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    First time doing this, so bear with me... During my casual hunt, slaughtering donkeys and other random animals, red flying beast appeared out of the thick forest and engaged me in combat. After few hours back and forth, beast was successfully trapped inside deep dungeon in preparation for public event. When? Saturday, February 19, 7 PM GMT Where? Harmony, directly east from Harmony Bay, around N21 Deed is also connected to the highway system, look for Mechanical Hidden Farms You will get Red Dragon blood (Used to make Potion of ropemaking) Small piece of Red Dragon scale The title "Dragonslayer" (If you do not have one already) Rules Do not enter the slaying pen with wagons, carts and hell horses. Do not forget to collect all your belongings after the slaying. Have fun! Any potential donations are welcome (but not required) - IGN: Mechanicalcepac
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    The team has actually had several discussions on different ways we can showcase players amazing creations more often. So watch this space! 🙂 The Valrei Entertainment network was Retro's "baby", so after he left, there hasn't actually been anyone to manage VEN or to manage applications etc . So for all of you out there who have sent applications in and never got a response - it's not because you are being ignored - it's quite simply because there hasn't been anyone to read them! Obviously we want to keep VEN going and want to make it bigger and better, but we just need to find the right person to manage it first - someone who is not only active in the streaming world but understands it well to serve as a guide and mentor to the streamers. Keenan has been interviewing several people for this already, so the process is under way - but it just takes time. Coming from my own personal point of view, I would very much like to see Josuha part of it as well! He absolutely belongs there IMHO!
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    Greetings, Fantastic People! Rockcliff Museum, Tower, Museum Store, and Inn on Independence are all nearing completion. I am really excited that this dream I have had for about 5 years is finally looking like what I had hoped it would. There is still a ton of work to do on the website associated with it, but the Grand Opening is going to happen before that, and likely within the next month or two at most. This museum is about names and stories from all the servers in the Southern Freedom Islands, including Chaos. I have always been enamored with the fact that this is truly a sandbox, which means not only is the entire world on these servers created by us, but it changes daily, with every single pile of dirt moved by every person here. Every contribution to the world here matters, from a comment on GL chat, to a branch dropped in the wilderness. If you're here now, or were ever here, even for a month, you were part of our world, and therefore, important. Which means, if you want to be in the museum, just pm me here or ingame, and send something with your signature on it. It can be amazing or mundane. It can be big or small. What matters most is that it is from you. And if it has a fun story, send that over, too. The museum contains every day items, some rare and amazing, others simple and unassuming. What matters about these items are the signatures on them, and the stories about the people who made them. That is where you all come in, and why the website isn't done. This will be an ongoing project that asks all of you to tell stories about the people you see in the museum. If you know someone, or you Are that person, you will be welcome to pm me with something you want on the webpage about that character. I have many stories about who made some of the items in the museum, but I don't want the only voice who is telling those stories to be mine. Just like in the game, it takes all of us to create the vibrant tapestry of stories. I hope to do honor to the game and all of you with this project.
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    While using third person camera view, the wagon cover takes up a large portion of the screen, giving us a view something like this: Wagoners have a much better view on their wagons! Wouldn't this be nice? My suggestion is to add the option to right click a wagon and "Uncover" to transform it to this model, and then "Cover" to switch back to the covered version. The uncovered model is already in the game, so there would be no need to create a new item. While taking these screenshots I happened to notice that the creature transporter seems to have the same basic model as the wagon without the top, except it has a shorter front bar since it only uses two animals. This would be a much clearer view, but then it really looks like a different vehicle. Personally I lean towards keeping the upper frame because I find it kind of charming and it's more distinct as a wagon, but I'm curious to know what others think about that possibility
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    Yet again will Sourcey Sorceries be open and provide you with your love potions or the grease that makes your wheels go round! It will be open before and after the public slays, where you can: Get your bloods mixed - both new and old ones (remember to bring source salt or crystals if you have any) Get your weapons and tools imbued (remember the correct potions and bloods for this) Donate sourcey stuff, potions and bloods if you are not going to use it yourself so people in need can get it Come to the hut and stand in line. Wait for me to trade you to keep a somewhat decent queue-culture, thanks in advance!Todays Special is rope-potion if you have someone in sight you want to rope-in. Never leave home without a good rope!I do this for free and first comes first serves. (My Natural Substances is 99+ and will provide higher imbue and potion rates!)I gladly take donations in the form of source crystals, source salt, potions and bloods.❤️ Something is in the air! I don't know what, but I just know I look forward to seeing you ❤️
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    Hello, I reactivated an old account from long ago Chaosmeow and I used to play together on in SFI. I'm Chaosmeow's husband Minoman. I started playing Wurm on Cadence again and in less than a week, my wife wanted to come back to the game and play together. Next thing I know her friend Lyarza and my father Mockey are playing with us and we built a fairly large deed near our current deed. Within a few months we joined Port Crescendo and not long after took over Tukodama's deed. We quickly went to work terraforming and building it out from there. Chaosmeow loved crafting, building, and exploring. She took a great amount of pride in everything wanting to be exactly the way she wanted and if it wasn't, she changed it no matter how much work it took. She shared with me some screenshots just a few days before passing of some renovations she was doing at PC with Perseii and she was ecstatic. On a personal note, she was always highly supportive of me in whatever I decided I wanted to do ingame, in real life with my work as a career, or just with my free time. Even in times when I felt like no one was in my corner, she was right there cheering me on telling me she believed in me. I couldn't have asked for a better wife, life partner, best friend, or partner in crime. I relied on her in so many ways 10 years ago before we met I didn't think were possible. Now I feel simply empty with half of my life being gone in just a few minutes. I carry on to honor her memory and do the things we wanted to do, see the places we wanted to see, and accomplish the things we wanted. It still hurts, but she still gives me strength even now to get out of bed and do the things that need doing, along with plan for my future. The amount of love and support here, on discord, and on our facebook pages has been astounding. I know she would've loved to have seen it and would've been shocked. I don't think she realized the amount of people's lives she touched in a positive way ingame and in real life even though I always liked to remind her of that often. The memorials that have been made, bridges renamed in her memory is also absolutely touching. Thank you everyone for your love and support.
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    no one C A R E S seriously, I respect whatever you got going on but stop making things about you. Just enjoy the game and use your /ignore feature more often.
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    I had a tentative road map ready before the changes to the development team, but I held off on releasing it once I knew we had potential changes coming. I'm planning on a development update post (hopefully this weekend) that will go over a high-level idea of what's to come, but I'd like to do a more informative road map once the team is settled down in March.
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    Dear Wurmians... With an extremely heavy heart, I write to let you know that the wonderful person known to everyone here as Chaosmeow has passed away. It's not my place to give specific details of her situation. However, I feel that Chaos meant a lot to many in the community here... and to not let each of you know would be a disservice. To those of you who didn't have the pleasure of knowing Chaos very well, let me assure you that she was absolutely an asset and friend of the community. I always knew her to go the extra mile when helping anyone, even if they were a complete stranger. In a nutshell, she was a kind and generous soul who loved this community greatly. It boggled my mind how she kept up with all of you and it always made me grin to pass her on the highway as she made her way to your deeds to make a sale. Chaos was an adventurer. She was always on the go, always making a sale... always out exploring or hunting... always making the most of wurm. It's safe to say that life around Chaos was never dull. I already miss her greatly. It's a really strange and somber feeling to be working on my deed while knowing I won't see my neighbor returning from the latest adventure anymore ...it hurts, friends. It hurts a lot... As for what comes next, I've spoken with another super cool person in the community, our very own Baeowuf. He's made some fine suggestions on things we could do to make a memorial for Chaos. Right now, the details are few but we have some ideas in the works. I will post again as things become more clear so that anyone who wants to participate in the building of a memorial has the chance to do so. All I really know for now is that the memorial will be built on her deed that is now being kept by her long-time best friend, Lyarza. I'll keep you posted. Thank you for your time, - Deyjan/Aerith of Midgar
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    Rockcliff Cathedral on Independence Hello Wurmians, and welcome to another Valrei International! This one brings some news on the development team, as well as the unveiling of the 2022 map dumps. We’ve also got some beautiful video work done by Malena featuring each of our servers to release alongside the map dumps this year. To start off, I’d like to make a few announcements about changes to our development team. I’d love to welcome Ostentatio to a new role as a full time developer! He has been helping out on a part time basis for awhile, but is now taking on the role fully and we expect lots of wonderful things to come. He is skilled in programming and feature design, and very helpful problem solver. Another exciting change is that we are welcoming Budda back on board as a full time developer as well. Those of you who have played since before the Steam release may remember Budda and all of the hard work he has done to bring growth to the world of Wurm and shape it into the place it is today. These additions bring our full time developer team up to 5: Darklords, Bawat, Saroman, Ostentatio, and Budda. Having more full time hands on deck will help us squash bugs, release new content, and work on improving existing content more efficiently. With all of this growth to our development team, 2022 is shaping up to be an exciting year! Ever wanted a peek at another server you haven’t visited yet? You’re in luck! Malena has been hard at work making some beautiful videos featuring each and every one of our unique servers. I’m going to let Malena do the talking for this one: And, finally, our map dumps for 2022! You can find all of the fresh map dumps here: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/0B6J_aGQ6URL8UURFN2VadWxtSWs?resourcekey=0-DuurGPuGLSABmTTu7-999g That’s all for this issue of the Valrei International! What a lovely start to the new year, it is amazing to see how much our lands have changed by the creative and hardworking hands of our community.
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    I don't get it? Are you trying to be buddy buddy with everyone? All these weird posts do seem that you want to be the center of attention... I agree with the other Ex-Crusader. I'll end the post with this... You can be the ripest, juiciest, most delicious tomato on the vine but some people just don't like tomatoes.
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    I need a barge I can stand on and mine veins that are surrounded by water. Hopping in and out of a boat to mine is annoying.
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    Is there a reason we can't haul items up stairs with a rope like we can with ladders? This would be a massive quality of life improvement. I just built some furniture on the second floor, knowing it's best to build in place because bringing them up is always a headache. When I tried to place a bench across the room, it accidentally went over the tile with the stairs and fell down. I tried all kinds of things to get it back upstairs with no success. I've battled this several times now and it seems like I need to use a different tactic for every item. In some cases it works to jam the cart in the stairs and stand in a very specific spot to unload the item, but this doesn't work in some house designs or with some items. Sometimes it works but then the cart gets stuck so the horses need to be unhitched, cart dragged out and horses hitched again. I try many different things each time, fighting through "the wall is in the way" "you can't reach" "you are too far away" "the staircase is in the way" etc. until it randomly works, and then use the exact same strategy for the next item and it doesn't work. In some cases it works to unload the item under the stairs, stand in a very specific spot on the stairs and place the item in a very specific spot on the tile next to it but again that doesn't always work. I managed to bring a wardrobe up by standing on the very edge of the stair tile facing away from the stairs, and unloading it on the next tile. I tried to do the same thing with the bench, but no luck. After many attempts I somehow accidentally glitched my cart up to the second floor and that's how I managed to put the bench back. It would have been easier to tear up a floor and build a ladder, then tear up the ladder and rebuild the floor. I've asked people how they do this and usually the answer is some variation of unloading from a cart while standing in a specific place. If there is a different way this is meant to work, someone please fill me in cause I can't figure it out Please let us use a rope to haul large items up stairs.
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    I would love the ability to do this. Not only because of the visibility issues (now forcing you to go into first person mode when driving a wagon so you can actually see ahead of you) but also to give players yet another way to customize their experience!
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    This Valentines Day our team has a gift from us to you all - a Red Dragon slaying. Bring your most romantic attire, and try to out-do this dragon with a rose in its mouth (not a goiter) Even if you don't have someone this Valentines, you can come on down to Bruce's Flying Circus at N13 - we're on the highway map - and enjoy this ba̶̞͆d̵̼̑ d̸̛͕r̶͚͓̰͑͊a̶͚̐̀͌̕̕g̸̛͍̠̯͓͕͊̈́̎̌̌͐͛ͅọ̵̢͕͖͚̥̓̃̾͌-̶̡̨̡̹̺̗͔̗͚̻̝͓̟̲̼̼̥̘͕̤͋̉͊̈̅́̉͋͜͜-̸̡̨̡̡̨̻̣͚̰̮̮͚̺̳̰̭̭̦̘͎̰̀̌͋͛̇̀̆̈́̅̋̆͌ͅ-̴̖̹̭̳̮͉̝̱̝̼̼̐̊̇͑̎̀̈́͌̆̎̆̍̚͝ͅ !!!Error!!! Red Alert Red Alert Perhaps I can explain, Wurmling I have a device called the "Psychic Dominator". There's a network of such devices spread across each server. At this time I will unleash a tidal wave of psychic energy, designed to dominate the minds on every server. There will no more free will... only my will. For you see, this is a Red Alert Dragon.
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    Chaosmeow was an amazing person, like a sister to me, and I'm gonna miss her dearly. If you have ever been to Defiance Hill Farms you would see her amazing collection of animals, she loved the animals so much. Seemed like everyday she would come back with some sort of animal. DHF is a little bit more empty now without her. Its really hard to accept my friend is gone. I really wish she could see all the love she received from everyone. Thank you for the heartfelt messages and pms I've received. I just hope wherever she is there's tons of animals to give pats to. I love you Chaosmeow. Sleep well my friend....
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    I am not sure how a one-way transfer would work without manual oversight by GMs. That definitely pushes the "bang for buck" ratio in the wrong direction.
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    So we are back out with No 4 in EP11. A lot of running, a lot of coughing, some disappointment but a lot fun is had! Shout out to Kaufecake for the company and another hello to Midget
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    A number of people now are arranging copper stills in 'rosettes' or other patterns on their deed to take up less space. When it comes to refuelling them, it's sometimes difficult to know if each one is lit or not, and which need refuelling. Perhaps the name of each still could show the word (lit) in brackets after it when lit, and (low) when fuel is needed? I only have one still, but this would really help me too as I don't have the fire graphics activated in my client. Happy to hear input from others that have rosettes of stills - would (low) make it easier to see which stills need fuel? Would (lit) and (low) be useful on forges and ovens, kilns and smelters etc? (I'm thinking especially at impalongs!) Thanks Team Examples: Copper Still (lit) - currently lit Copper Still (low) - needs fuel Forge (low) - needs refuelling
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    Dragon fang is higher than the desertion teraforming event as to finish the old achievements was impossible without going to freedom. The only time I recall seeing a structure up there on the peak of dragon fang was when Ged had it deeded with the dragon and there was a 1x1x1 wooden house. May not be relevant but could certainly fly higher with a GM account also. For reference the achievement at the top "On the Way to the Moon" is 21800 height
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    Jumping back into this thread to confirm that I still see this unexpected behavior with mixing 1kg of newly created dye into larger batches. It's still infrequent, but happening often enough to be encountered at least 2-3 times in the course of creating 100 units of dye. Is there anything else that we can provide that will help? Short of taking notes on every single operation during a dye making session, I'm not sure what else we need can help provide from the player side.
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    I am against one way solutions because they do not solve anything but the desire of a few players/characters just to switch the cluster. While that desire is of course legitimate, it does not solve the problem, may even cause troubles, eg allowing inter cluster silver transfers while the economies stay seperate. E.g. a transit toon could carry some gold on transfer in any direction, same with items unless restricted. And such restrictions had to be programmed, bug and exploit proof (erm). I consider that too much effort for too few achievement. As the two clusters are becoming more and more alike in skill levels as well as in market conditions (except unique stuff), and NFI is in stagnation or decline, it is not to see why a considerable part of Wurm is barred for either side of players, NFI players being disadvantaged in opportunities for slayings, impalongs, rifts etc., and excluded from the Epic cluster. Most are not NFI/SFI jingoists but just want to play Wurm Online, not a specific Freedom cluster. I fail to see that there is a way around opening. As repeatedly stated, this should be done with some hype and some noise, hoping to get some additional new or returnee players.
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    Instead of having the +5 to cast power go down based on the enchant currently on what's being enchanted, should just be +5 is active all the time and not have to dispel. Between spell dispel orders existing, dispel taking out runes/imbues/metallic liquid, not being able to choose what you're dispelling, and decorations that can't be picked up/loaded being unable to be dispelled due to not having a previous owner it's just a all around horrible feature that serves no reason other than to make enchanting suck more.
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    Handling a wagon in 3rd person is almost impossible, in the long run only 1st person is a viable option. This suggestion or similar would be really nice for me that many uses 3rd person. Only time I'm not, is on a wagon. Or divinating/looking 😜 for my horse
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    Hi Sidreal! Would like to place an order for: 51kg (sail) in Indigo 170kg (Hull) in Vynora Blue I know its a big order so no rush COD to Potion
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    This was such a lovely event. Thank you for generously hosting all of us.
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    Thank you for the awesome event!
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    I want pok on defiance, so people wont be going to pve just to grind..
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    this needs to happen, please! :S
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    While you wait for an answer from someone who knows about this stuff, I just wanted to make sure you know that you can preserve your deed itself just to view and walk around in again on DeedPlanner. It's not WU and not playable, but you can continue building, terraforming, and enjoying your deed for years to come, and can even share the file with friends so they can see what you've been working on. You probably already know about this, but just in case you don't: - right click settlement token, choose Show village plan, then Export - load the resulting .map file into one of the DeedPlanner tools I use this DeedPlanner:
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    A raft would seem fit for purpose.
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    This is such sad news. 😢 I first met Chaos when she approached me about taking over my old deed, the current location of Defiance Hill Farms. During our conversations over the next few months she always made me laugh and it wasn't hard to tell she was a kind person. She built and terraformed that location more than I could have ever dreamed of doing myself. My God, so many horses! This truly a sad day for the Wurm community. May she rest in peace.
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    It is always a sad day when one passes that is close to us, I did not know Chaos but I shall pray for all those that now mourn the loss. May you all find peace and comfort in this time.
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    That would look great in the museum.
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    Infinite chain is happy to present to you one Supreme Adamantine Chain gauntlet. [00:10:47] A chain glove. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It could be improved with a lump. Currently ql36 but I can imp it to 70 at buyers request free of charge (Materials must be provided) Starting bid: 25s (Any lower and id rather keep it for myself) Min Bid: 1 silver Sniper protection: 30mins
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    Alternatively, offer the info to VEN streamers also, so if someone wants to showcase a deed live with the stats available they can, while a deed showcase is also done as a separate project when time allows. Appeals to both the live crowd and the folks who don't like livestream content, while also finally throwing a bone to the folks on VEN who I hear are a bit underutilized currently. And speaking of VEN, why the bloody hell aren't you part of it at this point?
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    ROS cast on Exodus... and the amazing colour sky it created.
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    I agree with Hawk, some form of deed showcase would be a really good boost for wurmians who want to just show their deed, big, small, or the shed! There are some really amazing sights out there on all the servers. Its great that streamers visit but i think a more official "Wurm" take on this would really give a sense to all that the work, creativity and community can be shown and appreciated by all. I have know idea on how long it takes to put a video toegther but i expect its not a quick process but maybe A Deed Showcase with the Valrei news could be done? Interview the deed owner on the stream? History of the deed, how the design came about, citizens, decorations are just a few that spring to mind. Im sure many a wurm would be willing to help.
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    This would be a huge quality of life thing! Then I don’t have to keep running out of my smithy or cluttering it with huge oil barrels of water.
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    Great stuff Fraskesa! Brambleheim seems to have regained its market icon which was removed when Little Venice was added. No rush for it, but maybe with the next update you could take that off again? Don't want people going there looking for merchants and being baffled by the petting zoo
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    S. Harmony Alliance for the win! Good work, mech!
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    @Nirav Honestly HLL is probably my favorite art to date on PMK gear I about died when I saw it!
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    +1 for sure, down with off centered fountains/wells! After discussing with players in Freedom chat, we thought it might be a good idea to implement it as a meditation Path ability, similar to Enchant in Path of Love, in addition to it being purchaseable for silvers/marks, perhaps Path of Knowledge (since the path tile is near water and to give this path a more useful ability earlier)
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    I had an alliance member suggest that I post this here after seeing my alcohol cellar. I like to use T-arches as support pillars. A big bonus is that you can place copper candelabras inside of them to look like you have nice candle sconces for a good cellar / basement look
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    +1 Enchanting is rng heavy enough even if this were fixed