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    Hello Wurmians! As we haven’t had a proper summary to the Steam launch yet, let’s start with that - the player counts since that time have been just unprecedented, and we are very excited to see how lively Wurm has become. Now that has also brought an extreme load to both our dev team as well as the entire staff, hence the initial hiccups - but it seems we’re well past that point and almost back to normal. (almost, since we still have some unresolved things to handle) The surge in popularity has definitely exceeded our expectations and it seems like it can give us some headroom in expanding the development team, which should help us increase the development pace of both new features and bug fixing. Most of you might not know this, but we have had very few hired or contracted developers for quite a while now, much fewer than you would expect from a game of this scale - but we’re well on the way to fixing that. (and if you are interested yourself in becoming either a volunteer developer or a contractor, feel free to contact me with the relevant details at samool@wurmonline.com ) I ask for your patience in this part, as it might take us a while to actually get to that point, and the recruitment and training itself might be taking some time away from the direct development in the meanwhile, but after that’s sorted out we will be going ahead faster than ever. And obviously, any new developers will be put on the mandatory bug duty first, fixing those pesky recurring bugs! In addition to expanding the dev team, we’re expanding our marketing efforts as well, which we’ve already started on - we haven’t been great about that before, but we have a lot of ideas in store for promoting the game now and in the future, and you might’ve already seen some Wurm ads around the web. Now, the thing most of you are here for - what are we doing next? While we’re happy with how the improvements to the new player experience and the new tutorial have turned out, it’s obvious from the feedback that there is still work to be done there. As we continue to have plenty of new players joining the game, that will be our focus in the upcoming weeks - the tutorial will be getting some polishing, and we’ll be introducing additional in-game tips and tools to help the newer Wurmians learn the ropes and perhaps not get too frustrated by constantly digging through the wiki. (though we do acknowledge that at some point that might always be a requirement) This will also include further UI improvements, which should make the UI more comfortable to use for everyone and bring some of the requested features and tweaks. I’m sure that’s boring stuff to most of you reading though - worry not, during that time we’ll also be working on finishing up a large combat overhaul! This was something that was meant to be there for the Steam launch, but we have decided to postpone it to give it the attention and polish it deserves. The goal of the combat update will be to increase the interactivity and engagement of combat, by both providing much better visual feedback (significantly reducing the need to read combat chat) and changing certain mechanics, like making special moves more prominent and useful in PvE. This will be put to public testing before it goes live. We have done decent progress on this up to this point, but it still needs a good bit of work to be ready for us to show it to you in full. Once we’re done with those first two focuses of ours, we have multiple major content updates planned out for the upcoming months - those will be released along large marketing pushes to bring even more players to the lands of Wurm, and should bring a lot of content for both newer and older players. Included in those updates will be a large exploration focused update, intended to make the wilderness of Wurm more interesting to explore, with different random encounters to be had around the world. Something we are looking at as well is a unique creatures rework, as well as some more chances to brush up on some less used skills. This update overall should provide a less grindy alternative to other features of Wurm, and in general make PvE gameplay more varied. We also intend to expand further on the construction features, adding both new building elements and decorative items and features. One of our desired features that we’ve been playing with are docks, which would allow you to create structures on water. On the decoration side, a popular suggestion (as well as something we want to see in the game) is hanging items on walls - we’ll be looking at how we can add that. Animal keeping is another feature that we feel has much more potential to be realized. We’ll be working on expanding that part and making keeping different animals a more varied and in-depth feature, with perhaps a new animal or two thrown into the mix. Other than regular content updates, we plan to continue improving the visual side of the game as well - certain elements of Wurm look aged compared to others and we want to fix that soon. One of our desired upgrades has always been an overhaul to how the characters look - while it might be a bit far off right now, we will be looking at improving the character’s appearance along with better customization options. Along with any visual upgrades we’ll be working further on optimizing the game’s client, as we have identified some causes for the high memory and GPU usage issues that some of you may encounter. Since we’re now talking about the client side of the game, another thing we want to tackle is the sound design, which is something we have to admit is quite lacking at this point. That will include adding more sound effects to creatures, as right now, your farm animals are a bit too creepily silent, but we also plan to have another pass at the general action sounds. I realize this post is a bit short on the PvP side of the game - for more information on that part, you can see Darklords’ newest thread on our plans and ideas for the Defiance going forward. There have been quite a few questions and suggestions regarding the future of Jackal. While the first iteration of that has been quite fun, it does require a ton of work and changes to make it worthwhile to run another edition of it, and that is not something we’re interested in - we feel that work is currently much better directed at improving the base game, and not the extending “episodic” content. Generally, you should not expect another Jackal run for quite some time, as we prefer to focus on the other things we have planned. But, never say never! Since the questions about the status of the Northern and Southern Freedom Isles clusters keep appearing, we do want to reiterate that at this point we do not plan on a merge, and it will be a long time before we will start considering one (it is not guaranteed in any case). We’re happy with how both of the clusters are working out and there seems to be a healthy population on both of them. While our promotion of the game with the launch focused on the new Northern Freedom Isles cluster, the future promotion we do will most likely focus on all of Wurm, so that all servers should have new players joining them, depending on each of the server’s qualities rather than our own recommendations. The final thing that I want to announce today is that we're also currently working on a long desired and requested feature which is a complete account system, the main purpose of which is to consolidate character ownership into a single account, improve the security of your accounts and ease the management of them. This will also help us with adding some more features that you could manage about your characters without logging into the game, improve account recovery methods and more. We'll reveal more details on this soon. This should cover some of our plans for Wurm and hopefully makes things a little bit more clear. I want to mention though that this is not an exhaustive list of the things we have in store, and there are plenty of other features and changes coming to the game soon, many of which stem from your suggestions, so make sure to keep those coming! For now, keep on Wurming!
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    We had skill decay for years and people who got to high skill begged none stop for it to be changed as it lead to such a point where people had to grind hours a day to keep 3-4 skills at the same level let alone progress then skill decay was set to 90 then 70 and then it was decided to just take it away as it didnt add to the game it only meant people had to play more or get punished for not being able to play Same goes with item decay the game is all about long term playing not 1-2 months or a year max skill gains now days are so much faster then what they used to be because people bitched that it was to hard to catch up to those who had spend years already playing Imagine the year is 2005 and the highest skill is some guy who lives with tich who has 55 blacksmithing and is charging 5s for ql 50 blacksmithing tools with no enchants and 30-40 enchants would cost 2s a piece extra there is no mass storage no wagons no horses no boats and only 2 servers the cost of a guard tower is 15s a tower and no one is crazy enough to mass make them Back then going away for 2 weeks meant if you had 50 skill you could come back to 49.20 or less even it was horrible and people who got to 90 where basically forced to spend all day doing that single task or risk loosing their 90's easy You do not want skill decay as it adds a chore to the game that is not a fun gameplay loop you want the game to be more enjoyable and last longer find proper fun gameplay loops to add to the game not reintroduce mechanics that where taken out because they where hated by everyone
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    Hello wurmians! All time I playing this game, I do miss alchemy potions, flasks and such! And now I feel it's time to suggest this idea here. Probably you will not agree with all potions / elixirs that I offer here, but if you like any of them write of it, dont be careless So! what do I suggest, and why!? First of all - new items: And now time to talk of Elixirs: Regular Elixirs: Cooldown Elixirs: Battle Elixirs: Trowing Elixirs: Creation My reason of suggest it, first of all course its alchemy! i love alchemy and i dont feel here alchemy as alchemy! Secondary course of mushroom usage. There is not so much sence of them in the game for atm. R egular elixirs, can help not only with some effects of capasity, but also gives you nice skill to see for example traits of animals even with low AH. C ooldown elixirs can help with meditation, and faith gain, to redeuce a bit timmer for new players, who didnt join from very begining, when disconnects was renew gains each time F ight Elixirs, will give some interesting turns like when guy with maul hits you pirce dmg, or Ice pillar make acid wounds, that will help to make in pvp more unexpected ways T rowing Elixirs, will also help pvp, atm i see a bit disbalance, when non priest dont have real chances with simmilar by str priest, vacoom bomb gonna fix that a bit So! tell me what ya think of it?! Will we give new Alchemy a chance?
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    Greetings Wurmians! After consideration of the stars, consultations of the soothsayers and their omens, and whispers from the wood witches, our next update will be on the 23rd of October. This update will include the sleep bonus merge between Northern Freedom Isles and Defiance, and will also have the 10-hour sleep bonus compensation given out. To make the most of the awarded sleep bonus, make sure you are empty by that date! As for the rest of the update, stay tuned for a Valrei International coming to you soon! Regards, The Wurm team
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    give butchering a tiny chance to get rare and supreme bones like digging has. it would give people more incentive to butcher the mobs they kill and it makes sense
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    The wording in that thread closure already made it clear the idea would go ahead regardless of noone supporting it, please dont add another convoluted system with 'pending favor' there are other great alternatives in there. I know some people find it hard to let go of a bad idea when they spent time on it but bad is bad. Please.
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    I'm really sad about how this game is going. It's fading away again; slowly, but faster than I'd hoped. There needs to be some excitement injected back into the game, and this doesn't necessarily require any major changes, just something special to give people that push to log in again, or reprem. This push could be in the form of events, goals, and small bonuses. Some examples off the top of my head: A weekend with special drops from hunting. For example a "rare leather hunter's hat" cosmetic skin. Special woodcutter's week, where you get an extra 10% on max quality wood, plus a chance for some special drops. For example a special bow cosmetic skin. Miner's week, extra 10% on quality + a higher chance to get gems. Bring back monthly skill gain events, like we had on the steam launch opening weeks. Special premium purchasing deals, buy 2 months, get 1 free. Special cooking recipes events, where a wider range of recipes are dropped from all creatures. Higher Winds Week, where boats receive a 20% speed increase, and the increased tides have unearthed underwater chests for people to hunt out. You get the idea. Other games have these kinds of events extremely regularly to make the game feel more alive, and it makes people feel like there's always a good reason to log in and play.
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    Hello! Since things have been quiet from us for a while, we thought we’d update you with the list of things that we’re currently working on addressing. This is not the longer term roadmap (which we intend on sharing very soon, most likely next week), but a status on the outstanding issues that we’ll have fixes out for soon. First off, below are some of the things that will be addressed with the next update, which will happen early next week: Situation with uneven creature spawns on all servers should be fixed, and the creature cap on Defiance will be additionally raised Bug where coffers on the new servers kept being empty will be fixed (coins will again be able to be acquired through foraging etc) You’ll be able to start new characters on Defiance, straight from the tutorial portal Other than that, we’re working on fixing other issues up, as well as reintroducing features from the Southern Freedom Isles that didn’t make it yet to the new servers. Below is some details regarding the changes we’re working on: Missions and Valrei features Missions will appear on the new servers along with a Valrei update intended for Defiance, which should be very soon. Favor regeneration To help with the Channeling skillgain (and generally make casting less annoying) we’ll be introducing changes to how favor works. This will work off the previously suggested changes to allow a higher pool of pending favor to be prepared, with concerns raised in that feedback thread (https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/178620-changes-to-favor-gain-from-sacrificing/) being addressed - further details will appear in the patch notes. Source fountains We’re working on changing this mechanic a bit before reintroducing it to the new servers, mostly to avoid the claiming of those as has happened on other servers. Rifts and runes Rifts on the new servers will appear in a couple months - we feel the servers are not developed enough for those yet, and we would like to balance them further beforehand. Sleep bonus(es) This is coming a bit late, but as announced before, we will grant everyone 10 hours of sleep bonus to compensate for the rocky launch and the following weeks we’ve had - this will be announced a few days before it happens so everyone has a chance to use up what they have left. This will be coming together with a sleep bonus merge between Defiance and the PvE servers of the Northern Freedom Isles - your sleep bonus will cross through when using the PvP portal, so that you can use it where you want to. Moon metal on PvE (via gift packs) Pending rebalance. Imbues Pending rebalance. New UI We’re working on further improving the new UI and addressing the common complaints before removing the old UI client - among these will be improvements to the default/repeat action systems, text size settings, better chat settings and more. As you might’ve noticed, a lot of the things wait on us finalizing their balancing before introducing them to the new servers. Since this launch has allowed a lot of people to experience a fresh Wurm start, we want to jump on this chance to try and rethink some of the things that ended up as less than ideal on the Southern Freedom Cluster balance-wise. This has been more regarding the PvE side of Wurm, so here’s a fresh PvP discussion thread with some more information on that front: And to reiterate, a full roadmap disclosing some of our longer-term plans for Wurm (regarding all the servers, not just Northern Freedom Isles) will be up on the forums very soon - for now though, I hope this post clears up the current situation.
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    Hello all! As previously noted, we will be doing server migrations to Cloudnet today. The plan is to do three batches, two servers at a time. We will not be taking down any other servers except the ones being migrated. First batch: Deliverance Exodus Second batch: Release Chaos Third batch: Affliction Desertion We strongly recommend that you avoid mail and travel with the above mentioned servers until the migrations are complete. We will update this post and broadcast in-game with the status of the migrations. Expected downtime for each batch is about 1-1.5 hours. STATUS UPDATES Mon Oct 05 14:49:58 CEST 2020: Starting shutdown of Deliverance and Exodus. Mon Oct 05 15:39:12 CEST 2020: Copying data over for Deliverance and Exodus. Mon Oct 05 16:19:25 CEST 2020: Final checks before bringing servers back online. Will be a little over the 1.5 hour mark when we're back. Mon Oct 05 16:41:55 CEST 2020: Deliverance and Exodus migrated successfully and back online. Mon Oct 05 17:21:10 CEST 2020: Chaos and Release offline, data is being migrated. Mon Oct 05 17:58:19 CEST 2020: Chaos and Release are migrated successfully and back online. Mon Oct 05 18:05:11 CEST 2020: Shutdowns started for the final two servers: Affliction and Desertion Mon Oct 05 18:55:55 CEST 2020: Migration underway for Affliction and Desertion. Mon Oct 05 19:14:37 CEST 2020: All servers online! Migrations complete!
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    This Dragon is wishing me a happy birthday! Are you? Yes, as of time of writing it is my birthday, and I spent the first hour of it capturing a dragon! Who else can say that? No-one with a sensible use of free time, that's for sure! And although it will be a week late, we're having a collective piñata party! Hopefully this dragon is filled with delicious candy! So bring your presents down to the usual N13 location and take some of the delicious piñata/potion of carpentry/scale candy home with you! We're hitting it at this time! As ever, piñata use involves health and safety, so consider the following disclaimers. Black dragons are prone to throwing people which means your safety is even less guaranteed than usual. It also makes kiting them terrifying, so you're welcome. Didn't throw us though. Arrive 30 minutes early so you don't miss it, you never know what the wind will do. Hell, I almost missed one of my own and I try to get there 2 hours early! Presents are not required, in fact I'd be confused and a bit terrified if you brought any. But, y'know, if you don't want the bone... something to think about. Since we're, as ever, rolling everything. Big improvements to the deed by the way! Shouldn't be bringing the unique round back because the mine actually works now!
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    [20:56:51] Scythe increased by 0.000008 to 100.000000 So that's a thing I did and I've decided on Reaper of Souls as the title. Massive thanks to everyone who's shown me support over the last few month, you know who you are.
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    Disclaimer: These are just some personal thoughts and all I wanted to achieve with this post was to present my perspective over some issues and eventually make other people ask themselves some questions. And while I might use the words "right" and "wrong" through my post, they are only relative to my perspective; other than that I don't think my vision is necessarily the right one and at no point I had any pretention that others should follow it. I started the game with the idea that the game has a (relative) fixed cost that I should pay from my own pocket every month and I was really Ok with that - ten bucks per month (spread between premium time and deed upkeep) didn't really sound like a lot, considering the amount of hours of tremendous fun that I could get from the game. I knew that you can potentially earn silver coins in game trading with other people or doing odd jobs here and there, but knowing that I am just a casual player I was convinced that this is not something that would apply to me, but only to the more experienced or dedicated players, so I preferred to not even think at this. And for the first two months everything worked really well according to the plan, but then, as the time passed, things started to go south. I saw people around me making (quite large amounts of) money doing things that I could have easily done too, like selling their excess horses or enchanting grass tiles, so I wanted to do that too in an attempt to avoid having to use my own RL$ to finance my game expenses and just pay with silver coins earned in game. The problem was that, even when I managed to achieve that and earned over 12 silver coins during the month (which is what I actually needed for premium and deed upkeep) I still didn't stop. And at this point it was pure greed - the desire to earn as much as possible, without any need or clear goal in mind for those money. Some of you may ask yourself now what the problem is... I got orders, I got enough money to finance my game expenses with in-game earnings and even set something aside, all these without working my a$$ off... pretty much the dream of any free-to-play player... Well, the problem is that all this race for profits ruined the fun for me... I was no longer doing whatever I wanted to do and chatting with people just because they were nice, but I was constantly on lookout for "customers", spamming the trade and freedom channels and trying to bait everyone into using my services (not in a bad way, I was not scamming and I was only asking a fair price, but I was definitely intrusive, offering unsolicited services)... and even when I was getting orders, it meant time spent outside my deed, not skilling up, not making progresses, not having fun - all that just in order to earn some virtual coins. Totally wrong and not worthy if you ask me now! So, from now on, I'll return to my initial vision. Ten bucks per month is not something that I can't afford, so I'll chose to spend them here, also supporting the developers in the process, and never open the trade channel or try to sell something again. If I'll have something extra, that I don't need (either that we talk about items or services), I'll just gift them to my friends or neighbors, eventually earning something much more important than virtual coins - real human connections... Just my thoughts...
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    Sacc 40 favor, around 8-10 favor regenerates during the sacc timer, cast coc - 1 cast for 40-42 favor in whatever, 15 seconds inbetween casts due to sacrificing Sacc well over favor limit - lose about 1 favor per 5 seconds, don't regenerate the 10 favor inbetween casts, still need to wait 10-15 seconds inbetween casts for favor to regenerate to 50, losing 3 favor here, losing another 4 favor during the 20 second cast time - 57 favor per cast You're using about 40% more favor per cast for no benefit to cast speed or ability to chain cast, absolutely useless.
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    To all the people thinking in this way. People don't play this game to do the chores of saving everything you accomplished over the years every day... We don't like to loose what we got, nor we like to do any extra stuff to maintain that what we got. If i have to regrind my skills everytime i log in or to spend even hour every day repairing everything on my deed, ###### it, its not worth it, wont play it.
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    Call me a pessimist but from what I'm reading here, it sounds more like just releasing stuff that was held back with minor tweaks rather than actual new content. It's been 2 months since launch and there's nothing major in development? That's terrifying.
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    As discussed in the last feedback thread here are the proposed changes for Defiance/PvP in general. These are subject to changes from feedback so please let us know what you think. If we missed anything major please also feel free to let us know. The proposed PvP Changes are planned for the next major update this month. Proposed PvP Changes Weapons/Armour/Toolbelts/Horse gear will increase in quality up to 75 much quicker when improving them to speed up people gearing groups for pvp after a loss.(Defiance Only) Roaming Depo(Defiance Only) Same spawn rules as battle camps. Will announce when it spawns on twitter/event tab. Will first spawn with no indication of where it is, after 5 hours of not being claimed it will give off the effect from the old depo to better help locate it. You claim the loot with a 5 minute action on the depo, after which the depo will vanish until it respawns again. Spawns 24-30 hours after the last one vanishes. Claim Reward 3 lumps of adamantine or glimmersteel(picked randomly) 10 sleep powders 5 75QL horse sets(Shoes/Saddles) Chances these sets will come with varying degrees of WOA precast on them. The intent of this is to get people out and looking for the depo every day or so, hopefully 10 sleep powder and some good possibly enchanted horse gear is enough to get people going out for it. Upgraded Chest Loot(Elevation/Defiance) The first person to open a rare chest spawn after it spawns will receive between 1-3 hours of sleep bonus depending on the loot roll of the chest. This is intended to give out more sleep bonus for things done while out roaming. Hota Changes(Elevation/Defiance/Chaos) 6 battle camps spawn at the same time all over the map with no location information anymore. First to 4 captures wins. First to capture a camp after spawning receives a few pieces of moon metal. Captures after will not give any more. Happens 40 hours after the last event finished. Your kingdom is alerted in event tabs when an enemy kingdom steps onto a battle camp your kingdom owns, it will not say what kingdom but will say which battle camp. This message cannot happen more than once every 30 minutes. Building inside battle camps when you have it claimed still provide all the protections from before. Pendulums will still help find them but will have the range at which they do adjusted to make them much harder to find. These changes will revert hota back to more of an event than something running continuously. Moon metal is still awarded to people who did not win just by trying, and they should not be nearly as easy to find and be dominated by a single group. Increased raid windows for lager deeds over 50x50 tiles total in size to 8 hours to give more time to raid larger deeds. Safe zones/deeds smaller than 50x50 stay unchanged. The exact values of this are up for debate so please let us know what you think. Scorn no longer heals non tamed creatures.(All Servers) Shield bash will have a separate easier roll to just cancel actions that may be interrupted along with the roll to stun.(All Servers) Will allow all players a much better chance to kick a spell being cast right next to them without making stuns to common. Equipping or unequipping a piece of armor will cancel any spells/archery actions currently being cast.(All Servers). Hopefully this should address the concerns about players swapping armor on and off while casting/shooting to get around the penalties. Tangle weave cooldown reduced to 60 seconds/ favor cost reduced back to 15.(All Servers) The nerfs to tangle weave where too heavy handed I admit, we are stepping them back much closer to the original values. Random teleport will always take you onto land.(All Servers) Increased healing resistance a bit more.(All PvP Servers) This is subject to more testing, exact values will be updated when finalized. Aggressive creatures(excluding zombies/domestic creatures) you kill will have a chance to place a sleep powder inside the final hitting players inventory. (Defiance Only) The chance for this will be dependent on the CR of the creature and will be an uncommon drop. This will not happen inside the safe zones or on settlements. This is intended to give out more sleep bonus for things done while out roaming. NFI PvP/PvE characters will share more things like titles/sleep bonus.(NFI Only) Looking for feedback on what all people would like merged between the 2 NFI accounts. The goal is to make them feel more like 1 accounts with different inventories than 2 accounts with the same skills only. Future Plans More pvp related points of interest in the world along with the exploration update planned. Reworking spell damage/resistances to find a better middle ground between them being useful vs them being spammed especially for pillar spells. Looking into WL vs BL priest balance with BL only having 1 god vs 3 WL gods. Revised version of player champions on much shorter timescales/less harsh penalties for reverting/different bonuses than just DR. Generally they will be much less powerful than current champions but will still be useful to have with little to no penalty for becoming one, and short several week max duration for them. New methods of removing kings from office/deciding new kings for base kingdoms. Removing meditation level limits from defiance/elevation with balance consideration for the more overpowered one that it was intended to remove.(Defiance/Elevation Only) Open to suggestions here for what you would like to see as future content for All PvP servers in general. Mine doors locking off deed somehow. Pending some deep thinking and testing as this one will be hard to get right and could actually turn into a negative if people find new metas around it. As always please keep the kingdom vs kingdom stuff out of this thread.
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    Just because you don't agree with the answer doesn't mean you can keep demanding more responses. This isn't a department store.
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    I'm alive?! That's news to me!
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    There's a subscription fee. Small team is no excuse for this. There are paid developers on the team and it is quite literally their job to provide content for the game. If they aren't, why are they getting paid? I could single handedly provide an expansion-level content update such as Jackal's Return in the course of 4-6 months. They got a ton of players, an influx of money, and could easily expand their team to increase development pace. If there really is some future development, they need to tell us that. Every comment I see is "we have more to share soon" or "something is coming." Again, call me a pessimist, but I'm sick of it. Just tell the players what you're doing and set their minds at ease. It's so freaking easy to just be honest and instead it feels like a scam or con.
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    Made in honour and memory of my dearest forever friend, my dog, Isla who passed away this morning. I love that wurm lets you do things like this
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    So this is what killing uniques has come to? 1 player with 30 alts to work as meat shields....... It was a hatchling, not a dragon, but either way, imo, nothing impressive about this at all.
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    So... Lets review here. 1. Without sacrificing, initial favour regeneration is still slower than it was prior to the developer's "fix" This was removed 2. Using links to help level channeling at later levels is no longer viable after the developer's "fix" 3. The new "favor overflow" feature isn't worse than what we had before (additional favor just poofed), but it doesn't seem to be much of a buff 4. Sacrificing now takes less time (15 seconds less) which is a clear buff to saccing So, the question is do 1 and 2 outweigh 3 and 4? Well... a) In terms of material cost; no. You're going to have to sacrifice a lot more during longer channel grind sessions. This is going to be good for getting rid of bulk items, though in reality it's just going to make the grind unpleasant as this just translates to hours more chopping veggies for favour that would have otherwise naturally regenerated. b) In terms of time spent; no. You're definitely not going to be doing natural-regeneration casts; though you could oversacc your two batteries and yourself which would lead to short bursts of chain casting. However, this comes at a substantial material cost as you're losing about 18 favor per minuite in that setup (according to OR's data) and you'll need to sacc more to accomodate for that. c) What about sacrificing as a tactic for PvP? Well yes, you can do it faster and the residual favour will enable you to cast even more spells at the cost of more materials being consumed. Though, I am not sure this is something they intended to buff... d) What about priests who are just starting out? Most of them use natural regeneration and few actively sacc, so they're worse off generally speaking. Without (1) this is really invalid Overall, the only buff seems to have been one that was probably unintended (c), and the general feeling of "the dev team hate priests" is somewhat justified.
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    Single-handedly, in 4-6 months, I can rewrite the base code of the space shuttle launch system because I am the king of Assembler. Of course, I don't do Java, and I don't have a couple hundred mouthy people crawling up my back every day while I try my best to make things better. I was a GM for almost a decade, and I would argue that no matter what this team is paid its not nearly enough for the garbage they have to sort through on the daily. An open world sand box game is an evolving concept and you should get that if you play it. Asking the devs to say "what will milking look like in 2023" is just silly. We probably have the most attentive and involved dev team that we have had in years, and I would guess the whiteboard in that room looks like Ramses' tomb. The communication over the past few years has been astounding, and while I have had my concerns in the past about any number of things, this group we have now is busting their *ss for this community. /flagging my own post for being ornery //wait I can't do that anymore ///not a paid advertisement
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    @Ostentatio Might be a good idea to make use of the test server for favor changes, or any change really. Every single game I have played lately uses a public test server(or PTB) for players to test changes and give feedback. IMO, the wurm team doesn't use it enough. Make use of your loyal player base! It has awesome ideas and you need to use it.
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    It absolutely sucks having to right click every single cow/sheep/bison in a pen to figure out which are and aren't milkable, especially with how often THEY BLOODY MOVE. Just make it a mouse over, same as how it works for farming fields and trees for harvesting. Please? EDIT Also add it for sheep shearing with Animal Husbandry skill? Would be absolutely radical
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    Holy hell. If you don't like the South don't play on it. Don't like the North? Don't play on it. Don't like the game? Don't play it. Not that hard. All people are asking is that new players are well informed about BOTH clusters and thus able to make the choice for themselves about what cluster is better for them based off their own play style. Not how other players do things. You're not playing the game for them. It's not going to kill you if they do happen to want to go South. There is not valid statistics that say 'group 3' are a minority. May I reiterate that to be a minority all you really have to be is less than 50%. Therefore a minority could still be a lot of people. It's not often I personally see Southerns say "funnel everyone to the South and let the North die" or that nobody should go to the North because it sucks. Like why are you so bloody bothered? You're not being forced to play on the South against your will are you? At this point all this 'debate' just sounds like one side just trying to have better info for newbies and the other side just wants to play whack-a-mole with any opinion or idea not negative or against the South.
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    ... 3. Join whatever server is desired, establish a deed of one's own, and level up smithing skills at one's own pace. Interact with neighbors in a social stage, rather than economic playing field. Be self-sufficient in most areas & have little need for any global economy whatsoever. Be a smith by virtue of spending your days smithing for self-reliance and personal projects. Be useful to the community in that (a) you are a living person, (b) you participate in chat, (c) you are willing to interact with your neighbors on whatever level is comfortable for you, and (d) once again for those in the back, you are a person with a pulse. Your usefulness is not defined by your productivity, your material assets, or the market value of your creative time. Your character identity might be linked to an occupation, but in Wurm, that occupation doesn't need to be financially profitable to be valid.
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    I personally don't agree with skill decay, I believe skills are important milestones in Wurm, and milestones aren't meant to be moved. I see no reason to punish those players who have put the most into a skill. Currently, if you get 99 in a skill, it's locked, it's safe even if you die and I think we need these milestones that are worth striving for. To chip away at these milestones of success would be to devalue this most personal of accomplishments. Skills reflect our own personality and choices in our Wurm life, far more than possessions like tools and weapons, those are merely 'things'. Our 'career' of skills is the only true possession we get to keep, even when all else is lost and decayed away. "...a real possession in the changing fortunes of time." - Max Ehrmann, 1927 There is a lot more potential in the skills we currently have, to add further playability, and I think we can squeeze a lot more juice out of the current skill tree. Combining disparate skills to produce new goals could be one way of encouraging players to try lesser-used skills, and encourage co-operation and trade between players of different play styles. I am sure everyone has ideas of how we could combine different skills, to accomplish new things. For example if we combined Tracking and Taming, perhaps if we spent enough time successfully tracking a passive mob such as a mountain gorilla or hyena, we could unlock a rare chance to temporarily tame it, if our taming skill is also high enough. Combining Foraging and Metallurgy could maybe one day produce a new improved alloy from iron rocks. Perhaps we could also one day combine Papyrus-making and Prospecting to produce a paper map of an underground mine. To add decay to skills would, I believe, place players on an endless treadmill of re-grinding and repairing lost skill in their highest skill categories, I think many would lose heart, and it would not give them the incentive to branch out and try other skills. For players who have been away from the game a while and are thinking of returning, there will be less incentive to return, because if decay is introduced, their characters will not be in the same condition as they were when they left them. We have firm assurance that our once-premium characters will never be deleted or removed, and for me, that means either in whole or in part.
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    Like kochinac said, if I log in to just do the chores, and regrind skills, its not wort anymore. I play Wurm because i can play casual, sometimes i spend a month building my deed and making it pretty, sometimes i spend a few days in archaeology for new statues to decorate my place, sometimes i just like exploring the servers, sometimes i just want to create dye or improve my chest of rare items to cast on later. Wurm like no other game offers me that casual playstyle, its basically You can do whatever you want game. If that is removed due to skill decay and deed decay, then it becomes a village simulator, which its a no for me
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    This name and shame thread seemed to have devolved into nothing constructive. Both sides have expressed their views and had their say and people can make their own judgement. For that reason I'm locking this thread. Regards Shakys (Assistant Lead Forum Moderator)
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    Woah. Slow down, please. When I was new to Wurm, I too had some tools and items "talk a walk" without my consent. I also came to the forums to talk it out & better understand the way that the Wurm community approaches and handles these situations. Let me please share some of what I learned with you .... "Theft" is a specific thing in Wurm, there is a very specific definition for "theft" / "stealing." That is, going to a deed that is not yours and that you do not have permissions, removing items from that deed without the owner's consent with no intention of providing compensation or return of items. If ANY of these aspects is not true, or does not apply, then the act is not theft / stealing. Anti-Theft Game Mechanics To protect players against random acts of thievery, Wurm has a full set of game mechanics to employ. If ANY of these game mechanics have NOT been used, leading to the "liberation" of items, this is not an example of stealing - it is an example of owner negligence. If a player chooses to forego one or more of the available anti-theft game mechanics, then the player is considered to have consented to the risk. PVP Servers I don't have personal experience on the Wurm pvp servers - and I believe that there are some different rules or mechanics depending on which pvp island you are on. That having been said - I think #1 and #2 apply, but with the obvious caveat that, in pvp, stealing is allowed. If you are on a pvp server and you feel that agreements have been broken or items moved without your consent within your own faction/kingdom/alliance, then you should first discuss the matter within your own faction/kingdom/alliance to reach resolution. Otherwise, it is player versus player - tacit consent for these risks is assumed by the player upon entering a pvp island. PVE Servers As a game mechanic, stealing is not allowed on pve servers. As a matter of game mechanics, stealing is not allowed on pve servers. Other ways to read this information include: "stealing mechanics are disabled on pve servers," "attempts to use the steal action on pve servers will result in a warning message and the action will be cancelled,"or "the game mechanic 'steal' will not work when used on a pve server." This means that, if you are on a pve server, as a literal matter in terms of game play, the item or object literally could not have been "stolen." Because of this fact, actual incidents of pure theft / stealing on pve servers is basically zero. In Wurm pve, there is always an extra or complicating factor involved in the movement of items or objects from "mine" to "yours." The game mechanics literally do not support any straight forward type of theft in pve Wurm. That is the basic run down. More information is under the thing: I sincerely hope that this helps explain why Wurmians are very hesitant to accuse, let alone publicly shame in the forums, another Wurmian for being a "thief." For all of the reasons, because of all these available ways to protect yourself and "your" property, it is actually really quite hard to truly steal, especially on a pve server. If you feel a Wurmian has done you wrong or acted dishonorably - (1) try approaching the person directly to talk it out, (2) ask a mutual friend or respected member of the local community to help mediate, if needed, (3) consider if a different rule has been broken or line crossed - dishonorable trade dealings are reportable, as are repeated acts of hostility (ie griefing) - if this is the case use /support to report the actual violation, not "theft"... only after trying these 3 initial steps should you consider (4) start the "public shaming" at the Local level and establish a pattern of poor behavior before escalating to spreading the word around your whole server, to leaving negative reviews or comments or feedback for the player's dealings in the forums, and then finally, (5) dedicating an entire unique post in the forums just to calling out the specific player by name It sounds a bit like you maybe jumped straight from the poor interactions directly to #5 - which is why many of these topic replies will feel very swift, very firm, and very "against" your actions. It's a good learnable moment - we were all new once, and there really is no other game quite like Wurm. It takes a little bit to "learn the ropes." Good luck! ~ Lady Amata of Havensfield Independence, Southern Isles
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    if i beat you in a spar will you stop posting silly things on the forums
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    This is something that's long overdue, and should not be too difficult considering that bridges already exist. Piling This is a heavy, rounded, wooden pole that may be sunk into the water. A player can craft a Piling from a felled tree using a hatchet. The pilling will weigh ~90% of the weight of the tree, the remainder being turned into wood scraps. A piling may be painted using Tar. Up to four Tar will be needed, depending on the weight of the piling. Pilings can be stored in bulk storage containers. Unpainted pilings and painted pilings will be stored separately. A Piling can be Planted on a tile corner that is below sea level. The weight of the piling limits the depth at which it may be planted. At the upper limit, a 160kg piling may be planted in water 40 dirt deep. If a piling is bigger than needed, any excess wood will be left in the player's inventory in the form of a smaller piling. After planting, the piling will protrude above sea level to a height of about 15 dirt. After planting, a lantern may be attached to the piling. A planted piling will decay in one Wurm month to one year (depending on quality) if not tarred. A tarred piling will last ten times longer. Planted pilings may be repaired or improved using Tar. A tile corner with a piling planted cannot be terraformed. Pier This is a flat wooden deck, held up by pilings. Piers will sit 5 dirt above sea level. Containers and decorative items may be planted on piers. Floorboards may be made into a pier on any tile that has a piling planted on each corner. Floorboards may also be made into a pier ramp, on any tile that has pilings planted on two adjacent corners and two corners that are 5 dirt above sea level. A player in a boat may Disembark onto a pier. A player who is Climbing may climb onto a pier from the water. Piers decay at twice the rate of pilings.
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    the feel i get from this thread is that issues are being addressed by saying they're being addressed, and then we get stuck with horrible updates under the guise that they can be tweaked later, but it doesn't actually happen you know, like history shows
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    Yes that was the problem, you basically said you would consider things but the system itself would still be going ahead - people don't want that system.
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    My Main concern is that you don't want to release details of the change until it goes live. That screams to me that it will be an unfavorable change and you know it.
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    Let's not be to hasty about the favor rework. LET US TEST IT FIRST!
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    Please excuse me, traveler. I need you to save us. Is there no mercy in this world? First he destroyed our crops, then he killed our livestock and yet he still wants more. I'm afraid our lives might be next in line. Hero, please, go out and deal with the terrible goblin leader. I'll join you, if you'll have me. It'll be my pleasure. Be strong and swift when fighting the goblin leader. If you can, do your best to kill him. We want to live in freedom and peace. I'm afraid there's not much left I can reward you with, but I believe his blood on your hands will be worth your troubles. I'm looking forward to your return, hero. Good luck.
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    if i can combine hide why can't i combine leather combinable leather or a way to make giant leather pieces would be great
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    I try to help as much as possible, but I stay quiet if I know nothing about a subject. If I see no one responding a long while, I try to at least acknowledge the question. Not everyone is comfortable answering questions for others if they're unsure themselves. Also we only know when CAs are online if we're on the same server as they are. it could be a period of time when no CAs are available at all. That being said, I really feel the wiki should be pushed a little more during tutorial because a lot of the questions could be solved by it. Just my humble thoughts.
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    My favorite thing about Wurm Winters, is the view from atop my lighthouse at night with all of my lamps on
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    and Ducks! (pretty please) quack quack Its not said enough so thank you for the info posted. It is always nice to see communication from the team to the players. I'm excited to see where wurm goes! Keep up the great work!
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    I think there should be a minimum time a person has to be ingame for before they are allowed to make new threads in suggestions. For certain reasons. Like how to get to chaos forums before you had to verify you were on chaos server.
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    Newspring Island and archipelagos surrounding it. Taken on a cliffside @S12 with 10% stamina left..
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    Oh fix taking on and off armor mid combat. Kids are wearing plate and taking it off to cast spells. Priest should only be able to wear Leather and down.