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    if people didnt have mammoth sized deeds they could easily put 2-3 years of upkeep to defend from this issue
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    That's why we don't have the voting website any longer lol
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    How about tablecloths or placemats? it could raise cloth taloring and such also can be dyable. maybe even make them from different material types. (cloth, woven, knitted, wool, etc)
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    All priest owners rejoice! Say a prayer for our Grootyboy and his legendary persistence! Long may he chase treasure maps! As promised, Southern Harmony Alliance has yet again trapped a unique, this time a dragon and made the slaying available for the whole community. All are welcome, even those who *cough* keep their slayings "close to their heart (and wallet)". Red dragon blood makes a ropemaking imbue. Alts policy: Knock yourself out, let's crash the server, who cares. 🙂 Sermons: Altars will be available and queue will be maintained, please be respectful and don't try to ninja a sermon. Fo priests will be available to cleanse your cooties, so non-priests please dismount and huddle up around altars. LOCATION: https://harmony.yaga.host/#2931,3023 Location revealed a bit earlier than announced, If you activated any alts please send them to help sermoners! VYN FOLLOWERS, ENSURE YOUR SB IS BURNED, WE'RE HAVING ROS AT THE SAME TIME! Not sure if timer is right. Slaying is at 21:00 GMT on Saturday, 25/02/23 http://
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    Hi guys, small update here with our current imping material count ❤️ We are still planning to rock and roll come May! If you are wanting to help... we need leather, strings of cloth (or a skilled tailor to help us transform our cotton), lumps, and folks who want to help the day of or ahead of time! Prizes for games are also appreciated but I plan on buying these if they are not donated. My play hours are irregular (really just when I can catch any free time) so if you have questions or wanna volunteer the forum PMs are the fastest way to get me.
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    As far as I am aware it still is Anna was indisposed for a period of time but is back playing again now. I will ask her to comment on this thread and let us ALL know what is going on.
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    Sad. As I wrote before, I don't really care either way, so I am not taking side on the argument itself. But what does bug me is, that all OP did was asking for people to look for a kind corner in their hearts, there was no demanding, no telling anyone how to play, it was a mere request to those who may never bothered to think that far. And what do we get? The ugly side of the community showing up in the most rude way possible. The playbase is already slim enough as is, all you guys do by acting like that is driving people away who may read this and the sad part about it? For you guys that still is a win, someone leaves? Yey more loot for you! Someone stopps getting invested into the game? They probably would have never gathered enough wealth to be a worthy raid target anyhow. There is debating and making a point and then there is just being a douche about it. At least keep things classy if you feel you need to make a point, but calling names or trying to play psychologist and telling people they are wrong in their head is not the way.
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    Dargol is amazing! Sent my supreme hammer for casts and it came back with CoC 104, WoA 104. Thanks for the great, quick service! 😁
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    Can't get enough from your market lol. I'm now the proud owner of my first ebony black, DreamJaw. May her lightning feet bring me to my future destinations
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    Also played Dark Age of Camelot too, right after that silly EQ. Wasnt too bad, but they want money, money and more money if you want to continue further in the game. Then i went to DDO and LotR too. Not really happy with WoW, just too silly, use to be pretty good until they remove so much roleplaying features from the game.
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    Nice. My 'mains' were a Halfling Warrior, Footsore, and Erudite Necromancer, Chevaile Morte. (Every time I see Lester Holt on NBC News, I think of him. lol.) I don't remember the server..... Played for about 10 years from 1999. Then to WoW, I believe. Tried EQ2 and it was okay. But yea, nah. Did go back to EQ for a little while some years later. But, like leaving your hometown, 'you can never go back.' All time favorite was Vanguard, after the disastrous release when they finally worked ou the worst of the problems. No other game does a necromancer anywhere near as well as Vanguard did. First electronic game was Pong. Snuck into the office late one night in 1977 and downloaded Zork from the MIT server, but .... could never get it to run on my TRS-80. Just as well, tried it when it came out commercially and....MUDs are not my thing. Very first multiplayer gaming was old school war games with the big maps and figurines. Then Avalon Hill started publishing board games which could occupy my group of wargamers for a couple weeks over Christmas holidays. Then discovered PnP DnD was FAR more entertaining. heheh.
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    Simplify and make it easier to setup and use exact QL locks for content.. it's unrealistic to make exact ql 90-91-92-93-94-95-96-97-98-99-100LOCK???? (obviously all that is possible.. with exact same or higher ql metal and high skill, but why is any of that necessary) These are often needed(in bulk for the many containers).. and existing mechanic involves wasting good iron/* for what.. making a lock to sort items.. Idea is .. make locks ql90/+ to be possible to lock any of the QL player sets.. could be tied to rename action on the container.. or something in addition, allow tier locks 30-50-70-90QL to act for any higher to next tier ql1-29 to lock and setup any of that variety for content ql30-49 -^ ql50-69 ---^ ql70-89 -----^ ql90-100-------^ or simpler..... if possible.. it's not like lock market is blooming or will ever.. Other key feature... make it so once we have lets say.. 5-10-20 bulk-container-units.. we can select a set of 1-100 items selected individually or as stack of same item.. and drag-drop it at the BCU to sort things automatically based on lock setup. Lets end the micromanagement for hunting loot, mining, etc.. it's nonsense to lose time to do this manually if it could be made way easier and more pleasant for the player, it's often used and could bring a better gameplay when interacting with containers like bsb/bcu with the lock setup.. crates... if there's similar alternative to sort shards/locks/smaller items... great.. but since they have no locking mechanic, will need something in addition to setup such settings.. note: one big miss is .. FSBs are terrible to store and sort variety of food QLs.. bulk food storage container.. could be a thing... one day hopefully.. just to separate different food in bulk for different usage or from different stages of farming grinds.. instead of making and hoarding insanely big near 1 full tile sized fsb ..
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    Yeah that make two of us, i just couldnt crawl back in there. The UIs are terrible and not mention how ugly it is. But the second series, isnt too bad, but still lame boring game compare to the rest of them.
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    I have just logged on and noticed HUGE unexpected decay on 2 of my deeds. GM responded. Hope it's fixed now. Thanks your time, Teeebomb
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    Is it decay , as in are all walls around the same % of damage, or maybe was it a unique that strolled by and bashed some stuff? As someone that had a champ kyklops near his deed on epic for years, I can tell you wandering uniques have a talent for bashing down stuff.
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    i thought im alone with this one.. i have a deed in NFI the building walls are getting decays right after a week it was build .even tho theres 180ish days in coffers ,its a stone house just literally just built it 50ish ql, while my stone house in SFI indy back then takes atleast almost a year to get a damage. and i am not okay with this tbh its like building a house offdeed.
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    I should have said all those towers are duplicate. They are: --- A bit of JavaScript that will find towers with the same name. May not always be duplicates as it appears that towers of different kingdoms can have the same name, but it at least quickly reduces the number that need looking at. Run this in the browser console window of a tab with the map open. towers = window.sheetData.valueRanges.filter(e => e.range.startsWith('Special'))[0].values.filter(r => r.includes('GuardTowerFreedom')) duplicates = towers.map(r => r[0].split('@')[0]).filter((e, i, a) => a.indexOf(e) !== i) towers.filter(e => duplicates.includes(e[0].split('@')[0])) This give a result showing the details of 39 entries for possible duplicate towers. Currently this is: There are two threads, from previous investigation of duplicates, forum search, which should help avoid looking at those that really do have the same name, like "Gatling 450". Of the remaining, some entries are within a few digits of each other and have simply been reported for adding twice. One incorrect entry is "Killerspike 122@(Tunnel to Vrock Lake),3623,1066,GuardTowerFreedom". Removing those from the previous looks, it leaves 6 pairs that practically on top of each other and 1 (Yuri 274) that is too close for both to be correct. Fafa 330,3739,5868,GuardTowerFreedom Fafa 330,3738,5868,GuardTowerFreedom Fevfev 290,800,1655,GuardTowerFreedom Fevfev 290,803,1657,GuardTowerFreedom Ithaka 394,2737,874,GuardTowerFreedom Ithaka 394,2737,874,GuardTowerFreedom Rusk 602,4939,1653,GuardTowerFreedom Rusk 602,4939,1651,GuardTowerFreedom Salvatory 394,2718,756,GuardTowerFreedom Salvatory 394,2719,755,GuardTowerFreedom Tola 746,1221,1767,GuardTowerFreedom,TOP Tola 746,1218,1763,GuardTowerFreedom Yuri 274,3184,5982,GuardTowerFreedom,TOP Yuri 274@(Valley of The Damned),3194,5983,GuardTowerFreedom
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    If we still had the short-lived suggestions voting website, I'd make a hundred accounts to upvote this post.
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    Plastic flamingos to decorate our gardens and deeds!
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    No longer for sale wts 6 lumps glimmersteel - 3s each lumps are 0.4kg and 80ql
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    [02:39:10] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to reach Baeowuf in less than ten minutes. Done. Thank you. I will be glad to see again
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    Hey there, I'm looking for dragon scales to finally create a jacket I want to offer my smithing services as payment for the scales at a rate of 2.2s per 0.01 scales or directly 1.9s per 0.01 Here are some examples: You are looking for a large silver maul for 4.5s. You could pay with 0.01 scales and 2s30c. You want a 95ql iron pickaxe for 3s. You could pay with 0.01 scales and 80c. You want a 90ql steel trowel for 1.8s. You could pay with 0.01 scales and get a credit for your next of 40c. If you have any questions or want to arrange a bigger deal feel free to contact me in game: Thassadhar I might be able to offer other things as well, so if you are looking for something specific don't hesitate to ask You can find an overview of all of my services here:
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    Hello fellow Wurmians. Today I want to suggest the introduction of sawbuck pack saddles for donkeys and mules. I bet many of you remember the old western movies where some person had a mule or donkey behind his horse and the stubborn animal carried various items on it, many times a chest or two. This was made possible with theese things: Introducing them with slots for 1-2 large chests and limiting them to donkeys and mules would create a) a way to transport items in a smaller amount than what fits in a cart through areas where a cart is too cumbersome or can't be used due to rough terrain/steep Hills/deeper Water. b) a reason for premium players to keep and breed donkeys and mules instead of killing them on sight. The pack saddle would give enough space to store your treasure hunting spoils or archeological finds while not slowing you down or hindering you while in combat during your exploration adventures.
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    Maybe capacity is relative to Body Strength of the animal it is equipped on? Would REALLY APPRECIATE a more scaled accounting of the weight of unbutchered corpses, relative to this item. A pack animal should not be able to carry as many dead blue whales as dead wild cats. A dead goblin should not weigh as much as a dead troll.
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    My first ever virtual world was Everquest right around the time Kunark came out. I rolled a high-elf enchanter. That class was way over my head as a beginner, but one I eventually fell in love with. I remember getting my first illusion spell. It randomly turned me into a coin on the ground. I thought I was bugged and that my character disappeared because I couldn't see myself anymore. I was tripping out, lol. My friends and I ended up living on the Firiona Vie server. I was Aeonii the cleric, mostly - among others, such as Veralynn the bard. Then it was a long list of MMOs from there. My very first game... that was Parsec on the TI 99/4A. Unlike the guy in the video, I didn't have a controller. It was aaalll WSAD for me. The console came with a little book that gave you the long, long code to type in to program a little moving man and sounds and stuff like that. The TI was my gateway drug into lifelong gaming. Now I'll go lay down on the lawn next to Sid. 🤭
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    Nope, definitely '22. Time travel is part of the prerequisite for Benediction. If you don't have it, you won't benefit from the journal entry anyway.
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    Abandoned deeds should become unlootable by anyone and you just have to look and cry until decay does its job.
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    No, because then priests would be able to sac anywhere. There are reasons why altars are not transportable. Something that you could use to pray, but not sac, like an idol would be an interesting idea...but please no portable sacing stations.
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    Reunited the gang head off to visit one of our neighbours and check out our local surroundings. We then proceed to go on a killing spree for bodies... lots and lots for bodies for our new priestess. Chapter 10 available on our Twitch and YouTube Channel
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    Deed it or lose it. This has been the general rule in Wurm ever since the enclosure rule was removed years ago. This extends to deed upkeep. Yeah, it's tragic that some people lose their deeds over unavoidable real life issues but with this being a social game I would hope you would have at least made friends with your neighbours who might look after your stuff if your place disbands. -1 to any suggestions for a grace period after disband. Email alerting is already in place if a deed has less than a months upkeep left. Perhaps this can be extended to alert in alliance chat so someone could at least drop some upkeep in if they are concerned that the mayor might not return for a while.
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    can i order a claymaker, a texas peat, and a tarnation from you on my charactor Traipse please
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    What about having the deed perms persist for 24 hrs after a deed falls. The person will still have to re-deed it when/if they come back on, but their friends who have perms on the deed and buildings can come salvage as much as they can in that 24 hrs. This gives everyone a chance to re-deed or move their stuff without fighting off the looters. Then, everyone else can come and hang out for those 24 hrs and they'll all know exactly when the deed is available to be looted, it'll be like an old-fashioned land-rush. This will eliminate the advantage some looters have with their army of alts stationed next to (seemingly) every deed armed with padlocks.
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    I lost a supreme forge I made when the deed I was in disbanded. The guy that had a deed a few tiles away expanded his perimeter over the building it was in to make it decay faster. I was offline for about 2 weeks. When i logged back in and asked him about it, he said he had sold it. That was in 2016, made me lose interest in the game. I just started playing again last year. Still hurts when I think about it lol
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    There's a rather big difference in going out to explore and finding a fallen deed by chance; and running to loot a place on an out-of-game mass media announcement. If deed falls, I think for the alliance to get notified with "x has left the alliance" message is enough. It shouldn't even be server message. It shouldn't concern other, random players, in random far corners. But I'm also a fan of records and history, so adding a fair delay to those server messages would be middle ground for me. Had to edit and add a comment to this And that's all fine. There is just the plea to discover some more kindness in ourselves, to quote the OP: "take some time to find the player first. It's the kind thing to do." But, I mean... if you really-really had to sell that inscribed vase that Jennifer got from her grandmother, to secure your yearly mortgage... we can understand. 😏
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    [20:41:15] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to reach Kadence in less than ten minutes. Thanks for your business 🙂
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    New to Wurm, split level buildings.
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    Harsh truths learned from cruel lessons in the past: The game is designed for deeds to be looted. If someone doesn't loot your deed out of guilt. Someone else will out of greed. If you lost your deed's stuff to a looter. It is no longer yours unless a GM intervenes. Mr. Rogers isn't your neighbor. Expect your ruins to be walled up if you have a fantastic forge waiting. My suggestions to avoid this unfortunate outcome: Enlist friends in game to maintain upkeep during unplanned absences. Enlist friends IRL to contact friends in game, to maintain upkeep during emergencies. One year upkeep minimum. Sometimes not even that is enough, double up if you have a history of health problems. Smaller deed sizes last longer. If you only have an oversized deed for the aesthetics, maybe consider downsizing for longevity and cost-effectiveness sake. Mentally prepare yourself with a "Deed it or lose it" mentality. Expect to start over if you break this mantra in any way, shape or form. That's just how the game was designed.
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    Can i get 2kg of indigo 2kg of midnight black 2kg lime Please and thank you
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    Speaking of movement cancelling an action, I can move while making a wall or a fence (more about those in a bit), but not while making a floor, ladder or staircase. That seems silly. We should be able to make and bash walls, floors and fences in the same way. And speaking of fences, why the arbitrary restriction of having to be on the tile that the fence is being made? I can make walls and floors on adjacent tiles, why not fences? Consistency is a major part of QoL when playing a game, it's a theme running thru a lot of player's suggestions above.
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    Greetings Wurmians! It is Valentine's Day, the day of Love and Joy, which is a fitting time to announce that Rockcliff Museum is expanding to include a new building devoted entirely to Alliances and Villages in both PVE and PVP in SFI. If you wish for your Alliance to be represented in this new exhibit hall, please contact Nirav here or ingame. My dream is to create spaces for you to put multiple items from various members of your Alliance or Village, whether or not they are still playing. Also, it would be Fantastic if you could send a Story about your Alliance or Village to me to put on the website. In both PVE and PVP, Alliances and Villages have been much of the heartbeat of the game we all love, with connections made around the world. Rockcliff Museum wants to honor those connections and stories in this new permanent exhibit, to preseve the moments we have shared together. There are two ways to get your Village or Alliance in this new building. 1. PM me and send me items that you choose to for this purpose. That can include signs, regular banners, and other items with descriptions explaining things, as well as tools, weapons, armor, furniture, etc. Each Alliance will have a one tile space to work with. This also includes Alliances and Villages on Chaos. There will be a PVP level and and PVE level in the building, just like there is for the Main building. The only thing that will Not go in the building is full PMK art sets. Those are out in the courtyard because wagons and tall banners and tents are huge. 2. Look at the Signatures page at https://www.rockcliffmuseum.com/ and tell me which people are in your Alliance and have me create the space for you with the items I already have in the Museum. This would work nicely for Villages that no longer exist, as long as I already have people's items in the Museum. I hope to hear from you all. Rockcliff Museum belongs to all of you, so feel free to work with me to make it your place to put memories to share with us all.
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    Try playing around with the liquids that change tiles, seems to be a good way to grind nat subs. Just make a small amount each time.
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