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    Goodbye You have been premium consecutively for 98 months since Dec 2013. And hello [13:27:15] You have been premium consecutively for 0 months since Dec 2013. Would have been at 99 months now if not for that few day lapse and month switch around :') [13:24:10] You have been premium a total of 98 months since Dec 2013. Guess its time for another 100 months to try and catch back up again I had 78 months of prem before december 2013 as well without a break :') SO DAM CLOSE
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    No and no the last time wurm had closed down servers where people played on we dropped down with 60-70% if not more then that and struggled for years to come back my friends list still has many people who never came back from that time on it. Making the world smaller will not help with numbers it will only drive people to say "oh the server that i was playing on is gone now i guess i will just uninstall all my work is gone" you want new players and denser population? Make the game's early game easier to understand make the game have a friendlier control scheme, the graphics are outdated sure but what holds wurm back is how the players interact with the game itself. We were promised a ui overhaul and we got a reskin, we were promised a lot of "grand" things only to be let down time and time again, when steam release hit we were told "we will start advertising soon within a month or two after release" never happened. You want this game to grow? Get dev's who have 1 the time and 2 know how to properly code and are held up to a schedule and quality, no more empty promises no more half assed buggy released updates that require fixes for months on end. The issue isn't wurm's world(servers and landmasses on them) its the management that has let the game run stale and the control scheme and ui that drive away people, had they upon steam release kept up a schedule of "Here is the road map of planned projects" and gone "in q1 of 2020 we try to aim for these projects" and so on and on and delivered on that then a lot more people will come back to play if they saw that wurm received updates that pop up on steam's update feed. Wurm has no presence on twitch nor on youtube the odd streamer here and there doesn't count and i do not mean "we should get big time streamers to try it out" as that just leads to trouble, no there needs to be an official yt channel where patch notes are talked about where upcoming events are spoken of were there is a running series of exploring wurm's vast and vibrant history from the good and the bad make it a vibrant community place where at the end of the video's questions from the community are answered were simple events are hosted via yt livestreams with item of your choice as a reward or something simple like that. We were told "we are working together with x to create events" and we got 1 event that was a rehash of something the community has done in the past with 250 dollars worth of prem time(something wurm staff could have done without the help of a sponsor honestly) we were told so many things over the years and they always fell short of them. The reason you dont see thousands anymore isn't because wurm's servers are to plentiful and empty its because the staff that have been running it for a long time since rolf lost interest(lets face it he did) and development slowed down to a crawl and things were constantly backpaddled and devs were taken on to work on things they wanted to work on and they wanted to change even if it wasn't really for the best of the game. You want a vibrant community? Get staff that will work on trying to make it vibrant wurm will grow if 1 it has a web presence of a nice place to be(not the current and past "oh there are a lot of upset players at the devs" look) and 2 has a record of active proper development. Indie games live and die by how their staff treat their games you can have the most ingenious new way to play a game but if you miss manage it everyone will leave, a great example is a lot of the factorio knockoffs. Factory sims are a big genre(look at factorio and satisfactory) with tens of thousands playing it but there is 1 difference between those 2 and other factory sims and there is a reason why factorio wins steam awards every year because of it. Its community and the developers who are part of it, jace and snutt for satisfactory created a series of video's that were both cringy yet fun to watch did live streams to show community content if there was no dev content made silly fun stuff to engage with the community and those who like the social part joined in. Factorio's devs decided to go down the route of being technical as they have a lot more tech savy people playing it and it worked the friday facts were a big hit in engagement, they fixed bugs quickly sometimes even within hours When factorio's 0.17 hit they had 22 updates in rapid succession with over 1000 bugs fixed in a short span of time they checked their forums and fixed everything they could we broke it they fixed it, we talked about something confusing they engaged not as someone above you but as a fellow factorio player. What wurm needs is proper engagement and sticking to goals those two points will grow wurm slowly over time and bring back people who stopped playing it as something else came out. We don't need front page of steam, we need positive reviews on steam(The amount of reviews talking about controls and the ui is way to high) We don't need fancy features, we need bug fixes for existing systems(Do please do a proper ui overhaul though bring it up to modern times) We don't need less servers, we need community engagement from the devs We don't need ad campaigns with twitch streamers, we need a proper presence on yt in the form of a community channel that shows its alive and well maintained and well kept up The game itself needs to be easier to control but the content itself is fine its the box that wurm is kept in that looks run down and is falling apart that needs fixing with the contents just needing some rearranging and dusting.
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    I understand wanting the population to grow to keep the game up and running but really don't relate to these concerns that people are too spread out and that the world feels "lonely". The world is quiet because many (if not most) of the players are introverted and enjoy being on their own. We like to do our own thing without having to negotiate with neighbours etc. We spread out by choice. I do feel for those who are more social, but it seems that most of the population prefers to have good space from each other and to keep socializing optional. Forcing people to be closer together would not create a thriving social community the way many people seem to imagine it would. You'd see more issues with deed related drama and fighting over resources like hunting grounds, and probably lose a lot of players who feel claustrophobic with people around all the time.
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    Distant Lightning seen from the Villa.
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    I think over time we need to simply consolidate the servers, way too many way too spread out, it sounds horrible but id sacrifice to have more people around and not feel as empty in the massive vast wurm
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    Hi All, So this one has been on my mind for a while more so now especially since I've been repaving my deed. Since you can almost build a diagonal road by filling the paving to the nearest corner, I thought how awesome if walls and fences we could align to this same type of method which in turn I'm sure will open a magnitude of new deed design layouts for many to play around with. See below the visual to understand more of the proposed layout option: I look forward to hearing your thoughts!
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    I agree with adding diagonal walls, as it gives the option to make roundish towers.
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    Yeah splitting draft and speed traits is most annoying change for me, as I care nothing about accustomed to water and would prefer some draft traits along my speed traits which is nightmare to obtain
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    agree too many servers, and keeping whats left apart. is making it worse. join the servers. and put up more sales. exp weekends. events and advertise the game. give out gifts for simply logging in X amount of days. vet rewards like other games do. give us reasons to get in the game more. my main has over 350 days in game over 10 yrs. but 320 of those days were the first 5 years alone. I find players to spread out. we need easier travel double the wind speed for boats. portals to starter towns. add more starter towns to the old servers that only have one. maybe do something like allowing players to ride with wagoneers. hitch a ride from deed to deed. could be fun riding around the servers that way. i wish i could win the lotto and invest in the game ,
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    Steam brought in a new crowd as well, but how many of them stuck around 1 year later? Bringing in new people doesn't seem to be the core issue. The main problem is player retention, which has from what I've seen so far, zero plan of anything concrete in the works. Even if the VR release brings in 5000 players, if only 500 players stick around 1 year later, is that really a win? And 2 years later when those 500 become 250 ? There's precedent in Wurm for such things.
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    Another set of new servers is out of the picture for a long, long while, unless we were to see Jackal and/or Challenge come back in some way. (which I'm honestly expecting) Otherwise, advertising content updates and events, either dev or player held, are the main promotion opportunities that're left. VR could bring in a new crowd but I doubt many would stick around
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    Sourcey Sorceries be open and saturdays special will be the carpenters favourite! It will be open before and after the public slays, where you can: Get your bloods mixed - both new and old ones (remember to bring source salt or crystals if you have any) Get your weapons and tools imbued (remember the correct potions and bloods for this) Donate sourcey stuff, potions and bloods if you are not going to use it yourself so people in need can get it Come to the hut and stand in line. Wait for me to trade you to keep a somewhat decent queue-culture, thanks in advance! The hut is located near Goblin Hutt just directly south of the Dragon Pen (near the pretty waterfront)I do this for free and first comes first serves. (My Natural Substances is 99+ and will provide higher imbue and potion rates!)I gladly take donations in the form of source crystals, source salt, potions and bloods. Happy Slaying and as always have fun!
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    Notsodirt's Blacksmithing and other Services If you are seeking imping or creation services Please Message me in-game Notsodirt - Smith or Draygone - Mag priest / Homebase - Dray's Landing Release S-10 When sending items it must be labelled with your name and target QL Example: Notsodirt 90ql I will process items in order that I get them, It is best to contact me before mailing items. Items will be returned if you fail to contact me first! * * * Dedicated Customer discount Imp reward program. * * * Any blacksmithing item sent for imping with the creator signature "NotsoDirt" Will be given a minimum discount of 5% or greater depending on several factors if your item does bear this mark the discount will be automatically applied Imping is charged from QL to QL Iron imps upto 99QL Steel imps upto 95QL Copper imps upto 95QL I do accept trades for services, I do not currently have higher ql of some metals. and lack others. If something turns rare during imping there is zero upcharge nor swapping of items. Prices are Subject to market costs. Merchant Status : Currently not Setup Mag priest services. Strongwall and other mag casts upon request.
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    Dear Wurmians... With an extremely heavy heart, I write to let you know that the wonderful person known to everyone here as Chaosmeow has passed away. It's not my place to give specific details of her situation. However, I feel that Chaos meant a lot to many in the community here... and to not let each of you know would be a disservice. To those of you who didn't have the pleasure of knowing Chaos very well, let me assure you that she was absolutely an asset and friend of the community. I always knew her to go the extra mile when helping anyone, even if they were a complete stranger. In a nutshell, she was a kind and generous soul who loved this community greatly. It boggled my mind how she kept up with all of you and it always made me grin to pass her on the highway as she made her way to your deeds to make a sale. Chaos was an adventurer. She was always on the go, always making a sale... always out exploring or hunting... always making the most of wurm. It's safe to say that life around Chaos was never dull. I already miss her greatly. It's a really strange and somber feeling to be working on my deed while knowing I won't see my neighbor returning from the latest adventure anymore ...it hurts, friends. It hurts a lot... As for what comes next, I've spoken with another super cool person in the community, our very own Baeowuf. He's made some fine suggestions on things we could do to make a memorial for Chaos. Right now, the details are few but we have some ideas in the works. I will post again as things become more clear so that anyone who wants to participate in the building of a memorial has the chance to do so. All I really know for now is that the memorial will be built on her deed that is now being kept by her long-time best friend, Lyarza. I'll keep you posted. Thank you for your time, - Deyjan/Aerith of Midgar
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    Hello everyone! With steam release being well underway and seeing declining numbers, just wanting to know if there is a plan in action / being discussed to help promote the game / bring in more players. Thanks!
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    Lake Port Maze The maze has been open for a few months. Several have entered, no corpses have been found inside so it's assumed everyone has made it out. Lake Port is on the North West corner of Xanadu. Keys to the maze can be found at the bulk depot by the North shore. http://xanadu.yaga.host/#1399,1095 The Lake Port Maze, "One short path, many long paths, one dead end". Lake Port also offers archery supplies, wood runes and bulk goods. Archery: Bows 90ql Arrows 70ql Bulk: Planks 2s/k Shafts 1.5s/k Low ql Arrows 5s/k Message Btaggor for details.
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    https://imgur.com/a/8KKWLh3 Starting bid:5s Inc:50c reserve:no snipe protection:30Minutes
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    Up for auction: Wagon Blue Lagoon (imped to ql80) You are able to attach a speed and size rune and the color will stay! Starting bid: 10s Increment (minimum): 50c Reserve: no Buyout: no Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: not accepted
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    Young Man Starting Bid - 2s Increments - 50c Buyout - None Reserve - None Sniper Protection - 1 Hour Selling this on behalf of my friend Lotte In case the timer breaks, it is 3 days from the post
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    Fine, fine, it's not actually Libila we've penned (we could, but the bit isn't worth it) - it is a Young Raging Black Dragon But you have to admit the resemblance is uncanny, and it's just in time too - some big supporters of Libila have brought over some new decor to adorn the slaying site - be on the lookout for Heroic Libila Legion decorations that will be both shining up the deed and in the loot pool! (2 banners, 2 flags, 2 tall banners divided into 3 prize rolls) Check them out here! But enough talk, have at you! As ever, we're at Bruce's Flying Circus, N13
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    Perhaps it is time that Wurm had actual bandages for bandaging, made from other cotton (or wool) items and consuming those items in the making. I am not suggesting disabling bandaging with cotton and such, although bandaging should not be possible with puppets, and using a whole rug or sail to wrap a bite on the hand is excessive. What I am suggesting is that a knife/sword/scissors could be used on squares of cloth, rugs, sails, clothes, etc to create bandages. The action time would be based on the weight of the material, and the whole of the item would be consumed in creating a like weight of bandages. Make bandages more effective than other cotton items of the same ql. Give more healing skillgain for using bandages than other items. Give healing skillgain for making bandages.
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    It looks like there are rites already planned for the next three weeks and there was a mag rite cast 6 days ago. Libila Ritual - March 7th Mag Ritual - March 13th Vynora Ritual - March 20th
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    I need a barge I can stand on and mine veins that are surrounded by water. Hopping in and out of a boat to mine is annoying.
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    I've updated the first post to showcase all of my public mods. More to come!
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    Greetings Wurmians Today from the shores of West Coast Cadence, I present you this Rare unfinished kiln, made from the finest slate the west coast has to offer. Starting bid: 12s Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: None Buyout: NA Private Bids: No Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Can deliver anywhere on Cadence free of charge, 1s Delivery fee on Harmony or Melody.
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    [02:03:00] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to reach Rosatopia in less than ten minutes. Thank you very much. Enjoy o/
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    Also I'm now going to invest (finally!! ) some more time into WA, to fix the pile of harder bugs that I've been noting and move WA4 forwards. Although I don't want to make any promises, because I've had couple such moments in the past... then the life took me away. What I do want is to ask you to remind me important issues or suggestions. So I can update my todo list and prioritize it. Especially the things that bug you a lot. I may also try to insert a poll into the app itself.
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    This is a great service from a very kind and trustworthy player. I cannot recommend her strongly enough.
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    2x to Siegfried pls would look great with my KJ wagon if you have 4 would be great too just pm if you want some coin
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    Wurm population isnt that bad for a game like this and it will not get higher if they dont release something game changing content. Population isnt the problem, its just to many servers making the game feel empty.
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    Wurm is interesting in that a lot of people who play this game take breaks. I think that focusing on trying to get the new people that steam brought in to come back after their break would be a wise choice instead of focusing on getting completely new people to start playing the game right now.
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    Why only now? I'm just curious. The war in Ukraine has been going on for 7 years now. 14k Ukrainians died in the civil war since the military coup in 2014. All these initiatives are commendable, but a bit too late I'm afraid.
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    Hello all, I know it's been a few days since I said I'd keep you posted about Chaos's memorial. I apologize for the delay, I've been rather sick and it's reduced my energy considerably. So, about the memorial. I know a lot of people have been hitting myself and Lyarza up about it. We've been talking about it quite a bit and this is what we've come up with thus far. (be prepared, this is going to be lengthy. the TLDR is at the bottom) Where: Lya thinks it's fitting to have Chaos's memorial on the water so more people could see it as they sail by. I have a plot of land on the water that I've donated and decided to re-name it to Resting Chaos. It's right next door to Port Crescendo on the Cadence server, which is a bonus because Chaos had many friends there as well. So, that takes care of the question: where will it be built? On Cadence @ Resting Chaos P15 - Map is at the bottom of this post. (please note that the deed is not yet on the highway. It will be linked into it within the coming days.) As for what we plan to do with the site, Lya and I sailed around on the water, looking at the deed to get a feel for where it would be best to construct a Pylon in Chaos's name. We cleared the area and started a Pylon just to test the waters on how difficult it might be to attach materials. As it turns out, it shouldn't be -too- difficult for someone of 40ish Masonry to help out with attaching materials if they wish to. We also started a marble bridge that will lead from the edge of the water up to the Pylon. In time, we'd like to decorate the area with nice hedges, benches, and things of that sort just to dress it up a bit. All of that is still currently undecided. Donations: Several people have been asking to help with this project in any way possible and I think that's wonderful. Our goal is to make it so that anyone who wants to participate in this memorial is welcome to do so. The idea is to include anyone who wants to help, regardless of skill level. No material QL for the Pylon is too low, as I and several others in the area are extremely high in Masonry. If you send it, I can nearly guarantee you that it'll be attached. The idea is not to be the most optimal with this, but to be the most inclusive. I think Chaos would have been overwhelmed and so proud of the idea that so many people would do something like this for her... so I'll see to it that everyone gets a shot at participating as much as I can. If you wish to participate, there are several ways for you to help. We'll need the materials for a Pylon, found here: https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Pylon We'll also need marble bricks for the bridge leading up to the Pylon. (Roughly 1550). I know this game has many talents outside of Masonry and we don't want to leave people out who have talents in other skills so we're also asking for several golden, hanging lamps (roughly 30 but if we get more, we'll work with it!) to keep the place well-lit at night. We're also thinking about adding about 4-6 wooden benches. We're open to other suggestions for décor but we want to keep the place looking fairly free of clutter so please keep that in mind. If you find yourself wanting to donate something but these particular items aren't your forte, you can also visit the deed and donate coin to the upkeep. Please do NOT feel obligated to do this, as I've made sure this monument isn't going anywhere for years. However, if you'd like to help make sure it stands until the wurm servers one day close down, please feel free! Every iron coin adds up! lastly, on donations, I'm toying with the idea of placing an LMC at the site where people can perhaps leave a note on an item of meaning to them and leave it there for Chaos. I'd love to hear everyone's feedback about this. is it a good idea? Would you leave an item? PM me on the forum or join Discord and let me know. https://discord.gg/bD8t5gvRWQ If you'd like to set up a donation and send it ahead of time, please send it to Deyjan or Lyarza in-game via wagoner. Any items we receive that are unused on the monument will be donated to Port Crescendo so that they can continue to make Chaos proud through all the building that takes place on their large deed. Also, if you do donate, please leave a reply here or in the discord channel we've set up letting us know what you wish to donate and the Qty so we don't get extreme overkill on gifting. --- When: We'd like to try and start building on the memorial on Saturday, March 5th around 12 CST. That said, Please feel free to come when best suits your schedule. Thank you all for your time. If you have further questions or ideas, please feel free to PM me on the forums or hit us up in Discord. Just know that I work in the day so my replies will be limited. I look forward to working with everyone to make this memorial for our good friend, Chaosmeow. TLDR: Where: Resting Chaos on the Cadence Server (will be linked to the highway soon) When: March 5th @ 12 CST What: Pylon Building, Bridge Building Discord channel for organizing: https://discord.gg/bD8t5gvRWQ Donations: Materials for a Pylon, a Marble Bridge, Wooden Benches, Golden Hanging Lamps. Please post what you intend to donate, then set up a Wagoner Delivery to Lyarza or Deyjan. You can also donate time at the build by attaching materials or coin at the deed token for upkeep if you wish to go that route.
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    I think this is something the GMS can intervene on, for players that have repeatedly logged in from Ukraine. From what I know the team can verify IP sign in location. GMs could potentially "freeze" deed upkeep until the Ukraine <> Russia war is over. +1 for an honourable suggestion. Personally I would also add the same rule applied to our russian wurmians. God knows the average citizen in Russia isn't to blame for this horrible reality, especially if some are conscripted and the sanctions now imposed on their country will render many citizens poor by the end of the year.
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    c'mon system is hilarious, so much variety, 0 control and long timers for rng rolling traits, it's like free lootboxes, what do you lose, besides a lot of time.. and hope
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    A raft would seem fit for purpose.
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    Leave existing mechanics as-is. Craft bandages from a square piece of cloth plus a healing cover. Make it easier to use and/or more powerful than applying raw cotton and a healing cover separately.
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    And remove the chance to have a good laugh at someone else’s expense? Nah papi keep it.
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    Would be really nice if a pop-up box appeared telling you "You're about to use a < insert item name here> to bandage a wound. Are you sure you want to proceed?" Either that or just disable the ability to bandage wounds using puppets / rugs. Let's remove some sadness from the game.
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    Then the market for coc-enchanted mediation rugs goes through the roof as hoards of Wurmians go sprinting through forests of thorn bushes in the hopes to bandage their cuts with huge squares of enchanted cotton until they come out the other side looking like something resembling a zen Cousin It.
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    Well on that matter, rattle your cabeza some. You'll recall by own admission, it was Fo for the win and life, Fo real, Fo Life, Fo evah!! seriously enjoyed your post. creatively humorous way to capture your first rift experience. Universally accurate too for wurmians first encounters. Keep up the great spirit!!! An emerging player to keep note of!!