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    Dear Wurmians, We have very recently lost someone very dear to us here at Wurm Online. On the 30th of October, Tich a.k.a Pifa a.k.a Epona passed away after a battle with esophageal cancer. Tich is a prolific individual in the history of Wurm Online both first as a player, and later as a developer. Tich’s mastery of the shovel was second to none as evidenced by the massive highway and infrastructure projects throughout the years. Tich’s work brought us bridges and led to the evolution of the highway system of waystones and catseyes that we use today which freed us from a lot of rules and regulations that none of us were too happy with. As a player, Tich also mastered fishing to become the first to 100 in that skill. Tich also took part in various major construction projects including the Great South Mountain Highway on Independence, major bridge and highway projects on Xanadu, and the building of Rockcliff Cathedral. It would take a lot of effort to even try to list every way that Tich has touched our lives here. From moderation to the everyday situations that all of us encounter, Tich had a hand in making things better and brighter for all of us and not a day in Wurm goes by when we don’t use a system that Tich influenced. Everyone of us uses tools or mechanics that Tich developed for us, as an example in no particular order; Bridges Support ticket system The new permissions systems The overhauled cooking system, trellises, beekeeping The chat system with global messaging and trade Addition of new wall types and staircases Cave buildings and underground reinforcements Terrain modification above and below ground Wide mine entrances New paving styles The Wagoner system ...and much more….. Tich touched just about everything that we enjoy using every day in our experiences and was still working on new features before passing away. Work on a massive overhaul of the fishing system is mostly complete and we will be working to ensure that it is finished in Tich’s honour. Tich was with us since 2005 and a lot has transpired in the years since. We will actively feel Tich’s presence in our lives for a long time to come as we get to enjoy the fruits of Tich’s labour in our time here. Tich will be deeply missed by us, especially anyone who came to know Tich as a friend during their time together. To commemorate and memorialise Tich within wurm we will be adding a statue of Tich’s character, sitting in a chair and fishing, which was one of Tich’s favourite things to do in game. Our heartfelt condolences go out to Tich’s family and loved ones both in real life and in Wurm, we are sure Tich will not be forgotten as we have made many memorable memories together over the years.
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    Even though I've known this might come for several months things escalated so quickly in the end and left me shocked and very sad. I am grateful that we had time to discuss the statue design before things got too bad to log on to chat. Tich you were fun, quick witted, always helpful and benevolent when things were confused and stressed out and you managed to touch many of our hearts both personally and with all these ingame features you implemented. I miss you a lot. See you again when we are thrown back into the light, Tich!
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    Pifa stars in sharknado prequel Greetings, Wurmians! It’s been a bit of a rough week here for the Wurm community. We’re all still a bit shaken by the news of Tich’s passing, but it’s been incredibly amazing to read all the kind words and to see so many people coming back from long absences to share their stories and experiences. Realising how much Tich touched players’ experiences throughout the years is heartwarming, to say the least. This week’s news is understandably on the lighter side, new-content-wise, but first… Patch Notes Fish for Tich As previously mentioned, a commemorative statue will be added to the game for our dear friend and developer, Tich. The statue of Tich’s character fishing will be craftable and should be coming soon in a future update. Tich’s last major project was a massive overhaul to the fishing system, which the developer team plans on continuing and releasing in Tich’s honor. It's a huge system that has Tich's usual level of depth, and it'll be a lot of fun hanging out in a boat with a friend! We currently have no ETA on this update, which is why it was not announced earlier, but we will share more information as the time comes for public testing and release. Goodbye Halloween It’s been a great load of fun with the new masks and witches hat added, with hunters on all servers thinning the population of mobs. It was awesome to see everyone travelling and seeing what they could get, it’ll definitely be a system we have to use again in future events! Over the Hedge Continuing his work to beautify Wurm, Saroman has a new Oleander hedge model coming soon. I foresee a lot of replanting on a deed, some poor padre will be quite feisty during this Also, based on feedback, the new Camellia hedge model will be tweaked in size, as it is currently a bit shorter than the original model was. The updated model will be raised slightly to match the height of other medium-sized hedges and fences for consistency’s sake. Horsing Around The results are in! As per The Great Horse Color Poll of 2018, the five new horse colors that will be added to Wurm Online are: (drumroll please!) 5th place: Chestnut, with 84 votes 4th place: Blanket Appaloosa, with 109 votes 3rd place: Gold Buckskin, with 110 votes 2nd place: Skewbald Pinto, with 121 votes 1st place: Black Silver, with 130 votes Unfortunately, Dapple grey did not make the cut. #BlamePing Thank you again, Malena, for your work on these new textures! We cannot wait to see the final results. Lunalong Be sure to stop by Dracaa’s first ever Lunalong, November 11th-17th, at the deed Kappa on Xanadu! The host deed looks like a beautiful location for an impalong, and Dracaa seems to have a few fun activities planned for the event! I will definitely have to check it out next week and bring some of my own shenanigans along. Community Content With the passing of Tich, several stories and memories have resurfaced. Here are a few of our favorites: Tich as a dentist: Attack of the sharks: Tich builds a boat: On behalf of the entire developer team, we’d like to thank you all for your condolences and well-wishes. The coming days won’t be easy as we navigate the hole Tich left in our team, but with the spirit of the Wurm Online community, we know we can make it through. We hope each and every one of you knows how special your words are to all of us. Thank you for your support. Keep on Wurming! Retrograde and The Wurm Team
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    Heya, starting a quick thread here to bring some posetivity to the devs since people just tend to complain about stuff they dislike and skip praising the thing they like. I love the update, the sheer amount of work that's been going into to this is just pure madness. Fishing went from a mundane click game to something interactive and awesome, it's AWESOME! We got a Ninja update on clothing (white hoods and jackets etc) it's AWESOME! We got tower chaining so more things to work towards on PvP , it's AWESOME! We got new mechanic for climbing and grinding it finally grants results, it's AWESOME! We have a whole new level of spells, new priest mechanics and so much new stuff, it's AWESOME! So I just wanted to say that you are all awesome! From me to all of you, have a very Merry Christmas!
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    Here'ye here'ye Gather 'round and listen up. We have been investigating a new spat of people who seem to ignore the rules and choose to attempt to use macros. Using macros in a game like ours has serious consequences far reaching outside of your minimal skill gains including economical damage and social damage. Do not expect any leniency if you fall victim to using illegal macros. So listen up 'cause this is a bump! Macros are NOT allowed in Wurm Online!
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    Worked a bit on decorating my house - probably not quite done here yet, but it will have to do for tonight:
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    Finally got around to some interior designing off my inn/tavern (complete with a library if you get bored):
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    I doubt that there will be a lot of people whom still play that remember this name. Nonetheless, I wanted to let you all know of his passing. For what has been a terrible last 2 years of people passing whom have had Wurm at their heart and soul, this one hits me the hardest. I learnt of his passing today through a friend whom no longer plays Wurm and reached out to me on Facebook. I don't know all the details yet so will update you all once I know more. For those that don't know, Wintersolstice began playing Wurm Online in Beta map 7, almost 14 years ago. A time when the graphics where near as good as they are now, the player base was tiny in comparison, but it was still the game we've grown to love over the years. Winter was a person who was extremely caring and spent a lot of his days helping out not only those in his village but also others whom were in need, whether it be friend or foe. At the forefront of this, helping out new players was what he was great at. I started playing Wurm in September 2005. I tried to learn as much of the game as I could within the confines of a deed known as Grey Town and it wasn't long before I decided to venture off on my own with my brother, Mee. We stumbled across Wintersolstices' deed one day and noticed there were some unlocked fences which we decided to help ourselves to the items inside. We loaded absolutely as much as we could into the two small carts and ran off with our newly found bounty. It had been about 45 minutes before we were stopped by this guy called Wintersolstice and he caught us red handed. Our carts loaded to the brim with items in his name among others. It was here that Winter gave us an ultimatum. He condemned us to live the rest of our Wurm lives with him, which turned out to be some of the most fun I've had in the years I have played Wurm and some of the most memorable. By the end of the very last beta map, I had been a part of his deed for almost a year, and we had made plans to make a deed called Silron Valley on the only PVP server that was accessible after the announcement that the game was going to go to 'Gold'. A year and a half had passed on this map, over this time, I'd joined multiple villages, quit two or three times and my parents had split up, I looked up to Winter as a father figure and still do. A catastrophic server failure meant that Wurm had to start over once more, in what is known as Gold 2, and the current cluster of servers, with the only surviving map from that era, known as Chaos. Again we found ourselves with Wintersolstice in the village known as Rivendell. We went through several iterations of this deed name and it was in the 3rd Rivendell that Winter learnt that he had congenital heart failure. He went in for an operation to have a pacemaker put in his heart and I had no idea what this was at the time but once he explained what it was, I knew it was serious and that at any time the unthinkable could happen. Winter tried to still log in as much as he had in the past, the various health problems that Winter had meant he would be on for weeks at a time, and off for a week, there were a few times he would disappear for months only to pop up once again and tell me he had gone back into hospital. He wasn't in good shape at all. The last time I spoke to him was over a year ago, but I didn't know it would be the last time we would ever talk. Winter called my brother and I Little dudes, we're all grown up now and I wish you had been around the last few years to spend some more time with us because we absolutely loved every moment of it and that's something I will never forget. Today is his birthday, December the 22nd. The Winter Solstice, the reason for his name. Rest in peace Tommy. I'll miss you and you'll forever have a special place in my heart. https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Player:Wintersolstice
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    Greetings wurmians! We’re back with another Volcano Press, I mean, Valrei International! taking a break from zapping each other with spells and watching water, we’ve got a bit to share of what we’ve been working on! Waves of excitement Samool has been hard at work improving something you might see every day in wurm, and it looks amazing! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1G2V1CZrdLbEgJyh7EekKZQsl6LdBZtMr/view?usp=sharing Coming soon to a client near you, water physics and effects will be far more spectacular, with an overhaul of the water rendering system with amazing waves and ripples. The best part of this? It’s even better performance than the existing water! That’s right, it looks a million times better and has less impact on your game! We got to give Emoo a sneak peek at this effect, catch what he said below: Priest work Testing is ongoing with the priest overhaul system and I’d like to personally thank everyone who has jumped on and given their feedback! There’s a ton of good and useful feedback there and we’ll be using it to perform various tweaks and adjustments. Bloodthirst will be adjusted based on player feedback so keep an eye out for that! Hedge your bets! Anyone felt hedges have been a little too basic? Well you don’t need to head into the woods to see your foliage varied anymore! Saroman has coloured his thumbs green and is updating hedge models with individual textures, below is rosewood and camellia! Other wood types are on the way, so keep an eye out! Rose: Camellia: Community Content This weeks community content is an artwork by Ehizelbob of a lava spider! Just in time for halloween there’s a definite creepy vibe to this walking lamp! You can check out all her at here at https://www.facebook.com/ehizellbobart/ That's it for us this fortnight, we hope you all have a safe and spoopy halloween and we will see you all next fortnight! Until then, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    It would only require me to go to the location and verify everything. ya know counting and that math type stuff, and yes if all the stuff on this side of the equation meets all the stuff over there on that side of the equation, I am willing to proof Alegria's work and slap a stamp of quality on it.
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    As you all know from the various showcases, discussions and patch notes, Haven's Landing will be the new single spawn point for new players into the game. It comes with a lot of special features, such as the ability for players to build houses in the perimeter, open crafting zones for new and old players alike, and a design aimed at encouraging players to not just pass through, but spend their time there living. As this was designed, we decided to record the building of it as best we could, using the awesome timelapse feature of Wurm, a poor GM left in the cold, and lots of use of the weather tool, we recorded some amazing shots of the deed being built. We hope you all enjoy watching it almost as much as we did building it, and that you drop in and check it out sometime!
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    I'm making a list. I'm checking it twice. Ungrateful people ain't even gonna get last rites. Krampas Keenan is coming for your soul.
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    Come one! Come all! This Saturday (Aug. 18) we, the Factional Fight brothers, invite you to the grand opening of the Puzzle Labyrinth for an adventure you wont soon forget! The gates will open approximately 7:30pm EST and the event will be streamed on our twitch channel while we stalk the participants while chatting about all things wurm! The labyrinth is located just minutes away from Vrock's Landing, and is attached to the highway system for your convenience. I hear tell that Retro is working on an easy transport system to get you to Vrock's so keep your ear open for that. For those who complete the labyrinth, you will be awarded a unique prize for you to take home and put on display at your deed! Check it out... If you do plan to come, don't forget to bring cotton as there are a few places you may feel the instinct to fall. Other things to consider bringing are a container for water and a lantern. Cant wait to see you there! Griphyth and Faeran
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    Greetings, Wurmians! We apologise for the delay, cheeky little gremlins have been at play (hah, I'm a poet and I didn't even realise) but we’re back with another exciting edition of the Valrei International. This week, we have quite a few announcements, so let’s get started! “What’s Your Favorite Wurm Memory?” Last week, we launched a special Facebook contest inviting people to share their favorite Wurm Online memories. The contest ran for one week, and at the end of it, Joelle and I randomly chose five entries out of 39 total participants! They all had such amusing, touching, and interesting stories to share. Here are the lucky five winners, who each received a key of 30 days premium time: It’s always heartwarming to read players’ experiences with Wurm, and it reminds us that everyone plays this game in their own unique way and that should be celebrated! Be sure to follow the Wurm Online Official Facebook page to receive updates about the game, sneak peeks, and more chances to win in-game prizes! “You have a moment of inspiration…” To continue with the contest hype, we’ve decided to launch a forum-based competition with a special theme: You have a moment of inspiration… Players should submit entries based on what inspires them in Wurm Online. Entries can be as creative as you like--from screenshots to poems to videos and more! It could even be as simple as sharing your own personal story about how Wurm inspires you. The sky’s the limit with this competition, and the prizes involved are something you don’t want to miss out on. Tich’s Statue [16:15:56] In loving memory of our friend and developer, Tich. Next update, the memorial statue for Tich will be released. Tich passed away at the end of October, and we know you all have been eager for this statue to come to the game. The statue will be craftable as marble, with metal types being discoverable via archaeology. Horse Colors (YAY!) Also in the next update, the five new horse colors will appear in the game. Malena did an amazing job with these textures, as I’m sure you’ll all agree, and we are so excited for the variety they will bring. Chicken Colors? Whaaaat? Speaking of variety, this update will also ALSO include new hen and rooster colors! Saroman was so inspired by Malena’s work on horses that he just had to keep the work going with his own project! (And we’re not saying, but we’re just saying, there may be more new textures on the horizon in future: <Saroman> want to do more now, it’s fun haha) RIP Oblivionnreaver, but the joke was worth it! A Shadow Rises A familiar darkness is looming over Freedom, hushed whispers spread across the land about an eerie and chilling fate: Libila is coming... With the priest update, we are looking at bringing the ability to become a follower of Libila to Freedom servers. Because of all of the current restrictions with this religion, we’re planning on using more public testing and taking the transition slowly. Some restrictions will still be in place, such as mycelium, which will not be able to grow on Freedom, and some spells will not be possible just as they are not possible with player gods. The pact is sealed. That said, being a Fo-llower is where it's at yo. Community Content What does it mean? That’s it for this fortnight! The next update will come out on Thursday, with the new creature colors and Tich’s statue. Next time, we’ll have more information about what to expect in the end-of-the-year BIG update. Until then though, it’s smooth sailing! Keep on Wurming! Retrograde and The Wurm Team
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    I've come back to this thread at least a dozen times. Tich and I didn't always get along. I didn't like her coding style, and I thought she just didn't like me at all. We kept a professional working relationship, however. On some level we both knew our goals were aligned toward whatever was best for Wurm. Still, I find myself really not happy with things I said to her or about her over the years. I don't usually have regrets, but I do right now. I regret my stupid opinionated self and my assumptions. See, it wasn't until she shared her health situation with me that I realized none of the words we exchanged were personal. I've known for a few months - I think I said six, but I know it was shorter. I think that was the original time-frame, and I feel robbed that we didn't get longer. It's amazing what happens when you find out someone is not long for this world. All the little things disappear. I wish I had more time to talk and get to know her beyond Wurm. To know the person who brought so much to this game. That's what is making this hard for me. I don't usually have regrets as I said, but holy hell do I have so many right now. I didn't come back to active playing because of Halloween. I came back because I noticed she was gone from our chats and I had a feeling in my gut that she had left us. I hate that I was right, but at the same time I think I spent these last 5 days or so doing what she would've wanted. I dove back into this game and I wanted to experience all of the things she brought to us. I went back into cooking. I paid particular attention to every bridge out there. I even played with the thought of fishing, but I had to pass on that. I started looking back at what all of you have done with what she's given us. How silly of an idea to build in caves, but you all proved just how creative you could be. Whole cities, underground. No one is going to care about paving in mines. But how glorious you've made things look! And cooking, who cares? You all did, most of you. Sure there were bugs, but in the end it made Wurm better and more in depth. Farewell Tich. Sorry I was such a pain over the years, but thank you for keeping this game interesting and for putting so much of yourself into it. You truly inspire me to do whatever I can to see that it lives on... so that you, too, live on.
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    Initial PvP changes Starting with the next update, a new change to Locate Soul will be introduced to Chaos. PvP Change: Chaos server now has a maximum Locate Soul range of 500 tiles. This change is specific to Chaos and will not affect Freedom or Epic. Locate Soul’s intended usage is to give a general idea to the caster where their target is. This information can be used to track down a player off deed, identify that reinforcements are unavailable to assist them, and similar. These intentions are pure, and meant to encourage roaming to new places with the opportunity to find opponents in local, then track their location via Locate Soul, pendulums, etc. Locate Soul’s actual usage is to triangulate exact positions of players using multiple reference points, keep tabs on opponents from halfway across the map, and spamming the spell to guarantee reliable information as to whether a target player is online through their Nolocate. These two extremes are the result of a spell that has remained untouched for years. The problems with this paradigm is a meta of priests spamming locates from anywhere on the map and getting reliable intelligence with no cost. Hence the reason for the change. This is step one in a larger shift for Locate Soul and locating players in general. Limiting the range should alleviate some of the problems with the current metagame, but not all. Locate Soul and Nolocate are still undergoing iteration and will have other, more dramatic changes in the near future. This update will also include warrior god priests (Nathan, Smeagain) getting the double disintegration bonus equal to Magranon. The aim of this is to level the playing field for priests of all kingdoms and reduce the frustrating scenarios with RNG and safemines. Background and future works Along with this, in the next update, is a reworking of armour mechanics. This will make armour values easier to adjust in the future. Existing armour values are not being changed, but the background work is intended to make them easier to modify and adjust down the line. After this update, the next focus will be on the long promised priest and spell overhaul. This overhaul will feature a balance pass on all 98 spells available to priests and review of priest restrictions to improve gameplay for solo and PvP priests. There’s more to it than just that, and we’ll be sharing more details over the coming weeks. Once the priest and spell overhaul is live, we’ll begin looking at addressing other concerns within PvP such as tower capping and meditation. We know there’s a long road ahead of us to get PvP where we’d like it to be, and we know it will take time to get there. Our focus now is taking one step at a time, making sure it’s the right step, and then taking another step forward. We’ll continue to use the feature feedback forum for discussion on specific topics to allow for adjusting and improving our current plans if necessary, so please keep it all on topic and constructive.
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    New: Fishing is now interactive with many new features and items. New item: Fishing rod New fishing reels Light fishing reel Medium fishing reel Deep water fishing reel Professional fishing reel Fishing Reels Fishing Reels are added to rods so that they can be used for fishing. A fishing reel holds up to 1 line (which in turn may contain other things), and may be placed in a rod. Fishing Reels will take damage from use, with rare fishing reels taking less damage and less likely to break rod. Rare reels make it easier to reel the fish in. New handles for fishing: Handle - same item as current in-game version. Wrapped handle - same item as current in-game version Reinforced handle Padded handle New fishing lines: Basic line - used on pole, may only contain a (wood or metal) hook Light line - used on basic fishing reel, used to catch smaller fish Medium line - used on fine fishing reel, used to catch medium fish Heavy line - used on deep water fishing reel, used to catch large fish Braided line - used on professional fishing reel, used to catch ‘special’ fish Floats Floats can be added to lines which affects which fish are more likely to be caught. There are 4 types of float: Feather - part of butchered loot from rooster, pheasant and hen. Twig - found on bush tiles. Small moss - taken from moss. Bark - found on overaged birch trees. Floats will take damage over time when used, and will need replacing from time to time. Hooks Hooks are added to lines to catch fish. There are 3 types of hook: Wood - same as current item, better for fly fishing Metal - same as current item, better for deep water / sea fishing Bone - made from goblin skulls Hooks behave as a container, which may contain bait, and will take damage over time as they are used. Wood type will affect how fast a fish turns up Bait When used on a hook, bait increases the chance of catching particular fish. There are 12 types of bait: Fly - You catch these using a pottery jar with a bit of honey in it, on animals that require grooming. Cheese Piece - Cheese Broken into smaller pieces. Dough Ball - a small ball of dough. Wurm - Found on dirt and mycelium tiles. Sardines - Caught using fishing nets in shallows. Roach - Caught in shallow waters. Perch - Caught in shallow waters. Minnow - Caught in caves. Fish Bait - Small fish chopped up. Grub - Found in shrivelled trees, prised out using an awl. Wheat Grain - from wheat! Corn Kernel - from corn. Each time a fish bites on a baited line, the bait will take damage (e.g. the fish eats a bit of it). Bait is not required to catch fish (i.e. you can catch fish without bait), but the chances are a lot lower. Different fish prefer different bait. Fishing Net The fishing net can be used to catch small fish in shallow waters. Small fish may be used directly, or turned into bait to use on larger fish. This is the only way to catch sardines. Keep Net A keep net may be attached to a boat, and is used to preserve freshly caught fish (i.e. reduce decay). It can also be planted on the ground next to a player. Note that it must be planted, in water, to behave as a container; just dropping it will not allow fish to be placed in the keep net. It can only be picked up when empty. Tackle Box The tackle box is a special new container designed to streamline fishing. As well as being a convenient place to put spare floats, lines, bait, and other fishing paraphernalia, it automatically replaces fishing consumables as they are used up. In particular, as bait and floats are consumed (i.e. reach 100 damage), if your tackle box contains a suitable replacement, it will be automatically be moved to the rod when it gets to 100 damage at the end of the fishing action. The tackle box needs to be in inventory to work, and a consumed item will only be replaced by the same type of item (e.g. a feather float will only be replaced by another feather float; it will not be replaced with a moss float). The auto-replacing will happen at the end of the Fish action. The auto-replacement depends on fishing skill, with each item type having a specific skill requirement: Bait will be auto-replaced at 10 skill Hook will be auto-replaced at 30 skill Float will be auto-replaced at 50 skill Line will be auto-replaced at 70 skill or at any skill if reel exists. Reel will be auto-replaced at 90 skill (does not apply to fishing poles as they don’t have reels). When an item is consumed (i.e. it wears out), you will get a message at the end of the fish action. Spears In addition to rod fishing, this update includes spear fishing. This utilises the current spears already in game, with no functional difference (as far as fishing is concerned) between metal and long spears. Fishing Rod Rack The rod rack is a new container for storing fishing rods and poles when not in use. It operates in a similar fashion to a polearm rack, and has different models for empty and utilised states. Rod racks may be placed and secured. Fishing Buoy Buoys can be used to mark fishing spots. They are floating items that are anchored to a particular item, and may be used to show special fishing spots, for example. Buoys use the same placement rules as sign posts, except they need to be placed on underwater tiles. They operate as light sources (similar to a street lamp), and may be dyed. If blessed will not use fuel, but do require fuel to be lit. Water All water tiles are now categorised into 6 groups: Sea - open water Sea shallows - open water shallower than 25 Lake - enclosed water, larger than a pond Lake shallows - enclosed water shallower than 25 Pond - enclosed water, not big enough to be a lake Water - not big enough to be a pond Note: Any water tiles underground, uses Lake or Pond (or Water) Note: The calculation is performed on server start so modifying water sources will not change their type until the next restart. Brackish water Lake water is considered fresh, while sea water is considered brackish. Brackish water can be drunk and used for cooking as usual (with no ill effect), and can be boiled to make salt - 1 salt per kilogram of brackish water. General Attributes All fish now have a set of attributes which determine where and when they are more likely to be caught: Preferred water type (lake, sea, etc) Minimum and maximum depth. Feeding height. Rod types. Time of day - some fish like to feed in the morning, afternoon, evening or even at night Baits - each fish has a favorite bait, some baits it likes, others it is less likely to eat, and some it will never touch. Outside or in caves - some fish are only found underground Rare fish can only be caught on special tiles (which are out at sea). Special Tiles Special tiles are an area where special (rare) fish may be caught. They will now move with the season, and have been recalculated (i.e. they will have moved on server restart). Non-special fish types may be caught on special tiles, but special fish can only be caught on special tiles, and a lesser chance if close to a center spot. These areas can overlap, so its possible to find places where two special fish can be caught. Special tiles are only found in open water (i.e. sea). Finding and recognising tiles is unchanged, and uses a pendulum. New: Chicken coop added Requires 50 Fine Carpentry skill to create and continue. Coop info Coops contain multiple sub items inside. Nesting Box, This is where the loaded hens reside. Feeder, this is where you place food. Drinker, this is where you place water. Egg Box, this is where you get the eggs from when they are laid. Locks and permissions Coops are lockable and spawn on creation with a 1ql small padlock. Coops have manageable perms, like any other lockable container. Loading You can only load hens into the coop. To load a hen, one must first lead one, then right click the coop and click "load creature". To be able to load the creature there must be water in the drinker and food in the feeder. You can only put food in the feeder that can be planted. Example: pumpkin seed, or corn. Loadable chicken count is QL / 10 + rarity (max 13 for 100ql fantastic). QL must be greater than or equal to 10 to load a chicken. Feeding and watering Polling for the feeder and drinker happens every 4 hours at which time, creature count in food is subtracted from the feeder. E.g. if there are 4 hens loaded 4 food will be subtracted. Also 250 grams of water for each hen will be subtracted from the drinker. Egg output Eggs will be created every 12 hours. Egg ql is dictated by the ql of the coop. Egg count is equal to the count of the chickens. If either the feeder or the drinker is empty on egg poll the chickens will be unloaded on the center of the tile where the coop resides. Misc. info You cannot load a coop with chickens in it. Chickens in a coop, on deed, count towards the ratio. You cannot bash a coop with chickens loaded. The egg box will only hold 100 eggs. New: Tower influence chaining system on PvP servers: Influence Chaining An influence chain is any land that a kingdom has influence over that is fully connected (chained) back to a valid starting point for that influence. All kingdom capitals and starter deeds (for base kingdoms) are considered a chain start point, and any tower or deed in a kingdom must connect back to that start point via influence chaining. In order for a tower or deed to be considered chained to a kingdom’s influence, it must have a continued chain of influence (from kingdom towers) back to a chain start point. Towers radiate an influence out to 60 tiles from their base, and deeded land has influence as well. Because of this, any new towers built must be built within a 100 tile range of another tower of the same kingdom (minimum range remains 50) in order to continue the chain. In order to carry over the current state of towers on the servers at the moment, any tower within 120 range of another will still be considered chained, and allows for a valid spot between those two towers to build a new one to maintain the chain should one tower be destroyed after the update (and can no longer be rebuilt at 120 range). There are a few penalties involved with this system to promote completing and holding chained influence: Any tower outside of chained influence will no longer respawn tower guards. Any deeds outside of chained influence will respawn spirit guard waves 3 times slower. Any deeds outside of chained influence will no longer have guards maintain fences, bridges, floors and walls - similar to when a deed has less than a month of upkeep remaining. Any deeds outside of chained influence will have on-deed mine doors take 3 times as much bashing damage. Tower Conquest Towers will no longer be able to be conquered to convert them to your kingdom. To remove a tower, you will have to bash/destroy it, then reconstruct a new one within your tower influence chain. Bashing a tower will now spawn waves of guards when it reaches 30, 60, and 90 damage, and waves will become more challenging as the damage increases. At 90 damage, the kingdom that owns the tower will get a message in the Deaths tab stating that the tower is under attack.When the tower is destroyed, there will be a global message to all kingdoms on the server that the tower has been destroyed. Change: Major priest rework. New Spells Cleanse [33 faith, 26 favor] (Fo) - Targets tiles. Converts a 3x3 area of Mycelium or Mycelium trees back to normal grass or normal tree. Also works on dirt, converting dirt tiles to grass. Essence Drain [61 faith, 100 favor] (Libila) - Targets items. Enchant that serves as Libila’s version of Life Transfer. However, the healing done is only 1/3rd of what Fo’s Life Transfer grants. To counterbalance, Essence Drain also deals a wound at 10% of base damage as internal damage. Focused Will [31 faith, 10 favor] (Magranon) - Targets wounds. Heals 5% to 20% damage, based on cast power. Drains stamina from the caster equivalent to the amount healed. Amount of stamina drained is reduced by body stamina, similar to all other stamina drains. Can be cast on a creature and will automatically target their highest severity wound. Hypothermia [70 faith, 50 favor] (Vynora) - Targets creatures. Deals 10,000 base damage and 300 bonus damage per power. Cooldown of 60 seconds and range of 12.5 tiles. Cast time of 15 seconds. Shares a spell resistance with Inferno and Worm Brains. Inferno [65 faith, 40 favor] (Magranon) - Targets creatures. Deals 30,000 base damage and 75 bonus damage per power. Cooldown of 60 seconds and range of 12.5 tiles. Cast time of 20 seconds. Shares a spell resistance with Hypothermia and Worm Brains. Purge [45 faith, 35 favor] (All Gods & Demigods) - Targets creatures. Removes all beneficial spell effects from the target. Will not remove karma spell effects. Summon Soul [80 faith, 100 favor] (All Gods & Demigods) - Targets items, creatures, and tiles. Allows a priest to summon another player to their location. Disabled on PvP. Requires consent from the target to be summoned via a window that pops up. Libila on Freedom Libila is now available as a deity on Freedom servers. The following Libila spells have been disabled on PvE Freedom servers: Corrupt (previously Fungus) Zombie Infestation Land of the Dead Rite of Death Deity Passives Warrior passive damage bonus has been decreased from 25% to 15%. Item protection on death passive has been adjusted. Base chance to save items has been reduced from 50% to 35%. Resurrection stones will override this passive and apply it’s 50% chance instead if used. Messaging when slain with this passive and a resurrection stone equipped has been improved. Base gods now have extra combat passives at 70 faith. These do not apply to demigods, even if the demigod shares a template. Fo: +1 offensive and defensive CR while fighting on grass, dirt, tundra, fields, or trees. Magranon & Libila: +2 offensive CR. No conditions. Vynora: +2 defensive CR while fighting on pavement or at sea (boat/swimming) Base deities have had passives adjusted: Fo Stamina bonus now applies on tundra as well as other natural terrain. No longer has the passive granting double favor for sacrificing pottery items. Libila New Passive - Favor Regenerator. Natural favor regeneration is increased by 10% for Libila priests with 35 faith. New Passive - Befriend Monster. Monsters are no longer aggressive towards Libila priests with 60 faith and 30 favor. This does not apply to all hostile creatures, as some are not considered monsters (like bears). This also excludes rift monsters and legendary creatures. Now has death protector, granting a 75% chance to reduce skill penalties from death by 50%. Requires 60 faith and 30 favor. Vynora Now has the passive granting double favor for sacrificing pottery items. Priest Restrictions The following restrictions have been lifted from priests: Create structures and fences Continuing structures, fences, and items Repairing structures Alchemy (including healing covers) Bashing structures and fences (includes structure roof & floors) Fo and his template demigods have had the following priest restrictions lifted: Mining Prospecting Tunneling Analyse Libila and her template demigods have had the following priest restrictions lifted: War machine operation Farming Harvesting Sowing Planting Gathering Magranon and his template demigods have had the following priest restrictions lifted: Woodcutting Vynora and her template demigods have had the following priest restrictions lifted: Digging Flattening Leveling (including border) Dredging Demise & Protection Rework Non-Religious Demises (Animal, Dragon, Human, Selfhealer) Animal’s Demise - Now named “Animal Demise” and grants a 3% damage bonus against non-legendary animals (cats, bears, lions, etc). No longer grants a hit chance increase or crit bonus. Human’s Demise - Now named “Human Demise” and grants a 3% damage bonus towards players and humans (including guards). No longer grants a hit chance increase or crit bonus. Dragon’s Demise - Now named “Legendary Demise” and grants a 3% damage bonus against legendary creatures (uniques). No longer grants a hit chance increase or crit bonus. Selfhealer’s Demise - Now named “Monster Demise” and grants a 3% damage bonus against non-legendary monsters (trolls, goblins, etc). No longer grants a hit chance increase or crit bonus. Religious Demises & Protection All of these demise and protection enchants have been removed from existing items. They will no longer apply to weapons and armour. These spells instead been reworked into the following spells to enchant jewelry. All of these spells conflict with each other and Nolocate, meaning you can only have one of these enchants on a single piece of jewelry at a time. Stacking two or more of an identical enchant across multiple slots results in a penalty to each one. This penalty is 33% reduced effectiveness for two identical enchants and 50% reduced effectiveness for three identical enchants. Offensive Jewelry Enchants Blaze (Magranon) - Grants a 2.5% to 5% increase to fire damage dealt while worn. Corrosion (Libila) - Grants a 2.5% to 5% increase to acid damage dealt while worn. Glacial (Vynora) - Grants a 2.5% to 5% increase to frost damage dealt while worn. Toxin (Fo) - Grants a 2.5% to 5% increase to poison damage dealt while worn. Defensive Jewelry Enchants Acid Protection (Fo) - Grants a 2.5% to 7.5% reduction to acid damage dealt while worn. Fire Protection (Vynora) - Grants a 2.5% to 7.5% reduction to fire damage while worn. Frost Protection (Magranon) - Grants a 2.5% to 7.5% reduction to frost damage while worn. Poison Protection (Libila) - Grants a 2.5% to 7.5% reduction to poison damage while worn. Rite Rework Prayers and sermons now grant favor to the template deity instead of having a new pool for every demigod. Rites now function off of template god favor pool when cast by a demigod. Rites no longer require a specific amount of players in local to cast, and their deity favor cost is no longer dependant on the amount of players on the server. All Rites now create a 24 hour window for players to claim the reward. Upon casting, any player of the same template deity as the caster can pray at any altar or applicable location (for example, Magranon can pray on rock) to obtain the bonus. All Rites now grant up to 5 hours of sleep bonus and 0.2% towards 100 of a certain characteristic. Rite of Spring - Now grants 0.2% Mind Logic towards 100 instead of a flat 0.1 increase. Still grants 5 hours of sleep bonus. Now doubles all boat speed on the server it’s casted on for 24 hours. Ritual of the Sun - Now grants 0.2% Body Stamina towards 100 and 5 hours of sleep bonus. Now heals all structure walls and fences within Magranon & his demigod faith zones. Holy Crop - Now grants 0.2% Soul Depth towards 100 and 5 hours of sleep bonus. Now performs a Genesis cast on all applicable creatures within the domain of Fo and all template demigods. Rite of Death - Now grants 0.2% Soul Strength towards 100 and 5 hours of sleep bonus. Healing Rework Healing spells now work off a global healing resistance debuff. This debuff is applied based on how much health is healed on the target, and will reduce all further healing on the target from any of the listed healing sources based on how much time remains on the debuff. The maximum time is about 20 minutes, and the reduction scales linearly from that mark. For example, if you have 10 minutes on your healing resistance, you’ll receive heals at 50% effectiveness. Cure Light - Now heals 15% + up to 5% more based on cast power. Previously healed 15%. Target of the cast now gets an on screen message stating that their wound was healed. Range increased from 1 tile to 3 tiles. Can now be cast on a creature and will automatically target their highest severity wound. Cure Medium - Now heals 30% + up to 10% more based on cast power. Previously healed 30%. Target of the cast now gets an on screen message stating that their wound was healed. Now deals more damage to undead. Range increased from 1 tile to 3 tiles. Can now be cast on a creature and will automatically target their highest severity wound. Cure Serious - No longer heals a wound fully. Instead, heals a wound for up to 90% + up to 30% more based on cast power. Target of the cast now gets an on screen message stating their wound was healed. Now deals more damage to undead. Range increased from 1 tile to 3 tiles. Can now be cast on a creature and will automatically target their highest severity wound. Heal - Now heals 40% to 200% based on cast power. Previously healed 30% to 150%. Target of the cast now gets an on screen message stating they were healed. Range increased from 1 tile to 3 tiles. Life Transfer - Amount healed remains the same, but no longer heals wounds at random and instead prioritizes high damage wounds. Also bypasses the minimum damage threshold for healing, and will always apply some amount of healing as long as damage is dealt with the attack. Now works off the global healing resistance. Light of Fo - Completely different operation. No longer heals wounds at random and instead prioritizes high damage wounds. Still limited to 5 wounds. Cast power heavily impacts the severity of wounds that are able to be healed. Cast time increased from 10 seconds to 15 seconds. Scorn of Libila - Completely different operation. No longer heals wounds at random and instead prioritizes high damage wounds. Wounds healed limit increased from 2 to 3 per target. Now heals at minimum 3 wounds even if no damage is dealt. Each target that is dealt damage now allows up to 3 additional wounds to be healed, increased from the previous 1. Difficulty reduced from 60 to 50. Area of effect adjusted to 7x7 - 11x11 based on cast power. Spell Resistances Many offensive spells in the game now also have their own resistances. These function identically to the healing resistance above, but have much lower maximum durations for their resistance values. Drain Health - Resistance applies to both the offensive and defensive portions of the spell. For example, using this to heal will give you a resistance to Drain Health, which not only reduces healing received from consecutive casts, but also reduces damage taken from others attempting to Drain Health you. Resistance is capped to 5 minutes. Fireheart - Resistance capped to 2.5 minutes. Fire Pillar - Resistance capped to 3 minutes. Fungus Trap - Resistance capped to 3 minutes. Hypothermia - Resistance capped to 5 minutes [Shared with Inferno and Worm Brains]. Ice Pillar - Resistance capped to 3 minutes. Inferno - Resistance capped to 5 minutes [Shared with Hypothermia and Worm Brains]. Pain Rain - Resistance capped to 4 minutes. Rotting Gut - Resistance capped to 2 minutes. Scorn of Libila - Resistance capped to 5 minutes. Applies to damage portion only. Healing is affected by global Healing Resistance. Shard of Ice - Resistance capped to 2.5 minutes. Smite - Resistance capped to 5 minutes. Tentacles - Resistance capped to 3 minutes. Tornado - Resistance capped to 3 minutes. Worm Brains - Resistance capped to 5 minutes [Shared with Hypothermia and Inferno]. Locate Rework Locate Soul - Now has a 2 minute cooldown. Utilizes Locate Resistance. Nolocate - No longer able to be cast on creatures/players. Utilizes Locate Resistance. Lurker in the Dark - Now has a maximum radius of 100 tiles. This is reduced by up to 50 tiles based on the highest equipped Nolocate jewelry of a player. This is reduced again to 25 tiles when it’s a stealthed player. Locate Resistance When located successfully by another player, you obtain “Locate Resistance” with a duration based on the highest Nolocate power jewelry you have equipped. This resistance prevents you from being located by any player until it expires. At 100 nolocate, this duration is 5 minutes. Being located by other players in your kingdom will not apply a cooldown, even if you have Nolocate. If the casted locate spell does not beat your nolocate (the power is lower than your jewelry), the Locate Resistance is not applied and the locate spell fails. The locate spell will still receive a cooldown. The messaging is identical whether you resist a locate due to having a higher nolocate power or have Locate Resistance. This means players cannot know for certain whether you are resistant or whether their specific cast did not defeat the threshold required. Specific Spell Changes Aura of Shared Pain - Removed from Magranon. Added to Libila. Bearpaws - Damage bonus for players has been increased significantly. The new damage bonus is roughly triple the previous values of Bearpaws. Bonus damage for non-players remains the same. Bless - Followers of Libila no longer need to Bless a creature in order to tame it. They can still bless a creature to prevent a white-lighter from taming it. Bloodthirst - Epic changes to Bloodthirst now apply to all servers. Now deals up to 33% increased damage at 10k instead of modifying base damage. Additionally, Bloodthirst now has a power / 100,000 chance to inflict an infection wound on the target (10% at 10,000 Bloodthirst). This infection wound will ignore enemy glance rate. Infection wounds now heal or worsen every minute, and will rapidly worsen. Bandaging or treating the infection wound will stop the worsening effect, but it will still tick every minute. Break Altar - Now costs 20 favor to cast on normal altars. Remains 80 favor to cast against WL/BL. Charm Animal - No longer able to be interrupted by taking damage during combat. Cure Light/Medium/Serious - See Healing Rework above. Dark Messenger - Mailboxes enchanted with Dark Messenger can now be used by all players, including those in white light kingdoms (including PvE freedom servers). Dispel - Now has a difficulty increase based on distance. Does not apply to item dispels. Now partially dispels effects on creature targets based on cast power. The dispel resistance is no longer a pass/fail mechanic and now reduces the power of dispel casts on a target with resistance. Dispel resistance has been translated to the new resist system. Dominate - Power of the cast now uses Channeling as the primary skill check, with Soul Strength added as a bonus. This is the reverse of previous functionality. It should be easier to dominate creatures if your Channeling is higher than your Soul Strength after this change. No longer able to be interrupted by taking damage during combat. Drain Health - No longer heals a set amount when cast. Instead, it now heals for double the amount of damage dealt. Uses new spell resistance (see above). Drain Stamina - Cast time reduced from 10 seconds to 9 seconds. Range increased from 1.5 tiles to 3 tiles. Excel - Favor cost reduced from 40 to 20. Fire Heart - Cast time increased from 5 seconds to 7 seconds. Damage now ignores armour. Uses new spell resistance (see above). Fire Pillar - Deals wounds 10 times faster for 1/10th damage. Damage per power reduced from 3.0 to 2.75. Damage now ignores armour. Now displays an on-screen message for nearby players when being cast and finished casting. Uses new spell resistance (see above). Flaming Aura - Now bypasses the minimum damage threshold and will always apply a wound, regardless of the target’s armour. Forest Giant Strength - No longer limited to having below 40 body strength. Instead, it now applies a temporary “curve” to Body Strength based on cast power. Fungus - Renamed to “Corrupt”. Fungus Trap - Deals wounds 10 times faster for 1/10th damage. Base damage increased from 250 to 350. Damage per power reduced from 2.5 to 2.0. Damage now ignores armour. Now displays an on-screen message for nearby players when being cast and finished casting. Uses new spell resistance (see above). Frantic Charge - No longer grants bonus movement speed (to mounts or otherwise). Duration multiplied by 20 to match other buffs like Excel, Oakshell, and Truehit. Frostbrand - Now bypasses the minimum damage threshold and will always apply a wound, regardless of the target’s armour. Genesis - No longer instantly kills undead, and instead inflicts a heavy internal wound between 50% and 125% health based on power. Damage ignores armour, but does not ignore other DR factors such as body strength and similar. Heal - See Healing Rework above. Hell Strength - No longer limited to below 40 strength. Now applies a temporary “curve” to Body Strength and Soul Strength based on cast power. Both stats are modified at roughly half value of Forest Giant Strength’s effect. Humid Drizzle - Cooldown reduced from 15 minutes to 30 seconds. Cast time reduced from 40 seconds to 30 seconds. Creatures now gain a 15 minute resistance to Humid Drizzle when affected. They will not be able to be affected by another Humid Drizzle until the resistance expires. Ice Pillar - Deals wounds 10 times faster for 1/10th damage. Base damage decreased from 250 to 150. Damage per power increased from 2.5 to 4.0. Damage now ignores armour. Now displays an on-screen message for nearby players when being cast and finished casting. Uses new spell resistance (see above). Mend - Quality reduction is now based on how much damage was repaired. For example, mending an item with 7 damage will only reduce quality by 0.7. Maximum amount of damage mended per cast remains 20. Mole Senses - Now performs an “analyse” on the rocks below the surface when cast. This will display ore types detected in the caves below, with the radius and types of ore discovered based on cast power. Nimbleness - Favor cost reduced from 80 to 60. Land of the Dead - Amount of corpses raised is now limited to cast power. Life Transfer - Favor cost reduced from 120 to 100. Healing uses the new healing resistance (see above). Light of Fo - See Healing Rework above. Now displays an on-screen message for nearby players when being cast and finished casting. Locate Artifact - Now available on all deities, including Fo and player demigods. Lurker in the Woods - Now able to locate unique creatures as well as champions. Mass Stamina - Cast time reduced from 20 seconds to 15 seconds. Mind Stealer - Favor cost reduced from 120 to 100. Oakshell - Maximum damage reduction decreased from 80% to 70%. Maximum glance rate decreased from 40% to 33.3%. Can now only be cast on players on PvP servers. Oakshell now reduces mounted movement speed across all servers instead of just Epic. This movement speed penalty has been fixed to apply to hitched creatures as well. Pain Rain - Base damage increased from 4,000 to 6,000. Area of effect changed to 5x5 - 9x9 based on cast power. Uses new damage resistance (see above). Phantasms - Reworked into essentially a new spell. On players: Now applies a debuff that causes the outlines of enemies and allies to swap randomly every few seconds. On non-players: Now causes the target to attack a nearby unit that is hostile to the caster. For example, with two trolls attacking you, casting on one of the trolls will cause it to attack the other. Rebirth - Creatures resurrected using Rebirth can no longer be equipped with gear, unless it is valid equipment (such as saddles, horse shoes, etc. on a zombie horse). This removes the ability to equip zombie trolls with weapons and armour. Refresh - Cast time reduced from 15 seconds to 9 seconds. Range increased from 1 tile to 3 tiles. Rotting Gut - Base damage increased from 5,000 to 8,000. Damage per power increased from 50 to 120. Cast time reduced from 10 seconds to 7 seconds. Damage type changed from Infection to Acid. Uses new spell resistances (see above). Scorn of Libila - See Healing Rework above. Uses new damage resistance (see above). Shard of Ice - Base damage decreased from 10,000 to 5,000. Damage per power increased from 100 to 150. Damage now ignores armour. Smite - Damage now scales from 50% to 100% of previous value based on cast power. Range increased from 1.5 tiles to 3 tiles. Sunder - Now deals up to 20 damage based on cast power, instead of always 20 damage. Higher quality items take reduced damage. Higher damaged items take reduced damage. Heavy weight objects take significantly reduced damage, though any item 5kg or under will take the full damage. Can now be cast on any item that can be bashed (including forges & ovens). Normal permissions for bashing apply, including on PvP servers (guards must be dead etc.) Tangleweave - Reworked into essentially a new spell. Tangleweave now has a 3 second cast time and costs 15 favor. When cast, Tanglewave will interrupt the target’s spell cast, and apply the increased spell cast timer debuff for a short duration. Can now be cast in combat. Tentacles - Deals wounds 10 times faster for 1/10th damage. Base damage increased to 400 from 250. Damage per power decreased from 2.5 to 1.0. Damage now ignores armour. Now displays an on-screen message for nearby players when being cast and finished casting. Uses new spell resistance (see above). Tornado - Now able to be cast while in combat. Base damage reduced from 5,000 to 4,000. Damage per power increased from 50 to 80. Damage now ignores armour. Area of effect changed to 5x5 - 9x9 based on cast power. Uses new spell resistances (see above). Venom - Favor cost reduced from 120 to 100. Damage conversion now occurs before glance calculations. Still deals poison wounds, but those poison wounds do not inflict poison status (that causes the instant kill). The 20% damage penalty has now been scaled based on cast power, with 100 power completely cancelling out the damage penalty altogether. Vessel - Faith requirement reduced from 38 to 31. Web Armour - Added to Magranon. Worm Brains - Reworked into “heavy damage” spell group. Faith requirement increased from 35 to 51. Favor cost increased from 30 to 40. Base damage increased from 5,000 to 17,500. Damage per power increased from 50 to 140. Cooldown increased from 30 seconds to 60 seconds. Uses new spell resistance (see above). Wrath of Magranon - Reworked into an area damage spell. Now deals damage to enemy structures in a 3x3 area. It also inflicts crushing wounds to all creatures within the area. Player Demigods Demigods now have a “template” deity that their religion is based on, selected from the four base gods. These templates affect the affinities that each demigod provides. For example, demigods with Vynora as their template will be able to pray on water and get double favor from sacrificing pottery. Any demigod following a different template is unable to obtain these affinities. Priests can now link with any priest of the same template. For example, this means that any Libila priest can link with any other blacklight demigod (Tosiek, Nathan, and Gary). Any priests of Tosiek, Nathan, and Gary can also link with each other. The existing demigods have the following templates: Libila: Tosiek, Nathan, Gary Fo: Nahjo Vynora: Paaweelr Magranon: Smeagain Demigod passives have been rerolled with the exception of the template passives (listed above). Passives are now more likely to align with the template deity, but some will be outliers to create interesting combinations. Demigod spells have been completely rerolled using a new system to distribute the spells. The new system uses the affinities of the demigod to determine what type of spells they should obtain, as well as avoiding overpowered or useless combinations that render a god too strong or too weak. Miscellaneous & Messaging Spell List Improvements - The Spell List window has been completely overhauled and has many new features to offer. Larger Window - The window that displays is now larger. This should prevent having to resize the window in order to see all the passives and spells available to you. Passives Display - Now shows how strong your connection to your deity is (based on your faith level). This is then followed by the passives the deity is currently granting you. Spells Sorted - Spells have now been placed into a sortable table. You can now sort spells by faith requirement, favor, name, or description. Targets are also available, but not exceptionally functional. Updated Descriptions - All spells now have new descriptions which should more accurately represent how they function. Existing players with deities can have a one time transfer by using /transfer. There is currently no planned date for this window to end, any planned date will be announced in advance. Enchanting Improvements Certain spells now target specific item types instead of any item. Attempting to target any other item than a valid target will result in an error. Armour - Aura of Shared Pain, Web Armour Weapon - Bloodthirst, Animal Demise, Human Demise, Legendary Demise, Monster Demise, Essence Drain, Flaming Aura, Frostbrand, Life Transfer, Mind Stealer, Nimbleness, Rotting Touch, Venom Jewelry - Blaze, Corrosion, Glacial, Nolocate, Toxin, Acid Protection, Fire Protection, Frost Protection, Poison Protection Pendulum - Lurker in the Dark, Lurker in the Deep, Lurker in the Woods. Attempting to enchant an item that has a conflicting enchant now shows which enchant is blocking the cast. The longsword is already enchanted with something that would negate the effect. The longsword is already enchanted with Blessings of the Dark, which would negate the effect of Wind of Ages. Effect descriptions for many enchants have been updated to better reflect their function. Many additional objects are now able to be enchanted and mended, specifically containers such as pottery. Examine messages for enchants now have color. These colors can be edited in your client settings under the Text tab. Natural favor regeneration has been improved. It now regenerates every 5 seconds instead of every 10 seconds, and also replenishes more per regeneration tick. Certain potions from bloods and similar now have an effect: Salve of Frost - Converts damage from a weapon to frost. Salve of Fire - Converts damage from a weapon to fire. Potion of Acid - Converts damage from a weapon to acid. Damage from all spells, including karma spells, now uses Soul Strength in damage reduction calculations instead of Body Strength. Damage dealt to non-players is now modified heavily. Targets can take anywhere from 4x to 0x damage based on their armour and Soul Strength. Maximum cast power for champions on home servers has been increased from 30 to 50. Tile spells now use multicolor line messaging for casting, similar to creature casts. Creature enchant spells will no longer give “would never help the infidel” errors when attempting to cast on an allied player following a deity that doesn’t agree with yours. Instead, this error now only occurs when attempting to cast on enemy players. Casting a combat spell such as Fireheart, Drain Health, and similar on an enemy will now display an on-screen message for both the caster and target when the cast begins and finishes. Pillar spells (Fire Pillar, Fungus Trap, Ice Pillar, and Tentacles) no longer display a combat message when they deal damage. Creatures will now display their spell effects on examine. This is limited to same kingdom, allied, or neutral targets only. Frantic charge has been cast on it, so it has greater speed. [83] New Tutorial A new tutorial system has been added. The system can be run from anywhere by existing players by typing /tutorial. New players will now spawn in a single location: Haven's Landing on Independence. Haven's Landing is a deed designed around new players learning and living. New Journal system added The journal system is designed to guide players from their first steps in Wurm to more advanced steps. Completing 50% of a tiers goals will unlock the next tier. Completing 100% of a tiers goals will give the player a small reward. This update includes tiers 1-5, more will come in a later update. As this system replaces the personal goal system, we will be phasing that system out. The deadline for completing old personal goals is set at February 1, 2019 at 00:00 GMT. Misc Additions & Changes New: Added title for 100 Restoration. Change: Unicorn passengers must be same kingdom as dominator. Change: Build missions that require paved surfaces can now be build on any road type tile Change: Cloth clothing has had a few items added and a few others changed. See list below: Hoods: A new White Cloth Hood has been added. The version which was known as Cloth Hood previously is now created as Blue Cloth Hood. Legacy versions are still called Cloth Hood but can no longer be created as such. Sleeves: White Cloth Sleeves have been added. Legacy Cloth Sleeves are now created as Red Striped Cloth Sleeves using white cloth sleeves and cochineal. Plain White Cloth Sleeves are used to make Red Cloth Sleeves. Both White Cloth Sleeves and Plain White Cloth Sleeves can be dyed. Jacket: White Cloth Jacket has been added. Legacy Cloth Jacket is now created as Red Cloth Jacket. Legacy versions are still called Cloth Jacket but can no longer be created as such. Bugfixes Bugfix: Hatchet head model fixed. Bugfix: Fixed a few spelling and text errors. Bugfix: Cared for horse corpse should now be the same color as was the horse. Bugfix: Issues with the hover text for players fixed as noted: Village role text is now properly capitalized. Health statues is now on the first line with player name instead of on the second with village role. Bugfix: Fixed an issue which caused some merchant returned items to be broken apart by the mail spirits. Bugfix: Animals should no longer leave a duplicate corpse if they die after crossing to a new server. Bugfix: Avengers of Light have been removed from the mission list. Bugfix: Damage under 1.0 is now shown on items in the mail for 2 decimal places. Bugfix: Items inside containers in a trash heap will be destroyed before the container preventing heap overflow. Only 100 items will be destroyed at a time. Bugfix: You can now create and continue outside only items under a bridge. Bugfix: Items inside equipped saddle sacks and saddle bags will now take damage similar to items in other containers on a deed. Client changes: New: New water visuals have been added. New water visuals require the Renderer option to be set to Modern. New: Resolution scale (supersampling) option has been added to the Postprocess settings. Essentially rendering the game at a given multiplier of the resolution, very demanding on the GPU, eliminates jagged edges and adds additional detail. Change: Updated quickbar with more icons Change: Swimming sounds no longer play when you are not swimming. Change: Wiki search bar now opens default browser instead of ingame browser. Change: Player texture rendering improvements. Change: General performance improvements. New: Added a setting under the text tab to enable/disable multicolored event/combat text. Fixed Launcher issues with latest java version and removed art changelog tab.
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    Niki , You have mentioned some of the more public things we have done in your complaint. If left at that, yes it does seem lopsided and favored towards specific people. I give you my word there has been no such improper shenanigans. Everyone who wanted a change of pace, no matter who they were had an equal chance of participating in the treasure hunt. Granted more computer savvy individuals would have had an advantage, I left clues high and low to include everyone. simple clues, practically blatant ones so that even the normal non-geek could decypher the clues. The Random Enkounters last year.... totally random. I never chose the person or location, it was done automatically. Anyone may become a vict... recipient of one. Time zones do not matter, the person does not matter, the place and server does not matter, its all random. These so called named items you have alluded to... There are many reasons throughout the year that we might introduce one. It is not some exclusive thing for staff. It's used to commemorate things, or to add a little fun to something different. Now, saying that, do know that a few years back in the long distant past it really was mostly a staff exclusive deal, but there was an important reason for that. However, now we have new tools! We are pretty careful with these though... Most of our events are advertised in advance to allow everyone who wants to attend, unfortunately we have had a pretty rough time during the last part of last year and just didn't plan anything proper like we wanted. I can see that as being a rather disappointing issue, I absolutely want to bring everyone to events that want to take some time to have some fun. The dragon thing... that's new.... but don't expect a unique all the time! I'm not just gonna toss out a dragon because someone is holding a festive occasion like an impalong. It just seemed like a good way to end the year for a change. We had a really good attendance for the impromptu end of the year bash. I understand it could have been handled more fairly, but.... well.... too bad! I hope everyone understands what I am trying to say, but know that these public things are the things that you are aware of..... there are many more that you never hear a peep out of us just to add a little more to the game. We hope you enjoy them when you encounter them, step on them, or get attacked by them, and I am looking forward to providing many more enjoyable quests, mini games, and specials for everyone. /Enki (Head Game Master) p.s. NO.. there is no secret hidden in this message!
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    Look, having invisible jet planes —my uncle was a great professor and scientist and engineer, Dr. Keenan at Wurm University; good genes, very good genes, OK, very smart, the Wurm School of Jet Planes, very good, very smart—you know, if you’re a conservative Wurmian, if I were a liberal, if, like, OK, if I ran as a liberal Wurmian, they would say I'm one of the smartest people anywhere in the world—it’s true!—but when you're a conservative Wurmian they try—oh, do they do a number—that’s why I always start off: Went to Wurm School of Jet Planes, was a good student, went there, went there, did this, built a fortune—you know I have to give my like credentials all the time, because we’re a little disadvantaged—but you look at the invisible jet planes deal, the thing that really bothers me—it would have been so easy, and it’s not as important as these lives are (invisible jet planes are powerful; my uncle explained that to me many, many years ago, the power and that was 35 years ago; he would explain the power of what's going to happen and he was right—who would have thought?), but when you look at what's going on with the poisoning of water supplies—now it used to be three, now it’s four—but when it was three and even now, I would have said it's all in the messenger; fellas, and it is fellas because, you know, they don't, they haven’t figured that the women are smarter right now than the men, so, you know, it’s gonna take them about another 150 years—but the Jenn Kellons are great negotiators, the Mol Rehans are great negotiators, so, and they, they just killed, they just killed us.
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    Happy Halloween, Wurmians! We on the Wurm team hope you’re gearing up for your spooky fall festivities. Here on the team, we’ve been hard at work to make this Halloween a thrill for all. Tricks! We asked the creatures of Wurm what they’d like to dress up as this Halloween. Unfortunately, none of them spoke English, so we decided for them. Keep an eye out for all sorts of spooky trick-or-treaters masquerading about on your adventures. Will you find the goblins dressed as Aliens? Or the troll Princesses? Maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll spot a delicious Candycorn! And Treats! That’s not all, however. The pumpkin shoulderpads and troll masks are back and will soon be joined by this year’s new Halloween treats. Be sure to go hunting for your chance to find the human skull mask and the witch’s hat. Expect to see these go live after the next update in the next day or so--just in time for Halloween! That’s all for now, folks! Have a safe and happy Halloween. Eat lots of candy, scare all your friends, and keep on Wurming! - Joelle & The Wurm Team
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    Interesting thread. Brings up a lot of really interesting points. I'll try my best poking at issues that I believe I can touch on. Yikes. That's a rough one. So after reading this, I decided to do a bit of digging on Wyvern, the long-lasting Wurm Unlimited server with over 700,000 player hours played. Fun fact: there was someone who achieved 99.9999966521108 fishing skill! I decided to look up his achievements and found that he had caught 17,521 fish to achieve that (faster skill gain server, by the way). However, I then looked up the achievement for catching the big fish. Not to be found. In 17,500 fish, not a single one was over 175kg. His magic chest had 99.9QL and higher quality fish. It had rares over 95QL. It was quite a spectacle of fishing, but through the whole time, not a single fish was 175kg or higher. So, I dug a little deeper. I tried to figure out why this might be the case. The truth is that the fish must be a marlin or white shark of over 87.5QL in order to qualify for the achievement. This isn't easy to do, but it's still possible. However, now that I've fully investigated why that happens, perhaps it might be time to change the qualifications to be a little bit more relaxed. Obtaining such a high QL fish of such a specific type seems a bit overboard. Bugfixes are near and dear to me. In all my time playing, being interrupted by hitting a bug was some of the most frustrating experiences I've ever had in Wurm. In the case of PvP, it can cost you everything. They need to be addressed in a timely manner and I'm doing my best to ensure that happens. In the cases where they are not addressed, I try and give the explanation as to why it's so difficult to fix instead. PvP is a wild project to tackle. There's so many viewpoints on how PvP should be played and what should/shouldn't be allowed that it's really hard to iron out what PvP should actually look like. That said, I've had productive conversations with a lot of existing and former PvP players, and a plan is in place that should put us on track for PvP becoming easier to create and maintain. Can't really go into detail on the specifics yet, but there are indeed plans. A lot of the mentality for PvP players being so hostile tends to stem from the stakes. A death can be extremely costly, and that creates a pattern of behaviour similar to a blowfish where they puff up and make themselves look dangerous. In the case of the blowfish, it looks a little weird and is effective. In the case of human beings chatting online, it makes them looks like jerks. Reducing the stakes and giving more reason to play at low risk is something I'm working towards. While having expensive stuff should give you a significant upper hand, it shouldn't invalidate the rest of the players entirely. I've watched Deathangel's videos recently and really enjoy the amount of respectful combat that's seen there. Working towards encouraging more of that is a personal goal I've set. No comment on personal goals. A lot of this is the byproduct of shifting times and a code base that wasn't built for long-term maintenance. Ideas sometimes sound bad (or impossible) when first proposed. As time goes on, it starts to become more and more apparent that it's necessary to fix whatever the problem is. Work gets done to make it happen, and the change comes through despite all the previous opposition against it. For example, the armour changes recently were actually tooled as a "hot toggle" of sorts, where they can be turned off and on without a server restart. We now have the option, due to the code refactor, to implement more toggles like that and create changes that can be implemented to live with far less risk if something we didn't predict begins to happen. This type of long-term thinking will make it much easier to adjust how things work in the future. All of my work follows this guideline and is aimed at making it as flexible as possible to adjust to the new atmosphere as the game evolves. I understand the concerns behind map resets and legacy items. I'm unsure as to the philosophy on those items (I only joined recently, after all). Someone else would have to touch on that point. I once got hit with a filled boiling cauldron of water. I died instantly with 80QL glimmersteel plate. Good times. My comment above to whereami touches on player mentality. However, you mentioned time zones which has plagued me in the past. It's sometimes extremely impossible for European players have a difficult time handling an American assault because of the time zone difference. When Europeans' attack, the American players are generally at work and can at least do something, especially if they get off work quickly after the assault begins. In the reverse, however, the American group is attacking after midnight in European time, and the European group would need to make a choice between living a healthy life and getting some sleep or defending their deed from an attack. As an American player, I'm familiar with both sides of this and seen how it affects people. Europeans accused me of attacking at off times out of weakness, though we had all just eaten dinner and were at our peak time. I can't really think of anything off the top of my head that would be suitable to solve this problem. If you have any ideas, I urge you to post in the Suggestions & Ideas forum with whatever you can think of. I'd be interested to discuss potential solutions to the problem and, if all goes well, begin working on making it happen. My personal gripe So now it's my turn to answer the question at hand. What bothers me most about Wurm. It's not something specific, and it's not an idea either. It's a single system that has bothered me since I started playing, and I've actively made an absurd amount of changes to it including a full replacement for my WU server. Combat. The whole thing. I dislike the concept of CR as a whole. I dislike the amount of random elements during combat that you cannot control. I dislike the meta where 1/5th of the content in the game is considered viable for combat. I want to see more diversity in strategy and tactics beyond gate hopping and spamming heals & shield bash. I want to see special moves have an important place in combat both for PvE and PvP. I want to see mobs stronger than trolls on PvE servers, bridging the gap between trolls and uniques (allowing small hunting parties to be productive).
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    Code's done. ETA next patch.