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    The Freedom Isles Society for the Prevention of Cruel and Unusual Dismemberment of Dragons, Drakes, and Creatures of Royal Lineage, or FISPCUDDDCRL for short, (Game Masters) has been closely monitoring all black market activity with regards to the sales of body parts that that have been seen coming from several chop shops that have set up in the region. After much investigation,(log reading) and many doughnut heavy stake outs,(actually this one is pretty much accurate) we have witnessed and recorded events and rituals that are otherwise impossible without the use of forbidden magics!(cheating) We have known for some time that something unusual was going on and had to assemble an elite team of mercenaries and spend a huge amount of time to collect enough information to determine what is legitimate, by the mechanics, unique hunting and slaying, and what is definitely not. Some hunting groups we could clearly tell were hunting unique creatures as intended and then there was the other group... .....yeah.... During many months of detailed work of collecting physical and logged evidence, we witnessed members of this group on multiple occasions, sail onto a server, land on a section of shore, then travel directly to where we had manually placed unique creatures for monitoring. Once at the location, they stopped, looked around for a moment, then went directly back to their boat and off server. These uniques were not at their general spawn areas and were fully protected by our team. There is no possible legal way for anyone to find these protected unique creatures with the normal client and yet more than once, this group demonstrated they could via the use of a third party cheat. Needless to say we are not happy at all with these people, using a third party hack, as we consider this to be an egregious violation of our Terms of Service as well as a despicable theft of an enjoyable part of the game that the entire Wurm Online community should have equal opportunity to access. There is still some discussion concerning some of the people involved, but a rather large group has already been permanently banned from Wurm Online for profiting from these cheats while robbing our greater Wurm Online community of natural opportunities to participate in a very fun and engaging aspect of our game. Thank you for your time, Enki (Chief Bison of the FISPCUDDDCRL Lodge) (Head Game Master)
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    Hello all! As per Samool’s post, I’ll be stepping up as the product manager for Wurm Online. Thank you for all the hard work you’ve done Samool. Working with you has been a pleasure, and I wish you all the best. I do hope you are able to bring your amazing skills back to us in the future. I’d like to start by saying that I am working on an updated road map, which may take a little more time before it’s ready, to ensure accuracy. What I can say right now is that we are shifting priorities a little: the Exploration update is still on the radar but will be pushed back to allow more time to finish and test it; in the meantime, we will be focusing on smaller suggestions, as well as some surprises for Halloween, all coming later this month. There is other content brewing as well, but I’ll leave that for teasing later! Map dumps will be coming around the New Year, as per our normal schedule, but they will include Northern Freedom Isles! Defiance will have a map dump that is delayed somewhat, with the actual delay still being determined; this is to protect fledgling villages that are still working on defenses. Finally, as a thank you for being patient with us, we will be running a 30% skill-gain and affinity bonus weekend at the end of this month. This will start with the update on the 28th of October and continue until midnight, server time, on the 4th of November (Thursday - Wednesday). Thank you all and happy Wurming! Edit: Due to some recommendations, we'll be doing a full week of bonus instead of just a weekend. This is to accommodate folks of varying play times.
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    Hi everyone, I'll be stepping down from my post as a Product Manager of Wurm Online, due to a pileup of personal issues and health problems. It has been a great adventure and I've thoroughly enjoyed working on the game I've played and loved for over a decade, but it's time someone else takes the lead as I'm not fit at the moment to do it properly. There's no better person to carry this game further than Keenan so I'm certain it'll turn out great with him at the helm - you can expect a development update post from him shortly Thanks for the chance, and see you around Wurm! Samool
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    Hello! I’d like to address some of the concerns we’ve seen from you. Communication I’ve talked with Demona, who will be staying on board, and we’ve agreed that a Valrei International on at least a monthly basis is a must. Releasing one on this cadence will ensure active communication from the team every month. Animal Husbandry I won’t go into all the details here, but I will say that we have a patch we plan on releasing tomorrow that has some long-awaited fixes for breeding and animal husbandry. I’ve asked Demona to cover the details in a Valrei International, which should be going up later. As with anything, development is an ongoing process, and we will await more feedback from you before we decide on future tweaks to this system. Patches & Future Content While tomorrow’s patch will be a bug fix patch, we’re still actively working on a few significant projects and sourcing suggestions for quality of life improvements. We plan to make another post in a week or so regarding the previously detailed plans and where things currently stand. With all of that said, I’d like to thank you all for your patience and feedback. Happy Wurming! Edit: to stop suggestions getting lost in this thread, there is a separate epic channges suggestions thread running here:
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    Delicious things are brewing! Here's a sneak peek at coffee and tea plants, as well as some lovely new dishes coming soon to the world of Wurm Online.
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    Hello, Wurmians! We know you have all been patiently awaiting the release of the Northern Isles maps. Well, the time has finally come! You will now be able to view the original maps for Harmony, Melody, Cadence, and Defiance. We are still working on getting current ones up, and once we do you'll really be able to tell what hard work you all have done since colonizing the Northern Isles and what a difference you have made. Click Here to check out all of the maps we have available.
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    With the AH update, we gained a new exciting trait to boost the speed of our horses. Something to make up for the loss of the powerful speed/draft hybrids we had an allow full-speed horses to reign supreme! Speed | It seems accustomed to water | Moves faster in shallow waters | 10 points I'll admit, if I were looking at this picture, I hope this would be the trait I'd come up with too. This was a problem immediately. Not because it wasn't a strong or cute trait, but because of what it meant for us min/maxers who are thinking about how we have to go fast, and how we'd need to design highways to allow us to go as fast as possible. You may not like it, but this is what peak highway looks like See, good design typically tricks players into doing what you want to see. Don't want loads of animals on single tiles? Disease. Want strong connected highway systems linking most deeds? Wagoners. You want every highway dug down to water? This trait. a This'll look great dug to water, I swear Worse, without this level of min/maxing, the trait is so weak that I'm still on a pre-patch horse, and the only way I see myself changing that is if I dig highways to water. So what alternative is there? Well, you read the thread title, so you know where I'm going, but here's how I got there. I thought about behaviours I have towards roads. See, to me roads are a suggestion. Anyone who knows me knows I rarely follow them, instead cutting across ways with my good sense for rideable tiles. I also don't care for wagoners - I'm no stranger to my own wagon. With these powers combined, I don't much care for roads beyond their ability to stop people terrorforming (not a typo) the area. This is especially infuriating for anyone following me who is yet to learn the server. But if the trait were changed to instead work for roads rather than water? Immediately I care about far more interesting things: heat maps of my travel, efficient highways (which is something wagoners don't care for, to comic extents). tl;dr: This change could let new horses be competitive against old ones, and reward players for designing roads around efficient travel.
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    Hello Wurmians! It’s been a little while since our last Valrei International, and I’d like to apologize for that and let you know we have not forgotten about you! Although things have been quiet, we have been working away in the background squashing some bugs, implementing some fixes, and working on new features and content for you all to enjoy. Thank you for your patience with us during this time! Squashing Some Bugs With the maintenance restart this week, we’ll be implementing some balances and bugfixes concerning the animal update, and a few other things. There will be a few tweaks to traits, such as a fix to make the “seems to pick stuff up” and “seems stationary” traits work properly and making less useful traits on a creature become less common (sheep with draft traits, for example). The chance to pass on dominant traits has been improved, and already existing traits in parents will be even more likely to pass on to offspring than newly generated ones. This includes an increased chance to pass on coat colors. The chance for miscellaneous traits has been reduced a bit to encourage dominant traits passing on. There will also be a fix for donkeys and mules making horse sounds instead. On top of trait tweaking, we’ve worked a bit on the feeding of animals. Creatures in caves will once again be able to eat food from the ground, and the nutrition of hay will be increased so your horses can become fat and happy on a diet of hay. We have also tweaked the pathing to food a bit and have reduced the chance of grass packing while your critters are moving around. This should cut down on some of the time spent unpacking and replanting grass and lawns. You will also now be able to breed animals when they are slightly hungry instead of needing to make sure they are stuffed to the brim before attempting to breed. While most of the update will be focused on animal husbandry changes, there will be a few other things (and a new 100 skill title!) coming with the patch. Creative Constructs Building Contest Many of you have been eagerly looking forward to the announcing of the winners in the Creative Constructs building contest. Well, the wait is over! The team has gone over every one of the wonderful entries, and your creativity was very inspiring. After a tough decision, we’ve finally found our winners. Congratulations to all of you! Combat and Defense Theme Wilczan Seriphina Thalorane Cozy Ranches and Farms Theme Miell Goldfinch LadyCygnet Place of Business Theme Annyil Kasumi Eudoxia Wacky and Wild Theme Ayaana Jaz Stanlee You guys came up with some amazing entries for the contest! It was definitely hard to pick the winners out of all of the entries we had. I will be in contact with the winners through the forums in the next few days, so watch your inbox if you're one of them! Upcoming Community Hosted Events (with a lovely Halloween theme!) Scary season is right around the corner, and with it comes two spooktacular community events in celebration of Halloween. With an event on each server cluster, everyone will have the chance to hang out with all the other boys and ghouls, BOO-gie down in arenas fighting off creepy critters, and improve items (or get theirs improved) while all the festivities go down. Festival of the Veil Impalong For those of you on the Northern Isles, you’re invited to attend the Festival of The Veil, hosted by Rogue Cathedral. This event will run on the Cadence server from the 24th of October to the 30th. For more information on this Impalong event, check out the post below! New Festival Cove's Halloween Haunted House Impalong For everyone on the Southern cluster of servers, you are invited to Independence to New Festival Cove where you’ll find a Halloween Haunted House Impalong hosted by Vooch and Thicket! This event takes place on the 22nd of October through the 25th of October. Information on this event can be found on the post below. Myself and other GMs will be there during both events to cause havoc, as usual.... Make sure to bring a tent along in the case of creepy critters galore! Of course, there will be some spooktacular happenings all around Wurm during Halloweentime whether you are able to attend a community event or not. That’s it for this issue of the Valrei International! Congratulations once again to the Creative Constructs winners.
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    The recent bannings and lack of slayings have no doubt fueled the rumours about my demise. However, the actual explanation is a lot simpler. The dragons were merely hidden from our eyes. At Bruce's Flying Circus, N13 - we're on the highway system! Get there early, we'll see you there!
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    The Full Novel has been removed for everyone's mental health. T.L.D.R. Summary Darwin has worn out any semblance of a welcome here as we have observed him for a long time doing nothing but intentionally inciting the community and causing headaches. He has not been an active member and simply logs in and bothers people, then logs out. We have given Darwin plenty of chances to improve his ways at the recommendation of others who had long believed he could improve, but as they say, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. Beyond trolling one of our public global chat channels, Darwin was also attacking and abusing Wurm Online team members who were only trying to help him avoid violating our rules even further. It was long past time to put an end to Darwin's foolish behavior with a permanent ban from Wurm Online since he has made it abundantly clear that he has no intention of actually enjoying Wurm Online, and he has zero respect for moderation or our community. Extreme T.L.D.R. Summary Darwin is a troll “Byebee” – Dotta (Bakuretsu Hunters) Thank you, Enki (Head Game Master)
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    Not everything will be everyone's.... cup of tea
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    Let's Dance Please join us for another party. Everyone is Welcome! Where: https://harmony.yaga.host/#1970,1139 Deed name: Reddragonparty (It is not on the highway) but not far from it. When: Credits: Special thanks to Aldurair, Syuffeael, Aleck, Votherheim, Rainbowtigress, Execution and Grumpylith for helping trap and set up the pen. Last but not least special thanks to Oriana for giving me a reason to get out of my workshop. Kind Regards, Master Weaponsmith Pantha
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    Samool, on behalf of everyone at Wurm, I want to say thank you. This game wouldn't be what it is today without you. Many of you might not know this, but years ago, someone else was working part time on the new renderer. Before they could finish it, they got a job elsewhere and had to leave the project unfinished. Finishing that was Samool's first big project. From the launch of the 4.0 client, to the modern renderer, volumetric fog, dye on armour and everything in-between. It has all had Samool's hard work bring it to life. Mate, I wish you the best in health and life, take care.
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    Dragon spotted Q-20 on the coast. If any group is going to organize itself, please remember the explorer
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    I don't use them in inventory, but when placed and used as decor they do not decay. I've had lanterns placed on my deed as decor, on barrels inside unfinished beehives, and they're been there for several months with zero decay and lit 100% of the time.
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    This is a fair assessment, however I feel we need to approach the VI as a team going forward. Being a small team, there will be times during the year where development slows considerably as people take vacations. During these times, we'll likely share less about development and more about what the team is up to. Even if it's just saying "Hey! It's vacation time here, what are your plans?" or something of that nature. The point being that you won't be left wondering whether or not we're still here, as has been the case during the last few months. I also know that we're tight-lipped about what we're working on usually until it's ready for release. This is a learned behavior from things having been promised in the past, only to not be delivered in a reasonable time frame or sometimes changed completely. I think we need to get better at this, even if we disclose that whatever it is we're teasing is subject to change during development. It's something we're discussing internally and I hope the results of that discussion show in future editions of the VI.
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    October’s “Seeker’s Lantern” skin will light up your world with a whole new style. Perfect to carry around as a light source, or to use as decor! Available through the month of October in the Marks Shop at any settlement token, this skin can be applied to a lantern to give it a unique and fancy look.
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    Let's get together for the slaying of the venerable white dragon! Everyone will get some scale and a blacksmithing blood. I'm glad to have helped pen this beast and make it a public event for everyone together with Uszi and Kvinto. Thanks to Kvinto for spotting the beast. He will receive the dragon's skull as his reward. Thanks to Uszi for holding it until it could be penned for a public slaying. He gets to take home the rest of the body. Location: Q20 Harmony Deed name: Pearl Time: Sunday 17 October 3pm est
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    So I live quite rurally and we had a big storm on 18th July that knackered the roads in my area. I live 40km along a road that doesn't have another way in (by road). It's still impassable 2 months later though the work crews have managed to start working on the far end of it. Anyway, the only way in or out for the time being is by boat, and you can even get cars in and out on a barge service. However, there's not really solid infrastructure around for the barges (this is the first time in at least 20 years the road has been closed for more than a week). To provide a sound landing point for heavy plant etc from the barge at our end of the water-way, they did the most Wurm thing I can think of - dropping dirt to build a wharf...
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    Some random qol improvements from the annoyance of having to deal with the crafting window Hand tool in craft window instead of a certain part - it auto selects parts from your inventory from top to bottom of the list, similar to building houses/fences. Alternatively if auto selection is considered too powerful, double clicking the material in the list should search inventory and put it into the craft window when crafting lots of multi-part items such as this screenshot, an option to switch between using all items on first item in stack (as it currently is) and using 1 of each on x unfinished items , so like instead of using 6 shafts on 1 sign and cancelling because it's finished, it instead uses 1 seperate shaft on the first 6 unfinished signs.
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    Let me start by saying this is my opinion and not a "Yes" or "No" to the idea. I want to be open and honest about this. First, the transfer back in 2017 was terrible. The math was good, but the implementation was horrible, and I'm still getting tickets passed to me to fix people who had issues with it. To this day, I have a docker container with the databases loaded from before the transfer to verify what people were supposed to have. We did a terrible job, and I'm not afraid to say that. (Edit: On further reflection, we didn't do a terrible job. We did what we could with what we had at the time, and there was no indication of anything going wrong based on the data we had. I'm being too hard on us here, but I'm also leaving that part in because transparency is good.) It was so awful because it was a one-time database modification based on a sample set of data that proved inaccurate and did not represent the whole set. And it was an extensive sampling, but the problem came from other bugs that caused incorrect data that we were relying on to complete the proper calculations. So, I do not personally want to go down that road again. Now that leaves us with an in-code solution. Here's the rub, though: It would have to be some conversion based on the epic curve during transfers, and transfers are delicate as is. We did something similar to this for Jackal, and it resulted in us having to do the first (and so far only (knocking on wood)) rollback in my tenure as a developer. That's nearly six years. We eventually got it mostly correct, but it wasn't perfect, and the code wouldn't translate well here because it went off of skill ticks. What we did was record your skill ticks, not the amount of skill you gained. We then applied those ticks at the Freedom skill rate, giving you skill on Freedom for your work on Jackal. The problem with this approach is that anyone who has skilled up on Epic since 2017 will be out of luck as we have no way of tracking those individual ticks. Now we need to write new code into server transfers to allow for skill transfer back to Freedom. Again, I'm not saying "No." Nor can I say "Yes" as that's not my call individually. But if we tried to do it, it would take a significant amount of time and still leave us with the central issue: Epic doesn't seem to attract people. Yes, people wouldn't be "wasting" time on Epic with skill transfers, but since the gains would have to be on par with Freedom gains, that also means there's still no incentive to play there. So we need to figure out that bit first, in my opinion, before we address skills at all. The TL;DR for those who hate my books is that skill transfer is very hard and still doesn't provide an incentive to play on Epic. In my opinion, we should focus on that incentive first, and then we can look into skill transfers. As for shutting down Epic, there's no reason to do this. If we were still on Hetzner, there would be a financial reason to consider it, but since we now load balance game servers across several hosts, the server costs aren't as much of an issue.
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    i bet if i start trolling the forums this badly and often i would get banned.
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    I do for sure. If you gave me a 10 pages long page of bug fixes for the game I'd jump for joy and read it all.
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    I'm locking this thread. There will be another post later today detailing the upcoming bug fix patch. I will not have much to say beyond that at this time, however. We understand that you want more out of us, and we're working on that internally. Thanks for your feedback.
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    I know this is an old thing and probably posted a few times by now but still makes sailing tiring. Each time I cross over from one server to another, the game shows me swimming in the water despite the fact that the server counts me as being embarked on boat. It's one of those things that starts to gnaw at you after a while and it's a simple quality of life change that would do wonders for the sailing experience. Every time I have to disembark and re-embark again, it's not an end of the world bug, but at the same time it's one of those persistent nuisances in Wurm that shouldn't be a feature. There's plenty of such examples in the game we end up getting used to, but they should be fixed nonetheless. Any feedback ?
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    Once upon a time, Rolf conceived Epic as a standalone PvP cluster, with Unique mechanisms that only Epic had, partly as an enticement to play there, part of the concept Rolf had in his mind. Terraforming events, triggered by Scenarios, which were influenced by player interaction via missions. Unique Valrei monsters, also triggered by missions and scenarios. The ability to become a Player God, and have priests with different mixtures of spells than the standard 4 gods of Freedom. And for a while, things were good, Epic was different from Freedom indeed, but slowly and surely those unique Epic only things were leaked to Freedom, devaluing Epic's uniqueness, some features were removed altogether, such as Valrei monsters, terraforming events, and player gods. in the end, Epic has become standardised, with only some of the skilling and player progression mechanics in place. Now it's all that Epic has, the slightly faster skilling, and different skillgain mechanism, which is frankly mot enough to make Epic unique really, it's more and more like a WU knockoff clone of Epic now. What Epic needs is true uniqueness, things that Freedom does not have, something to once again give Epic a reason to play on. Rather than those who play there feeling they are haunting an old cluster with reminders of what we used to have, in the form of old overgrown craters and cracks, and the occasional Valrei mob huddled in a cave waiting for the end to come, alone now, because it's brothers and cousins no longer visit Epic either. Epic need players, players need reasons to come, and stay. We don't need reasosn to visit so we can take our skills back to Freedom, we don't need to be able to take our old and worn out tools and weapons back, we don't need skill or item transfers to make Epic life better, we need an better life IN Epic. Ask not what Epic can offer Freedom, rather ask, what can Epic offer me that Freedom cannot.
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    When visiting another server or using any unbranded horse, the animal must be tame in order to access saddle bags. It's never a good idea to ride around on a tamed horse, so we tame just to equip the gear then immediately untame. This lets us safely ride the horse with gear, but the saddle bags end up not being useful in situations where they would be particularly nice to have, like traveling far from home to do some archaeology, for example. If we could add a lock to saddle bags like other containers, we could adjust permissions to keep the contents secure but still be able to access them even if the animal is not branded or tamed.
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    Hear ye, hear ye fellow Wurmians! 2021 marks the 15th year of Wurm Online! Fifteen years of our beloved Wurmians mining, digging, building, crafting and most importantly: culling the population of those nasty ol' trolls! To celebrate this amazing milestone, we will be creating a video that showcases Wurm's amazing journey over these past fifteen years. We've already got some historical material gathered, however what would really make this video special is for it to include stuff from YOU: the Wurm players! YOUR screenshots! YOUR videos! YOUR memories! YOUR stories! Visual material If you have (or know of) any old screenshots and videos from Wurm's early years, (preferably pre-steam-release) please share! (the higher resolution the better!) In the words of the players Even if you don't have any visual material to share, you can still take part! We'd like to include some player comments in the video that would look something like this template: As you can see, the amount of text should be kept to a minimum to be able to fit! So keep it short! If you'd like to share your stories in further detail, describe those optionally in addition. Tell us: 1. Your Wurm character's name: 2. What year you started playing Wurm: 3. In one or two sentences - What Wurm means to you: 4. In one or two sentences - Your favorite Wurm memory: 5. Please include a screenshot of your character's head: For taking a screenshot of your character: 1. Go into third person view (press minus/plus on your keyboard numpad or press V) 2. Zoom in as close as you can get to see your character’s face (pro tip: You can “move” the camera even closer if you stand next to a steep hill/mountain of some kind that forces the camera to get closer) 3. Turn off the UI: F10 4. Take a screenshot with Wurm’s in game keybind: F11 5. The location of your screenshot will be displayed in the Event window in yellow text 6. Do not worry about cropping it, simply upload it to Imgur or whatever other service you use and share the link here. Alternatively, you can send it to me directly by copy pasting the image into a private chat in Discord to KatsPurr#8213. Optional: One or two sentences of your thoughts not enough? Feel free to share your memories and thoughts in greater detail here. We won't be able to include long paragraphs in the video, but I'm sure we'd all love to read them here regardless! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you want to take part, respond to this thread by the 30th of October and become a part of Wurm history! We’ll start working on this straight away next month once we’ve got all the materials gathered. To see the end result, keep your eyes peeled for this and many more exciting things to come in Demona's upcoming Valrei International posts! Love, Malena PS: Just a small disclaimer: While we will try to fit as many of your wonderful screenshots, videos and quotes into the video as possible, we may have to choose if there ends up being a huge amount of submissions.
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    Here I am making a couple thousand frying pans... For the hardcore smith that needs LOTS of lumps and project storage space, I propose a new item, the Foundry. Much like the Bulk Storage Unit combining BSB's, the Foundry would combine 4 forges and 2 smelters, with the Foundry itself with a capacity of 94 items, acting the same as a forge. A size of 1x2 would make sense? Add to crafting window would be the same as activating a large anvil. Selective lighting of each internal forge or smelter would allow one to have that cooling forge on hand as well. I think this would be a great addition that would allow one to smelt massive amounts of ore, then work on those already glowing lumps. Metallurgists would benefit as well, having the various lumps on hand for those long grinds. Thoughts? P.S.: This as well!
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    But the benefits were terrible. He didn't even have dental! So lets just kill him instead! FUNK is proud to present to you another slaying. This time of a Goblin Leader. A Goblin Leader has not been seen on NFI for quite some time, so this should be exciting!! In case you don't know, the blood from a Goblin Leader makes a mining imbue, However, so as not to overload the server like we did with the Red Dragon, I'm asking people to not go overboard on the number of Alts. Thank you. This slaying will happen on Friday Oct 22nd at 10:00pm EST. I"m releasing the location early, so people have time to get their alts set up...but again, PLEASE do not go overboard with alts. The location is around L-21. There is a wonky 1-tile path between two hills that runs roughly in a NE - ,SW direction that has guard towers on either end of it. The deed is just off the path, a few tiles from the guard tower on the SW end. I was scouting around, and found a MUCH easier way to get to the slaying sight. What you want to do it get to K/L 19 and head NE until you hit the main highway....or even just park right at the bridge at K-18. route to Dragon's roost. Just East of Dragons roost, at the bottom of the big hill is a waystone that has a flag for Pnuts Palace (515) and Cev's Deed (204). east from that waystone is a 1 tile path. take that path and follow it for quite a ways. the path ends briefly with a few tiles of tar right in front of you...go south east just a couple tiles and the path will continue and will go into a cave. follow the cave around and you'll find the path again on the other side. you're almost there!! Keep following the path until you see a guard tower. just past the guard tower on the top of the hill to the NW is the site!!
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    A suggestion I have is to include more clothing for everyday wear. Things in medieval wear such as; Shirt, Chemise, Tunic, Bliaut, Herigaut, Houppelande, Surcoat, kirtle, Jupon, Gambeson, Tabard, Monastic Scapula, Cotehardie and Doublet. It might be interesting to have a larger selection of clothing with improvements in the subject of tailoring skills.
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    The management of Gobblin Hut approves the color of this dragon.
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    Part of the reason we got the new UI was because Ironwood scaled very poorly with higher resolution monitors. However all this time later, we're still left with some very rubbish menus. Culprit 1 (possible bug): Signed papyrus sheets Culprit 2: rift point store Minor one: Marks store text overlapping I can't remember if there's more, as much as I'm sure there are. If you can find or name more, please post them here! Before you post saying "This should be a bug report" I specifically chose a suggestion thread as this isn't really a bug in the UI. I'm suggesting they're changed because they functionally don't work well. I think this is more an oversight than it is an actual bug. If a mod disagrees, feel free to move it and change the title to something more fitting or something.
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    Rather than applying the dye to the entire wall as seen here It'd be really nice to be able to only dye the white paneling between the frames, by adding the option to dye them separately similar to ships with their sails. I'm sure there's plenty of other items that suffer a similar issue. Suggested here years ago as well, seems it'd be do-able from Retro's initial response.
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    with 97 woodcutting and a 95ql supreme hatchet my average tree ql is 80ish, and then chopping them all into logs drops the average quality again, so not sure where you're getting this idea from. are you 100 woodcutting? quick look at merchant ads and trade chat posts on both servers shows that 95+ql logs sell for more than 95+ql lumps so dunno bout this guess chief 100ql veins don't exist, are you throwing out expectations of how you think things work again
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    as topic stated, could be wise to let us know if u want todo it or if u just had it once, many ppl talks about it but its talks no answers so Devs/GM's Owner of game how about some information? Take care ^^
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    Why is it that tree stumps gives zero skill ticks when removed? They take quite a bit of time to remove, and I would imagine you would get at least body strength to do so. Many people choose to just leave them, and it looks horrible. If however they would give some woodcutting, body control, body strength and body stamina skill, I am sure that would raise the incentive to keep surroundings more pleasant for fellow players. Edit, I was informed they do give some body skills. Tested a bit, and get like one tiny tick now and then in one of them. Not like other actions where you get multiple ticks from one action. Also, with a 30 second timer, the reward should be greater. It obviously is not enough reward for the time. And please add some woodcutting skill too, that would render this a whole lot more rewarding
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    Not to be the downer here, but at this point I'll opt to be sceptic until proven otherwise: I hope the talk with demona was less like "hey, try to post a VI once a month, k?" and more like "hey, we the dev team will actually try to give you info that you can share with the community. The idea is one VI a month, k?" Because let's be real, you're making it sound awfully a lot like it'll be demona responsibility to deliver communication with us players, but unless you guys fix one of the core issues of not giving demona info to share, then she's just going to be sitting there taking the heat of the players while not having anything to communicate like the last few months. I wish I didn't have to have these cynical thoughts, but I can't stop them until I get proven that I can. This hurts my hope and overall enjoyment.
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    We are defiantly open to suggestions about what people think would be best for epic going forward. Just closing it fully is a tough thing to do and something I personally hope we can avoid.
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    This is something i harp on all the time This game gets away by, literally, leeching off it's community for work. The players make up the moderation staff on almost all fronts, the community manager is a role (and apparently, just a volunteer role) picked from the players. CA's are players. CM's are players. GM's are players. Forum moderators are players. Half the development are just players who were excited about the game and wanted to contribute through volunteer work. Why would they ever try to pay for anything when they can just get away with only paying for the meager server costs this game requires to run while having the bare minimum of people actually be paid to work on the game? Why do you think they refuse to answer any proper questions about long term employees? It's just profitable. And of course none of that is going back into the game- they profited a TON off the steam release and you really think any of that has been invested back in, besides soem changes to infrastructure? It;s clear they don't have hope for the future of this game, and are just milking the game for as long as they possibly can.
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    As was posted earlier today on discord... Keenan — Today at 9:18 AM I don't want to step on Demona's toes, but we're working on what is primarily a bug fix patch. No new content, but fixes for things that have been brought up. I don't have the complete list in front of me though. Tentative date is the 23rd during maintenance. Now why this is not shared here, why there is continued silence on the official forums I don't understand. The issues with the log in servers today were mentioned and talked about on the discord as well, but I don't see anything here addressing them. If they want to use discord as the official place to address the community, then they need to make a channel for these things and start posting there. This idea of spreading everything all over the place is unprofessional and nonsense. Pick a medium to use and then promote it and use it please. I don't think many people care if it is the forums or discord or facebook, sure some would prefer one over the other, but I think we all would welcome the use of something and stick to it and then use it.
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    Wurm allows you to change the land, build and make a fake life, with animals and farms, occasionally something tries to kill you, but that happens in rl too. I love the creative part of the game, I'm not really a fighter, only raised my fighting skill so i didn't have to run away all the time, but its not my favorite part of the game. It would be nice if there was more in game content, different wall, glass, flowers... more to work with, but still this game is unique. I stay in Wurm because i have created a fake world that is prettier and easier to deal with than the real world. Also, the people, most of them are very helpful and kind.
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    That reply was high quali-tea!
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    Would be great if we could attach a lantern (or lanterns) to our ships, wagons & carts. Here's a few pictures to give an idea. https://imgur.com/a/dr4z80L As for the Colossus, would be pretty near if we could either give it a huge lantern to hold that shines a bright line across a large area depending on colossus quality. Or a huge brazier bowl held in its hand. Would make colossi more interesting to build.
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    Can we get any update though if the "skin shop" (yes I know it's the marks shop) will have past skins? There have been threads of players asking for past skins so they can buy them. There's clearly a demand for such items. Why not supply the skins in this case? Seems like a totally wasted business opportunity here.
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    Make backpacks/Quivers dyeable. That's it, that's the suggestion. The fact i match the rest of my armour but quiver/Backpack are always an eye sore even though i want to wear them. Thanks!
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    Do you need the ultimate flex? Look no further than a Supreme 92QL Black Dragon Scale Jacket. Currently with 99 Aura of Shared Pain and a 10% Damage Reduction Rune. Trade up while you can is this is most likely a one of a kind item. Starting bid: 3.5G Increment (minimum): 5s Reserve: Hidden Buyout: None Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: Not accepted
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    another thread darnok'd
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    So, while repeating Keenan's caveat that there hasn't been any decision made on this, and it's not my personal decision to make, it seems that for some people, having a sensible skill transfer will be enough to get them playing on Epic. However, for some this isn't sufficient. It seems clear to me that addressing this will be part of the solution (but not the whole solution), and that includes finding a way to not leave everything since 2017 out in the cold. Keenan has already covered the logistic difficulty in getting this right, even when we have a clear plan of what we want to do, so I'll just repeat that it's hard. Before we can work out the 'how' we need to settle on the 'what' - exactly what are we transferring (skill-wise), and how do the different skill systems translate back and forth? We need something that doesn't lead to massively OP corner cases, while also not penalising one side or the other. In my opinion, some small differences would be fine - say, channeling being 10% easier to skill on Epic than Freedom - to give some flavour and difference in play without unbalancing things. Perhaps some more cosmetic rewards may only be achievable one side or the other (e.g. titles). This is a complex problem, and there is a legacy of previous changes that has to be considered as well, which doesn't help. Unfortunately, overly simplistic solutions, applied too quickly are likely to just make the problem even worse, and increase the work required for the 'right' solution. I get that the situation is disheartening for some folks - it's not a great place for the dev team either; please be assured that although we don't have a fast answer ready to go, this is something we really do want to fix.