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    Hello all Since Tich's passing and some of my best times in Wurm were with my friend Yuri making massive bridges on release(great times) i decided a fitting tribute to Tich who i hear had a major part in bringing bridges live to wurm, was to build a 48 tile long X160 high decorated bridge dedicated to her. I started the week she passed and have been busy in RL but it's finally finished i think:P (Thanks to Savronne who come along with me to build bridge) Everything on the bridge was made by me and coloured by me,i named the bridge "Dedicated to Tich 2018" i named the brazer "eternal flame" and plan to maintain all items as long as i continue to play wurm online.
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    target something out of range - can eat, lead horses, drink wine, reimp your armor or whatever when in combat perhaps you should just fix that bug instead of making it so you cant eat for 10 seconds after?
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    Maybe actually report the issues if you want to see them fixed? Last update was not a single texture change, it was a ton of back-end changes to allow for exactly the kind of stuff Niki mentions here. We definitely want some of those smaller graphical features in, but right now the focus is on the bigger improvements - first off tree rendering improvements (for some of that more-distant tree goodness).
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    Sunrise over Niflheimr (which is heavily in WIP).
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    On a PvE standpoint this could screw people that like to explore/mountain climb(myself included). Would be pretty bad when climbing a steep area, while relying on sandwiches for stamina, and getting attacked by a troll. Dont want to open the can of wurms for the pvp aspect.
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    Bugfix: Possible fix for the ‘unknown wall type’ fence parts which cannot be destroyed. (No foxes for Fabricant).
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    Posting this by request: Fo passives: Magranon: Paaweelr: Smeagain: Tosiek: Vynora: Nahjo (provided by Angelklaine):
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    Were it my game, I'd allow you to pray repeatedly until your stamina bar ran out, all for one click. Why is attempting to force people to be "attentive" to monotonous and repetitive gameplay considered a good thing? If I wanted people to be attentive to a game I developed, I'd earn it by designing interesting and fun gameplay, not force it by dangling a distant reward in front of players and saying, "click tens of thousands of times in this long, indescribably boring process to win!". Almost sounds like a cruel experiment.
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    All the nitty gritty is done on this. 3 wide entrances on both sides all the boat canal which is 5 tiles wide. Cart (future highway) tunnel 3 wide and entrance 3 wide. The sides are all beamed. We are at the part where we need to pave and Cat eye this. Beams, Mortar, Marble bricks for Cladding. For the highway cart tunnel 250 beams/250 mortar need.(Just need 50 beams for this part now). For Cladding 2400 Mortar, and 2400 Marble Bricks Have 1k of bricks and 1k Mortar. 20 lamps, any type really just so long as they are all the same type. Marble Braziers 8: 50 marble bricks, 50 mortar, 1 gold x 8. (Thank you Sol, your crazy) Bridges 280 Marble bricks, 280 Mortar x 2(Thank you Yaga for the bricks!) To pave the canal it would be 400 support beams and 400 mortar. I might close and reopen the entrances, the entrance are not "Exactly" the same and I might have to make it uniform, maybe East Side entrances are looking nice. West side still makes me want to cry. Special thanks to all those who have been helping out! @Steveleeb, @Anarres, @syncaidius@AlmostSolitude2, @MacOofer
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    In this week's patch notes there was a small line that a lot of people would have glossed over, that being “Fixed a number of movement issues.” There’s a long story behind this one, with a few weeks total of working on it and something completely insane that I had to fix, so I wanted to write a bit about it - if you’ll forgive my rambling. Note: Before we start this I should point out that in the context of this post, "desync" is referring to a creature or player appearing at one location from your view, but from their view they're in a different spot. This isn't related to the "Your position on the server is not updated." message that you can sometimes get when the server itself is lagging. Hopefully by now some people have noticed a bit smoother movement in general (ignoring today's horses being a bit jittery on bridges), and a lot less (ideally none) movement desync that the game has had troubles with for a long time. These desync issues were magnified with the Fishing update and became a lot more apparent over the last few months. You might have encountered this on your boat by disembarking after a long trip and being a tile or two away from where you thought you were, or by leading a creature a long distance and it slowly getting farther and farther away from you. The cause of the desync becoming more apparent was a change I did months ago for fish. Each fish in the game is technically a creature the same as any other and the server controls it as such. When you cast your line it decides when your fish will spawn, then tells it to move towards your line where it stops for a bit. Early on we ran into issues where the fish wouldn’t always stop right on your line, but sometimes off to one side or the other. To get into the reason for this issue and how I fixed it we have to dive a bit into how the movement updates in Wurm work. Movement is calculated on the client based on your input which then sends your new position to the server. Server then checks that data against what you’re allowed and expected to actually do with that movement then if everything is okay it saves that as your new position and updates everything that needs to know where you are. This includes any other players that can see you, all the creatures within range of you, anything you’re riding or dragging or leading and a few other things. When doing these updates they’ve historically been done using position differences. The difference is passed along and calculations are done based on that instead of the exact new position. This is where the problem starts. For reasons of keeping data packets to all clients as low as possible, all movement difference values got packaged into byte values (which is a quarter of the data that sending the full position value would be), meaning a number in the range of -127 to +127. This means that when you’re moving from [1587.33, 903.19] to [1587.39, 903.81] the X and Y differences have to be converted into that -127 to 127 range, whole numbers only. To accomplish this the differences were multiplied by 10, which had the downside of ignoring any movement difference below 10cm (0.1) since that would get rounded down to 0cm when converted into a whole number byte. Here’s where we get back to the fish problem. Because the final movement of the fish to get to the hook was sometimes less than 10cm the update packet sent to the client was rounded down to 0cm and ignored. After some testing to figure out the actual movement values being sent to the client was never getting beyond the -7 to +7 range, I changed that x10 multiplier into a x100 multiplier. This gave us an extra degree of precision in movement, while keeping the movement difference values inside that -127 to +127 range. Although this fixed the fishy issue that we were having at the time, it brought to light some new desync issues and made some existing ones worse. At that time the biggest issue was stamina drain problems because of this change - I had thought it was because I missed some x10 -> x100 change at some point, but after going through the related stamina drain code it didn’t make sense. I gave up some point after and tweaked the draining code to be as close to live as it was before the change and chalked it up to something weird that I might find later on. The last few weeks was that ‘later on’ where I found out that my initial thought of “this doesn’t make sense” was correct. You may have noticed that I glossed over what happened in the old code when those difference values were rounded down to 0cm if they didn’t hit that 10cm (or 1cm after the x100 change) threshold. This is the source of the desync that the game has had in varying degrees since day one. When these values were rounded down to 0cm (or remainders from a whole number were rounded down), the movement would still be applied but the “update everything else” code would see it as no movement and not run. This means there could be some movement ticks where nothing was sent to players that were in range, or stamina would not drain at all if it was a player’s movement. But then how has everything still mostly worked all of this time if these movement differences weren’t updating properly? Now we get to the meat of the issue. The code that transformed the new position values into a difference value was prone to a rounding error that every now and then would cause a movement difference that is usually under 1cm to get rounded up to 10cm and trigger the chain of updates to everything and stamina drain. When the difference code was working on 10cm intervals, the rounding error just happened to occur about as often as the “lost movement” from rounding down would have added up to 10cm, so it kind of balanced itself out. Changing it to 1cm intervals meant less data was lost to rounding down, but also meant when the rounding-up error did occur it was only triggering enough movement for 1cm, meaning it lost the ‘happy accident of balance’ that it previously had which lead to desync problems being slightly more pronounced over the last couple of months. During my trek over the last few weeks into figuring out the desync issues Samool and I came across that piece code and recognised that it could cause some precision errors, so I changed it to something that wouldn’t. This lead me to a couple days of pulling my hair out over stamina no longer draining as expected before realising the rounding error was the reason it ever worked properly in the first place, and that the code down the chain relied on it to work 99% of the time for smaller movements. Without having this rounding error, slow movement will very rarely be above that 1cm threshold, meaning none of the drain code or update code was ever called, since the movement was rounded down to 0. Fixing this new issue involved changing the entire chain of code to not use the byte value differences, and instead use the actual position data and calculating exact difference values when needed, eliminating any need for rounding down (or random errors causing rounding up). This also lead to a couple days of rebalancing stamina drain from movement to be as close to live as possible considering the old system relied on a random rounding error to work at all. I’m truly surprised that it worked as well as it did being based on an error for smaller movements like that. The upside of all of this is that movement updates sent to players now use the exact position instead of difference values, meaning desync should be a thing of the past. The place that you see other creatures and players is the exact same position that the server sees that creature of player - and stamina draining should be a lot more precise for smaller movements instead of relying on a rounding error. I hope I never have to touch movement code again.
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    The week before last, I spent an hour or two each evening riding around Xanadu. During that week, I saw less than 5 other players. Most of the deeds I passed, I couldn't tell if they were active or not, and the world felt pretty empty and abandoned. Odds are, judging from premium player accounts, I just logged in during times when no-one else was on. From what I hear, this is not an unusual situation, and it's not a nice one. So, below, are a couple of ideas for everyone to help make the world feel a little more active, even if they are not around! (going to start work on these tomorrow evening for my home!) Leave a brightly dyed sign near your home with the days/times you are usually online (great for your imping business!) Leave a construction marker in your perimeter with "online recently" labelled on it, to let folks know that your deed is still active Leave cheap paper, cheap pens, and cheap ink in a cedar chest in your perimeter with your character name on it so visitors who pass by can easily leave a message either by post or in the chest. Working on a project out in the wild? Why not drop a sign with the last active time you logged in for that project. (Also helps folks avoid undoing your hard work by thinking it is a ruin!) Passing by a new build? Leave a small chest with a note of welcome by it. (because why not?) These are just a couple of ideas we can all try and do to make the game world feel a little less empty, and they really just boil down to leaving a passive footprint that other players can easily see as activity. The devs are putting a lot of work into making wurm a better game, maybe we can help too by making it a slightly better place. If anyone else has suggestions, I'd love to hear em!
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    Definitly a No, i do not like it. The old over-simplyfied way, was converted to a over-complicated way, which needs way more resources, maintenence, but gives you no faster skillgain for this hassle. Sure, i can now see a fish in the water - players like graphics, but you get not reasonable skill or fish back. I have seen a new player at Haven Landing a week ago, at first very exited for fishing, i helped craft spears and fishing lines and what not all in okey quality - but nobody can help that poor guy, when he just fails over and over and does not get fish for lunch. I was able to see literally the exitement of this new player flow away after a few days of trying to understand etc. A few easy changes that harms nobody, could do so much good to the game.
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    So why didn't the devs remove "the trick" so you can't eat, drink or whatever while in combat? Sounds more like the issue is identifying when the player is actually in combat. Wouldn't that fix all the issues with doing unintended stuff without nerfing a silly action like eating ? From what people say you seem to also be able to lead a horse with the now famous "trick".. and that's a really bad bug for pvp too..
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    Still my all time favorite:
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    Just to re-iterate @Egard's slightly early post above. Thank you all for voting. It's really exciting seeing all of the commentary, and I'm excited to finalize all of the artwork based upon the winning option. Option #3 was chosen by the community, with Option #1 behind, so we will create the military tent with this in mind. We will also, at same time, fix up any quirky problems with the voted set, and ensure it will not have any graphical issues. We will also keep in mind any criticism for all of the options, and hopefully you will all be happy with the final results! The winner will (hopefully) be announced in conjunction with the next Valrei International, along with the implementation of the PMK graphics. Again, on behalf of The Crusaders, thanks everyone!
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    Don't give them ideas to make another grind into interactive games with no reward at all pls...
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    Prayer grind is soul destroying. It needs fixing in some reasonable way to make it more interesting, as well as rewarding engaged play.
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    Still, filling a 4-prayer queue means 4 key presses every 2 minutes. What you could do is google "timer", set that one to 2 minutes (more if you got a higher queue of course) for efficiency. Or.... we can start the debate on whether it's legal to hang a laser pointer off the ceiling with a string, aim a fan at it so it moves a bit, bind all your keys to the same command, and let the cat have at it (technicism: account sharing is allowed and the cat is, in fact, a living sentient organic being).
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    I think this whole keyboard police-state in Wurm is pathetic. Just saying...
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    Looks like we have a winner We will now begin polishing the design and submit it to CC. Thsnks all that voted it was a close poll, we appreciate the feedback and suggestions. Xallo will be doing a giveaway once the new design is in, as mentioned in the OP.
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    Congratulations to MacOofer for hosting and Bipolarbear for finding it and to all who helped. Went very smoothly. Also gz to all the loot roll winners. I really did not need to have anything, but it was nice to get a roll for a change.
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    That one is fixed in the preview client already.