pen there are a lot less valid tiles that it can move to. It can move inside the pen and that’s about it. If your prized cow is sitting in the center of a large pen it can move to every tile around it since its max range is still inside the pen. But after that movement the cow is now closer to the edge of the pen, and half of the tiles it can try to move to are outside of the pen – so half the time when it picks a new tile to move to, it will do nothing. Leave that running for long enough and the cow will eventually run itself into a corner tile, where 75% of the tiles in range are outside of the pen – so 75% of its new movements are doing nothing because it is trying to get to an invalid tile. Left: All tiles in range are valid. Center: Some tiles outside of the pen are invalid. Right: Majority of tiles in range are invalid. A potential fix to this is actually reusing movement code that some other creatures use. Instead of picking a tile and trying to make their way to it, when these creatures have nothing better to move towards (like an easy kill while hunting) they will pick a direction and walk in that direction, turning every now and then, bouncing off obstacles like walls and fences, and just generally wandering aimlessly. Applying this code to penned creatures would mean less movement checks that end in them stuck in one spot, and more randomly moving around their available space – they will be able to walk up to the edge of their pen, then turn in a direction away from the fence or wall, and carry on in that other direction. Looking at it from a different direction, another way to possibly fix this issue would be to make creatures want to avoid tiles that already have other creatures on them or nearby them when possible. Ideally this would make bunched up creatures naturally spread out when they have no specific tile they are pathing towards leading to more evenly spread pens, and would also help out with another issue described above with creatures naturally gathering at certain points on the map in large groups currently. Counseling Cowardly Creatures For the issue of creatures seemingly grouping up at similar distances from active deeds as shown in the map view with deeds earlier, one easy change that we’ll be testing is simply tweaking the range that these fleeing creatures react to players. This will make them far less likely to scatter from an area around a deed, and instead just try and keep their distance from players when they are in a more realistically visible range. Adding onto this is a new system I’d like to try on these creatures to make them a bit more smart in choosing where they are running to when fleeing. At the moment when a fleeing creature is picking a new tile to run towards, it will take a look at all of the creatures it can see in range, and will attempt to run directly away from the first player or aggressive creature is sees in that list. This can mean that in their fleeing from one creature, they might run directly towards another that they would also rather not be near. To get them to choose their destination a little bit smarter instead of just running away from the first creature in their range, all of the tiles in their range will be weighted based on the relative distance and strength of enemy creatures nearby. This will give them a clear list of lowest risk tiles they should path to which can be used to decide where they move. Blue: Creature, Orange: Enemies, Green: Lowest risk tiles to move to. As a secondary addition to this heatmap-like system that we may test down the line would be to include other non-aggressive mobs to the tile weighting, making creatures less likely to travel to a tile that already has some other creatures on it. Changing Creature Creation In a similar manner to the above heatmap system to be tested with fleeing creature movements, in the near future I’ll be testing out another heatmap system for creature spawns. This would be a cached version of all the map tiles with a weighting based on deeds, guard towers and highways. Tiles closer to guard towers or deeds with templars would be weighted based on their distance to the deed/tower and the number of templars or tower guards. What this would allow is more precision in spawning creatures based on how safe or wild the area is – areas closer to deeds and towers tend to be more safe, so more passive and weaker mobs would spawn in those areas. Moving further out from these areas would take you farther into wilderness with stronger creatures spawning. This heatmap could then also be used to pick out best areas to spawn uniques or future more difficult creatures that we think up. We’d be able to safely spawn uniques out in the relative wilderness, out of the way of deeds and the destruction uniques may cause to them. This would ideally cause a more fluid system for hunting, with lower skilled players being able to feel relatively safe in areas that are well guarded or well travelled, while seasoned hunters will have a better idea of where they can travel to have a real fight. Finally, just in relation to creature numbers and how rare some creatures are compared to others – we’ll be taking another look at those after the above changes are live and working. The current hope is that the spreading out of these wild creatures more will make it more obvious what creatures are around and what creatures are actually pretty scarce. From there we can once again look at tweaking the percentages in what some creatures spawn. As for now though, we’re currently testing some of the changes and ideas talked about here on the test servers, with some of them due to be put onto one of the smaller Freedom servers in the near future for some better live testing. Once they are confirmed to be working as intended and not causing any extra stress on the servers they will be rolled out across all of the servers. We hope they’ll make a nice difference to your farms and hunting experiences. // TODO: Insert outro here. // @author: Budda
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    I wanted to thank you all for everything you do for this great game called Wurm Online. I'm sure you don't hear this enough either! Thank you to the Developers, so far 2018 has been amazing with a surge of content, bug fixes, and QoL improvements to the game. I cannot wait to see the new UI and future improvements to the game! I also want to thank the Staff team for doing a excellent job dealing with player issues, bugs, etc. I'm sure a lot of you probably don't hear this often but it means a lot to us and we thank you for your volunteer efforts & contribution to the game thank you. We players can be very hard to deal with now and then, and it might annoy you that we never stop asking for more content, or complain. However like you, we are just as passionate about the game - so I thank you for the patience and understanding, it means a lot. Thank You
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    Like hell. Bashing is absolutely necessary in this case. For example: your typical Runescape "hacked account", if you question the hacked person heavily enough, they generally end up admitting to some form of gold trading or account trading in which the magic happened. Incidentally RMT is something Jagex has been viciously fighting for years. It's strictly forbidden to even lend your account to a friend for a 10 minute sneak peek. In other words, sites like that may, in fact, provide fraud protection among fraudsters. But they also actively encourage ignoring games' rules and provide the means to do so, for a cut. Had spent all my life without bothering to look at one of those sites as they are known to be the bottom of the trash pile. People with experience botting: those sites. People with scamming/actual hacking experience: those sites. People with experience running multiple clients to flood raw materials' markets in games: those sites. Cue a game's OWNER deciding to advertise THERE. I'm gonna stop here because the line of thought I'm on can only get me banned if I type it up. Edit: I'll drop one last tidbit from my brain. We should all feel insulted that Rolf considers that den of thieves and noobs more trustworthy than the people who've tolerated his faux-pas addiction over the years.
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    Welcome one and all to the first Valrei International of 2018! I hope you all had a wonderful new years break, and settling back into the ride that the next year is going to be. Valrei International Changes With the new year we’ll be making some changes with the Valrei International. Firstly, it will be released on Thursdays instead of Fridays, giving us a better timeframe to work in (and not while everyones looking to get out the door) Secondly, we’ll be changing from weekly news to to fortnightly releases of the news. The reason for this change is to better match development releases (usually fortnightly) and allow us to collaborate and fill the new with tons of tasty goodies, as well as a few competitions and giveaways! We'll be trialing the fortnightly news over the coming, uh, fortnights, seeing how it fits in with development and our projects, with some long term projects in the works (such as the new UI, already underway). We may also use an alternating system of community news and events, just enough to keep you all in the loop! Affinities As we all know, (or for those who don't) affinities grant a 10% skill gain bonus to the skill they're attached to. The existing mechanic with affinities is each player starts with one (hidden until premium), but it can be lost through a death to an enemy kingdom player when above 20 fight skill. With the next update, we’ll be changing how affinities are gained and lost, as well as expanding on a more PvE friendly mechanic as well., Firstly, we’ll be introducing the ability to gain new affinities via the use of skills, with a small chance to gain any affinity of a skill you’re using, including characteristics, parent skills, and sub skills. Secondly, gaining affinities via PvP will be changed to take into account the killer’s existing affinities in that skill, where there will be an increasing chance to not gain the affinity lost by the deceased depending on the number of affinities the killer has in that skill. This will mean neither the deceased or the killer will get that affinity. We’ll also be making some changes to how the overkilling mechanics in PvP work, so alt abuse is less prevalent. Firstly with overall kills on a single character being taken into account rather than just the number of kills on that character from a specific other character, and secondly with tweaking how the existing overkilling timers work. We’ll be including more information on these features in the patch notes upon launch, so stay tuned for that. Miscellaneous changes A couple of quality of life updates, long desired are also in the works for the upcoming patch: Sealed containers Coming with the next update sealed containers will be possible to stock on merchants for sale. This has been desired for a while, so I’m sure you’re all keen to see it come in asap! Well that’s a little embarrassing… Nevertheless, I’m for real this time! After a few delays, this change has had the cobwebs dusted off, and cleaned up, and will be coming in the next update! Just to prove I'm serious: This will only be a keybind (dig_to_pile) and won’t affect leveling or flattening, but regardless, I’m just glad it’s finally coming in! More info will be made available about all of these changes in the upcoming patch notes for the next update. Community Content - Wurm base jumping This weeks community content is an old video shared on our Discord server. One of the first things I ever did when I got a flying account was go up to the top and jump off, and I'm positive I'm not the first! This is a really old video, with the green tunic avatars even, I may have to go up there and do an updated jump... That's it from us this week, the new update should be out prior to the next news, so expect those features live then! Until then though, Keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    In my opinion, the problem doesn't lie with PvP in this case. It lies in the fact that the stolen items were taken to Freedom, where there is absolutely no chance of the kingdom getting them back. If the thief had stayed on Chaos with everything, it would have been a nice challenge for the kingdom to track the guy down and kill him to get their stuff back. *That's* what PvP is all about. NOT robbing your own kingdom blind then bolting to Freedom--where the mechanics aren't there to have any fair shot at getting anything back--to hide out with the loot. PvP should stay on PvP. That's my opinion.
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    Trollwood Keep - Amadee HI Everyone! This week we touch on some more content coming in the next update, with the almanac! There's also info on CA help for the Epic cluster, so why are you still reading this? The almanac An ages old tool for farmers and other crop growers, an almanac is a calendar with important information such as tides, astronomical data, seasons and crops. For Wurm, it will be used to check up on when bushes, trees and trellises will bear fruit! That's right, you'll be able to keep a record telling you when every harvestable item is ripe, and for how long it will be ripe. The almanac will require studying a bush, tree or trellis during its harvest season to collect the information on it, and skill will determine just how much information you can collect and ql of the report will determine how far in the future you can see harvest times. These reports are then stored inside the almanac. Once collected, anyone may use the almanac to check on harvest times and read up on information about the reports they have stored inside. You can even check with a handy command of /almanac (You will need the reports in your almanac to see each harvest season though!) The almanac will also include little bits of information on each harvested produce, with a definite Wurmian twist. New Bushes Those of you with a keen eye will notice something in the above picture, and that's three new harvestable bushes! Blueberries, Raspberries and lingonberries will become bushes that have their own harvest times, Epic CA help This next update we'll be introducing a new CA help for epic, JK help, MR help, and HotS help! These help channels will be across all epic servers, but restricted to each kingdom, names will also not show the server tag, so you can still help while raiding! It's the first step towards improving our support for new players on Epic, we'll have to wait for this to go live before testing (as we don't have 4 test servers to setup the scenario) and we'll continue to adjust anything we need to. WU beta to live delays Due to the last update, we'll be including some last minute fixes and tweaks in the beta, which will extend it to next week, this is to make sure we don't have to force another update our beta version before going to live, sorry about the delay, but delaying is smoother than a second update later on in case something breaks! Caption this Winner The winner of this weeks caption this is Mordraug! We couldn't go past this one PvP updates Ongoing PvP updates include continued balances and tweaks to the catapulting and siege weapons, and also a discussion on changes to how kingdom influence works on PvP servers. These projects are aimed at improving foundation mechanics as we take steps towards the larger overhauls, projects are in the works and we'll be looking at a bigger roadmap to show what is currently being worked on and what is being planned. Check out the kingdom influence discussion here: Community Content This week I'd like to take a moment to put the spotlight on Wurmhole, who opened a thread offering to pay 1 months premium for five players, and asked others to nominate people. While I missed the pm about pizza (damnit!) I think this is an even better use of the income from this sale, and it's amazing to see Wurmians come together to recognise other players, new and old alike for their work in helping one another and I'd like to congratulate those who received the premium time, you've certainly earned it! That's it for this week from us, there's more to come in the oncoming weeks before the big update, and we may just be saving the best for last! What is it? You'll just have to wait and see! Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    i think the wrong meditation path is being nerfed
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    Thanks for the feedback so far everyone. It sounds like there is some work that may need to be done to improve the map. However that would, if it happens, cause some delays to the release of the new Elevation map. Would a week or so be acceptable in that case? Nothing confirmed or anything yet as I would have to speak to Rolf but it would be the only way at this point.
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    The Desertion Incident There have been some recent cases of newly created avatars attacking other players on the starter deed of Desertion. Wurm Online has game mechanics in place to help deal with players who attack other players in the same kingdom on Desertion and Serenity, such as the hunted system. However, these game mechanics cannot deal with every possible situation. Sometimes players will find ways to minimize or bypass the effects of the game mechanics. One example of that is using newly created avatars to attack other players with. These avatars are usually disposable, so the effect of the hunted and reputation systems are minimal to none. The GM team has decided that this particular recent case on Desertion is in violation of these rules. Penalties have been issued to the parties involved on both the main and related avatars. We would like to encourage players to use /support if they suspect a player is violating the Disruptive Player Behavior rules. Keep in mind that these rules only apply to Serenity and Desertion, as they are the only servers that enforce a strict /reputation and hunted system. Thank you, Wurm Online Team
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    Vaelir's Deed. Greetings Wurmians! Apparently this news is a little late, oops! We’ve been pretty busy dealing with some rather unfortunate hardware issues, we’ll fill you in on that in this week's news, so let’s get on with it! But first... Patch Notes: Independence issues. The lag independence has been experiencing was identified as a failure on one of the drives on the server, which was causing major delays when reading from the database. Upon identifying this our server hero admin Keenan performed extended maintenance during which the databases were moved to another hardware setup. This is a temporary issue while we perform maintenance on the Independence hardware and some time in the near future we will be undergoing an extended downtime period for all servers to perform necessary system maintenance as well. Alongside this we are also investigating the causes for the recent upturn in lag, this will take some time as we run profiling software on each server, identifying when it lags and why. We know dealing with lag is a major pain so it’s our current priority to address and resolve as soon as possible, we do appreciate your patience with it and once we’re in the clear we’ll look at what forms of compensation might be worthwhile. ‘Tis the season! Almanacs, examine, mouseovers, so much text to see if your tree or bush is ripe for the harvest, but what about the items? Coming very soon is a graphics update that displays fruit, berries and all those harvestable goodies directly on the tree. As you can see below, Saroman is always working hard on making Wurm look as alive as possible! This is expected to go out in the next few days, so if you see a graphics pack update, that will be why! Animation polishing Samool has also been hard at work on polishing general animations from a first and third person perspective, including having the camera move with certain animations! https://drive.google.com/file/d/19lduiQjq35duW40UAofd_4zjixt5a0kV/view?usp=sharing Of course it will be a toggle though, motion sickness while playing is never fun. HotA rework The ongoing HotA rework testing is still available on text, we have several devs working with feedback to ensure that any system that comes achieves the goals we have and creates something engaging, be sure to grab a chum, buddy or comrade to check it out and leave any feedback! That’s it from us this week, we’ll be hard at work addressing the hardware and lag issues and hopefully have some more info soon about the dates for the extended downtime. Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    Eclipse - Yaga Hi Everyone! This week saw a (slightly bumpy) update which will be the last content update before the big one, with the new skill, Valrei overhaul, and a whole bunch of new systems and changes. We'll go into detail with each one over the coming weeks, starting today But first... Patch Notes The wagoner! The introduction of the highway system was part 1, with part 2, we introduce the wagoner! Remember this hidden person? The wagoner provides a way of sending bulk items (e.g. bricks, etc) to a particular deed in a semi-automated way. Deliveries may be pre-paid or CoD. A maximum of 20 large crates may be sent in a single delivery, and transport runs between deeds. Wagoners operate a special wagon for their deliveries. When making a delivery, the wagoner will load his/her wagon, and drive it from the origin to the destination, unload the goods, before returning to his/her home deed. Wagoners use the new highway system to navigate, so the origin and destination need to be connected to the same highway network. The wagoner will be available via a contract sold on traders as well as public ones at starter deeds. They may be set to charge a small fee per crate delivered, or free use. Mine door showcase We've teased the gold and steel mine doors, but today we reveal all four of the new ones! The rock one will remain the same to blend in of course, sometimes standing out isn't in your best interests. Community Content - Official Discord As discord becomes more and more popular, there's been a few questions about getting an official discord up and running, and today we launch it! Discord is a text and voice chat system that can be used on mobile, in a browser, or on a desktop client. It's a great way of connecting and getting to know your fellow Wurmians out of the game so jump in and try it out today (we may even include some giveaways!) https://discord.gg/TTr9KPm Simply follow this link, sign up if you haven't used Discord before, and get started! There's more to come before the next update, We'll be catching up with the guys from Factional Fight and we'll be revealing all the details about the new skill in a special video starring myself and Budda! I know you're all as keen as I am for that, so keep your eyes peeled! Until then though, keep on wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    Pavings changed to slate, on bridges, tunnel and ground,
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    As per the post title, the Rifts of Wurm continue upon their random path of destruction on the servers. As a person who has played the game for many years and always over that time devoted some enjoyable game time to enhancing and improving the local areas around my deeds, I find this situation particularly disturbing to see these areas carelessly destroyed by these Rift "spawns". Imagine yourself in this situation where you have built local roads for player access, removed abandoned left behinds and replanted the area with new trees for all to see and use once again. Also you might have seen other trees cut down with logs left behind and then discarded them and replanted those trees again. Over the years you then enjoyed strolling through these areas seeing the evidence of the care taken for the lands and these improvements made to it. Now randomly these areas are totally destroyed by killing off all the trees, turning the land to dirt (packed too?), making mounds and ditches here and there as well as distorting various paved roads into lumps or ditches. I find one of the endearing and enduring things about this game is that you can transform these lands in positive ways. Particularly for me this is the heart of this "sandbox" style game, with many details added that enable players to do this. To think that the game Developers would either not realize this, or realize this and yet in spite of that destroy other players efforts and work to enhance the beauty of this game, is something that I find very disappointing and even hard to grasp in it's careless disregard of their efforts put forth. Even more than this, if other players were to take these steps of wandering the servers destroying areas in random locations this way it would obviously be seen as destructive and not tolerated. Yet the game Developers are doing exactly this. Really, you game Developers need to give this situation some consideration from the perspective of the game concept and other players enhancement of the game environment. The game has never been about a plague slowly crawling across these lands eventually destroying everything not on deed. This is a recent aberration somehow considered necessary to enable more variations to mob conflicts and yet it has been done at the expense of random destruction of player improvements to these lands. I realize that it is hard to admit to mistakes when they are done out a concept to improve some part of the game. When such a great conflict like this results in destructive results then stubbornness sets in an attempt to ignore the situation and not do anything further to resolve it. A simple solution could be to set these Rift areas to perhaps 4 fixed locations N/S/E/W on each server and just rotate them around for access convenience. These random locations lend no real mystery to finding them as the huge red beams clearly give them away for vast distances. I would urge you Developers to give some further consideration to these random Rift spawns and the destruction of the improvements that other players have made to enhance the beauty and appeal of your game. Although we don't get paid for doing this the satisfaction derived is sufficient reward, until of course you carelessly destroy it all. Happy Trails =Ayes=
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    Yes, I'm making another thread about this. It's stupid that PvP players need to keep their backup horses and pets off deed and in a not-so-secure location just to prevent their speed horses and breeding animals from randomly miscarrying and getting diseased. It severely limits PvP and just creates unneeded problems. It results in horse shortages, as well as impacting Epic missions. For example, on JKH, we currently have a mission to sacrifice three (3) calves. Because no one can bring cows and bulls to their deed to breed them (they need the space for horses which is limited by the ratio), we have had this mission for several days now. It is a simple mission that would have been completed within ten minutes of popping up (as it should be for such an "easy" mission) if we were allowed to breed animals on deed without a useless limit that was meant for PvE. In my opinion, it should just be removed entirely from both PvE and PvP, but the severe impact on PvP servers makes this a destructive feature. No horses and pets means no PvP.