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    There is a loot places left after disbanded deeds, damaged terain, high slopes. I pick random place and take some diging teraforming to change it so it look more natural Here some screans from my first place https://imgur.com/dsG1m6z https://imgur.com/86fiDB5 https://imgur.com/PF0w6nj https://imgur.com/fFaLt6W
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    Hi everyone, We have noticed an increase in suspicious silver sellers in global and trade chats. While we are doing our best to ensure suspicious accounts are removed, we would like to remind you all to be cautious when buying silver off other players as we may not be able to help. Be sure to only trade with people you trust and remember: IF IT LOOKS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT PROBABLY IS A SCAM. regards, The wurm team.
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    What do you find at the end of a rainbow? (See bottom of post for answer) Greetings Wurmians! Apologies for the delay, renovations at the house led to no power, which of course leads to no Wurm, the horror! Legendary problems The next update is scheduled for the 27th of June, and has a specific change planned for it. With this update we'll be removing the ability for Legendary creatures to be located via any location method, GetInfo, Reveal creatures (cast and rune) and pendulums will no longer be able to find Legendary creatures. In addition, we will be changing the Legendary creature spawn requirements to be able to spawn anywhere (with a buffer around deeds). This is a short term solution to come in this update, with a much larger rework planned, although no firm timeframe when as we have Frontier and Epic to work on next. The vote is in! As you may have all seen, the vote about the reset of Elevation is a landslide! We approached with the intention of weighting towards caution but it's a clear 10:1 split in favour of resetting it. As such, we have begun the process of organising our resources to have Elevation reset. the planned dates are: Server goes down 9th July Server goes up with new map 11th July The reason for this is all the behind the scenes database work, as the new Elevation will contain some specific changes to the server (items not transferring and such). I know you're all keen to go into details, as such I'll be hosting a devstream with Darklords and Ausimus this Saturday at 10pm GMT to talk all about the Elevation update. So tune in then! Shadows A sneak peek this week (heh) is the new shadow system coming soon! With the current shadows being very faint and most items looking like they dont have one, Samool has been working on improving that, and it certainly shows! Indy event The independence event will be launching next Friday, and will run the entire month of July! It will not be a one off time event, but much like the midsummers event of the past, where you can run it at any time. A small villager of the Howl, Julia has found out Independence is 10 years old, and wants to throw a party! She'll need your help though, you'll have to travel around and invite a whole bunch of people, with 4 stages! If you invite 1-3, you will get a common version of the reward, 4-6 you will get a rare, 7-9 you will get a supreme, and if you invite all 10, a fantastic version! We'll have info on the start date next week! Community Content This weeks community content is wiluss with their back to nature project! Wiluss is travelling around terraforming some areas to give them more of a natural look. You can see their work on this forum thread here! Nice work Wilus! That's it from us this week everyone, I hope to see many of you this Saturday, makes it far less awkward than talking to an empty room, I've checked. Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team (a 'w')
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    Greetings fellow citizens of Independence! We are proud to announce the official opening of the new Samling Fjord highway system that links the highway east and west of the lake. It consists of two projects that together made the whole highway system possible. Samling Pass and Samling Span. (Location is approximate.) Samling Pass (Herritage Site) A massive tunnel system that links the Samling Span Bridge through the Nostalgia Community at 25x;12y exiting approximately at around 22x;14y. This system consists of a fully reinforced and clad 3 wide system with lighting installed. The tunnel connects the two highways and allows for the highway system to link with the east side of the Fjord without circumventing the lake and the mountains. Its a quick route allowing easy access. Pictures: Samling Span: The bridge connects the tunnel with the rest of the highway system east of the Samling Fjord. Its conveniently designed to allow for easy sailing and maximising esthetic value. We plant to introduce lighting to it in the near future. Pictures: Special thanks to my crew who helped me with this massive undertaking: @arakiel Made most of the rock work and the planning of the bridge. Massive amounts of hours invested in making this project a reality. @Magg Mined out a crazy amount of sandstone and other veins. Made our life much simpler. @Draiodoir Thanks for the lamps and the work putting together the bridge. Even though you didn't have to, you put your back into it. A lifesaver. @Pankivtanke Sold us a ridiculous amount of bricks and mortar. You made our lives easier! GM Idunn for being so diligent on getting our Herritage Site request approved! Thanks for holding my hand througout the whole process! And to all others who helped us along the way. Hope everyone gets to enjoy it!
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    A long time ago I offered the services of myself and a ragtag band of fighters and friends to help whoever found a unique to pen it, organise the slaying (private or public) and help in the kill... With the incoming changes, i'm ressurecting this service. The key points is that YOUR unique remains YOURS, the loot remains YOURS, we will ask nothing for our help... you can feel free to give us something... BUT it is nowhere mandatory! We hope that the new changes will allow everyone to stumble on a unique soon(TM)... and in those case have the choice of going toward the group they find the most suited to help them insure the penning / kill while not loosing loot to their 'helpers'. You will be able to reach me here on the forum... or even on Discord... i'm always lurking in some dark corner of the Wurm Online Official one!
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    I've played this game for a good many a year and long hour into the day as well. I"m quite sure I've even grown longer in the tooth from the lapse of such time. It's been a winding road of adventure much like an unknown yet treacherous hiking trail. Along the way you meet some beautiful people, and you think wow this game is great but it truly is the community that makes the game. I often hear when someone expresses their feelings about something in the game, someone not wanting to care, not wanting to hear it, not having capacity to have concern for another often will say it's just a game. But is it? For those that play casually I can see that being so. For those that have played what appears daily for years, does it not become something more? Don't you build bridges into other"s worlds, share parts of yourself and others share parts in return? Have not relationships emerged like a nascent plant sprout and unfurled into a romantic relationship and beyond into marriage? Haven't players helped other players in emotional support through difficult life events whether financial, or health , or relationship related? Even the the most brutal combat hardened players , much due to the immense hours needed , teamwork required, and experiences shared in what it takes to be part of a pvp kingdom..have forged life long friends and bonded beyond the parameters of the game. It's not uncommon to hear of people within the wurm gaming community to travel about visiting other wurmians in real life beyond the computer. This surely has to be more than a game yes? How about the other side of the coin, the darker less glowing underbelly side. Sometimes the congregation of real people in a cyber world clash and result in hurt feelings. Sometimes it's easier to not care or give a .... what you say or do to another cause it's some where yonder not real, not reality..but is that true? Are the emotions the same as real life? are the negative actions committed against another not experienced the same way as in real life? It's easy to see how someone can be unhappy about a small scale scam of merchandise for coin or coin sale for real life money gone wrong. Is that not real? and more than just a game? What about accounts that have been hacked or communication systems breached used by players in game without consent, does it not leave someone with a feeling of loss and foolishness at a deep level. If just a game, are these levels of emotions unfounded or justified? Imagine also building those same connections with others mentioned above that lent to so many beautiful things beyond the game..now lets take that portion away, lets say you build what you thought was a friendship, to then find the person used you and feels no emotion about it. As you try to reconcile that in your mind, sometimes you attempt to reconcile that with them and you get cold empty nothing back. Does that not gut a person left without closure to an unforeseen circumstance that is not part of the game play mechanics. what does the term rage quit really mean? At some level it's about some dissatisfaction where negative emotions build to a boiling point and one logs out not to log in again because the experience was so resoundingly unpleasant. Sometimes there are also personal attacks meant to diminish another as a way to make the aggressor feel better about themselves or appear smarter, better, or more cool. I've also seen where a player has run a string of bad luck and suffered loss in game, and one or a few people will readily provide an entire new setup of tools and gear, armor, weapons, animals, transportation utility carts and wagons. The entire range of emotions can be seen expressed and felt in the game. The idea of also paying it forward is another real aspect to this game. Where a random act of kindness done for you, is then done for another by you when you have the means, time, way, space to do so. Is that a game? or a way of being? I have been pondering some of these thoughts when pondering impacts players have had on me good and bad , as well as impacts I may have had on others good and bad. Is it also unreasonable then for someone to have you feel so bad through words said, unsaid, cruel actions, actions of malice or cavalier , that you'd quit the game? It's just a game right? Now because we are a mix of people with differing opinions, capacities, nature, personalities I know this can lend to troll postings that lack regard for a cheap laugh, that I can't stop. Aside, it'd be interesting to hear others thoughts on It's Just a game.
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    Step 1 : Hire staff members as volunteers Step 2 : For years on end disprove any issues players think the game has. Step 3 : Release your game as a different product on Steam and provide a sellout of that product on Humble for exactly the price of 1$ (Note that any sane individual would rather make a 1$ pay once in a lifetime than a 10$ pay every single month for a 95% similar game) Step 4 : Kill your PVP cluster ( Epic ) with a broken skiling system ( Skill grinded on freedom stays on freedom and goes to epic, but skill grinded on Epic only stays on epic so there is 0 point in grinding there, therefor the population is reduced significantly since 99% of the game is about grinding ) Step 5 : Ban people all around for either things they didnt commit ( The mass ban of WU a cople of months back ) or things done yeaaars ago that have been accounted for ( Proph's ban ) or ban them randomly ( People who were banned for saying " gary " in epic chat ) Step 6 : This is the final step. All thats left that u gotta do is completely censor the community every time they bring up either these issues or others, or basicly censor each and every thing that you do not want to come out and mass spread rumors. Killing the voice of the people therefor kills the hope they have for a better tomorrow. I know for a fact that this thread is going to be deleted so ill make a screeny. Good day to ya'll
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    The irony of getting a one week ban for saying "Gary" was mostly that I was 1# on /ranks at the time. When i caught that ban my rank reset to 1000 and Gary became the 1# on /ranks because of it. Ill never hit battlemaster. This latest drama with my alt Honor has me equally tilted. I felt like I had to work so hard to prove it was my account when it was an error on code clubs end. TLDR: Banned for saying Gary. GMs stole my account. Send help I'm being oppressed.
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    It is a little silly that a mythical dragon that requires a dozen skilled fighters to defeat is able to be subdued by running into a mine, closing off the entrance, and covering it with a thin layer of dirt.
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    You forgot to address this: Step 9: The arrogance of the settled players resulting in chasing away the new players. Example: - A new player messes up a part of a highway, unaware you can't dig down at the side of the road, causing one of the tile borders to slope down 10 dirt. Reason why the new player digged down there, they were told they needed sand to create mortar and that particular highway had sand at its outlining. Result: in freedom chat the messed up road is reported, the entire community of that server is in anger about it because: "You are not allowed to mess with highways!! (ad 32 exclamation marks there)" and "It's always the n00bs messing things up, which we need to repair." The new player sees this, feels attacked and leaves the game. - At the same time, a known and settled player is interupting a highway to change the pavement to his / her liking, turning it into a 4 tile wide road with different pavement and eventually setting up a market without informing the residents of that area. And all of this is done with a deed that's basically blocking off the deed of another member, as well as having both perimeters hitting one another. When the player with the blocked off deed mention something about it, tells (s)he doesn't like it and considers it grieving, the answer (s)he got is : "if you don't like it, you should've deeded that area." Eventually that settled player decides that living with an unwanted market right next door isn't his / her cup of tea and decides to leave the game. Example 2: A player wants to ride a horse but can't and asks in CA-HELP why he can't ride that horse. Turns out the player in question is new and doesn't have the required 21 BC yet. At that point, all kind of more experienced players start to give "advice", telling the new one he had to do archery or archaeology, using tools with CoC, BotD, between 1 AM and 4 AM PST after sacrificing his virgin sister to Smeagain using a blunt kitchen knife. At some point, another more settled player joins in, saying that the new player should just enjoy the game, learn how to work with the skills and eventually that player will have the required BC to ride a horse. Which in turn resulted in other settled players reacting that this game isn't about enjoying, but about grinding until you got sick of it and then grinding some more. Result, said new player never shows up in CA-HELP again and most likely left the game. Example 3: - A player managed to get a crafting skill over 70 at an impalong. Because that player had in mind to set up a shop with his friends, he does a PC in trade chat about the items in said skill. The answer he got was: "10c because you're selling items others imped over 70ql at an impalong", done by a player who wasn't even present at said impalong. As a result, more players attack the first player who did the PC; even in PM, unaware that someone using a false claim started this riot. After two more of these "incidents" two of the friends of said player decided that enough is enough and leave the game. - Example 4: A new player settles down at steppes close to a starter's town. A settled player doesn't like that and starts harrasing her in PM and chat, eventually leading to that new player leaving that area, and settling at another spot in a forrest, just to find out players didn't like that and started harrasing her. Eventually, she decides enough is enough, as every attempt she or a few of her friends are doing to calm thing down and she leaves the game. I could go on with this, but I think the message is obvious enough. It's not the staff that kills the game, although they too are making decissions that make players leave the game. It's us, the more experienced players who're killing it by patronizing the new players, blaming them for things they weren't even aware of they shouldn't do, even blaming them when they haven't done those things; but at the same time ignoring the similar actions of the settled players. I've seen settled players messing up perfectly good tunnels / canals because they were "improving" those, only to leave the project after realizing they bit off a lot more as they could chew. I've seen settled players rant about n00bs messing up roads, but remaining very quiet the moment another settled player said (s)he did that because (s)he is / was improving the road by flattening it out by removing dirt at one spot and using it to fill up a downward slope at another spot. I've seen settled players having a public argument about which village was better to attrackt a new player. I'm still surprised that the pissing contest and the comparising of certain body parts hasn't happened at some point. Needless to say the new player didn't join either village in the end. I've seen settled players freaking out about a new player cutting down a birch 20 tiles from that settled player's deed. Only to find out two days later the settled player moved to the other side of the lake he lived at and went cutting down four mapgrids of forest, ignoring the 6 deeds in that region because "I had to grind my WC up". Like I said, I could go on and on with this, but I won't. It's us, the "veteran" and "settled" players who're arrogant enough to believe we own this game; simply because we're playing it longer and therefore have better skills and thus are able to create the better items. As well as having been able to pick the better spots and form them the way we like to. In our arrogance, we start a new character, equip it with the best ql items we can create and then tell a new player that starting isn't as bad is they think it is. In our arrogance we think that having a 50ql longsword, a 30ql armor and a 30ql shield makes a new player invunerable; because "when I started all I had was a 10ql short sword"; ignoring that the items are only half of what's needed to survive, as it doesn't matter what ql armor, weapons and skill level you got. A monster trail still kills you, even if you wear 99ql rare drake and wielding a 99ql rare glimmer steel huge axe. Maybe it's time we, the settled players, start looking at our own behaviour and realize it's us who're chasing away the players; despite the dev's trying their best to make this game better. I'm not saying I agree with everything the dev's and staff does, because I don't. I've seen certain players been protected by certain staff members, resulting in players being leaving this game or getting a perma ban because they freaked out to some staff members after being pissed off by a certain player for some time. But if I have to compare the actions of the dev's and staff versus those of the community, I'm sad to say that it's the community that looses. Big time. And I can only conclude, that if there's a need for a change, it's the community that has to start to change first. But I doubt that'll happen. Thorin
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    its been said before, disable champions on the server it will cripple groups that don't get champion slots and will cause inner kingdom drama and really only favors groups that have benefits squads or biked accounts try it out, see how it works, without pmks groups can't regulate their champions reimburse the people who champed with their characteristics back
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    You forgot: 10. Keep trying, for some odd reason, to cater to a loud minority who constantly tries to keep you from catering to the other 90% because they need to feel special or something along those lines.
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    Definitely more than just a game. When something starts as an online game that you try out for a day or two, results in 14+ years of logging in not only to play but to interact with others, chat to people, meet up in real life with them too.. you're officially one of the Wurm family. Someone once said something to me and its always stuck. "Wurm is a glorified chat room, with things to do while you're chatting" I first defended the game and told them they were very wrong, years on I see where they were coming from. The community of Wurm is the most inspiring , frustrating, demanding, friendliest, funniest and many more words that I could put down. Never in any game have I seen the support we all give to each other, how proud we are when friends and new friends waiting to happen reach goals and happiness in things they have created. Someone mentions they are struggling making, or building something and before you know it, there's some one helping you out with advice or even turning up to your location, rolling their sleeves up and getting to work helping you out. Of course there will be those that want to keep the game as that.. just a game, albeit hard to do as there are so many lovely people out there you cant help but cross paths in some way. For me..Wurm has been one of the best things to happen in my life. I can busy myself with the game side of things.. making those darn planks, imping that drake up.. but the moment you see one of your friends on your friend list pop online, that's where you get to experience the full side of Wurm. Some people can be lonely in their real life and just to have someone open a chat tab with you (even if its just to say Hi) makes you feel not so alone. The ones that share in your life events, you tell them about things that are happening, how your day has been makes all the difference. Being someone who lends an ear when someone needs to just vent sometimes can be so rewarding. I've made so many friends over the years from inside this little game we call Wurm, From Drago, Metaldragon, Pingpong, Cerber, Schiann, Dreammaster, Silvir + Uisge , those friends that I sadly miss too, Tich, Duce, Oracle.. to those that are still there having to put up with me today YOU are what makes this game special to me and I look forward to many more years of asking for help, chattering on to you and sharing my real life days with you. Thank you Blood for making this post showing the positive sides to this special game
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    Apocalypse Order Recruiting Freedomers! Apocalypse Order wants YOU! Not getting invited into the hunting group? Can’t get in with the big cheese on the server? Tired of highway drama? AO is a kingdom and alliance on the Chaos server, but don’t leave the thread yet! We are looking for freedom players that want a community to play with, an alliance to talk to and people to work together with. About AO wants to be your home away from home, and we will never chain you to Chaos, you are free to come and go as you like. We will provide you with a relaxing atmosphere and company while you enjoy the game. We do regular events that range from crafting, building towers and going out to PvP. Item Loss Worried about losing your fancy rare tools and drake? We don’t expect anyone to bring their freedom gear over to chaos, and our capital is well equipped to provide you with tools, plots to build houses on, and a stock of materials to use. Our discord server has a #request channel where you can post a request for anything you need from enchants to armor, and people will get to work on it, if you can’t find it in one of our warehouses already! Rules We don’t have a complex system of rules you need to obey, our code is simple: The kingdom helps you, and you help the kingdom. We may be Blacklighters, but stealing from your kingdom friends or murdering them is not allowed under any circumstances. Voice comms Staying away from kingdoms because you’re a bit shy and don’t want to talk on voice? We are understanding and will never demand that anyone uses their microphone, although we do want people to listen on voice during pvp if they choose to come. Most of our members are over 30 years old and we have a very relaxed atmosphere that has an emphasis on having fun above all else, we don’t expect much and mainly want everyone to enjoy their stay. Whether you need help with how to barbeque your steak for the family or want to grind some skills or bash some heads, AO is there to back you up! If this sounds interesting, please don’t delay, apply today! https://discord.gg/cwNu3YW
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    Apparently I have been brought up as a reference to vouch for someone named Kristaa who is selling cheap silver or something. I have no logs of any conversation with someone of that name. Kristaa - if we spoke on an alt, please contact me so I can clear things up, but I have no log of speaking to you on the forums or in-game. Anyone else, until I know whether there is an alt I spoke with, I do NOT vouch for this person! Do not buy silver on account of me being named as a reference!
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    So i've talked with quite a few people about the unique change, most coming to me to ask my opinion on it, so i've had a bit of time thinking about this against my own will What exactly is the problem being fixed? Is it uniques are found too fast giving whoever's online when it spawns a huge advantage? I called pendulums being broken from the second they were in the priest overhaul notes in test and suggested to only have them work on 16x16 and 32x32 and you didn't listen, i'll be sure to mention this every chance i get retro mark my words Removing pendulums would fix this, but i'm not sure why get info/reveal creatures is also in this if that's the case, before the pendulum update most uniques wouldn't be penned for hours to a day or two after they spawned, unless someones gone full autism (me lol) and wants to spend hours driving an alt around and using hundreds/sometimes even over a thousand ql of gems. Searching by eye and searching with reveal is pretty much about the same on average, eyesight you can run around faster but you might miss smaller uniques easier, whereas reveal creatures makes sure you don't miss them at the expense of having to wait 40 seconds to cast it. Of course this depends on the unique (a raging dragon you'd just go by eyesight coz it'd aggro you from a local away and reveal creatures would slow you down, whereas a scared/diseased goblin leader you'd have to almost be on their tile for them to aggro, so you'd be wasting your time unless you used reveal creatures because it's near 0 aggro range alongside being extremely small to see especially in wooded areas/on top of mountains). Even years ago this spell was a thing and uniques could be roaming for days/weeks, hell even a red dragon was alive for about 6 months on indy so close to a highway that he'd aggro you as you ran past from dec2017-may2018 with only about a month of that actually being in a cave. Maybe hundreds of people saw him but they just got gibbed by him and were too scared to return i don't know, all i know was he attacked people on the highway and lived there for a few months. Or the goblin leader on xanadu i found after pendulums started working on uniques, he was quite literally 5 tiles away from the highway between newspring and lormere when i found him and had to drag him back to a rockface, he was there for 5 months. Point is reveal creatures hitting uniques is far from unbalanced and i don't really see why it'd be removed. Is it people are travelling from server to server to find uniques? As long as there's a notification that it spawns, people are gonna come in and search for it. Uniques spawn on an extremely predictable basis to the point where i'd start logging in my search alt 30 seconds before the spawn windows so if one spawned i'd already be logged in, so i don't think removing just the twitter alone would be enough albeit a step in the right direction, the 14 day cooldown between spawns, the spawns based on server uptime (lower spawn chance to match the average spawn time it has now) as well as "rumours of the venerable x" should all be removed if this is the case. Who exactly is giving me these rumors with 100% accuracy, should be "verified reports of the venerable x have been sent by the king" or each rumors message only has like a 10% chance to be real or something fun, seeing as this game loves rng. or at least move the server reboot to two hours later so you stop interrupting me having dinner at a reasonable time with uniques spawns, that's cool too Is it that people are being excluded from such things for not being in a unique hunting clique and that's against the spirit of the game or something? Public slayings are a hassle to set up, between people never listening to what you tell them, lag/crashing issues with lots of people in local which could even prevent you from bringing as many accounts as you want therefore lowering how much you get from it, having to set up fences and alt areas and make sure everythings secure so somebody doesn't steal it after you post the location, combined with the ever popular more people in local means less loot for you that comes with public dragon and drake slayings. By hosting a public slaying you're lowering the amount of loot you get for 10/14 uniques, lowering the value/rate at which you can sell them for all uniques if you're a market man, bringing in unnecessary risk towards yourself, and all you get in reward is a couple of people saying thanks as they sail away in a knarr full of alts with more loot than you got for finding and hosting the damn thing and some pm's from idiots calling you greedy because you didn't roll loot on an already public slaying. A year ago i loved the idea of bringing everyone together for slayings and i'd get annoyed when people would slay humanoids privately but between people doing stupid ###### and all the random insults i got in pm's after all i can think is they have the right idea. Can't really patch that though. For the actual searching part, there's a lot of FUD about how hard it is to search and all that junk and people seem to have bought it. Can totally search by yourself especially with a pendulum, wouldn't be that hard to form a search party with your alliance on w/e server you're on. No matter what you do, someone is going to say "its not fair they have an advantage so great i can't do it so i'm just gonna sit on my deed and be mad instead of searching". First it was people from chaos were coming over in huge groups and its pointless to search since they'll find it first, then the freedom unique hunting groups formed and it was suddenly the private groups are here in large groups and it's pointless to search since they'll find it first and then it was something else probably i don't really keep up with it but i'm sure theres some excuse like you need 109litw and full fantastic horsegear to find them or something idk, completely ignoring the fact that rng could have dropped it right next to your deed and all you need to do is look outside. Now, for the actual searching part itself, and how the changes effect it For an 8x8 server, I'd say it's not that much different than how it was before the priest rework. As said above looking by eye and using reveal creatures were fairly balanced against each other, looking by eye means you can cover more ground in a shorter time but the effectiveness of this depended on the type of unique you were hunting, how good your eyesight is, the terrain you're searching in, and the weather (if its fog you may as well log out), whereas reveal creatures was much slower but means everywhere you searched was 100% clear of uniques. I personally liked reveal because i'm the kind of person to second guess everything and reveal creatures and a good understanding of the map meant you would almost never run past a unique and not catch it, some of my friends searched only by eyesight because they loathed the idea of having a priest just to hunt uniques and they found plenty of uniques too. But with the removal of every single form of locating a unique, the difficulty of finding uniques has shifted around. Something like a goblin leader is tiny and has a very small aggro range, and runs so slow you can outrun it in plate, if it's' in a forest or on a mountain, finding one of these via eyesight is going to be tremendously harder than finding a dragon, which is massive, occasionally spreads its wings out and is probably 5+ meters tall when doing so. The troll king and goblin leader look fairly similar to their normal mob counterparts apart from wearing a hat and *maybe* having some followers but that seems to be useless like always, as they don't spawn with any followers only gather them, so unless they spawn near a group of them they'll be alone. i've only ever found 1 troll king with trolls following him, and never ever found a goblin leader with followers except on epic where they had been alive for years and roamed around the map, even mr xanadu GL mentioned above didnt have any followers after 5 months coz they're spawner only. The hatchlings are smaller than the dragons and have the same change but i don't think its a big enough of a change to notice any difference,and the FG/kyklops are big and unique looking enough that you're not going to mistake them for anything else. The traits that change how far a unique will aggro from will have massive impacts on how hard it is to find them seeing as a unique sprinting straight at you makes their presence very well known. Personally i think that no twitter or rumours messages would be more than enough to make them "accessible" to anyone that wants to try their luck searching a server that may have a unique on it while keeping the chance for someone that travels on that server to run into one by accident. You'll probably still see the same groups of people finding uniques as you did in the past no matter what you do, as they're the ones going out and searching for them constantly. I don't think this change does anything except make them take longer to do their goal, but i'll have to see what the proper rework is like to comment on it. If you're making a buffer around deeds that'd make spawns on 8x8 pve servers very predictable, for example, rifts have a buffer around deeds and i think theres like 3 places on each server that they spawn, kind of defeats the purpose of the removing pendulums to increase the amount of time before they're found or whatever it is you're trying to do, and instead pushes it towards secret group with their info gathered over the time they've been searching has a much greater chance of finding uniques. i'm not really sure what you're trying to do though tbh How does that change a dragon aggroing you and chasing you into a deed and then bashing, or someone luring it into a deed to deliberately bash it, or it camps you when you spawn because it won't move because it sees you in the respawn menu as a target on the tile you died and will sit there aggrod on your corpse and instantly sprint at you wherever you spawn nearby, endlessly dunking you as soon as you spawn until someone can come lure it away? uniques bashing deeds isn't really that big of a concern unless someone deliberately leads them to it or you're super unlucky, there's much bigger problems than a couple of walls getting knocked down that comes with a unique in the deed uninvited
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    better to buy from wurm shop, support the game and you now what you get
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    The way to fix the economy is and always has been acquisition and retention of new players. If Wurm had a bare minimum of 10,000 active players, all of this ignorant economy dribble (and pvp whining) would disappear because the economy and the community would be stable and growing. So if you are really interested in improving the economy, help find ways to attract more people to the game.
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    My basic rule is always to buy from a forum account that I recognize, has made a lot of legitimate posts and has been around for several years. If they haven't been banned after all that time and are that invested in the game, they are really unlikely to risk it all to scam a little cash. Many years using this rule and never a bad transaction. What I would like to see is Code Club change their silver prices, to be a lot closer to the player market. Not match, because that would force players to go lower. It is a good balance now. But if Code Club came down to 1s for 1.1e, then all the players that are nervous about buying from other players, would not feel so gouged on price. How much does Code Club make in silver sales at the high prices now? Try 1.1 price for 3 months and see what happens. Also, let's get the web based deed upkeep system in place. Even an Android app to tie into it. Make it easy to pay upkeep and get silver and guess what... you will earn more $$ from your player base.
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    Removing server/twitter feeds was something we were hesitant in doing, but given the points raised here we feel it's worth a shot. This update will also include removal of server and twitter feed notices. As for dragons bashing deeds, we expect it to happen about as much as it does now
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    A very well worded and thought provoking post you have made here Bloodscythe and yet of course the response is so obvious. Yes, Wurm is more than just a game because there are people behind those avatars controlling them. To attempt to justify any actions right, wrong, good or bad without taking this into consideration is just not dealing with reality. Yet the distance between physical interactions offer a shield to otherwise negative behavior. Ultimately in Wurm and online our true personality is revealed, more so even if it is a negative one since there can be little recourse when taking certain actions that would otherwise result in a punch in the face or isolation from one's neighbors. For those with good intentions towards others the game can be a liberating and enjoyable experience since they may be able to extend good relations, feelings and opportunities that otherwise out in that other world they might not be able to offer. Also when meeting rejection here while good intended, it is easier to retreat from that individual and gradually or even abruptly end contact. So in this respect it is a safer environment than "out there". Even for the cautious individual delightful people in game can be observed in various ways from a safe distance and appreciated. Then whether to approach them or keep a safe distance, the decision can be made. For the troublesome ones in game I have always found the best way to deal with them is to pay them little heed, clean up the messes they make and eventually they will move on to seek their negative attentions elsewhere. If one is good at playing the waiting game of weeks, months and years there is triumph in seeing them fade into the recovering woods of time, planted with the forethought that as they sway in the gentle Wurm breezes they sweep away the remains of their disturbance. True as well you say that we both create and leave parts of ourselves within this game. The longer time spent within it doing such the more imbued with the memories of this passing time it becomes. This is the value of the sort of unsure permanence that it provides. Even for the player who prefers more isolation, the passing of others is evidenced by the smallest of transformations that they have on the lands. Just a felled tree in the forest lets you know that someone has recently been there and somehow you have missed knowing their intentions. Maybe it is best that only the tree has suffered from their axe rather than yourself for their presence. We are at heart who we are. No preaching will ever change anyone as the core of our being has long ago been formed. All we can do is to choose to temper our faults or let them run riot and blame the outcome upon others actions. I say the game reveals our true selves. Then we choose which ways to express that to others by either guise or truth, with all the accompanying shades that entail these ends. Still, the opportunity for personal growth in a positive manner can be a result, or struggle to overcome. Happy Trails =Ayes=
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    "How to kill your own game tutorial" Cater to your pvp players in a PvE centered game. Spend a disproportionate amount time on their suggestions (complaints) in proportion to their number of players. Reduce the abilities and options of the greater proportion of your player base to enhance the smaller proportion of your player base. Give this smaller proportion for your player base exclusive options not available to the larger proportion of the player base. Then condemn the larger proportion of your player base when they point out these discrepancies. Then deny that this is actually what is happening. =Ayes=
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    The system failed because its not finished. They created the whole convoluted and rather pointless fishing system but forgot to include a reward for going through with it. Currently fishing feels like toymaking. Its completely pointless. I can spend 2 hours and get maybe a crate of fish... maybe... or I can go hunting for two hours and come back with a wagonful of assorted meats I can do a lot of things with, plus all the hides, eyes and animal parts that come with it. Fishing didn't need a system overhaul. Fishing needed a usefulness overhaul. Other than roaches for pizzas, there is zero point to go fishing, as evidenced by the FSBs full of fish that Wargasm has. You can't use them for leveling butchering since they give barely no skill when you try, so you are stuck on using them for leveling taming... and who the heck uses taming on Freedom? So they overcomplicated a system to hell and back and didn't increase the rewards to match the activity. Why would anyone do it?
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    Non staff being unable to reply in CA would remove one of the major ways of selecting staff from those who apply. Speaking from experience, it's perhaps one of the most important factors when considering applicants for Staff, being unable to demonstrate a helpful and considerate attitude when answering questions, having no way to judge general level of knowledge of a particular applicant would rob the Staff Team of a very valuable record of behaviour and general knowledge of the game. You could leave it purely down to Staff recommendations for friends and family of course, that wouldn't ever be open to accusations of nepotism at all [/sarcasm] Lets just leave the ability of friendly, helpful members of the playerbase intact shall we? and not make us feel like we're unappreciated and unloved .... If I was unable to comment helpfully in CA it'd remove a huge part of my enjoyment of the game. and I'm sure that of many other helpful players who I see daily answering questions and helping new and not so new players with situations they are in.