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    The reasons for keeping a separation between NFI and SFI are now moot. ...and so I will say it once again, Wurmians Without Borders!
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    I had a great time there, a little disappointed I didn't get enough dead bodies, but I will be back!!!
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    I recently returned to Wurm and started working on this little sailboat from the comfort of my wooden shack. But in the background is the colossal Black Dog Isle bridge. It feels like a very poetic view of in-game progression
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    South Harmony, very nice place -
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    Epic was this solution for years...did it work? No. It's as dead as Chaos or defiance. We already had solutions. People just didn't invest in them. In any case, I'm down for a merge. Stop isolating players from each other, it's just dumb and destructive at this point.
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    So to anyone who has read the posts going around you will know people just want this to go either way and put it to bed and people deal with the changes good or bad - if we was told Yes or No for the merge i feel either option will disappoint someone and i feel they are kind of ignoring it to try and not make any party make rash decisions of cutting ties on either server if they are split severing. I think it would be nice for a definite answer pull the plaster off quick and lets start healing and put minds to rest and end all these discussions on the matter as I'm for one wanting to move forward with whatever will be. So i have already said this in "its about time" post but I think it deserves a spot for itself so my suggestion is Why don't we have a island set up with NPC merchants that can sell items on behalf of "Wurmonline" to balance the prices on both sides < optional. But the main focus is that the island is where the cross over would be from SFI - NFI and people could go there and move on forward to the other side but doing so "Optional" Could cost a transfer token or be free or be one time. so people can get there accounts back to where they want them to live. there is 100's of solutions to this problem and I'm sure there could be one that would accommodate both sides so there is minimal soreness. the island could be a gateway to chaos too for the NFI people. I speak for a lot of players who just want a solution and make it work for all. but the end result we need a poll or something or even to be told a yes or no - even if the answer is Yes we are but its going to be in X amount of time. Kind of thinking this is just going to get messy without answers as its starting to be a major topic and its annoying people including myself to the point of me wondering if i can trust the system with my investment and time. SFI i had sunk a lot of both into and NFI even more so and its not good on a trust level or a professional level to keep people waiting around for answers while they are spending money mothballing there accounts and holding deeds down on the other servers. its not a good thing to do to paying customers best to just let us know what the plan is and let us deal with it and stop people bleeding money into something that's never going to come and we can then cut ties and stop paying for those extra deeds / accounts Not trying to be funny but its just something i wouldn't do even if I was desperate for extra income in the game - its killing trust and respect of the players and the big players who have these investments and they are the ones who you want to be loyal not questioning things, more respect will come out with answers.
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    No offense but that sounds like an argument you would have heard in the early 1900s to continue segregating people and communities IRL. Do we not all agree that segregation is bad? Wurm is not going to suddenly die if there's a merge of which a real eventuality was proposed by staff back when NFI/Steam became a thing.
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    I'm against a merge too, this is just either a desire to capitalise on a market, or just wanting to look at different tiles. End of the day they're two distinct communities, and merging them waters down both, rather than celebrates their uniqueness.
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    Nah, it lets those from SFI who took advantage of the new servers by grinding and inflating the market, and their bank accounts, to move that money back to SFI now that they're bored with it. I'm against it.
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    Not sure that statement is correct. but that's my opinion people are no different on any server for the 13+ years i have played from gold and never thought of server populations being different. the only difference is prices. skill wise NFI in some cases out skills SFI as more people grinding
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    I'm not for server transfers. Most of NFI is not on the same level of SFI characters and never will be. Making multiple posts about this issue isn't going to get it to be resolved any time soon. The main option would be to play the game. Playing Wurm shouldn't be about whether your on NFI or SFI it should be about having fun. If your not having fun in the game then maybe that is something that you need to address personally. If you want to play on one cluster versus the other that is your choice. If you want to play on both that is also your choice. The only thing I personally would like to see is the Kingdom Guard towers and wagons added into NFI so that PvE players have access to them just like the SFI toons do for more diversity in building and designing deeds. Sheriff
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    As a long standing resident of Deliverance I can honestly say that the large land destruction projects that Quasiwud has done and is doing like this open air canal is taking it way too far This new project is destroying way too much of our already small island and making HUGE unsafe cliffs straight through the middle of Deliverance is not something we want or need and we are asking the staff to please put an end to his destruction of our server. ENOUGH ALREADY ! We have an oak forest that covers 1/4 of our server that no one is allowed to touch, because Quasiwud complains any time some one chops any of those trees. It has caused many of our good players to leave Deliverance or even quit Wurm completely out of the frustration of not having a fair say in what happens in their area and Quasiwud being allowed to continue to destroy the area and destroy their perimeters and nothing being done about it. His destruction has gone on far too long and it is time for some one to step in and put a stop to it all. Sun
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    I started out on NFI with no real knowledge of the game and tbh it feels bad everytime I see anything SFI related and theres different guard towers, colourful Wagon designs, and all the other items we just can't get on NFI. For me the primary purpose of the game is creativity and I can only see the option to build a wider variety of designs on NFI as beneficial. I'm personally not that bothered about the Economy side of it so not going to make an argument either way on that front.
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    I think a "guide" like this would help new players a lot, it would give them a list of items to create to get their Wurm careers started. It saddens me to see how many newer players are taken advantage of by more experienced players, whether the new player is buying or selling, just because they lack the experience of what items could be worth. Arguments in trade chat are silly because someone has the right to charge or decide to pay whatever they want. Whether other players agree or disagree with said price is really irrelevant.
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    Well technicly no. But its bad if you work with a limited resource. BoTD have the same effect as CoC but its a combinatio of CoC and WoA so your action timer will be shorted. This will make your ticks look smaller but since its all a linear multiplyer the skill/time will be the same even if the skill/action will be smaller. The main reason for only using CoC and not CoC+WoA or BoTD is to use less resources (like hight Ql metal or wood during imping) since you need less actions for skill gain.
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    Welcome back, Docterchese. It's been a while...
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    Yggdrasil! Watch out for the lava fiend!
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    I was there, Sheffie. I was there three thousand years ago. I was there the day the strength of fences failed. I lit my deed well with the fires of lava fiends, in the small pens they couldn't destroy. The devs added fence bashing. We nearly ended that day, but my burning deed was allowed to endure. There's no strength left in the fences of men.
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    Had to ask for help this year opening my egg. Happy Easter everyone o/ Teeebomb
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    There seems to be a sunrise / sunset theme at the moment, I got this one yesterday? it might have been the day before, love the Wurm skies This one was last night, I love the Autumn colours and the fog!
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    I love my knarr. I for one, have a canal that is purposely built at knarr depth, so that the large, more "ocean-going" looking ships won't be able to pass. I have a small lake and those huge monstrosities would just look out of place on it. Aesthetically, those large ships should be restricted to coasts and only the largest bodies of water.
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    When I was driving today to find a mailbox I came to a spot I think might be the new canal? It goes direction north-south like just west of old safe Haven. Is this correct? If so it will be a huge rift in the landscape since we are fairly high above water level here. I thought it was gonna be tunnel partly? Just from looking at dark from the road I'd think the whole stretch would go into a tunnel.
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    43 x Valrei mission items @ 15c each Various Rares Various Recipes
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    Hello everyone! I have a significant announcement regarding the update. We are splitting the Exploration update into two updates to get everything done. These updates will be related, with the second one building on the first, but this way, we can give you all a reward for your patience and take the time needed to make something that we can all be proud of. The first update will be setting the stage by bringing a journal rework and a feature that I know many have mentioned previously: Treasure Hunts. The update will also include a new board game and some changes that help set things up for the second update. This first update is tentative for the end of April or early May, depending on how development goes. The Journal Rework With this update, the journal rework will change the Journal system based on existing plans and player feedback. First, we will be introducing several new journal tiers geared toward new players, each themed around specific skills or groups of skills. These will come with their own title and sleep bonus rewards and should introduce newer players to various tasks that can be accomplished with those skills. We also know some players have felt a bit constrained by the existing journal tiers, feeling pressed into completing goals related to types of gameplay they aren't personally interested in. In response, we will also be making changes to existing tiers to provide more flexibility to players and account for more varied play styles. Most importantly, journal tiers will no longer require every goal within the tier to complete that tier and receive any related rewards. For all existing journal tiers and the new tiers coming with this update, one goal of your choice may be skipped entirely, and the tier can still be completed. An additional goal of appropriate difficulty has also been added to each tier that existed before this update. These alternative goals can also be completed by priests and can be completed on any server. Note: We have already had some feedback pertaining to the Journal Rework from our team. We are looking to implement a "Claim" button so that you can choose when to claim your rewards. We are also open to reviewing current goals, though there may be difficulty in transferring completion between new and old goals. Treasure Hunting When getting a rarity roll on actions like mining, fishing, and digging, you will have a chance at uncovering a lost map or clue to lead you to the location of a lost treasure. These clues come in several difficulties and types, each less common and more challenging than the last. The clues will include maps to nearby or farther away locations, hot and cold clues where you are told if you are getting closer or not since your last time checking, challenging clues leading you to a specific task, etc. The map clues are items that will visually lead you to a location and will come in varying quality levels, whereas the more challenging older maps may be missing sections or have been smudged or distorted by the hands of time. More difficult clues can have more than 1 step and may have creatures guarding the locations ready to pounce on anyone who dares to claim the rewards. Some rewards will be given at the end in a chest of treasure that can contain some new cosmetic items, rare metals like seryll, glimmersteel, or adamantine, and other valuable items. And Beyond The second update will include some more ambitious goals, including goblin camps, religious sites, and another feature that I’d like to tease later. The release date for this update will be determined by how the launch of the first update goes, as the priority will be on fixing any issues that arise. Finally, I’d like to talk about our development cycle and the rest of the year. While having extensive updates is lovely, I plan to return to a time when we had more minor updates more frequently, with more comprehensive features coming once or twice a year. This way, we can keep some developers on quality of life improvements and bug fixes, and some developers pushing forward on new features. The lack of context-switching will help speed up development, and the more frequent updates will keep Wurm fresh and healthy. As I suspect Exploration will push into late spring or early summer for the second update, the rest of the year will be dedicated to the things I mentioned previously. This includes PvP (Epic, Chaos, and Defiance), new decorative options, and reviewing specific skills for improvements. Those skills will likely have meditation and another look at animal husbandry. This will also include the aforementioned bug fixing and quality of life improvements, which will become more frequent. I hope this post helps shed some light on what is coming in the future, and as always, please let us know what you think! Happy Wurming!
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    SUPREME MASK OF THE SHADOW FRAGMENT (1/10) QL 79.54 https://ibb.co/G9Gthmy Starting bid: 5 s Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: not accepted
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    This isn't speculation. We already have data of what happens when you merge. It improves nothing, and only destroys the newer servers. This was proven with Pristine and Release, then again with Xanadu. It only benefits a handful of older players on the older servers, and only for a short time, and is completely destructive to the communities and the economies of the newer isolated servers.
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    Just got my new corbita from Killjoy! Top, quick service - highly recommend
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    Go back to 2008 and advertise!
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    So this was the first comment that caught my eye...YES! The journal has been fun in that it does help encourage working in different skills to get people to maybe try things they haven't done before. The problem has been, though, that there isn't an equal distribution to the skills. It looks like the rework idea is supposed to address that, which is great! However, only skipping ONE task per tier is still going to be limiting...do I still grind meditation to get to that unobtainable level (for me!) or do I still try to catch that huge fish I don't care about? Granted, most of the tasks are doable given enough time and blind luck. There are a few, though, that are just.... Also noted were the comments for the treasure hunt. That sounds like a LOT of fun! I do explore more than I used to and I do enjoy the foraging/botanizing/archaeology aspect of things. I do agree, though, that TRACKING would be a good addition. I want to grind that more, but there just really isn't a reason on PvE. Yes, some people can see it as pointless, but ya know, different people like trying different things. I don't mind working on a new skill to get to a certain level or to potentially find new things. For some of us that is the appeal of Wurm and all the options. I'd also love to be able to find cool treasure. I am not a looter (or any other kinder word, recycler, salvager, etc) and I often feel I do miss out on some of the more unique or valuable items just because I don't have the time/patience/skills to break down walls, etc to get the items. I don't begrudge anyone that does that, don't get me wrong. It would just be nice to find cool stuff without fighting off a bunch of other players trying to get there first. Another mentioned issue is figuring out how the camps and treasure guards would work. I also agree to not kick them up to the point of needing a hunting party. Yes, it is fun to play with others and have a group project; HOWEVER we are all on different time zones, not everyone has a devoted chunk of time to go hunting, not everyone has high fighting skills, etc. Rifts are different in that you know where they are, you know what you are fighting, and we know to work as a group and protect those that are injured/dying or have very little skill (to the best of our ability). Considering how much conflict has been raised due to unique specialty hunting parties, do we really need to add this strife into the mix? If someone wants to organize a group to go looking for treasure, great. It shouldn't be required, as you would get the "professional" treasure hunters collecting pieces of the map/going out of their way to get what they can and then just inviting their friends to snag up what they can. The workaround I can see for that is if there is basically the unlimited possibility for treasure...then that might not be a huge deal. It still seems better to leave that to those that want to search on their time and not depend on a group to be able to get together. (case in point, it took our group of 6-8 two months to find a time to go through one of the mazes together...it took that long to find a day/time we'd all be on and could play. Even then, a couple had to stop because it took way longer than they were able to play.) All in all I see the ideas being worked on as fun and a move in the direction to give us what we've been asking for-the ability to do more and adding extra challenges. I'm not sure how else to say this, but there is no one way to play Wurm! It can be crafting, fighting, exploring, fishing, hunting...the list goes on and on. Adding the variety keeps everyone playing instead of just catering to a select few that ONLY want to xxxxxx. If there weren't new things to do or new skills to work on, I know I would've left a lonnngggg time ago!
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    People are restricted on NFI for these colourful wagons and PMK's and the rest of it, but also some of us old SFI players have mothballed toons and deeds that we spend 1000's of hours on and 100's of silvers on to keep them prem to just mothball them and start again. As a current NFI player now i feel there is a lot we are missing out on and i feel its very restricted in what we can and cant do compared to SFI one main thing is the PMK's and the fact we have a portal that we go to a second life kind of thing as a PVP seems like a way to make people spend more silvers ingame as you cant bring your own items. The game was dead before i moved to NFI and it was depressing but now we have the player count why not open it up to just let everyone experience wurm how it should be. seems sad that we have separated like this and locked off from our old assets It's about time - Suggestions & Ideas - Wurm Online Forum << This is the post that has got the attention but its been years now and still no move. would be nice for someone to say "Yes its in the pipeline" or "No its never going to happen" as then i would make a hard decision and cut my ties on one side instead of being kept in limbo holding on to something that's never going to happen.
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    I really like the idea of a list for reference but think care needs to be taken to make clear its only a rough estimated guide and not a definitive list. Theres already too many arguments in Trade from people underselling or overpricing so theres a risk of adding fuel to the fire if a public reference list started to be seen as definitive. What would be really nice is if there was a way to capture actual transaction data and automatically update an average price based on previous transactions. I can't see how that'd be possible but I can dream.
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    Personally I don't see this being a good thing, I don't play the market game on wurm a lot, I do what I need to to get silver to get by but nothing more, and something I've seen lately as Borstaskor mentioned with the nails example is that players over charge for simple tasks like making nails, I mean most of us have crappy QL iron laying in BSB's/Crates from either clearing a canal, or shaping our mine or simply skilling the mining skill personally I don't think iron is hard to get your hands on so why are bulk nails so friggen expensive? That's only one example. Another example is shards/dirt/clay & Bricks Why shouldn't dirt & clay be the same price? You say clay is less effort but both are digging, personally I don't see the "extra effort" the lands of wurm is covered in dirt, just walk one tile corner extra, I miss the days in wurm where you paid per action no matter what it was, 1k dirt was 1s, 1k clay was 1s, 1k sand was 1s, 1k shards was 1s because there only went 1 action into it, no nitty gritty irrelevant " But I had to walk an extra tile, and I need crates to store it in because it doesn't fit in a BSB " So what, sell the dirt with the crates and charge for the crates like in the good old days. But the above system also has its flaws, because if you now only charge per action then other items like iron ribbons, support beams & concrete will change drastically because on most of these items people charge because of weight and how tedious it is to make it. I guess I just had a long rant and in fewer words I could have just said, it still comes down to how much the seller is willing to sell for and how much the buyer is willing to buy for and the art of negotiation. And I firmly believe in a simple principle, if everyone is selling something at a fixed price, sell more of it at a lower price until the prices all come down to SFI ranges
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    Hello, may I order 1xClaymaker, 1xTexas peat, 1xTarnation COD to Stoickjester. please and thank you
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    Hello, I would like to order 1x Claymaker, 1x Texas Peat, 1x Tarnation. COD Draxxle please
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    Interested in Bulwark Shield skin if still available. Can pick up asap.
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    Sorry that i never showed up there, Hope it was a good event, IRL Does alot stuff for, me, but ill have my first of 2 surgery's in 1 week from now ½ year from Now perhaps ill can attend more active, Hope u all had Fun. Take care all, back to my micro playing the game, Pain is hard to live with.
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    Here are my suggestions. I'd love to see yours! PS: Most of this horrible menagerie is currently on display at DRF during the Impalong if you want to see them in person for some reason. Look for the Fabulous Cheeses house between the dairy and the Deal or No Deal building (Studio). Happy Easter!
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    Shout out to Potion for the heals provided at the GM mob feast which i briefly took part in.... very brief lol And to anyone else who i may have missed much like my sword did trying to hit said mobs! But still a great action shot which im sure i can spin great tales from.... So this one is Courageous Calvert with Potion (Ha! yeah right)
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    Luck Matters There are some situations where luck matters. Four failures in a row to make a plank when it is supposed to succeed half of the time is not one of them. That situation will be unlikely to induce too much annoyance. However, when ten percent material is lost on each failure, bad luck and extreme bad luck quickly become an issue. Each of the four drill bits for the clay dredge require 25 kg of steel. Each failure means 2.5 kg of steel is lost. On the Open Gobbler server where steel making is a challenge, using foraged iron and spell cast trees to obtain logs, some bad luck is one thing. Extreme bad luck is quite another thing. After preparation, training blacksmithing to improve the chances of success, including improving the large anvil, the numbers in the crafting window suggest that with low quality steel the chances to make a drill bit may be near 40%. That is not high, but at least it is twice as high as the actual amount of successes will be, if extreme bad luck occurs. Each ten fails means a whole drill bit has been lost into the ether. The Gobbler game is all about decision making, such as whether to build a clay dredge as early as possible, because the automated clay supply will be considered to be worth the effort. It is not about making extra materials to compensate for extreme bad luck. We cannot solve all the problems with the random numbers generator. However, in this particular instance we can bypass it. Changes have been made so that zero material is lost when making steel drill bits. Two other activities have been found to be subject to bad, and extreme bad luck. They are foraging for specific sprouts, and finding treasure chests with furs. There is not a lot we can do about sprouts, there is a chance per forage to get one, and then on top of that, a one in 25 chance to get a specific sprout type. Our solution for this form of extreme bad luck will be to make full high quality sprouts sets available as a reward for achieving Gobbler level two. This may, or may not arrive at a similar time as does foraging skill 30, which is more than enough foraging to have, frustratingly, not found the full set. With the 5/5 skill gain and timers settings on the Open Gobbler server, obtaining sleep bonus by building and logging off in a bed is quite likely to be an early Gobbler game goal for most players. Thanks to Koala's adventures we do not need to imagine locating many, many treasure chests and still not getting three furs to make a bed, because this is not going to happen to anyone else. This form of extreme bad luck is quite unnecessary and has been addressed by making one fur likely in two out of each three chests located. Another change to treasure chests is that whilst some chests will have up to five hides, every chest will contain at least one hide. Best wishes from Pam.
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    My issue isn't that ALTs exist, and that people use them. It's that the game's design has been stunted to use ALTs to milk extra money.
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    Player growth is stagnated until they develop some basic marketing and communication skills. They can make small tweaks and changes, but the best case scenario would improve player retention which leads to a slight growth in concurrent players. If they want significant player growth, it will require a successful marketing campaign alongside a sizable update. Preferably one that benefits new players entering the game for the first time. Communication is so lacking that we have no idea what they're aiming to accomplish anymore. Is player population growth actually something they're aiming for?
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    It's not looking good side by side. That 58% positive reviews giving a "mixed" rating can't be helping either.
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    The whole point of not giving any more updates is to get people back to WO. There are mods people have made to add content. But I think WU will get no more updates.
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    ok, so I have a few ideas that I'm going to squeeze into this post mostly portable camping type items but there are a few other ideas too. I will explain what gave me the idea for portable items, I have attended a few rifts and slaying events at each one, I created a campsite, I also create them when I'm exploring, I know it may seem silly but I enjoy getting into the spirit of the role-playing aspect of the MMORPG and in my view camping is a part of this. anyway my list of items I would love to see in the game in no particular order A portable spirit house, as we all know the spirit houses can only be pushed etc. I personally think that all they would have to do is just add the load and secure option to a wooden spirit house. however, if they wanted to get crazy with it I guess they could make it a spirit tent, it would still have to be on the ground to be used. portable bed/ cot/ sleeping bag, this one has been suggested once a long time ago with a few good ideas connected with it. there is already a model for the sleeping bag/ bed that the wagoneer uses why couldn't that model be used as a portable bed for players to craft with around 20 skill in cloth tailoring the sleeping bag could be placed on flat ground or inside a tent, or have a cot version that can only fit in the military tent. it would not replace the tent it would just be a sleep option and would also be nifty to have. (update) New: You can now craft bedrolls, similar to the 2019 Christmas Gift version. Bedroll requires tent owned by player within 2 tiles. Bedroll can only be slept on by the person who dropped it, also only picked up by the person who dropped it. A player will get 75% of the normal bed sleep bonus gain for the crafted bedrolls.. The Christmas Gift version allows full sleep bonus and has a unique texture. Bedrolls (both crafted and festive) take damage on use, decay as usual, are repairable and impable. Thank you Dev Team A portable altar, for priests to be able to sacrifice on the go this could be as simple as the priest blessing a bowl or it could be created with a few materials like a brick and a bowl or plank and bowl, etc. to make the small portable altar. it would still have to be placed on the ground to use but it would be able to be picked up and carried by the priest it would not replace large alters but it would greatly improve the quality of life for priests. or just make the wooden alter able to be picked up or loaded. A walled pavilion or yurt, I like the military tent, however, if I really wanna wurm "glamp" this item is where its at, haha. the pavilion would work exactly like the regular and military tent it would just have a larger interior to decorate, the portable bed could also be used in it. The ability to set up tents/ allow camping perms on deed, this came about when I got my nifty kingdom tent and wanted to display it on my deed I spoke to a few friends and found out that the only way to set a tent up on deed is to use an unfinished one, I was sorely disappointed, so the idea is to have the option to allow camping on the deed. this option would be set in the roles for non-villagers and allow pitch tent for villagers, the tents would also be subject to deed decay rules. I feel that this would make it possible to display those cool kingdom tents or even to have "KOA" type of deeds along the roads. (for anyone who doesn't know a KOA is a type of public camping site we have around where I live in real life.) A huge keg, imagine something like the wine barrel but like 10 times the size. It would hold double the liquid volume as the huge tub. could be planted sealed and loaded into a ship Knarr or larger, or a special wagon could hold water or fermenting alcohol. Keg wagon, this would be the vehicle to transport a huge keg (see image below) I really liked the image I found of this item when I googled barrel wagon. It that would be filled from a water source with the assistance of a large or small barrel, it would be pulled by one horse/ bison and can only be embarked as commander, sorry no passengers on this one. it would also follow default game speed rules for large cart. the keg would follow its rules as previously stated. when opened the inventory would show the barrel and liquid content, the inventory capacity is the huge keg (full), 1large/or 2small barrels(full), and one large chest. A large barrel and oil barrel rack, the idea for this item was born from the ridiculous amount of large barrels and oil barrels I have cluttering up my brewery storage area and since we have the nice wine barrel rack and the small barrel rack why not a large barrel rack or shelf or something also it would be handy to be able to seal those large barrels. A crude wooden bench, this idea came about when I was working on a building and was disappointed when the wooden bench was so opulent and good looking I was hoping it would have been just a simple wooden bench like the stone one but it turned out to be so nice looking it really didn't fit the theme of the room I was decorating, and I was forced to use the stone bench. those are a few of the ideas I can think of right now if anyone feels I missed something feel free to reply to this post.
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    Still waiting for a map. Those lakes are now all interconnected, so knowing where this new canal will be and go and specially how it will cut the area in half would be a great thing. Do note that since quasiwud expanded his deed over the west entrance of the Echo / Nightmare canal, he will have to either dredge it or allow someone to do it. Otherwise the canal is fully fonctional atm for row/sailboat and knarrs. Canal is now fully fonctional, so the 5 lakes are all connected togethers and to the sea