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    Hello all! We’re still working on the first part of the Exploration Update, which we are happy to announce will be arriving on May 31st. There are a few important things to mention about this update, however. We had previously set a date of June 28th, 2021, as the day we would sunset the old UI client. We decided to skip this due to issues with the new client. Well, Budda has been hard at work on making inroads into solving some of the more significant problems with the new client, including the performance issues many have reported. As a result, we will be retiring the old UI client on July 1st, 2022. Please make your issues with the new client known in this thread so that we can address them before this date. The thread also includes some of the changes made to the new client, which are available for testing on the Test Server. Since we will be sunsetting the old UI client, the features found in the Exploration Update will not be present in the old UI version. We will also be retiring JNLP support on the same day as the old UI client. If you use the launcher, this will not affect you. If you have issues using the launcher, please make them known in this thread. All of this is to help free us up to push forward into newer versions of Java and reduce the amount of work a client update takes due to supporting multiple versions and aging deployment infrastructure. With that being said, I wanted to talk about the recent video from Josh Strife Hayes. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend giving it a watch here. One thing I’ve struggled with since stepping up into the manager role has been determining what we’re going to be doing after this Exploration Update is complete. This is precisely why I’ve yet to release a more in-depth road map. This is not for lack of ideas; we have enough ideas to keep Wurm going for a long time between you all and the development team. It’s a matter of priority and what would be best for the game as a whole. The clear response from that review is that we need to fix what is broken, polish the rougher edges, and focus on the new player experience. I still intend for us to work on PvP and decor in the months after Exploration is finished, as I mentioned in a previous thread, and I still plan for us to review some of the skills that we have and improve on them. I believe these things can be done alongside a more “back to basics” approach. We touch on the new player experience every few years, but it’s essential to review how new players see and learn the game. I also want to check other game areas and see how a new player would approach them. Some things, like meditation, are arguably essential to the gameplay due to the bonuses but are nigh on impossible to discover without help. That is not to say that everything should be easily found out, this is Wurm, after all, but we should be doing a better job introducing some mechanics earlier on. Finally, I want to thank you all for the patience and support you have given us. The guidance and feedback from the community help shape our decisions every day. I feel we all share the same goal of keeping Wurm going and growing. Happy Wurming!
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    To the powers that be... Gather all of the paid and volunteer developers and demand they sit down and watch and listen to this review. Seriously, Josh has really given some great, meaningful, practical advice. You really should take notes and select some can-do things from his review and create backlog items for them. Even if you devote 1 or 2 days a month to focus on suggestions like these, Wurm Online will become more and more approachable.
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    She loved me for the dangers I had passed, And I loved her that she did pity them. This only is the witchcraft I have used.... Well, and a Shaker Orb Methink’st thou art a general offence and every man should beat thee! A most notable coward, an infinite and endless liar, an hourly promise breaker, the owner of no one good quality. The rankest compound of villainous smell that ever offended nostril! (Yes that's my team running back to their horses after the dragon threw them both) Bruce's Flying Circus, N13
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    Dragons are known as fire-breathing monstrosities that make a great meal for out of tourists. Similar to the chickens of planet Earth, they are flightless birds prized for their meat, skin, and most of all their wishbones - which people use to make rare things happen. Where they differ from chickens is firstly that they grow from spores. Scientists are yet to identify these spores, but they are also yet to identify eggs or parents of the creatures either. Secondly, they are treasured for their blood, which brings us to the third point; a strange ritual that the people of Wurm engage in. Where, on Earth, the slaughter of a chicken is considered unsightly and might well put you off your dinner, the people of Wurm will travel far and wide to see one of these dragons die. Crowds of hundreds will flock every 3 weeks or so, some wanting to hit the beast themselves, but all wanting to watch it die and hope to maybe get their faces sprayed with the beast's blood, which they inevitably do due to the fierceness of their warriors. They then collect what blood they can, and mix it into little tinctures which they smear onto ropemaking tools and swear it causes them to make better ropes. Drinking these tinctures is not recommended, as one hitchhiker did so and discovered that passing the liquid was "among the least pleasant experiences ever, quite the bother." Due to the reliability of these slayings, we can accurately predict the next one will be in At a location called "Bruce's Flying Circus, N13" which in spite of its name is very much on the ground. Residents of the UK are also to be reminded of tomorrow's local elections.
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    So, let me shed some light on the possibility of a merge and what it will actually take. There are technical challenges here that haven't been present in other clusters: NFI has a number of changes that have yet to be implemented on SFI. This was done intentionally to see the results long-term. I won't list them all here, but we need to review these changes and see what the results are. These changes have caused disparity in the code base making NFI and SFI currently incompatible with each other. A merge isn't as simple as opening the borders. Then there are other concerns: What of the effects on the economies? In particular, SFI's economy would literally transform NFI's economy overnight - for better or worse. What of the effects on the people in both clusters? This thread is a testament to the fact that opinions are split. These concerns and challenges are the primary reasons why a merge is not in the plans for the short term. Long-term remains to be seen, but we'd be talking beyond a 6-to-9-month timeframe if we do this. The sheer code work involved alone will require scheduling, and we have a lot of work on our plates already. With regards to conducting a poll, one thing I've asked of the development team is to dust off the in-game voting mechanic and figure out a way to deduplicate votes from alts to have a more fair and accurate account of what the player base wants. I do not want a person with more money or silver to weigh more heavily than a person who simply keeps a single account going, so it's important to me to get that right. This isn't our highest priority at the moment, with the coming update taking precedence. Edit: One other thing I would likely see us do before a merge is to allow travel to Epic first. Again though, there are code complications that must be handled first. This is why it isn't possible right now. I hope this clears up my intentions with regards to a merge. The TL;DR is "it's not a 'never', but it's certainly not any time soon".
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    The arrival of the forces of Jackal was impressive - the ground shook so hard the trees fell and the earth shifted, their strange arrival heralded with crystals and tundra. The earth shifting is what remains the longest. You get small pits like this and mountainous molehills like this Seemingly pits/hills of 5-20 dirt, a few shifts every rift. But It's been adding up, hasn't it? October 2016 to be exact, and if rifts have been happening every 9 days, most SFI servers have seen over 200 rifts! And in some places the damage is truly apparent: look at this slice of map from 2016 Pristine Looks like they had a couple rifts there - you can see the dirt spots it leaves behind. Here's that same area now Bonus if you can use this to figure out of some of the rift spawning rules. Each one of those dirts represents a change in terrain height also. One of those pits or one of those rises, sometimes multiple hit the same spot. Some tiles out there threaten to be so steep you can't ride on them any more. The area commands imagery of teeth as you ride across it. One of Wurm's greatest features is the beautiful terrain it conjures, but this is a "feature" which makes the servers slowly grow uglier. Perhaps it was thought originally that this would be something the players would clean, but it's become increasingly obvious this is not so. Please consider a removal or rework of this.
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    Posting in a dragon thread Ideas here, like cluster merging, will only serve to dilute the problem, or simply spread it. And it looks like there's been two recent successive posts that read like they're asking us to be grateful that the private slayers would see fit to invite us lowly peasants. For a large part we have the ability, as a community, to minimize the damage of these public slayers and global snatchers. They're controlling the global casts? I've created a public use organizing sheet which has seen zero signups at any point from people in NFI. Such a tool can allow people who need the goal to co-ordinate with others who need it - from there, a handful of people watching for the cast to be ready, and others willing to get the ball rolling and contacting people, is all it takes to wrestle the control back from people snatching it, and get your goals done. I've spoken before on how the idea of superordinate goals could be used by the devs to lower toxicity around uniques but that feels like talking to a brick wall, so now I'm going to talk more about how you can disrupt the private slayers in our current environment. Uniques roll a 4% (1/300 for every unique not currently alive) chance to spawn every 6 hours of uptime, or every server restart. Hard to know when one spawned, but when they died isn't a bad metric. Server says [21:28:57] The server has been up 6 hours. and the last slaying was over 2 weeks ago? Then buckle down because it's search time! Search rift sites you know of. This will catch an alarming number of uniques. Per the Unique Hunting Etiquette already posted, there's good protections should you find one. Familiarize yourself with those rules. You should not be searching alone - make friends, this is a social game, divvy up the server and the times you're searching, and have a plan for when you find one. Yelling "it's here" in freedom is fine - I've been known to do that too when the penning gets too tough, it's a functional enough public slay. Beating the greed of these people takes organizing. Unionize with your fellow Wurmians, and strike back.
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    It appeared to me In a dream KALI-MAH THE HEART RIPPER No joke I had a dream that I found a Forest Giant called Kali-Mah and I get on Wurm and there it is - a Hardened Forest Giant. Come and kill this beast from my dreams, so you can get woodcutting potion and chop wood. Somehow it fit into the mine at Bruce's Flying Circus, N13
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    I collect half finished projects
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    Hello! I'd like to chime in here with an official statement on the status of unique hunts. Right now, things will be playing as-is. That's not to say we're content with the current system, but that we are not yet ready to make sweeping changes to it at this time. What we are doing is reviewing the enormous amount of feedback and formulating ideas on where things will be going next. The current unique system, with a few minor tweaks, has been a part of Wurm for a long time and it does not seem right to take it away right now without something to replace it. I also want to address the drama that a unique hunt causes. It really does pain me to see the fighting within a mostly close community over something that exists within the game we all come together to play. That's one reason why I want to see this fixed. That said though, I do ask that you all remain civil. People have opinions and ideas, and while you do not have to agree, please try to be constructive in your criticism. The fewer back-and-forth posts we have to sift through to find the opinions of the community, the easier it is for us to come to conclusions that might benefit the community. All of that said, thank you for your passion and for raising these issues. Happy Wurming!
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    Hello Wurmians! You might have been wondering what's the hold up with the history video. I wanted to be frank with you all and tell you what's been going on with this project and with me personally. Summarized: A task that started off as something simple, spiraled into a massive undertaking that has caused me to burn out and leave the Wurm team. So how did this all happen anyhow? Server Overview videos (step 1 to burning myself out) Last fall Keenan had taken the data we had on the new Northern freedom servers and had created cool time-lapse clips of how the servers changed over time. He then approached me about packaging them into more presentable videos. Ya know - with a video intro/outro and all that jazz. The task seemed simple enough, so I agreed, but wanted to take it one step further: Why leave it at merely FOUR videos. Why not SIXTEEN and have a video for each and every server! I started to think about all the nice things I could add, like server stats! And video footage of how the servers look! And showcase some deeds! And turn these into something truly special! And even if we didn't have equivalent time-lapse footage existing of the old servers, I figured that I could compensate by just doing some fancy-shmancy editing to give a similar feel by using the still images of the old map dumps. Better than nothing and then at least every server would feel included! And these of course ended up being the videos you see in the Valrei International post: Status: Completed (although there are a couple of small errors you guys noticed that I still need to fix once I find the energy, I'll then re-upload) ********************* 15-year history video (step 2 to burning myself out) But in that same original time-lapse video conversation I had with Keenan, I had also said: "In addition to the time-lapse videos, let me also make a video to celebrate 15 years of Wurm Online! I mean come on! It's a huge milestone! We gotta celebrate this somehow!" And after I presented the team with my plan for what I had in mind, I was given permission to go ahead with this project as well. Let me just add that through this entire process, Keenan has been worried that I was putting too much of a burden on myself (I really should have listened) but at the time, I had this amazing vision in my head of how nice these videos could be and I was very very insistent that I want to do this - no matter what. When I first envisioned what I want to do for the history video, little did I know what a massive MASSIVE undertaking it was going to be. How many rabbit holes I'd be going down as I researched 15 years worth of history. I spent weeks and weeks reading everything I could get my hands on. Countless google searches, reading through this forum as well as any old blogs, articles and websites I could find through Wayback Machine. Gathering data, images and video. And the more data I accumulated, the more crushing and daunting this task started to feel as I tried to figure out how I'm ever going to possibly sort this into a nice video. So I decided to tackle the easy bits, like doing the visual design and graphics for the video. Remember that draft screenshot I shared in the original post? Well this is what it's going to look like for real. The text thingies are going to slide into view from behind the round profile picture part and I've already done that editing bit. I can also share a teaser of how the video starts. After the years count down, we go back in history to where it all started and the idea is to start the timeline section, going through each year and what happened. The player blurbs like above will be more towards the end of the video. Status: Under construction. A massive amount of work has already been put into this (so I can't stop now), but there's still a massive amount of work left which is very daunting. Since the 15 year mark already passed, we'll probably just end up calling this something along the lines of "A history of Wurm Online" or something like that. ********************* A special surprise (step 3 to burning myself out) Then as if that wasn't enough, I also created a third task for myself: A very special treat for you all. Something that I haven't talked about yet, but that will accompany the video perfectly once it's done. This task also took some work and research which only added to the already huge mental load. Status: Completed This was actually already done back last year, but is just waiting to be released together with the video. ********************* So why did I make this post? First and foremost: I felt like I owe you guys an explanation about what is going on with this project since I know you've all been waiting for it anxiously and you've all been so generous with offering your images, stories and videos to use as material. Second: I need your guys help in making sure we get the history right. This "getting the history right" issue is one of the things that has blocked me the most mentally, so I'd love any help I could get with that. I will make a follow up reply about that after this one. Third: Due to the burnout, I have been badly neglecting other things in my life because I've felt blocked by this video project which became much more massive than I anticipated. So I have decided to leave the Wurm team. After I get this video done, I need to take care of my mental health and get back to normal. I will probably be scaling back the scope of the video to be able to finish it, but after it's done, I will fully return to just being good old Malena: the player (versus a dev). I was only ever a volunteer in the team anyhow, so it's not like it's a huge change to how things are run. Anyhow, sorry for the long post, but I felt that you guys deserve to know what's going on. Thanks for being so understanding and patient! And now for the history timeline that I need help with:
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    Happy forest whale over trees
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    I just saw a newer player in CA Help who was confused by the following crafting error message, which went something like: This is impossible, perhaps you are not skilled enough. Someone told him to use a higher QL plank, and of course that worked. Thus the error message saying his skill wasn't high enough did not tell the whole story, and so is misleading. A better message could be: At your current skill, the quality (QL) of the item you are adding needs to be higher. This brings the player straight to the fastest solution to the problem - the plank quality which he can more quickly choose, rather than his skill, which he may feel he can not.
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    Slaying of the FOREST GIANT With an almost sad look upon its face, this filthy giant might be mistaken for a harmless huge baby. Location: It is Located around the Blue Circle i18 area of Melody. Yellow is highway, Route to Vynora's Vinyard then follow the slate around 20 tiles north. Purple is a direct, traversable route but no path. It is a very simple Public Slaying with no fuss.... NO Rules, Everyone welcome. Lets try and play fair and be a friendly community for one night only
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    Hello fellow Harmonians! I have been working on my journal entries and some can be a real pain, such as having to learn 250 & 500 cooking recipes. The best part of it is that once learnt, they can be shared. So, sharing is caring. Below 5 books contain 410 recipes which will get your Cookbook to contain over 500. This is enough for both journal entries (Going the Distance & Destination Unknown). In order to borrow the books you must agree to following fair use terms: Must have sufficient paper prior to borrowing (410+) Learn, rewrite all the recipes and return 5 books with 410 or more unique recipes within 3 days. If that suits you please reply in this thread with your request. Thank You, Pantha
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    When the game is looking through the player's inventory for a plank, or shaft, or brick to add to a fence, or wall, or bridge... could we NOT use the rare and supreme and fantastic materials that they have been carefully carrying around? Asking for a friend or two.
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    View from my place...
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    Well, now that I got me a real cottage and a real garden I seem to not even bother to log in that often anymore. I still visit forums multiple times a day but when I found Wurm it gave me everything I wanted: a place to have a garden, to build a house, to farm and to terraform. All this is available to me in my real life now! I'll post the occational pictures of my progress every now and then if anyone is intrested to see it... The cottage and part of my yard. Kitchen and toilet area.
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    going back to the topic of the new player experience, i have noticed that new players trying to use the ingame recruitment boards to find a deed to join and they are always empty because nobody uses them to find new players. and when asking on ca help they are told to use the forums which works sometimes but its slow and often recruitment topics are years old and havent had any replies for months, which makes the game look dead. i dont have a solution for that but that is a real problem. a problem with a much simpler solution is the wierd names of the chat channels, would it be so hard to change the names of the channels on pve servers from "ca help" to just "help" "freedom" to "server" and "gl-freedom" to "global" ?
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    After months of work, West Island Bridge is finally completed and now adds another route between western and central islands of Harmony. Feel free to use it, and have a safe travel! I want to thank Rihanna. You did a tremendous amount of work, and I am very grateful for your help. Without you, it would take forever to finish the bridge. Also, I want to thank everyone else who provided their materials or, in some other way, helped with the construction of the bridge. Big thanks to Minixcaliber, Luttuosaa, Davihh, Legelig, Sopi, Keening, Weslock, Thalon, and Dasmyhammer. (I hope I did not forget anybody. If so, please send me a private message. I want to mention everybody here.)
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    Oh freddled gruntbuggly, Thy micturations are to me, (with big yawning) As plurdled gabbleblotchits, in midsummer morning On a lurgid bee, That mordiously hath blurted out, Its earted jurtles, grumbling Into a rancid festering confectious organ squealer.
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    My suggestion is to add Cattle Grids to the game, these can be paved onto the road and will prevent animals from wandering across them on their own. For the sake of keeping it simple, Mounts, Wagons, lead animals etc will still walk across them fine. I also feel these should be somewhat expensive to make and must be placed on deed. My logic here is that the only way to have animals roaming deeds freely is by walling off a deed and putting gates on the entrance, which can appear restrictive and unwelcoming. Gates is also not possible on deeds with highways running through them. Having the option to have a gap in the fence and a cattle grid allows Highways to continue to function and gives a bit more of a welcoming view than a closed gate.
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    Change: Spawn counts on donkeys have been reduced. This should allow for more diverse creature spawns
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    Colossus Lake Canal Entrance from the Sea Guardian of Colossus Lake Created 1108 Built by The Bela Deeds of North East Indy and Josuhacalvert, Prince of Thallspring on Exodus. A BIG Thank You to Josuha for making it Rare!
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    As I mentioned in the previous post, I want to try and get this video finished, but before I lock down the editing, I want to make sure that I haven't missed any huge historical Wurm events, only to finish the video and have you guys say: "Hey! Why wasn't A, B or C mentioned?" By passing it by your guys eyes first, we can make sure everything is there. I only started playing in 2013, so there is a lot of history that I'm not aware of. As you look through this stuff, keep in mind that the video is meant to be the history of Wurm Online - the game. Not so much about the history of Wurm players, although there are a few mentions here and there. But I feel like a history video about Wurmians and the things they've accomplished would be a whole other video. Obviously I won't be including every single itty bitty detail into the video, but regardless, here is all the info I found. If you see anything that is blatantly missing, please share. Year Historial Event + Info 2002 ALPHA Notch and Rolf start working on Wurm 2003 ALPHA Release notes 2004 Milestone: The year development started on Wurm (2003 according to Wikipedia) Markus Persson (Notch) announces Wurm Online on Javagaming Org 2004 ALPHA Traders introduced NoDrop items introduced Huge sharks introduced !suicide command introduced Cows introduced Alliances introduced Planting trees introduced New tabbed chat windows introduced 2005 BETA Release notes 2005 Milestone: Beta Wurm Online added to Wikipedia Fatigue system implemented Foraging introduced Satchels and backpacks introduced Gems through mining introduced Server types “Home” and “Wild” introduced Village upkeep introduced Kingdoms introduced Item decay introduced Pelts introduced as part of animal loot and replace rags for polishing items New subskill “stone cutting” added under Masonry Bush and tree harvesting introduced Maple syrup harvesting with a bucket introduced Starter town bartenders introduced Creature aging mechanism introduced Animals started to require food /stuck command introduced Dye system introduced Metal brush introduced to remove dyes 2006 GOLD 1 Release notes 2006 Catapult introduced Pet taming introduced Archery is introduced Beds introduced Stamina sandwiches and drinks introduced Lanterns and torches introduced to help players travel in the darkness Referral system introduced (later replaced by the loyalty program) Milestone: Gold Launch: Release year 06/06/06 Fun fact: Rolf jokingly mentioned that the date was the “mark of the beast” because that was when payments were introduced. Notch’s post about Wurm going gold on Javagaming.org Players won a petition to get the color of the grass to be less radioactive and toned down 2007 GOLD 2 Company founded as Mojang Specifications AB Rolf sets up studio space at Luxor Center in Motala Release notes 2007 Stone wall types introduced Floorboards and street lamps introduced, including being able to lay them on marsh tiles Mailboxes were introduced Stealth mode introduced Dueling and sparring introduced Ability to set description to items introduced Server Launch: Chaos Game update: Animations added for things like emotes and fighting Wurmageddon: In April, Servers literally melted and progress was lost Fatigue is used for anti-macroing Notch leaves the Wurm team, taking the Mojang name with him creating Mojang Studios. Rolf changes company name from Mojang Specifications AB to Onetoofree AB Article: Game Ogre review 2008 Release notes 2008 Dredges introduced Boats introduced along with the /weather command to check the direction of the wind Mine doors introduced Shaker orbs introduced Water divination introduced Article: OnlineWelten.com review (german) Server Launch: Mol-Rehan Players suggested anthems for Jenn Kellon, Mol Rehan and Horde of the Summoned Post about the lyric competition in Engadget Wurm trailer released on YouTube (not available anymore) Rolf unleashes raiders onto PvE:ers Rolf starts a blogspot blog which runs from 2008-2009 Rolf works on ambient sounds with Gurubear Article: Wurm is featured on the front page of MMORPG.com “At a Glance - A look at Wurm Online” Wurm is featured in a Swedish newspaper Could this be the inspiration for the server name Xanadu? Notch explains on the forums about the company changes 2009 Release notes 2009 4chan users invade Wurm by the hundreds and go about doing a lot of crafting. The amount of terraforming and tree chopping creates a huge lag problem. Rolf welcomes the 4chan gang to Wurm. Rolf Rickrolls new roudy 4chan.org Wurm players Server Launch: “Golden Valley” was originally created as an emergency measure to deal with situations like the 4chan invasion. A new “entry server”. It would later serve as a tutorial server. Traps introduced for PvP CA chat channel introduced Fasting introduced which uses up your fat levels Large carts introduced Rideable and hitchable mounts added Saddles and horse shoes introduced New more realistic ambient sounds added along with new music by Gurubear aka Joss Sanglier Nutrition level introduced Article: PC Gamer does article about Wurm and is welcomed by Rolf Wishing wells introduced as a way to celebrate 3 years Grooming brushes introduced as a means for players to train animal husbandry, as before that, they had been breeding animals for skill gain, which would result it too many animals and lag Puppets introduced Blog moved from Blogspot to wurmonline.com/blog Article: Gamezine.co.uk review Article: RockPaperShotGun Interview Interview: Italian gaming site interviews Rolf The drama that led to shutting down old servers and creating Freedom Isles Server Shutdown: Old MR and JK servers shut down Server Launch: First freedom server: Independence (first PvE server) [FAQ] Trailer: Wurm Online Gameplay trailer (anyone know if this was official?) Game update: Tree update 2010 Release notes 2010 Food BSBs (originally called Crops hoppers) and bulk storage bins introduced mainly for the purpose of lowering lag Trash bins introduced Deed system overhauled Teams feature introduced Lots of audio work done with separate male and female emotes, tool and ambient sounds etc Banners and flags introduced Article: Ten Ton Hammer: First impressions - 1 Article: Ten Ton Hammer: First impressions - 2 Article: PC Gamer interviews Notch, speaking also about Wurm Players were asked to give ideas for shop sign images Rolf announces logo competition - Winner was Quintus Enki tasked with designing a new tutorial area on Golden Valley New moneysink item ideas Rolf announces Village Tweets 2011 Company name changed from Onetoofree AB to Code Club AB First paid employee (client dev) hired according to Wikipedia First paid artist hired MMO website Massively.com (which later became “Massively Overpowered”) fell in love with Wurm, reporting about it often and even creating their own village called Hindmania on the island of Flamgra’in on the server of Independence. Server Launch: Deliverance (Deliverance official launch trailer) Server Launch: Exodus (Exodus official launch trailer) Server Launch: Desertion Server Launch: Affliction Server Launch: Elevation Server Launch: Serenity Server Launch: Epic Game update: New lights and lighting system added Game update: “Animal caring” introduced Article: PC Gamer proclaims Wurm to be #56 in the top 100 best games of all time Rolf writes about his gaming adventures in Wurm 2012 FULL RELEASE Article: OnRPG review Rolf starts a Wurm Tumblr blog to share development news Wurm Tumblr "Archive view" to see exact dates Blog post: Old PHP website hacked, all websites moved to new system Blog post: Is Wurm dying? Rolf says not! Blog post: Wurmpedia.com announced Blog post: Saroman working on wurmonline.com design, forum.wurmonline.com launched Blog post: New forum being set up with 600 000 posts being transferred Blog post: New registration and shop pages launched Blog post: Alliance system explained Blog post: CoinLab system launched - what the heck was this Game update: Blog post: Hedges and Karma system introduced Blog post: IRC bot "WurmCrier" for #wurm announced Blog post: New recruitments announced Game update: Blog post: Multistory buildings, new character models, customizable faces announced Blog post: Beau Hindman to stream Wurm live at Massively.com Game update: Blog post: Drake armor teased for the first time Game update: Blog post: New wooden and stone wall types teased Game update: Blog post: Wurm bronze pendant jewelry announced (what the heck, I wonder if the guy still makes these :-o) Game update: Blog post: Houses now required to be on flat ground Game update: Blog post: New horse models teased Blog post: 1.0 Release date announcement Blog post: Announcement of ability to raise and lower mine floors, smelting pots, Wurm Radio mentioned Blog post: 1.0 Release day post Blog post: 1.0 launch party to be streamed at https://www.twitch.tv/codeclub Blog post: Rolf’s Christmas post Server Launch: Celebration Server Launch: Pristine Server Launch: Release Milestone: 1.0 Launch: Version 1.0 release on 12.12.12 Trailer: Wurm Online Trailer (in collaboration with MMORPG.com?) Server Launch: Release Article: Massively: Free for All: The continued confusing misuse of the beta tag MMORPG.com: Rolf Interview Game update: Support for changing GUI theme added Game update: Papyrus and inscribing introduced Game update: Rares introduced Indoor walls introduced 2013 Article: PC Gamer review Wurm Online OST "Meditation & Work" by Tom E Morrison released Wurm Online OST "Travel & Exploration" by Tom E Morrison released Tumblr Blog posts: Blog post: Player kingdoms introduced? 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    Hello friends! Many of you may have noticed me buying random things, complaining non-stop in Freedom about doing manual labor, and selling a bunch of things to finance this but I'm finally ready to announce it and get the ball rolling! ~Valormoore is hosting it's first Impalong!~ When: June 18/19 Where: Valormoore - C19 on Cadence What does Valormoore provide? There is currently an Inn with 11 rooms. (22 beds) There will also be additional secured storage/lodgings available. Secured storage is available upon request, and can include various storage features as needed. Submit requests to Annuile via Forum DM. General Lodgings are available at the inn for those who do not require fully secured storage (Each room has 2 beds, so will be shared with one other person) Access to many different free resources to use as you please. Not only will we provide the high QL materials for the volunteers to skill and imp with, we will also be providing lower quality materials for you to train on! This will include bulk lumps, food, animal parts, crops, logs etc. We aim to have the resources to train up every skill possible, so don't be shy! Events and games throughout the weekend with fantastic prizes! We have a selection of curated minigames and events to enjoy throughout the event! Win prizes such as silver, casted tools, rares, custom dye orders, weapons, sleep powder, archaeology statues, skins and more! What does Valormoore still need? Volunteers Valormoore is still very much in it's infancy for gathering volunteers. We have accumulated some absolutely stellar volunteers already to imp up those precious tools, but we are lacking many skills and having some additional help would be appreciated beyond compare. If you want to volunteer your time to assist with imping at this event I would be more than happy to work out some compensation in return! Every skill is valuable here Resources I have accumulated a portion of the majority of the resources necessary already; however I have been told that I am likely to require much more! If you are able to donate anything to the event it would go a long way, or I am more than happy to compensate you for the market value! Current Resources Gathered (70QL+) Iron: 3k Silver: 2k Gold: 1k Copper: 1k Tin: 1k Zinc: 1k Lead: 1k Electrum: 100 Bronze: 100 Brass: 100 Steel: 1k Logs: 3k Cotton: 2k Wemp: 60k Strings of Cloth: 3k Leather: (?) Vegetables: 1K
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    Does exactly what it says on the tin. While the player holds down the Ctrl key (or whatever other key may have been assigned), the UI will print the name of each player above their head. No titles, meditation or other fluff, just the user name, printed in a small but readable font. This would help quite a bit in social events, I think. Any time that more than five or six people are together, it can be difficult to figure out which avatar corresponds with which name. And if you want to trade with someone, or heal them, having names above their head is a tried and tested way of finding them. And because it's only on screen while you hold down the magic key, it's not going to detract from the gameplay. Is this going to break the frame rate in a rift battle where 100 players are clustered in a few tiles? Perhaps. If so, the feature could be restricted to players within a few tiles. It would still be very useful.
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    Finished rainbowifying part of the deed.
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    and ducks to go with the F N duck sounds we keep hearing in the game for years
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    Continuing my trend of suggestion threads that explain esoteric mechanics, today we have: improving enchantments! Some of you might be wondering, in a game that's all about rolling 1-100, how enchantments over 100 work. The answer is Benediction, it's a +5 to the casts so you can get 105. Okay, see ya! Oh, how do we manage casts above 105? Well, that's handled by this code here public void improvePower(Creature performer, float newpower) { float mod = 5.0F * (1.0F - this.power / (performer.hasFlag(82) ? 105.0F : 100.0F)); setPower(mod + newpower); Flag 82 is Benediction, newpower is the cast you just made, power is the cast already on the item (at least I assume so, I don't see it establishing this.power anywhere, and if it wanted to use the cast you just made it'd use newpower). So, how do we translate this? I translate it thusly: for every 21 power below 105, you get an extra +1 to your casts But there's a catch: it only runs this code if it's trying to improve the power of a cast - if it's first time or you just dispelled, it's a +0 This causes me to use a system by which when a spell I'm trying to get high reaches a certain power, it's dispel time. And the cast after that dispel is a dud. So here's how a graph of this looks This is troublesome for a number of reasons. 1) It's counterintuitive. Usually improving takes something good and makes it better, turning your 89QL item into 90QL, but for this the best casts come only from the worst ones. 2) It causes a complete mess with Dispel. Want to improve a CoC cast? Hope you're ready to remove the WoA in the way. Or in the case of mailboxes, hope you're just ready to make a new one, you can't dispel those. 3) Dispel sucks. My suggestion is thus, update the formula to this: public void improvePower(Creature performer, float newpower) { float mod = 5.0F * (this.power / (performer.hasFlag(82) ? 105.0F : 100.0F)); setPower(mod + newpower); This has a number of advantages 1) It's intuitive. Better casts beget better casts. 110 casts are now possible! (For instance, 108 cast item gives +5.14, +5 from Benediction, 99.87 cast required so it's still very far from reasonable) 2) You can reasonably improve casts that are dispel blocked. This gives a lot more functionality to things like anti-shatter juice, which in current iteration can cripple casting potential for things like CoC. 3) No more dispelling when trying to improve casts.
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    As title says, Remove champions from chaos. Champs are unbalanced, even if every kingdom can have three its still not equal. Remove champs and just let any current champions de-champ without the additional stat lost. make pvp fun
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    Warning: sooooo many pics! When I built this place, I almost tore it back down. But a friend said "Step away from it for a little while. Then come back and see how you feel." So I did. I'm glad I didn't tear it down. It's called The Lavender Skyview House. Last pic shows why.
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    I started by recovering large anvils from fallen deeds - they're almost always left behind on even the most picked over deeds. And with the maker's tag, I like to think that it's a way of keeping a memory of that deed alive. I've since tried to record the deed name, the location, and the Wurm year it was recovered ... because I've started building a museum to showcase them. The tiny figurines from 2021? If it's the full-sized goats from 2014 that certainly explains why I can't find them any more! Skull collectors, unite!
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    The same reason you use them. Preference. And also because I don't need a search bar or icons to find things. That's why I have a sort by name function and why my inventory has inventory groups. That's how I've done it for 10+ years and how I'd like to continue to do so.
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    Wurm's anniversary is approaching fast. Please consider opening up the border between NFI and SFI. More player interaction and more trading opportunities are good things for this sandbox.
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    Hi Dev's and all, Just thought it would be really cool to have display cases in the game to say keep items of value or posterity and to display to others. Could be a few different variants, a pedestal type one, wall hanging, or jewelry/museum glass type ones. They could be used for small item sellers ie jewelry, compasses to create visual shops in towns/deeds. Thanks, Bud Direbeard.
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    -BREAKING- In additional "who cares" news... While most of my thoughts have been covered already and don't bear repeating there are two points at least I would like to emphasize: 1. I would like to add additional confirmation that "the group" (as we have been cryptically calling them but we all know who they are thanks to Niaja) have threatened me directly with being barred from public slayings as a result of going against their wishes. This was in response to the Vyn rite being cast recently on Cadence (which I wont go into detail here so as to avoid derailing this thread as it is already discussed and can be viewed on the Cadence forum.) While the notion of banning someone from being in your local is laughable it paints a picture of a petty, avaricious and entitled atmosphere. The blame can not be pinned on the group as a whole as it came from only one person (seemingly the leader of the bunch) but nonetheless the attitude and behavior of those you choose to be closest to you will always have a trickle down reflection affect on who likely are as well. Someone attempting to threaten or extort another player based on the mere fact they aren't playing exactly how you want them to absolutely needs to have a spot light put on it and the behavior called out in front of the community. I will not name names or speak on behalf of others but I can say that I was not the only person threatened by this group on that day. 2. In defense of Whfawn I would like to voice my support of their frustration on the day of Rift and the Angry Red Dragon slaying last week. I think a large amount of the frustration from the players affected that day comes from the fact that the slaying was being advertised by the finder in Freedom chat as being a public slaying that all at the rift site were going to be included in as we were all there in the area already. Then the rug pull came when the finder went silent and ghosted everyone only for the majority of players to discover later that day it was switched to a private slaying and a private slaying conducted by none other than "the group". While the original finder was well within their rights to choose to sell the unique it's still a bit messed up to renege on what you originally told everyone publicly in Freedom. It's also pretty messed up for "the group" to intercept and offer to buy a unique that was already publicly and actively being discussed as being held as a public event. Again, both parties were well within their rights and no one broke a game rule but it's still unfortunate behavior that the rest of the players rightfully can and should be frustrated by. The notion of a group of players being wealthy enough and having enough influence to corner the market on an entire portion of the games content is a frustrating reflection of the real world but again, does not break any game rules. However I think it's important for people to remember that there is an endless list of things people can do (both in Wurm and in real life) that while legally allowable are morally reprehensible. But, this bleeds more into a discussion of the games economy as a whole and I don't wish to derail the thread from the specific discussion of issues surrounding slayings.
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    Allow a bonus to leading animals based on Animal Husbandry. +1 Animal at milestones of Animal Husbandry So at Drover at 50 skill +1 Leading ( Total 5 Animals ) Granger at 70 skill +1 Leading ( Total 6 Animals ) Rancher at 90 skill +1 Leading ( Total 7 Animals ) Zoologist at 100 skill +1 Leading ( Total 8 Animals )
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    All the starter deeds have non mine door entrances you can still lock pick inside them. In the next few weeks, likely closer to the end of the month.
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    She never fails to impress... Valrei Rising
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    This is the part that gets me. As someone who doesn't play this dumb swap meta game, i get punished with considerably longer time between casts because of the swappers. If you speak up against the swappers, the reply is "y u selfish no collab wit others.." but nobody is addressing the selfishness seen from the other side of the chessboard: rites constantly being delayed (sometimes quite a long time) for a big portion of the playerbase.
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    New gatehouse completed! Got one more to build
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    It would be so nice and fun to be able to wax food items, with beeswax! (Not to steal it from Sklo, but would be fun)
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    Just ctrl+c ctrl+v of my thoughts from the other topic: Very good video, but it's Josh, so it's kinda obvious. For me, it's a good reminder of things, that I have forgotten or get used to. - How hard it is, for new player, to do anything, and worse, how much time consuming. Players with good accounts dig, mine and build in seconds. - How many clunky animations, no collision with objects and many other poorly done things it has. I think, we all just get used to it, after all those years, so we practically do not see it. Every developer of Wurm Online should watch this video for sure.
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    Oh my that would be lovely, yes please feel free to mail me anvils that are recovered from fallen deeds! Happy to cover the COD for that as well If possible, please rename the anvil with some information about where and when it was found - something like: (Celebration - U18 - 3/15/22) and I can calculate the approximate Wurm date from the real world date. If you also happen to know the deed name, either via archaeology or personal knowledge of the area, please include that as well. And if the deed name won't fit on the item, feel free to PM me. Deed names are the most difficult to recover and I don't have them for most items. I can imp the anvil enough to recover the maker name and then give it a fitting, museum quality placard like so:
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    He nailed it I'm impressed. My respect for him has gone up a thousand times. He doesnt bash the game, and he is very well informed. He basically only complains about player retention, and how hard it is to get into.
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    That is a great review. The right people (for Wurm) will realise they must absolutely play this game after watching it.
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    I am one of those horrible, awful steam players that joined the game about 18 months ago. During the tutorial I was guided toward Cadence as being a "new server", not understanding the limitations that came with the choice I made. I was disappointed when I later realized I could not travel anywhere I wanted. I have since left Cadence and moved to Melody, where I have made a "home". I am a casual, single account player with very few skills over 70 and have no desire to restart on SFI at this time. I do have a desire to experience the entire Wurm universe with my main character and to see what both SFI and NFI have to offer. I want to experience the impalongs, fishing derby's, all the rifts and dragon slayings. Most importantly I would like to meet all the people I see here on the forums and overall meet as much of the Wurm population as possible. I want to have the ability to explore all the islands and to be able to appreciate the work that Wurm players have created though out the years. If there is one thing I have learned from all my travels, is that Wurm players love to show off their deeds! Wurm advertises itself as an open sandbox MMORPG, but nowhere does it mention the invisible wall that divides SFI and NFI. I would like to see the wall between SFI and NFI knocked down, bringing the community together and creating a truly open sandbox.
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    Teddybears, I collect teddybears.