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    Someone in alliance just got a 60 damage tick when removing a rare tin ore from a large magic chest. 60 damage! And almost instantly! What's the point of spending so much silver/marks on magic chests if your items are just gonna go poof as soon as you remove them from the container? Really doesn't make sense and I'd love to see this fixed.
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    Better looking alternative for steppe-like tile (no bushes and trees). Not replacement but something similar. Drastically reduced tree and bushes spawn and spread Any grass tile without tree or bush for longer then x days can became meadow It means that if you put effort once and maintain area for some time, cutting all trees and bushes, you can have meadow, where trees and bushes will have reduced spawn rate, thus don't need to maintain it constantly. Meadow won't push trees back. It means that if you plant a tree on it, it will last. Also for bushes. Also maybe an option for increased non-aggressive animals spawn?
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    I love to be able to create pottery items using some type of spin wheel as another way to create pottery items such as jars, bowls etc... Would make use as another cool decorative piece while also providing the ability to have coc/woa casted on it for faster item creation times/more creation skillgain. On another hand sometimes there are mission that require you to create hundred of pottery bowls, would be great way to make those missions a bit more speedy. Materials for crafting(Uses fine carpentry to create/improve[15?]): 1x Rope 1x handle 1x Peg 1x Plate 3x Small Nails
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    Did it? game has more players now than pre-RMT, so I find that argument flawed.
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    Crocea Mors "Crocea Mors" - thats the name of the Sword that Mythen tell us owns Julius Cäsar. The Yellow Death - thats the translation of the name - rumors says every hit brings Death with it. In your Hands - can it have the same Magic Strengh? Rare iron Longsword + Bastard Skin 98 QL Nim 101 LT 105 CoC 101 MS 102 Monster Demise on it 10% less Damage Rune on it With that Sword in your Hand - Can you be the next Cäsar? Starting Bid - 1s Min. Increment - 1s No Buyout! Sniper Protection 30 min Wish a nice bidding - Greetings Achillis
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    Yeah, at this point I'm ready to call BS on the LMC and deeds as well. We've been duped! They don't remove decay, they just delay it and accumulate it so you get big ole nasty surprise as soon as you try to use that precious keepsake you've been saving for a special occasion. How does one report a scam in here?
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    Ravenbits is a fine noble steed raised by the most skilled breeder. His noble father Simeonkiss goes over 52kph consistently. May Fo bless Ravenbits' new guardian so they won't get burnt by his fiery will.
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    I understand you want to focus your rune loadouts into things that are meta, such as a shovel or pick only being useful if it has a 10% gather rune. I understand how that can be frustrating for an end game player / min maxer. However, while I understand this would make the skill more viable for you, I don't agree with the general philosophy that would result in. I've sorta glossed over this as balancing in this thread but a more full explanation seems warranted. The primary purpose of the rune and cast roll system is that it allows solo and or casual players access to runes and casts on tools without using the market. However for replayability It also allows the possibility of creating something that is better than the best loadout that is creatable by standard means. It is not designed to be a way for end game players to reliably generate another tier of item. The idea of rune extraction only being possible by very end game players also falls into this issue. It would just disappoint everyone who has not pan filled tens of thousands of times to grind SD. It also creates a sort of rich get richer scheme, further separating and granting more power to high level players. We should generally strive to avoid making the market gatekeeping worse than it is. Aside from that, As a player myself, I hear you. I understand there are frustrations and we might still make adjustments. But I'm against the general idea of using this to be a reliable way to raise the tool meta and or to cater to end game players specifically. I'm saying this as an end game player myself with very high level arch/rest who is largely driven by selling stuff on the market. I will personally continue to do arch in the hopes of creating over meta tools. But in the mean time I'm getting tons of other rewards which make the effort generally worth it. It's easy to lose sight of how overpowered this skill already is by focusing on the rune output. Besides the possibility of creating the best tools in the entire game (which by itself is insane) the benefits are: This skill is among the easier rare generators ( Now even better given better iron and steel odds! ) It gives you unique to this skill statue fragments which you can enjoy or sell on the market It gives you special wood types ( Now with Planks! ) It gives you moon metal fragments ( Now at twice the rate as before! ) You get a chance of treasure maps while investigating You get collectable mini deed tokens ( Now with direction to their home! ) It's one of few skills where you get to do something other than sitting in your base grinding actions As always I'm open to discussion but I have a difficult time justifying giving it any more power than it has. At a high level you can produce more value from this skill than most others.
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    The Independence Exploration Map! Please take a quick moment to read the description in this thread and see examples on how to submit to the map at the bottom. Map Link: -> Link to map <- The administrators of this map: @tronn- @Aristia- @Nordlys Special thanks to @Yagaand @Substrfor developing and maintaining such an easy tool for exploration in Wurm! Map policy: The aim for this map is to be a supplement to the other community maps out there, and to get as good an exploration feel as possible. To achieve this goal we now welcome everyone in the community to submit their findings to this map, as long as its withing the needs and rules for this map. The community of Independence have over several years had an "opt-in policy" for the community map. We dont think this is the time or place to touch or change that subject - so for this map we will only add deeds if its the mayor who submits it. If the community of Independence should change their minds about this, we will follow the general publics opinion. We will add: Bridges, tunnels, canals, guard towers and mission structures regardless of where they are placed (on and off deed). Deeds will be added if submitted by the mayor and removed as soon as a disband note is seen. We will not add: Roads, highways, resources (clay, tar), old deeds (archaeology) or colossi to this map. This both because there are other very good maps for such, but also because we think the official map dumps offer a good enough solution. Features: 1. Map coordinates The map offers a common type of map grid (as an optional overlay), using the same denotation as the in-game map (for example "E 24"). However, to place and find locations in a much more detailed way the new map is based on "tile coordinates" (x, y), making it possible to narrow down locations to a single tile on the server! This allows us to place deeds and landmarks much more precisely. 2. Zoom! The map provides various zoom levels, allowing to zoom in from a view of the entire server to close-ups of single deeds. 3. Layers! Deeds, Tunnels, Canals, Bridges etc. are actually map layers which can be toggled on and off. You can also choose among two map types (Terrain, Topographical). 4. Search! The map offers an easy-to-use search function for deeds, guard towers and mission structures. 5. Selecting locations and copy coordinates! You are able to select any point on the map and save the coordinates for future use. Submitting data and contributing to the map: Please make a post in this thread to report new or changed data. Do not send PMs, neither on the forum, discord nor in-game! Click once on the map to see the coordinates in the browser url and "Selected Location" field. Either copy the link or copy the coordinates from the "Selected Location" field and paste the result here. Deeds: Please use the settlement name and the coordinates of the settlement token. Guard towers, Mission structures: Please submit the coordinates for such, along with what type of structure it is and the name of it. Tunnels, Canals, Bridges: Please report the coordinates of all points describing the route (starting point, "bends" if any, ending point). These elements can also be given a name so please add that also if the local community has agreed on one. If the bridge, tunnel or canal is too short we might not have space to add in the name to the map as we dont want to clutter up the map too much. Example how to add a deed: https://independence.yaga.host/#1913,2355 Deed: The Howl Example how to add a guard tower: https://independence.yaga.host/#1901,2220 Guard tower: Zorako 714 Example how to add a mission structure: https://independence.yaga.host/#2035,2404 Obelisk: Sleeps Stand Example how to add a tunnel, canal or bridge (example is from FM Cave Canal with one bend) "[1894, 2406], [1894, 2399], [2027, 2399]"
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    Ideally one that's been renamed. Should have Enki creator tag or better. Material should be platinum or meat. Paying loads of silver, literally no price too high. Shoot me a PM.
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    Something went wrong as My fellow mate down here added so ill redid this, Showing Current Area we working on + Deed we have inplace atm, there We working on the Western Water Way tunnel its Middle of Pristine. Got an Ally Deed here, and ill pushing for Community work. we have mag priest, we do favor, we can summon and so on , give coc picks if needed and so on, that tunnel is needed to cut Pristine in Half and for most Rifts. This is deed Placing will work on that Part 2 The Red Dot is Our deed, we will Work and Redo Some stuff, If u Need Any Assistence When we are at Prisitine Let us know Got Fo priest at 97 Channeling If u need a mail Box or so, But for other Stuff, We got Our Mag Priest Here as well doing strongwalls but he has 71 Channeling not much but if u find a use let us know Regards //MrCoolMan and Richtje.
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    Hello Wurmians. My first post and auction ever. I'm bringing this 3 draft Hellie with no "it is easy on its gear" trait Starting bid: 10s Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: No Buyout: None Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private bids: Not accepted Pick up at Goodmeadow, Cadence L16.
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    2nd fastest horse in the game. He requires 31 body control to ride. Easily over 50 km/h in rare casted gear. Pickup from Azath, N/O16 Harmony. Starting bid: 25s Increment (minimum): 5s Reserve: No Sniper Protection: 1 hour
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    dog gif bump Your Smoke from Sol doesn't need to be supreme, made by Enki, or made of any particular material. It just needs to be a Smoke from Sol that you're willing to sell!
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    That was beyond a generous gift my friend and the note was very helpful! Thank you so much for the assist
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    See Wilczan's post about meadows , it is a much clearer and better idea than mine, it would achieve the same goal of lovely open spaces and help with the fighting trees all the time
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    yeah, this gets a big +1 from me. I've created the largest grassland in Wurm, and it took months and months to eradicate every single tree and bush in the area. At first I was trying to leave a few around the edges, but within a month or two, I'd be overgrown with the fast growing fruit trees and bushes, so had to take the extreme step of clearing every.single.tree. even spending a couple weeks clinging to the side of the mountain to get those stragglers. Without that, and making a perimeter of at least 20 tiles of steppe and moss around it, it'd be a constant battle with cutting back new growth every month or two. Who's got time for that?
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    Kinda crazy this is how decay works. I recently bought a magical chest because it "removes" decay, turns out it just stops decay on your valuables until you want to use them? I just don't trust my magical chest anymore. Do traders take returns or am I expected to rip off someone else who hasn't heard of catchup decay before? Also, does this apply to items in the bank or on char as well? Fix seems to be as simple as resetting time since last tick when exiting dmg calculations due to protected from decay, but I am not a programmer so idk.
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    Shackport has hired a contingent of Kings Guards to help travelers in the region of Shackport Crossing Channel (E-13). Shackport values the safety of travelers in the region and also employs spirit templers to assist travelers in the vacinity of the township. We will continue to strive to make the area of the Shackport Alliance as safe as possible for those passing through our locale. Thank you for listening to our announcement. Kordeth Bludscythe, Master Architect of Shackport Alliance
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    oh yeah i like this idea a whole mainly because of all the (&*%(^%$% maintenance i have to do to keep my pastures viable for my animals
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    Dear Wurmians... With an extremely heavy heart, I write to let you know that the wonderful person known to everyone here as Chaosmeow has passed away. It's not my place to give specific details of her situation. However, I feel that Chaos meant a lot to many in the community here... and to not let each of you know would be a disservice. To those of you who didn't have the pleasure of knowing Chaos very well, let me assure you that she was absolutely an asset and friend of the community. I always knew her to go the extra mile when helping anyone, even if they were a complete stranger. In a nutshell, she was a kind and generous soul who loved this community greatly. It boggled my mind how she kept up with all of you and it always made me grin to pass her on the highway as she made her way to your deeds to make a sale. Chaos was an adventurer. She was always on the go, always making a sale... always out exploring or hunting... always making the most of wurm. It's safe to say that life around Chaos was never dull. I already miss her greatly. It's a really strange and somber feeling to be working on my deed while knowing I won't see my neighbor returning from the latest adventure anymore ...it hurts, friends. It hurts a lot... As for what comes next, I've spoken with another super cool person in the community, our very own Baeowuf. He's made some fine suggestions on things we could do to make a memorial for Chaos. Right now, the details are few but we have some ideas in the works. I will post again as things become more clear so that anyone who wants to participate in the building of a memorial has the chance to do so. All I really know for now is that the memorial will be built on her deed that is now being kept by her long-time best friend, Lyarza. I'll keep you posted. Thank you for your time, - Deyjan/Aerith of Midgar
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    Ok, thank you for the reply
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    Bit too much for my shallow pockets but very happy to see these unique auctions from Achillis has returned 😃
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    Hello! hammer head, iron, ~7ql, 101coc - 2,25s meditation rug, cotton, ~10ql, 96coc - 1,0s wild cat pelt ~99ql, 106coc - 3,5s pickaxe head, iron, ~21ql, 101coc - 2,25s small anvil, iron, ~12ql, 87woa, 97coc - 1,25s whetstone, ~92ql, 104coc - 4,0s Could you please COD to Drezelle? Thank you!
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    I like the idea of expanding on alchemy and transmutation liquids to accomplish this, with a new series of liquids which designate what can and can't grow on a given tile. (Only grass, only flowers, only trees, only bushes, etc.)
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    It removed at worst 10-15%, rather 5-<10%, of the playerbase for a while, if that much, and later, SFI population increased well above pre steam figures, so no net loss. On the long range, SFI profited at least somewhat. We have players in the area which came through steam and stayed.
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    I never walk anywhere in Wurm, except around the deed, so I'd never invest in this. While it's an interesting idea, I'd put it in behind oh about 150 other suggestions I've seen over the years that I'd rather have the devs work on. So, it gets a meh vote from me.
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    Congrtulation Fencejumper, Where do I send it to you?
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    Let's just eliminate 99% of our player base, it'll work guys! when the basis of wurm is that what you build matters, and what you do has an impact on the world, wipes and resets ruin that. Epic had a ton of issues, and I'm not placing them at the foot of one action, but after the first reset it never recovered, because it turns out, people in wurm put in hours, days, and months of work because they know it will last.
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    It's entirely impractical. The amount of technical engineering to make it happen is immense. You would need to merge several different databases with multiple tables having conflicting ID's for items, creatures, tiles, etc. All of them would need to be changed to avoid any conflicts. Then any references to those ID's would need to be updated to those new ID's. This is just the first technical issue that comes to mind and it's already immense. Actual development of such a system would take a lot of time, thought, and would likely come out with bugs that could cause devastating issues to players. Instead of forcing players to take a boat, an alternative option to allow teleportation from landmark to landmark cross-server would be more intuitive. If every home town had a cross-server teleporter that allowed players to take their vehicle (wagon, cart) with them, then it'd create far less stress on the player base. Because let's face it, getting on a boat to travel for an hour to get to an event on another server isn't fun. It's tedious. It's sacrificing good gameplay for the sake of realism.
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    Gud'morning folks, Thursday, Aug 25th, 2022 at 14:37 GMT I am losing my cherished affinity Pizza's as well and other food that is wrapped and inside a larder with over 100 snowballs in the ice box. 100 Snow balls at 99 QL used to protect a larder through Two Winters, which was a nice feature IF someone happened to miss a winter or two due to RL keeping them away during the 3 days out of 42 one can collect snowballs. In the past two weeks, all of our hunting lodges (which have Public Inns BTW), their larders are all of a sudden seeing their snowballs just melting away. High QL wrapped meals i have stored their to feed us on our Mapping Surveys are just decaying away as the snowballs are melting very fast. .... and my highly prized (wrapped) affinity pizzas are talking decay as if they were sitting on the floor out in the warm instead of inside a larder a larder with 100 snowballs still in the icebox. -100 for this dis-improvement. Please fix this... some of us do have RL lives... .... and occasionally miss Winter, some times two in a row (which just happened to me and Skyefox). We do not want to see a lot of hard work and time suddenly end up in a dripping puddle on the floor. Yours sincerely, a long time paying customer, Hughmongus
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    If snowballs can't remain in the larder for at *minimum* one full Wurm Online year, and melt before the next season of snow, you'll be surprised at how short any fancy pizzas (or any other food) last. The decay rate of snowballs issue therefore really should trump any assorted food decay rates. Once the snowballs are gone from decay, you really can't get any more to replace them till Wurm's calendar plods along to the next winter season's snow. Yes, unique 'snowmen' are the source that provide the exception, but snowballs from them are decaying faster too. From my observations in-game, I'd like to note this issue of the faster-decaying snowballs happened well before the newer 'cedar items not decaying' patch and whatever changes were associated with it. It seemed to be from game patches happening this year before June at the latest. At that time I'd noticed all of the snowballs in my on-deed in-building larder on Independance had decayed away to nothing (my fault for not collecting any snowballs from the snow that had just happened that season), and I was using my four snowmen's one snowball a day each's snowballs to replace them. That's when I observed that those new snowballs put in the larder were getting decay faster than larder snowballs ever had before even at QL 99.
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    You're not identifying new birchwood fragments right? We caught an issue transferring all of the existing birchwood fragments to wood and it will be resolved on next restart.
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    I wondered how to go about this for a week or so, and it was advised to do it this way. Also, I do realize the irony of inviting the Devs to part of a game they created, or the GMs to somewhere they could go whenever they want. But part of the magnificent beauty of the game you created, is that you made it ours by allowing us to invest in it in so many ways that it Feels like ours, like a world We created, and in many ways, it is. So with that being said, here goes: I created Rockcliff Museum. And since part of the reason I made it was to thank you all, it seems fitting that I should take the time to personally invite you all to the Grand Opening Sept 3rd 10am CST to 10pm. I ask nothing of any of you other than to come see and hopefully feel appreciated and honored for all the work you all do. This is no impalong, but merely a one day affair that I hope to pull off in my rather earnest but probably clumsy way. You don't need to bring hordes of mobs, or fly down from the sky in all your glory, though you can do the latter if you wish. You may even come as a humble toon that we might not even recognize as you. I just want you to see how much gratitude I have for everything you have all done here with this game. I hope what I have done with this Museum conveys that, and I hope that it will bring you a moment of joy that equals the depth of joy all your creativity and patience has given me. I hope you come see, if not that day, sometime soon. With gratitude - Nirav
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    +1 for removing catchup decay.
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    Here's what I imagine the current code looks like. if(!Item.IsProtectedFromDecay) { Item.Damage(CurrentTime - Item.LastDecayTime); Item.LastDecayTime = CurrentTime; } Here's how to fix it. if(!Item.IsProtectedFromDecay) { Item.Damage(CurrentTime - Item.LastDecayTime); } Item.LastDecayTime = CurrentTime;
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    Fixed. (Make sure to clear your browser cache before checking )
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    Odd Blades Do you do Archaeology? Have you ever made a scissor blade that was...lets just say... NOT iron? how embarrassing! This can be a problem, especially if you get a rare or supreme scissor blade, as the difference in the sale value between iron scissors and other metals can be significant. Myth: You need another blade of the same metal surely? False: No, you don't - all 'metal' type blades will combine with an iron scissor blade, and all 'alloy' blades will combine with a steel blade - you can just make the 2nd iron or steel scissor blade (as appropriate) in the forge. How do we know which metal type the finished scissors will be? Myth: It's random, isn't it? False: No, it's not random - YOU control the finished metal type, and here's how... Activate the 'odd' metal type blade and then combine with the iron blade (this also ensures any archaeology runes on the 'odd' blade will transfer to the finished scissors!) The RUNES come from the activated (double-clicked green) blade, but the METAL TYPE comes from the non-activated blade. Here's the proof: Scissor Experiment I made some scissor blades in archaeology, of various types - 5 were in 'odd' metals, so I then made some more iron blades in the forge (shown warm) so that there were the same number of iron and 'odd' metals (5 pairs each containing one 'odd' blade and one iron blade): First, the WRONG way: I first activated (double clicked) an iron blade and then combined it with a zinc blade: The resulting scissors were zinc (see below) and the runes from the zinc blade were not transferred across. The RIGHT way: I next activated (double clicked) a zinc blade and then combined it with an iron blade: The resulting scissors were iron (metal type from the non-activated blade), and contained the runes (transferred from the activated zinc blade) The remaining 'odd' metal blades had runes (left images), so I activated each in turn and combined each with it's own non-activated iron blade to make iron scissors which retained the runes (right images): I hope this helps those of you who are lucky enough to make a rare+ scissor blade of *any* metal type, and want scissors in a sensible metal, but are worried about how to combine it. TL:DR For guaranteed iron or steel metal type from a blade with an 'odd' metal type: Activate scissor blade with the unwanted metal and combine with iron blade if metal, or steel blade if alloy. For guaranteed rune(s): Activate runed scissor blade of any metal type (with the runes you definitely want on it) and combine with iron blade if metal or steel blade if alloy. For guaranteed rarity from a rare+ blade: Activate rare+ scissor blade, and combine with iron blade if metal or steel blade if alloy.
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    I don't want to take the habit of questioning staff answers. But... as intended? seriously? You mean that when this was originally developed it went somhow like this? - "How should decay on and magical chests and deed-protected items be handled?" - "Hm, i propose that we make the items apparently avoid the decay, but actually stealth-store it indefinitevely" - "Oh, so that when you actually take it out, after months/years, or bring it outside the deed, it takes all the damage it avoided at once?" - "Yeah, exactly, we must punish players randomly and without reason with this hidden mechanic because it's fun" - "Sounds a bit complicated to code, but we'll make it work" - "Perfect!"
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    Three days of this being posted and paying players showing concern about this issue, and there is no response from staff? Where is our community relations manager? Where is the communication needed to help with the fears that this issue brings up in many players. If this amount of people are voicing concern about this, then there are many many more that read this but don't say anything, and even more that don't even know about it. Come on Wurm Team, talk to us, we are eager to listen and to learn, we just need you to communicate with us!
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    +1!! Not only would this be nice for deeds, but it would also be so refreshing to travel the world and not have every square inch of it covered in trees. I love trees and I love forests, but what I wouldn't do for some more variety in the landscapes of Wurm! ♥ Proper biomes are something I dream of, but I don't really see how they could add them into current servers. Imagine if suddenly your deed became an icy arctic tundra!
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    It always worked like that. Player is doing something, then thinks that his activity could be improved or changed in some way. Then he suggest some solution.
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    Two things I would add to this nice idea of *Meadow Tiles*: 1. Once the tile becomes a Meadow it will never change unless a player plants something on it or alters it in some way. 2. All Meadow tiles will have flowers on them. =Ayes=
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    I'am, and those gonna regrowth rather quickly.
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    Shouldn't push trees back.
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    So similar to this :