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    I miss you. You were delightful. When I started, I got myself into the stupidest damned predicaments, and you stayed on chat with me once for 3.5 hours helping me sort something out. You were incredibly patient and brilliant. When you'd spout off with ludicrously funny inappropriate comments in general chat, a part of me was always cheering, and I don't like trolls. You were like Winnie the Pooh who dipped into the wrong jar looking for honey, finding moonshine instead, and losing all filters before just saying whatever came to mind. But you would still stop everything to help a friend, and there wasn't much you didn't know about the game and how computers work. Your kindness was endless. I smiled whenever I saw you were online. I will smile whenever I think of you and be grateful that I was there in a world where Waarokku was, even if it was just a digital world we all made together. It's more beautiful because you were in it.
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    Wow! Very cool profile, thanks @mattmustell!
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    hey everyone sorry for being away from the game for a bit i had the sickness and am finally recovering naturally. with all these antibodies ill be ready to get back to it! ;D see you around!
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    hello otip from the hit video game "Wurm Online®"
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    Two more levels! \o/ [16:25:03] Large maul increased by 0,0109 to 98,0083
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    Your new avatar looks pretty impressed!
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    There is a reason that Wacky Woody has countless positive reviews. He's professional, friendly, reliable and competent. If those are qualities you value in a supplier, don't look any further. I'm happy to give him my full recommendation!
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    Thank you alot Enki for being there for us Wurmlings!
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    @Enkii would like to ask that a colossus of Eir be placed at the should next to the colossus of Aab in memory of our friend Eir/Qualia. if you would like to DM me on here or PM me ingame we can talk about it as i would like to help make it happen in any way i can. For those who do not know, our friend Eir/Qualia passed away a while back due to health issues. she was an amazing person and a wonderful friend who a lot of us loved very much. in the 17 years ive played this game ive never had a closer friend. thank you for your time and i hope to hear back about this soon. thanks Beelzebub.