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    Base Jumpers Beware! Base Jumping into a properly locked and permissioned secure structure or enclosed area(i.e. center of donut structures) on non-PvP servers will be considered an exploit! Ever since the introduction of multi-story and bridges to Wurm Online, a method to bypass the permissions system had been inadvertently made possible. Using a tall enough structure or terrain to fall across a tile into or onto a structure or enclosed area that would otherwise be inaccessible by intended mechanics. This method has been used several times over the years, but as this goes against the intention of our sandbox, we are putting a stop to it via the rules until such time as a mechanical solution is found. Thank You, Wurm Online Team
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    On behalf of the development team: representation is important, and the current player models are not where we'd like them to be. This has been pointed out several times, and we are working on fixing it. Making the available character models properly reflect a much broader set of cultural and racial norms will take time to do properly, so the plan is to do this in several stages; it's likely that basic skin tones will be the first pass, but the intention is to carry on refining this as we go forward. I don't have a concrete plan or timelines as yet, but it is being actively worked on. In short, we hear you, and we're going to fix this. Pandalet (Developer)
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    [09:20:19] Large maul increased by 0.000008 to 100.000000. Suggested title Goddess of Thunder or male version God of Thunder, in reference to Thor and his hammer.
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    Ladies and gentleman, trolls and goblins, Too long has this menace been stealing our sheep and cattle to do god knows what with! I'd like to formally invite everyone to a Slaying of The Aged Starving Kyklops! The event will be held on Wednesday at High Noon Eastern (EST) The location will be given out on Tuesday. It is fairly accessible. Although he doesn't drop a hide, he does drop blood to make Leatherworking Potions to imbue your tools with! If you haven't gotten it already, everyone that takes a swing at it will obtain the 'Giantslayer' Title. Come early for a good time, I'll have altars for sermons and a forge/imping area! Summons will also be available. Location and Directions
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    So there I am, off deed for one of the few times in the past 5 years. I'm tracking. Looking at scenery. Passing old familiar areas. Wait ... what's that in the distance? A new statue model I guess. Out comes the spyglass. Oh. It's a venerable white drake hatchling. It's ... coming this way!!! A short and very undignified run later, I had lost it. Thankfully it returned to it's spot on the Grand Steppe. In short order a posse had gathered, summoned by me yelling in Global & Server chat that a dragon was trying to eat my head. No drama, very friendly and polite we all chilled until everyone who was coming was there - and then we did battle. It was a nice smooth fight and many thanks to Shydow for a clean administration of a random loot roll and a smooth butchering. Lovely surprise, great to see so many friendly folks, and many many thanks to those who were extremely generous to offer me their loot as finder. Truly this game can be cool and drama-free when doing this stuff and I love that.
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    Folks, I get that this is an emotive topic. Having strong opinions is fine, and you don't have to agree with everyone else. However, if you wish to actually convert others to your point of view, attacking them isn't going to achieve that - please keep the discussion civil. If you're just here to sling mud or stir the pot - don't. Pandalet (LFM)
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    Okay, let me say this again, but in a bigger font. REPRESENTATION IS NOT COSMETIC I shouldn't have to point this out so many goddamn times! This is not "oh I want to look fancy or like an elf". This is about people of colour feeling represented in the game they love, not about purple ###### dragons. Every time someone equates representation as "cosmetic additions" the average iq of Wurm players drops. If you do not feel that adding in skin tones that don't match your skin colour isn't important, I suggest you take a long hard look at yourself, and your values.
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    FANTASTIC Cedarwood High Bookshelf Starting bid: 70s Increment (minimum): 5s Buyout: N/A Sniper Protection: 30 Minutes Private Bids: Not accepted Delivery: You pick up. (Located at Oak Hill Ranch; Harmony) Disclaimer: First auction bid, forgive me for anything that looks odd. Thank you for understanding.
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    Seem to be a lot of people telling on themselves in this thread. C'mon folks, this isn't about cosmetics. This is about white being the only option for characters and NPCs in a game played by people all around the world and right now it's saying that only white people are welcome in our fantasy world. This shouldn't have to be a suggestions thread; it should've been addressed long before now. And I'm kinda grossed out that so many people feel strongly enough that this very simple piece of work that has been identified again and again as in need of doing over the years *shouldn't* get priority that they came here to swear about it, make straw man arguments and false equivalencies and generally kick up a stink about the possibility of it getting even a minimal amount of art-dev time. Even if representation isn't more important to you than, I don't know, another overdue bugfix or two (and honestly, ###### shame on you if that's genuinely the case) - presumably the future of the game is? If this oversight gets noticed by someone with a big enough platform Wurm is going to get dragged through the mud on a very public stage. We're getting fancy new skins every month, and new items, textures and buildables every year but we still can't pick a shade darker than tan on our very basic character models. This shouldn't be up for debate. Representation matters.
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    Racial diversity may not be important to you, but it's important to a lot of other people, it's not just cosmetics.
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    It's a rift! In the north! Pick your jaws off the floor and go about HERE: https://imgur.com/e1SP7b8
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    Grats on the Fantastic item! With a high start bid with the uncertainty of the reserve, on a purely decorative item, I'm not certain this auction will get any bids. My advice would be to drastically lower both, but you don't have to. That being said, huge grats! Can we get a pic/gif of what it looks like? I usually make my gifs using 3rd party software (ShareX). Good luck on this! ~Ssmokes
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    It would be nice (and make sense) to be able to squash unfired clay objects back into clay. Since there may be balance concerns (a player could squash/remake the same cup repeatedly for skillgain), it could be made so that the process of squashing would only return some of the clay the object was made out of. Basic mockup: I understand that many players consider grinding pottery to be bothersome, and this slight convenience might improve things somewhat.
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    There is nothing in the rules that says you can't harvest off-deed, open-land resources such as fruit, lumber, dirt, etc. If you have close neighbors, though, and want to be courteous, you can always ask them if the fruit forest is important to them. Otherwise, get that fruit! It's awesome that you're being considerate though!
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    It was quite a weekend for beautiful skies in North East Independence!
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    Did some searching, but nothing came up, so here goes: Let us mirror statues, for us people who like symmetry. Would be nice if my 2 kyklops statues, both had their club on the side of the door they are guarding. Or that my 2 hell horse statues can form a small arch with their two outstretched legs touching. Could be extended to letting us mirror colossi to.
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    It's reasonable to ask players to suspend their disbelief: to accept dragons and trolls, enchanted items and imps carrying mail. There's a difference between asking people to accept something fantastic — something impossible — and asking them to accept something racist. And that's all it is now. There's no leeway for excuses any more. Protesting against the "development cost" of adding a couple of RGB values to a table... starts to sound like a bit of a thin disguise. For some players this is a matter of cosmetics and they really don't care. For others, it's a question of identity, of whether or not they're accepted or excluded from the community of players. If you're in the former group, please sit down and listen to those who've had to sit at the back of the bus.
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    For better organizing of inventory, being able to put item groups inside containers such as backpacks would be pretty nice
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    this thread is pretty pog, usually they don't go mask off like this
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    Rare Gold Dragon Statuette Painted BLACK 1,1,1 Comes with skinned small chest and personalized thank you note. Starting bid: 1 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: No Buyout: 40 s Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: Accepted
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    I do not believe Wurm Online is referencing any particular time or age from the real world. Instead I believe it would be much more accurate to say that Wurm Online is referencing typical MMO/RPG/MUD lore and style. Which is why it has a variety of many different influences, none of which are consistent with a specific style, era or culture from history. I would also strongly argue that Wurm is a Fantasy MMORPG because it incorporates it's own mythology and magic into it's lore and game mechanics.
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    If you consider the ethnicity of the earth, only a minority is represented in Wurm. This has been brought up many times and we really aren't making progress. Character models are super cheesy anyway, so isn't it time for an overhaul? If you don't care about diversity for ethical reasons, you SHOULD care about it for economic reasons. A lot of people like to bond with their characters and they do so by customizing their appearance into something they can connect with. If the models are based on graphics from 15 years ago and have minimal diversity, you are ignoring the majority of your potential player base. Please get this on the roadmap.
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    For years we've been tearing our hair out over disappointing rare rolls - but no more! Lets compile a list of the rares that need a good / better use than saccing (some of them can't even be sacced). Please submit your personal favourites (pet hates) below - along with any solutions and ideas for uses! As the devs find us a use for all these "rotten rares", they can be finally crossed off the list. Rare Item Action (how we get the MOI) Ideas for uses / solution ? Interacting with the UI Delay MOI until a more productive action takes place Increased yield Tending / Sowing (Crops) Add chance for rare coins / remove or delay MOI / add substantial skill tick ? Praying Add chance for rare coins / remove or delay MOI / add substantial skill tick ? Bandaging Add chance for rare coins / remove or delay MOI / add substantial skill tick Rare Stump Woodcutting (Cutting down tree) Usually accompanied by rare felled tree. Add message to highlight this or add chance for rare coins. Rare Support Beam Create / Improve Support Beam Remove / delay MOI / add substantial skill tick Rare Wemp Plants Foraging Allow the crushed fibre to keep the rarity of the wemp plants. Rare Cotton (Ball) Foraging Stuffed soft furnishings or taxidermy or allow the string to keep the rarity of the cotton ball. Rare Wool (Ball) Shearing (Sheep) Stuffed soft furnishings or taxidermy or allow the yarn to keep the rarity of the wool ball. Rare Peat Digging (Peat Tile) Remove / delay MOI / add substantial skill tick Rare Pottery Shingle Create / Improve clay Shingle and rolls during Archaeology Remove / delay MOI / add substantial skill tick Rare Slate Shingle Create slate Shingle and rolls during Archaeology Remove / delay MOI / add substantial skill tick Rare Coffee Cherries Gardening: Harvest from planter Allow the intermediate stages to transfer the rarity to the next usable food product Rare Coffee Bean Beverages: Roast green coffee bean in roasting dish Allow the intermediate stages to transfer the rarity to the next usable food product Rare Cacao Pod Gardening: Harvest from planter Allow the intermediate stages to transfer the rarity to the next usable food product Related threads:
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    Wurm online is NOT a depiction of any area or time age of planet earth, therefore speaking of "representation" is pretty much nonsense and EXPECTING it for the sake of "ethical reasons" is completely out of place, because it's a fantasy-based world and you don't get to expect the presence of anything in an artistic creation of someone else, you just get to like or dislike it. Making this political is silly and should be avoided for obvious reasons. That said, i don't see anything wrong with adding new skintones, and i wonder why it hasn't been done a long time ago, considering how simple that must be, i mean, even forges have different colors now, i can undestand if someone feels trolled, especially if it's as easy as OR says. So, yeah +1
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    Casual players are unlikely to have the beverage, gardening and milling skills to make good quality caffeine, so they will most likely need to purchase this from more full-on players who do have those skills - yes it creates a market, but how does that help casual players? I agree with Joemog, who said: "IMO Wurm is a tedious enough game (still love it) and only benefits from getting easier and getting more QOL." To reduce some of the tedium in making kahvesi for example, could the following please be considered: 1. Adjust the volume of ibriks, so that after adding 1 lot of ground coffee beans to an ibrik, allow the maximum amount of water needed to be added directly to the ibrik, without having to go via an adjusted measuring jug (with or without bits of stuff in it to try and get the maximum amount of water). Since ibriks are only used to make kahvesi, this would make brewing it just a little less tedious and be a QoL boost. 2. Allow ibriks to be used in ovens as others have suggested - not just campfires - again a QoL boost. 3. Allow more than 1 lot of green coffee beans to be roasted in a roasting dish. Green coffee beans are 0.10kg; a roasting dish is 6 liters - so for efficiency, less tedium and more QoL, how about 3 or 5 green coffee beans in a roasting dish? 4. Please do not remove meditation from the caffeine system - at the moment, that is probably the most popular skill it is being used for - by all means have it work only if SB is on from the start of meditation. Thank you, in hope !
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    Bring Your Own Bubble Bath! Washtub.
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    The PvP Ban and Raid Ban Directives have received a much needed overhaul, including fleshing them out to cover more possible scenarios while also aiming to keep them clear and concise, and easily readable. On behalf of the GM Team we hope this clarifies our expectations on the conduct of everyone on a PvP server if/when these directives need to be deployed.
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    January’s “Dragon Statuette” skin brings tiny fierce dragons to guard your hoard! Available through the month of January in the Marks Shop at any settlement token, this skin can be applied to any silver or gold generic statuette (with no associated deity) to give it a unique and fancy look.
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    Glasfryn Self-Service Livestock Market Situated in the picturesque deed of Glasfryn on the lake shore of G17 (Cadence) we are easy to reach both by land or water. We are a very small, family run market who strive to offer animals of quality to you. None of our animals have negative traits, and once they are venerable they are removed from sale and left to live out their days in our "retirement paddocks" (we discount old animals in the hopes they will still find their perfect home). Our pens are self-service to allow you the convenience of collecting the animals whenever you are ready, but we can deliver to anywhere in the NFI for a small cost. If visiting our market in person, look for our merchant Connah in the middle of the market pens - there is a chest in front of his stall for the "used" keys to be returned - if you are buying remotely, contact me either here or in game (Heddwyn) and I will mail you the key out for you to come collect, or bring you the animal if we have agreed a delivery. Any questions please contact me either here or in game (Heddwyn) and I will get back to you as soon as I can (I am UK based). For free animals - please check out my other deed right next door to Glasfryn. Put "Free animals - bring ropes" into your nearest waystone for directions - large stocks of all animals, no vens or neg traits. Horse Colours: Traits: (these are the same for all animals we sell) Pricing: To make life easier for all, I have come up with the following pricing strategy - Horses: - 3 trait (Combat/Speed/Draft - not including Rare traits) White/Gold/Black/Gray/Brown - 50c Piebald/Skewbald/Golden Buck/Blood Bay/Chestnut/Black&Silver - 60c Ebony Black - 75c 4 trait (Combat/Speed/Draft - not including Rare traits) White/Gold/Black/Gray/Brown - 65c Piebald/Skewbald/Golden Buck/Blood Bay/Chestnut/Black&Silver - 75c Ebony Black - 1s Hell Horses: - 3 trait (Combat/Speed/Draft - not including Rare traits) Pestilential/Envious/Shadow/Ash/Cinder - 50c Nightshade/Incandescent - 60c Molten - 75c 4 trait (Combat/Speed/Draft - not including Rare traits) Pestilential/Envious/Shadow/Ash/Cinder - 65c Nightshade/Incandescent - 75c Molten - 1s Unicorns: - Standard:- 3 trait (Combat/Speed/Draft - not including Rare traits) - 1s 4 trait (Combat/Speed/Draft - not including Rare traits) - 2s Champion: - 3 trait (Combat/Speed/Draft - not including Rare traits) - 4s 4 trait (Combat/Speed/Draft - not including Rare traits) - 5s Bison:- 3 trait (Combat/Speed/Draft - not including Rare traits) - 1s 4 trait (Combat/Speed/Draft - not including Rare traits) - 2s Mule:- 3 trait (Combat/Speed/Draft - not including Rare traits) - 50c 4 trait (Combat/Speed/Draft - not including Rare traits) - 1s Deer: - less than 3 trait (Output/Misc - not including Rare traits) - 1s 3 trait (Output/Misc - not including Rare traits) - 2s 4 trait (Output/Misc - not including Rare traits) - 3s I will be adding other livestock like Mules, Donkey's, Sheep, Cattle, Seals and Champ Aggressives soon. Current Stock: Please note if there is no P# in front of a listing this animal is NOT in a self service pen (space constraints - I am working to expand) and will need you to contact me directly to arrange purchase!! Horses:- Mule:- Bison:- Hell Horses:- (see further notes before commiting to purchase) Unicorns:- (see further notes before commiting to purchase) Deer:- (see further notes before commiting to purchase) Further Notes:- The cost of any animal that incurs injury or death that occurs because you have not read/understood this information will not be refunded. Animal Ages: Equipment Bonuses:
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    Welcome to Weed Controls self service market for crops. Since all Fsb/Bsb is on perimeter you cant get the fsb or bsb when you buy the crops. So you need to take a fsb or bsb with you, so you can transfear the crops over to your own fsb or bsb. Or anything else you use to transport the crops home with. If you travel on land, Weed Control is connected to the highway system. On ingame map Weed Control is on SW Cadence S 10/11 On community map its here: https://cadence.yaga.host/#780,3413 As you will find out at merchant Shaylee price is 1 silver /k. On dock in the perimeter of deed you find: FSB 1 QL:97,46 cabbage 5000 FSB 2 QL:97,47 carrot 5000 FSB 3 QL:97,50 cucumber 5000 FSB 4 QL:97,42 garlic 5000 FSB 5 QL:96,53 onion 5000 FSB 6 QL:96,75 pea pods 5000 FSB 7 QL:96,74 rice 4675 FSB 8 QL:97,47 carrot 10000 FSB 9 QL:97,50 cucumber 5000 FSB 10 QL:96,53 onion 5000 BSB 1 QL:93,29 cotton 1500 BSB 2 QL:93,78 wemp plants 1600 BSB 3 QL:95,38 reed plants 2500 And behind them all is a chest, where you can drop the key after you empty the fsb or bsb. Behind the house, called Storage and Boathouse, you find Merchant Shaylee that sell you the keys to the FSB and BSB. Once again very welcome to shop, and I hope my crops will serve you well Dessie
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    When you have had an absolute pants day..... this is my place to unwind.
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    The English language does not have a maximum authority, as it is so widespread that regional dialects and mannerisms come into play. Every country has their own "regional" English (like how the US omit the U in many words, use Z instead of S in others and so on), so it's not a collection of like minded approaches and rules that lead to a single truth It's more like a free for all bar fight on a Saturday night.
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    Rare Slate Forge @ 90ql The forge currently has a rune for increased size (5%) this can be replaced with the burn less fuel rune at buyer request. Start bid: 1s Min bid: 1s Reserve: No Buyout: No Sniper protection: 1 hour Pick up at S17 South Harmony Happy Bidding!
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    Sunrise in one direction... Jackal rising in the other... loving the views from the Villa. More pics on the FB page
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    Huge thanks to everyone that pushes for representation(beyond cosmetic reasoning). I know what it's like to think mechanics-only(actually I am still am mechanics-over-art biased, but this here is not art-related) to try to be "apolitical" or "neutral", and it took plenty of free time to absorb the reality of the world, especially right now. To everyone trying to push away from this, first of all the whole "don't focus on this, focus on other things" is a response that should probably be held back just for the sake of being somewhat useless, otherwise every opposing "priority-ordering opinion" could just flood each-other's feature suggestions infinitely. Secondly, most importantly, some of you are being suspicious in your motivations, others(most, I hope) are surely trying to be neutral and logical-oriented, and reasonable. I appreciate this attempt, as if for progress, but it really isn't as neutral as you think. Taking a stance like this especially at a time in which there are a myraid of information sources for one to realize finally and clearly why there's a problem for these "so-called unbiased-defaults" for characters in video games - well, in this climate it's less accidental ignorance and more purposeful. The design decision for these defaults quite likely wasn't made in direct hostility at the time of implementation. I'd even go so far to say that any hidden bias or blissful ignorance in those days deserves some leeway - it simply was a time in which knowledge of these problems wasn't easy to find, and taking a stance was heavily not-the-norm sadly. That isn't the case anymore. The devs I'm not judging too much here, even now, but everyone here who is trying to put such effort against this decision is really telling. If you think you're being neutral, check your emotions, and educate yourself in contradicting opinions(even in the minefield of YouTube, stick to 2021-2022 though, embrace long videos). In the meantime, I wish some of you the most un-fun PvP invasions, which I will gladly be a part of. Fairly and by the rules, but certainly an event worth happening. Change isn't always peaceful.
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    Keeping it civil with this topic isn't easy and it isn't my desire to see folks get riled up. Just wanted to put a reminder to the company and community that this is a very old issue that still remains unaddressed. Representation for all is becoming the norm and expected for just about everything. I haven't read the entire thread for the recent patch that introduced all the new brick colors, but it sure seemed like diversity in brick color was quite popular and didn't receive a lot of blow back for wasting devs time. How about when all those amazing new horse colors were added? Another incredibly popular addition to the game. Upgrading avatar face, body, skin color and hair options will be welcomed by most, once it is done. But if you only play the game for the skill grind and building castles, with no concern for artistic improvements in the game, I can certainly respect your opinion that mechanics and bug fixes take priority. It really is ok to have that opinion. It's really a question for devs and the game company: Is it time to address this aspect of the game? Is it worth it to pursue now, rather than 10 years from now, or simply never? This thread just helps the community make suggestions for what could make the game more enjoyable to escape to when we need a break from RL. I really appreciate that so many have added their thoughts to the thread.
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    the art devs don't fix bugs, they make art. working on art has 0 impact on fixing bugs and vice versa. unless you're saying the art devs should pick up coding or learn some QA skills or something i guess lol
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    I think we should consider the game for what it is: a game. This is not a government, we don't need to be represented, because to be represented shouldn't be, in my opinion, the purpose of any game. Eventually to add more skin tones, hair styles, hair colors and so on, should be a funny opportunity to customize our toons, just because it is funny, not because any of us should feel the need/urge to be represented in a game.
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    Light rain with a mix of meteor showers today.
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    (created 1.10.2022, finished 1.13.2022) Presentational Video Here: https://imgur.com/a/QtpA9v6
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    Having it tied to fatigue made it a mechanic aimed towards casuals. Removing that and adding an arbitrary 5h per week cap in a roundabout way will turn it from something aimed towards casuals to something everyone (who cares about skillgain) will have to use as an additional optimization method. How about keep it the way it is and simply remove the water restriction and slap on a few qol changes, such as ibriks in ovens. More elaborate and complicated changes doesn't necessity mean better changes. I agree with the previous poster: let's call it what it is, which is not a mechanic for casuals.
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    Just my two irons, some random thoughts, having not said anything about caffeine since it was introduced at all. While I admit I don't fully understand the system yet or the changes coming, as a casual player (someone who rarely 'grinds' and when I do it is for very short periods of time) I am happy to use coffee as it currently is. It works fine for a short term bonus, even though timers are still bugged ( I have priests at a sermon group right now who seem to have like 7 hours at 10 or 20% for several days now, despite not having touched coffee since they have been there, and have been relogged every day- not worried about it since they are just listeners so gaining no benefit really) . However once the stamina drain is replaced with the intoxication system I probably will no longer use it. Just my personal thing, I don't like the intoxication system and so don't use it just like I don't use the 'not official' self harm (or have others injure you) system to get extra skill. Just not comfortable with all that, my personal thing and it doesn't fit with my casual play style. This new mechanic is clearly very important to a lot of folks, I just don't think to be fair it is for casual players at all since like myself they would mostly need to buy it and that is simply an extra cost for very little benefit if you are just going to be 'grinding' something for an hour or so. I see it (as it is now and as it is going to be after changes) as actually being more for those hard core grinders who are the 'squeaky wheel' in so many things anyway I'm fine with that, just wish we would call it what it is, which is not for casual players.
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    New Major bridge link Mainland to North West Island. Waypost on Mainland Deed Northbridge Caretaker. Currently Finished to Waypost on Island End, Deed named Golden Gate The Bridge is the work of Mankurt-Dzhodzohk helping complete "Ragnar and Godic's Dream" with the help of several others to complete it. updated image of finished bridge
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