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    This looks great! Please allow them on the surface too! For anybody who's ever seen my sailing / trying to moor I greatly need this, thank you! Very old, but personally one of my best mooring jobs ever.....
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    You know, I've killed my fair share of uniques (41 on Freedom, Chaos and Epic combined according to Niarja) and I don't consider myself to be a unique hoarder by any stretch of the imagination. Of these 41 Unique slayings, only one comes to mind as having necessitated GM intervention, and it was one in which the unique was actively being killed, and some jerk that was still convinced he had made the claim (and was trying to pen it) was attempting to bandage the dragon to heal any damage we would cause. The Wurm community, although far diminished in population from "the good ole days", has survived just fine for 10+ years without the need for formalized GM "babysitting" of unique sightings, claims, captures and slayings. Such bad behavior by players should fall under the "play nice or we'll rip your heart out" thread previously posted by Enki. I refuse to believe that a blanket policy, which has been an unspoken rule for the last 10 years needs to be enforced by the staff for a population 10% the size of what it was before. I'm very disappointed that Enki had to make that post, but I'm even more disappointed by what I read in it... So if my "alt" (which is a fairly broad term, especially in the world of PvP) enters local of a unique fight, I could be banned? By design, any premium account can (and will) receive loot from a slain unique within their local. I, like many other players, have several characters that I play (priests etc)…. so these "alts" run the risk of being banned? Unique slayings, impalongs and public gatherings like Rifts are half of the reason why the new priest spell Summon Soul was implemented in the first place! But now it's only allowed if you're on the Unique "white list"? BULL !#@$#% This level of petty non-sense is a clear de-evolution of what this game used to be, with regard to the need to both make and reinforce rules like these that have been laid down by Enki. Not only does it open the door for "gray" interpretation of an already murky rule, (digging dirt in local of a dragon before anyone else makes it my claim? REALLY?) but also paves the way for additional "rules" to be imposed on an already dying community by a select few who suddenly see it best to micro-manage the player experience, despite the very small percentage of the population who still bother to steal find all the uniques.
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    i would post constructive feedback from a players perspective with over 1k days of playtime but it would just get removed so im posting this nonsense instead
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    Feast before the stronghold battle!
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    I don't think any established farmer would be overjoyed at the prospect of seasonal crops. Basically, it's less convenient. They could not fill customers' large request orders promptly. They'd also grumble at crop rotation. Again, it's inconvenient, and customers won't understand and don't like to be kept waiting. Some customers have been known to order 10, 20, 30 or even 50k of their chosen crop(s) at a time, and don't generally like to wait more than a week. If these ideas were implemented, of course the established farmer would adapt, and would be in the best position to adapt, but the newer player might not. Imagine yourself as a new player - simply by chance and poor timing - starting the game in autumn and finding that none of your foraged crops will grow? You won't have had all spring and summer to build up a supply of food to get you or your animals through your first winter. Imagine placing your first deed - a big moment - only to find it is already mineral depleted land and useless without spending out on fertiliser. I'm not ruling out your interesting ideas, you show a genuine passion for the game. We do however, have to think about the kinds of players these ideas would impact upon the most. Someone would have to put in a number of fail-safe and warning systems so that new players did not starve in their first week, or naively pay out for useless land. Caring for animals is one of the big draws in this game - a LOT of players play only for, or mostly for, this element of the game, and it attracts a certain kind of reliable PvE player, who will happily keep paying their deeds' upkeeps to see all their animals every day. I have known players completely quit the game and let their deed disband because their one favourite animal died. If we cannot empathise with this kind of player, then we're basically writing off a main core of players who are probably keeping the PvE servers running. I would love to hear more of your ideas, as we need this kind of creative input. For every idea there will be counter-arguments, and there needs to be. We need a continual ideas exchange in order to find a balance of new experiences within the context of the existing one.
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    Your quote misses a lot of the context shared, but essentially the steam launch is just a new cluster. It's not a completely different game. It's the exact same as when we launched pristine and release, just accessible by steam.
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    make them show on pend so hunting down scout camps can be a thing
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    As the leader of the most active deed since day 1, experienced burnout and seen alot of active great villagers (like OP, we miss you nygen ) quit i can say this about Jackal Pros - Mystery, fun figuring out the map - New challenge, somewhat new content alot of it recycled in a good way - Opportunity to play with new people who you wouldnt normally play with Suggestions - The terrain just f'n sucks, it's tedious, its not fun. Wetas constantly get hung up when trying to fight at beacons, tone down the steepness by 10% atleast - Skill transfer f'n sucks. If you're going to make it slow skill gain, atleast make it rewarding, or else give us challenge server skillgain at like 6x or something. People don't want to grind if the skill transfer sucks. We'd rather have fast skill gain and no transfer. But think about it, if you gave people a 1:1 skill transfer from Jackal back to Freedom, EVERYONE would be playing on Jackal, and thats what you want. Freedom will become the "dumpster" league like Standard in PoE, Which is fine, because everyone loves playing the new content anyway. For those of you freedomers who grinded to 95-100 (myself included), good for you, but know if you want your game to succeed, freedom ain't gunna cut it for everyone else in the world and help the game succeed. - 400-500'ish Jackal Beacons are repetitive and boring with this many people burning out. Do something drastic to revitalize the server, seriously. Get these people back. Increase skill gain to freedom? If there's real incentive like bonus skill gain there, people will want to move from freedom to jackal to grind. That's GOOD. - This whole - "Non sb, no CoC" skill gain relation is F'N STUPID. WE WORKED HARD FOR THOSE BONUSES, Why take them away from us?! You want to make people mad or make them feel rewarded and keep giving you money? Seriously you guys shoot yourselves in the foot ALOT. Don't give me the "If you want skill just grind on freedom" crap, FREEDOM IS BORING AND DYING, THAT'S WHY YOU MADE JACKAL. Alot of people are resubbing after not playing for years because they found no point in grinding on freedom anymore. Don't ruin your own efforts to revitalize a game by some ill-conceived rules. - Make WS and channeling skills faster, it's too much of a grind to decent weapons to entice people. WS Gains are SLOWER on Jackal (wtf?) Jackal is an opportunity to actually make WURM great, where you release meaningful seasonal content patches. This was a good start, dont scrap the idea just fix and improve. Alot of us are really enjoying working together on a goal that feels more then just "minecraft freedom wurm" -- EDIT OMG IM A GENIUS. Memory Stone - 1000 Jackal Points - Copy any 1 skill from Jackal to Freedom at a 1:1 skill ratio. Body Stone - 2000 Jackal Points - Copy all gains to body stats at a 1:1 ratio Mind Stone - 2000 Jackal Points - Copy all gains to Mind stats at a 1:1 ratio Soul Stone - 2000 Jackal Ponts - Copy all gains to Soul stats at a 1:1 ratio
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    To be frank; a failed experiment. Yes, item skins are nice, but for those of us with actual ambition in the real world, the time investment to obtain such items is just not worth the effort. Combined with the confirmed inferior skillgain rate, it had nothing to offer. In essence, it was very much "all or nothing", with too much weight upon "nothing" for myself, and many others, to bother.
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    A friend introduced me to a new meme. Life... TeeeBOMB screenies. Thanks Rumi o7
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    I'm not sure why these items in particular can't be secured, since other large decorative items can, but it means that after carefully positioning them its super easy for someone else to accidentally mess up their placement, and also means that if you have rare or better versions that you want to display, it's not safe to put them in communal areas on large/recruiting deeds without running the risk of them going missing. As we recently discovered when an allied deed went down for a couple of hours accidentally, it also means that out in the open, they're easily swiped. I'm not sure why you *wouldn't* want them to be securable, particularly as fountains are often placed in undeeded areas to mark water sources for travellers (like in deserts, for example).
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    Adding the masking to house walls has been something we'd like to see, just havent sat down and made it work yet. Maybe sometime soonish
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    was invited into the game by Stoneman after being told that there is salvation to be had, following the closure of a minecraft server me he and fablecrafter played on. Spent some time in Stonebrook on Indy, getting my skills up then i got psychologically lynched by a certain someone for eating Stoneman's rare deer because i was hungry and too shy to type in alliance chat. (stone didn't mind after half a day but the bully was relentless) having been KoS'd by this bully on more than one deed, i seriously considered quitting, but built a rowboat instead, which took a very long time and alot of determination. Once built i set off to deli, thinking i need deliverance from hugh so the server should suit me. It was hard to find coastal real estate back then but after some time i settled on the North East and founded a deed called Indigus. (renamed it trinsic once i was self sufficient, recently renamed knightshade). My first break was a rowboat. Once landed I dove head into experimenting with paint and builds till i finally discovered deed planner. The moment i discovered dp everything was a gleeful, creative haze for 3 years and so trinsic was born. never really took to farming although i did enough to stock up. I think the advent of the crafting interface and complimenting the landscape with the right architecture, and all those floorboards and slate slabs i had to make to get rid of the marsh (back when slate slab was the slate brick texture and it took a very long time to make the slabs) was lengthy but fulfilling. Excluding the rowboat, Deed Planner was my first solo break, that which spun the wheel. I highly recommend joining an active recruitment deed until you feel like you should sub. Can't speak for alliances, it took me over 4 years and a move to Exo to find one that i can call family.
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    So, as a project, I have decided to make a trailer for one of my favourite games, specifically Wurm Online (Surprise surprise!). I am not sure if I have the skills or determination to do it, or if it's even possible, BUT as with most things I do for no particular reason, I am going to try and do it anyway. I have zero experience with editing, so I'll be learning as I go, but I do have some ideas. Then I thought it would be a good idea to get some more ideas form some of you, since I don't have an incredible imagination like some people I have seen around here, and make this a somewhat community-sourced project. Then I could add them to a list and start recording them once I have enough ideas. The background music will be the old "Wurm is Waiting" song by 21st Century Blues; I think it sounds really cool and has a nice beat that I can do transitions with or something. Just figured that would help get a feel of what I'm going for. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyTrp7ll0DI I don't mean to be lazy or scabby; I just think it would be really cool to involve a bunch of people in this. Anyway, If anyone has any ideas or tips, post them below, I guess? I'll leave a list of current ideas and probably add some from the comments every now and then, and give updates on my progress, too. Cheers! List of Ideas: - An EPIC 32 second clip of the player approaching an EPIC building of EPIC proportions for that start bit. Was thinking Stronghold of New Hope on Elevation since I am already there and It will probably be one of the first and easiest things to film. - I think that the parts where it comes up with the text "Wurm is waiting" in this ancient trailer I came across is noice. Will probably do that. But not too much mid-video text, though. it's a bit intrusive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QEC4bf5NQM - Digging/Construction at 1:39? A PvP battle scene at 1:47? If you listen to these parts of the song, you'll get why these parts of the video. I'm thinking of doing a lot of stuff like this, where the graphics match up with the song, It's pretty convenient that the music was made by players back then (probably, I think? It sure sounds like it.). Just gotta think of some more. - More to come, stay tuned!
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    Dec. 6th-15th We Are Live! Screenshots If you have any questions feel free to post in this thread, and I will add the answer below here! Discord Link to the Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2019 discord! https://discord.gg/QeQRWK6
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    I'm creating this here, just to have a place to show early works in progress of my attempts to create a custom graphic pack for Wurm Unlimited, that will be using textures from the popular Minecraft texture pack: Sphax PureBDcraft. I've gotten the "ok" from the BDcraft team, that if I get the pack to a completed state, that I could have it posted on their forums for others to use it, (somewhat of a rule with their textures - others can use them for games, but they have to give credit, and they have to be distributed via their site). As of right now, I've only got fairly basic terrain textures (not even close to all of them) done so far, and then some other odds and ends here and there, mainly for experimenting with the complexity of how this will get... As I'm only working with textures as texture files, and not in a 3d editor to do it as it's seen in the game world or anything, some stuff that has complex models, like the furnace will take me much tinkering. Some of the stuff that you'd think is complex, really isn't, such as the log piles, I'm quite happy with how those turned out. I'll be posting more progress updates, and screenshots as I carry on with the project though - Credit to the Sphax PureBDcraft Team for the original textures Progress Updates and Screenshots: -Week prior of April 21, 2019: Latest post - Well it's about time that I did an alpha release of this graphic pack for people to give a try, and give feedback for. At present, I'm open to suggestions about all the textures, essentially consider everything to be a placeholder for now, as it's still an early alpha release. Just a heads up, that because this is an entire graphics.jar file, it is quite a hefty download, about 1.3gb. Also make sure that you backup your original graphics.jar file, unless you don't mind doing a reinstall of your game to replace it.
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    I understand the frustration. You've invested hours of real life - and real money - only to be asked to throw it away. I also understand newer players feeling like they're so far behind the ten year veterans that it's hopeless. I see Jackal's "start at zero" as a solution to the latter. What I think I hear from those who like Jackal but dislike "start at zero" is that the content on Freedom is no longer challenging for their character. I see Jackal as intended to challenge the player. It asks: have you, the player, gained enough skill to survive without the advantages you were given when first starting Wurm, advantages that compensated for your lack of skill and knowledge of the mechanics of Wurm. Based on the number of posts expressing frustration with "start at zero", there's a clear demand for more challenging, engaging content on Freedom. I'd love to see the developers (and Wurm Unlimited modders) work towards that. But, in my opinion, Jackal is not that. In short, I hope Jackal keeps the "start at zero" format. I hope something else adds the challenge that veteran players want for their characters.
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    I'm still waiting for that fresh start pvp server.
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    Belated screenies of the first attack on the stronghold over the weekend The Stonghold and part of the base camp set up around it The fearless warriors assembled, waiting for the walls to crumble Misty dawn breaks over a bloody battlefield The Warmaster comes forth, but the warriors know what we're fighting for
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    Statements such as these can cause issues because it's not always about the ability to make money, but a reflection of what that means. Essentially the market exists based off things being rare to make, needing skill, or consuming time. Making mortar this fast would eliminate the consuming time factor and thus make production of mortar essentially a zero sum situation. We're pretty happy with where bulk materials are in terms of generation, in both creation and use so we won't be taking any action on this suggestion. Not due to just marketplace factors but in time consumption and work/reward factor as well.
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    Even just for the sake of ambiance in town- would be nice to be able to have more options for shop signs to place outside my buildings, workshops, and such. I'd very much enjoy having these additional sign options.
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    There always was the idea of simply being able to light a forge with a spell.
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    'Sucks' is too strong a word for how I feel about the skillgain transfer. I did not go to Jackal for skillgain. I went for the personal experience of being there. I found it to be fantastic but saw it much like a dream, as if my toon was dreaming and then would wake up on freedom. Maybe a fevered long magical Jackal influenced sleep. But when we dream, while we may learn things or even do things that are skill based that we don't do in real life, we don't wake up suddenly knowing how to do them. We might learn this or that, but not 60 skill points worth of learning. I also think that skilling is not the point of Jackal. Wurm is truly an RPG for me, and I am heavy into the Role Play aspect, and the whole feeling of being someone else, somewhere else, with other really fun people. It is the first goal based thing I have done in Wurm, where the goal was created by someone other than me, and I love it as much as I love freedom and epic and chaos. I love wurm. Yeah, the transfer could be better. But the devs made a really fun and beautiful hostile place for us to play in, and that is a much greater gift to me than whatever skillpoints I have later. I have really awesome memories.
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    My main can imp WS to 70ql & my Vyn alt priest just reached 70 Channeling (like 90ish faith) Can I add them to the helper list also? This would be my first impalong as a helper and I don't know how much help I'd be
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    it's probably worth to use the whatever time they could to build up such page/preview/profile whatever it's called.. it's free advertising.. rest is to get in the right categories.. so right auditory finds the game when they look for "new" titles to try. These impatient for the steam release could try the WO, both, etc Could be 'early access', but they had green-something.. section.. maybe for indie games, doesn't matter.. as long there's option to build a profile, it's worth to market the game earlier.
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    Revive I guess.. Well if you can't have it in-game, here's a teaser:
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    Assume that your notion is carried through and a merge is ruled out. Also assume that some WO players will move over (not many, but some, this is the best case scenario for the model by the way). These WO players are EXCELLENT skillers, they are the diehards who know every dirty trick in the book to skill quickly; most of them lack RL jobs, and most of them are also fairly organised, so they can afford to specialise and skill 24/7. A month passes, the player count drops like a rock (this happens with all steam hosted mmorpgs, it's just market saturation). You are now left with a server where the diehard WO players run the economy (faster skilling and more time to skill), you've killed your original server (if we wanted to play on a dead server, we'd play WU), and absolutely nothing has changed. So, in essence, you are already going to get the scenario you outline as undesirable, the only difference is that you're not going to have as many skilled players around to help people settle in, because they all cut their losses and moved to a legacy themed WU server.
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    Good points made Steveleeb about being oneself and expressing viewpoints from that unique perspective. Too many people let themselves be molded by others by conforming to their idea of what is acceptable to present. I prefer more those who venture off the beaten path into vistas of ideas that I might not have considered myself or streams of contradictory thought that may make no sense other than to get you to realize that yeah, that's the point. The old brick wall that we smack into will clearly make its point but what about that shiny object on the bending path just before it. Perhaps it was a warning message or just something cleverly placed to stop the momentum of charging forward so blindly. We all have our place here and the differences just make it all the more significant. Easy enough to ignore those we don't find of interest, especially upon these forums. Then again you never know who might appreciate "absurd suggestions" and the mind of the one who thought to make them the center of attention, if only for the moment. Yet of course we will not appreciate everyone so kindly but they too will appeal to someone else who just seems to get their own vantage point and relate to it from the safety of these written words so distant from their rainy sky's or sun shinny days. When the light fades who will remember or even know that they have gone..... =Ayes=
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    Demon, lol. Except there's no such thing Ordinarily I'd say this was probably a bush on low graphics settings, but considering all the nearby cows were dead then it's obviously an alien. Go find his UFO? It might be faster than a knarr.
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    quit the disembark button from NEXT to attack button!
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    [02:40:52] You start to work with the carving knife on the branch. [02:40:55] You create a kindling.
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    +1 Ancient manuscripts such as the Lindisfarne Gospels, The Book of Kells. and many more have survived centuries so why not books created in Wurm? This would add to immersion as well as the possible creation of library buildings by well-read citizens.
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    The problem is that they don't trust their server code enough to just allow you to send any action, here's what keenan said on it back then
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    Interested in a few price checks on my toon now. Full SOTG and perfect tome setup (Everything but Red cherry) Did you know that sorcery spells scale with Mind logic? https://niarja.com/universes/online/clusters/freedom/skills/Snoo https://niarja.com/universes/online/clusters/epic/skills/Snoo
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    dirty ass troll. I don't care how you roll You are mean and you are green I don't like you. Yes its true. I don't like you. I have to run for home. No one to help, I'm all alone. I'm just trying to hunt. You fat butt. Go home to your hut. Its not a good poem. I don't care. Of the troll beware. He is ugly and green ruthless and mean. I don't like the troll. spiders and scorpions ok but god did curse us this day The troll. I don't like him.
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    80s up for sale 1s=1e via paypal Msg me here or in game on Snarkin Happy Wurming
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    Nope. I'm playing this game to have fun, to interact with people and to get things done. Starting from scratch after working 4 years to get most of my skills high enough to do the things I like is one thing. Doing it at a couple of alts so I got the priests needed for the plans I have is a second. Starting over from scratch for just a few months isn't my idea of fun. I may as well start an Alt in Freedom and sell the bugger the moment the most important skills are high enough to make it useful. And frankly speaking, I'm not in the mood for that. Nor do I have the time for it. Thorin
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    Can be very short about it as I haven't played that server and won't do it: It's a waste of time. I'm not in the mood to start from scratch on a server which gets whiped every 6 months for some louzy Jackals points and new weapon skins. Thorin
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    -1 and -1 to xanadu being to big, i wish it was 4 time as large with half the players. some people enjoy the solitude. Not everyone likes the crowded areas, the paved and civilized terrains.
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    Yes please! I'd love more shapes and variations, but I'd settle for just being able to dye the models we already have in play.
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    The Wurm Unlimited client requires Steam. You cannot use the WO client to connect to a WU server.
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    Macros have always been loss of account. That's stated in the game rules too: Punishment: First offense - Permanent avatar ban. Second offense - Loss of all avatars/accounts and permanent ip ban. - Penalties for macro abuse may be applied at any time pending GM review, even if you have discontinued abusing a macro at time of penalty. So yes, loss of the account is the warning.
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    In a sense, Rolf has not one but two "target markets" to make happy. One -- and decidedly the most important one -- is the current playerbase. These are the players who never dropped out, the ones who continued to put money into the game for 15 years, who have maintained multiple subscriptions (sometimes dozens) and multiple megadeeds (sometimes dozens) without protest even when subs were hiked. These are the ones who often buy high level characters from other players, who invested heavily into the old "trader" system, the ones who think nothing of buying $100-$200 in silver from the cash shop, the ones who love "end game" content, the ones who have spent YEARS perfecting the perfect deed and have ZERO interest in starting over. This group must never be betrayed, because if they leave the whole thing not only can, but WILL collapse. This is why Rolf will NEVER have a server wipe, and probably never force-merge servers. It would be seen as a deep betrayal, and the ones who kept Wurm afloat for years would eventually walk away because who knows what will happen next? On the other hand, the needs and interests of this group are not necessarily identical to the interests and needs of "new blood." One person who wanted to force all new players into the existing server system, noted how great this would be for the "market." Yes, if you have a high level crafter, this IS the ideal result for you, and has always been the ideal result of new players. But a handful of high level crafters can easily meet the needs of a vast market, and the result is newer players never get the chance to sell their own wares, and except for a few who can grind hours on end, can never develop their own markets. That only makes sense -- who wants to spend 30c on a 40Q item, when a 90Q item costs half that and can be made 3X faster by the master craftsman? No matter how low the new crafters cut their prices, the master craftsmen can always go lower. New players do not want to "admire and be inspired" by the older playersbase's constructions and towns and massive monuments to themselves -- they want a chance to make their OWN monuments, from a pristine environment with challenges and rewards suited to their own efforts. This is why I think the "showcase tutorial" with fancy buildings and 100 glittering sparkle signs was such a failure. Wurm is not about being impressed by someone light years ahead of you, who will always be so -- it's about making your OWN world. It's about HANDS ON experiencing the world. It's about living in a dangerous world, maybe finding a wild horse (not given a 5-speed by an existing player), carefully crafting and improving a sword they made with their own hands (not getting a 99Q admantine 2hander with LT enchants). Not every one wants to actually make their own sword and armor -- but they all want to make their own stories. Not live in a highend world created by others a decade earlier. This is only one of many reasons why a "fresh start server" -- uncontaminated by veterans jumping in a boat with their gold and builders and sailing over to terraform it all in the first two weeks -- is necessary. Every time in the past the game has howled for "MOAR ADVERTISING!!!" what they really meant was they needed fresh blood with pockets of fresh money to keep the traditional Wurm market economy churning for the high end crafters. This market economy is actually a deeply flawed system -- its super duper fun for those on top, and much much less fun for those on the bottom. The ones on top will never be satisfied and always want more and more. In their generosity, they will often give crates of high level tools armor and enchanted weapons FREE to new players thinking this will encourage them to stay, when all it really does is spoil the game for the newer players. If Rolf limits the Steam version of Wurm to nothing more than an advertising gimmick, giving them a "free client" that they essentially have had access to anyway for more than 15 years, and a "demo" where they can see only a landscape littlered with what other people have done, as they already had access to for the past 15 years, then a Steam launch is simply going to be a failure. I think Pristine and Release (quarantined, fresh start only servers) actually were a successful model -- maybe in fact one of the last successful risk Rolf ever took. Wurm's population numbers actually went up without immediately declining again a month later. I think the current server system, players, characters, deeds, communities, should always be maintained, respected, and cherished -- but the future of new blood is not in that current system. Yes the ideal end result is to eventually meld the two communities together into one big giant community, just as happened eventually with Pristing/Release. If that is done looking primarily at the needs and wants of the current player base, however, it will fail. But if it is done WITHOUT considering the needs of the current player base, it will fail much more spectacularly, much faster, and Wurm will indeed be pushed further into a death spiral. Good luck with that, Rolf! I mean that with utter sincerity. You HAVE to move forward, the game always needs to take new risks -- but the least misstep could be fatal. You have always done well at taking risks however -- sometimes even changes I personally hated. Sometimes you make massive mistakes and fall flat, but you always get up again, and you always move forward.