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    - Summon your tent back to Inventory 500 - Summon your owned boat to your location 5000 - Summon your owned cart/wagon to your location 2000 - Teleport to Starter Town 1500 - Summon your animal which is both manageable and cared for by you 1000
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    Hi everyone, I will be taking over the map manager role for Cadence's community map. 😄 Excited to help keep this map updated. Lots of backlog to clear so please be patient with me!
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    Oh they defo exist ingame, I notice the area does have the rite sky and such when in locale. But look, here's an image of what the Mirror looks like: It has visual flair. It looks interesting, there's stuff going on in this image. You can't really tell what does and doesn't belong, other than the avatar and probably the walls honestly. But here's the current Cele one after a day. That is indeed the mirror! And it does have that lovely glow from the night time rite effect. It looks nice! But I'm asking for something else entirely. I want some visual stuff around it, like I said, maybe just junk like fake rift crystals. Maybe some sort of diety themed mailbox with the imps visible just for fun. Just something that isn't "Okay mirror, rite effect, boom" because outside of some timeframes it just looks dull. I'm sure there's plenty of extra creative flairs that can be added just for fun. Press shot looks holy, it has something neat in its visuals. Ingame, eh, it's just kinda a mirror on some pavement.
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    Among the few ideas that came into my mind up now there's a fix like this: make corruption spawns items that must be "cleared" with relevant skills, in order to the site not get damaged. Fo could have thorns that must be pruned for a lot of times, magranon could have rusty metal structures and so on. These "items" spawns on the ground like the rift mats, and once in a while they "damage" the holy site for corruption. Such items raises in ql (so they're harder to remove) and number, the damage they do to holy site depends on total ql of them, damage to holy site may be reduced also with exorcism like now, and power raised by prayers. With this combination, players will have something to do at the site (wich will let them gain relevant skills) while they wait for the pulses. This will also reduce the amount of prayer ticks needed to clean the site, so the power of the site will grow a bit more, especially at his discovery, and then will stabilize into growing few points per day (a full prayer cycle seems to increase power by 2.5 points per praying toon per day, so with 10 alts only praying at the site, the power will grow of about 25 pts per day, getting to 100 in 4 days total in the best case...wich is never XD).
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    The 1st Annual Cadence Derby and Sparring Attention wurmians Castael n I are hosting a sparring and a horse race event here on Cadence https://cadence.yaga.host/#1610,715 on 3/18-3/28. there will be markets, food/drinks, sermon groups n other fun stuff to do. We will be doing the Lib RoS aswell We are looking for 5 food/drink vendors, there will be market stalls set up please contact me (Mrwickster) ingame or Castael/Bastael ingame or Elarael on forums with questions. time 12pm CST
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    God yes please, I adore this idea.
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    I think I once saw in lore somewhere from Rolf that the Wurm was supposed to be a massive brown dragon/serpent thing (maybe I mis-remembered, who knows.) It would be really cool if it was added as a boss somehow. However, I'd love to see a rework of unique mobs to make killing them much more fun first. I don't think it's worth the effort to add a new unique unless the experience could somehow be different to the current meta: turn up with 20 70+FS accounts with two handed weapons and... stand there in combat. I'd love it if slaying uniques had much more of a gameplay factor to it and if each mob had different challenges. It would make it more like PvM boss fights in, say, Runescape, with each boss requiring particular strategies to be slain.
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    Can confirm, summer hat is not impable. My Supreme Summer Hat slowly decays with each hit it takes.
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    Bump I was thinking about this last night. I would reckon instead of gardening for the large planter sized bonsai trees it should be forestry though.
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    Sorry for the slow response! I'm always slow to see forum orders. Sent you your order. If you want a faster response for future orders, feel free to poke me ingame and order that way!
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    I'd like to buy carving knife, steel (90 coc) 32.04ql 1s on merchant sickle, steel, 5 ql, 93 coc - 1 s grooming brush, oakenwood, 17 q, 97 coc - 1 s Send to Jethil please.
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    Highway [879, 1229], [879, 1258] [889, 1268], [907, 1268], [907, 1354] [907, 1392], [907, 1461], [1007, 1461] [1093, 1461], [1150, 1461], [1151, 1475], [1660, 1475] Tunnel [879, 1258], [879, 1268] , [888, 1268] [907, 1354], [907, 1373] [1007, 1461], [1093, 1461] Deed Buffalo Grange [1109, 1483]
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    It's not uncommon in Wurm to be working with multiple windows, and sometimes it can really take over your screen. I'd love a way to "snap" windows together into a single, tabbed window (e.g. the way Event, Friends, etc behave) just to keep the windows organised and handy, while still being able to see the environment around me. At present, windows can be stacked on top of one another and arranged so that their tabs are lined up, but moving 1 window means rearranging them all. Would be nice to be able to move certain windows as a group.
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    https://melody.yaga.host/#521,809 - [18:00:22] You enter Elysium.
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    So yeah, now I've spent time with the Vyn mirror on live, I'm just gonna dump all my thoughts into a post. It's gonna be harsh, but I don't mean it to belittle or demean the efforts of creation of the content or the folks who worked on it. We've had multiple threads where balance issues were screamed about, and little progress was made. As far as the checklist goes, one of the bigger things was partially addressed, which was a nerf to Vynora’s benefits. However, the buffs that were still needed to bring other gods up to a good level wasn’t done. Mag for example, still lacks a passive effect beyond the imp bonus, like the other gods have. Prayers and sermons add very little to the QL, so unless you've got MEGA numbers, keeping the QL good seems impossible. Corruption is buggered and really backwards. I know the exorcism stuff is gonna be fixed next uptime but it's frankly too limiting. Keeping corruption down leans super heavily towards priests, since for some reason purification needs to use your 1/5 or 6 faith gain spots per day. It's incredibly frustrating to see the level increase while you can't do anything. Visually they're nothing special. The models look nice and they're cool, don't get me wrong, but it's just... a thing. Can we make a holy site look holy? Can we make it look worthy of a god? Can we get some of the visual flare we've seen in promo images? Even just a layer of fake rift crystal like stuff in the area would do wonders for presentation. Also they're just kinda boring. The mirror holy site is just "lug some stuff over to imp I guess, because you're not doing any actions near it in relation to the site" The rewards aren't really getting too warm a reception from what I see either. I understand we're not getting a full idea here, because of the corruption issue, lack of player number scaling, and players being a bit spread out in order to rush to their first gods holy site even if it's on another server. But the Vyn mirror ticks are... just kinda meh? Mag fragments being... cooking utensils, lamp heads and lanterns? Fo being weird condition animals is neat but if cows aren't part of that, I'll cry. Lib I have no real idea on yet. I can't really see the idea catching on. There seems to be no scaling present for lower numbers, it's incredibly limiting in increasing QL and reducing corruption. This really needed more time in the oven and more hands tinkering with balance, presentation and actual use of them. It's all well and good muttering "test server" but the whole thing with test is, it's an in progress build and we have no real idea what's coming and what's gonna look or feel different come release. I hope that goblin camps blow our socks off, because knowing this is another system that's on the pile of "Yeah we'll have to tinker with that again someday" is disheartening. Holy sites are a fantastic idea. The hype for them was there, they're in the minds of players as a new experience, something new to add to the game. But as they are? Exploration gives you the chance for a holy site where you might get some okay loot but you're doing there what you'd likely be doing on your deed anyway. Let's address the corruption issue, add some scaling for numbers, making increasing QL a bit better and removing corruption not kinda suck if you're not a priest, add some visual flair and maybe something interactive to do here and there so we're not just twiddling our thumbs outside of the game waiting for a pulse. I think there's already a lot that can be thought of to add to this. What about using source salt to purify, similar to the rift stuff? What about saccing high favour items or valrei items in the holy site altar in order to increase some of the QL?
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    Canal/Tunnel "Chapel Canal" 575, 1506 to 586, 1857 Made it for ease of access to Melody Christmas 2022 Impalong deed @ Oceanview 488, 1491
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    From Indy's first holy site Magranon's otherworldly monolith
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    Oh, a Discord server for the three of us? That would be kinda neat. @DaletheGoodwhat do you think?
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    i went to two of them in Cadence, wich is one of the most populated and active islands atm. One was vynora, wellspring of knowledge: at discovery there was a certain quantity of people, enough that the power of the site ramped up to 45 in a few hours, but the bonus of the altar, while beign nice (anyone likes sleep bonus), have the counter that once you're full of sb, there's no reason to stick nearby, and there's really nothing to do at the site other than wait for 6 min. of sleep bonus each hour. I have a toon wich is magranon follower, so i just came there, got ONE pulse and came back, cannot really stay there for hours doing nothing with my playtime, tho i can camp there the toon once i have to log off as sb granted is more than the quantity i'll gain from a bed. I also went yesterday to the mag site: there were some pc's but really not enough to make any difference at the altar: we raised a bit the power but once the second pulse hit, the altar got 20 damage...we had few meteorites but since the power is low, 1 meteorite per 10 power with 10 players there looks like it's a worthless effort. I logged in back this morning and the altar now have 18 power and 35 corruption, and after another pulse went to 40 damage/corruption: there was no player in sight to take care of the site, so i guess it will stay up not too much longer, or anyway his effects will be so tiny that sticking around is almost worthless even for a follower or priest. RSince rummaging gives 1 lump every 10 power, and up now i was able to only get 0.2 empyrean iron, and that because there were 3 meteorites left there no-one mined for, while rummaging gave just a few lumps the best one was a gold 80ql with 30 damage, i can mine better...even at this altar, nothing to really do between pulses, so either you stay there and wait...or you leave the site and probably do not get back to it, not worth staying online hours to mine gold meteorites. I see two main problems: - the ability to take care of the site and make it gain enough power and remove enough corruption for the site to become "useful", there are many solutions to that including any prayer giving a tiny power bonus or using saccing as a way to raise the power and give additional bonuses - the fact that you need to stay there for long hours not doing anything else in the game to gain tiny bonuses even if you are a priest or follower of the deity: since it's a tradeoff between stay at site and gaining some bits, or doing any other activity and, well, play the game, the timers between actions at sites probably have to go, and become either a "it's active for 2 weeks anyway and always gives bonuses" or "rift type event wich may last short but gives the bonuses in that short time".
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    Gotta say, the visuals of the holy sites are a bit lacklustre. Imo Wurm desperately needs a shader wizard to come in and overhaul the lighting. That should be an incredibly strong visual uplift for comparatively little effort. Approaching a Fo site should have mood fog and ominous green light, Libila should be darker than normal and sickly violet and yellow light, etc.
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    Ya we agree, did not hit the balance on that quite right. We have a load of bug fixes and balance changes coming next reset for them, let us know how it feels compared to now once those are live.
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    I'd just like to add to note that I believe I was mistaken when I said the Christmas Cake from 2022 was taking large amounts of decay from within a Large Magic Chest. I've been observing since then, and the cake in the LMC (with about 81% decay) hasn't taken any further noticeable decay since. What I believe happened was that it took all that decay inside a /larder/ that had 100 very high quality snowballs in the icebox....adding to the sense expressed in this thread that larder have been nerfed considerably for decay rate of items inside within the past couple years. Then the cake was moved into the large magic chest, no further decay happened. IMHO: Larders should fulfill their purpose of greatly lessening the decay rate of prepared foods and not simply be a standby till a player can afford a magic chest to really keep their prepared food safe.
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    larders already had a cost to use, either babysit the snow amount or suffer penalty to food as decay, lowering nutrition, ccfp, aff timer.. turning things to useless filler or aff food quite quickly once 40+ damage stacks, larders used to leave food almost never take decay ticks if there was snow and that was maintained, this behavior changed, [before] larder kept food I made probably 5-6years ago, at the very least 4yrs/+, there's good amount which I haven't used in a long time and still sits.. but all that is damaged now since decay-fix patch, none of this was addressed, but a mechanic was completely changed, from useful food-only storage, larder is now useless trash-heap with snow(?), is there any chance to get a fix to this or can we at least get a wsa with next valrei post to stop using larders and buy a magic chest, fix is not coming, reporting it seems pointless, months after months it's just ignored
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    Love all the new carpets!!!! BUT please bring back the old carpets (red, blue, gold) as an option- we loved their colors as they were - and not everyone has access to dyes (for money reasons or other). . .. especially new players. While it is wonderful to support the dye-making community even more - I really hope you will reconsider and give us the old colored carpets back as an option in the crafting window. Thanks for your consideration.
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    Allow sailboats to carry a small amount of crates, even limited to only small crates. I am thinking like 5 small crates or 2 large crates, which would be very useful for newer players, but not game breaking.
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    Thx a lot for the wurmathlon
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    Thank you for reporting this, I've added it to the list
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    Empyrean seems a bit underwhelming to me, some normal metals seems a better alternative: silver for weapons does more damage and while it have some minor drawbacks, it's a LOT easier to get, while steel is a lot better than empyrean: resist more damage and have better DR, and that too is easier to get. It won't be a credible alternative to moonmetals or even to normal metals, like it is now: it either should have peculiar properties (like the parry bonus for weapons, tho it looks very very tiny addition), or beign more powerful at least in something.
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    That's generally what the toolbelt is for and its a defence against macroing. Being able to simply spam your improve and repair binds on every item you're imping would significantly change the experience of the game and not in a good way, imo.
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    ...if you start seeing the real world divided up into 4m x 4m tiles.
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    Hi! Could I have the fierce combo, consisting of woodcutting, saw, and hatchet? Kinganon
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    [ attempts to post coherently but keeps hyperventilating in carpet options ]
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