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    I don't know where this is, ask - Demonanightshade New Year, well, same me! Greetings everyone! It's Retro back with the first VI of the year! We're hitting the ground running in 2020 with some big changes (and more on the way!) I hope everyone enjoyed the Christmas gift of the festive bedroll, I'd like to clarify that I did state it should be damage free, this is not the case. As it is an item with a use function it will take damage when you sleep on it as well as being prone to decay off deed or in a container (standard decoration mechanics). The craftable version will be going live along with the bugfix of making them improvable with the next minor update. This week though we'll be talking about what's going live in the big update at the end of the month, so strap in and check it all out. New Loyalty System WIP shot, prices hidden due to not being finalised. Items so spicy you won't be able to eat them! We’ve talked about it a bit in various places on the forums and on our Twitch broadcasts, but it’s almost time! I’m really keen for this to come as it’s something I worked on personally, so I’m quite proud of it (unless it breaks, then I had nothing to do with it) For premium purchases (excepting the the first 2s purchase if purchasing via token) players will receive points that they can redeem at a token to purchase items. The points awarded for the different purchase options are as follows: 1000 point - 15 days premium 1500 points - referrals 3000 points - token 4500 points - shop (per month purchased) The items that can be purchased are as follows: Random Moon Metal Lump Self explanatory, a 99ql lump of a random moonmetal -- seryll, glimmersteel or adamantine Random Ancient Jackal Moon Skin A random skin from the Jackal points list. Gift pack Open the gift box to find a random reward from the following: Sleep powder A star gem Seryll lump Adamantine lump Glimmersteel lump Imbue potion Supreme bone Transmutation rod Staff of the land Pale mask Plumed helm of the hunt Cavalier helm Challenge statue Returners mask Trader items Items such as shaker orbs, Rods of Transmutation, Small and Large Magical chests are available as well Care for token This adds another care for slot to your character, it’s limited to one per character! Golden Mirror No clue what this does, no one knows about it. Just kidding! This will allow you to change your gender AND get a makeover Affinity A random affinity is assigned to your character. Wooden Name Plate Hang this nameplate on a creature that is tamed or dominated to rename it! Magical Ink Ever had a special item that meant a lot to you? You can now add your name and a special name to the item, turning that longsword into Retrograde’s Excalibur. All renamed items will include the person's name, so GM named items will still be different. Sleep bonus This increases your sleep bonus cap by one hour, meaning 6 hours if you have not completed The Winding Path in your journal and 7 hours if you have! Note this does not increase the maximum cap of 10 hours from server based compensation. Faith Swap and Meditation path change These are pretty straight forward, allowing one time faith or meditation path swap per redemption. Magical Tome Random tome charge, who wants a red cherry? There’s a lot of variety there and there’s a lot to work towards, some of these prizes are intended to take 6-12 months in order to earn enough points to redeem, and we’ll be able to add and swap out things as we go, meaning limited edition things or even discounts! Priests After a long time of balancing the pros and cons following the priest update over a year ago, the decision has been made to remove the ability to follow player gods entirely. With Libila now a PvE god as well all spells are available and balance is much easier to work across four known sets. We also are able to bring back more flavour for the original deities and followers. This means that existing priests of player gods will be converted to their template deity with the option of a free faith swap to any template deity. Alongside this we’ll be boosting template specific favour options and adjusting favour from chopped vegetables. Although popular we would like to bring more options and variety to the choice of favour, encouraging the use of more template specific favour options vs thousands of chopped vegetables. We’ll have the exact numbers in the patch notes for the launch. Third person Wurm That’s right, you saw in the end of 2019 thread but third person is coming to Wurm! It’s a completely different feeling playing in third person and I think everyone should check it out. It’s already on the test server if you’d like to try and let us know what you think and if you’ll be playing with it when it goes live! Jackal The stronghold has fallen, and Jackal has been cleansed for this round. I’d like to congratulate everyone who took part in the final battles, and a solid well done to everyone who spent their time playing on Jackal. We’ll be winding the server down and returning players back to their Freedom servers, so if you have deeds there still remember to disband them to avoid any issues with lost silver! This is all coming at the end of January, along with a bunch of tweaks, bugfixes and adjustments, so make sure to catch us live on Twitch at Sunday, 9pm UTC to chat about what’s coming, see it all on test and ask questions! Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    Wurm feels like home to me. When I log into my deed, I am among MY land, MY trees, MY enclosures, MY buildings, looking at MY ships in MY harbour. And why do they all feel so close to me? Because I made them all, exactly how I wanted them to be. I also bought the land and I upkeep it. My land is not some instanced cubicle to decorate that doesn't really have any real estate presence in the world. It actually takes up a chunk of Wurm - my own personal piece of it, and it interacts with it in real time. You can sail by it, you can come in to visit (I have a guest house! ) and you can utilize it in so many different ways. There is a farm there, a shipyard, vineyard, brewery, horses, homes, bridges, kitchens, and soon even bees. My stable has a chamber where I keep my saddles and extra horse paraphernalia. It really is home and I never found another game where all this is possible to such a degree. Perhaps such a game has recently come into existence, but meh... too late for them. Wurm is home already. I am happy here. Additionally - while I understand that there are players who are dissatisfied with them - I absolutely love the Wurm mechanics. I have embraced all the updates and content additions through the years. I have observed the developers understand and maintain this uniquely Wurm atmosphere and play style and support it with their updates that keep that feeling alive. I enjoy how in tune they are with the game feel. Wurm is so much better than when I joined and in so many incredible ways. Again, not a sentiment shared by all - I understand that - but I truly believe it. Have all the updates gone along my wishes? Not all... for instance, I am still not sure how I will adapt to this new third person Wurm that is tearing at the very fabric of my soul. But I will have to find a way. You can't have it all. But most updates were simply amazing. Retro's Valrei International is now my favorite literature, right up there with War and Peace, because of the additions it announces on regular basis. In Wurm, I feel the freedom. I can do what I want, go where I want, experience what I want, and none of that is dictated by a raiding schedule or in-game obligations. In fact, I can leave for a month or not log in on those busy days, and things will still be OK! When I come back, my Wurm is waiting. Just like the theme song promised. I simply cannot explain it, really. I love riding through the forests near my deed and seeing how the trees have grown. I love seeing the sap on the maples and knowing that today is probably a good day to pull out my bucket and the wax sealing kit. I love exploring old deeds and reminiscing about what may have been there. I love sailing (yes, I am crazy like that!). Even the grinding, which is boring and repetitive, somehow doesn't bother me in Wurm. Probably because when I do that, I can hear the birds chirping outside the window that I built, the horses which I raised moving by the fences I made, the water shimmering under my ships in the harbour which I personally shaped. Also, because of how valuable high skills become when you had to work for them for some time. In Wurm, I take things slow... sometimes too slow. I have no raids to attend, no crazy schedules to maintain, no quotas to meet. I have no one to outshine with my gear. In Wurm, CoC or WoA are the desirable enchants, not Swords of Thousand Truths with Super-Cala-Fragalistic Nuclear Chain Lightning charges. In Wurm, my rare leatherworking tools are my most cherished possessions. To me, Wurm is real. And I have only scratched the surface. And now, here I go getting all nostalgic about it. Look what you made me do! But I used to be a crazy raider, power player, intense grinder, high-level competitor, massive guild leader type of a dude. Not anymore. The Wurm Retirement Home is my speed now. And it feels soooo much more fun! So, stop by when you are passing by Garden of Fo on Celebration and say "hi". I will probably be doing something on my deed - something in preparation for doing something else, so that I can do something else entirely which will eventually allow me to do what I really want to do. And it'll probably take me a week just to set up. But I'll be loving every minute of it!
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    Mate I don't have knowledge of things I said four hours ago
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    Greetings everyone, there shall be a troll king slaying this weekend, everyone is welcome to come slap him, get some stonecutting bloods and maybe even win some loot! slightly inland, 1 loot roll per person Park near serenity harbour and follow the path up, taking a right at the intersection. if you've walked into a field of lava spiders you've gone too far
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    With a constant shrinking player base, there might not be a "long run" for Wurm after all... Make a poll that people playing priest to have a saying on that. At least gauge what players expect from this change.
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    By silly I mean difficult to understand for players and does not match the lore around the gods we wish to return to. Balance wise there was a ton of issues and if we want to focus on a balanced pvp server then removing so many factors through there helps. Sorry if the word silly felt condescending
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    I came into this world to search for someone, one person in particular - my brother. My brother had entered into a strange world which he called "Wurm" and had been almost missing for several months. One day I found myself in Real Life completely alone and wondering where my brother was and how I could find him. I so wanted to talk to him about this strange land he had visited and the exciting things that had already happened to him there. He had previously told me he was planning on building an inn, and was going to offer healing for travellers and hunters of strange and dangerous creatures. Real Life was for me, safe and secure, but I was alone and missing my brother, so armed only with a few scraps of information and the name of the inn, I entered the world of Wurm. All went fairly smoothly in the tutorial until it came to the point of going through a daunting portal. At this point it seemed I had to make a big decision - where was my brother? I knew if I made the wrong decision I would never find him. I did not know how to contact him in the game, I only knew I had to try and find him. I hunted around Real Life and found something he had left behind - a paper map labelled "Pristine" - bouyed with renewed hope, I selected Pristine and entered the portal.. Pristine was a cold, bright, yet empty place on my arrival. Looking at the map and the few directions my brother had given, I knew I had to aim South. I tried to keep to the road, but of course I didn't. Back then there were no cats-eyes, and it was easy to stray from the paved paths. I lost my bearings and came down the side of a hill, only to come face to face with a giant rat! It was fenced in - someone's pet. Unsettled by this I corrected my direction and headed south again. I eventually found myself at a crossroads, got alarmed by a giant spider in the road, and called for "help" in CA Help. The person there was kind but I found they could offer me no physical assistance, and they did not know where the inn was, I believe they mentioned something about 'Freedom' tab but I did not know how to open this, and I was probably too embarrassed to ask any more questions. I set off alone again, and of course went east instead of south. Heading up hill (towards what I now know to be Mount Caldera) I saw ahead of me a bright orange raging Unicorn - this was back when animal conditions had bright colours. Something about its bright colour and angry text made me think that maybe this wasn't the right way to go, and I turned and headed south again across the icy tundra. I saw creatures towards the top of the mountain but they were not near me. I kept running south, and looking west down towards the bottom of the valley. I later found out that a road runs down this valley - the road I should have taken, but I could not see it in the ice and snow. Soon I saw a large building at the bottom of the valley. It was wooden and several stories high. Something about it told me it was my brother's building. I can't say what told me this, but I headed down towards it. Soon I saw my brother's name in local! I called out for help, I had fallen. It was impossible for me to see a drop in the terrain in all the ice and snow back then, there were no shadows, bump maps, or occlusion in those days. I had damaged my ankle badly. My brother said there was cotton in the bsb in the inn, and to go upstairs if monsters came. So I had found my brother, and with him I had found what seemed to be the only safe place in this world. "How did you find me?" he asked.
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    The NEXA clan was saddened to hear of the passing of one of our own, Rapidron, aka Jakesully, back in October. Obituary Ron was founder of a "Day One" Xanadu deed, Port Heidoho, named after his chihuahua. He was an important member of our community, with a noble spirit exemplified by kindness, generosity, and wisdom. Within NEXA, Ron was always happy to lend a hand on member projects or participate in our community events. The knowledge of his death came as quite a surprise, and only a few days after his deed fell from upkeep. (Rot in hell vultures..) We know that he loved Wurm Online, because he kept coming back, much like the rest of us. We loved you too, Ron. Rest-in-peace, Brother. 2019 October <Rapidron> lovely today I am
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    Back in the days, on technical university, we put our Counter Strike 1.6 server. Common thing that happened, that when you entered it, it was empty. Every day people came in, saw that it is empty and they disconnected. It would take me or other stubborn person, to sit there, for like an hour or two alone, and slowly more people came in. Afternoon it was full of players and others were waiting in a queue to get in. The same analogy is for Epic, or even other more populated servers. Players log in, see that none is there and log out. If some people are stubborn enough to still play, then in future more people will stay. It's just need people to get people : ) If we all gonna say that some server or game at all is dead, and stop playing, then more people will leave. If we gonna try, then more people will stay. Typical avalanche effect.
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    How deep the rabbit hole goes?
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    If you're going to remove player gods, please introduce a 5th neutral god that is boring and doesn't play with the others in PVP that is a good deed maintenance god like Nahjo was. New God - Jake from State Farm: Courier Strongwall Genesis Mend Summon Soul Vessel Reveal Creatures Lurker in the Deep Wild Growth Humid Drizzle Light Token Dirt Bless
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    I think his gripe is that Mag has microscopic utility outside of Strongwall itself. And he isn't wrong.
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    Starting to look more and more like you are trying to kill WO to get people to switch to Steam version when and if it comes out ... Has the new owners of Club AB had any input to the changes ? Because so far with all the changes coming to stuff you had improved , to step backwards instead ,,, priest changes and followers adding new demy GOD,s just to go back to old god system is odd ... The loyalty sounds interesting , but makes me think of one time loot box depending on account age . Third person view , on a lot of games I find it adds extra lag because rendering you're character is extra processing .... Guess can only wait and see what is to come , best of luck ... Yes I am still subed .
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    Past months of premium will be awarded points at a reduced rate (dumping five years of loyalty points would completely devalue the system) and it will be given per month, not per dollar value spent.
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    Just wanted to add 1 more note, we will also be merging spell resistances for PVP servers only into 2 groups, pillar damage and all other spell damage from targeted spells. This should help cut down on the amount of spell damage that could be put out on 1 person in short periods.
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    the staffs hard work at banning toxic pvpers is what keeps me around
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    Seal (as choreographer): Now girls, all together now, point those toes! http://
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    Hell horses unhitching when they reach certain age and more stages of aging. I could go a couple weeks away and come back and go hunt, move some stuff around knowing they would still be hitched now have to wait a couple weeks until new ones a re bred etc. Terrible change.
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    Nothing. I plan to play Wurm till feb 20, then I'm gonna leave Wurm once and for all after 10 years of playing. But I'm giving myself time to consider everything, so I hope that some posts here will awake my deeply hidden feelings for Wurm and a way its going right now. There was a time when I was entirely certain, that I'll be the last Wurmian standing, no matter the odds. I really did overestimate myself. Anyway thing that was keeping me kinda, half alive in game were my best memories of all these years spent in Wurm with my friends. I thought not long ago, that exploring is my favourite thing that keeps me in game from the beginning till now... But I must be true to myself, its not my journeys whats keeps me ingame. Only foggy memories of them, before I got to know most lands so well, that I have pretty much nothing more to find. These are really cool memories and Im fond of them. I feel proud when I think that I had the pleasure of being a part of greatest game community ever forever. But after so many changes that were made last year and also this year already, and that hit me so deeply personally (saying mostly if not only for myself) it's not enough to show me perhaps new way of Wurming. I know it's not a good answer to the topic, but yeah. If theres anything that keeps people playing, I hope, I really hope these are: great memories, daring plans and most important: friends. Mine are mostly gone. I still see some old faces, but its not as strong connection and feeling of... brotherhood as it used to be before most of my folks left. I have no plans too, mostly because all the changes made to the game. Only memories. Edit: Really, care of your wurm friends folks. I did fail on this task in past year. Its terrible feeling. So you, better stay together, care for each other and let wurming go on. I hope you guys will see it otherwise. I hope that Wurm will survive another 10 years. Perhaps, in order to do so, all fossils like me must leave it be, to let new players establish new community.
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    I'd hope not, I worked hard on the loyalty system and I'm proud of it!
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    My two cents, as someone that has been playing for I don't know...2011? 2012? Some good years at least. * Sorry for the textwall crit * 1. Most things aren't as advertised and gamers come in with the mentality from other games. For example they expect combat to be as dynamic as it is in World of Warcraft, or other mmos. It's not. Combat is tedious , it's ridiculously archaic (Text box feedback? Really? How many people can actually keep up with the text box when 3-4 mobs are on you? The text scrolls by so fast I can't figure out who hit me for what dmg). Even now, I'd rather get a feedback on how much dmg I actually did, how much armor I have, etc. In actual numbers so I can figure out as a new player what I am doing wrong. On that subject, most things aren't as advertised either. Building for new players is a big chore that makes em burn out fast. My first building project many years ago when I wanted to build my first village implied terraforming, gathering wood, bricks, mats, etc. It took weeks and frankly, when all the mats were ready I was too tired to actually build the damn place so I quit for a few months. Grinding is boring as hell. There aren't many actual fun aspects that offer reward on par with the time invested. I got to 100 skill in something. 2. I agree that the community is part of the issue , but partly is also on what makes and breaks Wurm at the same time. Wurm's philosophy is that it's a player driven game. The content is made by us. But how much content can players make? How much content can players make until a few groups of people realise they can "take advantage" of Wurm's developer made content to their own advantage. * See how unique hunts are managed, mostly its the same few people killing everything. That's a monopoly. * Even organizing an Impalong is a long dedicated process with a lot of work invested from players, but not very rewarding, other than the emotional factor. What I am getting at, is that perhaps it's time to get some more developer content. I know wurm is advertised as the "ultimate sandbox" but at the same time it also breaks it, because it either a ) Doesn't fully deliver on the promise. It is a sandbox, but also a very empty one in the end. or b ) It needs to reign in the sandbox mentality and give us some more things to do that are actually just fun. Dungeons would be a cool addition to the game. I would love to explore a RNG dungeon (through a portal perhaps?) with a group of mates (max 5 players? 10 ? 15?) fighting trolls, goblins, evading traps, lockpicking some gates for loot, running low on cotton, supplies, being shot at by turrets, etc. And at the end to fight a mini-dragon or something that would have the decency to drop some scales, or perhaps a rare bone or somesuch, not too much but not too little either, else the dungeon is pointless. To prevent overfarming you can always set a reset timer per player. Maybe one every 5 days, depending on the difficulty. Hell I'd make a few progression dungeons either based on FS. You're a noob with 20 FS ? Here's a cave of goblins you can clear. Reward ? Rare woa mallet tied only to your character (non-tradeable, but can be discarded if you want) so you can build faster, etc. Or perhaps an affinity. Wurm's economy has one major issue : Silvers = RL money. In other games, you are strictly prohibited to sell ingame currency with money. Old games used to have a mentality of not allowing players to purchase in game currency with money (it's always overpowered in the end, even if it is just 1% of people) , such as WoW (although that has changed sadly in retail) where you weren't allowed to buy gold with money. It was a bannable offence. If you wanted in game currency, you had to earn it. We don't have to get rid of silvers but I would propose introducing a secondary currency players can earn and trade only in game. That currency would not be linked to the game shop, aka you can't buy it with silvers. It would also be non-tradeable, aka you can't trade it with other players. You earn it, and that's final. Call it Wurm Talons, if you want. You can use it to buy certain items from traders in game, using only that currency (not silvers). You can earn them from dungeons, you can earn them from small quests, etc. Wurm simply needs more fun activities that have a low barrier of entry to new people. In RL terms it took me months (and honestly I'm not sure that was the sane approach) to make a deed, get to 70 FS, and build a decent home for myself, with horses, a farm, the whole work. That was also due to having low skills and everything took a long time to make. I think if Wurm is to survive, it needs to adapt its mentality to allow people for a few more activities that are just fun and not grinds, or projects or somesuch. My two cents. Very few things in game now require actual player cooperation. It feels like WoW retail where no one talks to each other. People just play mindlessly. It used to be that the game was hard and that required people helping each other a lot. Now it seems like everyone can handle themselves but no one really needs to interact too much with others. Make a few dungeons or whatever fun events you can for players, get em talking again, planning and see what happens. That would be my suggestion. Something fun apart from grinding , building or sailing for hours. I don't see Wurm surviving for long, not even on steam if it doesn't change some core mechanics and vestigial mentalities. If i were to sum up everything it would be with this : Many things take way too long. It just isn't enough fun as a reward.
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    Better do something quick, cause you are loosing Veteran Players at an Alarming Rate. Listen to what the players want and get some insight before the Game Dies!
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    The best way to deal with it is to find a new game to play.
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    For me the future is i just hope "standard" WO cluster / servers won't be closed for Steam WO or after launch, it would kill me to loose my characters, my deed, history, memories etc ... that's my biggest fear for the future.
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    I miss throwing superheated cauldrons of water on other players to make them explode.
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    I agree. At least if it included serverpacks the benefit would be to server owners not having to worry about people not seeing custom content. Just the modloader without anything is only beneficial to people that can't run patcher.bat But then again, this move is not meant to make the game any better - they outright stated that they want it to be inferior. It's just a farce to make us less annoyed at being lied to.
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    some of my shots https://imgur.com/a/v6NYvrv
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    1s = .9e Verified paypal only. Shoot a PM
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    Part of me hopes this works. Part of me wants to cry if it does. I've spent all morning installing Gentoo on a VM to test this issue.
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    I guess I know where this is coming from. Quite an efficient change and loved by many players, it is a small thing but after getting the notification many times in a full week of smithing you can't imagine Wurm without it.
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    I can't believe that one of most amazing deeds I have ever seen is going on sale... I would say "if I only had enough coins". But hey, what is enough? It's priceless place! Congratulations on your wedding. That's some lovely stuff to see in Wurm. Best of luck!
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    Logically, a large anvil would be MORE useful than a small one, but if one has a large (and presumably complex) anvil, it should do everything a small one does as well. It is a pain remembering "which anvil do I use" and having to carry the small one to work it while the large one sits on the floor, as you would expect.
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    Getting rid of player-gods is fine with me. My issue is with saccing items in itself and of course, an announcement that like most recent big updates....came out of nowhere. Some heads up would have been nice to be frank. If it was a split second decision made last weekend, I get but still.... Could we at least standardize the saccing mechanic so all gods benefit equally from saccing veggies ? It wouldn't disrupt the farming market so much, which farmers would like, priests will be happy that they can keep their casting rhythm up, and overall the change would be a bit more smooth. Example : Cordage ropes are high end items really, grinding ropemaking isn't easy compared to say ... just farming corn and chopping it? Just saying there needs to be an equal footing somewhere. Most players in wurm farm, I doubt that many have 70 ropemaking. The loyalty program looks nice. I have mixed feeling about certain items to be honest. But i'll wait until it's in the game to have an opinion about it.
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    That depends on the dev's plans. If their plans are to segregate priest functionalities, mission accomplished. There is no longer a "one size kinda fits all" diety. You'll see people starting to say "WTB Strongwall casts" in trade chat again, you will see a whole lot of priest accounts being sold (for pennies on the dollar I might add), and soon veggies will be even more worthless than they have been for the last 2 years.
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    Big plus one to all of these things. I thoroughly enjoy building things in the game, and would particularly enjoy the ability to vary the look of a place, especially indoors. Being able to plaster or render only one side of any type of brick wall for instance, rather than having to render the whole thing both inside and out, and being able to paint only one side of the wall- this would make a HUGE impact on the variety of ways a player can decorate a building/dwelling. Add stained glass windows of different color schemes and styles to the mix and you would have the setup for a fantastic variety of looks and schemes when it comes to the look of a place. I have read that the devs are working on bringing paint to the game that works like actual paint- covering over textures on wood, for example, that are otherwise still visible with dyes. If paint could be applied to only one side of a wall as well, with the same texture covering effect, that would be fantastic. Requiring plaster or rendering of a wall before painting for a flat texture effect would be a realistic and welcomed addition to the process if one wanted a smooth colored wall inside a stone or brick structure. Decorating the landscape is always a nice touch, and additional flower and bush options and the ability to propagate them would be another great addition to the Wurm environment. Humbly submitted... ~TH~ Chief Hermite of Hermitage
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    I know I have been very pissed off about the changes but the loyalty system idea is pretty awesome. Good Job
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    There's no balance in the sac items.. and working on that.. will really piss off a lot of people. (well alts.. but still customer who usually go for 1 or several subscriptions just to get a priest spell list expanded.. sermon mechanic for favor is terrible.. and requires buying of several alts just for this.. a few times throughout priest's development/grind; * why "requires".. because.. people have jobs.. and can't really sing kumbaya all day with other people/alts to get prayers/sermons at random times(like rifts btw) to progress in a game - figure it already..) The time and work involved in sac item preparation for favor is far from comparable is all I'm saying.. explaining further is not really needed and I don't want to do it here to fuel the fire. Any chance to hire merp as staff? Seems like a new individual/alt?/ who just SEE things clearly.. could be really useful when deciding on things and improving the game?
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    The problem with the gods is that only the three template gods have a real purpose on PvE. Libila is useless on Freedom. Removing the player gods, meaning all BL gods too, makes her even more useless. The three WL deities made sense lore/rp wise, both in PvE and PvP. Vynora as the Pallas Athene of Wurm, of knowledge and human creations, Magranon as the Hephaistos/Ares, of elements and warfare, Fo as a general deity of nature and the living (to some extent the Aphrodite/Hermes aspect, but more than that), and of communication. Libila is just antithesis, counterpart of the three. Even the possible aspect of a deity of death is not elaborated at all, so she lacks individuality. For balance purposes in PvP she is a super deity, uniting all abilities of the three in herself. That is and was not possible in PvE, and will not be. Allowing Libila to Freedom did not follow any thought through concept, it was but a giving in to player wishes, due to the fact that BL player gods already existed and played a major role in PvE. With BL deities gone blacklighters will be stranded on Freedom. Giving Libila all BL demigod spells would break balance even worse. Removing Libila from Freedom would alienate more players though.
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    Hi Jonny, Take a break...play your other games. You can log in just to chat with us and not actually play if that works for you. Like everyone has been saying, don't push yourself to play as that will probably make it worse for you. The other suggestions are very good and I have disappeared for a few days to a few weeks to play other games and to do other real life stuff. Come back when you are ready. Hugs Sav
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    Mysterious case of floating backpack
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    Good luck to you both! Sorry to lose good players but sadly, it happens... be happy!
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    Given the level of inebriation present when that was written, it could have been much worse XD
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    why not let us be priests and crafters? The work is already done, many private servers allow this. It would probably even bring tons of players back. Wurm's greatest strength is the "classless" system, so lets remove the priest class and merge them. The argument of losing premium accounts is no longer valid, the game is mostly empty.
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    What did actually happen to it? From what I can see, it has actually gotten better as a game. So, it's rather what happened to the world around it? Or do you mean WU?
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    The things that made my life difficult early on was the darkness of the nights which caused me many injuries toppling off what seemed like huge mountains, but in effect I was simply panicking so much to avoid being eaten I was moving too quickly off minor bumps and injuring myself. I had no map on Indy at that time and simply set off in one direction- S. I have no idea where I travelled, I remember moving through a long tunnel with no idea that it was infested with everything nasty. By then my heart-beat was racing as I tried moving onwards in the dark squinting at my then tiny monitor to see where I was going. I eventually escaped the confinement and though a game, I could almost smell the fresh air of Indy above the surface. These things made my start difficult but there was one thing that helped and that was the population. I was rarely out of contact with people and it was one in particular- vonWolf- who shouted on me when I was passing. He allowed me to stay at his deed and then proceeded to introduce me to the 'locals' near Mystery Glade who without exception were great people. This convinced me that I had found 'my game'. I would suggest that those more recently arrived will be able to suggest other difficulties- probably some citing the lack of a decent population who are able to help a person. All in all, those difficulties were well worth it as I consider Wurm the perfect game for me- I just wish I had found it even earlier.
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    Server Update - 21/12/2019 Added this year’s christmas present You will be able to receive it from Santa or christmas trees starting the afternoon on the 23rd Added “Joong Bong Banger” title for 100 staff skill – grats Redock! Added new item: Crown of protection Made and improved with jewelry smithing (check recipe window for full recipe) Provides protection similar to a great helm Added new item: Wolf helmet Made and improved with plate smithing (wolf rug + great helm) Keeps the material of helm and it’s properties
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    A friend introduced me to a new meme. Life... TeeeBOMB screenies. Thanks Rumi o7
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    The current WO PvE freedom needs to stay alive. Perhaps the Steam WO can be a noob server, but there needs to be access to the current WO servers at some point or current WO will die.