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    I'm happy to report that Southdream and Huntingfabiola are home again! Thank you to everyone that took an interest in seeing these horses returned. Since they have been on wagon duty for quite some time, they will enjoy a much deserved and nice break in the free roam pen for a while.
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    -BREAKING- In additional "who cares" news... While most of my thoughts have been covered already and don't bear repeating there are two points at least I would like to emphasize: 1. I would like to add additional confirmation that "the group" (as we have been cryptically calling them but we all know who they are thanks to Niaja) have threatened me directly with being barred from public slayings as a result of going against their wishes. This was in response to the Vyn rite being cast recently on Cadence (which I wont go into detail here so as to avoid derailing this thread as it is already discussed and can be viewed on the Cadence forum.) While the notion of banning someone from being in your local is laughable it paints a picture of a petty, avaricious and entitled atmosphere. The blame can not be pinned on the group as a whole as it came from only one person (seemingly the leader of the bunch) but nonetheless the attitude and behavior of those you choose to be closest to you will always have a trickle down reflection affect on who likely are as well. Someone attempting to threaten or extort another player based on the mere fact they aren't playing exactly how you want them to absolutely needs to have a spot light put on it and the behavior called out in front of the community. I will not name names or speak on behalf of others but I can say that I was not the only person threatened by this group on that day. 2. In defense of Whfawn I would like to voice my support of their frustration on the day of Rift and the Angry Red Dragon slaying last week. I think a large amount of the frustration from the players affected that day comes from the fact that the slaying was being advertised by the finder in Freedom chat as being a public slaying that all at the rift site were going to be included in as we were all there in the area already. Then the rug pull came when the finder went silent and ghosted everyone only for the majority of players to discover later that day it was switched to a private slaying and a private slaying conducted by none other than "the group". While the original finder was well within their rights to choose to sell the unique it's still a bit messed up to renege on what you originally told everyone publicly in Freedom. It's also pretty messed up for "the group" to intercept and offer to buy a unique that was already publicly and actively being discussed as being held as a public event. Again, both parties were well within their rights and no one broke a game rule but it's still unfortunate behavior that the rest of the players rightfully can and should be frustrated by. The notion of a group of players being wealthy enough and having enough influence to corner the market on an entire portion of the games content is a frustrating reflection of the real world but again, does not break any game rules. However I think it's important for people to remember that there is an endless list of things people can do (both in Wurm and in real life) that while legally allowable are morally reprehensible. But, this bleeds more into a discussion of the games economy as a whole and I don't wish to derail the thread from the specific discussion of issues surrounding slayings.
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    It occurs to me that people might be confusing different private hunting/trapping/slaying groups. For all this talk of everyone knowing who they are, it's quite possible that many readers don't. I'm part of a group which was founded and is organized by Sinnjinn. This group has held a fair number of public slayings... https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/189608-goblin-leader-will-be-holding-interviews-this-saturday/ https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/189322-forest-floppa-strikes-again-updated-with-location/ https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/189209-troll-king-slaying-on-melody-updated-with-location/ https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/188558-troll-king-terrorizing-the-local-populace/ https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/187124-white-dragons-have-descended-on-all-of-nfi-we-must-work-together-to-defeat-them/ https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/186799-goblin-leader-tried-to-recruit-me/ https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/188838-goblin-leader-is-looking-for-recruits/ https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/188229-a-forest-giant-is-terrorizing-cadence/ https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/187465-one-time-showing-of-harry-pooter/ https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/187306-harry-troll-king-and-the-goblins-will-be-performing/ https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/187096-white-dragon-slaying-the-defense-of-winterfell/ ... as have several other groups, of course. Our group is pretty open about what we do. We spend significant amounts of time hunting for unique creatures. We offer to buy the claim on any dragon that the finder is unable to trap for themselves. We also offer to kill any unique that the finder is unable to kill for themselves. And we're also open about what we don't do. We don't pen up unique creatures for long periods, for example. In the interests of shedding more light and less heat, here's my account of what happened on the day of the rift and Angry Red Dragon slaying. Our slaying group mobilized (via private Discord) on hearing that a dragon had been found near the location of the rift. At the same time, I alerted other Wurm staff members (again via private channels) of the potential for drama in the area. I arrived to find the area crawling with dragon hunters. There was some debate about whether the original finder had given up their claim by leaving the Local area that the dragon was in. A counterpoint was made that the dragon had been "kited" away from its finder. A second player attempted to lure the dragon into a mine, to trap it, but my understanding is that this didn't work because the mine was outside of the dragon's "leash" radius. Other players, needless to say, tried to assert their own claims. Members of Sinnjinn's group were among them. Around this time, GM Confucius appeared in the area and began investigating. Ultimately, the ruling was that the original finder had *not* given up their claim by leaving the dragon's Local. (The etiquette guide says that the claim is forfeit by leaving "the area" without specifying a number of tiles; meanwhile, the finder had clearly not given up on the dragon.) After the ruling from GM Confucius that the original claim still stood, Sinnjinn offered to buy the dragon from the finder, which was accepted. The group then proceeded to open a new mine and trap the dragon, while the original finder kited it around in circles. The issue was slightly complicated because the second player, who had been attempting to trap the beast, contributed a Shaker Orb to the trapping effort. Members of Sinnjinn's group, and the second player, took part in a private slaying later on that day, each player contributing an equal amount to the expenses. (It's my understanding that the cost of the Shaker Orb was figured in to the contributions.) I hope that this helps to put other accounts into perspective, and to explain what happened on the day in question.
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    Finished rainbowifying part of the deed.
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    Slaying of the FOREST GIANT With an almost sad look upon its face, this filthy giant might be mistaken for a harmless huge baby. Location: It is Located around the Blue Circle i18 area of Melody. Yellow is highway, Route to Vynora's Vinyard then follow the slate around 20 tiles north. Purple is a direct, traversable route but no path. It is a very simple Public Slaying with no fuss.... NO Rules, Everyone welcome. Lets try and play fair and be a friendly community for one night only
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    As it seems, the "angry Red Dragon affair" on Cadence is more a matter of social conduct rather than of rules or mechanics. It seems to deteriorate into petty quarrels now. I do not know who "the leader" or "the group" everyone is assumed to know is. Out of the Twitter list I only know Sheffie (Sheffy) whom I do not and cannot believe that she is engaged in pettyness, much less in ridiculous alleged threats to ban people from public slayings. And well, if anyone buys slaying rights, so be it, as long as it does not violate rules. Announcing a public slaying, then selling slaying rights, is bad style, no doubt. Blaming the buyer instead of the seller is prolly worse style. The post by "Brozhen" sounds extremely fishy, casting accusations, not telling names or exact circumstances. Throwing a lot of complaints, then resuming that nothing was against the rules. So what? Generally, to me as a bystander, all that sounds similar to marital quarrels (like The War of the Roses), and accordingly boring. Maybe time to close the thread.
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    Fishing isn't awful, it's incomplete. I hope one day the devs will take on the challenge of picking up where Tich left off. I do enjoy it as it is, because I find it relaxing and a nice activity when I want to play a little but don't feel like getting into crafting etc, but I did have a hard time getting into it at the beginning, similar to the new cooking system. It has huge potential to be a fantastic part of the game and there are clear signs that it was meant to be more, it just isn't fully developed. For example, fish display the date they were caught and who caught them, possibly hinting that there was meant to be a way to display fish as trophies but it was never implemented. I really wish the tackle box would stop decay on these items, so we can stock it up and just have it ready to go whenever we feel like doing some fishing. I suspect this was meant to be the case, or that those items should have been able to be stored in bulk. As for the rewards, having a fishing almanac/journal to complete, maybe some achievements, and being able to mount and display nice fish as trophies would go a long way. It might actually help if fish didn't produce quite so much food too. When you can get hundreds of fillets from just a couple of large fish, there's hardly any need to go fishing for food anymore.
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    Does exactly what it says on the tin. While the player holds down the Ctrl key (or whatever other key may have been assigned), the UI will print the name of each player above their head. No titles, meditation or other fluff, just the user name, printed in a small but readable font. This would help quite a bit in social events, I think. Any time that more than five or six people are together, it can be difficult to figure out which avatar corresponds with which name. And if you want to trade with someone, or heal them, having names above their head is a tried and tested way of finding them. And because it's only on screen while you hold down the magic key, it's not going to detract from the gameplay. Is this going to break the frame rate in a rift battle where 100 players are clustered in a few tiles? Perhaps. If so, the feature could be restricted to players within a few tiles. It would still be very useful.
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    I certainly think that part of the "etiquette" should include that if the finder has already invited anyone before deciding to go private (whether themselves or by selling it) then those invitees remain invited. That would mean that an open declaration of a public slaying should be binding. The problem with this is that from what I have read "the group" or some in it would likely ignore this. I don't think suggesting a merge as some kind of magic bullet is helpful. Firstly, we all know that a merge is an impossible feat at present and would require significant development that doesn't even yet seem to be on the drawing board. Secondly, with this kind of anti-social, toxic (yes, I use the word intentionally and unironically) behaviour, opening the way to the wider community will make the problem worse before anything gets better. Don't expect there to be any development designed to curb egregious profiteering when such profiteering directly profits the holding the holding company. Stupidly high markets that keep driving players to the game store to buy in-game currency are kind of what game companies drool about.
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    Ey this is a public forum we all have a voice and a right to use it. I miss how it used to be in the old days on SFI, in my years on wurm I've attended many public slayings both dragon/drake and humanoid and there has been some nice people throughout the years. In some cases after the slaying they would even do rolls on EVERY butchered item, this included tomes and rare bones then there was a certain man in red scale armor (Some vets will remember this one) that started a unique hunting crew and we started seeing a lot of private slaying happen and the ones that were public is basically what we see now on NFI, you show up land a hit or 3 you take your blood and your 0.01kg of scale/hide and GTFO. Not a lot of fun but hey lets not complain about free stuff right. Then recently I helped someone pen a hatchling and let me say as a first timer we did struggle, it took us over 4 hours to get the silly beast in a pen only to discover it doesn't like to be penned, it does not give you enough time to do a strongwall cast so yes money had to be spent to get it in the hole in the first place, then money had to be spent to deed it and keep it in the hole... Things I've always known in the back of my head but we tend to forget these things when we feel salty seeing private slaying. Then discussions started as to whether we are going to do a public slaying or a private slaying and for more than a week we had our minds made up to do it public... then, we started doing the planning and realized that organizing a public slaying is kinda stressful and requires a lot of work. A lot of us were not up for this task and our minds shifted to doing it private. We kept it in the alliance and close friends and family, we set a date and time, we all got together and murdered the beast, no stress no drama. Bottom line is, The rewards from doing a private slaying on a dragon or hatchling is too good to pass up. Nothing is stopping anyone from leaving their deed and looking for them, if you find one get yourself a shaker orb (4s from traders), create a mine, get some villagers to sacrifice, lure it into the hole, shake your shaker orb and deed the hole.... It sounds simple but its not, but its not impossible to do. What I can say though, is I was really thinking hard of contacting one of the Unique hunting crews to enquire about what is required to join them, but Whitefawn changed my mind about that with their post. Wurm has many aspects the same as real life and its the same in this case, if you don't like the way the current unique hunting parties are doing things, then go out there and do it yourself, I know I sure will. Get a couple mates you trust spread out and go find your own uniques, then you can do with them what you want.
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    Certainly not, but an inevitable consequence of 3 isolated servers with half of the community. Punishing the other half for is not a solution, and further code split would be a disaster. Bad enough that there is some already, hoping it will be fixed, not worsened. That said, a scale set is not cheap in SFI either, 75s per kg scale on average. That means bit more than a third of the price mentioned for a complete set. Fair when taking in account 8 vs 3 servers, and backlog in unique hunting and hoarding materials. It also shows the direction prices would go in case of a merge.
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    If you read the situation, he was second there and NOT the finder. The FINDER sold the dragon! that's not the problem of the buyer lol they didn't pull the dragon from anyone, they brought the dragon, making it theirs to do what they want with... I am not even in the group so only going off the situation, he was NOT entitled to be there, so why be so salty? My problem is when it comes to Private slayings I don't think people truly understand the effort that goes into it... What Stanley has quoted above is no secret and I would always tell people all of the above when asked. That being said I have spent over 40hrs in the last 2 weeks alone, looking for a unique. Its not a case that they just find us without us even leaving deed. Not only that, when any humanoid is found, Public slayings are organised and take time and effort. I am not saying the mechanics of how scale/drake works is not skewed, but with the way it currently works you are NEVER going to stop private slayings. Even people who have never killed a Unique are capable of penning and/are killing within an alliance and always will. On the flip... I am also one trying to help with the rites and organising and trying to sync for the wider community and ALWAYS facilitate anyone wanting it for the Journal. This has no bearing on me as I spend most of my time on PvP getting SB for Depot/Chests/Mobs yet I still try to help and co-ordinate as people seem to message me whenever they see they are ready, of course I also want to try and maximise the SB available to me.. Is that selfish? bully like attitude? Greedy? or is it just a case of people don't always understand and your never going to please everyone in a community driven game!
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    Location: Bulk Stock: Services: Bowyery imps up to 90ql 50c (PM Acrisius). Carpentry imps up to 90ql 50c (PM Acrisius). Fine Carpentry imps up to 80ql 40c(PM Acrisius) Delivery: Wagoner(Xanadu, cod). Pickup at B19 coast Xanadu. Delivery negotiable(PM Acrisius). Notes: No extra cost for crates unless you choose wagoner delivery. In that case it is 1c per crate. Client can keep any items that turn rare or better for no extra cost. We only sell what we have in stock. Contact: Acrisius in game or forum (in game preferred, forum reply might be slower). Mimma in game (wagoner or pickup orders only). Special offers: Colossus build kits (2k clay, 2k colossus bricks) - 4s
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    Ok , for my first post in the forum , we have a beautifull needle , usefull for the purse of the lady or the pocket of the gentleman... Could be start with 20s... who gives 20?? [17:10:06] A small iron needle. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It could be improved with a lump. [17:10:06] Blessings of the Dark has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained and speed with it when used. [80] Starting bid: 20 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Sniper Protection: 1 hour
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    So I looked at the wagoner page and either I am blind or it is not stated? (1) That some of the delivery amount is placed in the deed coffers. (2) That the king kindly keeps 80% and only 20% is added to upkeep. Nixon (Sender) Zamiel (receiver) Delivery State (completed) #crates 20 Sender cost NONE Receiver costs 20 C Delivery 11-may-2022 Above is a delivery that just got done. My deed latest event states. May 11, 2022 1:56:56 AM Wagoner Joyful travels added 4 copper to upkeep (so we got 20% of the full charge) Please update the wiki to reflect this. I and many others I think were under the impression we got the ful amount of the delivery for upkeep ( or at least those I talked to) Not sure when that happened but its not on wiki and to be honest misleading to say it all goes on deed as was IMPLIED when they came out. OK I just asked [02:03:14] <Name removed for privacy> the earliest related record in deed history is Jul 15, 2018 11:48:59 AM Wagoner Three legged troll added 20 iron to upkeep - which had 1c costs in wagoner history
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    Hi! Our deed: Meow [1963,1024]
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    Merely addressing the portion of Sinnjinn's reply pertaining to myself. Possibly better suited for a PM rather than cluttering a shared message board but I don't want to hide (either in actuality or purely in perception) Overall fair points all around and again by and large I have no issue with the core aspect of how players (your group included) go about dealing with unique mobs thus far. Me using the term "threatened" was more just my perception of events, both mine personally and as it was reported to me from others both that day and then here on the forums. I was merely parroting the word "threatened" as it was used in posts prior to mine. That was absolutely an unfair categorization and my mistake as it did not accurate reflect my personal direct dealings. Perhaps something more along the lines of people being barred from public events being used as a "punishment" would have been a more accurate and fair assessment. But in concluding that which will likely (hopefully lol) be my final input here, I would just like to reiterate my issues were not with WHAT happened specifically but but HOW it happened and how the order of events played out that day. And finally just to make sure I'm crystal clear, I harbor no animosity towards anyone and just want everyone's time in a game to be as enjoyable as possible for them as it is just a game. Especially seeing as we play on the cooperative PvE server. If this was PvP you all could go kick rocks lol.
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    Excellent! I hope to show up at some point with my 90 Leatherworking
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    Can't say it any better. Ordered coc80 and got coc102 back for 80ish price after a blink of an eye!
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    Already in place, there's bottles on test with maps in them.
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    I can only highly recommnend Toeol! This is already the second time I ordered here and the service is absolutely amazing, very friendly, on point with great pricing and free crates/bsbs Soraya
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    This will be my last reply on the matter hopefully, the "Angry red dragon slaying" left a sour taste in the mouths of the people that was promised in Freedom chat that the slaying will be public when it was taken away from them, but it's part of the game and that won't change. Most of us in NFI know who "The Group" and "The Leader" is and whether you still continue to deal with these people is also entirely up to you. Most likely if said person makes 100+ Silver from every private slaying from his Pyramid scheme this person won't even care if people stop dealing with him. Markets will always be controlled, it's in the game design and it's not entirely flawed. The people who don't have nice things will always feel like they are in a state of "Poverty" when looking at the rich people who have nice things but that is just part of life and wurm. It all still comes down to: be the change you want to see. If you don't like how it's being done now, go catch uniques and do the slayings yourself. But ultimately, I agree with Ekcin, I think it's high time this thread gets closed, it can only become more toxic and sour at this point.
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    Sent! thanks for choosing the Rainbow Dyeworks!
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    Case study number two: Person F found a dragon become a owner. Person F announced it will be a private slay that invite only who near the rift site(its not a public slay if the owner don't invite all people), i assume it will be 50-100 people. Person G propose to Person F to buy the dragon from Person F. Person G succeed the trade and become the new dragon owner. I don't know if Person G knew Person F have said the private slay only invite the people who near the rift site. But I assume Person G knew because Person G knew a trade opportunity when Person F announced the dragon slay on freedom chat(the slaying was being advertised by the finder in Freedom chat as being a public slaying that all at the rift site were going to be included in as we were all there in the area already). After Person G became a owner, Person G decided to go private slay without included most of the people near the rift site. Person F obviously didn't keep the promises. Person F like silvers more than a promise that can fulfill. Can people still trust Person F? I believe Person F didn't set a condition about I only sell the dragon if u Person G invite people who near the rift site after the owner transfer. If Person F did that, a promises to the people who near the rift site can still be fulfilled. Person G knew Person F made a promise to the people near rift site but still trade with Person F, then Person G decide to go private slay without included most of the people near the rift site. Person G knew the decision would break the fun to the people who near the rite site. And still did that. Can people still be enjoyable with Person G? Of course, only the people that Person G have invited to the private slay. From what i see, People are complaining about the etiquette on dragon slay most of the time. Sometimes suggestions to change a mechanic is a way to avoid facing ur etiquette. Because people can blame the mechanic instead of their own etiquette and behaviour.
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    It's been raised by a majority of players that the rewards from fishing are simply not worth it. Most have asked for better rewards from this convoluted system. Maybe the exploration update will take fishing into consideration, finding lost map pieces, or maybe a bottle with a message, who knows...
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    I would have though the party selling the Dragon would negotiate any further involvement as part of the sales process anyway. If a player was to invite a few friends to a slaying then sell the Dragon and not secure those friends a place at the slaying, thats between them to argue it out. As far as on a more public scale goes I do agree if it has been announced to be public then it should have to remain public.
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    Could I get 3kg of yellow COD to LadyCygnet, please?
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    I recently met this crazy dude wearing a t-shirt....
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    is this on valormore beach or is the deed not on the comunity map? Edit: i got an answer ingame and it is not valormoore beach, its just not on the map yet.
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    Some of the most fun I've had in this game (not involving an onion) has been had at sayings, private and public. Claiming that its nothing but toxicity is wrong, because 99% of the public one's are people just happy to be there
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    I would totally buy a shirt with this Stanlee madness on it Also, that'd be pretty awesome to run into someone out in public with a wurm shirt or sticker or something.
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    Would you be interested in high QL kahvesi donations? I would be happy to supply the caffeination for impers skill gaining. Let me know!
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    I am against any activism. Unique slaying, both public and private (and "semi private" or spontaneous which happens fairly often in SFI), is working, and is fairly balanced. The unique netiquette seems to be working properly, no matter whether one likes or dislikes marketing of slaying slots during private slayings. I fear unique slayings to be harmed by any hasty and panicky changes. I fail to see serious unique problems in SFI. The problems in NFI, as Bekador rightly pointed out, stem from scarcity of unique materials, scale and hide in particular. For that, there is no reasonable solution other than cluster merge. No change of penning, spawning, trapping will change that.
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    And under these lavender skies We dare to dream our dreams...
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    Yeah, this is important to note. Slaying groups aren't the only ones who like silver. Always better to reserve judgment when you're only hearing one side of the story. OP may not even have known that this was what went down.
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    Posting in a dragon thread Ideas here, like cluster merging, will only serve to dilute the problem, or simply spread it. And it looks like there's been two recent successive posts that read like they're asking us to be grateful that the private slayers would see fit to invite us lowly peasants. For a large part we have the ability, as a community, to minimize the damage of these public slayers and global snatchers. They're controlling the global casts? I've created a public use organizing sheet which has seen zero signups at any point from people in NFI. Such a tool can allow people who need the goal to co-ordinate with others who need it - from there, a handful of people watching for the cast to be ready, and others willing to get the ball rolling and contacting people, is all it takes to wrestle the control back from people snatching it, and get your goals done. I've spoken before on how the idea of superordinate goals could be used by the devs to lower toxicity around uniques but that feels like talking to a brick wall, so now I'm going to talk more about how you can disrupt the private slayers in our current environment. Uniques roll a 4% (1/300 for every unique not currently alive) chance to spawn every 6 hours of uptime, or every server restart. Hard to know when one spawned, but when they died isn't a bad metric. Server says [21:28:57] The server has been up 6 hours. and the last slaying was over 2 weeks ago? Then buckle down because it's search time! Search rift sites you know of. This will catch an alarming number of uniques. Per the Unique Hunting Etiquette already posted, there's good protections should you find one. Familiarize yourself with those rules. You should not be searching alone - make friends, this is a social game, divvy up the server and the times you're searching, and have a plan for when you find one. Yelling "it's here" in freedom is fine - I've been known to do that too when the penning gets too tough, it's a functional enough public slay. Beating the greed of these people takes organizing. Unionize with your fellow Wurmians, and strike back.
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    If you find a unique and want to claim it for yourself, see this post (this info--or at least a link to the post--should really should be in the wiki if it isn’t already): Particularly the section I'm quoting below: “First come first serve! What does it mean to be the first? I am so glad you asked. Normally, first person on scene is the one to claim the unique, but arguments do arise and we need something more solid to go on at this stage. So let us start a more tangible system by which if an argument were to arise, an arbitrator can be sent out to scout the situation, and determine decisively who is first. Step 1. Commit one of these actions within range of the unique. Mine a tunnel Build a colossus Dig a dirt, heap of sand, clay, tar, lava Plant a sign Cut a tree down Build a bridge Surface mine a shard Step 2. Remember where you committed the action! If the arbitrator cannot find proof of work, then your claim will be denied. Keep in mind, the above is only necessary if there is a dispute, which will likely only happen during the first few hours of discovery, but for your own sake, commit one of the above actions should you encounter a unique creature and wish to claim it for your own group to eviscerate."
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    If someone threatens to exclude you from public slayings, singling you out from slaying deed, it might be a reason to report her or him unless s/he has sound reasons to act that way. If that is threatened to press compliance to a global spell casting date, even more. At least in my opinion, the latter at least would qualify as griefing (while I am not sure about the further). But beg your pardon, this stinks a bit like intra community grudges and quarrels. Maybe you should cool down a bit.
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    All the starter deeds have non mine door entrances you can still lock pick inside them. In the next few weeks, likely closer to the end of the month.
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    I think the recent rule of 90 days til accelerated decay snaps in is fair. From that moment on it is less than a week in perimeter, and around 2 weeks off deed until the structure turns to dust. I know well how painful it is to wait for months with the building decaying first by 0.01 per day then slowly speeding up a bit, with the first full 1 taking nearly a month (observed on a ql75 stone structure). On the other hand, this is for protection of squatters and new settlers who cannot just be chased off by deed owners. It is a fragile equilibrium, worst during deed and territory spats. Yet I do not see a point in tilting it. The devs decided against structure owner or maker identities to be visible. There certainly are legitimate reasons for, yet I would have wished sometimes to be able to contact the creators.
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    how about this. if after 90 days of the player not logging in then you can use your steel and flint to set fire to the wooden homes walls. then it can be gone in a blaze of glory. since wooden sheds are common in game and can also clutter up the lands. give a nice and simple way to burn them to the ground.
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    I ordered a whole set of enchanted horseshoes for my wagon mules. The service was fast and the prices were great. I would highly recommend. Thurgin
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    I'm looking to join a village on cadence; been playing about a year now. Do you have any available room? don't need much but looking for a place to hang out.
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    Independence has some stunning views, this one seen by Scout Two (Ep23)
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    Mooncat Lake, Q10, Cadence. Active: basically every day, especially eastern US evening time. This is a medium sized deed with a small village feel, built on hilly moorland* overlooking the cat-shaped lake that gives the village its name. It's one of the oldest villages in south-west Cadence, having been founded on day one. We don't like large flat areas of ground. We prefer to build smaller houses, fields, and workshops that fit in with the natural landscape. But we also have a little built-up port town area with many 4-storey buildings, and it's my dream to offer a place to anyone who wants one. What we offer visitors: Free beds at the "Mooncat" Inn & Stables, in the common room on the top floor. Beds are also available at the "Mooncat Watch" keep to the east, and elsewhere, if you know where to look. Security within the marked areas near our guard towers (single iron fences in slate and sandstone mark the boundaries). Healing areas where enchanted grass will help you fight disease and injury. What we offer villagers: Help from other villagers and allies in getting started—whether that be tools, materials, crafting help or advice. Toolbelts and leather/studded armour free or very cheap. Your own little plot of farmland, if you want one. Somewhere to build a house, or a ready-built house to furnish, or if available a ready-furnished house. Access to the village inn, storehouse, barn, kitchen, foundry, mine, fields, temple, and tavern (if you like blowing off steam, roleplaying, or just getting drunk). Use of the village fleet (lingonberrywood vessels of every type, plus additional rosewood vessels), once you're capable of commanding them. Draft and riding animals, once you're capable of using them. Help shipping goods in or out by mail, wagoner, and longship. What we ask from you: Don't trash the place. Don't cut the oak trees. Don't destroy the tundra. What we don't ask: We don't expect you to work for us — unlike certain other "recruiters", who are really only interested in what you can provide for them. There are no strings attached to being here. We don't ask for money. The deed upkeep is provided by the mayor. If you're interested, come and take a look. You can sleep in the inn, barn, or training camp building. If you want to stay for longer, we can talk about building a house for you. PM Sheffy (Mayor) for more information. *tundra is the best we can do
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    Maybe have uniques spawn and if not killed in x amount of hours, teleport someplace else? But with regards penning, without penning I bet many people wouldn't have even got to a slaying, as all pubic slayings I have went too over the years the "creature" was penned by some kind folks who shared and made it public. The system could be better, should be better but it is what it is.
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    But to be honest, whats stopping you to go look for uniques or making group that will go do the same and be competition to those people who are doing that? I don't wanna say that current system is good or bad. I also don't like public dragon slayings too, as its always you go for the trouble of sailing and traveling there, try to be on time and then its usually delayed because bunch of people don't try to be on time, and for all that hastle of getting there you get something ridiculous as 0.01kg of scale (ok, blood too). Never in the right mind I would host dragon slaying for whole server of lazy people who just want to show up for everything plated after all the effort of pening it and time spent finding it. Now the thing thats stopping me is lack of time, and deciding that i would prefer to spend that time on grinding and building my deed instead of chasing uniques because the first thing has guarantied reward and second one does not, as you can spend entire day searching for it and see it pened by someone else leaving you with empty hands, second i don't like coordinating with other people and like to depend on myself...
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    Although I agree with the sentiment, as you state quite clearly, these players are doing nothing wrong. I simply try to think of real life where some people have a lot more than others and they too are (in the main) doing nothing wrong- they simply have a talent that gives them an advantage over us lesser mortals! On the WU server that I play on, we have a rule where unique hunts have to be public and advertised a week ahead but with 20-30 players and a couple of people in 'charge' that is much easier to do than with potentially 100's of players. The private penning and killing of the unique creatures may be disliked by some but I cannot see what could be done to prevent players from playing within the rules- unless the rules are changes and that obviously is not up to me. Some may suggest a referendum on changing the rules but being from the UK, I would urge the developers not to go for this