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    Hello, is it possible to remove the penalty to not have access to the mark shop when not having premium? [14:33:45] You may only use the Marks store when premium. i dont really know why this should be a problem in the end i already payed for the marks and only reason i can think of is that you want to force the person to either spend additional RL money or ingame money beforehand this is mostlikly ending in the exactly opposit direction feel free to give a different understanable reason for this i havent thought about and i would say this is a big handycap for returner who be like "hey i want to play wurm again i have no silver and not much RL money but i have marks lets buy something for it and sell that to get premium" You may only use the Marks store when premium. "huh? does this mean i cant play? " -> Esc ->log off +1 disapointed person -1 potentional premium player
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    Meteorites are basicly usless no point mining them for most of players. Lets make some cool mechanic so we could gain rare ore at 50% chance when we destroy a metorite. Also add some slight chance to get smal amount of random moonmetal when mining like gem chance
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    Please work walls to a mechanic that allows us to dye one side, the other side, and both. Who wouldn't love stone walls for the exterior and a nice color inside? Dy your interior rooms without losing that glorious marble exterior!
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    Just a random idea, dig some dirt, use your starter bowl or <container> to mix with water into mud. Crude knife to collect grass from tiles. Hand to plan low mud walls or plan mud house walls. Grass roof with foraged branches or shafts,. Again, random thought, not 100% thought out but someone may like.
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    A red dragon hatchling has been trapped and claimed to be used for a public slaying event! The blood can be used to make oil of weapon smith! Thank you to.. Annasari for finding the hatchling and letting me host it for the general public! Please redirect any potential donations that way! Altho I wouldn't get sad if someone would donate a re-cast of my lava tile that recently froze while they're at the slaying I found someone to cast one for me! The time of the slaying is.. on Sunday at 9 pm CET Location of the event is.. On the pink spot. You can travel by boat (of any size) through the red path if you come from another server. I'd suggest parking the boat anywhere between Fortress Artorias and Rainbow Rising and simply walk east until you hit the lake. Then follow it north until you find a guard tower. Any of the deeds nearby the slaying seen on the map below can be found on the highway. Here's a link to the cadence community map. Disclaimers: Have: A mood to party! Bring: a tent if you feel unsafe. Know: to not ride a cart or a wagon during the battle, especially while using hell horses as draft animals.
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    I do already like meteorites, but at the moment they're just a bit nice... something that you find at random when wandering about, and think, "hmmm, do I want some light, quality metal-of-type-X? How damaged is it? Okay, why not?" It would be much more fun, and much more of an incentive for players to explore, if one of the suggestions here was implemented. higher chance of getting rare metal (not ore) possibility of getting moon metal (because they come from space) allow the finder to get metal that's not capped by Mining skill (since this is already a chunk of metal, not an ore vein) chance of finding source crystals chance of finding other gems I really like the idea that Ritual Of The Sun becomes an incentive for players to swarm all over the map, watching the skies and chasing meteor trails to hunt them down. That sounds like so much more than we have at present.
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    The last two seem to be less than 48 hours old. One thing you may learn with Wurm is that patience is name of the game. Some if the issue could be the server/cluster you're playing on. It's steam based and because of that many players log in, maybe make a deed for a month or so, then move on. The post about looking for a mentor is unclear. Are you looking for someone to tell you how to play? You can ask questions through help chat or global and I find people are extremely helpful in answering questions. That said, this is a sandbox game. Your goals and achievements are self-driven. You have to figure out what you are interested in wurm and pursue it, then find like-minded players that way. As an example, I like to build and terraform. So I sometimes share screenshots of my efforts. Other people like to explore and share through the various chats and forums here, or stream on twitch. You need to have a common interest with someone before you can form a bond of friendship, and some of that is putting yourself out there and talking to people to see if you find each other interesting. I wish you luck. I hope you find some people you enjoy interacting with.
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    Agreed it should be much more exciting to find one! Another idea could be that the metals from those are not capped at your mining skill, so if it's ql 80 you can get ql 80 lumps, regardless of your skill level. For lower level players this would be a huge bonus and well worth climbing a mountainside to reach one.
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    Starting bid: 10s Minimum increment: 1s Buyout: Nope Sniper Protection: 1h Private Bid: Nope Offer with Pick up for free or delivery on Coast of any NFI non-PvP Server for 1-2s.
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    hey :) my little last work at my new deed
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    Lack of players. To all of the above. As for Romanian / Moldavian, there are a couple. Wurm used to be more social when we had like 5000 players regularly. (and I mean daily logins, not monthly). Some servers are more dead than others. It's better to post on the forums if you want to start / join an alliance, there's no way to predict who's going to be on or not.
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    That's true, and it's nice that you get lumps without having to smelt ores. It's also a nice bonus to find metals that you might not otherwise have easy access to if you don't have a vein of that type nearby. However, they are still just normal everyday materials and the ql is capped by your mining skill, so it's not that special. A meteorite should be extremely exciting to find, but even when they land in accessible spots, many of them just sit around and decay because they aren't worth the time or effort. Stumbling across hidden treasures in the wilderness is such a thrill and meteorites should be absolutely perfect for that. It would make sense for something that fell from space to give you the chance to get moon metals and higher ql metals than you can normally mine. Other special treasures like gems and source crystals would make sense too. The rewards don't need to be overly extravagant but it really should be a lot more special than just a few lumps of normal metals that are ql capped at your mining skill. It should be at least as exciting as creating a rare item.
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    If you want this place added to the community map, please let me know
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    Want to let you all know that we have a Inn just out front of Lame Horse Mine, plenty of beds and free food there for those that don't want to travel home that day or come early. It also has a off deed dock for cage unloading etc.
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    Welcome to Borstaskor’s Fast Food joint! Who says that fast food can't be both good and cheap? Hi! I’m a cook offering targeted affinity food at great price value. The long timers of my targeted affinity pizzas makes a 2kg slice last for over 4 months (minimum 2600 hours) if you take one bite (0.03kg) every 2 days. I aim to have the fastest delivery in the industry (hence the name!) with fast baking, good organization/set up, and an instant mailbox! Pizza Menu Menu items Slices weight Price/unit Price Non-targeted affinity Small CCFP single[1] 1 2 Kg 9c 9c Large CCFP single[1] 1 40 kg 1.5s 1.5s Targeted affinity Affinity single 1 2 Kg 40c 40c Fierce Combo[2] 3 6 Kg 35c 1.05s Greenish Combo[2] 5 10 Kg 30c 1.5s Champion Combo[2] 7+ 14+ Kg 25c 1.75s+ Specials or limited-time-offers First-time customer slice[3] 1 2 Kg 0c free Feed-my-deed package[4] 138 276 kg ~21.7c 30s General Info: All targeted affinity pizza slices are QL96+, have 40h+ (1d16h+) affinity timer on first bite and will fill your CCFP. [Updated: 21-03-03] All prices include delivery cost. We only offer delivery through mailbox. All pizzas come wrapped, and when needed to be stored, are stored in a Large Magical Chest. [Updated: 21-02-09] Reference info: [1] The affinity of these slices are randomly picked. You cannot choose the affinity of these slices. QL99, 20h+ affinity timer and Full CCFP from one 0.03kg bite even at 70 decay damage. This menu item should not be bought for the affinities. Ordering multiple pizzas will likely mean that you end up with the same affinity multiple times. [Updated: 21-10-02] [2] You are free to choose multiple different affinities, one per slice, with the purchase of any combo. [3] This discount will automatically be applied to your first order of any targeted affinity menu item. It will only be applied once per character and to 1 slice. [4] More info about this menu item can be found in it's own section below! [Updated: 21-03-03] New customer procedure For ordering targeted affinity Feed-My-Deed package info For the pizza addicts that wants everything FAQ Information for newer players about food related stuff and things Updates For the people curious about the changes I've made Contact NFI: Borstaskor I'm generally available afternoon/evenings on weekdays and most of the weekends [EU times]. pm me in-game for the fastest reply. I'm really bad at checking my merch post! My other businesses
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    Let's put together a quick list of straightforward alternative uses for Karma. I'll go first. Locate Mailbox cost: 100 karma. Gives directions towards the nearest enchanted mailbox. Locate Water cost: 100 karma. Gives directions towards the nearest well or fountain with a water supply. Improved Town Portal cost: 2000 karma. Takes the caster and their mount back to their home deed.
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    I've been playing my latest character for a bit now and I've ran into a slight road bump. I found a nice place to build, I've built a house and flattened some land for crops. I've tunneled out a mine to iron and created better tools. Now I feel I've sort of hit a block in the game. I log in and farm all my crops to skill up farming (I have all the important crops from foraging/botanizing, cotton, wemp, various veggies, etc.). Then I expand my tunnels to get my mining up for higher quality ore for improving tools. And... That's about it. I really don't want a huge property so I just have my hunting/fishing cabin on the shoreline. I've been fishing (personally I like the old, simple way of fishing) and I would like to do some hunting and this is where I'm stuck. The only thing that is within a reasonable distance from me is spiders and scorpions which can easily kill me. I'm tunneling out my mine in hopes of getting bugs to spawn in there that I can skill up on. So far no luck. So to the actual idea. It would be nice to be able to craft animal lures, Maybe a pile of meat/fish or something you can pace in the forest that will lure lower level animals into the area (rats, wolves, etc.). Maybe could even make chum for fishing. I feel I'm reaching an even worse point of my starter pelt wearing out and nothing within a reasonable distance to replace it. I haven't been able to finish making a bed yet either because I can't find animals that I have a chance of getting fur from. Unless there is spider fur that I'm not aware of. So, no sleep bonus for me.
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    One knarr of every wood type, animated here: https://i.imgur.com/aQSKtWZ.mp4
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    Yeah, some people (like me) just like to play in living world of MMO game, but not always want to bond with people around, or at least it takes some long time.
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    Thanks, Stone! [22:13:57] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to reach Stonesolid in less than ten minutes.
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    Thank you Borstakor and everyone involved.
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    Created two small outpost deeds, one on Harmony, one on Cadence, directly opposite from my main deed on Melody, so I can just cross servers and get a summon to events, then use karma to return to my local deed, then cross servers again to return to the main deed.
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    Not a decision - just a quick raid. Happens on chaos. LOL.
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    Lack of players is definitely a huge contribution; a lot of the friendlier forumers have also been driven off over the years which doesn't help. As the number of players has dropped, so has the number of "social" types (https://mud.co.uk/richard/hcds.htm); with this decline you end up with a world full of achievers (the explorers are still around, but they're mostly out exploring!), and in wurm achievement is measured in silent, efficient grind. If you want a truely social experience on wurm I can suggest one route (and it isn't going to be popular). Let your premium drop, move to the area near newbie town on indie, make a small deed and start recruiting fellow free folks. Free players *need* to rely on one another (you can't take down most critters without help, can't easily move goods, can't breed super fast horses that let you dodge all enemies), they're often much more social (most are not there for the grind), and they're also genuinely different people (their projects are defined by their skill limitations). The best part is, if you decide to take a break and come back, you won't need to re-sub! If you're interested, there is a short guide I wrote here : (https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/175220-free-play-life-as-one-of-the-free-folk/)
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    I once found myself in a remote area of Melody without some tool I needed. There were no open mines nearby, and the last thing I felt like doing was spending ages tunneling and prospecting to find a vein. So I ended up mining an iron meteorite and heating the lumps in a campfire in order to craft the tool. Experiences like this are part of what makes exploring fun, for me at least. It becomes more than just wandering around. I like it when exploration offers a method of achieving a goal that is different from the one you'd use if you were at your deed. I also like when game mechanics make it possible to more easily explore for a longer period of time without returning to your deed or to a more "civilized" area such as a starter town. There aren't many mechanics that do this (I'd love to see more added). Using the "Refresh" option to restore food and water is one example. Another one I make use of is the somewhat newly added ability to treat a wound with wool instead of cotton. If I'm out and about and I don't have cotton on me, I'll keep my eye out for sheep, collecting wool as I go, so I won't have to forage for cotton if I get injured. I do agree with the suggestion that meteorites could offer additional rewards, up to a point. But I would not want these rewards to be so OP that everybody and their grandmother would be out farming every meteorite they can find, to the point where there weren't many around anymore. I'd much prefer to see meteorites become further integrated into the exploration side of the game somehow, instead of being migrated over to the grinding arena along with practically every other mechanic in the game.
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    Bloodreina, I'm sorry this has been your experience so far. As an on and off player for years, I can agree that sometimes the game can get quiet. You may post in forums and no one replies when you really wanted. Or, maybe you are in game, and it's just not very lively when you'd like it to be. On the other hand, sometimes, it can get quite lively online and in forums. It just depends on a lot of factors. It sounds like you are taking it personally when you really shouldn't. In the times I've seen you online and in forums, yes, you seem like a friendly and good player, but now I think you're just taking the player base's sometimes quiet character as a stab. It's not. When things get quiet, maybe take advantage and focus on your deeper goals, yourself, the zen that can be found in quiet Wurm time, etc. When things get perky, enjoy that too. I get feeling disappointed sometimes when you feel like being social and the game doesn't give that right at that moment, but there's nothing personal against you in those player base ebbs and flows. If you are the type that wants a lot more social consistency, maybe add in Discord or Twitch or other things to the mix - that all can really keep someone endlessly busy on the social side while wurming. Hopefully, my 2 irons here will help. Mordos
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    This is by far the best service I've ever received in wurm, 7 out of 5 stars! Thank you very much!!!
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    Add chances for source crystal as well.
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    perhaps the addition of paint...:)
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    Tryed the autofight for the first time after the changes and notise this happening [13:44:31] You cannot use another special move for 5 seconds. Happened even after relog. So its trying to make special move even just did one. Place was Xanadu. weapon used at the time was addy spear and was on foot fighting if those informations could be helpfull. Prolly not intented so reporting it here. - Sleepys
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    I remember when this wagon used to be worth a lot more
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    Yes. I have left meteorites and simply put a chat message out telling where to find them because my mining skill just wouldn't do them justice. They would have been wasted on me.
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    For anyone passing by local or just curious or even following this anymore, after 5 months I'm in the final stages. -The island's shape is finalized, it's rising fast -I have decided to deed over it to protect the island and because now I'm pretty fond of it. It's been deeded as Blackflame Island and will have a 7x7 small Keep as it's only building -The island will, as promised, remain otherwise natural and untouched -1st pass of dredging complete and I've started the 2nd and final pass -All ships are able to sail these waters now After the 2nd and last pass of dredging around the island, I'll start replanting the island and call it done.
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    Yeah. I turned tree spread up as high as it can go so they fill in faster.
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    Well, I always hated playing on few characters, and my main is not a priest and never will be. Would be nice if we could do some of priest spells, at cost of huge karma, to do some things, instead keeping an army of priests and log them in only to do so.
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    Sadly this is a limitation of Wurm which we cannot really change. Over time the trees will grow to forests
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    Strongwall - 5000 karma, works like a spell Cast lava - 5000 karma, works like a meditation ability Enchant grass - 5000 karma, works like a meditation ability Transmute to dirt - 5000 karma, transmute selected resource tile to dirt Mark of the steed - 5000 karma, marking a horse , only one horse can be marked Summon steed - 5000 karma, summoning marked horse to your location
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    Chilling out by the fire
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    Great advertisement. Anyway, one of the main factor of reducing the frequency of caffeine usage is the restlessness system. A cliff drop compare to previous fatigue system. Others changes make 100 power easier to reach and maintain, simply low ql caffeine drinks can do the job well. Besides caffeine, high beverage skill can make good target affinity drinks to sell. They usually buy it for grinding. May be caffeine drinks will become a gift or prize for the people who buy the affinity drinks to attract customers. Imagine there are one hundred+ of different affinities needed for one person and can use it any time without restlessness, but the person only need one caffeine drinks called kahvesi to grind. A bigger market in affinity drinks.
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    Roman Empire is good has 3 seasons and is on Netflix... they keep it more historic less blood and nudity like Spartacus is. So can pick your favorite flavours from those two. Marco Polo is nice too only 2 seasons tho sadly got canceled Guess i kinda like historic series lol La Revolution is quite decent too but only one season so far.
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    I would post something about how this change was extremely heavy handed, but having played for many years, know it will fall on deaf ears as it does 95% of the time.
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    November 16th, 2021. 1603 Hours local time Participants are massing up ready to begin the slaughter of a Rift. Private Ltnicolas (yes, it's named as a lieutenant but is as green as a rookie. Great start), 8th class, is finishing up his preparatives. 2H Sword? Check Leather Armor while riding a horse? Check 40 units of wool? Check (Spoiler: I ran short) Horse Armor? (What's that? can you eat it?) Mouse cursor running lightning fast across the screen, hovering over every player, hoping to find someone known to me to follow in hopes of getting some clues as to what the hell I have to do here. The Rift opens. Creatures start to litter the area. The slaughter begins. Player count: 34. I feel safe. Well, not for long... (Extract from PMs with Baeowuf while rifting. Timestamps are local time. Post-notes are marked with asterisk and brackets) [16:47:55] <Ltnicolas> doing my first rift ever [16:48:03] <Baeowuf> Oooh, fun! [16:48:06] <Baeowuf> Be careful [16:48:14] <Ltnicolas> man this is a massacre *(OFC it's a massacre: It's so damn easy to swing a huge blade trying to cut some flesh and (hopefully) avoid being hit. Especially if no one's hitting you) [16:48:33] <Baeowuf> XD [16:48:37] <Baeowuf> The NOISES [16:48:40] <Baeowuf> Are awful *(Yes they are) [16:48:45] <Baeowuf> I always have to disable sound at rifts [16:49:19] <Ltnicolas> 125% agree. Summoners hit sound like a mix of a donkey and a mosquito *(No exaggeration here) [16:50:07] <Baeowuf> LMAO yeah [16:50:13] <Baeowuf> Seen any ogres yet? [16:50:39] <Ltnicolas> yeah they are right in front of me [16:50:44] <Ltnicolas> they asound like a 50cc scooter *(again: they sound BAD. not like a bad boy, but just plain bad) [16:50:57] <Baeowuf> Hahaha (So far so fun, right?) [16:51:15] <Baeowuf> Those ogre mages can put a hurting on you fast if you don't watch out for their AoE spells (I should have known better. Now here comes the other kind of "fun") [16:51:49] <Ltnicolas> [16:51:33] <Laval> oh boy a champ *(Another player spots a champ moments later. DUH) [16:52:00] <Ltnicolas> we could call it a SNAFU [16:54:46] <Baeowuf> Never been a more accurate word for it *(SNAFU: Situation Normal: All F*cked Up) [16:55:12] <Ltnicolas> there is [16:55:17] <Ltnicolas> [16:55:06] You see a severe fracture at the right calf. The wound is worsening. *(Took a HUGE blow. Severe leg bruise, worsening. Adding all other small wounds the situation is really dire.) [16:55:24] <Ltnicolas> see? *(Low First Aid means repeated failures to bandage) [16:55:38] <Baeowuf> OOF [16:56:15] <Ltnicolas> what could possibly be worse? *(As soon as i was typing...) [16:56:18] <Ltnicolas> how about... [16:56:19] <Ltnicolas> [16:56:07] You try to treat the wound with a healing cover but fail. [16:56:25] <Ltnicolas> (my 20 power cover) *(my ONLY cover, and had run out of bandages) [16:56:38] <Ltnicolas> this is (almost) hilarious actually *(Sometimes, like with all things in life, big or small, when things go waaaay bad it starts to become hilarious. Or almost hilarious) [16:57:13] <Baeowuf> No Fo priests? [16:57:20] <Ltnicolas> yes there are [16:57:42] <Ltnicolas> but at 28% health i dont want to risk one-shot, as we're focusing champ *(OFC! I lost more than 50% HP in a single blow, no covers, no bandages. i don't want to risk getting one-shotted) [17:02:32] <Ltnicolas> and while i was typing [16:59:13] <Ltnicolas> need a priest, have a bad wound [17:02:52] <Ltnicolas> lit while i was typing someone casted light of fo or whatever. My arse is safe for now *(somehow I got healed. I was getting ready to die with honor already) [17:02:58] <Baeowuf> Hahaha [17:03:03] <Baeowuf> You have good armor, right? [17:03:25] <Ltnicolas> .............i think? ... Spoilers: I survived. I completed my first rift. I had a laugh. What could possibly go wrong? How about... Not bringing any tool at all? No pickaxe, no butchering knife, nothing. But hey! I scored 122pts and got a fantastic or whatever it was called (i forgot now) on my *first* rift ever. Got 233 pts that wouldn't let me redeem anything with it. But hey! I had a laugh... And a heart attack, in that order and then another laugh. ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** The End (For now) ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** THANKS: Baeowuf that gave me permission to share PM and for all the laugh and moral support Tpicant for all the kind help, as usual from you Pukaria that was that Fo priest that saved my arse that time. All Harmony Rift participants (37+ at the end). Done in 1hr56min!! Not bad for NFI, I was told All situations and conversations here are real and I give my word of honor that it has not been altered. DISCLAIMER: Electro-Cardiogram results after the rift were fine. EEG and impact on cognitive skills unknown. No animals were harmed during the whole event. *(read post-edit *3) (I think?) *(I thought) Post-edit: 1*someone asked my fighting skills. 23. 2*No enchants. No LT, WA, whatever. No. Nada. None. Nichts. 3*[19:02:33] <Laval> was reading your rift experence post Nic, animals did get harmed, 2 hens and I think a pig died [19:03:37] <Laval> I made a grave for one of the hens (lol)
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    Let me fix that one for you.
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    Scout Two watched this Sunrise on Independence in EP20.
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    I can call this one 'Bosom Buddies'... so long's there's food in the food bowl.. that title will work. My current bridge watch team of two... for now. (woulda been a funner screenshot if the donkey would sit down periodically, imo ) Teeebomb screenies
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    Turns out that the #goto coordinates works only if there is a space but no comma, like this: #goto 1200 900 For the next guy, also note that deed names that are longer than 1 word must have quotation marks around them: #goto "Spawn Island"
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    Don't worry, VR will fix this.