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    I had for a long time felt that the game had been going no where with development. This has changed since Keenan has taken over. I very much appreciate the work being put in and love how open to changes to better the game he is. So this is mostly meant as a thank you from me and to say I very much support the direction the game has been going. Keep up the great work
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    I just think it would be awesome to be able to craft a scarecrow for our farms - a use for thatch perhaps that isn't just grass or roofing. Could even give some mild bonuses, like +1 harvest in a 5-tile area or something similar, increased on rarity. What do you guys think?
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    My wording was intentional. This was brought to my attention when I first stepped up as Product Manager and I failed to take action at that time. That's on me. I do not spend much time regretting mistakes that are made, instead I spend time solving them and doing what I can to prevent the same ones from repeating in the future. I believe that our pricing now makes sense and that the typo in the Steam Shop has also been corrected as of today.
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    This is honestly one of the most inane things I've ever read though. If it's this much of a big deal to you I will gladly transfer you the funds you have "lost" over this **typo**. Imagine turning a thread which was an incredibly positive and upfront thing for a company to do into this self gratifying result. Thank you for your effort to do the right thing Keenan. As someone who has purchased well over 50 of these packages over various alts this is an incredible gesture and I appreciate the work that went into addressing this.
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    Server Changelog Bugfix: Hell horses with extremely tame trait (rare combat) should no longer try to kill rift animals and get themselves attacked. Change: When spilling food or drink due to excessive drunkenness, only a single bite or sip will be wasted instead of the entire item. Change: Updated the approximate value for the 10 silver pack in the steam shop. Bugfix: Poor Sigvard can now be turned and planted. Change: The command to toggle CCFP has been removed.
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    Keenan, Darklords, and the Dev teams recent jump in clear passion and creativity has made me fall back in love with this game. Thanks Developer GAMERS
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    We will be giving out the sleep bonus during next Tuesdays reset on November 8th.
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    Happy Birthday Sklotopolis - 7 years Today we celebrate 7 years of Sklotopolis, I never expected this server to last for such a long time. Seven years ago Sklotopolis was just an almost vanilla world, which hasn't got any of the great features we are using today. Many hundreds of hours have been put into developing more than 100 different mods turning Sklotopolis into a unique place to play. Even after all this time a big bunch of our features are still unique in the Wurm universe, nobody else has been able to adopt our wide variety as of now. Thanks to the great team behind me for helping manage the server, without you Sklotopolis wouldn't be where it is now. And of course thanks to all our players for turning this project into such a big success story. I am looking forward to the next years, we still aren't finished, and there are big things to come.
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    I'm locking this thread. The issues that were reported have been fixed. My apologies for the time it took to fix them, what is important is that they are fixed now and we will maintain higher scrutiny over changes that impact either shop in the future. Thank you.
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    Hello all, It was recently brought to our attention once again that the bundle pricing in the shop did not make sense. Specifically, the first two bundles offered were priced higher than the combined total of the items sold. This has been rectified as of today. The bundle prices have been reduced to ensure that they are at a discount, even if a small one, as opposed to buying the items individually. It has been said that this was a deceptive practice, and that does not rest well with me. To that end, I've gone back over the last year of transactions and have given a list of players to the GM team. We will be granting 3 days of premium per bundle purchase of the 1-month-5-silver bundle to make good for the extra cost incurred. You will not need to place a ticket or email us as we've already gathered the data from our transaction history. Thank you, and happy Wurming!
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    First, players shouldn't be accusing anyone of something illegal they couldn't back up. That's toxic and prejudiced, and is completely unwelcome in any conversation if it's to be taken seriously. If anyone is to make a serious allegation, then they should be ready to back it up. Has it happened before? Yes. But there's an implication that's what's going on now, and so far we've got absolutely nothing to back that up, from player standpoint. When it was done before, it was very clear that a group was doing something kinda odd. However, it's pretty easy to connect dots for each slay now. Some groups get kills they find, some of them kill based on local or GL messages. As for what I'd change it to, I have no idea. I have things I want to keep, and I think I understand the most effective change type, but I have no idea how it could be worked into a system I like and comfortably go "I think this is good" I say keep the hunting, keep the slaying and stuff basic so that people aren't lost in the sauce of nonsense when they suggest changes. But I've yet to see a single post that can comfortably cover every checkbox we currently have with uniques, positive or negative. Uniques and their future are something that the devs aren't slow to work on, they're clearly taking a good amount of time to really work out and present a system that works well in the game world and makes sense in the context of the game. As far as ideas I like more than others, I quite like the Stanlee idea of "earning" your dragon rather than just find them spawning in the wild. To play devil's advocate, I can see the intent of the system being made to give players a "carrot on a stick" approach. You want your own dragon? Group up, search it down and kill it. The system works in the fact it encourages people off deed and to explore. I think not handing these rare creatures on a silver platter is a good move, the act of killing a dragon is rather easy if you're in a group who are willing to search and make an effort, and learn with information already posted on the forums for trapping it. Ultimately it adds a sense of wonder to the act of leaving deed and exploring the other parts of the server map you maybe don't get to visit too often. So, where does that all fall apart? I'd say two places: Really, a wider part of the playerbase aren't trying to go for that carrot on a stick. They aren't willing to understand that other groups got the dragon before they did and take the loss that time. They aren't willing to learn the mechanics, which exist explained on the forums. And sometimes, that's fine! But it really takes the wind out of the sails when it comes to arguing for changing uniques to serve everyone at once rather than those who can put some effort in. And secondly, exactly as I mentioned above, it's too well known. Really, twitter and event messages were taken away in hopes it'd level the playing field for finding a unique. People hooked up to give them alerts when the Twitter bot pinged them to say a unique spawned suddenly don't know exactly when to search. That's a good change, but it ultimately made the gap larger between the average player and those who understand unique spawning. It continues to be the players who understand the systems most who get the uniques, rather than the average player who doesn't know and perhaps doesn't want to know. Short term? Made unique spawns much more random. Remove the fact that they're more likely to spawn after a server restart, and change the spawn value that makes them more likely to spawn past a certain point. Add more randomness into the mix, obscured well enough that people can't get an exact bead on them. This of course, would affect public and private slays, but ultimately might mean more "average" players will find them. But, it's pointless to do this as it ultimately does nothing to change the situation beyond potentially slow down public and private slays. Long term? Adjust the distribution of scale/hide to be more beneficial to having a larger amount in local. Again, most of the issues people have with slays being private is the fact that it's much more beneficial to players to do it privately. What can we do to change that, in a way that doesn't add nonsense like points? A formula based on combat rating isn't a good or bad way to do it. Offer an amount of scale/hide per person based on collective group combat rating, increasing upwards the more CR there is, until there's a cap and then it starts to slightly lower again due to amount of players. Market has more scale/hide in it, players get more, and more people walk away with the resource in an amount that wont take them more than 5 years to make a set unless they group up and send along alts to public events.
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    Nevermind, it was the caffeine, didnt realize it affected it that much.
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    Then you should be reporting them if you have knowledge of them. If you're just guessing that people use them, I think you're in for a shock. Terrible idea. Hide would benefit from tweaks moreso because drakes drop less hide to be split between players. If you went 1 for 1 on dragons and drakes in a private group you'd likely end up with a scale set before a drake set iirc. Bloods really should just drop like normal no matter what, alts being brought to get bloods is a pointless complaint as it overall harms and hurts nobody. 1. "Oh crap I found this dragon at 3AM on a Sunday morning, I work during the week, this simple best time mechanic hasn't worked for me and I lack the ability to make a public thread due to a busy day." 2. Easy to game with alts, even if they need to be prem. 3. Having a loose dragon tends to be what leads to pens and random callouts to private slays. 4. Not a good mechanic, more on point 6. 5. Again, directly benefits private slays more. More HP to be taken by lower amounts means more points. 6. Having it randomly end in 30 minutes of fighting seems really god damn silly. Dragon fights, even if they are buffed it rarely take close to that long unless your team sucks and/or still uses really awful weapons. Simply buffing a creature does nothing but making tanking significantly harder and more awful. 7. Doesn't this contradict your final bullet point, where people who don't contribute get nothing? It's very easy to game this approach if it was added as is. Earn your dragon points, deliberately kite it around until it gets "bored" (lol) and use it to farm dragon points. Also anyone can already hunt for a dragon, Stanlee has already posted before pointing out as such. Again, for everyone who somehow missed it, rift sites will get you a shocking amount of uniques but that's not a hard promise as they can spawn randomly just about bloody anywhere far enough from a deed. Not a great suggestion, it's very lost in the sauce and assumes that simply buffing a dragon is a good move when if anything it's another detriment. Also uses weird and wonky mechanics. Very easy to Darnok yourself trying to improve the idea. I beg anyone who wants to contribute takes in mind the Archaed post as it so well points out the issue with making a dragon something as awful as a rift event. As for my own take, there's so much this and that, that so often nobody remembers the distribution. Points are not a good way to get scale/hide for a few reasons, other than making it nonsensical it means an entire rebalance and figuring out a new system to quantify damage value and ultimately just hurts people who don't fight as much, aren't as strong, are newer to the game or just simply don't want to use meta weapons/loadouts. Tanks would have to be considered too as you're not going to get nearly as much points if you have to focus on just tanking the hits as best you can. You'd also need to attach value to heal casts and stamina casts too if the route was taken of buffing dragons. I stand by the idea the ideal solution comes from a rework of distribution of the resources gained since that's the cause of private slayings, but I'm sure cases can be made that involve other ideas too. At best most of these ideas just simply make uniques a boring system, and at worst offer a new way to game the system and making it overall much worse. tl;dr uniques need a change but there's too many ideas that forget too many boxes and aren't deeply considered enough.
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    It shouldn't be very difficult to design a system that would allow players to control when a dragon is fought, if the goal is to guarantee a public slaying at the best time. Player finds dragon. Dragon is asleep, and invulnerable. Player is awarded a chunk of dragon points as a reward. Countdown timer starts at e.g. 48 hours. If/when a sufficiently large number of players are in Local of the dragon, it wakes up then and there, and the fight begins. If the countdown timer expires before the dragon is wakened, it wakes up naturally and the fight begins. A "boredom" timer starts when the fight begins, e.g. 30 minutes. During the fight, players earn dragon points by damaging the dragon or by healing its target. The fight ends when the dragon dies, or everyone in that original Local area is dead, or the dragon gets bored. If the dragon is killed, additional dragon points are awarded to everyone who damaged it. Notes Anyone can hunt for a dragon, and earn rewards for finding it. There should be a "Dragon Hunter" title for this. No more need for complex etiquette rules, and no more demand for GMs to adjudicate who found or owns or claims the dragon, or to kick people out of Local. Because of the 48 hour countdown to the awakening, if you find a dragon when you are playing, it will waken by default at the same time of day for you and those who play at the same time of day. If that time isn't good for you, you can arrange an earlier time. If the finder doesn't publicize the location, the dragon is unlikely to be slain. (Dragons need to be toughened up so that the usual private slaying group can't just execute one without help.) Alts who don't contribute get nothing.
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    I am seeing something here 1. a group of players who go "herp derp its old mechanic no change we want to keep what we have for ourselves no share" 2. people who don't want change because "but mah socials" 3. it would become overwhelming The idea of a unique being found then a public time being set by the game before its killable would give people time to show up for that designated time and do it this counters point 2 We don't all show up for rifts yet new players do and those who enjoy them do as well it is currently the same with unique's except the difference is a lot of slayings are private thus there is a smaller chance of people who want to be part of slaying them to show up for them at all as they wont ever know. Just because a unique slaying happens doesn't mean you have to show up for it? The point system would not mean that it would take MONTHS to get rewards that you can get now it could be scaled to be similar as it is now where contribution value is based on participants vs damage done per person so sure it would be less but not everyone will leave their deed to go chase after every unique on every server only a few would do this and they already try to do so as it is anyway so there is no real change there for them. Also no this wasn't as much as a suggestion for NFI as it was a suggestion to stop drama queens threatening new players with "im going to call the gms on you" instantly when a group of people find a unique and then lie about how they will kill it aka typical unique slaying drama that we get so often in global and forums the reason why most people dont go to slayings anymore. Why leave a mechanic that breeds drama in the game and resist change to try and make it better? Also for those who go "oh go out more and do more slayings" I got all my bloods i got a corpse of every unique(some doubles even) and enough mats for multiple scale and drake hide sets yet I am still for a change where unique's become more accessible towards everyone. As it stands right now people with more knowledge of when and where a unique can spawn can guesstimate it to pretty good accuracy and thus have an advantage over others who try to hunt but dont have a big group to do this with or the know how of how to make this. There are also those who past and current use live maps and other tools to track uniques and other creatures and also have a unfair advantage. Then there is the drama that comes from how the mechanic is right now the one thing that has even driven apart friendships and caused people to get muted or punished worse for the trouble that came from them. Then there is the issue of alts leeching mats away during public slayings thus those with better hardware specs and wallets can and will get more mats without putting in any effort to the fight. And lastly we got goblin camps coming up that mechanic should be expanded to troll mounds and dragon lairs and as part of them a revamp to the unique spawning would be good in some form of what is listed here or some other mechanic But leaving it as it is will do nothing more then just create more drama and cause issues and ruin friendships over greed and for what? a miserabele pile of pixels, a bunch of 1's and 0's?? Heck a great example of getting rid of toxic mechanics is the new cod game, instead of leaving in mechanics that are causing issues they disable them until they can fix them.(Yes before you ask the issue with pings giving players wall hacking is the same issue of players in wurm having live maps to find unique's)
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    the owner has been found and the horses have been returned safely back to their home stables yay
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    Valrei, Seris and Sol on a cloudy day. The clouds were determined to prevent a nice screenshot, but eventually they parted for a small window.
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    If you have any complaints, you can direct them to contact@wurmonline.com. This is not the place to discuss legal matters. Further discussion of what is legal or illegal will be moderated. That's for lawyers to discuss. The price isn't wrong. The line that indicates the approximate silver price per euro is inaccurate on that one entry and will be fixed.
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    I had intended to write a script to send out emails, but could not get it done in time. I considered the coupon route, but we lack the ability to create them via any sort of scripted means. Having gone back a year, there were a number of accounts with varying number of purchases that I wanted to address. Given that the GM team are volunteers, I wanted to be mindful of their time. Adding premium to an account can be done offline, whereas creating coupons and sending them out is a far more time-consuming task. That said, I will consider the use of coupons for premium reimbursement in the future so long as we can implement a means to automate mailing them out. I don't use Steam much at all, so I never noticed this. Personally, I don't feel this is lying nor of the same caliber of the error fixed in the non-Steam shop. The information is misleading, but I will have that corrected. The stated price will not change in this instance, however.
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    Something is amiss here...
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    Congrats on your success old friend. Thanks for making the game a better place.
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    I don't really like the point system too much but you just made up your own issues to disagree with about it. There's tend to be more 0.01 drops on pulbic slaying then 0.03, imo and not every server have public slayings every time. There's actually abitly to purchase scale or drake hide from if people that spend their X poitns for 0.01 amount of scale/drake wanna sell it to you. Also, there's uniques that doesn't drop scale or hide and you can still get points from them. Faster or slowers, that's what tweaking is for, nothing is carved in stone Even the current public slayings are not everyones best time. It's really not that horrible as this current one Hope devs would look at the posts and take the best idead/suggestion and not just look for a single post that cheks all the boxes
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    Aye, gratitude is in order for a good job keep it up lads.
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    1x Large CCFP single[1] please COD to McChill Thank you
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    >We're not trying to be deceptive >brought to our attention again >just a mistake How many times has this happened? Not really sure continual mistakes are more reassuring lol
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    Horse shoes 90's WoA - 4 Silver a set of four. whut love set of thos:P send to weeebiee any chance you also have sadles with 90+ woa on? if so i whut love 1 thos too ❤️
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    What's that miniskirt thing? Is it like a default skin for one of the kingdoms or is it an actual item?
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    I like how people like to talk about horrible stuff while keep pushing for status quo on bugged mechanic to be maintained for a decade all in name of "public slaying" that are probably just a little fragment of all the slayings. On SFI only 1 server have consistent public slaying, that's like 1 in 7. This suggestion is far from ideal but in same time far better then current one. It's pretty lame to say to a wurm players "get off your ass" as this game have most labor intesive mechanic and gameplay in wich majority of the remaining playerbase sink so much time of their lifes. Pretty much everyone put so much effort into everything. How about someone else go off their ass and do something about what was majority of players see it as unfair and wanna see changed, improved or replaced.
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    u want one get off your ass and go find one
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    Great gain percentage! Great drops! Great Event! Love this event
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    I'd urge using the option of providing those qualifying players with a bonus code for their 3 days premium rather than developers just adding it directly at some unknown time. Premium time is used up whether the character is online or not, and it's best for players to be aware of when and whether their character has premium time coming to them before it appears, and better yet, allowing them to activate that compensatory premium time at their leisure. Having premium time added and used up while one is on winter holiday or some other time away from the game might not leave a good impression on customers.
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    🧸Bjarne keeps asking me when he can wear my witch hat. And I tell him..."when I can wear your hat!" He wont let me. ❤️
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    This has been suggested a few times and our dragon hunting elite top tier wurm players hate the idea. Personally, I agree something needs to be done.
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    I know this is a bit of an old post but it is also the first result that comes up on Google for anyone looking for this. Leaving this here for when I forget how to make it and end up searching for it again, hopefully helps someone else too.
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    Absolutely love it, The important thing for me is to allow everyone to be involved. I only suggest things the way I do to prevent a level of cheating in finding the spawns or hoarding the resource, as long as these prevent building or blocking them off i'm all for it! The whole point here is to suggest a working fix to a absolutely broken system. I agree with you 100% if it was kept how it is now it wouldn't work, which is why I suggested unique points. nobody gets anything directly from the unique instead everyone who participates would get points equal to their contribution meaning there would be no leeching, only those who contribute something. The things this suggestion changes is 2, loot isn't a massive payout for whatever group finds it, it opens this very fun aspect of dragon hunting and slayings to the community at large without thinning out actual rewards or requiring huge amounts of work and prep by a few to organize them. I'd even be ok if there was an automatic random roll like now when you kill a creature for everyone who fights for a chance at special loot as long as everyone can participate and it's fair. It doesn't mean it'll be an easier fight it might in fact be harder. Also love the suggestion of splitting the hides with a leather knife! It will kill private slayings as they are now too, it'll also provide a lot of value to the community at large because if everyone can go and benefit without dulling out the benefits for how many people show up all the better. The point is to build a system similar to rifts because its fair, and allows everyone equal access to rare resources, everyone a chance to participate and burnout no more than rifts. I really do like sheffie's suggestion above though that provides a hunting aspect and battlewalls suggestion for splitting bits of hide with a knife.
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    I agree that community events are worth a lot more to the player base than private slayings. In fact, I like just about everything about the initial suggestion, except for one thing. Keep the hunting aspect. Let players search for a marker that's less obvious than a beam of light visible from across the server. Make it something like a dragon egg that glows like a meteorite (if a hatchling is going to appear), a smoking/charred carcass of a large animal (for a full dragon), and so on. When a player touches/examines/uses the marker object... start a countdown to the battle trigger the big beam of light (nicely RGB coded) award some unique points to the finder — a significant amount announce the finding in Freedom chat and with a tweet, so that everyone becomes aware of it. If no one discovers the marker within a time limit, let it decay or disappear and another can spawn elsewhere.
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    It could work to simply "buff" uniques, toward the end of making it outright impossible for small or medium sized groups of players to kill them. It's also been suggested to make them completely free roaming, and highly destructive, to the effect that people would be profoundly relieved to see them gone regardless of how it was accomplished or by whom. Maybe both of these together? As it stands, uniques have become nothing more than a rare resource. It might be more fun to see them made a major threat and serious menace.
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    Xanadu went down for about an hour and twenty minutes. The cause was memory-related. As part of our upgrade in Java, we went with a newer memory management scheme. This happens to use more memory to provide better performance, but it was consuming too much memory. We scaled back to a previous management scheme and tuned the memory allotment to fix the issue and will continue to monitor the situation. I'll make another post with these details and information on sleep bonus for the downtime in the next few days. I'd like to observe the server running for a full 48 hours before I do.
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    This one still makes us Chuckle....
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    Oh my goodness that throne with the skulls is awesome!! Everything you see on Release makes me want to go on an extended tour. Thanks for doing these vids.
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    Yuri said you had pass on the gate next to the one you tried (there where you saw Rosetta's Garden house) - but don't worry, all you missed were a few penned champ pets
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    I understand you want to focus your rune loadouts into things that are meta, such as a shovel or pick only being useful if it has a 10% gather rune. I understand how that can be frustrating for an end game player / min maxer. However, while I understand this would make the skill more viable for you, I don't agree with the general philosophy that would result in. I've sorta glossed over this as balancing in this thread but a more full explanation seems warranted. The primary purpose of the rune and cast roll system is that it allows solo and or casual players access to runes and casts on tools without using the market. However for replayability It also allows the possibility of creating something that is better than the best loadout that is creatable by standard means. It is not designed to be a way for end game players to reliably generate another tier of item. The idea of rune extraction only being possible by very end game players also falls into this issue. It would just disappoint everyone who has not pan filled tens of thousands of times to grind SD. It also creates a sort of rich get richer scheme, further separating and granting more power to high level players. We should generally strive to avoid making the market gatekeeping worse than it is. Aside from that, As a player myself, I hear you. I understand there are frustrations and we might still make adjustments. But I'm against the general idea of using this to be a reliable way to raise the tool meta and or to cater to end game players specifically. I'm saying this as an end game player myself with very high level arch/rest who is largely driven by selling stuff on the market. I will personally continue to do arch in the hopes of creating over meta tools. But in the mean time I'm getting tons of other rewards which make the effort generally worth it. It's easy to lose sight of how overpowered this skill already is by focusing on the rune output. Besides the possibility of creating the best tools in the entire game (which by itself is insane) the benefits are: This skill is among the easier rare generators ( Now even better given better iron and steel odds! ) It gives you unique to this skill statue fragments which you can enjoy or sell on the market It gives you special wood types ( Now with Planks! ) It gives you moon metal fragments ( Now at twice the rate as before! ) You get a chance of treasure maps while investigating You get collectable mini deed tokens ( Now with direction to their home! ) It's one of few skills where you get to do something other than sitting in your base grinding actions As always I'm open to discussion but I have a difficult time justifying giving it any more power than it has. At a high level you can produce more value from this skill than most others.
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    The Ivory Whip Astarte has chosen to pass the Ivory Whip of Chat Moderation to Belisama, making them the new Lead Chat Moderator. All chat moderation issues or complaints should be sent to Belisama. Thank You, Wurm Online Team
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    Tower Chaining in PvP It has come to our attention that there exists the ability for someone to use an alternate account to found a deed as part of another kingdom, and then convert that deed to their own kingdom, effectively bypassing Tower Chaining mechanics. The existing mechanics for Tower Chaining require an influence connection back to the capital deed or starter deed in order to found a new deed for a kingdom. Circumventing this mechanic is a clear exploit, and while we are working on a fix for this, those caught circumventing this will be/have been penalized in addition to the forced disbanding of the deed(s) in question. Thank You, Wurm Online Team
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    PvP VPN Usage & You Using any VPN or Proxy to bypass the one kingdom online from one IP address at a time restriction on the PVP servers will be considered a form of metagaming and will be enforced and penalized. While we know there are many valid reasons to be using a VPN or Proxy, using them to bypass our intended mechanics is not one of them! Thank You, Wurm Online Team
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    For a while, I have been semi inactive dealing with issues not relating to Wurm that has kept me from being as quick and courteous as I prefer to be with people. During my semi away time a lot has happened among the people here and what I have found on my return has me seeing blood. There are those among us harassing, and attacking the Developers and other Wurm team members which I will not tolerate. If your name is brought before me I will simply cut you loose. I will not waste my time on you anymore. At the same time I have been made aware of certain illicit activities occurring while I have been unavailable. Things like exploiting ways into sealed mines via means clearly not intended. We will hunt you down and remove you. I have not been active with Discord moderation since its inclusion into our ecosystem, but I am very unhappy with the things I hear and I will turn that around. No harassment shall be tolerated there. I will not tolerate the use of inappropriate materials, harassment, or doxxing, or anything that is improper for our environment. Make no mistake folks, I am very unhappy at all that has been transpiring, but know this, I know you have been concerned about the lack of recent public updates, and all this doom and gloom is just a mood that people feel from time to time, public updates will resume when the Dev team are ready. They are very busy and have lives too ya know. They are not all machine and computer code unlike the rest of us, and I am here to help keep the game healthy and happy. While I stand here enjoying my root beer float, a number of people's names are already being inscribed on my ban hammer. So lets see where it falls as I slowly dig through my backlog of work!
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