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    Armoursmiths rejoice! Grootyboy strikes again! Southern Harmony Alliance welcomes all to yet another public slaying, this time a black drake. Big thanks to Lethyria who flew over from Cad just to lend a hand, Shra who sealed me in with drake to provide some privacy, Bigjohn who did all he could to help mere 2K tiles away 🙂 , And Gwen who charged bravely with 25% health left. Black drakes will yield blood for Armoursmith imbue Alts policy: Non-existent! Bring as many as you like! Sermons: Altars will be available and queue will be maintained, please be respectful and don't try to ninja a sermon. Fo priests will be available to cleanse your cooties, so non-priests please dismount and huddle up around altars. Location: https://harmony.yaga.host/#1789,1647 Location revealed early for purposes of sermon camp. Time: 10PM GMT (London time) Wednesday, 08/03/23 http:// Code of conduct: it's been pointed out to me that bashing private slayers in public is not cool. And I will admit my sense of humor needs a little work. So let's play nice this time eh? (edit) please no carts in the pen. You're welcome to bring your merchants and set them up!.
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    Hello Wurmians, and welcome to another issue of the Valrei International! It’s that wonderful time of year that many of us look forward to… the release of the new Map Dumps! It’s always interesting to see how the servers have changed throughout the year, and these ones will be even more fun, being the first dump since we released the original maps for the Northern Isles last year and the first to show all of the terraforming and progress you have all made on those servers since their creation. You can find the map dumps at the link below: https://wurm.gg/MapDumps The Road Through 2023 In case you’ve missed it, we’ve also published our roadmap for the coming year. We plan to do a lot of QoL stuff and bug fixing this year, as well as finalizing our work on Goblin Camps for Exploration Part Two! You can check out the post below: And speaking of Exploration Part Two…. Holy Sites will be going live on March 7th! We want to thank you all for the feedback you’ve given us during testing of Holy Sites, and we are ready to go live with them! Prepare your priests and followers for wonderful adventures and pilgrimages to these sacred places, and reap the benefits each deity provides for each kind of site. A Colourful New Way to Cozy Up Your Place! Coming soon, we will be adding a long-awaited and frequently requested feature; the ability to dye colourful carpets! You’ll be able to customize all sizes of colourful carpets, with two colour zones to get just the right combination of colours to fit your aesthetic. Carpets freshly made will resemble the default colours we have always had, and will need to have that colour removed to become lovely new white carpets that can be dyed any colour you like. Skin it up! Starting later in March, we will start making skins from previous months available on a rotating basis. Details are still being finalized on this and will be posted separately. Pvp Changes and PMK Introductions to Defiance Along with Holy Sites, we will be introducing Player Made Kingdoms to Defiance on the same date. We have also laid out some other proposed changes for PvP that we would love everyone's feedback on. Checkout the link below for more information and a discussion thread on these changes: Thanks for checking out this issue of the Valrei International! We’re going to finish it off with a lovely list of quite a few community events coming up in the next few months. It’s always exciting to see the things you guys put together for these! Nirav’s Rockcliff Museum Expansion Ongoing on Independence (SFI Only) Nirav is looking to expand the beautiful Rockcliff Museum on Independence, and is looking for help from SFI Wurmians to fill it with even more history! Deliverance Renaissance Festival Easter Weekend Impalong April 7th-9th on Deliverance (SFI Only) Get ready to hop over to Deliverance for an Easter Celebration if you live on the Southern Isles! Lame Horse Fair and Limpalong May 12th-14th on Cadence (NFI Only) Kick summer off in style with the hosts of the Lame Horse Fair! Heathen Trading Co. Summer Solstice Bash June 20th-23rd on Cadence (NFI Only) Celebrate the Summer Solstice with an event-filled Impalong on the Northern Isles! Friendship Bay Summer Impalong July 20th - 25th on Pristine (SFI Only) Southern Wurmians can also celebrate the summer with friends during the 6th annual Friendship Bay Summer Impalong!
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    The time has finally come and Holy Sites are beginning to make appearances across the lands of Wurm! Starting today, you will find sacred shrines dedicated to the gods scattered throughout the world, with their locations revealed through visions triggered by the prayers of faithful Wurmians. To make sure you all get to jump right in and experience this exciting new feature, we will be increasing the spawn rates of Holy Sites, meaning one site for each deity should be up throughout the majority of March on every server. Along with Holy Sites going live today, we have several Quality of Life changes and some new and improved carpets for everyone to dig into today. All existing carpets have been updated to support dyeing them different colours, and we didn’t stop there! You can dye them 2 separate colours, a main and a detail colour, to allow deep customization of any carpet you like. On top of updating the 3 existing carpets to support this new function, we have 3 new carpets being released with this update, increasing your design options to include 6 carpets total of various sizes and styles! With so many choices of color and style, are you worried about where you’re going to fit all these carpets? Worry no more! Carpets will now be place-able on walls, bringing even more decorative options to colorize your cozy interiors. In PvP news, Defiance will begin having PMK’s enabled within the next few days, and the nerf to the Break Altar spell will be removed. These changes will have their own dedicated post once everything is configured and ready to go for the Player Made Kingdoms launch on Defiance! And now, for the patch notes! Server Changelog Bugfix: Wrong resources showing in event message when digging with a full inventory. Bugfix: Siege Weapons will no longer lose their loaded ammo between server restarts. Change: Successful actions on Moments of Inspiration when combining archaeology fragments will now always make them rare regardless of how many fragments are already attached. Change: Removed Break Altar nerf on all pvp servers. New: You can now right click the window header to save default size/location of the window, new inventory windows(windows containing items) that don’t have a historical location saved will use that new default. Window sizes/locations now save more often and not just on closing/logging out. New: Creatures can now be fed and tamed by activating a container with the food inside of it, similar to planting and sowing from containers. This will, for example, allow you to queue up multiple taming actions using the same container with multiple food items inside it. New: You can now dye carpets, with two colour zones (main and details) for greater customization! New carpets made after this update will now come out as white, and existing carpets have been dyed to retain the colours they had before this update (including carpets with colour runes). Added 3 new carpets along with the update to the existing 3, and these are crafted using the loom the same way old carpets are. Client Changelog New: Added a “Find in Recipes” button to right click menu on items. Searches based on using that item as a material in the recipe, not the recipe for that item. Change: Unnecessary columns have been removed to make the mission window smaller.
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    Look, imma be real with you all, I am posting this thread from, uh This high (10700m) And it gets me thinking: according to all known laws of aviation, there's no way a dragon should be able to fly! And yet, when I look out my window? Boy do I have a mystery for you, gang! Zoinks! There's one right now, flying! Is it old man Jenkins with the mirrors again? We might have to split up, gang. Get yourselves into the Mystery Van deed, here on Pristine, and we'll solve this case! Be there at /Servertime: Sun Mar 05 21:00:00 CET 2023 Discord code: <t:1678046400:F> Please do not build fences in the area
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    He's got his jogging shoes on, Can't outrun death, however! Feels like my butt is forever on carts or wagons or horses - when was the last time you walked somewhere in Wurm? At Bruce's Flying Circus, N13 Release - we're on the community map and highway links! Please be aware that in some countries (such as the US) Daylight Savings has already started! Check the timers accordingly, don't find yourself late! Discord code: <t:1679256000:F> Servertime: Sun Mar 19 21:00:00 CET 2023
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    Introduction Holy Sites are randomly spawned zones for players to find, themed after specific Gods and biomes, in unsettled areas of the map. Priests and followers of that deity maintain the site through prayers and sermons, allowing the Holy Site to provide bonuses to all Premium account followers and priests of that deity, as well as additional positive effects within its radius. Some benefits are available to all Premium accounts, even if they are not followers of that particular deity, so being at a Holy Site still provides some benefits regardless of which God you follow. Holy sites are temporary, lasting 2 weeks on average. Discovery Each type of Holy Site can only spawn in places matching certain features, limiting the areas you might need to search in order to find them. You can also receive a map of the Holy Site from prayer, giving sermons, or meditating, but only on those actions that could possibly give faith (or skill, in the case of meditating). These maps have various modifiers applied to make them less clear than a normal Treasure map or Cartography map would be, so you may need to compare maps with others or combine them with your understanding of the server layout in order to find the Holy Site. Normally, these map hints will be given only for Holy Sites that have not yet been found and activated, and that are associated with the God you follow. On PVP servers, you may also get hints about opposite-light gods’ holy sites (i.e. maps of White Light holy sites if your God is Libila and vice-versa). If a Holy Site has already been found and activated by a player, a “Locate Holy Sites” action will become available on altars. Using this action, on any altar at which you can pray, will show the locations of all activated Holy Sites on the in-game map, even those not belonging to your own God Restrictions Holy Sites are special places protected by their Gods, and are meant to be accessed and used by the public. As such, the following activities are disallowed within Holy Sites: Founding a settlement. Expanding an existing settlement into the Holy Site. Terraforming (digging, mining, etc.). Building structures or fences. Changing tile types by packing, cultivating, adding or removing pavement, dropping dirt/sand, transmuting, planting or cutting trees, or any similar actions. Creatures grazing or moving will also not pack tiles within Holy Sites. (PVE servers only) Blocking or intentionally restricting access to the Holy Site in any way. Activation A Holy Site is dormant and provides no benefits until it is found and activated by a follower or priest of the Holy Site’s deity. To activate the Holy Site, pray or hold a sermon (with enough listeners for Faith gain) at the special item at the center of the Holy Site. Once activated, the expiration timer of the Holy Site will reset, in order to guarantee that a Holy Site will last for its full duration after being found no matter how long it takes to find. Power & Corruption Power and Corruption are the two most important characteristics of a Holy Site. Each ranges from 0 to 100. Power: Strength of the deity’s influence. This is represented by the Quality Level of the special item at the center of the Holy Site, and can be seen by examining it. Power affects: The size of the Holy Site. The power or effectiveness of almost all Holy Site benefits, such as the Quality Level of goods received from it. Possibility of the Holy Site expiring early and with no rewards, if Power ever reaches 0. (most Power effects are handled through Adjusted Power instead) And is increased by: Prayers and sermons within the Holy Site by followers and priests of the Holy Site’s God. Only prayers and sermons that are valid for gaining Faith may increase the Site’s Power. The prayer or sermon may be done at the Holy Site’s special item, but any altar will work, as long as it is within the current borders of the Holy Site. And is decreased by: Natural decay over time once the Holy Site is activated. Chance for decay occurs at the same time as Pulse events. Amount of Power decay is randomized and may not occur at all. Corruption: Malicious taint and impurity, making Holy Site less effective and possibly resulting in negative effects. This is represented by the Damage of the special item at the center of the Holy Site, and can be seen by examining it. Corruption affects: Damage on items received from the Holy Site. Chance of Backlash effects when performing prayers or sermons to increase the Holy Site’s Power. Disabling of Pulse effects, item improvement bonuses, and some passive bonuses if Corruption is at least 40. Possibility of the Holy Site expiring early and with no rewards, if Corruption ever reaches 100. The effective Power of the Holy Site when providing benefits. Much like an item with 80 Quality Level and 50 Damage has only 40 effective QL for most purposes, a Holy Site with 80 Power and 50 Corruption only has 40 effective Power for most purposes. This will not affect the size of the Holy Site. And increased by: Random chance when performing prayers, sermons, or special Holy Site actions within the Holy Site. This is far more likely if current Corruption is already above 0. Power-affecting actions (prayer/sermons) have a higher chance to corrupt the Site than special actions do. Any Corruption from performing an action may be partially or fully resisted by a Soul Strength skill check. Chance of Corruption over time is triggered on Pulse Events and scales with the number of players who have contributed to the Site’s Power since the last pulse. This number also, to a small degree, increases the average amount of corruption is done. Natural chance of Corruption over time once the Holy Site is activated. Just like Power decay, this chance occurs at the same time as Pulse Events. (PVP only) Desecration actions performed by followers or priests of an opposing deity, using Exorcism skill. And is decreased by: Purify actions performed on the Holy Site item by followers or priests of the Holy Site’s deity, using Exorcism skill. Scaling effects on decay: Chance of Corruption gain and Power decay over time is increased with the number of players who have somehow contributed to the Holy Site’s Power since the last Pulse Event. In other words, the more players contributing to the Holy Site, the greater the total effort needed to maintain it. Rarity: Generally improves results of actions and effects, and has a significant impact on Favor granted to the deity upon expiration. This is represented by the rarity of the special item at the center of the Holy Site, and can be seen by examining it. Rarity of the Holy Site is determined randomly when it spawns, and does not change. Holy Site types Each deity has two types of Holy Sites that can spawn, with their own themes, possible spawn locations, and effects. Fo: Wishing Tree. A magical tree, blossoming with many types of fruit and other produce. Spawns in dense forests. Sampo. A strange divine mechanism, dispensing the necessities of life. Spawns on steppe. Vynora: Wellspring of Knowledge. A mystical fountain dispensing knowledge. Spawns on beaches and other natural waterfronts. Akashic mirror. A weird, black mirror that appears to be peering into another world. Spawns on roads and other paved areas. Magranon: Glowing Fissure. A glowing, volcanic crack in the rock. Spawns in barren, rocky terrain. Otherworldly Monolith. An obelisk that has fallen from the sky and buried itself into the ground. Spawns on sand. Libila: Abyssal Circle. An unholy ritual circle of uncertain purpose. Spawns on tundra. Pillar of Decay. A crude totem of skulls, viscera, and decay. Spawns on tar and peat. Spawning Holy Sites spawn occasionally over time as special features, so one may or may not exist at any given time. The chance of a new Holy Site spawning is also lowered with each Holy Site currently existing on the server. Holy Sites spawn far from settlements and other Holy Sites, on reasonably flat ground, and will never overlap buildings or highways. Most types of Holy Sites also avoid water. Each type of Holy Site also has specific requirements for the types of tiles they may spawn on or near, and may have other requirements that must be fulfilled by the nearby terrain in order to qualify as a possible location. The exact spawning rules are complex and may vary depending on the type of Holy Site. For example, a Wellspring of Knowledge Holy Site will always spawn near water as opposed to avoiding water, and a Glowing Fissure Holy Site may spawn on slightly steeper terrain than others. Positive effects Holy Sites have several positive effects. Except when otherwise stated, all these effects are available only to accounts with Premium time, and that have at least 30 Faith with the Holy Site’s deity. Passive Effects: These are active whenever you are within the Holy Site. Special visual effects and a spell effect icon will make it clear when you are within the Holy Site’s current borders. All Holy Sites: Doubled quality gain bonus for items favored by the Holy Site’s deity. In other words, items receive +20% to quality increases from improvement, rather than +10%: Fo: Clay and cloth items Vynora: Wooden items Magranon: Metal items Libila: Leather items Higher Faith gain, and greater Favor gain for your god, for all prayers and sermons held at any altar within the Holy Site (or at the Holy Site item itself). Fo Holy Sites: Hostile animals will no longer be hostile towards you. This is the same effect Fo priests normally have. Libila Holy Sites: Hostile monsters will no longer be hostile towards you. This is the same effect Libila priests normally have. Wellspring of Knowledge: A small chance to catch any special fish while fishing, as long as you are using a tool that can be used to catch that type of fish. Special actions: An action specific to each type of Holy Site that can be performed on the Holy Site’s special item. Once this action is performed, you will need to wait until the next Pulse Event to perform it again. Wishing Tree: Harvest a random harvestable product from the tree using a sickle. This can include any type of fruit, berry, nut, herb, or spice. This provides more items than harvesting a normal tree or bush, and at higher quality. This can also give special items within those categories that are not available anywhere else, and that grant more complexity than normal food to any dishes they are used in. Sampo: Feast for a refresh effect giving you maximum food, water, stamina, and CCFP bars, curing any disease, a random temporary affinity of long duration similar to a food affinity, and a significant amount of source salt added to your inventory. There is a rare chance to get a Source Seed along with the source salt which when fed to an animal will increase your effective animal husbandry skill when breeding it for 1 hour. Wellspring of Knowledge: Imbibe the liquid for a long spell effect granting additional chance of rarity on item improvement. Akashic Mirror: Gaze into the mirror for skill checks (with significant potential skill gain) in various characteristics, a Meditating skill check with half the skill gain of a normal Meditating action but without affecting your meditation cooldown timers, and a small increase to a random skill. Glowing Fissure: Unearth a random item using a pickaxe, shovel, or trowel. This will usually be a gem (sometimes with Favor stored in it already), but has a small chance of being a large source crystal, and a very small chance of being a random unique blood. On rare actions, there is a chance of receiving a strange bone fragment instead. Otherworldly Monolith: Rummage at the monolith for a random metal lump from the impact site. These can be, in order of decreasing likelihood: A random base metal (any metal that can be mined as ore), a random alloy, empyrean iron, and a random moon metal. Empyrean iron is a new type of metal that can be harvested in this manner as well as from Magranon ritual effect meteorites. Abyssal Circle: Channel a crystal containing the soul of a random type creature, possibly with the Champion or Diseased condition. A soul crystal can be broken with a hammer, blunt weapon, or sacrificial knife in exchange for a powerful Mind Stealer-like effect, using the creature template to determine possible skills. “Diseased” condition gives less skill and “Champion” condition gives more. Pillar of Decay: Extract a flesh pod using any valid butchering tool. The flesh pod may be hatched into a tamed Simulacrum creature by using it on any tile. If the flesh pod has a condition such as “Champion” or “Greenish”, the creature will have that condition. Quality of flesh pod, rarity of flesh pod, and type of tile used to hatch the Simulacrum will affect its size and the values of several of its characteristics, making it weaker or stronger in combat. Pulse Effects: A Holy Site will “pulse” roughly once per hour, having an immediate effect on the players and/or the immediate surroundings. All Premium accounts may benefit from Pulse Effects, even if they do not worship the Holy Site’s deity. Wishing Tree: Spawns flowers randomly on grass tiles in and near the Holy Site, and makes all trees and bushes in that area harvestable again even if they aren’t in season. Sampo: Humid Drizzle effect on all animals in and near the Holy Site, and resets their shearing status. Wellspring of Knowledge: Awards a small amount of Sleep Bonus to everyone present within the Holy Site. Akashic Mirror: Awards a small amount of Sleep Bonus to everyone present within the Holy Site, and has a slight chance of giving a treasure hunt map. Glowing Fissure: Erupts, giving one archaeology fragment to everyone within the Holy Site. Fragment item types are drawn from a different list than usual, with some items (notably wooden items, for obvious reasons) absent and many other items added. Some items that are impossible to find through normal archaeology can be found as these fragments, and some items normally available through archeology are excluded (especially wooden items). Fragments should generally have somewhat better end results in terms of enchantments, runes, and materials. Otherworldly Monolith: Summons a quantity of Magranon ritual meteorites to land on random tiles within and near the Holy Site. These function identically to normal Ritual of the Sun meteorites, and cannot harm players by falling on them. Abyssal Circle, Pillar of Decay: Long-lasting “Rampage” spell effect on everyone within the Holy Site. This effect provides an offensive CR bonus and a significant reduction in stamina drain. The power and duration of this effect can be extended by killing creatures while the effect is active. Expiration effects: When an activated Holy Site expires, the following things will happen: A very large amount of Favor, for charging ritual spells, is granted to the Holy Site’s deity. This amount is increased by higher Power when the Holy Site expires, decreased by higher Corruption. Rarity of the Holy Site also increases this amount significantly. One last Pulse Effect is triggered, but with a significantly enhanced effect, as if the Holy Site had Power closer to 100. Creature spawns: Creatures may spawn in or near the Holy Site, often with conditions. This may include creatures with conditions that cannot spawn normally, such as a scared seal or champion sheep. The types of creatures that can spawn, and the conditions they are likely to have, depends on the type of Holy Site. Magranon and Libila sites have a slightly higher chance to spawn champion creatures. Backlash effects When performing any action at a Holy Site that might affect its Power or Corruption level (praying, preaching, purifying, or desecrating), there is a chance of a negative “Backlash” effect happening to you. This effect usually shares a theme with the Holy Site type or deity. The chance of a Backlash effect, and the average intensity of them, is increased by: The Holy Site’s Corruption being above 40. Higher Corruption if praying or preaching to increase Power. Higher Power if attempting to desecrate the site. Lower skill for a Power or Corruption influencing action (Praying, Preaching, or Exorcism). Actions relating directly to Corruption (purifying or desecrating). If the Holy Site’s Corruption is above 40, there is also a small chance to trigger a Backlash effect when performing the Holy Site’s special action. All Backlash effects may be partially or completely resisted by a Soul Strength skill check. Various Backlash effects are possible, including a random wound, various hostile spell effects being applied to you, or hostile creatures being summoned against you. Changes to Ritual Spells Some changes have been made to global ritual spells along with this update: Favor cost: The amount of Favor a deity needs for a ritual spell to be ready for casting now scales depending on how often that ritual spell has been cast on that server. Note this is not the favor needed to cast the spell as players, this is the mechanic for unlocking the rite casts. The more frequent and recent the castings of that particular ritual spell have been on that server, the greater the cost will be. The base Favor cost has been lowered, so ritual spells that are currently cast very infrequently on a server may be cast more often. Holy Crop: 10% less difficulty when taming animals during the event. Rite of Spring: 5% increased chance of affinity gain during the event. Ritual of the Sun: All meteorites, from the ritual or the Holy Site, now have a chance of giving lumps of empyrean iron when mined, in addition to what they already give. Rite of Death: All players receive the Rampage spell effect when killing creatures. This is the same effect as that given by the Holy Site and stacks with further kills in the same way. Fo Vynora Magranon Libila
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    On the long way home from a rift, the Wonderland Misfits* stumbled upon this pesky 'little' thing. It is ugly, it is an eyesore, it has to go! Bring all you've got and end this. Everyone is welcome! When Saturday, March 11th - 22:00 UTC/GMT Where https://melody.yaga.host/#1488,1131 Rewards Trollslayer title The Troll King blood can be used to make a ointment of stonecutting. *Semperfi, Semperfiswife, Dazrath, Silviustrz, Thassadhar
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    Why do people ask that their WTA or WTS post be closed, and more importantly, why do we delete the original title? It's very helpful to be able to search old posts to get price checks. Is there some advanced Trade PVP tactic that I am not aware of? Is the information truly private? Are we protecting the buyers identity? If there is a good reason, then please enlighten me. Otherwise, can I ask, for the good of the community, that we leave useful information intact in closed sales topics? If we do need to close, please leave the subject intact. But why even make the forum mods do extra work in closing the post? This is just my opinion, but I think keeping sales information transparent helps an informed public make equitable decisions for both parties, which improves the health of the community. **Edited to hide the identities of my examples, lest some think this is casting shame. These were just the first examples chronologically, I personally love every person who made these posts, and have both bought from and sold to them.**
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    I've spent a lot of time at the new Holy Sites since they were released; trying to learn how they work and generally playing with the cool new features that clearly had a lot of thought and work put into them. I was very excited at the possibility of new, previously impossible combinations of conditioned mobs and have been very happy to see some giant rams, tiny seals, and one gigantic monkey that fell over - great work on those! Personally I was looking forward to the possibility of getting my hands on some multi-colored angry and slow cows but I have not seen nor heard of any Holy Cows spawning. Here is the list of newly-available conditioned spawns that I've seen and heard about after spending a week+ at multiple Holy Sites nearly around-the-clock: Seals Dolphins Sheep Rams Horses Gorillas Hell Horses I've seen deer (previously only champs) and conditioned unicorns spawned by a Fo site as well as a range of other previously available conditioned mobs, all hostiles (wild cats, spiders, mountain lions, etc.). A lot of the conversations that I've had with folks I've spent time with at the various sites have been around this feature of the Holy Sites and it seems that quite a few people are excited about new combinations but disappointed that they are limited. I would love for there to be additional diversity added to the domestic mob types that can be spawned, especially cows/bulls, but also pigs, chickens/roosters, and pheasants. What a fantastic opportunity to have Holy Cows spawn at the Holy Sites! *edit* More conditioned mob types that were previously unavailable have been discovered: Octopus Donkey Bison Pheasant Tortoise
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    I created differential images of all map dumps that have a 2022 and 2023 version. If a pixel changed since the last map dump it'll show up with its new value. Thumbnails below the spoiler: Since image hosts really don't like 8192x8192 PNG files I have dumped a tar file of all diffs on one of my servers. I'm sorry in advance to whoever wants to download this in 5 years: https://fb0.eu/wurm/Wurm Online Diffs 2023.tar And in case anyone is interested, here's the script I hacked together for this, executed directly in the Maps folder:
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    With the launch of Holy Sites next week(Match 7th) we will be bringing PMK's to defiance, we decided to move to the layout suggested by people here and the below image will be roughly where PMK's will be blocked from expanding or founding. We will be allowing conversion of existing deeds that the PMK was not founded on by having the entire village in the new kingdoms influence and asking them to join. Along with these changes there is a few other changes we would like to make going forward but are unlikely to all make it before the PMK launch. Reworking the PvP reputation system, its currently in a pretty broken state not just on defiance but on other server will be looking to clean this up and getting it functioning everywhere properly. MR/JK starter islands will have much stricter rules for what will give reputation then outside of the starter areas. HOTS kingdom will remain without a reputation system period as on other server. Return HOTA to be alliance based again instead of kingdom based. Changes to the king challenge system for base kingdoms to make them doable in more reasonable time frames. Changes to becoming king of a base kingdom to keep them open while allowing people to challenge them, such as only allowing it during certain times of the wurm month similar to artifact recharges and announcing inside your own kingdom when people are attempting the king trial. Discussion of penalties for living on the starter island, we currently offer a lot of protection for living on them but we really never added any negative sides to balance that out. Would love to see peoples suggestions on things they think would make sense here.
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    I want to build things designed for public use, as I'm not a player who likes to play solo. I find my motivation stalling, because I pause and think, would anyone even care? Would anyone care to visit a flower museum with a flower cafe, meant to uplift spirits? Would anyone order flowers from "Xanadu's florist"? Would anyone care to sit at a table with me and have a meal, play checkers, etc? I'm very lonely irl and miss these things irl. I'm also thinking of building a replica of the Lighthouse of Alexandria, meant to inspire awe. Would anyone care? I feel like most wouldn't. Another thing I want to build is a garden of healing, with beauty, and heartwarming quotes from irl. It would be unvisited and neglected, wouldn't it.... I've done a ton of exploring so far and know that when people find themselves in Wurm, they can be overtaken with wonderful ideas. I once came across a decaying jousting range someone built in the middle of nowhere. The names they gave to everything revealed that they were excited about regularly getting the public together to joust. I've a feeling that this never took place.
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    March’s “Small Cherry Tree” skin turns your marble planters into adorable, tabletop cherry trees! Available through the month of March in the Marks Shop at any settlement token, this skin can be applied to any Marble Planter to give it a unique and fancy look! Server Changelog New: Added religious advisors and altars to all SFI starter towns on non PvP servers. These were already on NFI and have just been included on SFI now. Religious Advisors will convert you to a deity of your choice. New: New title has been added for 100 skill in Blade Smithing. Congrats Nineol! New: You can now paint Marble Planters. Bugfix: Holy Site tweaks and fixes Bugfix: Fixed “%THEIR%” displaying in holy site messages instead of the player’s pronouns when performing exorcism actions. Bugfix: Added several missing spell effect descriptions related to holy sites. Bugfix: Planning buildings at holy sites is now properly prevented. You can now feast at the Sampo even if your hunger is low. Reduced amount of holy site corruption and/or power loss from pulse events, especially when there are fewer participants. Increased spawn rate of creatures from holy sites. Actions that increase or decrease a holy site’s power or corruption at a holy site (purifying, desecrating, praying, preaching) will now affect the holy site even if you are beyond your maximum Faith gains per day. You still can’t gain Faith more times per day than normal, but you can now contribute to the holy site without daily limits. The 20-minute prayer cooldown timer still applies. Praying, preaching, desecrating, or purifying a holy site will now have greater impact, especially at low skill levels. Reduced chance and amount of holy site corruption from performing special actions, prayers, or sermons. Chance now scales with existing corruption, with special actions having no chance at all at 0 corruption. Holy site items now show “Power:” and “Corruption:” instead of “Ql:” and “Dam:” when examining them. Holy site visual effects are now visible to all players within an activated holy site, even those who worship a different deity or have low Faith.
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    Changed a few things at The Apothecary
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    a character merge from SFI to defiance via portal would probably help solve the issues that are arising, with the great experience and leadership that panda and kj would provide, paired with the exceptional news reports coming from capibara the server would be in a much healthier state
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    wurm's air pollution is unbearable
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    I'd go as far as saying that unicorn spawns should be removed from them in favour of mobs that currently can't spawn as conditioned mobs. Not hating on unicorns, but they already have their unconditional place in the spawn universe 🦄
  21. 8 points
    Yes please, expanding the amount of creatures we can get with funny traits would be amazing. Limiting them seems kinda lousy so please, chuck us some more!
  22. 8 points
    As per title, prayer skill should influence the amount of power added to the site. Currently we have exorcism finally given a use via removing corruption, but prayer does nothing to increase the power. It'd be good to have prayer work this way as it'd finally have a system use, outside of just needing 70 for benediction. Give everyone a reason to grind it if they want to, with some reward to it.
  23. 8 points
    Well done Wurm Online Community We have people around sniping sermons at public events, like public slaying. Sermons well organized with web spreadsheet and everything and this people still doing it. PVE Servers so you cannot really do it about it and that's a shame, considering I never had problem and loved the community here in the game but this is shamefull and these people should go somewhere else. Just to clarify, here are 2 names that did tonight at the Black Drake slaying in Harmony : Antireunion and EddieKeyjr Thanks a lot both of you for ruining a well organized event.
  24. 8 points
    Overlooking the Coastal Village of Bela Stellamant
  25. 8 points
    I am so excited to finally realize my dream of dyed rugs!
  26. 8 points
  27. 7 points
    Let's finally get rid of the ugliness of forge's and ovens sticking through the floor. Please add the model and and option to convert these items to shorter versions: Because this is annoying: Due to this:
  28. 7 points
    Also wanna add, that as a design choice, the assumptions of # of players actually attending holy sites is wrong. If you assume 20-30 or more players will be at holy sites then you are wrong. I've been to 3 sites so far and all of them had a max of 5 players just checking them out of curiosity. The idea that we "improve" the holy site ql by praying is pointless for 2 reasons. #1 The improvement tick for holy sites if laughably low. An improvement of 0.5 ql with 4-5 player around means that altar will be gaining maybe 2 pts every 30 minutes assuming they all coordinate. (this is another wrong assumption) This in turn will lead to people leaving the holy site once they realise that the buffs they get is tied to holy site ql. Example : A wellspring of vynora on release is around 15 ql now. An imbibe action gives a 7 minute buff to rarity / affinity while doing imping actions near the holy site. The 7 minute buff is ridiculously low and wears off fast then you need to wait 30 minutes until you imbibe again. If the holy site was around 60 ql then the buff would've been around 30 minutes, well worth the trip then. But we can't get to a 60 ql holy sites due to A) Not enough people going there to pray and B ) Not enough people there to cleanse corruption. #2 Corruption mechanics as they are are in my previous post. Simply put the math here is all wrong and we cannot cleanse corruption fast enough. Not to mention people will not login to afk for 1 hour and then do a "timed" purify action with a long cool down. This type of gameplay encourage people to simply close wurm not to engage with the game. If you want to make holy sites engaging make it so corruption is cleansed faster with higher ticks of removing damage and larger ticks of increasing its ql faster so people actually have a real gameplay reason to visit them. No one is gonna bother sticking around at a holy site when they understand how the math works against : any form of fun, any form of motivation to visit one, the buffs are laughably low, the corruption is horribly skewed and the lack of timers for purification, holy site improvement and action to use altar, for example imbibe or gaze. All in all, holy sites as they are now designed are based on too many flawed assumptions and those need to be fixed for holy sites to be a viable content. As they are no one will bother using them since corruption is too much and the imp for holy sites is too low. Tldr : wurm doesn't have 10 000 players visiting holy sites so fix the math so they can work for a low number of players.
  29. 7 points
    Fifty one and a half long wurm years between the invocation of prophecy that Seriphina spoke and the arrival of its truth! Her vigil is concluded, her vision complete!
  30. 7 points
    I'm sure this has been suggested before, but it would be cool.
  31. 7 points
    +1 I think we’re still good to move forward with PMKs. The problems in the last few pages of the thread are not even about PMKs. The discussion turned into whataboutism which is unrelated to the opening post.
  32. 7 points
  33. 7 points
    another defiance change thread lost to KvK 😿 starter islands with their 2h raid windows are a super abusable mistake but if you add penalties for them people will just play on freedom instead. you're already penalized by being on a pvp server and having to take precautions for everything (and that includes being on the winning side too) making it worse won't help, incentives to be off the starter islands is better. reputation system never had a place on a pvp server and it still doesn't. there's already a system for this, if someone is causing harm to your kingdom you kill them. years of the current reputation system doing absolutely nothing to stop inter-kingdom pvp, creating unnecessary GM work and actively breaking pvp occasionally should have shown this lol all in all just seems like ignoring the root of problems and doing the most barebone changes to look like there's something happening. guess i'll go dig tar while playing other games with my ex-pvp friends for another two years and hope there's an actual change in the 2025 pvp update (singular)
  34. 7 points
    Ability to use bank funds when interacting with a Merchant. Basically being able to click a button called Use bank funds in the drag the coins window or have a right click option on the Merchant's menu called: buy with bank funds.
  35. 6 points
    Pretty sure there's a similar WU mod, it'd add a lot of options for deed decor if we had the ability to use wax on items (even if it was just foodstuffs) to preserve them, rendering them immune to decay provided they are kept on deed. Would be nice if it maintained rarity This would be irreversible, making the item useless for anything other than decoration. The only way to destroy it could be to leave it offdeed, a special discard action similar to logs/dirt/rock shards, or throwing it in a trash heap. REVIVE THE BEESWAX MARKET WITH ONE SIMPLE STEP
  36. 6 points
    An evil presence has been looming over celebration ever since the introduction of holy sites, where one fatal mistake was made. Cows were not restricted from these holy sites! They've gazed into the Akashic mirror, chug jugged with you at the wellspring of knowledge, gotten glock fragments from the glowing fissure, and worst of all, reset their milking time at the fo one! These evil creatures must be milked twice and then removed from existence before they get any stronger location is around https://celebration.yaga.host/#1568,801
  37. 6 points
    Location, Location, Location... The closer you are to the server border the more likely people are to come take a look, and stop by for tea and checkers, especially on Xan. Those are nice ideas you have Ayuna, would love to see them realized, but if you put it in the middle of Xan, like that jousting arena, it's unlikely to get too many visitors. Kinda like that awesome Puzzle Labyrinth, if there weren't portals to it from every starter town, their visitor count would be much, much lower than it is.
  38. 6 points
    It actually did come to our attention we where missing a few titles for skills, namely Blade Smithing/Weapon Heads Smithing/Trebuchets and you will be happy to know we have an internal suggestions list finished up and are picking some titles for those as we speak. As for people in the past being denied it based on those reasons I cannot speak as I was not part of it then, but it is not something I would do personally to someone who put the effort into getting 100 in a skill.
  39. 6 points
    So yeah, now I've spent time with the Vyn mirror on live, I'm just gonna dump all my thoughts into a post. It's gonna be harsh, but I don't mean it to belittle or demean the efforts of creation of the content or the folks who worked on it. We've had multiple threads where balance issues were screamed about, and little progress was made. As far as the checklist goes, one of the bigger things was partially addressed, which was a nerf to Vynora’s benefits. However, the buffs that were still needed to bring other gods up to a good level wasn’t done. Mag for example, still lacks a passive effect beyond the imp bonus, like the other gods have. Prayers and sermons add very little to the QL, so unless you've got MEGA numbers, keeping the QL good seems impossible. Corruption is buggered and really backwards. I know the exorcism stuff is gonna be fixed next uptime but it's frankly too limiting. Keeping corruption down leans super heavily towards priests, since for some reason purification needs to use your 1/5 or 6 faith gain spots per day. It's incredibly frustrating to see the level increase while you can't do anything. Visually they're nothing special. The models look nice and they're cool, don't get me wrong, but it's just... a thing. Can we make a holy site look holy? Can we make it look worthy of a god? Can we get some of the visual flare we've seen in promo images? Even just a layer of fake rift crystal like stuff in the area would do wonders for presentation. Also they're just kinda boring. The mirror holy site is just "lug some stuff over to imp I guess, because you're not doing any actions near it in relation to the site" The rewards aren't really getting too warm a reception from what I see either. I understand we're not getting a full idea here, because of the corruption issue, lack of player number scaling, and players being a bit spread out in order to rush to their first gods holy site even if it's on another server. But the Vyn mirror ticks are... just kinda meh? Mag fragments being... cooking utensils, lamp heads and lanterns? Fo being weird condition animals is neat but if cows aren't part of that, I'll cry. Lib I have no real idea on yet. I can't really see the idea catching on. There seems to be no scaling present for lower numbers, it's incredibly limiting in increasing QL and reducing corruption. This really needed more time in the oven and more hands tinkering with balance, presentation and actual use of them. It's all well and good muttering "test server" but the whole thing with test is, it's an in progress build and we have no real idea what's coming and what's gonna look or feel different come release. I hope that goblin camps blow our socks off, because knowing this is another system that's on the pile of "Yeah we'll have to tinker with that again someday" is disheartening. Holy sites are a fantastic idea. The hype for them was there, they're in the minds of players as a new experience, something new to add to the game. But as they are? Exploration gives you the chance for a holy site where you might get some okay loot but you're doing there what you'd likely be doing on your deed anyway. Let's address the corruption issue, add some scaling for numbers, making increasing QL a bit better and removing corruption not kinda suck if you're not a priest, add some visual flair and maybe something interactive to do here and there so we're not just twiddling our thumbs outside of the game waiting for a pulse. I think there's already a lot that can be thought of to add to this. What about using source salt to purify, similar to the rift stuff? What about saccing high favour items or valrei items in the holy site altar in order to increase some of the QL?
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    I like this colorful update
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    Closing is ok, cuz it happens that someone necroes me with offer on post over a year old i forgot to close. But yeah for the love of god, stop deleting original title and price, that sort of information is very useful for tracking price checks, would like to know why people do it. Why do you delete what is sold, at what price and who bought it, can't wrap my head around it
  45. 6 points
    I have noticed that some actions use the action timer and take a long time to complete - yet don't give any skill. I'm not talking about the world-changing activities such as pushing heavy objects around, or occasions where you need time to think about the task, such as deciding whether to really go to sleep and log out. I'm talking about the little things that maybe, possibly, shouldn't really use the action timer at all, or, if they do, they should really give us some skills! For example: Applying wax to paper/papyrus - why does this take so long, and if it has to take a long time, why don't we get papermaking or cooking skill for the action? Wrapping food - again, why the action timer and no skills to gain? Maybe it's just an oversight. If you can think of other actions with action timers but no skillgain, please add them here - hopefully the Devs will sort them and things will speed up, or maybe they'll give us some juicy new skills!
  46. 6 points
    It's honestly maybe in the best interest to get players off of the starter island more. People learn from experiencing the game instead of being hold up on an island where they feel safe. The game is about doing things that involve risk. Obviously there's some knowledge, skill and experience gaps and they only seem to be getting worse as the server progresses. The whole safety net feature has not worked as intended. Instead of being a place to regroup and push from. They've become areas where most of the deeds exist and no interaction is gained. They never see any pvp and they yield nothing for themselves or the server. It's sadly turned a large group of players into groups of self proclaimed newbs even though they've been around for years. People don't know that a lot of the vets playing shaped Defiance. We were the ones that already advocated for a substantial buff to the body str curve. As well as having SOTG not only nerfed but then removed. Then advocating for easier access to iron plate since it used to be only steel. We've already nerfed ourselves plenty so that newer players can have an advantage. It's just people need to play the game and achieve more than 35 body str. There's just only so much the devs can do for you until you have to do enough yourself. The 2 hour a day argument is totally invalid with SB and coffee. I get that it's an extra silver a day but that's not too hard to earn in game making a rare or selling items. 70% of JK have families, jobs, and homes.
  47. 6 points
    I say we just bring back the challenge server 2x/3x Increased skillgain 2x action timers Increased improve rates of equipment up to 70ql like defiance 4k map to start off, maybe round 2 if plenty of players increase to 8k No template kingdoms - Freedom kingdom to encourage PMK's - Freedom kingdom cannot have king/titles PMK's enabled - 1g per kingdom No need for premium - uncapped skills 90 day character reset (Promotes not spending all day every day trying to build impenetrable deeds + hiding away "good gear and loot" cause in the end its gonna be reset anyway) No priest restrictions - Keep Champs disabled. Add back all meditation path abilities 1 account per IP logged into the server to get rid of alts Increase max faith gains per day to 10(+2 for completion of journal) Increase max meditations to 10 before 3 hour interval kicks in Centralized HoTA and Depot area to encourage pvp and encourage strategic fighting Leaderboard system + tracking (Most kills, Most Captures of Depots/Hotas, Most Deed drains, Highest pvp rank) - this will give cosmetic rewards on SFI/NFI to the "winners" to encourage playing on the server Reduce unique spawning times to 1 week Remove res stones & mag res stone to encourage a full loot pvp system
  48. 6 points
    Dyeable carpets and map dumps on the very same day?! I'm weeping tears of dye out of sheer joy! 😭
  49. 6 points
    My First Island built i am so glad that is done
  50. 6 points
    if people didnt have mammoth sized deeds they could easily put 2-3 years of upkeep to defend from this issue