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    The Ivory Whip Astarte has chosen to pass the Ivory Whip of Chat Moderation to Belisama, making them the new Lead Chat Moderator. All chat moderation issues or complaints should be sent to Belisama. Thank You, Wurm Online Team
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    i i did not expect the bison to be so brazen as to climb my tower to play on the bridge
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    Hello, Is it posible to show the progress of building an big ship or colossus? Like you see a bit more of the project after you have done 1/4 of it, half way if you have done 1/2 of the project. So the progess has 4 staps you see. Now you see the start and when its done you see the finished item. When building houses you see it grow by every wall you put up. Dont know if it can be done, but it shows more then only the start of building Its just an idea, thanks
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    We have young male/female statues, Statue of boy and Statue of girl, and we have Nymph statues, but nothing that is just plain adults. The statues we have are nice, but having more variety is always nice. It would be nice if we could have a Statue of man and Statue of woman, this way we can create little statue families. It would be a nice way to remember those that we lost, or that no longer play.
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    Since it was archived, I thought I'd repost this request from 2011 http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/37172-please-make-enchanted-grass-preserve-flowers/ "In the same way using Enchant on a tree to create an Enchanted Tree preserves the tree model, it would be lovely if Enchanted Grass did the same for flowers. " I will add, per Othob's suggestion, that Enchanted Flowers be a more vibrantly coloured, with higher density, and very little grass (lawn texture, perhaps?) so that they stand out. That is all.
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    This looks like one of those puzzle twisters: The bison is on the bridge. The bridge is connected to two buildings. Both buildings are tall and the bridge is connected to higher floors. Each floor is accessible by a ladder. Bisons don't climb ladders. HOW DID HE DO IT?
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    Annuile's Dyes SALE! 15% off orders higher than 10kg 20% off orders higher than 25kg* 25% off orders higher than 45kg* * Does not include Black dyes other than the base black - All wood defaults to one model when dyed, the only difference in how the color appears is the texture of the object. This means a barrel will look different than a FSB, and a Knarr will look different than a cart when dyed. - Leather has natural reds in it, please take this into account when ordering. If you ask for a blue dye on a saddle, the natural red in the leather will make it come out purple. - Wood also has some slight natural red in it. This comes out most pronounced with blue dyes Red: 15c/kg Blue: 15c/kg Green: 10c/kg White: 10c/kg Violet: 40c/kg Black: 30c/kg Pink: 50c/kg Golden Yellow: 40c/kg Ocean Blue: 40c/kg Black dyes outside base range (26-26-26) 40c/kg (20-20-20) 45c/kg (14-14-14) 60c/kg (10-10-10) 75c/kg (6-6-6) 1s/kg Custom Colors Custom colors will be any requests that deviate from my stock. Pricing on these will vary from 30c-60c/kg depending on the base color requirements. If you need a custom dye, please provide me with an example picture of the color, or the RGB code - as well as What it is you plan to dye. This allows me to ensure that the color will apply properly to the intended object, as every object in Wurm takes dyes differently than others and will need to be adjusted accordingly. For custom requests I offer free adjustments and modifications as needed. The goal is to ensure that you are getting exactly the color you want, and if it's possible to make, we will keep matching until you are satisfied Imbues! I also now offer my imbue service! Send me your blood, source salt and tool you want imbued, and I will make the potion and apply for you! Cost = 50c/blood made/applied. Alternatively, a full set of imbues will cost 3s (Average imbues will take between 8-10 bloods) Examples of my work!
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    Rip AH. I'm not convinced the new system is better than the old one and it kind of looks like the devs have forgotten about the AH fixes that needs to be done. High AH skill is still meh. The RNG is bad. The split to speed and draft is.. Well.. Who asked for this? Like, is this a good change? I'm sure someone out there thinks so, but I don't. I think this change made the game worse, not better, but that's just the opinion of a single player. I'll have as much hope of the devs fixing AH as i have of them fixing fishing and will keep having that much hope until proven otherwise.
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    Let us enchant pottery planters to pause growth for display of herbs and other plants. Some of these like coffee and tea look cool, but a pain to keep picking just to keep them looking good. I use planter racks for the herbs I really want picked.
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    Bardings have been sent to Crimsonearth (1), Tilda (1), Shenzai (1), Jakeii (4), and Evening (2) - enjoy those strong colors! Elentari, it looks like you might be on Chaos? [17:40:16] You can not mail that far. I'm holding one for you while we work out the shipping details. Wish I could get one to you, Burdok - perhaps one day when the mists between NFI and SFI part. Need to spend a little time at the loom to make some more cloths, but have enough dye for a few more!
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    Stress testing 1200AD style
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    You're right, Tristanc - riding around looking for settlements isn't really enough, because it doesn't take into account the folks that are in the wider area that might be affected though increased traffic, exposing "hidden" settlements, etc. That's why I wanted to put it on the forum, as well. Anyone who knows me knows I am quite anti-road, especially on steppes, so I definitely wouldn't want to approach a highway lightly. (@Brash_Endeavorscould speak about my views on roads in the area, lol. We got a bit of a talking to from Enki once.... ) I just figure if we're gonna have roads, they may as well be as straight as we can make them, and reduce reduntant/dead end/unused ones. I've been in the same spot (Oak Harbour) a long time, and I'm pretty familiar with folks all around the area, including the east coast, and have talked to most of them. LordLouis and I had planned on doing this years ago, but a settlement popped up right in the way of the planned route, so it was scrapped. That settlement is long gone now. Part of the reason I thought this might be a good time to do the work is because there aren't many folks settled around here these days. Hughmongus is probably the closest neighbour to be affected by this change, so I'm glad to see he's OK with it. As he noted, the part of the highway I squiggled out is a dead-end now, that just stops in the middle of the woods. There's a hunting cabin out there (and I certainly wouldn't remove their road access), but the 1 deed that was nearby disbanded some months ago. Anyway, just to reiterate, I promise I care about how the other folks around the coast/steppe area feel, and I'd never make a highway without their input.
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    Hello all! I’d like to give an update on the development of Wurm Online and a small look into future plans for the game. I apologize for how late this post is as well as how high-level it is. The changes in the development team that was announced in the previous Valrei International has made it hard to accurately estimate everything we’d like to accomplish. With that said, let’s dive in! For Q1, we’re still hard at work on the exploration update, which has a tentative release date of the end of March or early April. There are also bug fixes to be had and ongoing QoL changes that we’re looking to make as smaller updates. Finally, we’d like to wrap up some concerns Defiance players have had regarding meditation paths and player-made kingdoms. I feel I should address the caffeine changes and the feedback surrounding them. I’ve had a lot of people tell me that the community feels we ignored them with this, and I understand where that is coming from. We had a lot of internal discussions regarding this feature and the feedback provided, but ultimately, we decided to go with a plan very similar to what we originally posted at the start of that thread. We should have communicated better, and for that, I am truly sorry. I would like to continue soliciting feedback from the community, and I hope to do better in the future with regard to communicating on those feedback threads. As for the feature, we will continue to monitor and make adjustments where necessary. I’d like to address the release date for the exploration update as well. While the ideas were mostly fleshed out regarding the update, there wasn’t much development work put into it until somewhat recently. This was due to a number of things, but rather than rushing out a disappointing update, I made the call to push it back and do better. As for what will be in the exploration update, I’d like to leave that for Demona to introduce in future Valrei International editions. We’ll have plenty of teasers and information to share in the near future! For Q2 and beyond, we would like to focus on several things: we would like to add more building and decoration options, put attention on PvP and the needs of that community, as well as take a look over the skills we have and see where we can improve the experience of some such as meditation. There’s also work that needs to be done with regards to internal tools and external services, such as the shop. This will obviously distract us slightly from development on the core Wurm experience, but it is required for the continued support of the game. Finally, a word on VR. This was announced last year, but since then there’s been a number of things identified that must come before we can delve into the world of virtual reality. Namely, we need support for controllers, better performance from the client, and to rethink how you would interact with the world of Wurm while in virtual reality. This is not a trivial amount of work, but it brings benefits beyond enabling virtual reality support. That's all I have for now. Happy Wurming!
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    I'd like to extend the small section of W-E highway that runs from Land's End (where the Orient Express tunnel comes out) straight to the new(er) highway across the Eastern Plains. In the process, some of the dead-end highway (the squiggled out bit) and some reduntant pathways could be eliminated, making for a much more direct route to the steppe. I live in the area, so I've scouted around, spoken to some neighbours and I don't see any settlements near that would be affected, but I wanted to raise it to the community before just barreling through. If nobody has any problem with the road being made, I'd love to have help getting it done quickly so we don't put anyone out. The thick red line is the proposed new stretch of highway. Any thoughts? Objections?
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    So yea, I'm looking to reconnect with an old friend / if you're still here, that we used to play together everyday after I got home from school for like 5 or more years? We started playing together on the Wild server for JK in maybe 2012 or 2010? I don't even remember now. We met in Tyre. I think the account you originally used was called Birdwatcher but I do know it has sold. You're christian, you love your family, gaming, you have really bad asthma (sorry haha) I remember your name (but won't include here), your kids names, your wife, etc. I've had a lot of memory loss over my life and it would be really great to talk to you again and see how you're doing and what you're up to. I'm sure you'll remember me if you see this post and know who I am. I grew up on a farm and I'm eccentric af if that helps you. We also both were vegan together for awhile before that fell off Thanks miss ya
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    Hi all I am known as Katharina at Harmony. I want to put a fantastic horse shoe on auction, it is ql 90 and have BoTD 100 enchant. [19:10:46] These are said to bring luck! Apart from improving horse speed and safety, of course. This is a fantastic example of the item, with fascinating design details and perfect ideas for functionality. [19:10:46] Blessings of the Dark has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained and speed with it when used. [100] Starting bid: 5 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: No Buyout: None Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: Not accepted
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    Please send 2x banners to Kasumi, ty!
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    Bug report created. Thank you for the information provided!
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    How much for the creature cage?
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    As the owner of 2 deeds, one on the steppe, and one just by the edge of the steppe, this project has my wholehearted support. As far as i am aware there is perhaps only one other deed in the area, by the northern end of the steppe that's already on another highway anyway.
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    good luck with that, normally these are done in 1-2 days it's not that hard to chop the finished statue and roughen up the slice.. putting some of that black flame/smoke whatever effect used at rift resources, that will likely make some keep unfinished colossuses for just that
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    Bump as well. Let's make the checkbox nightmare a bit more bearable please.
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    WTA Brisinger - 99QL Rare Silver Two Handed Sword (Nim 107, LT 96, CoC 96, MS 99, MD, Runes, Skin) I would like to dedicate this masterpiece to the brighter memory of the late Chaosmeow. Brisinger - Winters Fire "And through the forests he pressed and cut, the valleys and ravines but a simple barrier against his will. Bear, spider, and troll fell as easily as grass cut with a scythe as he made his way up the mountain, his sword flashing an eerie blue fire with each stroke. His brow furrowed as his will resolved. The wind screamed in his ears, blizzards drove him to his knees, and even the sun, shining high in the sky, chilling his bones, could not dissuade him as he crested the summit of the mountain. 'At last' he sighed, reaching his goal, and with a groan he threw his sword from the peak into the valley below, intent on building a place of peace." What is Included: 99.07QL Rare Silver Two Handed Sword Imp 107 Nimbleness - Increases chances to hit 96 Life Transfer - A chance to gain a small amount of health every time they land a hit on an opponent 96 Circle of cunning - Increases skill gain on the item when used as a tool 99 Mind Stealer - Killing a non-player creature with a weapon enchanted with Mind stealer may transfer skill points to the player Monster Demise - Plus 3% damage versus non-legendary "monster" creatures Steel rune of Vynora - Damage taken reduction (10%) Claymore Skin Adamantine Rune of Jackal: Colors: R=38, G=92, B=148 (See below colour) Credits: Snootboop , Lyarza, Psychododo, Talios for their amazing artwork support and all of the lore. Talios Wolf for that perfect howl NOTE: All of the proceeds from this sale will be donated to the upkeep of Chaosmeow memorial deed. For details see: Starting bid: 1s Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: None Buyout: None Sniper Protection: 10 minutes Private Bids: Not Accepted
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    You technically need only one 4-draft male donkey, rest is having big herd of female horses, and spinning your wheel of luck(rng), until you get several 4D mules, draft fem horses should improve the chances, after last fix, but it's still wild rng.. not like before 50:50% or better odds to clone traits with high skill. Compare pvp and pve breeding of animals and aging, you might now need a pillowroom to calm down or just go sprinkle 1-2 silver to arm your cart/wagon/whatever with a pair or 2 of whatever animals, breeding from scratch is time consuming and just a gamble, 95 skill does nothing to improve your odds, you still dice roll for scrap pile of traits that might barely be worth to keep that 3 speed because of it's skin, oh wait that doesn't reliably transfer by simple rules either and only speed trait sticks to skins, no draft op kind now. reminds me of
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    thank you so much Demona did not claim mine due to safety/personal info concerns. would be SO GRATEFUL for in game silvers!!
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    It took me 5 months from the AH update to fluke a horse of the traits that I wanted to breed, since then it has taken a further 4 months to get my first breeding pair and oddly a second in fairly quick succession. 9 months shouldn't be an acceptable time frame IMO. Since the pairs came of age a few days ago I have started keeping track of their offspring to see exactly how stupid the lack of any sort of selective breeding has become, I welcome anyone to have a look and cry with me, or giggle, either response is appropriate at this point. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QUXNsUGKn8mkL9ix-kafZ_KJZJOAzdLwqwMAf53hT84/edit#gid=1189716159
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    Very true. The mission design in Wurm was always on the assumption it would be a collective effort. Years of game experience has shown that about 10% of the population is actually interested in missions. When we get those "sacrifice 325 decent large mauls" missions, who do you think is gonna do them? Not many bother with weapon smithing. It's a sucky skill. Or traitor missions on Xanadu or Indy where travelling is a nightmare? The idea behind missions was at its core that you had enough players on a server spread everywhere so everyone could help out. It failed to take into account a) motivation and b ) actual difficulty / reward. Missions atm only give SB which is debatably useful for some, let's face it, mostly hardcore grinders do them and journal goal grinders. Casuals won't be interested in them since its unlikely they'll have the time to burn the SB they currently have. As for karma? Well it's nice to have some karma but once you get past 10 k....what are you realistically gonna do with it on Freedom? Compare that with Op's suggestions and at list his offer more variety and motivation and rewards than bland karma you probably will never use outside of pvp and SB you might not even have the time to burn.
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    Part 2: Horsell Common and the Heat Ray.
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    What happened with the docks
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    A good suggestion but not new. There are a bunch more over the years. They've been suggested for over a decade now.
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    Lawn texture, slightly brighter green, full of lush flowers and extra butterflies? Yes!
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    +1 to enchanted flowers being like enchanted grass. +1 to maybe 1.5x to 2x the number of flowers on a single tile so it is fuller. +1 to making the flowers grow and be more vibrant just like the grass does. ___ +3