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    I miss you. You were delightful. When I started, I got myself into the stupidest damned predicaments, and you stayed on chat with me once for 3.5 hours helping me sort something out. You were incredibly patient and brilliant. When you'd spout off with ludicrously funny inappropriate comments in general chat, a part of me was always cheering, and I don't like trolls. You were like Winnie the Pooh who dipped into the wrong jar looking for honey, finding moonshine instead, and losing all filters before just saying whatever came to mind. But you would still stop everything to help a friend, and there wasn't much you didn't know about the game and how computers work. Your kindness was endless. I smiled whenever I saw you were online. I will smile whenever I think of you and be grateful that I was there in a world where Waarokku was, even if it was just a digital world we all made together. It's more beautiful because you were in it.
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    yo enki we where almost done building this tower when this pvp ban pop & it inside our kingdom area
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    There are more IMPORTANT things than gaming, BUT I IGNORE THEM.
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    Brand new BrattyGoblin merch droppin this fall!
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    SugarFoxx but not SugarGoblin?
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    Yoooooooo fam, you goblined up?
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    Wow! Very cool profile, thanks @mattmustell!
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    hey everyone sorry for being away from the game for a bit i had the sickness and am finally recovering naturally. with all these antibodies ill be ready to get back to it! ;D see you around!
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    hello otip from the hit video game "Wurm Online®"
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    Two more levels! \o/ [16:25:03] Large maul increased by 0,0109 to 98,0083
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    Your new avatar looks pretty impressed!
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    Thank you alot Enki for being there for us Wurmlings!
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    Like your previous avatar better, its suit you. Now you are a cow, calf or something.
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    My first shed; thanks to Emoo for talking me into finally giving Wurm a go. I like it quiet a bit so far!
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    Dude, that facemask on your avatar
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    @Madnath @Madnath@Madnath@Madnath
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    Ok, no problem, my friend, I'm happy for your work. I hope to attract more players to this side. to dispose anything just call
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    Touch Me!!!! also, free head bobs
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    thanks everyone for liking my posts and have a nice day
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    Hey there, I'm interested in a dirt order. Say 80k? Reply here or msg me in game at the same account. Thanks!
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    [13:01:04] You have just received the title 'Saucier'! Finally, I achieved Hot Food Cooking skill to 90.
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    Thanks for sending me the order ? I Will enjoy it a lot
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    hey there im down by belonga mar with my toon Zalmo to collect fine chair and other stuff
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    chryzantemy zlociste, stoja w butli po czystej - na fortepianie
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    Bought bulk mats, sale and delivery went great !
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    Hi, I am Mclovin, this account was perm banned for my own wrong doing in the past over bad language in videos. I was allowed to make this account (Mclavin) after waiting 60 days.
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    DNS Connectivity issues currently. Wait it out. Sux don't it? D:
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    I have to be honest. I fell in love with your dog at first sight. My Heidi is 144 this month.
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    Got few questions when you get time. The WOM file converter you'll have is it ever going to be made public? If not any chance I can get a copy of it to convert my models to wom format? Reason I asked no one who plays on my server has logged in since my latest update yet I have 6 downloads of the pack according to mediaFire which tells me it might be possible some people are stealing or could be stealing my work and trying to use it on there servers. I'm new to all this game dev stuff and modeling is not one of my strong points so I have to learn as I go. What would be the best way to prevent people from using my models by just downloading my pack? One thing I don't ever want is WU getting more stuff than WO and in a way killing people wanting to play WO and supporting it, that's one main reason I don't share any thing I mod or any of my models but it just hit me tonight this can happen. So any info you can give me would be appreciated. I would like to make it so other people can't open my models with out a converter. As of right now I don't know anyone in the community who adds new models to WU other than me, and the last thing I want is people getting a hold of my taxidermy models. On a side note if there is ever anything I do that is of interest to CC please let me know cause I'm willing to let you add any thing or use any texture or model or code I make in WU for WO and the only thing I ask is make it a WO feature only.
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    Please send a full set to Perecles. Sorry, I forgot to mention my name in my earlier request
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    i said hello she said goodbye
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    send me your crash dump file. it should be in C:\Windows\Minidump or what ever drive letter your OS is on I will see what is causing it in VS my email is timothyjsmith74@yahoo.com
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    Awesome dude! Fast, timely, friendly, easy to work with and reliable! I recommend this see lover for anyone's transport needs! Thanks Zaefran for all the hard work and help.
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    Hi there. Looking to contribute to Wurm Wiki. Could use an account.
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    go to this page https://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp download windows 64 bit offline. the only way to get java for 64 bit is the offline version all online web page is 32 bit. Once downloaded go to add remove programs and remove all java installs then install the 64 bit version you just downloaded and things should work fine. For a more one on one if you skype I can walk you threw on skype live with screen share if you like and we can fix the issue.
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    Hey hey, how are you? [14:28:26] <Tclunatic> Dec 6, 2015 11:25:11 AM Elfnz disbanded Rest Awhile Did you stop playing too? tc
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    Oh noes. Forum b0rked, again. Time for a new host?