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    Almost every day that I play Wurm Online, I open Niarja. It helps me keep abreast of the news regarding Uniques - which I frequently host public slayings of on Freedom. Every now and then when I open the page, my heart jumps! So many new names! Oh. Right. Got got by the list of living uniques. Again. Often I'd dream of clearing up that list of uniques. Would Niarja delete the category? Would it remain but be empty? But aside from that one on Xanadu after Charcoal died, they're all on Epic. And Epic was PvP. And I don't PvP. And then one day, something very peculiar happened. Something that would forever change Stanlee; Something he would never quite forget. They took the initiative! In a spur of the moment move, I decided to take a look at the list of slayers. As soon as I could, I got in touch with Stainless to congratulate him. I reasoned that, with a name so close to mine, he must be the leader. This assumption turned out to be almost entirely correct. After some talking, I gave him an offer he couldn't refuse: I, and whatever friends crazed enough to join me, would come over and lend some peoplepower to clearing up the rest of the uniques on that server. After all, why would they stop at the hatchlings? In return, they got all of the loot. It turned out the loot was not the only incentive to this: the two champion uniques had no tether, and were quite prone to smashing defences, deeds and lost lumberjacks. I even did art for this, which I used in the signup sheet for my alliance. The signup sheet showed more interest than I'd anticipated, and it became quickly clear we'd need to make our own gear. I thought we'd just be shoved in some little shed out in the open, outside a deed for security's sake, but we were invited inside their megafort! Not only was it ridiculously defensive, but it turns out enemies have a pretty severe CR penalty on the home server, meaning we were safer there than on my deed on Release (open design, champ trolls)! Such tall walls! Luckily, skills move from Freedom to Epic 1:1 (so long as you don't have a 3x death multiplier on that skill on Epic), so I could take all of my skills over. Oh. Right. All of my skills. I main priest. That'll be a- Nah kidding, I got to like 70 leatherworking in a day over there. Skillgain is silly fast there, and so are the timers. Within a few days, we had gear that was a strange mix of good and disposable. Good in QL, disposable in how little time it took us to make and imp. In fact, PvP almost felt approachable - disposable gear, no affinities to lose. But I don't PvP. I never thought I'd get this one done! Before the big day, I got to ride around. See some of the sights. Which I'll share with you now: Collecting some of my teammates (note: a bug causes empty gear slots to be visually filled with your other cluster's gear when crossing. No effect on gameplay, and no-one else could see my mask) When's the last time you saw treeless plains? Beardyman's megadeed. Nothing like it, truly remarkable. On one fateful Friday, the stars aligned and enough of us were free to begin. Unlike Freedom slaughters that I host, these fights had a rush of mortality to them - though no-one died I think. Scale/hide drops are a set but small amount over there, no randomness to that. Sorcery items don't drop from humanoids or dragons at all. Chaaaarge! Yes, I'm using a shield with a huge axe. No, the shield isn't real, it's from the same bug as earlier. This boy was biiiiig! Double Dragon! These two were inseparable, so they died together too. Sweet. Poor guy pictured just about tanked both, serious badassery. And when the dust settled, the list had been trimmed significantly. I cannot thank our hosts enough for helping us try Epic, and guiding us. Despite what I'd frequently read on the forums - that Epic is bad - we had a blast, it was a revitalizing rush from start to finish. Think even a few carebears were eyeing up PvP! But, if you open Niarja, you can no doubt see that the list is not trimmed enough. To that end, I highly encourage people to get in contact with factions there, and do as I have! It's a real blast, I can't recommend it enough. I might even throw in a little something for someone, at random, who manages to kill one of the remaining living uniques! Edit: since originally writing this (I wanted to wait for the Creative Constructs thread to close before posting it) it seems others have taken to mopping up the rest of the list! I hope they're having as good a time as I did, and hope to see some of them write about it here if so! The Living Uniques list now stands at a whole SIX (we can't find the one left on Desertion!) and it's going down steadily!
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    ... Which is why I've once again taken it upon myself to host another public dragon slaying! \o/ This time, it's a blue dragon! (First time dragon scale is being publicly available for all the little Joe's! It's been pointed out to me that this is false. Sorry!) The beast has been penned and deeded. When is it? The event will take place on Saturday 9pm GMT+2 Where is it? Cadence: The slaying is happening at the red spot. If you come from other servers then you can get fairly close with both a knarr and a bigger boat. Our deed is close to the slaying spot and can be found on the highway. Feel free to swing by our deed (Tranoas, can be found on the highway) if you need to travel early and need some place to stay until the event. We got a few publicly available beds for the sleep bonus! Why should I come? For the fun and to lag the server, of course! .. On a more practical note, you will get rewarded with some dragon scale as well as blue dragon blood, which is used for potion of butchery! What do I need to know and to bring? Bring: a tent if you feel unsafe. Know: Don't ride a cart or a wagon during the battle, especially while using hell horses as draft animals. Bring: A party mood and all your friends! Donations Some people feel obligated to donate some of the spoils they get to whoever organized the event. Please, do not feel obligated to do so. Feel free to swing by, grab the loot and use it or sell it! Only donate if you appreciate the public event as well as feel financially capable and don't mind parting ways with whatever you're donating! At this point, it should be obvious enough that I'll keep making public dragon slaying events of whatever dragons I find, so don't you worry about that! But if someone wants to donate a genesis cast on one of our hell ponies, that'd be fantastic!
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    Category: Wacky and Wild! Come on down to Stan's Deed Of Wonders! We have a range of strangeness to confuse you, and anomalies to bewilder you! Each one found in cursed crypts, and brought back to here for your amusement! Usually a tour is a reasonable 1g25 - but for you dear judges and viewers, this time it is free! Our first attraction: The Sideways Diner! Truly, if Breakfast In Bed is magnificent, then this is the pinnacle of vertical banquets! Watch as not a single item falls from the table in which it is set! Then, feast your eyes upon the terrible and cursed Ur'gan's Chair of Shrinking! Yes! Whomever rests upon the chair is temporarily shrunk to the size of half a regular person! But beware, should you be resting upon the chair when Ur'gan rises from his grave, you will be stuck at that size... forever! These are all of my attractions... for now. I look forward to wandering the servers and collecting more! Ahem. Now it should be said that, rather than actually being actual chairs or objects placed on walls (or photoshop, as I use for my hunting threads), these screenshots are creations of small illusions or engineering. This will absolutely get me kicked out of the Alliance of Magicians to reveal how I did it, so first try and examine the images carefully, use your own ideas as to how they were performed.
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    A few notes: 1) We will be using International Standard ISO 3103 to prepare the tea. 2) An unknown thing about this Standard is that it is recommended to arrive at least an hour early, to account for travel issues. I'm not known to wait. 3) The tea is not boneless. One of you may end up with a bone in your tea. This is expected. 4) Despite being "greenish white" the resulting Salve of Frost from the blood will not also apply acid damage. 5) The tea is being prepared at the usual spot: X17 Y31 6) Formal attire is desired, but not required. 7) Serving is at this time
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    Have you considered trying to articulate some of the discussions that are being had on the development team? Maybe try and relay what the conversations are about, what issues are being brought up, and potential solutions for those issues? This opens up a line of communication with the players so you get initial responses on how certain changes could affect the system before too much work is put into it. I don't know how to phrase this without being rude... but isn't that basically the point of a community manager? To be a conduit between the development team and the players? If you're unable to relay anything that's being discussed, then CodeClub at large should reconsider what they're willing to share. Because right now, saying that "something is being done but I cannot tell you what" is doing so much damage to the reputation of the company and your position within the community. Players have invested lots of time into this game and keeping them in the dark about what the development team is intending to change is making them pessimistic and aggressive.
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    Well, it was 10 years ago today that I took the ‘risk’ of loading all that was needed to play Wurm after reading about it. I will not mention all those who helped me in the very early days- they will know who they are- but after a decade playing and enjoying Wurm I feel that I have a reasonable excuse to make a few comments about my perception of Wurm. 1. I play for pure enjoyment and have never really bothered with improving certain skills over others. I suppose I would be called a jill / jack-of-all-trades but definitely a master of none! I feel that it is this that has allowed me to continue to play almost every single day without needing a break from ‘the grind’. I love playing after a long day at work, when the weather is not great or simply as a form of relaxation and attempt to catch up on the latest gossip in the forum. I often smile at the humour that is so prevalent in chat. 2. I know that some more vocal players criticise the way that development on Wurm has evolved or is evolving- and I fully respect that right, however, I simply wish to thank every single person- developer or otherwise- past and present who has contributed in some way towards the amazing improvements that I have been witness to during this decade. I feel that what we have here is a game that is simply unique. 3. The community in Wurm is usually second-to-none. Every person I have met in-game has been helpful, amusing or kind. Perhaps I have been fortunate but I feel that Wurm is blessed with people of all ages who usually have a mature attitude to difficulties and problems. This is something that we should all be proud of. 4. Is Wurm without faults / problems, of course not but for most of the time these do not affect my enjoyment and so I shall give my trust to the development team to work on any issues and leave me to improving my standard of Wurm life. The future? I have never got involved in the religion aspect and that is something that I may be missing out on. The other thing is- to my shame- I have never been to an impalong as I always feel that my skills are not high enough. I must push myself to attend one! I am sure that the developers will also have some ideas that most folks cannot even imagine. One thing is certain and that is I hope to be playing Wurm as often as I can during the next decade and hopefully for longer. Thank you all. Spolmit / Malenkimit / Kalmit
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    The Venerable Angry Horse-hater is here! And frankly, this one's personal. Good pre-patch horses were lost to this one. Bring your sharpest revenge-sticks to Bruce's Flying Circus! And for their sakes: do not bring a horse! Any other mount (that may join Dancepick and Lightningace) are fine. Take those ropemaking potions, and make rope in the honour of those that fell.
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    Important note: Is it very likely the location will change before the actual date (it's a bad cave and a long time before then). Keep an eye on this thread for details!
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    Category: Combat and Defense Theme Server: Desertion Deed: Strongwall
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    Category: Combat and Defense Theme Location: Chaos The king promoting someone to a knight in a ceremony
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    “Beware that when imping items that you yourself do not become an item... for when you gaze long into the forge, the forge also gazes into you.” - Friedrich Nietzsche (paraphrased) (I do not know who did this to the Jewelry Smithing forge, but it took me over an hour to notice and when I did I nearly spit out my tea. )
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    "hey lewis do you remember that time we made an entire server completely flat?" Come on down to The Crusty Crab or something I already forgot the name Time keenly positioned to interrupt the Friend-along as much as possible: no I haven't seen any related tv program to this Leatherworking blood, everything rolled
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    Category: Combat and Defense Theme Location: Chaos Deed defence with the help from a black dragon.
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    Category : Cozy ranch and Farm. Base RL : France. Welcome to Brume, on the beautiful island of Melody. Let me introduce myself : Miell, mistress farmer of the village of Brume. My farm and the fields are building on differents level, near the top down to the sea, on the east of our village. So the farmhouse overlook some fields Welcome to my cosy place Quick look to see if all is clean and ready... It's almost time to lunch, so take a sit and enjoy the meal Upstairs, the living room, to a quiet chat near fireplace, but before sleeping, a prayer to divinities is welcome, The bedroom with my bed and the beds of my apprentices... sweat dreams... Time to wake up, and wash up before work The fields Chicken's place Down fields, near cow area Thank you for watching my farm and feel free to visit our french place Miell
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    Category: Wacky and wild Server: Xanadu (M10 Highway towards east from Hermit's Rest) So this is what happens when you want to connect to a road but there is mountain in your way... Smart move of course would have been to either make zigzag road up (but I wanted straight road) or tunnel through (but I had done so much tunneling already). So being not so smart I chose to surface cut my way. Also, this road goes from west to east, but I also incorporated the road going north-south above the mountain into this. A view entering the area from south Entering the area from east Looking towards west from the bridge Few numerical facts: from beginning of the road the highest point in the way was something of 1800-2000 dirt up, not completely sure as I did not record all of process at beginning. Right now from start of ramp to level of colossi and bridges is 1760 dirt height. Water is about 110 lower. (There is marked path of power tile in southeast of area, colossi and bridges are not quite high enough.) Ramp goes up 32 tile length, after that road to east runs further 80 tiles that needed to be surface mined. Parts going north and south are together about 80-90 tiles of serious terraforming. Numbers of tiles may not sound that much, but please remember when going more than 300 slope, means you need to change the tiles next too. And maybe tiles next to them as well, to get the needed slope over distance. Little edit: addition to highlight some of the scope of this as pictures and numbers don't convey it that easily. The 4 colossus and 4 bridges at the top of the area took me something like a week to craft, maybe less. This whole road-thingy...no clue, couple years or so, probably more, difficult to say as I think I started this around 2017, not sure, but took few several month breaks from the game and just finished the last decorations now. Just saying if you try to do similar thing, don't expect to finish it tomorrow - Nestangol (Mayor of Northwind Cove, owner of Hermit's Rest, Maker of West Hammer Lake Canals etc.)
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    So I have had creative inspiration to draw my favorite mythological creatures, Dragons.I havent drawn them in a long time and I have just had this spurt of energy to draw some. Heres my latest pieces. "Red Dragon With Yin Yang Balls" started 6.19.2021 - Completed 6.22.2021 Colored pencil, ink pen, acrylic paint on 9x12 paper. "Dragon's Kiss" Started 6.22.2021 - Completed 6.24.2021 Colored penicl, ink pen on 9x12 paper.
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    I want to publicly apologize to Hondimaaru. I called him a scammer yesterday in the game, while it was actually me, who (accidentally) scammed him. It was too hot here, my brain wasn't working properly, I was tired and stressed out. I didn't even notice (until much later) that I included mailing fees twice in the COD. My second mistake was that I thought he didn't actually accept my mail. He did. I'm still quite new to the game, no idea how to check pending mails and their status. After realizing my mistakes I told him to send me a wood scrap as COD, so I could repay him. So far, I haven't received his mail. I also want to apologize everyone in yesterday's Trade chat for all the unnecessary drama I caused. I wasn't thinking clearly. Anyway, my reputation is probably ruined now and (since making in game money was the only way for me to afford to pay for premium) the game is over for me. So long and thanks for all the fish.
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    Category: Place of business Xanadu C10 I'm happy I just finished in time my mine wine cellar on Saskalap. The guests are feeling good, the wines (red and white) are tasty, the beers are great and the gins are strong. The roasted lamb smell is good already Poor dog is not allowed in Bella is waiting her owner The mood is good inside Who is the lucky girl? This is a very old pub Some are killing time playing board games
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    If you're still around, accidents happen. People have bad days, If you are that concerned about your reputation, just lay low for a bit and most people will forget it, we've all done silly things at one point or another. The game goes on. Give it another try and if you have issues with people in the future, you can address it then. There are lots of other people to trade with. Hope you stick around and give it another chance.
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    Made the bench a little more comfy
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    I don't want the game to go the path of so many others in the past. I don't want to see the community slowly fizzle out and Wurm Online end up abandoned. This game has been around for so long and I want to see it continue since it's been so enjoyable for me in the past 5 years since I started playing. Others have played for a decade or more. There's so many lessons capable of being learned from other successful games out there with successful business models. I'd like to see Wurm Online adapt to the current gaming market, and others here are suggesting the same. At the end of the day, a forum is for discussion about topics. A topic was presented, and people are discussing it. I don't agree with everything others have said, but I'm not so vain as to call them self-serving because of their interpretation of the data. If you'd like to disagree with their interpretation, I think you should use counterpoints to the data or logic against their statements. You shouldn't attack the person who's presenting their viewpoint.
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    Updated PvP related rules to include PvP Meta Gaming. Cross-Kingdom PvP Meta Gaming You may not use an avatar of a different kingdom for PvP-related activities. (Kingdom titles, Champhood, Kinghood, PVP itself)
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    I know Wurm is structured around the idea of classless gameplay due to its sandbox nature but this exact design offers players the freedom to choose their own playstyle. Some people prefer to build lavish estates or palatial underground fortresses. Some people dedicate their time to care for huge flocks of animals of all types. Others are focused on the farming / gardening / forestry of Wurm and are green thumbs through and through. Some enjoy the shipbuilding aspect of wurm, some are crafters and impers. All playstyles are valid for Wurmians and classless so why shouldn't the journal goals offer the same freedom? I'm not neccesarily asking for a revamp of the journal system, however giving players a choice on what types of goals to pursue would do wonders. For people who enjoy AH and breeding, a goal like "Groom creatures 2500 times" would make more sense than asking them to " Imp 200 swords to 80 ql" (random example). You could even have a journal tier of the "Master of menageries" or something like that , another like "Path of the builder" - for those who prefer building infrastructure, deeds and cave fortresses. Give people new journal tiers based on the playstyles they want. Associate difficulty settings to such goals in terms of "time invested" and let people choose their own playstyle and goals to do. I do wonder how many people avoid certain sections of the journal goals simply because they hate some activities in Wurm and they get burned out doing things they dislike just to get a goal finished or not.
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    Category: Wacky & Wild My deed on Exodus, Moongate
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    Who out there has loads of useless rare slate/sandstone/round stone shards and bricks? I know I do! Who wouldn't want a rare slate forge or supreme marble oven? Please allow us to make slate, sandstone, round stone, pottery and marble forges and ovens, at least to start. This could be expanded further with more items in time and different texture forges and ovens would add many new decorating options. I believe this would be a great addition to the game and add some fun options for the community! Thank you for reading.
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    I think my knees turned to jello when it came for me.
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    When using a faith swap, currently you can only swap to another priest, however something that would be useful for priest mains that want to grind some skills for ease of life/creation would be instead of an instant swap, storing their faith in an activatable item, say for example a 100 faith vyn priest uses this, they then lose their priesthood and have a token that can be activated to choose a deity to become 100 faith of whenever they choose.
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    I don't know if it's just me, but I've always thought it odd to have animals with saddles pulling carts, wagons etc. If you want the fastest speeds you need to have the full gear of shoes and saddles of the highest ql and ideally with WOA enchants. For a while now I've thought it would be a good idea to have harnesses instead of saddles for animals pulling vehicles. Something like this: It makes more sense than saddles! The harnesses would be made by leatherworkers, and would offer similar speed bonuses to saddles on hitched animals. WOA could of course be cast for an extra boost. It would be good if they could be applied to bison as well as horses and mules, giving them some useful gear at last.
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    Category: Place of Business Eolian on Release, H8 Make your reservation now to stay at Release's one and only all inclusive resort this summer Grab a tropical drink at the Wuffle 'n Faff Tiki Bar, where you too can enjoy the nectar of the gods Make sure to pick up a beach towel and some sunscreen before hitting those waves After a full day of daiquiris and tanning, roast some marshmallows at the glampground Contact Eudoxia or Lunea for reservations, spots are limited and filling up fast! *Management not liable for guest injuries in the event of a dragon attack
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    Category: Cozy Farms and Ranches Location: Pristine, O21 Welcome to Loch Lomond, my beautiful home carved into a mountainside. I have always been passionate about embracing the natural curves of the land and my aesthetic is definitely one of "rustic coziness", as you will see in my deed layout and decoration. It is difficult to truly capture it through pictures but I hope you get a glimpse at least and instantly feel at home **Judges - In an effort to keep my thread from getting overwhelmed with pictures, I have posted 1-2 for each area mentioned and included an extra link with additional pictures that give you more detail/angles etc (I hope you will view these and include them in your consideration!)** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here are a few pictures showing an overview of my views/animal pens: Overlooking the barn, some horse/bison pens, my beautiful bay view Bison and horse pens following the natural slopes **Please see a few more images here https://imgur.com/a/KxQJJds** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cozy barn named "The Cheeky Donkey" - complete with a hay loft *A few more interior shots here for a more complete view https://imgur.com/a/gBjQxQG ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Marigold Dairy (see imgur link below for a peek inside!) *More pics (Look at that cute cheese shelf!) https://imgur.com/a/0liblyh ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Even the hens have a cozy home in the "Birdhouse" *Couple more shots https://imgur.com/a/6RdCr8Y ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Garden shed and crops area Inside of garden shed *Crop fields/few more shots here: https://imgur.com/a/kzpQTYm ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ No farm deed would be complete without a winery! "Slainte Winery" *More pics here . .. https://imgur.com/a/zI9socH Everyone is more than welcome to come visit Loch Lomond and experience it firsthand! ~Goldie
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    Can we get an option, like barding, for the Donkey, but so we can put the leather Adventurer's Hat on them. Flowers would also be nice! Thank you!
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    Well actually, no it didn't. It inherited them from ONE of its parents. The other parent could have been traitless, and this foal could have still been the outcome. It's not just draught that is excluded by having speed dominant parents, it's almost all of the old traits that had actual effects. No mention was made that the dominant pool would effectively stop the production of traits from other pools, and only allow some misc traits, some combat traits and a bunch of output traits that are pretty much useless. Out of over 100 foals, none with speed or draught dominant parents have had, spark, USH, tough or fight fierce. Variety? Before long almost every transport animal will be 3 or 4 speed traits, one of which is practically useless, with the random smattering of worthless other traits, or 3 or 4 draught traits one of which IS completely useless, with a random smattering of worthless traits. Friendly - nobody I know uses tamed horses, bison, donkeys, etc Vibrant - useless on horses, donkeys, hellhorses It seems to pick stuff up - Does it? Not seen it happen once, do we have another bizarre trait like keen senses was where you have to work the easter egg out? Graceful eater - less chance to reduce a growth stage, presumably only has an effect when grazing on crops. Woohoo. Breeding? We are not breeding, the game, at random, selects ONE of the parents, and uses their dominant trait pool to generate a..... not clone. The offspring produced will seemingly randomly have more, the same or less of that dominant trait pool, and then out of nowhere, no type or hereditary involved, produce a couple of random traits. We used to breed horses, selecting the parents was important to the outcome, and took work and a plan to do so. Now it's just mash stuff together, and see what the RNG, not the player, produces. In the past with 70 husbandry I was able to, over several generations, select for 7 specific traits I wanted, any seven and fairly reliably produce them. Variety was being able to breed for ANY of the available traits, in ANY combination you chose. We sure as hell don't have that variety now, just a bunch of preassigned pools, with very low to negligble chances of most combination, and zero control of what will be produced. I'll say it again, this is not a skill, it has become a lottery. As to it being a beef about getting max points... I identified that this was the extreme, but that on almost all occasions I am getting less than the parents pool, and not once, in over 100 foals have I gotten an animal that has filled my available points. Breeding with the new horses? The first round of foals after this update had that many negatives, that as a breeder without a Fo priest (Which should not be a requirement) they were utterly useless. I stopped breeding horses, spent a week raising AH, and bred again after the next patch, which has fixed the negatives and almost none of those are at breeding age, but have clearly proven that the breeder is not in control of the outcome. A full month wasted, and almost every aspect worse than before the update still. Devs remain silent. A good 75% of the update was broken in my opinion. Horses die at complete random (lost another horse at young adult, absolutely no reason, not even the killer trait that was introduced). Many of our new "perks" for higher AH not working at all. The new rare speed trait doesn't work, and it will be hard to tell if half of the others are or aren't working. 4 draught trait horses are slower than old 5 speeds were when hitched by around 4-5kph, unless you get the rare (well that's would be assuming that they actually work, unlike the speed rare), and their speeds "stick". Our ability to breed horses is 100% gone. The game does what it wants, we have no input other than saying which basic pool we want by using two parents that have that pool dominant.
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    Category : Wacky & Wild The "Wilted Sanctum" is a church/sanctuary built for the love of the forest, but with an aura of eeriness about it. A place for peace. Located at P25 on Harmony. Built with teamwork, & decorated with love.
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    Category : Place of Business My entry is my market on Release called "Greenwood Market" I've always wanted to create a marketplace that's more than just some market stalls together. I wanted it to feel more real and have merchants show off their wares. It's been a labour of love for a long time and will continue to be so, I always love improving things or adding new items or merchants. It's a bit difficult to show off everything and all the details without posting a million screenshots, so do come visit the market (Release, N8) to see for yourselves all the bits I've missed Greenwood Market - N8 Release Kitchen area with merchants for beverages and cooking items Upstairs is a cosy seating area like an inn, where guests can enjoy some good company with food and drink and relax with a game of checkers On the other side of the building we have some merchants. Our Rift item merchant, dye merchant and the archaeology corner. Leaving the building you'll find the rare and special items merchants next door In the smithy building you can buy jewellery, gems, armour, weapon and blacksmithing items On the north side of the market you can find shipping and bulk items; as well as enchants and fishing Next to that you will find the merchant selling animal gear and the self help animal pens In the Tailors and Carpentry building you'll find merchants tending to your carpentry, leatherworking and cloth tailoring needs, together with one selling banners Thank you!
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    Allow us to heal players by activating a healing item (salve, cover, cotton, etc.) and right click on the player and selecting Heal. It can automatically start healing the must severe of the wounds and then will work down the list to the least severe wounds. Having to look at the players equipment, then expand to see all the wounds can take quite a bit of time in combat and this would be a faster and easier to use system.
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    Hiya Folks, Welcome to my Smithery service that is on Deed Dragonien in South West Harmony (Coords S12). All your Tools and Weapons are made with Love and you are welcome here to enjoy the Quality of my work for a fair Price. With my Blacksmithing Skill 99.98 and Weaponsmithing 92 i can provide you a high Quality Service. QL Tools: Horse Shoe Set: Larg Anvile: 50 25c 60c 35c 70 35c 80c 60c 80 65c 2s 1s 90 1.5s 5s 2.5s 95 3.5s 8s 6s 96 5s 11s 8s 97 7s 98 10s 99 15s Weapons Iron: Weapons Silver*: QL Carve/Sickle/Butchknife All others Carve/Sickle/Butchknife <2.5kg 2.5kg> <50 10c 30c 20c 40c 50c 60 20c 40c 40c 60c 70c 70 30c 50c 50c 80c 1s 80 75c 1s 1s 1.5s 2s 85 1s 1.5s 1.5s 2s 2.5s 90 2s 3s 3s 4s 4.5s 92 2.75s 4s 4.5s 5.5s 7s *Makes 10% extra damage to Hunter Mobs Imps cost example: Cost to imp 63.56 QL Longsword to 90QL is 3s - 40c = 2.6s For my Service PM in Game Achillis! And now i wish ya all a nice Wurming... thx for all your Achillis
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    Simple idea to add ping counter option to status display: I want to know how much my ping is
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    Something annoying me every day is the way how the order of items in my inventory is messed up every time I log in. I have a certain order I prefer, and re-sort every time. Even when I made a mistake and choose one of the sort columns in inventory, the order is rearranged and won't go back. I would like a default order of inventory items one may choose and store, and retrieve by right click commands below "Expand all, Collapse all, Toggle imp column", e.g. "Save current item order, Restore item arrangement", maybe also a "/ command".
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    As someone who walked the shores of the first golden shore, its sad as hell to see what this game and community sank into in the years I have been gone. Now I understand why so many of the people I met here are making their own story on amazing WU servers better than any experience we ever had in the old WO. Yet the answers the showrunners seem to come to are always continue to half deliver and retreat to another avenue.. I'm so disappointed to see such a large part of my life that was WO turned into a cadaver.
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    Seeing as the AH update impacted pretty much the entire core gameplay since everyone uses animals, I'd say the need for transparency is at an all time high. Erroneous descriptions just add a sour flavour to the game. Coulda, woulda, shoulda. Also if the animal does "steal" food from your inventory similar to how a gnome used to steal things, then I'd argue it's a negative trait. What's the "output" logic here? What does it "create" so the output trait can have any meaning?
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    Category : Place of Business Deed : Brume - Melody - D14 Base Rl : France Arrival by the west mountain... Cross the sea to join the Harbor The harbor with the warhouse, the captaincy and the tavern on night, on day, the tavern - 1rst floor 2nd floor Small room for special guest, with terrace Feel free to visit us Thanks for watching
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    When several ladders are stacked one on top of the other (e.g. in a tall tower) it would be nice to be able to get to the top without having to choose "Climb up" over and over again. I propose adding options to “Climb to top" and "Climb to bottom," which would allow players to climb multiple ladders with a single click.
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    I have just realised that the reason we were all misinterpreting "It is unbelievably fast: always on speed bonus similar to hell horses (Speed, Rare)" as being traits always on, rather than being what I now believe it to be (as above) , and it is another example of poor communication - "[00:00:08] <Demonanightshade> So, I went onto test. Recreated my exact horse gear on an identical horse to mine in game except with the new speed traits, made sure my inventory was the same weight, etc. In game I reached 35.29kmh on my horse. On test, with the speed traits there, got up to 42.49kmh, all flat ground, no slopes. That DOES include the rare speed trait, and even without that it reaches the same speed because the rare trait just makes it so all speed traits are always active (like hell horses.)" This certainly seems to indicate that there was no, or insufficient, communication between the Devs and one of the few people who did actually have access to testing before things went live. Posted into comments May 28th, presumably read by staff, but even then they didn't communicate that there was an error here, and I'm assuming they didn't even let Demona know that the trait had been misinterpreted as it would have then been corrected in the later clarification of traits that occurred. The trait does not make all speed traits always active, they vary just as normal horses, but the rare trait itself is always active, and gives a continuous speed boost. This explains why it then boosted further when in water, as only then did that trait kick in. Other traits are equally as vague, or downright not working - stationary isn't, they run around just as much as any other animal, have yet to see (or hear of a single person who has seen) animals digging items up when feeding, vibrant, slow metabolism and graceful eater are all pretty unclear in whether or not they are working, extremely sick is not a slim chance of killing an animal (except on any individual hunger tick) but rather an almost certain death within a couple of weeks. Animals showing as not hungry are starving to death, animals on enchanted grass are dropping dead, breeding timers don't work, breeding is a RNG lottery, vehicle quality is not affecting speeds as predicted. Communication? Completely and utterly missing. The patience is gone, players i know are giving up and quitting. A much anticipated update that has turned into not only an AH nerf, but a speed nerf to all. What a mess.
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    Yes, I know it disbanded. Thanks for the messages. I let it go, because the upkeep is just too much for me to maintain at the moment. Oak Harbour proper is fine. Just busy with real life right now, dealing with health issues again. Thanks to the folks checking up on me. See you... Eventually!
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    I sent a support and right away a mod appeared! Thank you Astarte! Other games you should have to wait for days in Wurm just a couple of secounds! You made my day, thanks!!
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    its not communicating if they are setting you up to fail rather then giving a basic summary of what they are working on. I am not even asking for a timeline. just clarity what isnt intended and the preferred outcome I am absolutly not the only person asking. you are not who we are asking to communicate. You are in the same boat we are. half your posts come across angry and frustrated with us because they ( I assume) dont tell you anything. The closest we got to real information was you pointing out that testing takes time. that they are working with a breeder and you overheard discussions on various topics so that must be things they are working on not things they told you. Things they talked about around you. they are hanging you out to dry and calling it a day. If you are good with that. That's your prerogative. Soon. being worked on... this is an answering machine recording. do you know how many times this has been said to this community and not followed through on? You cant expect us to take it in good faith anymore that takes trust and thats well and used up. They admitted to dropping the ball on communication then literally went back to radio silence after. We dont want you to communicate you have nothing of value to communicate because they do not give you anything to say. We want them to communicate. . "Being worked on" is like a parent going "maybe later" or "we will see" "We'll tell you when you are older". Its to get us to be quiet when they dont feel like dealing with the response they get when the community responds. we have asked them what is and isnt working so we can provide ql feedback. we have asked for a basic clarification of some of the mechanics and weather they work as intended. We have done testing ( some of it high level testing even). But hell if we know if its useful since we are not even getting ya that helps keep reporting things like that. Or a nope thats working as intended but we could use more data on [subject]. we already told you that saying its being worked on isnt communication. We are giving tons of data and getting silence. but I am sure they profit off it. The rest of the community does at least. they can see what we have already worked. intended or otherwise and thats the only reason I keep posting. If this was a job I was working I would have my two weeks notice in for the level of hell they expect you to manage without giving you the tools to manage it. You are a stalking horse and I genuinely hope you understand very little of the lack of communication anger is directed at you. You are the only phone we have and its getting a busy signal and sometimes we get an answering machine. an answering machine with a canned message is not communication. I dont know how many ways the community needs to explain that a busy signal or recorded answering machine isnt communication. eventually people are going to hang up and move to a different service. there is only so long Sunk Cost Fallacy is going to keep people playing. I want people to keep playing. but I also want a game that doesn't abuse its community by making them pay money to test their product code. Bugs are expected. But this is far and above basic bug testing. And yet many of us do the testing anyway. We do this because we love the game the community or any number of reasons. if you are not participating in the patch or game because you need a break. if you dont want to interact with the drama, stay off the forums. He has a right to be angry with you. Also may I add you calling him out regardless of the reason would Rile Him Up More. And look you got a bonus riled up person talking to you now. I may not like how he posts at times but I do him the respect of being civil with my responses. I dont feel the need to be so with you that would mean respect and being respected. I mean it cant be hard to realize that telling someone to calm down infront of god knows how many people on this forum would incite a defensive if not aggressive response. why are you posting you are on a break from the game. If you dont like how a single player on the forums is interacting with the forums Fine Stop inciting drama by targeting people that garbage goes both ways. you are no longer a community manager quite making things worse. You are adding to the drama and inciting it. Please leave. we shouldn't need 2 patches and a major overhaul to a (new)feature for it to be reasonably functional. IT IS NOT OUR JOB TO TEST CODE. WE ARE NOT PAYING TO BE TESTERS WE ARE PAYING TO PLAY A GAME. There is a test server use it tell people when you put patches on it. Something can be not fun but functional. Bugs that kill animals, destroy breeding stock, traits that fail to activate or get stuck, telling us color gets inherited more often only for it literally to go the other direction? Sudden terran changes from animal grazing? animals not eating until they fast increase disease and death on deed despite ratio, the whole there will be a delay but you will get back to were you were lie. Speed and how broken it is across all animals/vehicle and I am not talking about the actual speed. but how it behaves now. Not fun is learning the rng traits in a skill based game and learning to deal with them. assuming even that even works and we give the benefit of the doubt. Is it is working as intended? everything else I listed is NON functional according to how the patch notes list its functions. honestly I am done being nice about it too. edit keep in mind that getting a horse to breedable is 20 days. 20 real time. 20 days of premium to have AH high enough to get all the draft traits. 20 days of uncertainty bare minimum. Players have to hope and pray the draft traits work as intended on horses which given the way things have been buggy so far is laughably naive to hope for. hope and pray that their premium for the month is respected. 20 days x3 60 days for 3 generations minimum. to test. if you want us to test. patch the game and give everyone 1 free month that should catch most of the bugs. you wont be paying us to beta test. but at least we are not paying for the privilege of being forced to beta test without consent.
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    Category: Wacky and wild? Church of Magranon, Rangers Haven, Xanadu
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    Category: Places of Business Cluedo, Independence: - Playable Murder Mystery Board Game - Nine diorama rooms located within a "Mansion" Work Progress: - Game board is built, decorating remains - Outer "Mansion" construction about half way done - Streamlining game mechanics - Comments/ideas welcome via PM pls / thx ---------------------------------------------- Game board specs: Buildings - 1 marble, 4 Slate, 2 Rendered, 1 Stone, 1 Rounded stone, 1 Sandstone, 1 Pottery, 1 Timber Floorings used - 2 Marble, 2 Pottery, 2 Slate, 2 Sandstone, 1 Slate/Marble checkerboard ----------------------------------------------- The view looking north -------------------------------------------------------------------- Added images of the progress Pic of the original game board South half of the game board North half of the game board Kitchen and half of the Dining room Lounge and half the other half of the Dining Room