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    Welcome to Afterglow Self - Serve Horse Market ( Pristine O 26) Update : My sincere thanks to all the customers! Draft Ebonies & Appaloosas & Chestnuts restocked ! All Hell Horses sold out. Stay tuned, more coming soon ! LOAD/UNLOAD/LEAD is set for everyone ( main dock is on the east side facing the ocean) Creature cages now available 71ql = 60c ( not in self-serve, you have to message me) - 4 available right now ( If you need any help or have questions, please don`t hesitate to message Soraya or Anestasia in game, Melianna here on the forums or Discord : Marishka#6247 ) Are you Happy with my animals? Unhappy? Feel free to leave me Any feedback, so I know, if there is anything I can improve to make Your experience better. I would love to be offering you the best companions possible If you are looking for animals on NFI, feel free to check out my market over there on Cadence (Twilight Sanctuary) Here is where I`m located on the map : Right on the coast and easy to find Highway connection ( Never get lost again! ) Deep water port to unload your cages - LOAD, UNLOAD, LEAD set for all Daily updated Amongst The Oaks Inn for You to sleep overnight, should you need/want to Spirit templar for your safety while shopping Trader for your convenience Each of my horses, hell horses and mules are bred with love Free from any negative traits, that goes also for all the FREE pen animals Feel free to ask, if the animal you are coming for is still available No home deliveries at this time Short reservations are possible Horse & Hell Horse Colors : Traits : Pricing : Note : 3 good speed (LM,FM,SLM) and 3 good draft (CM,SB,SL) are just as fast as 4 speed/drafters = same price 4 Draft & Speed Horses : Ebony Black (2.5% speed bonus as of 16-Aug-2022 patch notes : " Ebony/molten speed bonus now applies to hitched animals ") - 75c Appaloosa, Black Silver, Gold Buckskin, Chestnut, Blood Bay, Skewbald Pinto, Piebald Pinto, White, Gold - 50c 4 Draft & Speed Hell Horses : Molten (2.5% speed bonus as of 16-Aug-2022 patch notes : " Ebony/molten speed bonus now applies to hitched animals ") - 75c Nightshade, Incandescent, Shadow, Pestilential, Envious, Cinder, Ash - 50c ( Hell horses are by far the fastest horses in the game, for both pulling and riding due to their traits being always on, meaning your cart/wagon will Always be at max speed. Downside : They are aggressive and will unpredictably attack you and others. Unless you ride a cart with hitched hell horses or you are a Fo priest with 60 faith and 30 favor. They will unhitch at the end of the "aged" stage ( 30 in game months). When leading them, please unequip your weapons not to kill it, it if it starts attacking you . If attacked - Stop leading - Walk few tiles away - Untarget - (the aggro will reset). Hell horses can be cared for, if they are tamed or charmed. 4 Draft & Speed mules - 75c ( Mules are faster than horses or bisons for vehicles (unlike bison, Mules can wear horse gear). They cannot be bred and are not faster than hell horses) Speed Mules are wonderful for those alts, you never felt like leveling body control on, before premium expired Merchants, Trader & How to use my self-serve pens : FREE Pen : Currently Available Animals : (Age of my animals ranges from "young foal" to "mature") (If you are looking for an animal that is not listed, message me, I might have it) Animals with Rare Traits : Pen R 1 - Purelightning - Mature - Horse - Chestnut - Male - 4 speed + It seems immortal - ST - 7s Sold! Pen R 2 - Westpick - Aged - Horse - Chestnut - Female - 4 speed + It has a chance to produce twins - SH - 4s Sold! New! Pen R 3 - Rhythmsweet - Young - Horse - Black silver - Male - 4 draft + It seems immortal - ST - 7s Sold! Draft & Speed Horses : Draft & Speed Hell Horses : Draft & Speed Mules :
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    It is wonderful to see all the deeds, creativity and dedication. Thanks for sharing all the sights of Release.
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    i rather enjoyed the performance and was so nice to see so many listeners thank you for hosting this musical for all of us
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    The problem is unless you can get some minimum level of persistent activity in your village. You're going to be at a perpetual risk of getting wiped out by bored raiders when you're away. Which kind of sucks if you've put in a lot of work into it. I was out on vacation for a couple weeks a few years ago only to find my village of 5+ years drained and removed when I got back. It's just not worth it.
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    Branded horses should be able to navigate home using the highway system. Your deed must be on the highway system. Leading a branded horse interact with a way stone. Same travel time as a wagoneer. So not instant but allows one to use teleports or even catch a rise with a friend or something. Should be balanced by the horse being unavailable until it gets back. Encourages the development of a servers highway system. And is something horses can do irl.
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    Treasure hunting is most liked by players that go out of deed and do thing, i.e hunting. Having to farm a k tiles so I get a map so I can go treasure hunting isn't what I want and I believe it's the same for other who enjoy exploration. A player that enjoys farming won't be as excited about treasure hunting as a player that likes hunting/exploring. Creating an enjoyable feature but wanting players that aren't into that to enjoy it, maybe they will come out sometime but not like the hunters that enjoy doing that. I have seen players that aren't interested in it having 10+ maps but players that want to do it, like me, have just a couple. It's like, the content is there, I would enjoy it but I can't because I didn't farm 1000 tiles.
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    Hello this is a special statue from the last Halloween event, a rare version one: Starting Bid: 8s Bid Increment: 1s Buyout: 50s Sniper Protection: 30 Minutes
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    Up for auction: A Shiny Rare 90QL Glimmersteel Staff with 95Nim 96CoC 105MS 10kBloodthirst Enchants, 100 Shatter Protection, and a Steel Rune of Vynora. Glimmersteel Staves are the highest DPS weapons in the game. Can slap a unique with 50+ staff skill and 25str verified, most likely can do with less. Comes with a pair of 90 ql Glimmersteel rings, your choice of 90+ vyn/lib enchantment. Your choice of Demise if desired(Recommend a frost/acid imbue with glacial/corrosive on the rings for max dps. Imbue not provided). Starting bid/Reserve: 100s/1g Increment (minimum): 1s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: not accepted
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    A iron rune of The Scavenger has been attached, so it will increase the time an enchant holds its power on the item (10%) and reduce size (10%) A seryll rune of Fo has been attached, so it will increase the chance of successfully enchanting the item (10%) A steel rune of Vynora has been attached, so it will reduce damage taken (10%) A seryll rune of Jackal has been attached, so it will increase the chance of successfully enchanting the item (5%) and reduce the quality change when repairing damage (5%) Starting bid: 1 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: not accepted
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    I am no longer actively modding, but @Tyodahas made some improvements to this mod and released them here: https://github.com/Tyoda/wyvernmods/ I'll be updating the main link in the OP as well to reflect that this should be used over the outdated one I originally made.
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    Ok queues are being setup 6 deliveries ready for acceptance
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    I'm so sad I missed your visit! I would have given you the full tour!! It's amazing seeing all these different deeds and areas on Release that I have yet to explore. Not to mention all the other servers. Thank you for doing this! Keep up the good work! If you happen to swing by the area again, I would love to show you around! there's a lot more to the deed that was missed
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    Oh crap, sry. corrected :) Thanks
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    Update released on 2022-09-25 17:00 GMT (Sept 25, 2022) Road Updates - minor changes in the area of 61x, 51y Miscellaneous - added tunnel and highway designations for the Devil's Horn tunnel and adjoining highways - added Fort Jerris hwy and tunnel information Skyefox and Hughmongus Cartographers of Indy Since 2013 Co-Administrators - The Albia Roads Map of Indy
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    Count me in on my alt Dredomen 100 faith, 45 channeling
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    what if you're just dye-curious?
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    Have over 1000. Yes, I can deliverer if on coastal (each trip is 1s) Depending on the volume bought. We can work out a deal. I live on Xan, If you live on Xan too. Can do Wagoneer also.
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    Maybe a troll or a goblin could have taken a note from a murdered player. This issue indeed... it would encourage people to kill sheep peacefully grazing on my grasslands. A peaceful and serene landscape would turn into an uncanny image of death and decay. But now finding a casket when burrying mobs that's a nice way to implement this and encourage players to burry stuff. It also makes sense you burry the creature and while digging the hole you find a casket or a map or whatever. Just make it so that if you are the killer of the sheep or deer you get a chance to get silver drained from your pockets. Sheep and deer should be left alone. No casket for those ppl just pain.
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    I need 1 Texas peat and 1 Tarnation COD to blacklotus please! Thank you!!
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    Scout Two continues his journey around Release heading South from the deed of Kinghts Rest. Some amazing sights are seen. Shout out to DaemonDan for the Desert rescue and the wagon ride. EP9 available on out Twitch and YouTube Channel.
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    Hey, I would like to order: Midnight Black Lime Green bright blue Pure white 3kg of each color cod to Stinboi, Thanks.
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    Three weeks ago Keenan posted a development update saying that that is exactly what we are doing after Exploration I linked it in the first part of this set of VI's.
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    I have lost my voice due to too much singing recently and therefore can't attend this beautiful music festival that it will be! My doctor said I was addicted to singing and therefore have needed to take some time away from events that will make me overuse my vocal cords. I wish you the best and hope you all will sing, scream and shout for me! (read: I am away and internet + laptop not allowing to run wurm will prevent me from being there to mix bloods)
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    This could involve allowing wagoners to deliver horses, by leading them behind the wagon in the same way players can. I imagine wagoners would have halter ropes, like most anyone who regularly uses a wagon.
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    Hiya, me again! 2kg of bloody red to Erhid, please. Thanks!
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    Tunnel is rideable already. Need some polish and a lot support beams. Tunnel is not connected to highway yet because there is still some veins which need to burn.
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    I agree that burying a creature should provide the same sort of chance to unearth a rare casket as digging or farming. I am not so sure about adding bottles to the stomachs of other creatures, or maps to the pockets of goblins.
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    I agree to Dale. Only, the race between coin roll and digging rare roll had to be treated similarly as it is in creation rare rolls when foraging and botanizing. Coin rolls occur every maybe 200 actions or so while creation rares occur in the usual 1/3600 per hour style (I never had a double roll, coin and creation rare, ever, so I assume they are mutually exclusive). Maybe bit better chance could be given to burying than that, or with a different mechanism than creating etc. which are performed continuously, but definitely lower than coin rolls.
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    I'm not opposed to finding a map when burying a mob as long as it's in the same range of possibility as farming or digging, which I've heard and seen is somewhere in the once in every 1K-2K range. I am opposed to having maps drop when just killing a mob, as I HATE coming across fields of corpses. To me that just smacks of a giant F U to the locals. Anyway, so yeah, will give you a +1 for a chance of roughly 1 map for every ~1K corpses buried with slightly better odds for humanoid mobs. But still voting no on getting maps dropped just from killing mobs, no matter the kind of mob.
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    There is already a system in place for recipe drops on some critters, adding treasure maps to the mix on sentient humanoids (goblins, trolls, arguable lava fiends) could be a good way to go (just tweak the odds to match the current rare roll ones).
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    Only if the horse have a 5% chance of just straight up exploding
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    We already get coins from them, what's the difference? Buying treasure maps is not the kind of gameplay I'm after, personally. Half the fun is having one suddenly appear in your inventory!
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    I think that players that don't want to go treasure hunting, like me, are selling their maps. This was originally put in place, so I understand, to reward actions, like farming, digging, and mining, etc. that have very little reward when getting an MOI. Hunting, with the attendant butchering and burying, can give decent rewards already, with high ql parts and the occasional MOI which puts coins in your pocket. Those who don't want to farm, dig or mine can buy maps from those who do but don't want to go traipsing across half the map in search of that elusive treasure.
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    Stealing under $1000 when I'm in Califailnia, because it's not being prosecuted...
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    So many questions from so many people.....Why was this released and no one is here monitoring this post and answering questions? Drop something this major that raises so many questions, and we get silence! I think so many of us want to love this new content, but you, the dev team have to help us love it by not leaving us lingering with unanswered questions.
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    Finally sailed over and visited the museum and i have to say it is an awesome experience and highly recommended. Congrats to all for creating and donating to such a place, the amount of history is staggering.
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    I'm gonna send my alt over there. Me and him have been having issues and I need space lol.
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    Again, there is a straight ally flag which is intended to be inclusive to straight people who wish to identify as both straight and also allies, to counter the "hate flags". My point is not that inclusivity is unwelcome. Only that it's more important to recognize that rainbow flags are for representing the LGBTQ community and increasing their visibility and status first and foremost, not simply "including everybody". That isn't a hateful statement any more than wishing to be included is. Anyway, this is the "ally" flag: And here's a link with a very tiny bit more reading about why urging to merely be included can be such a sensitive topic: https://queerintheworld.com/straight-ally-pride-flag/ Namely the following quote
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    Can there be a flag for proud straight men and woman who love the opposite gender please please disassociate this with any group that Hates on any community here or in the Real world would be much appreciated
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    This one has some lengthy explanation so made a separate thread. So the general idea on this one was to have region specific resources rather than just randomly spread. I (In my head) split the map into three climate zones with a view to putting in biomes and ore according to the climate you'd expect them on earth. I very quickly realized the limitations of Wurm and so while I did try to keep faithful to logic regarding where you'd expect to find certain things - there was a fair amount of artistic license used. The three zones from north to south are Cold, Temperate, Hot. (I tried to think of polar, equatorial etc but realized being that specific wasn't going to work). In the north I have tried to make a frozen tundra kinda feel. You will also find an abundance of tar at the top - in the wastelands. There is a large marsh/swamp area in the middle of the cold climate zone, complete with moss and peat. The lines are just a rough guide, not a hard border for biomes. Below is how trees are divided; (note, you will find far less trees in general in the hot climate) Cold climate Birch Pine Cedar fir oak hazlenut maple (nearer south) Temperate climate apple tree willow oak walnut maple (nearer north) hazlenut grape cherry (nearer south i think) Hot climate lemon tree orange tree olive tree grape cherry All over Linden raspberry blueberry lingonberry camellia rose lavender ? (might be more south than north) Now, I have created a standard Ore version and a special version. In the special version I have also distributed the ore resources regionally however there is an issue where Wurm likes to randomly spawn sandstone and rocksalt in game which kinda puts a wrench in this idea (as you will see below). Luckily Cuddles has kindly created a mod to fix this here If you want to use the special ores map I highly advise installing this mod first. Special version. Iron is at a standard 2% all across the map. All other ores can be found all over the map BUT they are extremely rare outside of their region. Some material types have more areas than others. Areas are irregular sizes and shapes. In the cold climate slate is very common - 2 % In the hot climate sandstone is very common - 2 % All the other ore materials are more or less non-existent in all areas of the map EXCEPT for patches here and there where they are very common 2%. I have tried to make the patches logical according to where you'd expect to find them IRL but again, a very large amount fo artistic license was required. Cold tin lead silver Temperate marble Hot copper silver zinc Gold doesn't really follow climate zones, more mountains. The exact locations of the ore can be given to anyone who asks, the reason I don't just post a map is that the point of this map is to be exploration and discovery. Standard Ore - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1YZ0J0ub2hpTgkNeEph9RWR1IJnqEH51L Special Ore - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jw4zjdgaeIbtfMxJa8c-ecmIQ-63ibDk