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    For myself, I've decided not to go ahead and remake every single stone forge, oven, smelter, mailbox etc etc that I own, at least for now Doing that and then possibly destroying or otherwise getting rid of all the old stuff, even runed, casted or rare etc., just to give the deed a different themed look seems too much (we aren't all great masons). So I'd like to suggest a new item, something like a potion, rune, or maybe like a transformation liquid etc that will allow a one time change of the stone type on existing items. Once an item has been switched the same can't be done again, so it's a one time thing. It could also be a limited time availability thing perhaps, purely to help existing players fancy up all the existing items they had before the changes came in to stone types? Item available through the store (unlikely I know), trader, marks shop, etc. Just a rough idea
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    Just made some tests. I'm not sure if results are 100% reliable but here we go. Tested - char with 6kg inventory - large cart 51ql, empty cargo 4-draft + rare speed 4-draft bareback - 24.5 km/h bareback - 19.45 km/h solo cart - 8.65 km/h solo cart - 5.78 km/h both cart - 13.7 km/h
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    Currently, many players have several sorcery items (resistances and weakness), food affinities, armor penalties, caffeine, and meditation buffs, all listed in the status effects. This makes it frustratingly large, cumbersome, and hard to notice when something is nearly expired. My suggestion (mockup): We should consolidate similar effects together into a single icon (and have the timer show for the one that will fall off soonest). This would cut down the icons from Timed affinities, Weaknesses, and Resistances, down into 3 icons, rather than having one for each sorcery item and food.
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    Hey Yall, I finally decided to give the Forums a go. -----What I sell is extremely high ql Knarrs and Caravels (95ql) -----My service includes the customer having free choice of wood type and Sail color.(Any Color you Like!) -----This can result in a great amount of personalization and Variety in the appearance of the Ship -----To give the ship an extra Speed boost they are all equipped with A Bronze rune of Vynora(5% vehicle speed & 7.5% wind speed) ----All these ships come with 30 large crates, which i imp to 30ql ----4 Cedarwood Creature Cages (rumored to take decreased of damage) all imped to 70ql ----lead anchor imped to 70ql ----All Ships are Delivered to you Within 1 day of Order ----This is to give me time to imp the Ship after adding your Chosen wood type(the final peg) --- All these services are included in the final price including SAIL DYE, DELIVERY, and FREE IMPS on that boat for as long as I play Wurm 😃 ----Prices are as follows: ----Knarr 20s ----Caravel 30s ::Remember that Ships Docked offdeed tend to take more damage than ships Docked ondeed:: Happy Sailing Yours Truly Votherheim
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    Some changes to shield bashing to make it more bearable to grind without abusing alts in pvp lands - Make it so that a mob being stunned does not interrupt your shield bash. If anything it being stunned already should make it easier to shield bash - Reduce/remove the cooldown, but make it so you can only stun once per 30 seconds, any shield bashes in that time will just be shrugged off but still give skillgain - Reduce the difficulty for passive/weaker mobs. At 1 skill it's extremely hard to actually hit shield bashes unless you starve a mob down to near-death. You could also make it so failed shield bashes have a chance to give skillgain until 20ish skill too. - Make shield bashing use coc from the shield - Remove the sudden drop in skillgain (around 1/10 what you'd get beforehand) at 50 skill.
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    I have been into 3d modeling for some time and I have toyed with blender as well as some other programs and have recently got to working with blender again and learning from tutorials, working on a couple pillows and cute little potion bottle for valentines day. Thanks for looking!
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    CoD a couple of the grapewood shafts to Homestead, please? Thanks.
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    Tilda is correct we are just holding off until the new changes have been implemented, then we will promptly (do our best!) get all the info on the wiki. Thanks for your patience
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    I've heard this happening from other dye makers. Good thing that we get even more confirmation now!
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    a comparison of skillgain, longsword at 97-98 is >2x faster than shield bashing at 53-54 (shield bashing the second it's off cooldown the entire time, luring mobs on alt to fight non-stop). Gains are with SB/full caffeine. At these rates, 50-60 would take around 250 sleep powder and a couple weeks of your life spent hunting nonstop. @Darklordscan you look into this seeing as shield bashing is literally a pvp requirement
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    Of course! Lovely to see you on Pristine today, my dear. I hope these new resource tiles will keep you company. After a deep dye dive, I've returned to the surface with a beautiful shipment of Maroon. I've sent you a DM to coordinate a time when we can bring this dream into reality!
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    Pretty much this. Town portal costs 1000 karma which can be earned through a couple of missions. Just add 2 different spells of town portal : Town portal (with mount) and Town portal (with vehicle, such as a cart). You can up the cost for them to 2k karma and 3 karma respectively. Personally after you get to know a certain server and its highways, travelling becomes just a chore. I would be ok with either version, aka navigating via highway system or just teleporting home with your horse. But i think from the dev perspective, it would probably be way easier to teleport a player with a horse than write the code necessary to figure out complex ai pathing while checking for deed presence along the way, locked gates, slopes over 40 inclination, obstacles such as lakes or trenches, random open mines in the way, thorn bushes (those things can easily kill anyone), lava, olive forests (ever afk ride through one and got stuck in a tree? :)) ) , etc.
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    I would suggest that instead of the stated effects, reduction in Stormguard activity be reflected in reduction in Purchasing Office prices, maybe starting on the multipliers. In my opinion negative effects penalize those who are in fact active, so while they bear the imposition there is nothing they can do about it. This still applies to reducing PO pricing, but the POs are not (again, in my opinion) a core element and in any case they need to be rebalanced in some way. As to incentivizing active Stormguards, there is a possibility to maybe delay/diminish the storm, say a day for every two active Stormguards over the number from the previous month. This could translate into extra $ cost to our host, though (I am not sure of that, but it does mean more servers active at the same time). What about if every x-number of Stormguard votes a treasure is spawned? Maybe even spawned only on Stormfall.
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    Thanks everyone who participated and helped make this a successful cast!
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    oh oh oh! need to visit! need more hours in the day, pls, do you sell those?
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    [20:41:43] <Robus> can we please name it pottery bridge before i check myself into the hospital
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    Doing permissions for lots of things at once (particularly in pvp settings and other things such as setting all your hitching posts in a breeding area to only be able to be used by people who breed horses for example). Being able to save a group of permissions would be amazing, as people often have the same set of permissions for most things on their deeds (such as pvpers having the whole kingdom having access to boats/wagons to move them around in case of raids, players with alts always wanting all their own alts to have access to everything their mains have and so on.) Pardon my superb paint skills demonstrating this idea as it may make others feel inferior
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    There are currently three types of annotations you can add to a map, depending on who can see it: You Your villagers Your allies I'm proposing a fourth way, that is, another player. This allows people to send locations to other players — invaluable for arranging meetings. The obvious danger is that people could grief other players by spamming them, so clearly a mechanism is needed to prevent that. One other gotcha is that we can't use the player's current location, because that would allow them to exploit the feature for GPS purposes. They need to click on the map where they want the marker to be. There are several ways that this could work. The location could be sent directly from the sender's map screen, where they'd type the name of the recipient into a text box similar to mailboxes and permission/role screens. Or, the information could be inscribed on a papyrus or paper sheet and sent in the mail. The recipient would then add this to their map similarly to how they add a recipe to their cookbook. To avoid spam, it could be implemented similarly to religious conversion, where one player states that they are willing to receive messages of this type. (If delivered by mail, of course, it's no different from any other item.) Any other ideas? Suggestions?
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    Grochar, lvl 3 Stormguard, White Cloud, 4x Sleeping Powder (Can the sleeping powder be delivered to Lujar on Haven?) I must say I like the idea of the storm being impacted by the number of active players. I would prefer an option with a positive impact when more players are active. I will think of some options and share them here with you.
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    Onefox, Stormguard Lvl1, White Cloud, 4 X Sleeping Powder.
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    [17:12:55] You have just received the title 'Cocktail Shaker'! That is all. Thank you.
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    Realistically, permanent buffs don't really need icons, could just keep them in spell effects or have a toggle, it's not like you wake up and suddenly you've got a new tome effect you didn't know about or anything, and trying to notice spell debuffs etc mid pvp when you have 4 lines of icons is pretty meh. +1 to the idea
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    It seems like the biggest obstacle to merging servers (aside from the price gougers who will of course be upset at losing their profits, but who in my opinion have no moral basis to complain) is what on earth to do with PvP. I confess I don't understand all the differences between the various servers, but it seems to me that what PvP really needs is for all the players who want to take part in PvP gameplay, to be able to do so in one world where it's feasible to sail between servers, raid each other, hide in remote locations, or whatever. If the rule sets can't be merged between the different PvP servers, then I'd advocate considering more radical solutions, such as using one-way portals to allow all PvP characters to emigrate to a new server, larger than before, that's been carefully designed for PvP.
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    I'd say that by the time the merge happens that it should just become one Freedom cluster, that's it. So just do the same thing as the last time two freedom clusters were merged into what is now known as SFI. Thus no complex stuff like treating it as two separate clusters with weird (and scam sensitive) restrictions. By the time a merge happens it's better to just go all the way and get it over with instantly. Yes it might cause a bit of uncertainty for the economies, etc, but that will all adjust itself without issue, so it isn't much of a problem. This went perfectly fine the last time around.
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    If you were playing on Xanadu during the first year in 2014, you remember the perils of cross-server travel. And you may remember how the old Hellhound Trail opened up for cart travel between West and East. Later, some very impressive highways were constructed around 2016, and the narrow, winding Hellhound Trail was completely destroyed in the process. I had known for some time that a portion of the modern highway has a track that runs very different from the original road, yet this old paving was also removed after the upgrade. That dangerous stretch through olive forest was in fact the reason for the name Hellhound Trail, although there are no hellhounds found there these days. Now 5 years later, I went in and searched, found and restored the old track in that stretch where it doesn’t interfere with the highway. So, if you want a shot of nostalghia through the olive forest, you can choose to follow the historical Hellhound Trail for a short while next time you cross central Xanadu. It is in tile K12 just West of the tunnel, just look for the pointed signs that say “Historic Hellhound Trail” (seen below). If you want to learn about how the first roads on Xanadu were made throughout 2014, go look at this old thread.
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    [21:47:14] <Salacia> adaen... aosp can't be cast on jewelry. [21:47:43] <Shamank> but what if a troll hits you in your jewels?
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    Some things cannot be reversed. People that have invested 2+ years in skilling, building, forging relationships, developing their own plot of lands, gathering materials & knowledge won't desire to restart from scratch, at least 99% of the players. I include myself in this category. One of the issues with Steam, as I see it anyway, is that the idea was to start fresh but at the same time, there was no significant effort put into place to make new players understand they can ALSO have a fresh start on SFI or Epic. Fact of the matter is prices on SFI are still lower than NFI, which to some might be an attractive idea. NFI is NFI. Isolated from SFI. It's not a healthy relationship. As history has shown us, isolating one cluster from another will inevitably lead to one dying and eventually be migrated to the other. See how the vast majority of Epic players migrated to SFI when the transfer was allowed. But resetting servers is not the answer. I think the answer lies in keeping the servers connected but making them truly unique with their own identity. I've proposed this in the past but the idea of giving certain features to every server can help people feel like they're different and not just randomized maps with different names. Example : 1. Deliverance could have faster crop yield, higher troll density, better rewards from arch and faster skillgain with archery. 2. Release could have faster pottery skillgains, higher spider density, better fishing gains, lower timers when it comes to imping carpentry items. 3. Indy could have faster mining timers, higher aquatic mob density, faster horse / running speeds, etc. Giving pros and cons to each server can help making them feel more alive. It would also encourage people to travel more to skill certain things, which could lead to players forging new relationships and new communities. If we could perhaps add some more stuff in the mix, such as collective events for each server, it would breathe in even more life for them. For example the troll invasion of Pristine : Kill 10 000 trolls in a week. Trolls spawn en masse around pristine and players there can help slay them in droves. Add more aggresiveness to trolls, maybe even give them crude bows to fire at players and you can have a collective event where players have to support each other to stop the invasion. These are just random thoughts but the aim is to make each server more unique, more alive. Resetting things won't fix any of Wurm's current problems. In time they will crop up again. It's happened every time a new server has been released.
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    Can we have option to enchant plants to pause them from growing how we can with trees? Planting herbs and stuff like tea in pottery is very appealing when placing around the deed, but if not "picked" all the time will decay and have to re-pot. Have them like flowers where they stay around forever as a display. Don't want any display changes turning them dark green when enchanted, except a message or something stating they are enchanted and won't grow. Another exception would be if they not on deed or inventory they will take damage quickly.
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    Plus one! I used to plant herbs and spices like that as decorative house plants, but gave up over time since I'd always forget to pick them and even then they die off eventually anyway. Thankfully we no longer have to water flowerpots but this would be equally nice
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    [21:49:47] <Madnath> I demand satisfaction [21:50:17] <Finn> ok mad, here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0fkNdPiIL4
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    random 'fair' pricing in trade chat @sfi cluster
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    [04:57:42] <Monkeydo> (Ind) wts rare IRON arm 85ql 1s
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    [01:50:11] <Madnath> if you're bored you can simply close your eyes and rotate a cow in your mind. it's free and the cops can't stop you
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    [18:52:36] <Sandyclaws> without skellies we are just jellies
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    [17:53:51] <Darwin> wurm is also the first game ever written entirely in wingdings font
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    [23:58:03] Cornydog is now a citizen of Down To Fight! [23:58:30] Viremental may be forming a new kingdom with your village in it! Make sure you are outside of enemy areas. [23:59:02] <Viremental> Hi Cornydog welcome to my village would you like me to show you how to make bricks?
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