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    you're all invited to a LAN gaming party at Bruce's Flying Circus (N13) we have: fizzy water beer steaks for a BBQ snacks Aliens vs Predator 2 Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 DotA 1 If you bring CDs we might be able to do other games! Bring your own computer from this time: until late we've got special gift bags (bone, skull, corpse, maybe some charges) but there's definitely not enough for everyone you might look like this at the end
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    Was just reminded of how awkward the deeds and perms are in this game when I had to disband and redeed just to move the token. First off, it's been suggested so often, but for the love of God, let us move the token without disbanding the deed already. That's point one. *Edit* I'm not saying it should be a free move, whether it's a silver cost like renaming the settlement, or a Marks Store purchase like a golden mirror, just give us the option. Of course it would have to be a legal placement of the token (5 tiles to border.) Second, and possibly even more annoying, is all the clicking to give out perms on a deed, especially to close friends who might get some but not all perms, and alts who get all the perms. One of two things are needed here. A copy role function (preferred), or a 'Select All' check box on the role page. Best would be both. There should be a way, like on the Building Perms page, to create roles for all your trusted friends and friends at once. Third, is the closing of the main role page after you "Add Role." You get done with making the role and hit save and the window disappears and now you have to right-click the body > Manage > Settlement > Manage roles to add the next one. Seriously? As much as I'd love to see more decorations and building options and many other things, this bugs me more than not having those yet. It's such a basic part of the game that is just so, so unnecessarily tedious.
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    Goblin Leader Slaying Goblin Leader has returned to Melody to bring us all some fun. Nothing Fancy, No Hassle, No Rules, No Cares... Turn up, HAVE FUN and show respect to EVERYONE is all I ask.... Location is i20, Meldoy, right on the shore.... https://ibb.co/3hy4wnP
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    Just hoping for something to make the world feel a bit more alive, how about NPCs that travel the Highway system? Some ideas for features below. NPCs will traverse the Highway system (and a 5 tile radius of the Highway) visiting features players have built, they will spend an hour at a location then randomly select another to visit, features on deed they may visit include. A fountain A Market Stall A Bench Unlocked buildings with permissions allowing NPCs to visit. NPCs will make conversation about their travels when spoken to, these could include: Have you seen the Fountain at <Deed Name Here>? I've heard its fantastic! I've just visited the <Building Name Here> at <Deed Name Here> Impressive I'm Travelling to Market Stall at <Deed Name Here> Is this the right direction? Different Types of NPCs Including Mounted Knights Civilians in various clothing Members of each In-Game Faith. Cartographers NPCs can enter combat with monsters while travelling. Their success will depend on how strong the type of NPC is They can summon guards if in range of a tower. Their Agro range is significantly reduced compared to players. Players who do not wish to welcome NPCs may disable their ability to visit on their settlement token, they may pass through but will not target your deed as a destination. Buildings will also have an option in their permissions to allow NPCs to visit. I don't really know what bullet points to make for this just addressing any privacy concerns people may have.
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    will there be trickshot competitions
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    Chaos was trying to send me a link of all the work I'm missing out . on. Right now been still looking for a place close by, ( within 40 to 50. miles ) but so far almost all the places have a 1+ year waiting list. The two that only had a 3ish month list ( estimated ) didnt have anything on the ground . floor or accessible for a wheel chair, they was on the 2nd or 3rd floors. Jabirta went to stay with her son who lives about 3 hours away to look for apartments around his area, but i s seeing the same problem up there as well and some that would be totally out . of budget to afford. We're both also looking at renting houses as well and I'll be looking at a few tommorow. The support everyone has show is the most amazing thing through all this and we both are grateful for everything you all have done and said. Big BIG hugs to everyone and gawd yes all my friends who know me know I love to give hugs. Be safe, love yourselves and one another and be kind to those around you. PS, I'm so gonna finish that 300 lamp order and buy a couple of those cute backpack skins for 5s a piece for Jabs n Me lol. Stormblade n Jabirta
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    Hey All! Thought I would hunt down the newly reported Rift on Independence! Not too far from our last one! Different Wurmians use Different Maps! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kHuvWv-8Sha5nsRgow9LSLrNxwYbHFpL/view (Albia Road Map of Indy 38x/20y) https://independence.yaga.host/#2298,1202 https://www.wurmnode.com/server/independence/map#z=5&c=-68.28125,146.71875&m=-75.125,144.125 Checking everything out... There is an area where the ground has been raised to create a road between the two large fields. With tall ridges on North, South, and East sides. Minimal foliage to contend with in the fields. Access was easy. Guard tower close by. Hoping this helps! Happy Wurming and Good Luck! ~Amantnovi~
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    I am back asking for the seemingly impossible again... for a while I felt it was hopeless, but I cannot help but try. Still looking for more options to decorate my world. Could you possibly give choices in the flower boxes? Instead of just the old wooden things, maybe they could be made from all the stone varieties, slate, marble etc.?? Stained glass would be great, or even the option of windowpanes on the windows. The option to dye, well ... anything. Window boxes with flowers. Arched garden gates with flowers. Garden tiles with flowers. Sunflowers Being able to plaster and paint interior walls. Fix ceilings so the roof meets interior walls. Same stupid stuff I have been asking about for years. .. and years. My interests do not run along the lines of cool dragon armor, nor do I care about bear hats, and snowmen heads. Just more options to "fancy" up my fake world. Okay that is about it, thank you all for your time.
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    So... it has been a months-long joke in our alliance that I hate chestnut chairs. Ever since @maximusifound a load on an abandoned deed and started hoarding them in our community warehouse, I have made it my mission in alliance chat to insult chestnut chairs at every available opportunity. Well, the chairs finally caught up with me. This is what I saw when I logged in today. SO MANY CHAIRS THEY. ARE. EVERYWHERE. I've been reliably informed there are a total of 1001. Credit where credit is due - my alliance banded together for a big time prank Had me pretty much laughing on the floor when I logged in. Such an absurdly high-effort prank. It's difficult to even capture them all in one screenshot, they are EVERYWHERE.
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    I wondered how to go about this for a week or so, and it was advised to do it this way. Also, I do realize the irony of inviting the Devs to part of a game they created, or the GMs to somewhere they could go whenever they want. But part of the magnificent beauty of the game you created, is that you made it ours by allowing us to invest in it in so many ways that it Feels like ours, like a world We created, and in many ways, it is. So with that being said, here goes: I created Rockcliff Museum. And since part of the reason I made it was to thank you all, it seems fitting that I should take the time to personally invite you all to the Grand Opening Sept 3rd 10am CST to 10pm. I ask nothing of any of you other than to come see and hopefully feel appreciated and honored for all the work you all do. This is no impalong, but merely a one day affair that I hope to pull off in my rather earnest but probably clumsy way. You don't need to bring hordes of mobs, or fly down from the sky in all your glory, though you can do the latter if you wish. You may even come as a humble toon that we might not even recognize as you. I just want you to see how much gratitude I have for everything you have all done here with this game. I hope what I have done with this Museum conveys that, and I hope that it will bring you a moment of joy that equals the depth of joy all your creativity and patience has given me. I hope you come see, if not that day, sometime soon. With gratitude - Nirav
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    An explanation for those who don't know what it is, if something is placed somewhere where decay is stopped/almost entirely stopped, such as a filled larder, magic chest, decorations on deed, among other things, decay will build up the entire time it's there. This is due to how decay works, each "interval" it'll take damage equal to how much time it's taken ( if it takes a tick of 1 dmg per day on average, and it's been 2 days since it last checked, it'll take 2 dmg, and so on), then reset the time since last decay to 0. These things that "stop" decay get around decay by making the intervals between decay near infinite, but once you take it off deed, the decay intervals are set back to their original amounts, but you've still got the built up time since last decay tick. Say you're on a boat that's been on deed for a year since you were on a break or something, and you sail it off deed, within a few minutes of sailing, it'll take a years worth of decay at once, if this is a low quality boat this can instantly destroy it or kick you out as it's no longer high enough quality to be commanded. The weird way that this is coded makes the no decay basically useless for anything that doesn't permanently reside in a deed/in a magic chest or similar. Suggested fix would be 1. Change the decay interval modification to a 100% decay damage reduction, this would fix the issue, but might add a slight amount of lag to the server as all the items that are on deed and weren't getting polled for decay before are now being polled as they would off deed. 2. Make being on a deed/in a decay proof container reset "lastMaintained" on server launch. This would half fix the problem, but you'd still be getting decay on boats/carts/etc if you drive them around daily and park them on deed after 3. Make repairing/commanding/pushing/interacting with something in a decay proof container/etc force a check for decay that's set to 0 if it's somewhere protected from decay and reset "lastMaintained". This would be the most reliable one but not sure how much of an impact on lag this would have, especially with things like someone pushing instantly on deed.
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    Can we explore the option of getting caskets from rare rolls while hunting. At least for the pvp servers, provides an extra incentive to leave deed and promotes more pvp. I am sure freedom will also enjoy this option.
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    August’s “Bjarne Backpack” lets you bring your adorable fuzzy buddy everywhere you go! Available through the month of August in the Marks Shop at any settlement token, this skin can be applied to any backpack to give it a unique and fancy look.
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    I am confused why people makes an issue out of this post. To me it is simple. the OP offered a job and if someone is interested in doing the work for whatever the reason it's a deal between the 2 of them. If you think it is a bad deal or whatever close the tab move along. No need to comment. it's a simple case of supply and demand. If you not interested ignore it, it so simple. I just don't get why there always has to be some people commenting on things that has nothing to do with them.
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    yes more flowers there is a whole plethora of flowers in the world to chose from and it could create an entirely new skill class...florist if there was ways to arrange them in bunches and better choices for presenting them like pots for the house and outdoor planters of different shapes sizes and material types it would make deed decorating crazy fun and could even create a new avenue for people to work on gardening skill
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    That was the point of my post. Just as gunpowder would seem to be out of context with Wurm, so are purple little Teddy bears on player's backs. I would have much rather seen one of my old suggestions than this. Come on, Devs.
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    Was waiting for backpack skin for years. This make me so sad Sorry devs, I know it cost you time and some ppl will like it, but it is totally out of this game.
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    As a player who has held dozens of auctions, for both low- and high-ticket items, I will toss my two copper in. First off, about me: I mainly play solo, have no close friends in game, belong to no alliance. No one has any reason to 'bid up' items at my auctions. Yet I am regularly surprised at the outcomes: sometimes items go for far less than I expected, sometimes far more (like a rare chess queen that went for 20s, to take a recent example). And, for what it's worth, I will say this to try to dispel some of the bad faith in this thread: after every auction I have run, the item was indeed sold to the final bidder for the amount of the final bid. On further reflection, though, I am not really all that surprised by auction outcomes. They fluctuate for a variety of reasons. (1) The Wurm auction community is small and players dip in and out of it. Pick the wrong week to run an auction, and your few potential buyers might be away from game and overlook it. Pick the right week, and a multi-way bidding war may ensue. (2) Wurm auctions do not closely resemble real-world auctions, but they are strongly affected by the real-world economy. A lot of players have a moderate to high real-life income, with a monthly entertainment budget of hundreds of USD or EUR. They may think nothing of throwing some of this cash at unique or semi-unique items when they come up at auction. They reason: 100 silver for this supreme whatever that I may never get a chance at again, or dinner for two at a restaurant this Saturday, hmm . . . I'll take the supreme whatever. (3) This is a game and people are here to enjoy themselves. I have seen players outbid rivals as a flex or to prank a friend or because they are caught up in the thrill of the moment (been there myself). Frankly, they do not care about the historical prices or other players' perceptions of what prices 'should be'; they just want to have fun.
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    Tired of living in the dark? Light up your life and your home with our lamps! I can be contacted ingame @Kadence, via forum PM, or post here for all orders. Hi everyone! I offer Strongwall services as well as lamps made fresh as ordered! Below you can find a list of services and pricing: Strongwall Casts: Travel cost: 50c to any coast, or 1s to anywhere inland + 1 tile: 1s OR bulk discounts: 2 to 5 tiles: 75c each 5 to 10 tiles: 50c each 10 tiles+: 40c each For example, a total of 5 tiles Strongwalled on a coastal location would be: 4s 75c, much cheaper than 5 shaker orbs! Lamps: (Delivery by mail available, FREE delivery to any coastal location on orders of 100+ to save you mail cost!) Lamps can be pushed INTO walls to hide the pole and make it appear they are attached to the wall, be sure to see the spoilers for example pictures of each style! Lanterns: 70QL dyed bright white, held in inventory as a portable (BRIGHT) light source: 45c each, or discounted 40c each for orders of 3+ Brass Oil Lamp: 50QL dyed BRIGHT white, can be used as a portable light source or decoration, they look GREAT! 40c each Hanging: 20QL (~2 tile radius) @ 5c each, 40QL (~4 tile radius) 15c each Street/Regular: 20QL (~2 tile radius) @ 5c each, 40QL (~4 tile radius) 15c each Torch: 20QL (~2 tile radius) @ 5c each, 40QL (~4 tile radius) 15c each Small Braziers: 20QL (~2 tile radius) @ 25c each, 40QL (~4 tile radius) 50c each Thanks for looking and Happy Wurming!
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    To remove a lock from a cart, ship, or large chest, the user has to right click on it, then select a menu whose name matches the object, and then choose the Unlock option. So to unlock a large chest, you would have to right click, click on "Large Chest", and then click Unlock. For many players, this is far from obvious. I'm proposing that instead the two items be renamed as follows the submenu is renamed from <ObjectName> to "Unlock" the menu option is renamed from "Unlock" to "Remove Lock from <ObjectName>" This will make it easier for players to find the option to remove the lock, and it also make it easier for people in the CA HELP channel to guide them in the right direction. It's also a little bit more consistent with other two-step menu options, such as the commands to pour a liquid on the ground, or Bash something.
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    Anyone else having excessive general game lag the last 5 days or so? Edit: Cadance mostly, maybe a little on other server too.
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    I didn't even know this was a thing where if you took things off deed that has been there a long time it will take considerable damage. I'm surprised this is not fixed since this is an older thread. The example of the ship in original post is a good one, if you have a low quality ship on deed for a long time then sail it off deed it could just vanish, crazy. Please fix this, I don't want to worry about things vanishing when taking them off deed.
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    Memorial to the Past: Personal project to a fallen gamer. A couple years in my own past, I met a man who really opened up the of role playing games and the fun of seat of the pants gaming during DnD Sessions. Sadly “Krevil” His fallen paladins deity name. Did not spend a Long time at the table with me and Badcartoon (Co-founder of the Memorial of the past). After a few years knowing him the many years of him giving up on his health and spending what time he had left with friends. Died from a heart attack. Memorial to the Past, started as a thought for space on Ritestone Keep, near Encore, but during one of the no healing materials hunts that we are known for. We came across the Island that is now the deeds home, The landscape and the difficulty of the island felt like another “Krevil Knows his rules” moment that he would often throw at us we he felt we where being unrulely at the table. Second we crossed the Bridge the fight started, low on cotton all we could do is push for encore and hope for survival. When we both made that last bridge and turned back to the island filled with monsters we had to fight and run and many unlooted bodies. We knew it. Krevil would have been so surprised we lived through that, like we had always seem’d to do. “After checking us for bad dice:”("Which where his") ~Badcartoon Now that the story is out of the way. The first Monument will be dedicated to the GM that made me a requested one among my friends, and really brought me out of my shell during a rough time. But theirs more. After Consulting with BadC we’re thinking of turning this into a community project where players themselves can come honor a friend who’d love this game, or who had. Leave your own mark, come visit see what’s changed make alterations to what you’ve left. Pay your respects, or offer some time with a chisel to make some bricks. I’m wanting to run if off of Just a caretaker for now. Only building for himself is a shack. And supplies are donated by the community to assist in turning this desolate island that would put any player to the test. In to a Memorial not just to my past, or BadC’s, but to the gamer who we did or didn’t know that we all wish everyone could meet. R.I.P Krevil, miss ya buddy.
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    Rockcliff Museum is opening very soon - The Grand Opening is 9/3/2022 at 10am CST. Many of you have questions, so I hope this will answer most of them. Yes, you can still get items into the museum Now so they are displayed when it opens. Please send them to Nirav, make sure your signature is on them. You can also send me a story about the item here on the forum in a PM. The Museum is for Everyone in the Southern Servers, not just Independence. If you want to know all the details, please read everything here. Thank you all, and see you soon! Reddragon Will Be Bringing The Boozen Wagon!!!!!! THE NAMES There are over 550 toons represented at Rockcliff Museum. A full list of these names will be on the website. But I do want to thank a few special folks here: Dragon Hills Alliance - Hvergi, Chaoshaze, Lilychaos, Stormblade, Camaril, Zimgraham for helping with signature imps, building, making materials for the building Camaril for making 300 Grand Opening Gala Party Favors Kasumi for helping with layout, interior decorating, listening when I needed to babble because I was panicking Pomeray, who donated roughly 1/4 of the items with signatures in this Museum Lyhrinae for helping with mortar, building, and item donation Why A Museum, Why This One? Who Is This All For Or About? How Did This Get Created? Where Is It? When Is The Grand Opening? What Is The Grand Opening Going To Be Like, And What Should I Bring? A call for volunteers...
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    Weird “feature” that’s pretty illogical too… I know we have some “wogic” but this is not just silly but also punishing. Would love to see it changed/removed!
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    Not sure why you are being contrary - man doesn't want to make all the bricks and mortar himself, willing to pay others to do it. Either he gets folks, or not. Instead of trolling and making crap and drama, do some research and see if the offer really is fair and honest (it is), if the person isn't being honest (he is), or if there really is any sort of injustice involved that needs to be addressed (don't think there is), just mind your own business. And, good solid health benefits there Dale. Ever consider tossing in a bed to earn SB?
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    [15:49:29] Wind of Ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [90] If you ever want to see the rare saddle again, you will make a bid below or else the rare saddle gets it. She is unharmed, for now... YOU HAVE 24 HOURS. Proof of life Starting Bid : 10s Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: Yes, 20s. Buyout: None Sniper Protection: 1hr Private bids: No
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    Wood polish may be crafted by combining beeswax with any fruit juice. Wood polish may be applied to all wooden objects, subject to technical limitations to be determined. To be clear, if it's possible, I would like the following types of objects to be polishable: walls and floors tables, chairs, and other furniture items vehicles that can be painted (but note that the amount of polish / time required may be prohibitively large) weapon/tool shafts/handles Effects of polishing: the surface becomes significantly shinier if painted, the colour becomes slightly richer (an effect that can be calculated but at its simplest would move the RGB values away from 127,127,127) slightly reduced decay
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    That's weird, it sounds like you ignored the fact that I didn't ignore a good deal of your post that you quoted. I specifically addressed the "new player attacked by one goblin". It may well be that I didn't correctly parse your long run-on sentence. I can only suggest that in future you try to break your thoughts up into shorter, more coherent points.
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    First, the animation while using the spinning wheel is great. Nice touch. But - should be able to sit in a chair while using it. When I tried: "[20:02:32] You need to be on solid ground to do that."
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    there needs to be tons of stuff to decorate buildings. If we never got multi story the amount would be fine but after multi story no one wants every room in a 14 story inn or building to look the same. There needs to be a big increase in furniture list follows. All items in Gold I've done on personal server in WU. Pictures on walls Curtains Standing mirrors different kinds of beds or at least beding on the models we have now taxidermy with stuffed animals new line of rugs more statues more tables wall cabinets kitchen utensils like butter churn etc. even a out house would be great I can see this one expanding into farming. Gazebos different vases with or with out flowers with design patterns
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    Me " Look at that sight" Bear " For the last time you will have to turn around if you want me to see it"!
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    Not sure if this was rune or dye but Demona shared this earlier in GL
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    What server are you on? Independence has definitely been having some very noticeable lag. Below are the lag graphs from the server graphs page on the Wurmpedia for Independence, at various time intervals. The server usually doesn't lag at all, but has started having some significant and noticeable lag issues since around the start of August this year: Zoomed in, you can see roughly when it started getting bad, although from year graph you can see initial lagspikes in the end of June: Looks like it started getting particularly bad around July 29th (the Friday in Week 30), although there were some anomalous little spikes up until then, e.g. on July 17th in Week 28 and in the end of June (looks like around June 25th.) The lag seems to be worse at the weekend or in evenings, when more players are on: The start of the lag doesn't line up with any unique slayings, new patch notes or player events. The lag is probably caused by one of two things. Firstly, it could be hosting issues - possibly related to the August 7th crash, as Indy was one of the servers that went down that day. Secondly, it could be a recent change (since we got treasure maps a couple of months ago) somehow building up over time and causing lag issues.
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    The server outage this morning was due to a hardware failure on one of the physical machines hosting our game servers. The initial failure happened around 9:45 UTC, causing the machine to shut down. The actual failure was a hard disk failing. This took out Pristine, Indy, Serenity, Desertion, Exodus, Deli, and Chaos, but also Golden Valley and the webshop, meaning that even if you were on a server that wasn't down, nobody could log in (GV is our login server). We notified our hosting provider (who were already swinging into action), who pulled the machine and replaced the disk. Replacing the hardware didn't take very long, but rebuilding the images took a little bit, so we had to wait for the machine to give the green light before bringing anything back up. We do not expect any significant data loss as a result of this outage, as we use a redundant array configuration. The game servers were brought back up at 11:57 UTC, with all hamsters operating normally from that point. Fun fact: Max handled sorting out the systems from our side, on his laptop, from his allotment. No vegetables were harmed due to this outage.
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    Indy Rift Representing the Luminosity Collective Alliance @Jackdryden and @Amantnovi May I just say...This Rift Group was AWESOME!!! ( I outlined my horse by mistake. Shhhh don't say anything, she's sensitive about it) Was a great time!
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    Beauty and the Beasts Indy Rift
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    This might be the update, where Rolf fixed "Decay" and added catch up damage. It caused quite a lot of lag, and a lot of heavy damage on items. (I cried) https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Wurm_Server_Release_Notes_2013#130829_Item_decay_catching_up
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    We now have over 700 mission structures and guard towers added to the map - thats insane!
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    ...if you almost burned your real-life house down by putting backpacks in your oven.
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    That saddle is a criminal and has been implicated in the death or disappearance of at least three bridles and deserves what's coming. 13s - to leave the saddle where it is
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    Yeah, I think this is serious. I can't let the shiny go poof! 11s.
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    We are long overdue for these sorts of things to be added in game. That's for sure. Taxidermy items too.
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    Inside voice: Dodo, I told you that black mushroom was too rotten to eat, but do you ever listen to me? Noooo you never do, well ya know what? Take this! Invisible hallucination monster thingy! I hope you have a tummy ache!
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    12/10 skin of the year
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    lol...Your example makes no sense. Your trying to get someone in Afghanistan to pay 2 euros per litre of petrol when they can get it for 19 cents right next door. Sounds like someone is trying to rip someone else off. Maybe that's just my smart pants talking Happy Wurming