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    Just wanna point out that fostering a forum/ discussion culture where people are afraid to speak due to being banned / shut down is precisely one of the reasons mmo's eventually die out. Sometimes due to staff not players. I understand the idea of wanting to "put this in the past" but then again one of the repeated complaints players have had for this past decade is the lack of transparency when it comes to staff < > player communication. Do you think this situation helps or not? Not sure what point there is to say anything more. People have lost trust in the team one way or another after this one. People fearing moderation just proves the point at this stage. Don't assume no one is talking about this one if they aren't doing it on official forums or discord.
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    Wurm has horrific player retention. On Steam, just 13% of new players complete the tutorial - 87% (!!!) quit before then or skip it. A better measure of staying in the game is joining a village - only 3% of new players join a village, of which some of those will be alts of existing players - so Wurm retains maybe fewer than 3% of people who try the game. Old School Runescape (OSRS) is a good point of comparison, it's an old and relatively intricate MMO a bit like Wurm - 60% of OSRS players complete the tutorial, and 32% complete the "Cook's assistant" quest (i.e. manage at least a few hours of gameplay). 16% complete the much harder Dragon Slayer quest (which requires 10-20 hours of work, easily, and not everyone does it.) Wurm's new player retention is terrible, including when compared to other games. Let's put it another way: More than 97% of people who think this game is worth trying get scared away within the first few hours of gameplay. This is at least 5-10x worse than comparable MMOs like Old School Runescape. Wurm maybe has 1k to 2k premium players right now, but it will not survive long-term without getting new players through the doors by improving new player retention. Not only will new players keep Wurm alive, it's also great for the game in many ways, like: More funds to pay more developers A better in-game economy Larger, more exciting events In summary: As a long-time player, I think improving the new player experience is essential. More new players = Wurm survives (and thrives) for longer, and that benefits everyone. I miss ~10 years ago when Wurm routinely had ~2k players logged on at once, it was so much more exciting.
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    Indeed, as this is devolving into random crapposting, I've locked it.
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    Theres a lake behind me
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    As for the roadmap, can we expect to see an update on nonwhite skin tones, or anything on the better character customisation we've been told has been coming for just over a year?
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    Dwarfs are well known as the best smiths out there so if it is made out of metal, chances are high that I can make or improve it for you! Place your order in this thread, via forum message or ingame: Thassadhar and I will take care of it. You will find a list of my services below. Here are some basic rules that apply to all categories. Discounts for bigger orders or sets can be arranged Improving of tools/weapons/armor is possible contact me for a quote Price is usually calculated by (price of target ql - price of current ql) The ql of your item is usually rounded down to the current ql band If an item you've sent me gets rare, supreme or fantastic during improvement, it is yours! I provide discounts of 10% for imps if the item has my name tag on it All prices are without postage Additional payment methods I'm accepting the following additional payment methods. Feel free to discuss the details with me. dragon scales at a rate of 2.2s per 0.01kg blue dragon blood at a rate of 4s per blood goblin leader blood at a rate of 3s per blood green dragon hatchling blood at a rate of 3s per blood red dragon hatchling blood at a rate of 3s per blood black dragon hatchling blood at a rate of 3s per blood sleep powder at a rate of 1.1s each (you have to deliver them tho) Rare counter: 15 last update 2023-03-15 Blacksmithing (99.9) Weapon smithing (91.9) Chain armor smithing (96.5) Platesmithing (98.0) Shield smithing (60) Jewelry smithing (64)
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    Now trading for dirt PM me to organise something 99.35ql Cotton x 2500 99.30ql Carrot x 5500 99.33ql Tomato x 15,100 99.35ql Pumpkin x 8000 99.33ql Cabbage x 11,500 99.35ql Wheat x 8000 99.36ql Oats x 14,000 99.28ql Garlic x 4600 99.33ql Potato x 2100 99.28ql Onion x 3000 99.35ql Cucumber x 9000 99.36ql Barley x 5000 99.32ql Lettuce x 5000
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    Starting Bid: 20 Silver Increment (minimum): 1 Silver Reserve: Yes Buyout: No Sniper Protection: 1 Hour Private Bids: Not accepted Sniper Protection starts when there is 1 Hour, or less, on the timer remaining. Every bid at this point extends the auction by 1 hour until there are no more bids. Check us out at Poseicia for other items and services that we have to offer!
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    For Auction 2 Hell Horses Starting bid: 1 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: no Buyout:no Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: not accepted Lot A 5 Draft Lot B 4 Speed Imortal
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    I kinda like this idea. Make epic a real survival server , no pvp, maybe just coop - survival mode. Hard mobs, tough to kill, etc. Either that or just port over Epic servers to freedom and make them freedom servers and that's it.
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    Skill isn't the reason behind wanting to remove hellhorses.
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    I'd like to order: -Huge axe 70ql 50c -butchering knife 70ql 30c -Needle 70ql 35c -Leather knife 70ql 35c -Awl 70ql 35c COD to Viddusaadana Thanks.
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    small anvil, iron, ~26ql, 104coc - 3,0s Kindling x5 coc 95+ If you get time thanks. Bearclaws
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    lot b 1s let's get it started.
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    We will halve the standard code's amount of upkeep. It will be 10 iron coins per tile per 4 weeks. For example a 100*100 deed has 10,000 tiles which will have upkeep of 10 silver per 4 weeks. All creatures will be protected by the Gobbler entity. The amount of cared for creatures is determined by the player skill of animal husbandry, and as such there needs to be a special exemption for this skill not to be halved due to unwanted side effects. Thank you for bringing this to my attention, we will attend to it. Best wishes from Pam.
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    [18:06:59] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to reach Gerolf in less than ten minutes. Thank you, my friend! Hope to see you back soon
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    go the pingpong route and just make the title your playername for memes
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    I love all these suggestions for friends and wanted to add another. Make it so when someone DOES actually figure out how to send a friend request for it to be more noticeable. With all the trash in the event log (and by trash i mean things I don't need to see) it quickly disappears, specially if you are in a area with a few people doing other things. If some new person tries to add you as a friend and then is just gets ignored they make think that THEY are actually being ignored. In truth we don't even see the request in the first place. Ping it on the screen like when a deed disbands, give it a sound like when you get a PM or better yet move it to its own tab like PM's.
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    Added a wiki entry that explains the ins and outs of the mod without spoilers and gives some setup help. https://wiki.wurm-unlimited.net/page/Alchemy
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    continued epic updates is peak sunk cost fallacy
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    Kinda sad to see so many people wanting to close Epic instead of fixing it. As for opening up new pvp servers, how many times has this been going on? Elevation got what, 3-4 resets by now? That didn't solve anything. Defiance then sprung into reality further fragmenting the pvp population. Epic has nice servers, they just need to be fixed so pvp happens faster and easier. The 2x timers are actually awesome for quickly crafting gear. Spamming horses on elevation in less than a day is also really nice. Valrei probably needs a tutorial for people to understand how it works but kinda sad to see people wanting to kill a server cluster just because we don't have 2 way skill transfer. Guess it's easier to throw something away than to fix it. I do agree that we have too many servers though. Maybe just consolidate epic into 1 map instead of 4?
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    Travel being slow is a really important part of the game and makes the world feel large. It would spoil the game for a lot of people if it was faster, in my view. There are already wagoneers, teleports and the ability to chart course, all of which have done a bit to spoil the feeling of Wurm being a large expanse of islands that you can explore for days on end. Because that would render unicorns obsolete. Maybe the issue is that unicorns are too difficult to obtain and breed?
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    Excellent few things needed though Lights - either make them easier to bash or make them permanent in location with a much bigger no-build zone for artifact balancing. Everyone obv just wants to sit at the WL with all the good artifacts free. Map - puks map looks better yes Standard kingdom kings - So it won't just be random alts: possibly require 5 votes to try and significantly improve the chance of getting it - Make the challenging/removing king process much faster
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    Finding friends I think a lot of new players (but by no means all) come to Wurm after a recommendation by a friend, and very often they want to meet up with their friend(s) in those first few hours - but haven't a clue how to contact or find them. They probably have to use a 3rd party communication method to ask their friends how to get together in Wurm. Many end up as lost souls asking CA_Help where their buddy is - and on finding out - next ask how to change servers. The new friendships made in the first few hours, days and weeks of play, often end up being the longest lasting, and very often it's these friendships that keep us playing years later. To many, the Add Friend system is not clear, obvious or intuitive but rather obscure, and again, calls to CA_Help asking how to add a friend are very common from new players. Very often the new player's real word friend is not even online, and friends can not be added while offline. So while the new player may know the friend's name and maybe even the deed name they need to find, they are still left to try to make their way to an unfamiliar location on an unknown server without a guide. Friendly focus. I think the Add Friend and inter-server communications need an overhaul with the new player in mind. Inter server chat should be activated by default - I *think* this is the case currently, but it should be part of the tutorial to send a basic /tell PM and get a response, perhaps using an NPC/AI Agent on Golden Valley which could be messaged like a player and will respond back with helpful information, in a similar way to the way the /help command does now. Add Friend: I would like to see the ability to right click menu > Add Friend, by right clicking on a player name in the PM chat window, in the same way you can Use a name. I think there should be more feedback on the Status of the friend's request - how the friends request is progressing, whether the other person has yet to respond, has accepted, if the request was incorrectly typed (try again) or failed for some other reason (not the fault of the new player). It might be good if the Add Friend system would *not* time out so soon due to inactivity or quit if the other party is offline, but would instead stay active for maybe a week especially when either player is offline. There could be a Status tab for each friend request which pops up for the players next time they log in. It would not show the online/offline status of the other party until the friends request is accepted. I think this might help to reassure the new player that their friends request is being taken seriously, and not just thrown back at them as a fail. On PvE, it might be good if the real world friend could create some sort of beacon that stays active on their deed even when they go offline, so that the new player can portal once directly to that beacon even if the mayor is offline, in a similar way to a karma teleport spell. Just some ideas!
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    It should be more like:
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    no. sorry i would have joined a pvp server if i wanted to pvp and if forced to have to pvp for this game i will just find another game to play even though i really love Wurm Kordeth Bludscythe, Master Architect of the Shackport Alliance, Shackport E-13 Melody Server Traipse, Lodge Owner of Fir Retreat, O-18 Independence Server Pharrwalker, Caretaker of Fir Retreat Outpost, N-13 Release Server
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    Rolf stop coming back to the forums
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    You've had way too much cotton candy, check count on pve/pvp servers.. do you think pvp worths anything in comparison to pve community and content? Fix pvp issues.. people will go and pvp. Find what makes pvp in wurm to stink so much that nobody wants to touch it/well only few do/ It's terrible idea which could backfire in really unpleasant ways for the community, population and the servers.
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    This happened before. For a while it was called Rolf's Lunch or Wurmpocalypse. (Not to be confused with the server wipe called Wurmageddon.) It was such a disaster that it became the spark that created Freedom. People play on Freedom, precisely because they don't want this. You have your PvP servers. Stop trying to force it on non PvP'ers. -1
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    I will have to have decayed far past this current point to no longer be able to play a game. That being said, my concern is not that I will be too old to play wurm, but that I will outlast it. There isn't another game like this out there. I was close enough to 50 when I started to really not be concerned how old I am. It makes me sad when anyone leaves, for any reason, but such is life. Life is infused with nostalgia. What makes this game so different is the extent to which each player had a hand in making this world. The game would have to change considerably for me to not feel grateful to be here in it.
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    I am happy to discuss my side of the story with anyone interested. You may contact me on the forums or on Discord at any time.
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    I don't buy it. Consider my trust in the team severely diminished.
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    Proudly showing the way to Colossus Lake through the fog
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    I'm not scared....are you scared? The troll should be! wink wink
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    I have been around since crooked houses and we where green people standing on horses. Wurm remains beautiful to me. The freedom to pursue any interest along with the most important part, social is what keeps me coming back year after year. By now i have friends I have played with over a decade. We have been there through birth life and death for each other. This is a big part of the Wurm magic for me. We may drift to other servers, vanish to rl for a year or three but so many find their way back, it is always wonderful to see old friends and faces.
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    Would like to add: Put the 'X' on treasure maps directly over the treasure itself. With the exceedingly specific tolerances on difficult maps, I would expect the treasure to be under where the two lines of the 'X' cross and not down there on the lower right part of the 'X' where it was just found. On a clear map like this it's frustrating, and it's beyond frustrating when dealing with something buried in a desert with no useful reference points other than topo lines.
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    ... A NEW DAY IS DAWNING ... Blossom Market had fallen into ruins. The merchants had been replaced with signs saying they moved on, the buildings decayed, and all that was left was overgrown concrete slabs and the unwanted items left behind by transients, vagabonds, and nomads. But the Gods have seen fit to gift us with a new opportunity. Beautifully landscaped gardens of the Gods have sprouted. New buildings to house merchants, craftings areas, and suites with amazing balcony vista views are in the final stages of construction. More details coming very soon!
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    Regarding boat balance. It doesn't need balance. Focus on giving players creative freedom. I would just make all boats work at a depth of 5 or deeper. Wurm whatever you do... DO NOT NERF KNARR!
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    Here's another i'd like to see : remove the deletion of affinity bonuses meals when we cross servers. Currently every time you have any affinity if you cross a server they get removed.
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    I'm not sure if anyone else has mentioned it but my number one improvement would definitely be a check all/unchecked all button in settlement role management. Should be so easy, and have been hoping for one for a long time. The second thing would be some sort of mechanic that would regain your some of the materials from bashing walls or bridges or fences etc, out in the world but more so on your own deed. Destroying a building could leave some materials behind on the ground or even a salvaging skill you can increase to regain some of those materials. Maybe an unpopular suggestion but maybe an auto travel option like that of the Wagoner on highways. People wouldn't HAVE to use it but the option would be amazing. New Wall types and looks, rounded walls and bridges. I love building and creatively trying to use the limited options in different or new ways only goes so far. Every building starts to look the same. So new wall types of the existing materials and rounded wall and floor/ceilings would be super rad. Also new hairstyles and character customization, I know that seems small but I think it would be a draw to new players. People just like to look unique and it's nearly impossible in this game. The last thing is an overhaul to starter towns, I think that is desperately needed. New players spawn in a shanty town that's quite literally covered in garbage, Sonata on cadence for instance has a mine that is basically a death trap for new players. Ive tried to convince friends to play and between the tutorial and the starter town never saw the games potential and quit befor they even started. I personally think a starter town should be amazing and show a new player what they could aspire to build. I also think players or alliances should be able to apply for the job of building them up even. It would bring really unique perspective to the area assuming applicants rotated or were picked based on past building designs etc. There are some amazing architects on wurm who could do the job. That's pretty much it for my major hopes. *Edited to say that I am five thousand percent on board for wagon skin options as well as tall banners again and other banner and flag skins. More and different decorations of that sort as well. How dearly I would love to have my kingdom wagons, towers and banners in nfi, I want to move that to the tippy top of my list. Please please please!*
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    Happy Birthday Sklotopolis - 7 years Today we celebrate 7 years of Sklotopolis, I never expected this server to last for such a long time. Seven years ago Sklotopolis was just an almost vanilla world, which hasn't got any of the great features we are using today. Many hundreds of hours have been put into developing more than 100 different mods turning Sklotopolis into a unique place to play. Even after all this time a big bunch of our features are still unique in the Wurm universe, nobody else has been able to adopt our wide variety as of now. Thanks to the great team behind me for helping manage the server, without you Sklotopolis wouldn't be where it is now. And of course thanks to all our players for turning this project into such a big success story. I am looking forward to the next years, we still aren't finished, and there are big things to come.
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    Hey, That is me, Serraphine. DkSproket was my partner in crime. But he has given up Wurm 😕 Also Explora and Ladygodiva also helped. We started new characters to play on Xanadu. We settled in the little lake at Fraggle Lake and made the Canal to Fraggle lake and the original Fraggle Lake tunnel. Alas we eventually returned to Pristine. We missed our Pristine Alliance and eventually returned to Pristine. Grats on your Heritage site. The tunnel looks amazing! Well done \o/
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    +200 for dig for treasure keybind. Especilally in unclear terrain and shitty maps it is often necessary to dig very often, a perfect recipe for ruining ankles and carpal tunnels.
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    Deposit Chip please