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    No it's not. You have this backwards. People used to sell and buy characters all the time, the game NEVER had name security. You can also share your account (within reason) so ANYONE logging into your friendslist could be ANYONE Name changes allow people to change their names to match them, their characters, or anything else. This game has been around for almost 20 years, and people change throughout that time, some may no longer use the same cringey handles they used before, others may evolve if their life changes, others may no longer identify with the name as they've transitioned IRL, there's a huge number of reasons and they're all personal and valid. Stop thinking through a narrow world view of things being the same, because just like the people who play it, this game is in a constant state of change
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    Map by Teeebomb. Small battle area.
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    I love, love, love the look of fog at night
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    By the looks of things I think I can only come over on the 30th but I'm up to do some blacksmithing this time Will get all of them horseshoes to 70ql this time xD
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    Some scenic views from high
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    Those who do not make Santa's list, will be making mine..... besides, my list is much more merry and festive.... with all the blood that shall be spilt!
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    Player A could have played character NastyMcNasterson, and then created character NiceyMcNiceGuy. You have no way of knowing that they are the same person. There's no "name security" in this case. Player A could have played a character QueenOfAwesome, and sold it to player B, before the RMT ban. You have no way of knowing that they are no longer the same person. There's no "name security" in this case. Player A could play character MrPopular, and share the login info with player B. You have no way of knowing who is playing MrPopular. There's no "name security" in this case. Renaming a character is a lot like getting a faith swap or a meditation path change: instead of doing it the slow way (by making a new character, or dropping your faith / med path), you're paying a premium in order to get a head start. I want to restate and emphasize this. Even when renaming a character is not possible. a player can achieve the same result by creating a new character. So, by all means let players change names — assuming the technical questions can all be resolved — but make it a premium service.
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    on vacation with family for week n half, though sunday still here, guess it's based off Europe sunday. Shop discount doesn't appear available. That's alotta coin wurm will miss and prem time i'll miss. Looks like I just missed the sale whilst away on vacay.
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    What if - and hear me out - what if this was something the gm team did with the intention of having a little fun with the playerbase? I know it's insane to think, but it could be that there's a ton of items sitting on golven valley, through confiscation, bans, anything of the sort, and the gm team thought it might be a fun little event to auction them off? I don't think there's an ulterior motive the gm team aren't the ones in charge of the economy, and there's a billion better ways to do it than auction these items off. Its clearly just for a bit of fun.
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    Hi!:) With the new rename horse ability coming up in the loyality system i was wondering if a rename character one could be added aswell. I know that character rename is not a technical issue but more of an ability to keep track of bad rep people and "special persons of interest" for some but with the new tools added that can track any item in game or skill gains i dont think it would be too much work to get a character name tracker too. And make it so that when someone examines another person an extra line could be added that says: this character was formerly known as: [name 1][name 2] You could even make it that is tracked/highlighted serverwide for a while too like you would track deeds formed and disbanded on niarja could have a message pop on the event and/or friends tab pop every time a toon logs in with a message: the folowing characters have been re-named this month: from x to y etc If it would be too long of a message then just make it a stickied forum post and the in-game message would be just a link to it and if is on the forum people could use it to search for a toon's history in it before dealing in game. We would all be lill fbi agents checking out the suspect in the database:) I think people would really like it. My reasoning is to get rid of a really long name that is also hard for people to spell when they want to mail me free stuff:0 Others might want to do it because they bought toons and want to re-name them and have own stamp on them and others will want to escape bad rep i guess. But with the message on examine and the forum post that would not be possible. L.E. I would not mind making it a one time thing (similar to the one time free deity switch for the priests update) or having a cooldown too, as in make it cost 3x horse name but only be usable once a year.
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    For shipping bulk to different servers we could use our wagoner's and hire them to take crates to docks that would have NPC ship captains that would work the same as wagoner's only for shipping to other servers ..sell shipping npc they would be located on coast and instead of wagons they load a small boat , also i have alot of cooking items and saddles backpacks and sacks....hanging wall racks for cooking and tack gear both would be a cool look for walls and handy to keep supplies tidied up
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    Previously in my octopus hunting adventures, the top of the head of the octopi could be seen at the top of the water, similar to how the corpse is just barely above the dirt if we drop a corpse on land. However, some time in the past month they've begun to lose buoyancy and have sunk much lower making it extremely difficult to see them. Now, when right up next to them, they're very far below the surface, as seen in this screenshot. I'm basically right in front of him (too close for combat purposes) and he's pretty far below the surface, and below the level of my sailboat.
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    Thanks for all the feedback so far - server and client have been updated with a few changes: Direction indicators for surveying will stay up for a maximum of 5 minutes, and start their usual 30 second fade out when you're within 10 tiles of the indicated location. Map images will confirm they are the correct file the server is sending, if not they'll be redownloaded (new maps after this change only). Added an option to surveys to toggle contours between 3 options, Local, Off, & Global. Global is only available on surveys over 50ql. Added a confirm/warning message to the map combining window. Added opacity to the currently dragged map in the combining window. Combiner window will close itself if the action is cancelled. Updated examine messages for stamps and ink pots. Will now check more than the first found ink pot for dye/ink when needed, if the first is empty. Lowered the action time for the stamp eraser. Fixed font sizes for treasure maps with text. Fixed survey messages being the wrong order
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    49. dog pelt ~99ql, 84coc - FREE hammer head, iron, ~22ql, 98coc - 1,0s large anvil, iron, ~26ql, 99coc - 1,0s small anvil, iron, ~22,ql, 96coc - 1,0s whetstone, ~92ql, 98coc - 1,0s chisel blade, iron, ~21ql - 98coc - 1,0s shovel blade, steel, ~13ql, 99coc - 1,0s saw, iron ~22ql, 98coc - 1,0s carving knife blade, iron, ~32ql, 96coc - 1,0s butchering knife blade, iron, ~21ql, 92coc - 1,0s hatchet head, iron, ~20ql, 97coc - 1,0s file blade, iron, ~55ql, 99coc - 1,0s huge axe, iron ~92ql Nim96 LT101 MD CoC101 MS96 - 15,0s Bought that stuff, very cheap, fast respond and delivery, highly recommend
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    [22:36:03] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to reach Limestone in less than ten minutes. Done - 105WOA. Thank you. I will be glad to see again
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    Check your local time https://www.wurmnode.com/server/independence
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    No more inflation for my coin pile hehe >:) Still refreshing
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    I think it's just you because that's a woefully poor take to have in a game. Name changes have been a thing in games since time immemorial, and the entire mmo ecosystem hasn't collapsed. I suggest you take a few moments to have a think about why someone would want to change their name, and come up with some examples, because I guarantee you, once you think of some reasons, you'll understand why your take was bad.
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    This don't work well. I've seen it in another game. that decided to change so ppl could change their names. Does not work well. Any name changing function leads to chaos and confusion. I'm not a fan, don't like it. I can probably come up w/ some rare example where it would seem to be a good idea in that one instance to allow a name change... but why muck up all of Wurm for that one. I would support it if, when u purchased a new account from somebody, at that exchange, they be able to change the toon name. That would only make sense. Unless, of course, you knew, when you purchased the account, if you already knew you would be stuck w/ that name. In that case, no need to allow name changing. It also makes sense to allow cap letters in player names- for cosmetic stuffs. I could be TeeeBOMB, sure. But over all - no, lets not mess up all the cool things associated w/ names in Wurm, because someone made a toon name and played on it for 10 years, and now decided they want some other name. You have an awesome name? Madnath? You don't like that? We have a really cool thing here in Wurm. This name security rocks. It is an awesome thing. Well, I'm just me. if nobody else agrees w/ me then its just me then. No matter how strongly I feel about giving away name security in Wurm, it's still just me. If it's just me. I hope its not just me.
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    "Take" option exists in the rclick menus of Brazier Pillars in containers or on the ground. [15:45:18] You are carrying too much to pick up the brazier pillar. Not sure why it is there given that they require 122 body strength to pickup 😛
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    I can help out with imping armour sets 99.5 Shield Smithing 93 Chain armour smithing 91 Plate Armour Smithing
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    I bet Robus is shitting bricks right now! He's going to have a bigger pile then you at this rate! Even in fear he challenges you!
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    FINALLY SOMEONE HAS BROUGHT THIS MAN TO THE COMMUNITIES ATTENTION. I have a bad back and this MONSTER keeps putting these weird tall DIRT THINGS around my house. I haven’t been to the grocery store in MONTHS. My grand nephew tried doing a wellness check on me and the KIND OFFICER DAGOBERT has been trying to locate me WITH ZERO SUCCESS. He stays very CLOSE BY and I keep calling his name but the MONSTER ROBUS just keeps yelling “THE WALL GOT 5 FEET HIGHER” I don’t know what to do I need my medication
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    Hi Sidereal! Can I please order 15kg of Vynora Blue for a large cart Thank you very much! Potion
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    Had one of these recently myself. Spent about 10 minutes or so finding the right spot, which was around the same distance away from the X yours was. +1 treasure map locations shouldn't lie. Finding the locations is already difficult enough for most people, so we shouldn't throw another variable in the mix on top of the mobs that spawn.
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    +1 spent well over an hour a while back with a map, ended up 15 some tiles away from the mark
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    Would be cool if this could be used in tandem with treasure maps to find location they mark or list. Also wouldn't mind a generic this far away from message like we have from pendulums but obviously a shorter one.
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    One of the test options does give you a reed pen. I put some belts at a bookcase by the marble building. (Feel free to use any thing there. after to many hours trying things out yesterday. I'm a little burned on it. maybe I'll revisit it later in the week.) But yes, a better tool belt on the testing menu would be good. Maybe given on the Test, "Basic Tools" option.(Hmm, I didn't check that if you got one with that option or not)
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    I'd like the statue frags of hell horse, please and thank you.
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    Getting ready to move deed. It was easy to put it all in a pile, but how hard will it be to move it 2000 tiles? 😅
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    The following is pulled from wu but i highly doubt that at this point in time there is a major difference between the way wu and wo store their player data As you can tell every player has a "WURMID" this is the same as the "PLAYERID" referenced in other tables, changing this would cause issues yes and require massive updates across every item and house and entity owned by said player BUT changing the "NAME" field does not require this it never has never will if this was the case then players being forced to change names due to offensive names would not have been a thing and Rolf&co would have decided that an offensive name would result in perma ban of the toon instead if it really was that much work. So no no increased code complexity or server load. Wurm can do what runescape has and show previous known names on examine of a player or on name hover over in any chat and problem solved, the only reason this is not a thing is because in the past Rolf had stated that he had planned to make name change a paid for feature but never got around to doing it and then forgot about doing and then didn't feel like putting in the effort to make it be a thing. Making a database edit of a single field really is not that hard given that every bit of code that calls for player name uses "OWNERID"(Same as PLAYERID and WURMID) for lookup while requesting the "NAME" field as reply and thus none of the tools or anything like that would even be impacted any more so then they already are when you examine something, in this sense wurm is really efficient on how it handles data, say what you will about how quirky the game is and how wogic is strong but when it comes to the basics of the code behind it the game is better designed at its core then most games are from small or big teams old or new games alike. Wurm really is not that complex and a name change really is not that hard like i can keep throwing screenshots of code into here to try and show more of it but most wont have a clue what its about so i will just leave you with one more screenshot showing why I am all for having the way to purchase(in some way or another) a name change while it logs old name would not be a complex thing. Below is a screenshot of the item table of the default wu adventure map and shows that the name is nothing more then a field that is only referenced for us the player and not for tracking purposes(Thank god to that) of who owns what or anything like that Edit: Okay for good measure I will just add this to it This is found in the WebInterfaceImpl file, this here already shows how easy it really is for a name change to happen given wurm already has this functionality build in and all that would need to be done for this new process is to call for this code and done rename of a player will be done. @Override public String rename(final String intraServerPassword, final String oldName, String newName, final String newPass, final int power) throws RemoteException { this.validateIntraServerPassword(intraServerPassword); if (WebInterfaceImpl.logger.isLoggable(Level.FINER)) { WebInterfaceImpl.logger.finer(this.getRemoteClientDetails() + " rename oldName: " + oldName + ", newName: " + newName + ", power: " + power); } String toReturn = ""; newName = LoginHandler.raiseFirstLetter(newName); if (Servers.localServer.LOGINSERVER && Players.getInstance().doesPlayerNameExist(newName)) { return "The name " + newName + " already exists. This is an Error."; } if (Servers.localServer.LOGINSERVER) { toReturn += Servers.rename(oldName, newName, newPass, power); } if (!toReturn.contains("Error.")) { try { toReturn = PlayerInfoFactory.rename(oldName, newName, newPass, power); } catch (final IOException iox) { toReturn = toReturn + Servers.localServer.name + " " + iox.getMessage() + ". This is an Error.\n"; WebInterfaceImpl.logger.log(Level.WARNING, iox.getMessage(), iox); } } return toReturn;
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    Not my words, but Enki's words about removing coins from the system. I don't how much coin is in the system, my issue is, as I already mentioned, the players who may be effected by this in a negative way. IF this was indeed an idea for a gold sink, my point is that there are MANY better more creative gold sinks that would NOT effect the players and the skills they spend thousands of hours on. How do I know this is effecting players in a negative way, because I've been talking to those players and the fear is that the GMs/Devs selling items such as a caravel, is going to have an impact on their ability to have sales in the game. I feel that no player should have to compete against the game it self in such a way.
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    Or you know, just enable fo priests to select which trait to remove... And while we are at selecting things, allow to select which enchantment to dispell already ffs
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    Well, i sold my accounts and bought as well. I am not the person i bought the account from, the person that got my accounts is not me. Didn't get a chance to get any of my accounts back before RMT and to what accounts my "reputation" is tied to now? It doesn't even make sense to be overly paranoid around names after so many account sales and after 95%+ of population doesn't even play anymore for years